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Fort Cobb/Oak Grove Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

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T Surnames

Row 15.2TAGGARTDora Bell [Bradley]19/Nov/191916/Feb/1990"Married Aug 12, 1943"
SS/W Elton H. Taggart
Row 15.2TAGGARTElton H.04/Feb/192414/Aug/1995"Married Aug 12, 1943"
SS/W Dora B. Taggart
Row 39
TAGGARTKathrin [Duerksen]06/Jan/1900
SS/W & W/O Luther Lee Taggart, D/O Cornelius Frantz & Elisabeth [Isaac] Duerksen
Row 39
TAGGARTLuther Lee18981965 "Daddy"
SS/W & H/O Katherin [Duerksen] Taggart
Row 16.26TAITSharon [Guy]21/Oct/194605/Apr/1996 
Row 33
TALLENTMark McClure188715/Jun/1952SS/W & H/O Oma Myrtle [Underwood] Tallent, S/O William R. & Mellisa Emmeline [Bagley] Tallent
Row 33
TALLENTOma Myrtle [Underwood]21/Aug/1897--/May/1981SS/W & W/O Mark McClure Tallent
Row __TATEDarrell23/May/1941 07/Feb/2004Twin B/O Jerrell Lee Tate
Unmarked grave
Row __TATEGeorge Alfred27/Mar/193108/Apr/1931Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __TATEJerral Lee23/May/1941 07/Feb/2004Twin B/O Darrell Tate
Unmarked grave
Row __TATEInfant05/Feb/194005/Feb/1940Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __TATELeonard02/May/1918 04/May/1936Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __TATELoyd L.12/Aug/190505/Aug/1980"In God's Hands"
SS/W & H/O Minnie V. [Cash] Tate
See photo
Row __TATE Minnie V. [Cash]14/Nov/190812/May/2000"In God's Hands"
SS/W & W/O Loyd L. Tate
See photo
Row 19.15TAYLORBessie A.12/Jan/192513/Feb/1925"Gone so soon"
Row 19.17TAYLORCharley Henry29/Jul/1885
Braden OK
Porterville CA
  "Oklahoma, PFC, Co. B, 6 Regt. Inf., WWI" "Married 7 Aug 1913 Parents of: Audrey ~ Alta ~ Bessie ~ Arley ~ Harold ~ Ruth"
SS/W & H/O Iva Ethel Taylor
See obit
Row __TAYLORGreta D.16/Sep/1965 29/Jan/1996"Mother of Olyvea & Jonathan" "In God's Care"
Row 19.17TAYLORIva Ethel15/Aug/189717/Jan/1961"Married 7 Aug 1913" "Parents of: Audrey ~ Alta ~ Bessie ~ Arley ~ Harold ~ Ruth"
SS/W & W/O Charley Henry Taylor
Row 19.16TAYLORLeola Ruth01/Aug/193031/Dec/1934"In memory of a tiny Angel"
Row __TAYLORLillian May19/Jun/191721/Sep/2001Unmarked grave
Row 31
TAYLORNetlie [Keyes]18901971"Mother"
See photo
Row __TEETERKenneth H.23/May/192625/Oct/1992"Married Jan 12, 1946"
SS/W & H/O Lauretta Teeter
Row __TEETERLauretta11/Sep/1927  "Married Jan 12, 1946"
SS/W & W/O Kenneth H. Teeter
Row __TEFFERThomas Lee11/Apr/1945
Bartlesville OK
OK City OK
 US Navy ~ Vietnam
S/O Thomas James & Evelyn Faye [Ford] Teffer, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __TERRYMaude L. [Pickett]13/Oct/188826/Nov/1971W/O [1] Jasper A. Sprowl [2] Oscar L. Terry
Row __TERRYOscar L. Jr19/Feb/1922 27/Nov/1951"Oklahoma Pvt 120 OM Regt 45 Inf Division ~ World War II"
S/O Oscar L. Sr & Maude L. [Pickett] Terry
Row __TERRYOscar L Sr06/Nov/1878 06/Apr/1950H/O Maude L. [Pickett] Terry
Row __TEURMANDavid S.1837
Anadarko OK
H/O Mary Catherine [Hollingsworth] Searles, M 14/Dec/1857 Linn CO KS, S/O Ignatius & Amelia Polly [Hatten] Teurman, massacred at the Wichita Indian Agency on 23/Oct/1862
Unmarked grave
Row 10.28THACKERLouise [Sizemore]18/Mar/1867
Breathitt CO KY
Fort Cobb OK
"Mother" "The Lord is my Shepherd"
W/O John Thacker, M 1886 KY, D/O Hiram & Mary Ann [Keen] Sizemore
Row 10.29THACKERNancy J. [Fletcher]17/Jun/189819--SS/W & W/O William M. Thacker
Row 10.29THACKERWilliam M.10/Jan/1892
Muleshoe TX
SS/W & H/O Nancy J. Thacker
Row 28.28THAMESI. L. "Cotton"27/Jan/190029/Jun/1988 "Veteran of WW I"
Row 28.27THAMESMyrtle O.18/Jul/189604/Dec/1984"Mother"
Row 41
THOMASCatherine [Sturm]1882--/Jul/1958SS/W & W/O Jefferson D. Thomas, M 26/Mar/1899 El Reno OK
See obit
Row __THOMASDorothy Irene [Creel]21/Nov/1915
Cullman CO AL
W/O Unknown Thomas, D/O Matthew Anderson & Mary E. [Nigg] Creel
Row __THOMASGeorge Edward "Sam"14/Nov/192926/Jan/1983 "Pfc US Marine Corps" "Played a role in the movie "Sands of Iwo Jima" with actor John Wayne"
H/O Priscella Dean [Dees] Thomas, S/O William Douglas & Grace Thomas
Row 29.24THOMASGrace11/Jan/190231/May/1965"Mama"
SS/W & W/O William Douglas Thomas
Row __THOMASJames Jefferson "JJ"25/Feb/192822/Nov/1983 "Pfc US Army ~ World War II"
S/O William Douglas & Grace Thomas
Row 41
THOMASJefferson D. "J. D."14/Dec/187209/Feb/1935
SS/W & H/O Catherine [Sturm] Thomas
See obit
Row 41
THOMASJohnny R.19031904See photo
Row 40
THOMASMary Elizabeth "Eliza" [Blundell]05/Dec/1882
Fort Cobb OK
W/O James Albert Thomas, two markers
Row __THOMASMildred Irine [Lee]16/Dec/1934
Eakly OK
Fort Cobb OK

"Together Forever" "Married Dec 21, 1950"
W/O Bill Thomas, M Cordell OK, D/O D. A. & Mae [Davis] Lee, artist, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 41
THOMASOklahoma Belle16/Nov/190701/Sep/1909D/O James Jefferson & Catherine [Sturm] Thomas
Row __THOMASPatsy Lee15/Feb/194601/Apr/1947"Our Darling At Rest" "Dau of Jess & Bessie Thomas"
Row __THOMASPriscella Dean [Dees]20/Sep/1934
Swan Lake OK
Norman OK

"Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother"
W/O George Edward "Sam" Thomas, M 26/Dec/1952, D/O Joseph Wheeler & Mary Bell [Johnson] Dees, beautician
See obit
Row 29.26THOMASRichard Dean "Dickie"27/Nov/193928/Nov/1961 
Row __THOMASThomas Jefferson "Ted"09/Aug/191205/Sep/1989H/O Virginia N. [McPherson] Thomas
Row __THOMASVirginia N. "Virgie" [McPherson] 23/Aug/191728/Apr/1978W/O Thomas Jefferson "Ted" Thomas
Row __THOMASWilliam Charley "Billy"06/Jan/192629/Dec/2006"Together Forever" "Married Dec 21, 1950"
SS/W & H/O Mildred Irine [Lee] Thomas, S/O William Douglas & Grace Thomas
Row 29.24THOMASWilliam Douglas12/Aug/190525/Sep/1949"Daddy"
SS/W & H/O Grace Thomas
Row 32
THOMASWilliam Houston Jr30/May/1948
Chickasha OK
Boston MA
S/O William Houston Sr. & Mary Elizabeth [Christfaro] Thomas
Unmarked grave
Row 30.05THOMPSONArleva L. [Cossey]03/Jun/187407/Feb/1955W/O Isaac "Cornett" Thompson, D/O John Leonard & Lucinda J. [Aday] Cossey
Row 30.04THOMPSONIsaac "Cornett"02/May/1874
Searcy CO AR
Caddo CO OK
H/O Arleva L. [Cossey] Thompson
Row 18.9THORNHILLCora Nelia [Fisher]18981985"Married Mar 29, 1918"
W/O [1] SS/W John Thomas Thornhill [2] Andrew Monroe Crow, D/O Creerk Taylor & Sarah J. [Divine] Fisher
See photo
Row 18.8THORNHILLDorothy19241924D/O John Thomas & Cora Nelia [Fisher] Thornhill
See photo
Row 18.7THORNHILLJimmie19301931S/O John Thomas & Cora Nelia [Fisher] Thornhill
See photo
Row 18.9THORNHILLJohn Thomas18951933"Married Mar 29, 1918"
SS/W & 1st H/O Cora Nelia [Fisher] Thornhill, S/O James H. Thornhill & Basa Jane [Davis] Thornhill Bledsoe
See photo
Row __THRELKELDAlvin Richard23/Aug/1903
Broken Arrow OK
Anadarko OK
SS/W & H/O Violet [Hunes] Threlkeld, S/O Charles Henry & Nora Elizabeth [Laswell] Threlkeld
Row 23.30THRELKELDCharles Henry08/May/1877
Joplin MO
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & H/O Nora Elizabeth [Laswell] Threlkeld, M 28/Nov/1899 Crawford CO AR, S/O Richard & Margaret "Lizzie" [Kissire] Threlkeld
See obit
Row 23.28THRELKELDElizabeth R.24/Dec/194225/Mar/1943 
Row 23.29THRELKELDJames Vernon20/Aug/194404/Apr/1991 "US Air Force, Vietnam"
Unmarked grave
Row 23.30THRELKELDNora Elizabeth [Laswell]05/Aug/1882
Crawford CO AR
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O Charles Henry Threlkeld, M 28/Nov/1899 Crawford CO AR, D/O James T. & Martha Francis [Kimbler] Laswell, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Fort Cobb Pioneer
See obit
Row 23.39THRELKELDAlvin Richard19031961SS/W & H/O Violet Threlkeld
Row 23.37THRELKELDRose Lee19391984 
Row 23.39THRELKELDViolet [Hines]02/Oct/192221/Nov/1950SS/W & W/O Alvin Richard Threlkeld
Row __THRELKELLJames Vernon20/Aug/194404/Apr/1991 "US Air Force ~ Vietnam"
Row __TIBBSInfant28/Nov/193029/Nov/1930I/O Luther & Unknown Tibbs, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 14.9TILLEYAddie [Anderson]22/Nov/189027/Dec/1973SS/W & W/O Hiram Tilley, M 12/Sep/1909 Caddo CO OK
Row __TILLEYDarwin L.07/Oct/1968 07/Oct/1968S/O Donald Lee & Fernie O. [Landers] Tilley
Row 34
TILLEYDonald Lee23/Sep/1927
Fort Cobb OK
Alex OK
"Wed June 27, 1949" "A jewel on earth, an angel in heaven" "Parents of Betty, Glenda,Gloria, Doyle, Delbert, Dean, Doug, Darwin"
H/O [1] SS/W Fernie O. [Landers] Tilley [2] Jackelyn Leilani Hunt, M 10/Sep/1999 Wichita Falls TX, S/O Israel Snead & Lottie Lee [Sadler] Tilley, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ fort Cobb OK
See obit & photo
Row 14.11TILLEYElizabeth [Snead]09/Jun/1847
Tyler CO TX
Caddo CO OK
"She was the sunshine of our home"
SS/W & GM/O Raymond Abner Tilley, W/O Gipson Erasmus Tilley
Row 34
TILLEYFemie O. [Landers]14/May/193329/Jan/1984"Wed June 27, 1949" "A jewel on earth, an angel in heaven" "Parents of Betty, Glenda,Gloria, Doyle, Delbert, Dean, Doug, Darwin"
SS/W & W/O Donald Lee Tilley
See photo
Row 14.9TILLEYHiram19/May/188621/May/1919SS/W & H/O Addie [Anderson] Tilley, S/O Gipson Erasmus & Elizabeth [Snead] Tilley
Row 14.10TILLEYInfant dau.23/May/191823//May/1918"Daughter of Mr & Mrs I. S. Tilley"
D/O Israel Snead & Lottie Lee [Sadler] Tilley
Row 34
TILLEYIsrael Snead 22/Sep/1889
Devine TX
16/Dec/1953"Married April 6, 1913" "Children" Raomond, Orville, I. S. Jr "Jack" & Twin "Sister", Howard, Dorothy, Joyce, Donald, Clovernel V. "Nel", Wilma J. "Jo", John
SS/W & H/O Lottie Lee [Sadler] Tilley, S/O Gipson Erasmus & Elizabeth [Snead] Tilley
Row 34
TILLEYLottie Lee [Sadler]25/Jan/189710/Dec/1953"Married April 6, 1913" "Children" Raomond, Orville, I. S. Jr "Jack" & Twin "Sister", Howard, Dorothy, Joyce, Donald, Clovernel V. "Nel", Wilma J. "Jo", John
SS/W & W/O Israel Snead Tilley
Row 16.28TILLEYMaudie L.19131995"Married 3 Oct 1931"
SS/W & H/O Neal C. Tilley
Row 16.28TILLEYNeal C.19101998"Married 3 Oct 1931"
SS/W & H/O Maudie L. Tilley, S/O Hiram & Addie [Anderson] Tilley
Row 14.11TILLEYRaymond Abner19/Feb/191401/Mar/1916SS/W & GS/O Elizabeth [Snead] Tilley, S/O Israel Snead & Lottie Lee [Sadler] Tilley
Row __TILLEYRichard Leon30/Jul/1932
Apache OK
Chickasha OK
 US Army ~ 1953-1955
H/O Naomi [Shuffield] Tiley, M 02/Feb/1961 Wellington TX, S/O Neal C. & Maudie L. [Aldridge] Tilley
Unmarked grave
Row __TINGLEYTiny Dean17/Jul/1937 18/Jul/1937Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __TODDJulian James200619/Dec/2006
S/O Jessie Todd & Kristen Avery, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 5.37TRAMELCarroll Savage "C. S.<"/td>16/May/185710/Nov/1926"Father"
SS/W & H/O Sarah Frances [Orange] Tramel
Row 22.32TRAMELEdna Rae [Jackson]16/Apr/190216/Feb/1940"Mother"
1st W/O James Carroll Tramel, D/O John Newton & Edna Angeline [Grady] Jackson
Row __TRAMELFannie Lou [Hudler]17/Oct/190521/Jun/2003"Mother"
2nd W/O James Carroll Tramel
Row 22.33TRAMELJames Carroll11/Jan/1899
Hobart OK
H/O [1] Edna Rae [Jackson] Tramel, M 23/Jun/1917 [2] Fannie Lou [Hudler] Tramel, M 29/Sep/1941, S/O Carroll Savage "C. S." & & Sarah Frances [Orange] Tramel
Row 5.37TRAMELSarah Frances "S. F." [Orange]22/Dec/186218/Apr/1947"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Carroll Savage "C. S." Tramel
Row __TRAMELVirgil Eliga14/Jul/1922
Fort Cobb OK
19/Apr/1989S/O James Carroll & Edna Rae [Jackson] Tramel
Unmarked grave
Row 6.23TRAVISJames Monroe20/Mar/1819
Rutherford CO TN
Fort Cobb OK
 "A Veteran of the Civil War"
H/O Catherine Francis Travis
Row 27.33TRAVISMilford Pascel "M. P."18791955Unmarked grave
Row __TREADWAYEarldean30/Aug/193125/Jan/1933Unmarked grave
Row 22.44TROUBClarence Emmett "Bud"28/Dec/191423/Nov/2004SS/W Fred T. Troub
Row 22.44TROUBFred T.19081998SS/W Clarence Troub
Row 34
TRUITTEarlene [Bradley]23/Jan/1928 Unmarked grave
Row 34
TRUITTJoe Bob21/Sep/192722/Jan/2001 Tec US Army ~ World War II
Unmarked grave
Row 24.38TRUITTTheresa Marie [Harvey]20/Jun/1928
Denison TX
Norman OK
burial/03 Jun
W/O Unknown Pruitt, M/O Jennie [Truitt] Queen, Kathy, Susie & Linda Truitt, Rev Ralph E. & Mary Etta [Wilson] Harvey, Primrose Funeral Home ~ Norman OK
Row 50.06TRULLArlo07/Apr/191516/Apt/1996SS/W & H/O Eva Mae [Davis] Trull, S/O Witt L. & Laura Elizabeth [Mease] Trull
See photo
Row 34
TRULLDonna Kay19471966"Our Darling"
See photo
Row 41, 60.02TRULLE. W. "Buck"1911 1984"In God's Care"
SS/W Margaret E. Trull, S/O Witt L. & Laura Elizabeth [Mease] Trull
See photo
Row __TRULLEldon Hugh25/Oct/1935
Caddo CO OK
Lewisville TX
H/O Unknown Trull, S/O Weldon E. & Elmaud [Marquis] Trull
Unmarked grave
Row 11.27TRULLElmaud [Marquis]14/Jun/191229/Aug/1936"In loving memory of"
SS/W Harold G. Trull, W/O Weldon E. Trull
See photo
Row __TRULLEva Mae [Davis]01/Feb/1917
Fort Cobb OK
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O Arlo Trull, M 1942 Chickasha OK, D/O John M. & Bertha C. [Stockton] Davis, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See photo
Row 11.27TRULLHarold G.08/Jul/193301/May/1936"In loving memory of"
SS/W Elmaud Trull
See photo
Row 34
TRULLJake Arnett18/Jul/1900
Canton NC
Fort Cobb OK
 Oklahoma Pvt 26 Base HQ & AB SQ AAF ~ World War II
S/O Witt L. & Laura Elizabeth [Mease] Trull
See obit & photo
Row 36
TRULLJewell L.19112005See photo
Row 34
TRULLL. W.18731958Unmarked grave
Row 34
TRULLLaura Elizabeth [Mease]18771962W/O Witt L. Trull, M 22/Oct/1907 Waynesville NC
See obit & photo
Row 41
TRULLMargaret E.19222002"In God's Care"
SS/W E. W. "Buck" Trull
See photo
Row 36
TRULLWeldon19041967H/O Elmaud [Marquis] Trull, S/O Witt L. & Laura Elizabeth [Mease] Trull
See photo
Row 34
TRULLWillard S. "Bill"13/Mar/1907--/Sep/1976"Pvt US Army ~ World War II"
S/O Witt L. & Laura Elizabeth [Mease] Trull
See photo
Row 34TRULLWitt L.187314/Dec/1958H/ O Laura Elizabeth [Mease] Trull, S/O Branch Hamilton & Miriam M. [Killian] Trull
See photo
Row __TSOODLEAlta Dorene14/Dec/193112/Feb/2017
D/O Duke Hawley & Martha B. [Bitseedy] Tsoodle, Comanche Nation Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __TSOODLEDuke Hawley16/Apr/1903
Carnegie OK
Carnegie OK
H/O Martha B. [Bitseedy] Tsoodle, S/O Henry & Kau-Tone-Pah-Hoodle Tsoodle
Unmarked grave
Row __TSOODLEMartha B. [Bitseedy]19111978W/O Duke Hawley Tsoodle
Unmarked grave
Row 8.2TUCKERAda Lou11/Mar/190202/Feb/1980SS/W William Argle Tucker
Row 8.1TUCKERLavonta29/Aug/193510/Nov/1938"Our Daughter"
Row 8.3TUCKERTommy10/Feb/192319/Jul/1928"Our Son"
Row 8.2TUCKERWilliam Argle14/Jul/190125/May/1986SS/W Ada Lou Tucker
Row 11.10TUMLINSONJoseph E.05/Jun/187222/Jan/1923
H/O Myrtle [Allison] Tumlinson
Row __TURNERAmity [Cooper]07/Jan/197607/Aug/1997"Loving Mother"
Row __TURNERClarence W.21/Jul/191006/Sep/1996"Married July 20, 1934"
SSW & H/O Inez "Elizabeth" [Dotson] Turner
Row __TURNERDanella June [Baker]21/Nov/195215/Sep/1993"Mother" "Mother of Chrissy & Brandon"
Row 38
TURNERElsie I. [Beckham]27/Jun/1907
Roosevelt OK
27/Feb/1978"At Rest"
SS/W & W/O Oliver Nathaniel Turner
Row 38
Row __TURNERInez "Elizabeth" [Dotson]10/Jun/1916
Spartan TN
Carnegie OK;
"Married July 20, 1934"
SSW & W/O Clarence W. Turner, M Fort Sumner NM, Fort Cobb-Hackney Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 40
TURNERJames N.19101988SS/W Millie W. Turner
Row 40
TURNERMaxine19181985Unmarked grave
Row 38
TURNERMillie W.01/Mar/188902/Sep/1973SS/W James N. Turner
Row 38
TURNEROliver Nathaniel19051993SS/W & H/O Elsie I. [Beckham] Turner, S/O James Nathaniel & Millie [Wilburn] Turner
Row 38
TURNEROrgel Oliver19/Aug/192912/Dec/1957 "Oklahoma YNSN US Navy ~ Korea" "For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son . . . John 3:16" "Beloved Father Linda & David"
SS/W & 1st H/O Violet Irene [Anderson] Turner Ferree
Row __TURNERRalph E.30/Jan/1930 23/Jan/1995Unmarked grave
Row 38
TURNERViolet Irene [Anderson]12/Apr/193224/May/2002"For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son . . . John 3:16" "Loving Mother Linda, David, Danny & Darron"
W/O [1] SS/W Orgel Oliver Turner [2] Unknown Ferree
Row __TURNEYBertha [Staggs]1886
27/Oct/1904W/O Daniel Turner, M 05/Dec/1903 Caddo OKUnmarked grave
Row __TURNEYCaddo Marvin "C. M." "Cad" 06/Jul/1907
Caddo CO OK
Caddo CO OK
"Married Dec 23, 1936"
H/O [1] SS/W Eva Lena [Pack] Turney [2] Verna Opal [Avery] Turney Smith, S/O James Andrew & Minnie Josephine [Foreman] Turney
Row 29.31TURNEYDaniel "Dan"11/Jun/1871
Cherokee CO KS
Caddo CO OK
H/O Jane [Grillis] Turney, M 27/Apr/1895 Cherokee CO KS, S/O Daniel & Sara Jane [Roberts] Turney
Row __TURNEYEva Lena [Pack]13/Jul/1916
Dabney AR
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & 1st W/O Caddo Marvin "C. M." "Cad" Turney, D/O Luther Lafayette & Mary Ann [Blaney] Pack
Row __TURNEYHomer23/Feb/1943
Fort Cobb OK
Carnegie OK
  "US Air Force & US Navy"
S/O Jesse Malcum & Nora Adeline [Shuffield] Turney, Ray & Martha's Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
Unmarked grave
Row 8.16TURNEYJames Andrew "Jim"31/May/1869
Cherokee CO KS
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & H/O Minnie Josephine "Josie"[Foreman] Turney, S/O Daniel & Sara Jane [Roberts] Turney
Row __TURNEYJerry Lee21/Feb/1938 23/Sep/2001"SP3 US Army"
S/O Caddo Marvin "C. M." "Cad" & Eva Lena [Pack] Turney
Row __TURNEYJesse Malcum "Det"05/May/191026/Jun/1988"Married Dec 5, 1928"
SS/W & H/O Nora Adeline [Suffield] Turney, S/O James Andrew & Minnie Josephine "Josie" [Foreman] Turney
Row 8.18TURNEYJohn A.05/Dec/1904
Caddo CO OK
Caddo CO OK
"Son of J. A. & Josie Turney" "Gone but not forgotten"
S/O James Andrew "Jim" & Minnie Josephine "Josie"[Foreman] Turney
Row __TURNEYL. Ray10/Apr/193422/Aug/1994"Loving Dad of Diana & Larry"
H/O Unknown Turney
Row __TURNEYMae19091994 SS/W & W/O William Henry Turney
Row 8.16TURNEYMinnie Josephine "Josie"[Foreman] 1871
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O James Andrew "Jim" Turney, D/O Jeremiah & Mary [Smart] Turney
Row __TURNEYNora Adeline [Suffield]16/Apr/191205/Nov/1990"Married Dec 5, 1928"
SS/W & W/O Jesse Malcum "Det" Turney
Row __TURNEYPauline [Holdge]25/Jul/193127/May/1996
Fort Cobb OK
"One Day at a Time" "Mother of Everett, Patty, Doretha"
64 Yrs, Former 1st W/O Ralph Everett Turney, Div, D/O Teddy Lee & Ida Branam Holdge
Row __TURNEYRalph Everett30/Jan/1930
Blue Eye MO
"Love Lives On"
H/O [1] Pauline [Holdge] Turney [1] SS/W Betty [Newton] Turney, S/O Earl Daniel & Nettie Jane [Mills] Turney
Row __TURNEYRobert Merl09/Feb/194221/Jan/1985S/O Caddo Marvin "C. M." "Cad" & Eva Lena [Pack] Turney
Row 25.24TURNEYVacie Violet28/Feb/192618/Jun/1989"Mother of: James Roney McLane ~ William K. Harris Jr"
W/O [1] Unknown McLane [2] Unknown Harris, D/O Earl Daniel & Nettie Jane [Mills] Turney
Row __TURNEYWilliam Henry04/Jan/1901
Caddo CO OK
SS/W & H/O Mae Turney, S/O James Andrew & Minnie Josephine "Josie" [Foreman] Turney
Row 2.23TUSINGERDaniel Lee "Denzil"15/Mar/1901
Spurgeon MO
OK City OK
"Age 36 yrs, 5 mos, 8 days"
S/O Isaac & Jessie Lee Guyami [Pooler] Tusinger
Row 2.21TUSINGERIsaac03/Mar/184923/Nov/1919SS/W & H/O Jessie Lee Guyami [Pooler] Tusinger
Row 2.21TUSINGERJessie Lee Guyami [Pooler]14/May/1883
SS/W & W/OIsaac Tusinger
Row 2.24TUSINGERJoseph Marchand19/Aug/1903
Spurgeon MO
OK City OK
S/O Isaac & Jessie Lee Guyami [Pooler] Tusinger/td>

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