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Saint Ann's Catholic Cemetery,
Comanche County, Oklahoma

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and
would like to add their names and information, please send
an e-mail to Aimee Davis

ALEXANDER Carla Ann 05/Feb/1967 05/Feb/1967 "Infant Daughter of Carl and Mary Alexander, Granddaughter of Alfred and Pauline Lutonsky"
ALLEY Anthony James "Tony" 26/Aug/1968 28/Aug/1985 S/O Kenneth & Betty Alley, B/O Tina Alley
BALLOU Barney M. 1902 1959  
BALLOU Ellen E. 1909 1948 SS/W & M/O Timothy E. Ballou
BALLOU Timothy E. 1948 1948 SS/W & S/O Ellen E. Ballou
BOELEN Adrian Jean 29/Aug/1876 17/Apr/1944  
BOELEN Elizabeth M. 07/Aug/1890 22/Jul//1981  
BOELEN Helge B. 01/Mar/1936   SS/W & W/O Leonard C. Boelen
BOELEN John 05/Jan/1904 16/Jun/1989 "Married Jan 10, 1931" SS/W & H/O Oma A. Boelen
BOELEN Larry F. 06/May/1944 15/Sep/1944 "Our Darling Baby"
BOELEN Leonard C. 13/Aug/1936 24/Mar/1997 SS/W & H/O Helge B. Boelen
BOELEN Oma A. 29/Sep/1906 07/Jim/1985 "Married Jan 10, 1931" SS/W & W/O John Boelen
BRADY Patricia K. [Kolker] 08/Jul//1939 12/Feb/2013
Lawton OK
"Married 25 July 1964" SS/W & W/O William G. "Bill" Brady, M India, D/O Frank M. & Mary Agnes [Hayes] Kolker
BRADY William G. "Bill" 14/Aug/1934 07/Dec/1984 image US Marine Corps ~ Career "Married 25 July 1964" SS/W & H/O Patricia K. [Kolker] Brady
BROWN Charles N. 1874 1928 "Father" SS/W & H/O Irene E. Brown
BROWN Edward A. 1885 1949 SS/W & H/O Mable C. Brown
BROWN Frank A. 06/Mar/1888 13/Sep/1912  
BROWN Frank A. 1842 1922 "Born in Valleaisase, France"
BROWN Frank J. 1844 1917 SS/W & H/O Mary C. Brown
BROWN Helen Elizabeth 19/Aug/1895 31/May/1978  
BROWN Ida Elizabeth [Wooldridge] 1889 1976 SS/W & W/O James Lafayette Brown
BROWN Irene E. 1882 1972 "Mother" SS/W & W/O Charles N. Brown
BROWN James Lafayette 1879 1962 SS/W & H/O Ida Elizabeth [Wooldridge] Brown
BROWN Mable C. 1902 1931 SS/W & W/O Edward A. Brown
BROWN Magdalene 1846 1931 "Born in Dover, Indiana"
BROWN Mary C. 1859 1932 SS/W & W/O Frank J. Brown
BROWN Mary J. 30/Mar/1877 06/Jan/1958  
BUCKEY Edward 11/Dec/1870 12/Dec/1925  
CAPUCCIO Anna Marie 27/Jan/1922   SS/W & W/O Pasquale Vincent Capuccio
CAPUCCIO Marion Louise 04/Jun/1954 07/Dec/2006  
CAPUCCIO Pasquale Vincent 25/Aug/1921 08/Ovt/2000 SS/W & H/O Anna Mari Capuccio;
COLLINS Margaret M. [Ryans] 14/Oct/1913 25/Jun/1983 image "1st Lt US Army ~ World War II"
CREMER Christina F. 16/Dec/1972 10/Aug/1998  
CREMER Frances C. 05/Aug/1909 07/Jan/1993 SS/W & W/O John Clifford Cremer
CREMER John Clifford 05/Aug/1909 07/Jan/1993 image "US Army ~ World War II" 
HAYES Daniel Francis 1879 1952 SS/W & H/O Emma Rebecca Hayes
HAYES Emma Rebecca 1884 1948 SS/W & W/O Daniel Francis Hayes
HENDRICKS Andrew 05/Nov/1843 24/May/1932 H/O Anna Hendricks
HENDRICKS Anna 03/Apr/1857 23/Feb/1930 W/O Andrew Hendricks
HENDRICKS Carl L. 30/.Oct/1881 18/Oct/1972  
HENDRICKS Grace     "Daughter of Andrew & Anna"
HENDRICKS Leo     "Son of Andrew & Anna"
HENDRICKS William J. 15/Aug/1888 17/Mar/1958  
HORSTMANN Bernard 22/Dec/1898 04/Sep/1967  
JUNG Bertha Barbara [Gebhart] 01/Jan/1894 30/Dec/1980 SS/W & W/O Joseph Jung
JUNG Edgar 29/Jan/1924 29/Jan/1924  
JUNG Edward 29/Jan/1924 29/Jan/1924  
JUNG James Henry 17/Oct/1935 17/Oct/1935  
JUNG Joe Cecil 11/Sep/1942 11/Sep/1942  
JUNG Joseph 10/Jun/1884 07/Apr/1961 SS/W & H/O Bertha Barbara [Gebhart] Jung
JUNG Josephine Mary 10/Jun/1925 24/Apr/1925  
JUNG Robert 29/Jan/1927 29/Jan/1927  
KELLY Dena B. 05/Sep/1901 07/Feb/2000  
KILGORE George C. 24/Dec/1946 1-/Jan/2006 image "US Marine Corps" SS/W & H/O Mary Ellen Kilgore
KILGORE Mary Ellen 11/Nov/1945   SS/W & W/O George C. Kilgore
KILGORE Rowen Kanoa 07/Jan/2011 07/Jan/2011 "Loving Son of Steven & Jennifer Kilgore, Brother to Hunter"
KOETTER Anna C. 1885 1969 SS/W & W/O John Koetter
KOETTER Helen Catherine 22/Sep/1923 10/Jan/2002 "[Married] Feb 7, 1944" SS/W & W/O Leo A. Koetter
KOETTER Infant Son 25/Jan/1926 25/Jan/1926 "Infant Son of John & Anna"
KOETTER John C. 1887 1968 SS/W & H/O Anna C. Koetter
KOETTER Leo A. 31/May/1920   "[Married] Feb 7, 1944" SS/W & H/O Helen Catherne Koetter
KOLKER Charles J. 10/Jan/1914 11/Oct/2001 SS/W & H/O Rose Mary Kolker
KOLKER Frank M. "Frank" 08/Aug/1910 14/Nov/1991 SS/W & H/O Mary Agnes [Hayes] Kolker
KOLKER John M. 07/Oct/1935 27/Jan/1936  
KOLKER Mary Agnes [Hayes] 05/Jul//1913 08/Sep/1996 SS/W & W/O Frank M. "Frank" Kolker
KOLKER Rose Mary 09/Dec/1915 12/Jan/1997 SS/W & W/O Charles J. Kolker
LANDOIL Helen 23/Sep/1926 01/Apr/2001 SS/W Leonard Landoil
LANDOIL Leonard 13/Jan/1927   SS/W Helen Landoil
LEGAKO Anna Marie [Roediger] 28/Apr/1923
Sterling OK
Lawton OK
"[Married] Feb 9 1948" SS/W & W/O Victor Edward Legako, M 09/Feb/1948, D/O Anton & Clara [Hendricks] Roediger, Fletcher Funeral Home
LEGAKO Victor Edward 06/Mar/1918 07/Dec/2005 "[Married] Feb 9 1948" SS/W & H/O Anna Marie [Roediger] Legako
LODES Bernadine [Wievel] 30/Aug/1884 1969 "Mother" SS/W & W/O John Michael Lodes
LODES Elizabeth Ann 12/Jan/1937 13/Jan/1937 "Infant Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lodes" D/O Richard J. & Irene [Ezell] Lodes
LODES Irene [Ezell] 16/Mar/1910 05/Nov/2006 SS/W & W/O Rchard J. Lodes
LODES James Henry 15/Jul//1928 03/Apr/2006  
LODES John J. 11/Dec/1914 24/Mar/1986  
LODES John Michael 14/Aug/1878 1953 "Father" SS/W & H/O Bernardine [Wievel] Lodes
LODES Mary Sue [Eisman] Mansel 16/Feb/1932   SS/W & W/O Raymond Charles Lodes
LODES Raymond Charles 23/Apr/1924
Elgin OK
Elgin OK
image H/O [1] Donus Fate [Ballou] Lodes [2] SS/W Mary Sue [Eiseman] Mansel Lodes, S/O John Michael & Bernardin e [Wievel] Lodes, Elgin Funeral Home
LODES Richard J. 11/Dec/1905 01/Nov/1946  
LUTONSKY Alfred P. 08/Nov/1920 20/Sep/2000 "Married Sept 30, 1943" SS/W & H/O Pauline M. Lutonsky
LUTONSKY Alvin Gus 04/Apr/1928   SS/W & H/O Norma Faye [McDaniel] Lutonsky
LUTONSKY Bernadine 25/Jun/1947 08/Jan/1948 "Dau Of Alfred & Pauline Lutonsky"
LUTONSKY Jerry Glen 08//Mar/1947 22/May/1989 S/O Alvin Gus & Norma Faye [McDaniel] Lutonsky
LUTONSKY Norma Faye [McDaniel] 17/Jan/1926
Lawton OK
Lawton OK
W/O Alvin Gus Lutonsky, M 30/Apr/1958, D/O Walter Calvin & Lura V. McDaniel
LUTONSKY Pauline M. 13/Oct/1918   "Married Sept 30, 1943" SS/W & W/O Alfred P. Luyonsky
McANAW Sarah Ann 1868 1944  
MERZA Roger 27/Jan/1953 23/Nov/2006  
NICKESON Linda 21/Oct/1945 01/Jul//2007 "Married April 21, 1981" SS/W & W/O Robert Leroy "Bob" Nickeson
NICKESON Robert Leroy "Bob" 24/Jul//1945 06/Sep/2002 "Married April 21, 1981" SS/W & H/O Linda Nickeson
ROEDIGER Anton 18/Jun/1885 25/Oct/1955 "IHS" "Father" SS/W & H/O Clara [Hendricks] Roediger
ROEDIGER Clara [Hendricks] 08/Jul//1888 03/Oct/1937 "IHS" "Mother" SS/W & Anton Roediger
ROEDIGER Mary 40/Nov/1916 25/Feb/1936 "Daughter" F/O Anton & Clara [Hendricks] Roediger
RYAN Anna Laura 07/Oct/1914 20/Nov/2001  
RYAN Elizabeth Ann 06/Nov/1943 06/Nov/1943 "Dau of John & Germaine Ryan"
RYAN Germaine C. 13/Jun/1919 05/Jan/2007 SS/W & W/O John F. Ryan
RYAN John F. 25/Aug/1911 20/Feb/1991 SS/W & H/O Germaine C. Ryan
RYAN Mary Ellen 1876 1958 SS/W & W/O Timothy Ryan
RYAN Timothy 1869 1945 SS/W & H/O Mary Ellen Ryan
SCHETTLER Albert Charles 06/Jul//1911 18/Mar/1999  
SIMPSON John Louis 10'Sep'1981 17'Apr'1998 Robbins Funeral Home ~ Fletcher OK
THOMAS Bruno S. 21/Dec/1880 08/Feb/1978 SS/W & H/O Mary Joseph [Wooldridge] Thomas
THOMAS Mary Frances 16/Jul//1908
Fletcher OK
Edmond OK
D/O Bruno S. & Mary Joseph Thomas, Elgin Funeral Home
THOMAS Mary Joseph [Wooldridge] 08/Nov/1974 11/Jul//1965 SS/W & W/O Bruno S. Thomas
THOMAS Rose A. 22/Dec/1906 17/Sep/1990  
THOMAS Sarah Katherine 02/Mar/1910 16/Jan/2000  
THRALLS Joseph B. 23/Dec/1880 18/Mar/1960 "Father" SS/W & H/O Pauline Thralls
THRALLS Pauline 15/Apr/1883 02/Apr/1950 "Mother" SS/W & W/O Joseph B. Thralls
UNKNOWN Unknown   1998 "INRI"
WHITEHURST Rose [Brown] 1898 1937 SS/W & W/O William Lloyd Whitehurst
WHITEHURST William Lloyd 1897 1931 SS/W & H/O Rose [Brown] Whitehurst
WILSON Dolores 05/Nov/1921 25/Aug/1994  
WOLF Barbara Anna 05/Feb/1908 10/Aug/1975  
WOLF Cornelius 11/Jul//1906 25/Sep/1986  
WOLF Edward S. 02/Nov/1915 04/Mar/1989  
WOLF Joseph Anthony 13/Mar/1885
Tours TX
Elgin OK
"Father" SS/W & H/O Mary Elizabeth [Koetter] Wolf, S/O John Joseph & Barbara [Dependener] Wolf
WOLF Mary E. 05/Aug/1922 02/Oct/1989  
WOLF Mary Elizabeth [Koetter] 05/Mar/1884
Colorado CO TX
Elgin OK
"Mother" SS/W & W/O Joseph Anthony Wolf
WOLF Vincent Joseph 15/Feb/1910 04/Apr/1965  

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