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Fairview Cemetery

Cleveland County, Oklahoma

Cemetery Pic
See layout map of cemetery.
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff

Submitted & © 2000-07 by: Jim Woodruff & Area Coordinator

The cemetery is located as follows: From I-40 or I-240, take Sooner Road south. Turn left (east) on SE 149th St., and go three miles to Douglas Blvd. From SE 149th, go right (south) on Douglas Blvd. about one half mile. The cemetery is on the right. The names are listed by Rows with the first row at the east end, next to Douglas Blvd. Within rows the low number is at the north end of the row. Example: R1-1 is Row 1 and the first grave at the north end of the row. R5-6 is the sixth grave from the north end of Row 5.

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Location SURNAME First Mi Born Died Comments
R9-1 ADAMS SIBYL L. 7/2/1916 4/19/1997 Mar. M.F. 3/5/1938
See photo
R9-3 ADAMS ELZIE 6/24/1881 6/24/1881 Son of M.L. & H.D.
See photo
R12-11 ALBRECHT AUGUST 2/9/1907 2/9/1907 See photo
Unmarked ALEXANDER KATE 10/22/1866 12/22/1951 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R6-1 ALVIN SPESHEL POSPISIL 1918 1998 See photo
R18-10 ARNOLD DONALD GENE 7/13/1962 5/7/1979 See photo
R4-3 BARNARD MARTHA J. 1869 1903 Wife of W.E.
See photo
R6-4 BARNARD LUCY 2/7/1875 2/28/1900 Wife of W. E.
See photo
R18-14 BARNARD GENEVIE (YOUNG) 7/21/1925 2/16/1991 Mar. Joe 8/3/1944
See photo
Unmarked BLACK JOHN SR. 05/09/1874 12/25/1941 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R5-13 BLACK STELLA ANN 6/?/1899 9/?/1938 See photo
R2-7 BLAKLEY CHARLES EDWIN 8/27/1945 12/4/2003 Baggerly Funeral Home
See photo
R2-8 BLAKLEY LISA MARIE 7/24/1986 4/18/1987 See photo
R15-12 BOHANNAN MARY A. 5/12/1854 10/12/1898 Wife of John L.
See photo
R15-13 BOHANNAN JAMES M. 3/22/1877 11/19/1896 Son of J.L. & M.A.
See photo
Unmarked BOWEN MARY LEONA 01/25/1875 09/07/1940 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked BOWEN W. D. 10/02/1869 09/21/1940 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked BRADLEY JULIA M. 11/07/1866 11/09/1940 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R12-7 BRANTLEY HAROLD (ORDIST) 1914 1986 See photo
Unmarked BRASHER NETTIE BELLE 12/24/1884 11/24/1933 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R18-2 BRASHIER DUSTIN J. SWINK 1/24/1988 4/8/1998 See photo
R6-13 BREEDLOVE JAMES C. 8/4/1895 4/19/1953 See photo
R6-14 BREEDLOVE HATTIE M. 7/13/1872 7/13/1949 Wife of J.H.
See photo
R6-15 BREEDLOVE J. H. 3/13/1861 5/4/1935 See photo
R7-3 BREEDLOVE THOMAS M. 8/1/1904 6/5/1974 See photo
R7-4 BREEDLOVE COLLIE 1/17/1911 6/28/1978 Difficult to read
See photo
R7-5 BREEDLOVE ALCIE (COOPER) 5/16/1905 7/1/1995 Wife of Melvin S.
See photo
R7-6 BREEDLOVE MELVIN SPENCER 1/5/1899 3/9/1968 See photo
R9-8 BREEDLOVE ROBERT L. 9/24/1917 12/20/1983 See photo
R5-3 BRUESCH EUGENE C. 1/25/1916 2/27/1916 Son of Jacob & Lyda
See photo
See photo
R5-12 BRYAN REBA BREEDLOVE 8/1/1914 11/19/1993 See photo
Unmarked BUTLER ALBERT 01/29/1917 12/30/1935 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked CANFIELD GEORGE 09/05/1918 10/05/1920 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R17-5 CHILDS WINIFRED E. 1865 1934 See photo
R17-19 CHILDS IRA M. 5/11/1897 10/26/1897 See photo
R18-1 CHILDS MARY THOMAS 9/14/1892 10/23/1899 See photo
R17-8 CLARK DEANA ANN 1/1/1933 8/24/1982 See photo
R10-17 COHEE NELLIE PEARL 3/23/1888 10/25/1900 Daughter 0f J.K. & E.V.
See photo
R2-1 CONNELY BERTHA 12/22/?? 3/23/1910 Difficult to read
See photo
R18-12 COOK ARVELLA G. 1896 1897 Dau. of W.G. & Emma
See photo
R18-13 COOK GLENN L. 1894 1897 Son of W.G. & Emma
See photo
R11-4 COPELAND HOLIA M. 5/14/1826 2/8/1900 See photo
Unmarked COWAN ALEX 1861 11/04/1942 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R5-11 CRAIG W. J. "JACK" 11/24/1899 4/10/1964 See photo
R15-5 CRESWELL MATTHEW H. Can't Read 10/9/1890 See photo
R9-2 CUSACK MARGARET MARY 9/2/1934 1/17/1994 See photo
R12-5 DANIEL MOLLY A. 1841 1900 Wife of James M.
See photo
R12-6 DANIEL JAMES M. SR. 1837 1932 See photo
Unmarked DAVIS ALICE C. 02/25/1861 11/01/1939 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked DeWITT CHARLES I. 01/23/1883 04/20/1942 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
CLARENCE W. 1/30/1903 4/10/1962 PVT WW II
See photo
R10-19 DODD BETTY JEAN 10/29/1925 1/18/1926 See photo
R11-1 DONEHEW SHIELDS 1831 1895 See photo
R11-2 DONEHEW KATE 1854 1932 See photo
R11-3 DONEHEW ZACKARY T. 10/20/1879 10/20/1926 See photo
R3-4 DONSWERTH LESTER No Dates   See photo
R4-11 DONSWERTH Can't Read 7/24/1876 3/1/1972 Difficult to read
R4-12 DONSWERTH MYRTLE 5/24/1884 4/29/1945 Difficult to read
See photo
R4-13 DONSWERTH ROSS No Dates   See photo
R3-2 DONWERTH DOYLE No Dates   Is this same family as DONSWERTH?
See photo
R3-3 DONWERTH NAOMA M. 8/16/1914 10/26/1942 See photo
R4-14 DONWERTH CATHRINE 2/1/1840 6/6/1912 Wife of Henry J.
See photo
R4-15 DONWERTH HENRY J. 2/1/1837 4/15/1906 See photo
R6-20 DURHAM CARL R. 4/7/1910 2/11/1911 See photo
R6-22 DURHAM INFANT DAUGHTER 5/29/1925 5/29/1925 Daughter of J.W.
See photo
R6-23 DURHAM GEORGE F. 10/2/1854 11/16/1926 See photo
R6-24 DURHAM S. KATHERINE 10/20/1878 9/29/1950 Wife of George F.
See photo
JON H. 5/30/1937 2/23/1993 SSGT USA VIETNAM
See photo
See photo
R6-26 DURHAM INFANT SON 11/26/1926 11/26/1926 Son of Joe B. & M.
See photo
R6-27 DURHAM JOE B. 3/9/1907 5/28/1971 See photo
R6-28 DURHAM MILDRED 3/1/1908 1/30/1999 Mar. Joe 4/22/1925
See photo
Unmarked DYER CHRISTINE 12/17/1900 08/09/1948 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R10-4 ECKER CHARLES 1/5/1891 1/23/1891 See photo
R10-5 ECKER CLARENCE 11/16/1897 2/2/1898 See photo
R10-6 ECKER EUGENE 3/1/1884 5/12/1899 See photo
Unmarked ELLIS ARTHUR R. 08/06/1878 10/19/1944 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
JESS B. 12/18/1913 1/30/1982 USA WW II, KOREA
See photo
R2-9 ERDMAN LOYED 1897 1914 See photo
R2-10 ERDMAN LOTTIE V. 1896 1914 See photo
R2-11 ERDMAN ADA 1874 1937 Mother
See photo
R2-12 ERDMAN FRED 1868 1929 Father
See photo
FARR Kenneth Randall 10/15/1948 8/4/2019 See Photo/Obit
R15-7 FARRIS LIZZIE 1875 1904 See photo
R15-8 FARRIS ROY 10/20/1894 10/20/1894 Son of J.W.
See photo
LAWRENCE W. 1/1/1894 10/27/1974 PVT US Army
See photo
See photo
R13-2 FINCHUM EDA LOUISE 3/26/1898 2/20/1990 Mar. Lawrence 8/9/1919
See photo
R14-1 FINCHUM W. A. 5/8/1881 8/20/1904 See photo
R15-1 FINCHUM SAMUAL D. 11/13/1859 5/8/1925 See photo
R15-2 FINCHUM HANNAH A. 2/3/1863 7/8/1953 Wife of Samual D.
See photo
R17-7 FINCHUM CHARLEY LEO 11/11/1926 2/15/2000 See photo
R5-2 FLETCHER RICHARD JEFFREY 6/30/1959 5/28/1992 See photo
R12-11 FOLLOWWILL JO ANN 11/27/1935 10/10/2001 Mar. Eugene 6/26/1953
See photo
R10-7 FORD MARY 6/22/1822 2/28/1900 See photo
R4-16 FOSTER Family No Dates   See photo
R18-4 GIBBS LEON E. 1/9/1942 1/17/1987 Mar. Joyce 5/31/1961
See photo
R6-3 GLIDDEN SELMA CLYDE 2/12/1926 7/2/2002 See photo
R10-1 GOODE J. BEN 8/10/1851 12/17/1889 See photo
R10-2 GOODE MOLLIE E. 7/20/1859 6/9/1950 See photo
R10-3 GOODE AUBREY ENYART 3/23/1878 8/1/1950 See photo
R17-20 HAMMONS HOMER H. Can't read   See photo
R4-2 HARBERT FRANK L. 2/17/1899 7/16/1901 Son of J.F. & S.E.
See photo
R5-7 HART JEAN MARIE (THOMAS) 5/3/1956 1/8/2002 Daughter of Ola M.
See photo
Unknown HAWKINS JOE 2/3/1916 5/9/2002  
Unmarked HILL SARAH CATHERINE 10/20/1876 09/28/1950 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
See photo
R5-4 HINTON ROBERT SEABORN 12/18/1902 9/30/1975 See photo
R5-5 HINTON OPAL LEE 7/27/1906 8/27/1981 See photo
Unmarked HOFFMAN KATHARINA 09/15/1874 04/12/1949 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R4-8 HOWARD JENNIE 11/27/1881 11/18/1906 Wife of G.T.
See photo
R3-1 HOWELL Alonzo No Dates   1889 Homesteader
See photo
R7-7 HULL FRANK A. 10/29/1939 7/12/2000 See photo
R10-13 IRVING A. PAT 6/6/1910 7/20/1991 Husband of Gertrude
See photo
R10-15 IRVING GERTRUDE 12/29/1912 5/16/2004 Wife of A. Pat
See photo
R18-22 IRVING TOM 2/18/1881 10/3/1950 See photo
R18-23 IRVING RICHARD J. 10/6/1902 4/15/1953 See photo
R7-1 JACK WILLIE E. 1/16/1890 1/15/1892 Son of W.O. & Maggie
See photo
R7-2 JACK CHARLEY E. 12/20/1891 2/2/1893 Son of W.O. & Maggie
See photo
Unmarked JACKMAN JAMES J. 04/16/1852 12/24/1940 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R2-2 JAMES ROY L. 7/29/1904 6/13/1975 See photo
R2-3 JAMES LOTTIE L. 2/28/1886 7/27/1966 Mother
See photo
R2-4 JAMES RALPH EARL 1910 1917 See photo
R2-5 JAMES FAY MARIE 1906 1909 See photo
R2-6 JAMES DALE RAY 8/18/1908 11/?/1908 See photo
R4-6 JAMES G. W. 1892 1924 See photo
R4-7 JAMES JESSIE L. 6/21/1900 2/1/1919 See photo
R4-9 JAMES A. E. 1864 1936 See photo
R4-10 JAMES W.T. 1853 1942 See photo
Unmarked JANDA JOE 1853 01/13/1929 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R15-9 JANEWAY W. M. 12/4/1829 1/31/1900 See photo
R15-10 JANEWAY JESS 4/8/1855 5/3/1931 See photo
R15-11 JANEWAY MARY E. 9/9/1861 1/6/1941 Wife of Jess
See photo
R18-15 JOHNSTON IVA LEE 6/11/1919 12/30/2000 See photo
R18-16 JOHNSTON NANCY FERN 11/9/1946 11/21/1970 See photo
R9-4 KELLER WILLIAM ROBERT 12/30/1900 8/6/1901 See photo
R10-8 KILE SARAH J. 1858 1931 See photo
R10-9 KILE LOVENA 9/6/1878 8/23/1893 See photo
R10-10 KILE L. M., REV. 1852 1923 See photo
R6-5 KING SELBY 1/18/1884 10/31/1899 Son of J.A. & S.E.
See photo
R17-3 KING ZEBULON S. 10/14/1848 9/19/1921 See photo
R6-21 KINTER INFANT 5/12/1924 5/12/1924 Dau. of Claude
See photo
R17-6 LAMLE PHYLLIS 9/16/1938 1/28/2002 See photo
R18-24 LEIGH LUTHER W. 4/18/1911 4/29/1977 PFC US Army WW II
See photo
R18-11 LEWIS MICHAEL A. 3/5/1956 12/14/1972 See photo
Unmarked MAGERS J. K. 10/27/1866 08/28/1942 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R4-5 MATLOCK CHARITY KATHERINE 11/17/1989 11/17/1989 See photo
R5-6 MATLOCK DELLA C. 1914 1942 See photo
R5-9 MATLOCK FARRIS 1901 1954 Wife of Homer
See photo
R5-10 MATLOCK HOMER 1898 1963 See photo
R6-6 MATLOCK AMOS 1/17/1882 1900 See photo
R6-7 MATLOCK BESSIE 8/8/1900 10/1908 See photo
R6-8 MATLOCK MARY E. 1/22/1860 2/8/1933 See photo
R6-9 MATLOCK HAZEL B. 1/7/1924 3/1/1938 See photo
R6-10 MATLOCK BARBARA 1/19/1935 1/1/2000 See photo
R6-11 MATLOCK H. OTIS 7/29/1931 11/30/1985 Mar. Barbara 6/6/1952
See photo
R12-8 MATLOCK ALTA (BRANTLEY) 10/26/1911 8/11/1991 Mar. Benjamin 8/26/1958
See photo
R12-9 MATLOCK GRACE B. 10/1/1891 2/6/1977 Wife of John F.
See photo
R12-10 MATLOCK JOHN F. 1/14/1892 3/23/1979 See photo
Unmarked McDONALD EARL MONROE 06/23/1866 06/30/1935 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked McWILLIAMS NORMAN EUGENE 08/30/1933 01/30/1934 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked MELTABARGER BARBARA EDWINA 07/22/1935 01/28/1936 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked MELTABARGER CHARLES MACK 04/03/1934 01/28/1936 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked MELTABARGER EDWARD 07/20/1904 01/28/1936 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked MELTABARGER GOLDIE 07/03/1913 01/28/1936 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked MELTON S. J. 06/26/1873 10/09/1942 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R15-14 MERTLE LONNIE 9/5/1899 7/29/1900 See photo
R6-12 MILLER RAYMOND DALE 6/8/1944 10/25/2001 See photo
R17-17 MILLER ANNIE M. 6/12/1905 1/3/1994 Wife of Clyde B.
See photo
R17-18 MILLER CLYDE B. 8/30/1902 5/10/1980 See photo
R6-16 MIZER HOMER No Dates   See photo
WESLEY W. 1/13/1847 7/17/1929 Confererate Vet. of Missouri
Co. A Wood's Regt. MO Cav.
See photo
See photo
R6-18 MIZER LAURA 2/9/1865 8/5/1944 See photo
R18-3 MORGAN LOYD L. 1/31/1904 3/1/1980 See photo
Unmarked MORREN MAUDIE IRENE 03/05/1908 07/06/1928 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R1-2 MORRISON ELVIRA F. 7/22/1903 10/13/1981 See photo
R9-9 MURPHY RITTIE 4/9/1895 9/28/1985 Mother of Dick
See photo
R9-10 MURPHY DICK 12/1/1927 1/22/1974 See photo
R18-6 NACE ALINE B. 1916 1998 See photo
R6-19 NEEL D. D. 4/12/1853 12/11/1904 See photo
R13-3 O'KEEFE EVA A. 1899 1958 Wife of Richard
See photo
R13-4 O'KEEFE RICHARD 1892 1968 See photo
Unmarked OLIPHANT D. S. 10/01/1857 10/09/1928 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked OLIPHANT L. D. 1881 11/06/1939 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R10-14 PETTY KATHERIN MARY 3/28/1843 1/15/1930 Mar. John 2/1/1860
See photo
R10-16 PETTY
JOHN HOWARD No Dates 3/20/1894 Co. H, 2nd Tenn. Cav.
See photo
See photo
Unmarked POWERS GEORGE 06/04/1860 07/08/1940 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
  Privett Kendra Ryan 6/18/1996 9/6/2016 Obit
R17-4 QUISENBERY T. S. 1/26/1836 7/11/1896 Difficult to read
See photo
R12-1 RAY KENNETH D. II 7/17/1969 9/11/1993 See photo
R16-3 RICE WILLIAM D. 1855 1893 See photo
R15-6 RITNER CORDELIA 5/2/1848 7/20/1890  
R12-2 ROBERTSON MARTHA I. 2/5/1857 1/30/1900 See photo
R12-3 ROBERTSON IRA JAY 10/18/185? 2/15/1929 See photo
R12-4 ROBERTSON J. H. 6/?/1870 1/?/1942 See photo
Unknown SELF OPAL MAE 8/2/1914 5/2/2002  
R16-4 SHROYER ARTHUR Z. 1/1897 10/1900  
R16-5 SHROYER BABY GIRL 11/1892 11/1892  
R16-6 SHROYER ORANGE 7/1891 1892  
R17-1 SHROYER GABRELLA 1870 1947 Wife of Frank B.
See photo
R17-2 SHROYER FRANK B. 1855 1929 89ers
See photo
R6-2 SINGLETON RONDA "CONNIE" 3/8/1961 7/8/2001 Ireland Funeral Home
See photo
Unmarked SKINNER JOHN W. 01/27/1860 01/27/1937 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked SMITH W. H. 07/15/1864 09/29/1943 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R4-4 SMITHERS ALEXANDER 5/3/1843 4/21/1903 See photo
R15-3 STAMPS ROBERT E. 1/11/1940 9/27/1955 See photo
Unmarked STOUT NORBERT UNKNOWN 09/24/1943 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R4-1 SULLINS ETHEL A.   2/22/1893 3Y, 3M, 21 D
See photo
R5-8 THOMAS OLA M. 4/19/1921 9/11/1974 See photo
R9-5 THOMPSON JANE C. 4/15/1831 5/21/1904 Wife of Thomas J.
See photo
R9-6 THOMPSON THOMAS J. 1/25/1828 12/29/1893 See photo
R9-7 THURMAN DARCY J. 3/3/1904 12/20/1986 See photo
R10-11 THURMAN MAY G. 1885 1982 See photo
R10-12 THURMAN CAIRL A. 1869 1942 See photo
R8-1 TODD JOANES E. 3/5/1872 10/6/1904 Difficult to read
See photo
R11-5 TROWBRIDGE PATRICK CURTIS 3/7/1965 3/8/1965 See photo
R11-6 TROWBRIDGE CURTIS WAYNE 8/15/1963 8/21/1963 See photo
R15-16 TUCKER ANNIE J. 1881 1952 Wife of Mat A.
See photo
R15-17 TUCKER MAT A. 1878 1964 See photo
Unmarked WIELAND WILLIAM CHARLES 08/13/1894 11/05/1934 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
Unmarked WILLIAMS CHARLEY H. 1878 12/22/1940 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R17-15 WILLIAMS VIRGIE A. 3/10/1896 9/10/1975 Wife of C. W.
See photo
R17-16 WILLIAMS C. W. BOSS 1/11/1885 4/12/1967 See photo
Unmarked WITT SAM M. 11/05/1871 01/29/1937 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R16-1 WRIGHT EDWARD G. 1846 1891 See photo
R16-2 WRIGHT MARGARET B. 1849 No dates Wife of Edward
See photo
R14-2 YOUNG CHARLES LEE 10/31/1886 3/25/1959 See photo
R15-4 YOUNG DAVID EDWARD 2/28/1955 2/28/1955 See photo
Unmarked YOUNG IRA H. 08/24/1884 12/19/1942 Info provided by Linda Barnard Turner
R15-15 YOUNG LOIS I. ESQUIBEL 5/21/1930 8/18/1959 See photo
R17-9 YOUNG MODENA MAE 8/11/1914 6/10/1973 Wife of Elmer W.
See photo
R17-10 YOUNG FARREL JOHN 7/30/1950 4/23/1972 Son of E.W. & M.M.
See photo
R17-11 YOUNG COLIN WESLEY 2/2/1942 3/16/1964 Son of E.W. & M.M.
See photo
R17-12 YOUNG ELMER W. 2/5/1913 5/22/1962 See photo
R17-13 YOUNG JEANETTE 7/12/1930 7/18/1970 Wife of Ernest L.
See photo
R17-14 YOUNG ERNEST L. 1/16/1915 7/18/1970 See photo
R18-5 YOUNG BILLY DON 3/19/1938 4/3/1993 Mar. Carlene 12/18/1962
See photo
THOMAS JOE 6/13/1942 9/4/1997 US Navy
See photo
R18-8 YOUNG RUBY H. 9/17/1913 4/27/1987 Wife of Earl J.
See photo
R18-9 YOUNG EARL J. 9/23/1912 6/19/1987 See photo
R18-17 YOUNG EDNA R. 9/3/1935 10/31/2001 Wife of Joe D.
See photo
R18-18 YOUNG LONIE 1894 1948 See photo
R18-19 YOUNG JOHN 1889 1973 See photo
R18-20 YOUNG EMMA C. 11/5/1914 4/12/1987 Wife of Loy J.
See photo
R18-21 YOUNG LOY J. 7/25/1911 3/22/1976 See photo

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