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gate photo
Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

Cookson-Proctor Cemetery
Cookson, Cherokee County, Oklahoma

Submitted by:
Brenda Franklin

Driving directions are needed for this cemetery.
If you have family buried in the Cookson Proctor Cemetery or can take a gate photo that I can place on the website or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the county coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

 Martha?? Sep 18??15 Sep 1850Back Section See More
 Son of RMB     
ADAMSBobbie Joe  Back Section See More
ADAMSBobbie Joe  Back Section See More
ANDERSONDebbie    See More
ARNETTRosa  Back Section See More
ARNOLDMerritt A.22 May 192427 Jun 1995  See More
ARNOLDMildred1927   See More
AVANTSallie10 Jan 190009 Feb 1990  See More
AVANTTroy M25 Mar 189831 Jul 1974  See More
BAILEYEdward (Ed)23 Feb 192822 Aug 1985  See More
BAILEYMary (Pinky)14 May 1930   See More
BAKERInfant  Back Section See More
BAKERJosie  Back Section See More
BALLARDAlice09 Mar 184430 Oct 1912  See More
BALLARDJ. W.11 Nov 185319 Feb 1926  See More
BALLEWAda  Back Section See More
BALLEWBillie25 Dec 190928 Jul 1975  See More
BALLEWBluie J.12 Nov 190109 Apr 1971  See More
BALLEWClarence M.12 Feb 189705 Nov 1901Back Section See More
BALLEWElla Mae01 Aug 1917 Back Section See More
BALLEWEllen Josephine19 Nov 187001 Jun 1947Back Section See More
BALLEWFlorence19031903Back Section See More
BALLEWFred27 Jul 190221 Jul 1967Back Section See More
BALLEWGerald F.14 Feb 192815 Oct 2004Back Section See More
BALLEWInfant19221922Back Section See More
BALLEWJack18711916Back Section See More
BALLEWJack20 Aug 190404 Mar 1972  See More
BALLEWJackson18711916Back Section See More
BALLEWJeff05 Dec 189219 Feb 1969Back Section See More
BALLEWJewell11 Sep 190223 Jan 1998Back Section See More
BALLEWJohnnie19011917Back Section See More
BALLEWJoseph H.08 Sep 18911893Back Section See More
BALLEWLila M.20 Jan 191710 Jan 2001  See More
BALLEWLizzie Mae01 Jan 189502 Oct 1896Back Section See More
BALLEWLola Lea29 Dec 189517 Mar 1977Back Section See More
BALLEWMack Ray19371937Back Section See More
BALLEWMadge01 Jun 191127 Aug 2000  See More
BALLEWManda S.18811952Back Section See More
BALLEWMarion M.27 Apr 187126 Jun 1917Back Section See More
BALLEWMary Francis (Carter)04 Dec 192722 Oct 2008  See More
BALLEWPat05 Feb 190715 Oct 1985Back Section See More
BALLEWRossalee  Back Section See More
BALLEWShelton (Doc)18 Feb 191206 Feb 1973  See More
BALLEWSoad28 Feb 190829 Apr 1997  See More
BALLEWSon of Bob & Cindy 23 Nov 1978  See More
BALLEWVivian Sarah25 Nov 191520 Mar 2012  See More
BALLEWWilson19141915Back Section See More
BARNESJimmy Thomas28 Oct 192513 Jan 1988  See More
BARTONRodney Earl19622005Back Section See More
BESTCecilia L.19181990  See More
BESTL. T.19142002  See More
BIGMac    See More
BILLINGSBrad    See More
BILLINGSCrystal    See More
BILLINGSDonna Rae29 Jul 1935   See More
BILLINGSLeslie Covel19 Oct 193411 Jul 2004  See More
BLAKELEYElmo L (Bo)07 May 191421 Mar 1978  See More
BLAKELEYFlorine Spencer02 Jun 1919   See More
BLANCHARDClarence Esom Cotton23 Dec 1926   See More
BLANCHARDNelda Mae24 Feb 193423 Jul 2003  See More
BLANKENSHIPNancy (Moore)04 Mar 186930 Dec 1936  See More
BRADFORDWesley29 Aug 193521 Dec 2019  See More
BRICKELLDorothy M19 Mar 1923   See More
BRICKELLJames P "Jim"11 Sep 1937   See More
BRICKELLPhillip H.30 Jul 191204 Nov 1992  See More
BROOKEYNathaniel18 Sep 191506 Jun 1997Back Section See More
BROOKEYPaul R.15 Aug 1943 Back Section See More
BROOKEYPearl05 Jul 191402 Sep 1997Back Section See More
BROOKSBradford Lynn09 May 195620 Feb 2013  See More
BROOKSJames Fredrick23 Aug 192321 Feb 1983  See More
BROOKSNorma J24 Nov 1925   See More
BROWNJoshua Robert 23 Oct 2003  See More
BROWNMinnie Mae03 Dec 188711 Dec 1923Back Section See More
BUNCHJames Fredrick16 Dec 193324 Jul 2004  See More
BURNETTSharon Kay07 Feb 195507 Nov 2012 See More
BYERSCharlie  Back Section See More
BYERSCharlie W.22 Apr 192206 Feb 1992  See More
BYERSCharlotte08 Nov 190115 Jun 1987  See More
BYERSEzekiel08 Jun 188205 Dec 1967Back Section See More
BYERSJames08 Mar 187820 May 1966Back Section See More
BYERSLizzie  Back Section See More
BYERSMargaret Ann18511926Back Section See More
BYERSNickademus06 Jan 189521 Nov 1978  See More
CAMPBELLBill B.19 Mar 192731 Aug 1994  See More
CAMPBELLKathleen Ballew08 Feb 192802 Jul 1990  See More
CANDYS. Proctor18571940Back Section See More
CERVENKAWanda Jean Rogers18 Oct 184228 Jul 2004  See More
CHASELeonard P.11 Sep 192305 Apr 1996  See More
CHRISTIEDick18901929Back Section See More
CHRISTIEInfant  Back Section See More
CHRISTIEMrs. Dick  Back Section See More
CLIFTWilliam E.20 May 192515 Jul 1968  See More
COLDENInfant  Back Section See More
CONLEYCharlie02 Jan 190222 Oct 1909Back Section See More
COOPERJoe Wesley21 Mar 1936 Back Section See More
COOPERMargaret S.27 Jan 1948 Back Section See More
COUCH  1923Back Section See More
COUCHBaby 1931Back Section  
COUCHDora 1931Back Section See More
COUCHIrvin18761945Back Section See More
COUCHJohn03 May 187207 Oct 1946Back Section See More
COUCHLaura18891925Back Section See More
COUSINSHerbert L.19191981  See More
COXFrank E.09 Nov 192402 Nov 2004  See More
COXLowell A.18 Dec 190228 Dec 1974  See More
COXMarie L.14 Jun 191724 Jan 1992  See More
COXMaybel D.13 Mar 190116 Dec 1993  See More
COXMichelle Patricia26 Apr 195822 Aug 2012  See More
COXPatricia19302002 Funeral Home MarkerSee More
CRAIGJack C.01 Jun 190809 May 1986  See More
CRAIGRuby Lee06 Dec 1919   See More
CRAVENClifford C.01 Oct 190824 Dec 1994  See More
CRAVENRuby L.08 Nov 192114 Jan 1974  See More
CROKAMarcia L.14 Oct 1925   See More
CROKARoss W.13 Dec 191516 Jan 1984  See More
CUNNINGHAMAlta V.29 Sep 190528 Oct 1988  See More
CUNNINGHAMBasil G.18 Apr 190225 Nov 1988  See More
CUNNINGHAMWilliam Joseph13 Apr 192309 May 1999  See More
DAVENPORTInfant1929????Back Section See More
DAVENPORTJinney19071932Back Section See More
DAVENPORTTwin Boys 1932Back Section See More
DAVESHarvey E.24 Jul 192806 Dec 2006 We Love You Meme and Papa
PVT US Army Korea
See More
DAVESJoan Mawson27 Jul 192921 Feb 2001 We Love You Meme and PapaSee More
DAVISBetty    See More
DAVISCharlene19451945Back Section See More
DAVISDaniel Breeze27 Nov 199423 Mar 1995  See More
DAVISHuston25 May 1932   See More
DAVISJerry Lee17 Jun 197023 Jul 1970  See More
DAVISPatricia LeEllen19 Jul 193230 Dec 2001  See More
DAVISRandy Allen05 Mar 197901 May 2002Back Section See More
DICKSONMary E.24 Jul 186827 Feb 1900  See More
DIETZGeri19 Sep 1921 Back Section See More
DIETZRichard E.21 Jul 193114 Oct 1990Back Section See More
DIXONBertha22 Feb 189226 Jan 1945  See More
DIXONCharles Marcus10 Nov 188013 Aug 1961Back Section See More
DIXONMyrtle19111930Back Section See More
DODSONBaby19431943Back Section See More
DORZAB     See More
DORZAB     See More
DORZAB     See More
DUNNLowell L. Jr.19 May 1930   See More
DUNNVera Sue15 Mar 193027 Oct 1998  See More
ELLISONEldon F.21 Jul 193623 Oct 2003  See More
ELLISONSandra L.28 Jun 194022 Jan 1998  See More
FARRISRuby08 Jul 192206 Jun 1985  See More
FARRISWillie Chester23 Jan 191707 Jun 1987  See More
FOOTEEarl E.1926   See More
FOOTEFlora M.19782003  See More
FOUNTAINLulu  Back Section See More
FRANKSBilly G.28 Apr 193028 Sep 2001Back Section See More
FRANKSKathryn M.12 Aug 1929 Back Section See More
FRANKSTray Alan22 Jun 195929 Jun 1977Back Section See More
FRITTSMary Ann18791945Back Section See More
GILBERTInfant  Back Section See More
GILBERT   Back Section See More
GLASGOWIola13 Aug 191817 Nov 1990  See More
GLAGOWO. E. Gene04 Mar 191717 Sep 2000  See More
GLASGOWRichard G.19551995  See More
GRIGGSAlice04 Jan 190112 Sep 1932  See More
GRIGGSEffie04 Jan 190106 Jun 1953  See More
GRIGGSLucresa08 Nov 187304 Feb 1904  See More
GUINNB. Maurice Newby25 May 1928   See More
GUINNPaul Clifford11 Jan 1925   See More
GUTHRIEBessie M Horn Morris08 Sep 1908 Back Section See More
GUTHRIEWilliam M.27 Aug 191108 Jun 2004Back Section See More
GUTHRIEWilliam P. 1914Back Section See More
HADENMinnie30 Jun189520 Mar 1915  See More
HAEGGQUISTSharin Lynn26 Jan 194325 Jun 2000  See More
HAHNEAnn21 Jan 191314 Jul 1995  See More
HAHNECharles09 Apr 190504 Mar 1973  See More
HALLGaylon R. (Red)30 May 193209 Nov 1993  See More
HALLMary B (Bernie)20 May 1946   See More
HALLFORDFloyd J.30 Sep 1916   See More
HALLFORDHelen Mitchell23 Jul 191913 Jul 1992  See More
HAMMICKMichial Craig29 Jul 196025 Jan 1990  See More
HARDENJim  Back Section See More
HARDENWilliamMarch ????March ????Back Section  
HARSCHERMyrtle Lucille07 Aug 190903 Jul 1978  See More
HENDRIXFred J.19231923Back Section See More
HENDRIXUnice Jewell 1930Back Section See More
HENSONInfant  Back Section See More
HENSONMrs. Tuck  Back Section See More
HENSONRose Ellen  Back Section See More
HICKERSONMyrtle22 Sep 190412 Sep 1978  See More
HICKERSONRobert E.16 May 190122 Sep 1983  See More
HOECHJulius F.05 Jun 191718 Jul 1997  See More
HOECHRuby L.14 Oct 191204 Mar 1991  See More
HOLEMANCarrie A.15 Sep 187316 May 1956Back Section See More
HOLEMANInfant  Back Section See More
HOLEMANJoe Wesley01 Mar 191809 Jun 1989Back Section See More
HOLEMANNancy G.05 Apr 186922 Feb 1916Back Section See More
HOLMES     See More
HOLMES     See More
HORNCharlie W.15 Nov 191813 Oct 1997  See More
HORNEdna M.27 May 191818 Jan 2004  See More
HORNFrancis28 Apr 193117 Aug 1999Back Section See More
HORNInfant  Back Section See More
HORNJonathan David 19 Oct 2004  See More
HORNKelley L.19 Sep 191120 Nov 1964Back Section See More
HORNLawson19 Nov 191312 Oct 1994Back Section See More
HORNLewis  Back Section See More
HORNMae  Back Section See More
HORNMary Carnella22 Apr 189122 Dec 1969Back Section See More
HORNNancy Conley Proctor15 May 190430 Jan 2003Back Section See More
HORNOscar Frank27 Sep 189804 Jan 1987Back Section See More
HORNVada  Back Section See More
HOUSTONAlberta13 Aug 192320 Mar 1983  See More
HOUSTONBetty J.23 Feb 192821 Aug 2000  See More
HOUSTONJack L.30 Sep 192218 Jan 1990  See More
HOWERTONJohnnie Doyle30 Dec 192001 Apr 2012  See More
JACKSONGeorge F.19211988Back Section See More
JACKSONHenry?? Dec 189820 Jan 1899Back Section See More
JACKSONLeota J.19261999Back Section See More
JACKSONMrs Ice  Back Section See More
JONESEdward E. (Gene)01 Aug 1927   See More
JONESNadine Virginia22 Feb 1930   See More
KELLYMary Gayle23 Dec 194321 Apr 1998  See More
KNIGHTJimmy Derrill28 Apr 193720 May 2002  See More
LAMBERT 18591928Back Section See More
LAMBERT 19351919Back Section See More
LATHROPFredrick Maynard05 Oct 191728 Sep 1984  See More
LATHROPRuth Faye12 Dec 191430 Mar 2000  See More
LAWRENCEWesley L.27 Jun 195525 Jul 1982Back Section See More
LEATHERSBill Joe10 Dec 192824 Apr 2001  See More
LECHNERDeborah Lee 21 Oct 1952Back Section See More
LECHNERRichard19262005Back Section See More
LETTMax E.29 Dec 192113 Dec 1991  See More
LETTWintress03 Nov 1918   See More
LOWERYAlvin Leo27 May 192712 Feb 1972  See More
MACKINDonald D.02 Dec 192111 Sep 1982  See More
MACKINVirginia I.10 Jun 191313 Dec 2004  See More
MAHANEYElla Ballard15 Nov 188330 Nov 1973  See More
MALONE     See More
MALONE     See More
MALONE     See More
MARRSEdgar Preston15 Jul 191308 Mar 2004 funeral home markerSee More
MARTINLinda Jane05 May 195425 Jul 2012  See More
MARULTom 1942Back Section See More
MASSEYClara Mae15 Aug 193328 Jun 1990Back Section See More
MCCLEARYSuson H.23 Apr 187102 Jul 1913  See More
MCLAUGHLINDoris Ruth (Cox)12 Aug 193127 Oct 2000  See More
MIDDLETONSarah A. Harrold20 Aug 188305 Apr 1984  See More
MOONEYEugene H.21 Nov 192614 Jun 1982  See More
MOONEYMary S.27 Sep 1931   See More
MORGANMarie S.21 Dec 1921   See More
MORGANRussell C.11 Aug 192025 Apr 1991  See More
MORRISEllen18301915Back Section See More
MULLInfant  Back Section See More
MULLENSWilliam Lee27 May 191209 Jul 1980  See More
NAILEunice Morris14 Oct 1930 Back Section See More
NAILMichael Reid13 Aug 195910 Aug 1959Back Section See More
NAILThomas Aquilla "Tic"21 May 192201 May 2010Back Section See More
NICKELSGerry W. "Jerry"23 Apr 192530 Sep 2011  See More
OSBORNBetty Jean04 May 1924   See More
OSBORNPhilip Stanley19 Oct 191906 Jul 2001  See More
PALMER 18601934Back Section See More
PARKERMittie19 Mar 189411 Dec 1953  See More
PARKERSharon Marie23 Nov 194017 Jul 2001  See More
PAYNEJohn Charles05 Sep 192529 Sep 1996  See More
PERDUEElmer Jack29 Apr 192717 Dec 1989  See More
PERDUEVelma Marion18 Sep 1928   See More
PHELPSJohn    See More
PHELPSKatie    See More
PHILLIPSGeorge Edward07 Apr 192523 Nov 1999  See More
PITTMANFloyd Charles19 Aug 191012 Jul 2004  See More
POSEYBeula M.18 Mar 1926   See More
POSEYCecil L.13 Jul 192512 Aug 1996  See More
PRATTLarry D.02 Jul 193527 Sep 1987  See More
PRICEInfant  Back Section See More
PROCTORAccie18761917Back Section See More
PROCTORAndy Mack18 Dec 192101 Jan 1995Back Section See More
PROCTORCarrie A.18 Jan 192612 Feb 1926Back Section See More
PROCTORCharley18 Dec 190407 Jul 1935Back Section See More
PROCTORDaniel25 Dec 187215 Jan 1936Back Section See More
PROCTORFannie A.15 May 188010 Nov 1970Back Section See More
PROCTORInfant19061906Back Section See More
PROCTORJohn  Back Section See More
PROCTORJohn19081912Back Section See More
PROCTORM. A.19331990Back Section See More
PROCTORStacey Lou16 Oct 197524 Oct 1975Back Section See More
RANDALLInfant  Back Section See More
RANDALLMrs. Ernest  Back Section See More
RENEGARAmy Rae06 Mar 197108 Mar 1971  See More
RIDERLorene01 Jun 1934   See More
RIDERWilliam08 Aug 192601 Jan 1995  See More
ROBBINSAllene B.07 Jul 193416 Jul 1999Back Section See More
ROBBINSDoc  Back Section See More
ROBBINSWillis A.24 Mar 192317 Sep 1999Back Section See More
ROBERTSEmily Sue19 Jan 192726 Feb 2005  See More
ROBERTSRichard Glenn07 Dec 1921   See More
ROBERTSONDouglas19421942Back Section See More
ROBERTSONGerald D.09 Nov 195018 Jun 2003Back Section See More
ROBERTSONInfant19461946Back Section See More
ROBERTSONInfant19381938Back Section See More
ROBERTSONJohn E.03 Jan 194801 Sep 2003Back Section See More
ROBERTSONThelma19431943Back Section See More
ROSSDugie  Back Section See More
ROSSJoseph M.07 Nov 187907 Apr 1963Back Section See More
ROSSMaletia27 Nov 188123 Jan 1979Back Section See More
ROSSRaymon19241924Back Section See More
ROSSTom 1916Back Section See More
ROSSWilliam Ode06 Aug 191630 Dec 1968Back Section See More
RUPPGenevieve D.05 Dec 192210 Jul 1998  See More
RUPPWilliam C.19 Jul 191609 May 1985  See More
RUTHERFORDG. Darryl27 Dec 191119 Mar 1978  See More
RUTHERFORDLoyce E.20 Jan 191515 May 1984  See More
SANDERSHerbert Dwain24 Aug 194410 Mar 1994  See More
SCOGGINSNellie Mae18 Jun 190013 Oct 1982  See More
SCOTTLeroy S.  Back Section See More
SEVIERMary  Back Section See More
SEVIERSon of T & C07 Aug 189311 Aug 1894Back Section See More
SEVIERTom18551893Back Section See More
SHRODEElsie A.06 Sep 189818 Apr 1989  See More
SILK     See More
SILKAnna Bell25 Mar 1931   See More
SILKEarnest E.19 Apr 192119 Oct 2001  See More
SIMSMaria25 Jul 184804 Jan 1904  See More
SKIDMOREPhillis J.04 Feb 192813 Mar 2000  See More
SKIDMORERaymond M.07 Oct 1926   See More
SKIDMORESon of Cecil E.    See More
SLATERIleta M.23 Nov 192512 Oct 1996  See More
SLATERMarvin A.15 Jan 192319 Apr 1998  See More
SMITHDarrell31 Mar 1930   See More
SMITHEvelyn H.25 Dec 1924   See More
SMITHHarold T.22 May 192415 Oct 2004  See More
SMITHJerry18531937Back Section See More
SMITHJudy13 Aug 193206 Jun 1999  See More
SMITHLorene19371937Back Section See More
SORICKDoris M.11 Apr 1914   See More
SORICKPaul R.28 Dec 191104 Dec 2001  See More
STACEYKathryn Sue Nail26 Sep 195027 Jun 2003Back Section See More
STOTTLEMYREAlice May18 Sep 189004 Jul 1983  See More
STOTTLEMYREClyde Wesley29 Nov 192517 Jan 2003 See More
STOTTLEMYREElsie Maria03 Mar 193019 Feb 2001  See More
STRATTONAddie Mae10 Jun 193131 Mar 1983  See More
STRATTONBobbie Ann11 Aug 195705 Dec 2004  See More
STRATTONCecil E "Cebo"24 Feb 193223 Jul 1974  See More
STRATTONCecil L.21 Nov 190310 Dec 1976  See More
STRATTONDavid Edward07 Jul 195808 Jul 1958  See More
STRATTONDollie J.26 Sep 190411 May 2000  See More
STRATTONDuard B.02 Feb 192514 Oct 1995  See More
STRATTONEllen Josephine25 Nov 190401 Oct 1989  See More
STRATTONGeorge Congrace15 May 190127 Apr 1988  See More
STRATTONGuy27 Nov 189124 Jan 1957  See More
STRATTONImogene "Frosty"19 Mar 1938   See More
SWAGERTYSteven M.15 Nov 195701 Apr 2005  See More
SWITZERAlta Lee24 Jan 192514 Feb 1925Back Section See More
TAYLORBilly Joe09 Jan 193602 May 2004Back Section See More
TAYLORCurtiss Adrain16 Apr 195921 Jul 1985Back Section See More
TAYLORLouise29 Dec 193803 May 1988Back Section See More
TAYLORMarion M.19021999  See More
TAYLORWendell S.18991987  See More
THOMASAmanda Marie Ballew "Cis"18 Jun 193303 May 1994  See More
THOMASRobert William13 Mar 194126 Sep 1978Back Section See More
THOMPSONRaymond19252005  See More
TIFFANYBilly  Back Section See More
TRIMBLEIona26 Jan 1924   See More
TRIMBLERoy C.27 Mar 190614 Jul 1991  See More
UHLBessie L.01 Oct 191701 Dec 2001  See More
UHLHoward Arthur08 Apr 190713 Sep 1987  See More
UNKNOWN   Back Section See More
UNKNOWN   Back Section See More
UNKNOWN   Back Section See More
UNKNOWN   Back Section See More
UTLEYArtie M. Smith28 Jan 190924 May 1987  See More
VAN HORNJohn M.07 May 191804 Jan 1985  See More
VAN HORNPatricia A.13 Oct 194024 Oct 1991  See More
VAN HORNVirginia L.10 Oct 191717 Apr 1987  See More
VANNEllen 1920Back Section See More
VANNInfant  Back Section See More
VARCOELawrence R.19191983  See More
VINEYARDJanice Nora25 Aug 193628 Feb 2004  See More
VOREF. Huttton03 Jan 189219 Mar 1965  See More
VOREIva L.26 Jan 190501 Nov 1995  See More
WARDJerry Edmunde21 Dec 193518 Apr 1994  See More
WATKINSFerby (Fish)18421915  See More
WATKINSGeorge W.188111 May 1939  See More
WATKINSHartzel Austin13 Apr 191112 Sep 1922  See More
WATKINSMinnie Mae15 Nov 188724 Jun 1922  See More
WATTSElsie J.13 Sep 191315 Aug 1917Back Section See More
WAYMIRERalph29 Aug 192212 Sep 1997  See More
WHEELERDonna Jean28 May 192701 Jun 2002  See More
WHEELERE. Lynn11 Nov 1924   See More
WILLIAMSEarl M.16 Dec 1928   See More
WILLIAMSLola Lea08 Oct 192124 May 2003  See More
WILLISNellie M.15 Mar 190714 Jan 1993Back Section See More
WILSONPaulette Sue26 Sep 194208 Nov 2012  See More
WOODDonald L.12 Jan 1919   See More
WOODLucille E.02 Dec 1921   See More
WRIGHTChester Jr.27 Apr 192705 Nov 1990Back Section See More
WRIGHTDolly Jean21 Dec 1929 Back Section See More
WRIGHTH. H.14 Dec 182322 Oct 1912  See More
WYATTHarriett19121983  See More
WYATTLuther19092002  See More
YOUNGEve  Back Section See More
YOUNGWalter Alter13 Jan 192501 Jan 1984Back Section See More

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