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Drumright South
Creek County, Oklahoma

aka Greenlawn Cemetery

© 2006-present by: Bobbi Dunn & Brenda Martin, and Kathy Williams

90% Completed

Drumright South aka Greenlawn cemetery located on Old Shamrock hwy between Shamrock and Drumright (mostly dirt road now), Town Hall in Drumright does have a book on this cemetery. The Drumright Town Hall can and will do lookups in their book. Cemetery itself is in very good shape, well maintained and still in use.
If you have family buried in the Drumright South Cemetery or can take a gate photo or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.

Adams, Abra 2/17/1911 7/19/1960 no  
Adams, Leslie R. 3/2/1923 1/21/1947 no  
Adams, Nettie Ramsay 4-14-1882 6/23/1920 yes  
Adams, P.R. 3/5/1877 10/20/1928 no Rest In Peace-Bible on top of stone
Aguilar, Elonna Jo 6/8/1950 12/22/2002 yes  
Allen, Ellis 1924 1975 no  
Alls, John 6-1-1844 6/12/1920 yes  
Allshouse, Almeda C. 6-13-1897 1/19/1919 yes  
Allshouse, Amanda D. 11-17-1874 6/8/1959 yes dble w/ William W.
Allshouse, Francis S. 1/1/1900 7/10/1932 yes  
Allshouse, William W. 6-28-1874 9/14/1959 yes dble w/ Amanda D.
Bagby, Nola Cline 1911 1933 yes daughter
Ballard, Terrie R. 9-21-1893 10/18/1918 yes Tall tree Woodmen of the World memorial
Balwanz, Charley 1885 1922 yes  
Balwanz, Joseph 1888 1917 yes  
Balwanz, Lewis 1850 1927 yes  
Balwanz, Nancy 1857 1924 yes  
Barnes, Effie C. 1894 1926 yes  
Beagles, Leeola 9/18/1914 8/3/1919 yes  
Berger, Felix G. 1853 1919 yes  
Blose, Hazel Harvey 8/24/1905 10/4/1985 yes  
Blose, James Newton 12-23-1899 3/17/1987 yes  
Bookout, Joe G. 4-28-1869 3/19/1958 yes dble w/ Nancy E.
Bookout, Lorine 9/16/1920 10/16/1920 yes  
Bookout, Nancy E. 10-5-1866 2/20/1940 yes dble w/ Joe G.
Bookout, Rennie
1910 1987 yes PVT US Army WWII
Bookout, William C.
  7/26/1931 yes Oklahoma PVT 340 INF 35 Div.
Botkins, Leah Elaine     yes handmade stone one date almost readable either 1988 or 1888
Bowen, James Edward 6/16/1950 7/14/2005 no See more
Bower, D.C. 5/29/1882 2/28/1923 yes  
Bowman, Bonnie L. 1/25/1927 1/28/1927 yes  
Bowman, Reba E. 1896 1923 yes  
Brookshire, Katharine Page 6/20/1909 4/23/1994 yes  
Brown, baby   10/22/1919 yes son of Mr. And Mrs. Lester Brown
Brown, Emory I. 1915 1958 no  
Brown, Leonetta 3/9/1927 3/19/1927 no Dtr of Mr. & Mrs. Charley Brown
Brown, Sarah Ann 5/2/1901 11/3/1979 yes  
Bryant, John C. 12/24/1857 1/12/1933 yes dble stone w/Mary married 54 years
Bryant, Mary Ann 11/6/1862 5/8/1948 yes dble stone w/John
Caldwell, Bobbie Oliver 6/23/1924 8/25/1925 yes our darling
Caldwell, Lemuel J. 1891 1952 yes dble w/Mae E.
Caldwell, Mae E. 1891 1972 yes dble w/Lemuel J.
Campbell, Blanche 7/8/1891 3/25/1921 yes  
Campbell, Edna B. 2/26/1919 2/25/1923 yes  
Carl, Huey King   3/31/1931 yes infant of Mr. And Mrs. C.E. Carl
Castleberry, William Baston
  7/30/1920 yes OK Fireman 1 CL U.S. Navy
Chastain, Jimmilee Blose 12/21/1930 8/14/1972 yes  
Childress, Samuel B. "Sam" 11/14/1979 6/16/1996 yes  
Clemons, Frances L. 1942 1988 yes  
Cline, Albert F. 1879 1957 yes  
Cline, Lena 1879 1934 yes  
Coin, Davis Sr. 7/18/1887 4/6/1955 yes  
Conley, Charles W. 2/19/1905 4/13/1991 yes  
Conley, Connie Jo 11/11/1955 2/1/1990 yes  
Conley, Vergie M. 6/10/1908 2/10/2000 yes  
Cornell, C.C. 2-16-1890 5/17/1919 yes  
Cornell, Infant Son   4/9/1919 yes son of Mr. And Mrs. Cornell
Crimmett, Avalene 11/7/188? 8/21/1940 no Gone But Not Forgotten
Cross, Carol Jane 11/18/1955 1/30/2003 yes daughter of Elmer and Margaret
Cross, Mitchell Jene   1/7/1958 yes our baby, son of Elmer and Margaret Cross
Daily, Gwendolyn Byrne (Martin 4/12/1922 8/6/2005 yes dble stone w/ Harry
Daily, Harry W. 10/17/1915 1/2/1992 yes military type plate, no military info
Daily, Harry Wright "The Poet"     yes same as Harry W. dble stone w/ Gwendolyn
Daily, Robert B. 6/9/1948 7/2/1973 yes  
Darnell, L. 12/22/1838 12/19/1920 yes U.C.V. on bottom of stone
David, Kate 9/16/1924 2/8/1997 yes next to James Franklin
Davis, James Franklin 6/21/1925 12/8/1977 yes next to Kate
Diamond, B.P.     yes stone is laying on ground bottom is broke off.
Diamond, Dee Donald 10/14/1902 10/29/1985 yes  
Diamond, Ivan Bailey 10/14/1905 3/22/1924 yes  
Diamond, Thelma Gladys Wood 11/14/1908 3/19/1978 yes  
Dickerson, Cleota Pauline & Leo Cleston Cleota:10-5-1924
Leo: 8-7-1920
  yes daughter of: Orland & Alma Phillips, son of: Mike & Ruby Dickerson married:10-3-1942
Dickerson, Lonzo Clinton
4/12/1918 3/16/2000 yes 2 stones: SGT US Army WWII
Dolan, Baby   7-27-1929 yes  
Drumright, (whole family)     yes no dates, individual stones with first names: Fred, Mary, Irene, Lydia, Aaron
Eberle, Edward Richard
5/15/1922 3/13/1993 yes TEC 4 US Army WWII
Edwards, M. Susan 1883 1976 yes  
Edwards, Paul D. 7/9/1884 12/8/1922 yes  
Elliott, Charles J. 9/9/1918 11/30/1919 yes  
Ellis, Alpha C. 3-8-1852 12/11/1919 yes  
Fender, Sarah Frances 6/16/1914 8/28/1919 yes daughter of Mrs. John Fender
Ferguson, Richard Leo 11/14/1917 8/9/1918 yes  
Ferguson, Robbin Sue & Rashelle Goldie 5/23/1986 5/24/1986 yes Twin Angels
Fincher, Douglas S. 2/16/1921 3/25/1922 yes Infant son of Mr. And Mrs. W.M. Fincher
Fincher, Mary E. 3/1/1901 8/25/1925 yes  
Fincher, William M. 1883 1952 yes  
Fine, Doreen Diamond 3/1/1904 2/12/1988 yes  
Fine, James Otis 4/10/1900 10/3/1964 yes  
Fine, Mary Joy 5/18/1927 4/12/1959 yes  
Fobroy, baby   10/27/1919 yes infant of Mr. And Mrs. Floyd Fobroy
Frazee, Phyllis L. 7/10/1949 12/5/1949 yes  
Frazier, Morris 1851 1944 no At Rest
Fulkerson, Roy A. 12/14/1917 1/29/1919 yes son of R.A. and Josie
Gardner, George C. 8-1879 4-1940 yes next to Mary Pearl, mason symbol
Gardner, Mary Pearl 3-1887 5-1954 yes Next to George C., star symbol
Garner, Audrice Marie 2/15/1915 2/26/1917 yes daughter of Mr. And Mrs. V. Garner
Garner, Troy 3/12/1921 4/4/1921 yes our darling baby
Gibson, Cecil Albert 1/26/1919 5/24/1919 yes son of Mr. And Mrs. T.C. Gibson
Gilblin, Harold E. 1914 1932 yes  
Godby, Percy Anthony 2/25/1879 2/4/1944 no Gone But Not Forgotten
Gore, James G.
1906 1986 no TEC5 US ARMY
Greene, Earl D. 1928   yes dble w/ Lorene P. wed 4-11-1952
Greene, Lorene P. 1934   yes dble w/ Earl D.
Hall, Lela May 1894 1990 yes  
Hall, Shelby 1894 1968 yes  
Harmon, Lucinda Belle 1866 1946 yes next to W.A.
Harmon, W.A. 1868 1926 yes next to Lucinda Belle
Haworth, Fred V. 5/25/1912 7/21/1936 yes His memory is blessed
Hayhurst, Minnie 4-22-1897 11/2/1925 yes  
Hays, Vida Leota Newport 7/11/1917 10/15/1989 yes not sure if Hays or Newport is last name
HigginsDavid Lee Sr.06 Jun 194707 Sep 2007 See More
Higgins, Neoma 11/6/1919 9/6/1960 yes handmade stone
Hillard, Tommie 4-28-189? 6/9/1946 yes stone is on ground and broken in several pieces.
Hilliard, Atha 6/19/1915 12/15/1932 no  
Hilliard, Tommie 4/20/189? 6/9/1946 no At Rest
Holloway, Maxine 2/20/1919 6/6/1920 yes daughter of L.E. and Myrtle Holloway
Howard, Carl J. 1906 1995 yes dble w/ Dora A.
Howard, Crystal Dawn 3/9/1978 5/15/1997 yes  
Howard, Dora A. 1911 1981 yes dble w/ Carl J.
Howard, Leoman Walton 2/8/1875 11/6/1975 yes  
Howard, Luther W. 4/15/1913 9/26/1981 yes  
Howard, Mary J. 1876 1964 yes dble w/ Miles T.
Howard, Miles T. 1873 1923 yes dble w/ Mary J.
Howard, Nora Jean 3/8/1925 12/17/1937 yes  
Hufford, Clint F. 1896 1976 yes dble w/ Nina May
Hufford, James R. 1918 1937 yes  
Hufford, Nina May 1900 1945 yes dble w/ Clint F.
Hufford, Pauline   1919 yes Baby
Hunt, (no first name) 6-16-1858 4/7/1919 yes  
Huntington, Otis Fay 1-23-1886 4/1/1923 yes  
INGERSOLL19 Mar 19395 Jan 2016 See More
INKSIsaiah Lemar28 Jan 201628 Jan 2016  
Jabara, Mary S. 2/4/1873 3/6/1936 yes dble stone w/Said
Jabara, Said S. 1860 1941 yes dble stone w/Mary
Johnson, Laura Lemings Williams 5-5-1885 11/9/1967 yes  
Jones, Edna 1886 1964 yes  
Jones, Hazel Belle 4/8/1922 9/30/1923 yes  
Jones, Mary 1889 1951 yes  
Jones, Mary Belle 1886 1920 yes wife of W.A.
Jones, Richard C. 1880 1956 yes  
Jones, W.A. 1881 1942 yes  
Jones, Walter John 8/3/1940 3/16/1990 yes  
Joseph, Charles 1884 1941 yes next to Freda
Joseph, Freda 1866 1921 yes next to Charles
Joseph, Henry 1886 1937 yes  
Joseph, Marie Mary 9/2/1919 4/8/1979 yes  
Joseph, Nora 1896 1937 yes  
Keeny, Hannah J. 1842 1936 yes broken stone next to this one, unreadable
Keeton, Bonnie 6-30-1886 7/28/1975 yes dlbe w/ Robert
Keeton, Jr. Robert 9/5/1918 7/18/1920 yes  
Keeton, Mildred Ruth 11/21/1924 12/10/1924 yes  
Keeton, Robert L. 4-18-1885 7/1/1969 yes dble w/ Bonnie
Kevan, Vickie (Cagle) 9/10/1958 1/30/2005 yes  
Keylor, B. Diane     yes no dates
Keylor, John H. 12/2/1902 11/1/1969 yes  
Keylor, Jon     yes no dates
Keylor, Ruth G. 9/21/1902 2/9/1989 yes  
Kirby, E.M.     yes no dates, wife of Henry C. Kirby
Kirby, Henry C.
    yes Co. D. 107 Ill. Inf.
Kraker, Sunjar J. 4/18/1847 10/10/1935 yes  
Kutch, Bernice
3/11/1918 1/1/1970 no Oklahoma Womens Army Corp PFC World War II
Langley, Shirley 9/18/1945   yes gone fishing
Lawson, Henry 1881 1940 yes dble w/ Myrtle
Lawson, Margaret Winford 9-28-1888 6/1/1930 yes wife of L.A. Lawson
Lawson, Myrtle 1880 1921 yes dble w/ Henry
Lawson, Susan Walker 2-8-1861 3/26/1920 yes  
Lemmons, Charles F     yes FM no dates
Lopez, Marie Louise 1/12/1919 2/22/1919 yes handmade funeral maker type
Lyons, Athelene 10/29/1918 9/12/2002 no In Memory of Our Loving Mother-The Lord is My Shepherd/ homemade stone behind with: With all my love Edna
Maggard, Baby   6/8/1920 yes our baby born to Mr. And Mrs. C.R. Maggard
Mansell, Henry 1881 1938 yes dble w/ Mae
Mansell, J.C. 10/16/1922 1/14/1923 yes dble w/ sibling Orvel
Mansell, Mae 1896 1948 yes dble w/ Henry
Mansell, Orvel 5/5/1919 8/11/1920 yes dble w/ sibling J.C.
Martin, Effie G. 12-7-1896 12/1/1984 yes military type stone, no military info
Martin, Jack Frank 5/20/1923 2/6/1924 yes  
Martin, Robert Burns
6-10-1890 2/6/1965 yes Oklahoma PFC US marine Corp. WWI
Massad, Hajaly 2/2/1887 11/3/1928 yes Large 3 tiered shrine
Massad, Malaka 1849 1932 yes Large 3 tiered shrine
Massad, Oscar 10/10/1885 11/4/1918 yes Large 3 tiered shrine
McArthur, Lela E. 1/8/1900 11/19/1919 yes wife of Perry McArthur
McAulay, Allison V. 1869 1938 yes dble w/ Anna M.
McAulay, Anna M. 1879 1923 yes dble w/ Allison V.
McClendon, Anna Bell 12/7/1923 9/13/1994 yes  
McCormack, James M.   9/11/1917 yes died age 55 years
McCormick, Kevin Wayne     no Homemade stone behind with With All My Love Edna
McCormick, Kevin Wayne 3/6/1963 9/9/1992 no A True Family Man Loved By All
McCormick, Vanechia Cheree 8/29/1973 3/7/1996 no In Loving Memory-Rolfe Funeral Home
McGee, J.D. 9/1/1862 4/19/1922 yes  
McGill, Henry 11-30-1891 10/18/1922 yes handmade stone
McIntosh, Victoria 3/13/1885 3/22/1944 no She Was The Sunshine Of Our Home
McKinzie, Hazel Hunt Fincher 11-3-1890 8/20/1962 yes  
McKnight, Thelma Oreta 11/25/1915 12/30/1991 yes our courageous mother
McMurtry, Albert Wesley 8-6-1889 7/18/1924 yes has KKK on top right of stone, also has large feather in center, and another symbol on top left not sure what it is
McMurtry, Robert L. 4/23/1919 2/14/1919 yes  
Mesegher, Violet Fern 5/22/1919 7/19/1920 yes  
Metz, Thomas F. 3/19/1919 10/23/1919 yes son of Mr. And Mrs. C.F. Metz
Miles, Paul   5/29/1920 yes  
Milligan, Hazel Norene (Fincher) 2/15/1923 11/23/1995 yes  
Morris, Mable 1897 1921 yes  
Moser, Isaac F. 5-28-1888 5/17/1918 yes pic on stone, military info, killed in Germany
Mosley, Earl 1/11/1910 10/27/1920 yes son of Mr. And Mrs. Joe Mosley pic on stone
Moss, baby 2/22/1922 2/22/1922 yes dble w/ Mildred
Moss, Charley E.
12/9/1895 2/25/1979 yes dble stone w/Theresa 2 stones: PVT US Army WWI
Moss, Jackie L. 7/3/1935 3/12/2001 yes  
Moss, Mildred L. 9/16/1923 9/19/1923 yes dble w/ baby
Moss, Theresa 3/26/1897 1/20/1967 yes dble stone w/Charley
Mumford, Effie Lovena 1864 1952 yes dble stone w/William
Mumford, William Kennedy 1862 1920 yes dble stone w/Effie
Muskrat, Maud Dorcas 1890 1970 yes  
Myers, George H. 8-20-1898 2/7/1963 yes dble w/ Ora H.
Myers, Ora H. 2-1-1899 3-14-1989 yes dble w/ George H.
Newberry, Billy Ray Sr. 8/23/1950 9/5/1996 yes  
Newport, Vida Leota Hays       See Hays, Vida
Oldenstadt, George W. 1/10/1918 9/5/1996 yes dble stone w/Verna Stone made by: Stillwater Memorial Co. John Harshbarger
Oldenstadt, Isabelle 1/10/1875 12/22/1960 yes  
Oldenstadt, Verna O. 1/30/1915 1/18/1982 yes dble stone w/George
Orgill, Ed 1881 1949 no Masonic Symbol
Osler, Franklin
12/19/1894 1/22/1964 no PVT US ARMY World War I
Page, Guy Edwin 9/1/1892 7/14/1983 yes  
Parcher, B.E. 1871 1935 yes  
Parcher, Elizabeth buried in dirt 1935 yes  
Parcher, Mildred 1/26/1903 4/16/1920 yes  
Pearce, Frank W. 12/20/1893 12/11/1950 yes  
Reece, Carolyn A. 11/6/1943   yes wed 3-5-1964 dble w/ Donald G.
Reece, Donald G. 3/1/1943 10/29/2003 yes dble w/ Carolyn A.
Reese, Barbara E. 4/5/1947   yes dble w/Gary R.
Reese, Gary R. 5/5/1940   yes dble w/ Barbara
Rich, Robert L. 1/13/1941 11/21/1987 yes  
Riddle, John H. 9-23-1862 2/9/1921 yes  
Roberts, Clarence G.
5/12/1897 3/6/1970 yes OK PVT US Army WWII
Roberts, Thomas L. 3-18-1888 7/28/1919 yes  
Robinson, Albert Earl 5/7/1887 4/5/1920 yes  
Rockhold, Billy Ray
2/3/1924 1/1/1990 yes PFC US Marine Corps
ROCKHOLDBilly Ray "Rocky" Jr.13 Jan 195230 Dec 2015 See More
Rolette, Joseph Francis 11/27/1873 1/24/1920 yes  
Rotramel, A. E. (Bus) 1914 1954 yes triple stone: Zadie-mom Amos-dad (A.E. is son)
Rotramel, Amos E. 1871 1922 yes triple stone: Zadie and A.E. (Bus) may be same as Mr. Amos
Rotramel, Amos E. (military stone)
11/11/1914 11/25/1954 yes Oklahoma PFC 22 Infantry WWII BSM-PH
Rotramel, Luther L.
12/26/1906 6/4/1959 yes Oklahoma PFC BTRY B 440 ARMD FA BN WWII
Rotramel, Mr. Amos     yes handmade sandstone no dates
Rotramel, Zadie L. 1881 1940 yes triple stone: Amos and A.E. (Bus)
Russell, Adelaide 1885 1937 yes dble w/ David
Russell, David 1865 1928 yes dble w/ Adelaide
Russell, Florence Virginia 1/21/1910 11/13/1991 yes  
Salem, Thomas Geread   3/10/1957 yes  
Scroggins, Fiord ? 10/1?/1913 2/4/19?? no Flat cement w/colored glass imbedded
Sellers, James Austin
5/29/1925 2/12/1991 yes 2 Stones: PFC US Army Air Corps WWII
Sellers, Stonewall Jackson 3/4/1988 3/14/1988 yes  
Sellers, William C. "Bill" 8/28/1930 1999 yes Large Historical Marker from Bixby Historical Society
Shadid, Ellis 1895 1922 yes  
Shanbour, Julia 1896 1928 yes  
Shaw, Leon H. 3/10/1932 2/18/2000 yes  
Simmons, Annette 1870 1944 no Asleep In Jesus
Simmons, Edward W.
  8/23/1942 no Oklahoma Depot Brig. 163 PVT
Simmons, J.H. 1863 1940 no Asleep - In Memory of Father
Sims, Margarett L. 1855 1935 yes  
Sims, William F. 1849 1923 yes  
Stafford, Bettie C. 1889 1967 yes dble w/ G. Thomas
Stafford, G. Thomas 1871 1930 yes dble w/ Bettie C.
Stafford, Goldie 8/22/1906 4/24/1920 yes dod may be off, camera didn't take as good a picture as thought
Staggs, Jack 9/9/1919 1/1/1920 yes  
Staggs, Lovella 6/20/1920 11/15/1929 yes  
Starkey, Clyde G. 1-3-1894 3/6/1969 yes dlbe w/ Gladys
Starkey, Clyde Gerald 11/3/1922 11/10/1927 yes  
Starkey, Gladys D. 8-9-1896   yes dble w/ Clyde G.
Starkey, Guy Clyde
    yes same as Clyde G. West Virginia PFC Medical dept. WWI
Stevenson, Mattie V. 8/15/1865 9/18/1925 no  
Strader, Tosha Marie 12/17/1982 5/29/2004 no Picture-Forever In Our Hearts-Michaels Funeral Home
Stubblefield, Bonnie Sue 1934   yes dble w/ John Henry
Stubblefield, Jessie Ann 9/20/1906 10/22/1992 yes dble w/John Calvin
Stubblefield, John
9/7/1926 7/6/1979 yes US Navy WWII
Stubblefield, John Calvin 9/14/1901 9/11/1984 yes dble w/ Jessie Ann
Stubblefield, John Henry 1926 1979 yes same as military stone, dble stone w/Bonnie Sue
Thomas, Danielle Smith 1943 1971 yes  
Thompson, Bobby Lee   2/16/1936 yes  
Thompson, Margaret 12-5-1887 9/21/1930 yes sister dble w/ Thomas
Thompson, Thomas 1-27-1881 6/16/1923 yes brother dble w/ Margaret
Timson, Julius C.
  3/16/1900 yes Capt. Co. D IN. H. INF. SP. AM. War Aptd. Col.
Toby, Emma E. 10/20/1865 4/7/1944 no A Tender Mother and a Faithful ???
Tucker, Hetty Jane Ruggles Diamond 12-16-1878 3/21/1957 yes  
Tucker, Newton Roberts Tom 2-29-1862 9/12/1921 yes  
Tucker, Tommy Lloyd 10/28/1914 7/13/2005 yes dble w/ Velma wed 3-30-1951
Tucker, Velma J. Lambert 12/12/1925   yes dble w/ Tommy
Tumbleson, Eva Lou 1905 1984 yes name plate badly broken
Tumbleson, James H. 3-23-1898 6/21/1993 yes  
Turner, Mrs. Pinkie 1901 1930 no  
Turner, Richard J.R. 1889 1963 no  
Unknown, Louis M. 9/1/1886 9/15/1920 no no last name on stone, rest in peace, bible on top of stone
Wagar, George E. 1853 1920 yes  
Wallace, George     no Unreadable
Wallace, Lena Beagles 11-22-1875 7/10/1963 yes  
White, Thomas B. 4/27/1915 2/3/1919 yes  
Williams, James 12/13/1915 11/20/1918 yes handmade stone
Williams, Mamon 1852 196? no Father
Williams, Nannie 1858 1948 no Mother
Wilson, Irene 10/30/1913 6/13/1993 yes dble stone w/Olen
Wilson, James Francis 6-19-1866 2/19/1955 yes next to Sarah C.
Wilson, Olen J. 9/28/1914 3/9/2005 yes dble stone w/Irene
Wilson, Sarah C. 2-11-1871 10/6/1950 yes Next to James Francis
Wilson, Sarah E. Inmon 1871 1920 yes handmades stone, marbles placed in stone
Wooleyer, (need to recheck this one can't read name on pic) 11/26/1917 7/16/1919 yes  
Wright, Nancy A. 3/29/1919   yes dble stone w/Vildie
Wright, Vildie V.
9/21/1919 3/11/1986 yes 3 stones MM3 US Navy WWII also dble stone w/Nancy
Yaunt, Amos A. 1-18-1876 4/30/1923 yes 47 years, 3 mo. 11 days
Yaunt, Baby Charles     yes age 12 days no dates
Yaunt, Noel M. 1/22/1902 6/2/1927 yes  
Yaunt, Queen V. 1883 1957 yes  
Zackery, H.   10/3/1991 yes not sure if Zackery is last name, handmade stone, written Zackery H.

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