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Red Oak Cemetery

Etowah, Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Cemetery Pic
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff
Submitted & © 2000-07 by: Jim Woodruff & Area Coordinator

See layout map of cemetery.

Red Oak Cemetery is located nine miles south and one and one half miles east of Hwy. 9. From Norman, take Hwy. 9 east to 180th Ave. SE. Go south 9 miles to Banner Road. Go east on Banner Road 1 and 1/2 miles. The cemetery is on the south side of the road. I have listed the graves by row starting from the west end of the cemetery with plots proceeding from north to south. Examples: R5-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 5. R1-3 would be the third grave in from the north end of the first row at the back of the cemetery.
For cemetery information, contact Lonnie Smith, phone {405} 527-6480.

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Lot SURNAME First Mi Born Died Comments
R15-24 ADAMS Waren J 8/25/1862 6/1/1930 photo
R12-9 ALLEN ETHEL 6/28/1885 12/7/1900 D of G. & Mollie
R12-8 ALLEN LAURENCE 6/13/1896 4/26/1899 S of G. & Mollie
R9-20 ANDERSON S. V. 1/21/1848 3/20/1933 photo
R1-3 ARMSTRONG Albert Leroy 11/25/1860 5/19/1933 photo
H of Fanny
R1-2 ARMSTRONG Fanny A 10/4/1872 5/11/1913 W of Albert
R12-7 ATWOOD Laura Elizabeth "Aury" (Smith) 1852 1917 photo
R9-24 BARNES MOATTE L. 1900 1921 photo
R8-11 BENNETT BABY 1941 1941 Primrose Funeral Service
R9-9A BENNETT Benjamin Franklin 8/28/1849 12/4/1934 photo
H of Nancy
Wed 2/13/1872
R7-16 BENNETT CHARLEY 12/7/1914 1/15/1984 H of F. Inez
R7-16 BENNETT F Inez 4/6/1916 3/1/2002 W of Charley
R9-9 BENNETT Nancy Manerva (Carr) 7/28/1854 9/23/1920 photo   photo
W of Benjamin
Wed 2/13/1872
R7-15 BENNETT TOM 7/5/1884 12/7/1934 photo
  Bohanon Mrs.   Oct 1899 W of John
R10-9 BOLING CATHERINE 10/8/1859 7/31/1940 W of M.L.
R10-8 BOLING M. L. 7/12/1845 6/29/1900 photo
H of Catherine
  BOSTICK Dave   Oct 1899  
R8-2 BOSTICK GEORGE W. 1/26/1846 12/20/1902 photo
H of Mary
R8-3 BOSTICK MARY 11/26/1862 4/14/1928 W of George
R15-10 BOWERMAN JOHN P. 4/3/1883 11/7/1918 H of C. L.
R8-4 BOWMAN Elizabeth "Lizzy" (Troxel) 9/18/1857 8/11/1932 photo
R8-5 BOWMAN George Isaac 7/4/1885 8/17/1910 photo
CHARLES G. 1/26/1931 2/16/1978 A1C US Air Force Korea    photo
R15-22 BRANDT CHRISTINE L. 11/6/1914 5/25/1990 photo
EUGENE B. 4/11/1928 3/14/2004 US Army WW II
R16-7 BROWN Robert Boyd 7/17/1901 1/26/1993 photo
R9-5 BURNETT CASH B. 10/29/1890 1/2/1976 photo
H of Nannie
R9-6 BURNETT Nannie M (McKiddy) 11/11/1896 12/25/1953 W of Cash
R6-4 CLARK Robert Monro 4/25/1902 6/9/1903 S of J. M. & L. C.
  COBB Bobby Joe 3/29/1938 2/13/2016 Obit
R1-4 COBB CHARLEY 8/13/1906 1/13/1919 photo
R15-8 COBB Ella E (Davis) 1874 5/28/1899 W of Joseph
R15-7 COBB EMILINE M. 1893 10/17/1897 photo
R6-5 COBB Eunice "Nicie" (Tuttle) 7/3/1866 6/13/1902 W of Nathan
R15-6 COBB JAMES 6/27/1898 7/12/1898 photo
R6-9 COBB JIM 12/30/1877 5/17/1940 photo
R1-5 COBB JOHN 6/10/1864 3/17/1931 photo
H of Margaret
R6-6 COBB JOSEPH 1/10/1895 10/12/1918 photo
R6-7 COBB JOSEPH JR. 3/13/1919 6/17/1919 photo
R6-8 COBB Luiza Philpot (Byrley) Feb 1853 9/26/1905 W of Samuel
Wed 6/4/1870
R1-6 COBB Margaret Elizabeth "Liz" (Sasser) 1874 1964 Wed John 1889
  COBB Mary Alice 1889 1940  
R9-16 COUCH E. D. 6/11/1848 7/8/1912 photo
R9-18 COUCH FRANK L. 12/3/1911 12/12/1930 photo
R9-15 COUCH JAMES H. 3/13/1891 6/12/1898 photo
R9-19 COUCH JOHN 1/30/1884 5/10/1933 photo
R9-17 COUCH MOLLIE F. 1863 1928 photo
R14-5 CROFT SARAH 10/27/1860 11/29/1956 photo
William Pinkney 11/15/1854 3/14/1915 photo
7th Cav
R11-8 CUMMINS J. T. 12/22/1879 10/11/1899 photo
R11-7 CUMMINS PEARL R. 8/30/1898 7/31/1899 photo
R15-5 DAVIS M. M. 1846 10/10/1895 photo
H of Sallie
R15-3 DAVIS SALLIE E. 6/11/1848 4/5/1905 W of M. M.
R13-4 DEAL Thomas Marion 6/20/1858 2/22/1895 photo
RICHARD E. 10/20/1952 5/24/1997 PV2 US Army Vietnam
R8-8 FLIPPO JOHN A. 11/4/1823 12/30/1903 photo
H of Sarah
R8-7 FLIPPO SARAH (CROSS) 1/6/1828 7/19/1901 W of John A.
R13-1 FOWLER CRYSTAL L. 1918 1919 photo
R13-3 FOWLER FRANCIS 1903 1908 photo
R13-13 GAINES Dorothy Faye (Wheeler) 8/26/1924 3/27/2003 W of Robert
R13-5 GEE N. 1839 1924 photo
R13-10 GILBERT Geneva Dorothy 8/18/1906 6/25/1908 D of J. H. & K. J.
MEREDITH M. 1834 1912 PVT Co. E, 65 ILL Inf.
R8-6 HAMILTON HENRY L. 4/7/1899 8/18/1899 S of L. O. & A. L.
  HARMON Hezekiah Bryant 9/1852 No Date photo
H of Rosanna
Wed 8/29/1875
  HARMON Rosanna L "Rosie" (Eastin) 8/1857 No Date photo
W of Hezekiah
Wed 8/29/1875
R7-4 HENDERSON NANIE 9/23/1904 3/18/1905 D of T. A. & Bell
R3-8 HILL ELMER ROY 3/20/1936 3/20/1936 photo
R5-1 HILL SARAH J. 10/7/1849 12/22/1905 photo
R6-1 HOPKINS JOHN D. 6/13/1853 6/19/1901 photo
Alva Bence 3/5/1903 3/22/1962 OK Pvt 1851 SvcUnit  WW II
R15-14 HOPPER Rev. Ira Monroe 9/2/1869 9/27/1966 photo
H of Roxann
Wed 4/3/1892
R9-11 HOPPER LONNIE M. 8/10/1898 12/8/1898 photo
S of Ira & Roxann
R15-15 HOPPER Roxann Ada "Roxey" (Cossey) 1877 1950 photo
W of Ira
Wed 4/3/1892
R9-1 HUCKEBY BONNIE BEE 1/2/1906 10/31/1906 D of C. P. & M. L.
R15-11 JEFFERS ARLIE 6/22/1903 9/30/1928 photo
R15-12 JEFFERS BABY 9/20/1925 9/20/1925 photo
R15-2 KENNEDY CHARLES 1894 1894 photo
R3-5 KENNEDY Florence Arlesa (Woodring) 8/17/1876 3/16/1951 W of Oliver
R4-13 KENNEDY FRED J. 6/8/1880 1/23/1906 photo
R3-3 KENNEDY M. ARLENA 9/12/1900 1/27/1911 photo
R4-14 KENNEDY Mary Elizabeth (McCarty) 1849 1920 photo
W of Robert
Wed 7/17/1870
R3-4 KENNEDY Oliver John 6/9/1872 8/17/1926 photo
H of Florence
Robert Frances 9/7/1849 11/9/1940 Co. M, 15 MO Cav.    photo
H of Mary
Wed 7/17/1870
R15-1 KENNEDY WILLIAM 1894 1894 photo
R4-12 KENNEDY WINFRED 2/8/1902 2/8/1902 photo
R15-13 KYTLE JARRETT J. 1/3/1888 7/3/1907 S of S.D. & M.E.
R7-13 LaClair ARTHUR EARL 3/14/1897 4/18/1901 S of C. M. & Nora
R9-22 LAY Batty F 1873 1940 photo
H of Lucinda
R9-21 LAY LUCINDA 1876 1918 photo
W of Batty
R6-3 LISSEY J. H. 9/30/1885 3/12/1900 S of John
R2-1 MACKENZIE ANNIE M. 1963 1912 W of William A.
R3-6 MAIN Rev. General Lane 6/25/1851 1/3/1915 photo
R3-7 MAIN Joseph T "Joe" Apr 1893 1914 21 years old
  MAIN Luraney"Lou" (Montgomery) 6/9/1882 1920  
R3-1 MALONE INFANT 12/24/1904 2/25/1905 S of S. B. & M. M.
R10-1 MAYBERRY ANNIE M. 4/21/1877 5/12/1902 W of E. C.
R7-17 McCANN OLITA 1/21/1928 2/25/1929 photo
R14-9 McCUMSEY CECIL 7/10/1898 8/28/1900 S of Walter & Maud
R14-1 McKIDDY AGNES 2/15/1914 2/1/1999 W of James Jr. Wed 8/19/1933
R7-11 McKIDDY Annie Belle (Winters) 1/31/1896 7/30/1935 W of George
Wed 2/14/1914
R9-13 McKIDDY BENNIE 5/1897 6/1897 S of James & Elizabeth
  McKIDDY Bernice V 3/7/1908 1/27/2006 W of Evert
R14-3 McKIDDY Calvin Delaine 5/22/1938 4/2/2001 photo
R7-8 McKIDDY ELDON 1922 1922 photo
R9-7 McKIDDY Elizabeth Nancy (Bennet) 1875 1969 W of James Sr
R9-4 McKIDDY EVERT 5/27/1905 3/9/1976 H of Bernice
R7-12 McKIDDY GEORGE 3/15/1894 8/4/1969 photo
H of Annie
Wed 2/14/1914
R7-9 McKIDDY George Jr."Junior" 1923 1926 photo
R7-10 McKIDDY Georgette Jane 1929 1929 photo
D of George & Annie
R7-5 McKIDDY INFANT 1932 1932 photo
R9-8 McKIDDY James Asbury Sr. 1863 1941 photo
H of Elizabeth
R14-2 McKIDDY James Asbury, Jr. 3/4/1912 3/10/1998 photo
H of Agnes
Wed 8/19/1933
R7-6 McKIDDY LUTHER 1/19/1916 2/4/1917 photo
S of George & Annie
R9-14 McKIDDY McKINLEY 12/27/1899 12/23/1904 photo
R9-12 McKIDDY REBECCA 3/21/1898 3/9/1904 photo
R7-7 McKIDDY Richard Daniel 1/9/1915 2/1/1917 photo
S of George & Annie
  McKIDDY Mrs. Steve   Jan 1914  
R15-17 McKITTRICK DORA L. 8/21/1872 4/12/1942 W of William
R15-19 McKITTRICK EVERETTE L. 1905 1930 photo
H of Goldie
R15-18 McKITTRICK Goldie Fae (Hopper) 1907 1931 W of Everette
R15-16 McKITTRICK WILLIAM T. 5/17/1869 No date photo
H of Dora
  Monro Clark Robert 4/25/1902 6/9/1903 S of J M & L C
R2-4 MYRICK JOEL L. 1869 1932 photo
H of Lula
R2-3 MYRICK LULA A. 1872 1939 W of Joel L.
R2-8 NANNEY ANDREW J. 1848 1912 photo
H of Louisa
R2-9 NANNEY LOUISA M. 1849 19?? W of Andrew
R7-1 NICKELS CHARLIE F. 5/10/1880 4/27/1927 photo
R2-2 OWENS Telitha Catherine (Blackburn) 1858 1933 W of William
R3-2 OWENS Rev. William Rose 11/29/1848 12/27/1906 photo
H of Telitha
R16-5 PAYNE HERSHEL ALVIN 8/4/1921 8/17/1921 photo
R13-2 PAYNE MAGGIE M. 2/27/1895 7/26/1917 photo
R4-7 PERKINS CECIL H. 2/29/1904 8/11/1907 S of William F & Nancy    photo
R4-10 PERKINS Nancy Lucinda (Campbell) (Long) 8/10/1865 8/21/1920 W of Robert Long
Wed 6/16/1879
Wed William F. Perkins in 1886
R4-8 PERKINS Ora May 7/2/1897 12/18/1918 D of William F & Nancy    photo
R4-6 PERKINS William Byron 2/18/1900 12/28/1901 S of William F. & Nancy    photo
R4-9 PERKINS William Franklin "Pappy" 11/11/1858 8/29/1938 photo
Wed Nancy Campbell in 1886
R15-4 POWERS VIOLA 1903 1903 photo
R13-7 ROBBINS HARVEY S. 7/7/1897 6/14/1898 S of R. L. & Pearl
R13-9 ROBBINS Infant Daughter 6/30/1902 10/1/1902 D of R. L. & Pearl
R13-8 ROBBINS PEARL 1/17/1881 7/15/1902 W of R. L.
R11-2 ROBERTS Infant Son 4/7/1905 4/7/1905 S of J. J. & N. L.
R12-5 ROBINSON Hannah R (Trammell) 3/24/1865 4/29/1936 D of Calvin & Sarah Trammell
R10-15 ROSELIUS JESSIE 11/20/1917 1/11/1998 photo
R9-25 ROSELIUS Joan (Waller) 12/24/1872 9/12/1908 W of John A.
R9-26 ROSELIUS John Augustus 9/5/1870 1/27/1936 photo
R7-14 ROSELIUS Louise (LaClair) 1/2/1873 1/17/1901 photo
R8-9 ROSELIUS Mary Elizabeth (Flippo) 2/25/1850 4/11/1918 W of William R.
ROY S. 8/2/1911 1/15/1983 S2 US Navy WW II
R8-10 ROSELIUS William Robert 4/8/1850 3/31/1925 photo
H of Mary
  Sasser Elias 1847 1913? H of Mary Tuttle
R11-4 SAWYER Armelda (Cupp) 5/14/1864 7/26/1895 photo
R11-3 SAWYER GEORGE W. 3/6/1895 12/6/1895 S of Armelda
R4-18 SCROGGINS T. MARY LOU 8/7/1917 10/11/1917 D of G. & M.B.
R9-28 Shewmaker JAMES EDGAR 5/2/1884 12/18/1976 photo
H of Mary
R9-27 Shewmaker Mary Irene (Roselius) 9/3/1905 8/7/1989 photo
W of James
R8-12 SHIRLEY ???ZEL L. 9/1910 8/1920 Stone broken
R14-10 SIMMONS HIEL 7/28/1889 8/15/1895 S of Riley & Laura
R14-6 SIMMONS L. A. 4/15/1857 7/10/1931 W of W.R.
R14-7 SIMMONS PERRY HILL 7/18/1889 8/15/1895 S of W.R. & L.A.
R14-11 SIMMONS W. M. 8/20/1896 2/12/1929 photo
R14-8 SIMMONS W. R. 9/15/1856 8/14/1928 photo
H of L A
  Simpkins Mollie Age 66 Apr 1928 W of A R
R2-5 SLATE KATY BELL 3/12/1908 5/7/1908 photo
R10-2 SMITH Ada 1903 1903 D of John & Roxie
R10-5 SMITH Annah Ophelia (Tribble) 1870 1900 photo
W of John M
R10-4 SMITH Arta 1899 1899 D of John & Roxie
CLEO C. "DOC" 1/26/1927 11/29/2002 CPL US Army
WW II   photo

H of Eula
Wed 7/6/1949
  Smith Dale 4/11/1937 2/10/2016  
R4-1 SMITH DOIL V. 8/5/1918 11/10/1919 photo
R4-3 SMITH Elizabeth Clementine "Lizzie" (Main) 11/17/1900 9/1/1977 W of Morris M.
R5-2 SMITH ELLET 8/25/1903 7/10/1904 S of W. & Beulah
R4-5 SMITH Emeline (Wells 9/16/1919 11/23/2000 W of Lonnie
Wed 12/24/1938
R9-2 SMITH EULA (McKIDDY) 5/10/1928 4/26/1998 W of Cleo
Wed 7/6/1949
  Smith Harriet (McCrite) 5/28/1932 10/13/2005 W of Vearl
R11-1 SMITH John Malcolm 8/13/1867 3/2/1948 photo
H of Annah
H of Roxie
Lonnie Vearl 3/29/1920 4/10/1996 Pvt US Marine Corps  WW II
Photo    photo
H of Emeline
Wed 12/24/1938
MARION J. 4/23/1908 10/27/1995 US Navy WW II & Korea    photo
R9-10 SMITH MARY E. 8/10/1835 4/20/1924 photo
R16-1 SMITH MAUD L. 2/18/1889 7/22/1926 photo
R4-2 SMITH MORRIS M. 10/10/1896 9/24/1967 photo
H of Elizabeth
R9-23 SMITH Myrtle Mable "Myrtie" (Perkins) 7/11/1894 3/20/1962 photo
R10-3 SMITH ROXIE (PERKINS) 1874 1903 photo
W of John
  Smith Vearl Dean 6/16/1940 6/8/2009 H of Harriet
R4-17 STANLEY ALVIE 1891 1910 photo
R4-20 STANLEY Mary Caroline (Payne) 1845 1928 photo
R16-3 STANLEY MATTIE M. 8/19/1895 9/?/1919 photo
R4-19 STANLEY Robert William 1914 1917 photo
R6-2 SULIVANT W. E. 2/10/1891 1/5/1900 S of John & Lissey
R2-7 SURBER BEARL F. 5/15/1912 3/12/1913 photo
R2-12 SUTTON C. L. 11/17/1928 6/1/1929 S of C.O. & Ida
R2-11 SUTTON C. O. 1870 1929 photo
H of Ada
R2-10 SUTTON IDA 1870 1968 W of C. O.
R14-12 TATE MARY L. 8/1/1832 4/23/1902 photo
R2-13 TAYLOR DON 1904 1929 photo
R13-6 TENER INFANT 7/24/1895 7/26/1895 S of James & Rebecca
R15-21 THOMPSON Britton Thoms "Britt" 6/17/1959 6/18/1995 photo
R15-20 THOMPSON Charles Dayle "Chuck" 2/15/1958 7/8/2002 photo
R10-6 TOLSON Jeanettie (Troxel) 2/24/1871 3/28/1899 W of Thomas
R12-3 TRAMMELL Calvin Rufus 2/25/1841 2/7/1918 photo
H of Sarah
R12-2 TRAMMELL LEANDER "LEE" 4/15/1882 7/18/1936 S of Calvin &Sarah
R12-4 TRAMMELL Rufus Calvin 6/25/1885 12/19/1933 S of Calvin & Sarah
R12-1 TRAMMELL Sarah Elizabeth (Gilreath) 4/8/1842 9/1/1915 W of Calvin
R10-11 TROXEL HENRY 5/9/1825 8/24/1903 photo
H of Mary
R10-13 TROXEL Leonard Theodore "LT" 1863 1944 photo
R10-10 TROXEL Mary (Shepherd) 7/11/1834 1/25/1901 Can't read date

W of Henry
R10-12 TROXEL NOAH 1/14/1866 10/10/1963 photo
R10-7 TROXEL SAMUEL 3/11/1873 7/15/1893 Stone broken
R15-9 UNKNOWN MARY ALICE 1889 1940 No Surname on stone
R4-15 VINCENT Cora Evelyn (Kennedy) 2/27/1870 Dec 1955 photo
R4-11 WALKER Lillie Benton (Perkins) 10/6/1886 2/26/1928 photo
R7-2 WALLACE AVERY W. 1/12/1884 2/26/1970 photo    photo
R7-3 WALLACE NEWTON L. 11/15/1850 1/18/1899 photo    photo
R11-5 WEBB Edgar Elijah 5/11/1875 4/5/1900 photo
R11-6 WEBB ORVAL MARIE 8/5/1900 8/5/1900 photo
R8-1 WHITE OVA 4/10/1900 5/21/1900 S of E.W. & L.L.
Charles Jasper 2/26/1841 6/5/1908 Co. G, 9 Regt, TX Cav CSA
WALTER LEE 10/28/1897 5/23/1917 AS US Navy WW I
R12-6 WILLINGHAM Nancy L (Greenlee) 2/2/1860 2/28/1895 photo
R13-12 WORLEY Elizabeth Sue 6/5/1915 7/24/2007  
GROVER H. 9/9/1920 11/14/1993 US Army Air Corps  WW II
photo    photo

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