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Fort Cobb/Oak Grove Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

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O Surnames

 O'NEALVirginia Washington [Bass]185806/Jan/1912Dau of Algenon Jordan & Josephine Bass
Wife of Unknown O'Neal
Mother of Jasper Newton O'Neal & Fannie [O'Neal] Lemmon
Unmarked grave
Row __ODUMDeborah18591999Unmarked Grave
Row __ODUMLuther James13/Mar/1929
Fort Cobb OK
Lawton OK
"Our Dad with Christ" "Gone Fishin"
Son of Otis James Sr & Mary [Bowden] Odum
Former Husb of Almittie [Johnson] Odum
Marr 19/Jun/1948 Anadarko OK
Single Marker
Row __OEKERMANGlenn Albert10/May/191709/Jun/1993  "M Sgt US Army Air Corps ~ World War II" "Married Nov 21, 1947"
Son of Fred & Ethel Mary [Collier] Oekerman
SS/W & Husb of Loreen "Sis" [Edge] Oekerman
Two Markers
Row __OEKERMANLoreen "Sis" [Edge]22/Jan/1922
Roosevelt OK
Madill OK
"Married Nov 21, 1947" "Beloved Mother & Grandmother"Dau of Robert Lee & Mary Levina [Murphey] Edge
SS/W & Wife of Glenn Albert Oekerman
Two Markers
Row __OLEESJames David20/Jul/194021/Jul/1941Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 38
OPITZNina19151996W/O Walter Poitz
Unmarked grave
Row 38
OPITZPaul W.18891965H/O Paulina {Lina} [Lebelt] Opitz
Unmarked grave
Row 38
OPITZPaulina "Lina" [Lebelt]01/Jun/1892
Wehrsdorf Germany
W/O Paul W. Opitz
Unmarked grave
Row 38
OPITZWalter Sr08/Oct/1913
Binger OK
Carnegie OK
H/O Nina [Scott] Opitz, S/O Paul W. & Paulina "Lina" [Lebelt] Opitz
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 33
ORRELLAlbert Alonzo05 Apr 1880
Carroll CO AR
22 Oct 1951
Fort Cobb OK
"Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 35 ~ 40"
SS/W & H/O Mary Ellen [Potts] Orrell, M 11/Sept/1899 Muskogee OK, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row __ORRELLAzilene [Martin]21/Mar/1912
Carnegie OK
"Mother" "In God's Care"
SS/W & W/O Ralph E. Orrell, D/O Isaac W. & Jennie [Powell] Martin
Row 7.23ORRELLBenjamin Franklin22/Dec/1850
Green Forest AR
Caddo CO OK
SS/W & H/O Nancy Emmaline [Maples] Orrell, S/O Alpha Lee & Susan Caroline [Dunlap] Orrell
See obit & photo
Row __ORRELLBilly Gene30/Jan/1937
Fort Cobb OK
Chickasha OK
H/O [1] Phyllis [Phillips] Orrell, M 1955 [2] Katherine Holdge [Niece] Orrell, M 14/Jun/1980, S/O Leslie Lee & Dora Mahala [Wilson] Orrell, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 16.27ORRELLBilly Keith11/Sep/1956
Caddo CO OK
Caddo CO OK
S/O Billy Gene & Phyllis [Phillips] Orrell
Row __ORRELLBrett Ashley02/Aug/1966
Anadarko OK
Lawton OK
"Son of Alan & Jenelle Orrell"
Row 12.33ORRELLClare Mildred04/Apr/1915 "Married 27 Jan 1938 ~ Parents of: Rodney Dale ~ Walter Wayne ~ Laquita Gay ~ Rita Ann"
SS/W & W/O Roscoe Dale Orrell
Row 21.37ORRELLCleo C.27/Jul/192011/Dec/1991"Married 9 Mar 1938" "Parents of: Gary Don ~ Jackie Van"
SS/W & H/O Trecia M. Orrell
Row __ORRELLDollie Marie [Clift]30/Jun/1916;07/Apr/1990W/O Orus Ray Orrell, D/O George Robert & Ellen Gertrude [Lewis] Clift
Row __ORRELLDora Mahala [Wilson]04/Feb/1916
Caddo CO OK
W/O Leslie Lee Orrell
Unmarked grave
Row 35
ORRELLErtie C.19021956SS/W & H/O Zelma Lillian [Cheek] Orrell
Row __ORRELLFreda Darlene [Kiefer]05/Feb/193815/Oct/1988
"Married August 3, 1956"
SS/W & W/O Freddie Joe Orrell, D/O Cecil McDowell & Doris [Britton] Kiefer
Unmarked grave
Row __ORRELLFreddie Joe22/Sep/1936
Fort Cobb OK
Anadarko OK
H/O Freda Darlene [Kiefer] Orrell, M 05/Aug/1956 Apache, S/O Orus Ray & Dollie Marie [Cliff] Orrell
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __ORRELLJackie Van21/Mar/1950
Chickasha OK
Fort Cobb OK

S/O Cleo & Trecia [Courtney] Orrell, Vocational Agriculture teacher, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row 40
ORRELLJohnnie W.22/Apr/189414/Aug/1989 
Row 33
ORRELLMary Ellen [Potts]12/Mar/188112/Nov/1961"Matthew Chapter 25 Verses 35 ~ 40"
SS/W & W/O Albert Alonzo Orrell
Row 7.23ORRELLNancy Emaline [Maples]18531921"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Benjamin F. Orrell, D/O Americus Bonaparte & Matilda Ann [Rose] Maples
Row __ORRELLOrus Ray06/Dec/191503/Jan/1985H/O Dollie Marie Orrell
Unmarked grave
Row __ORRELLRalph E.15/Mar/190707/Jan/1984"Daddy" "In God's Care""
SS/W & H/O Azilene [Martin] Orrell
Row 12.33ORRELLRoscoe Dale25/Dec/191526/Sep/1994"Married 27 Jan 1938" "Parents of: Rodney Dale ~ Walter Wayne ~ Laquita Gay ~ Rita Ann"
SS/W Clare Mildred Orrell
Row 33
ORRELLSeba F.09/Feb/190511/Dec/1986"Son and Brother"
S/O Albert Alonzo & Mary Ellen [Potts] Orrell
Row 40
ORRELLTilda May25/Feb/189514/Apr/1976Unmarked grave
Row 21.37ORRELLTrecia M.28/Jun/191902/Dec/1984"Married 9 Mar 1938" "Parents of: Gary Don ~ Jackie Van"
SS/W & W/O Cleo C. Orrell
Row 35
ORRELLZelma Lillian [Cheek]19051997SS/W & W/O Ertie C. Orrell, D/O Benjamin B. & Sephronia E. [Lowery] Cheek
Row 6.22OSBORNEdgar21/May/190804/Jun/1908"Son of E. M & L. L. Osborn"S/O Edward M. & Louise L.
Row 6.20OSBORNLouis[e] L.18/Jul/187719/Oct/1918"Wife of Edward M. Osborn"
Row 24.48OSBORNEJohn09/Oct/1893
Williamsburg KY
Anadarko OK

H/O Sallie [Thatcher] Osborne, M 1919 Pineville KY, worked for Rock Island Railroad, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row __OSBORNELawly02/Feb/192312/Sep/1996H/O Vonceil [Harness] Osborne, S/O John & Sallie [Thatcher] Osborne
Row 10.27OSBORNESallie [Thacker]04/Oct/190228/Jun/1984W/O John Osborne
Row __OSBORNEVonceil [Harness]19/Aug/192219/Sep/2000W/O Lawly Osborne
Row 13.28OSBURNFredrick Franklin22/Mar/189612/Oct/1918 "Son of I. U. & Pearlee Osburn" "Died at Camp Grant IL" "Entered service 25 Jul 1918 ~ Medical Corps"
Row 13.29OSBURNIsaac Ulyssis31/May/1871
Anadarko OK
SS/W & H/O Pearlie [Sisco] Osburn, S/O Gabriel & Hester Ann [Ruby] Osburn
See photo
Row 13.29OSBURNPearlee [Sisco]04/Oct/1877
Norwood MO
Anadarko OK
SS/W & W/O Isaac Ulyssis Osburn, D/O James Francis & Rachel Martha [Ellis] Sisco
See photo
Row 12.7OVERBEYRichard R "Dick"15/May/1886
Yates Center KS
Lawton OK
  "Buck Sgt MO National Guard ~ Spanish American War ~ World War I"
H/O [1] Lula May [Wise] Overby, M 19/Mar/1907 [2] SS/W Lena "Delsie" [Kinnaird] Overby, M 21/May/1932 Anadarko OK, S/O John Anderson & Sarepta Ann [Redford] Overby, harness maker, fought along with President Harry S. Truman, Pitcher Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
See obio & obit
Row 12.7OVERBEYLena Delsie [Kinnaird]02/Sep/189510/Jan/1987SS/W & 1st W/O Richard E. "Dick" Overby, D/O James D. & Nettie M. [Shive] Kinnaird
Row 11.12OWENEdna Ruth19/Feb/192117/Feb/1928"Daughter of Floyd and Lillie Owen"
D/O Floyd McDonre & Lillie [Fulmer] Owen
Row 11.13OWENFloyd McDonre29/Sep/189409/Jan/1969"Father"
H/O Lillie [Fulmer] Owen, S/O Frank Lafayette Calhoun & Mary [Duke] Owens
Row __OWENFrank Lafayette Calhoun "Cal"09/May/186222/Nov/1940H/O [1] Alice Jeanette [Alderson] Owen [2] Mary [Duke] Owen, SS/W & F/O Mary Augate "Maggie" Owen, S/O Thomas & Nancy [Weldon] Owen, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row __OWENJonita [Hagan]16/Dec/192924/Dec/2004W/O Unknown OwenD/O Era Hagan & Elsie Mae [Miller] Hagan Schults
Unmarked grave
Row 11.11OWENLillie [Fulmer]26/Jun/190121/Jun/1939"Mother"
W/O Floyd McDonre Owen
Row __OWENMary Augate "Maggie" [Duke]1887
Union CO AR
24/Dec/1935SS/W & D/O Frank Lafayette Calhoun "Cal" Owen, D/O Alice Jeanette [Alderson] Owen
Row __OWENMargaret Jean20/May/1932
Brittion OK
W/O Walter Owen, M 11/Nov/1951 Colony OK, D/O Fred & Mary [Dawson] Bauman, Fort Cobb-Hackney Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 11.14OWENRay V.26/Dec/192429/Sep/1955 "Oklahoma ARM2 US Navy ~ World War II"
F/O Michael Ray & Sharon Ann Owen, S/O Floyd & Unknown Owen, airplane crash
See obit
Row 21.5OWENSCleburn C.10/Dec/1911
Mena AR
Caddo CO OK
SS/W & S/O Walter L. & Della M. [Bales] Owens
See obit
Row 21.5OWENSDella M. [Bales]20/Nov/1888
Jones Co TX
Anadarko OK
"Mother" "Married 28 Dec 1910"
SS/W & W/O Walter L. Owens & Cleburn C. Owens, son, M Potter AR
See obit
Row 11.32OWENSLee A.15/Apr/187029/Apr/1917 
Post Master
Row __OWENSLillie26/Jun/190119/Jun/1939
W/O Floyd Owens, Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 21.5OWENSWalter L.18/Feb/1888
Polk CO AR
Carnegie OK
"Father" "Married 28 Dec 1910"
SS/W & H/O Della M. [Bales] Owens & Cleburn C. Owens, son
See obit
Row 34
OXENDINEReca Lynn [Hall]19461969See photo

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