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Fort Cobb/Oak Grove Cemetery
Caddo County, Oklahoma

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A Surnames

ROW 1.1ABBOTTJoseph H.18651956"Father"
ROW 5.18ABSHEREBaby02/Mar/191002/Mar/1910"Baby of Tom & Quinnie Abshere"
I/O Thomas W. & Quinnie [Pease] Abshere
Row __ABSHEREBernice19221924 
ROW 5.17ABSHEREFred W.15/Sep/190824/Oct/1908"Son of Tom & Quinnie Abshere"
ISO Thomas W. & Quinnie [Pease] Abshere
ROW 5.21ABSHERELoraine08/Jan/190509/May/1914Unmarked grave
ROW 5.22ABSHERELula Jane [Griffin]13/Nov/1877
Anadarko OK
SS/W & W/O William Granville Abshere
ROW 5.43ABSHEREMildred M.29/Jul/191415/Feb/1988SS/W Paul Abshere
ROW 5.43ABSHEREPaul29/Nov/191109/Dec/1991SS/W Mildred M. Abshere
ROW 5.19ABSHEREQuinnie [Pease]18841951"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Thomas W. Abshere
ROW 5.19ABSHEREThomas W.18781962"Father"
SS/W & H/O Quinnie Abshere, S/O Logan & Mary Ellen [Morrison] Abshere
ROW 5.22ABSHEREWilliam Granville31/Jan1872
Russell Springs KY
Anadarko OK
SS/W & H/O Lula Jane [Griffin] Abshere, M 01/Jan/1898 Moody TX, S/O Logan & Mary Ellen [Morrison] Abshere, Thompson Funeral Home ~ Newcastle OK
ROW 8.30ABSHIREBernice Marie19221924 
Row 18.27 ACKERMANAllison Andrew "Al"23/Feb/1917
Bristol CT
"Parents of Diann and Suzanne"
SS/W &H/O LaBerta [Day] Ackerman, M 16/Oct/1948 Tucumcari NM, S/O Albert & Minnie [Demming] Ackerman, Steverson Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Row __ACKERMANLaBerta [Day]02/Nov/1922
Harmon CO OK
"Parents of Diann and Suzanne"
SS/W & W/O Allison Andrew "Al" Ackerman, M 16/Oct/1948 Tucumcari NM, D/O James Albert & LaCree [Putnam] Day, teacher, Steverson Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Row __ADAMEMichael Allen Jr18/Jan/199227/Apr/1992"Our Little Punkin Man" "Son of Michael & Orvie [Brock] Adame"
Row 9.31ADAIRUrsula A.18761927 
Row 7.13ADAMSBessie Mae [Turney]05/May/1910
Caddo CO OK
W/O [1] Pete Wilkes [2] A. C. Adams, D/O James Andrew & Minnie Josephine [Foreman] Turney
Row 18.11ADAMSFlorence H.19/Mar/190831/May/1925"She was the sunshine of our home"
D/O William Sherman & Malinda [Mason] Adams
Row __ADAMSFrances Nancy [Hanna]18911960SS/W & W/O Jesse M. Adams
Row __ADAMSJesse M.18741968SS/W & H/O Frances Nancy [Hanna] Adams
Row 18.10ADAMSMalinda [Mason]08/Oct/1866
Salem IA
Neodesha KS
W/O William Sherman Adams, M 1887 IA, D/O William C. & Phebe Ann [Raines] Mason, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
See obit
Row __ADAMSRoy09/Dec/1919
Mead OK
OK City OK
S/O Jesse M. & Frances Nancy [Hanna] Adams
Unmarked grave
Row 18.10ADAMSWilliam Sherman6/Mar/1866
Lacon IL
Neodesha KS
H/O Malinda [Mason] Adams, S/O Thomas Quincy & Elizabeth [Holland] Adams, Loran Fawcett Funeral Home ~ Neodesha KS
Unmarked grave
Row __ADAMSWilma20/Dec/193120/Dec/1931Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 20.21AINSWORTHHazel Lula [Ashcraft]15/Aug/190616/Jun/1994"Our Loving Mother and Granny"
W/O Hulan Admiral Ainsworth, M 21/Aug/1922, M/O Hazel Irene, Hulan, Jr, Imogene, Dorothy Lorene, Willmina, Calvin Leon, Winifred Hulene, Irvin Admiral, DeElda Jolene & Iverna Janell, D/O Hume W. & Ida Mae [Chandler] Ashcraft
Row 20.21AINSWORTHHulan Admiral  H/O Hazel Lula [Ashcraft] Ainsworth, F/O Hazel Irene, Hulan, Jr, Imogene, Dorothy Lorene, Willmina, Calvin Leon, Winifred Hulene, Irvin Admiral, DeElda Jolene & Iverna Janell Ainsworth
Row __AKERSIrving Eugene12/Dec/1935
Shattuck OK;
Woodward OK
 US Army
H/O Lavina Ann [Turney] Akers, M 22/Aug/1966 Woodward OK, S/O Irving A. & Ava L. [Butler] Akers, Shaw Funeral Home ~ Vici OK
Unmarked grave
Row __AKERSLavina Ann [Turney]13/Nov/1943
Carnegie OK
Woodward OK
W/O Irving Eugene Akers, M 22/Aug/1966 Woodward OK, D/O Caddo Marvin & Eva Lena Turney, Shaw Funeral Home ~ Vici OK
Unmarked grave
Row __ALBERTKatie17/Jan/188828/Mar/1917Gish Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
Unmarked grave
Row 35
ALDRIDGEAlonzo Alexander "Alex"23/Jan/1909
Konawa OK
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & H/O Evelyn Leona [Brewster] Aldridge
Row 35
ALDRIGDEEvelyn Leona [Brewster]05/Feb/1910
Apache OK
Fort Cobb OK
SS/W & W/O Alonzo Alexander "Alex" Aldridge, D/O John Jared & Eva [Giles] Brewster
Row __ALEXANDERCory19941994Unmarked grave
Row __ALLENDelvy05/Oct/1859;24/Mar/1933Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row 23.2ALLENMaggie D.25/Feb/184706/Mar/1932 
Row __ALLENSon --/Dec/1902
S/O W. C. & Unknown Allen, tonsilitis
Unmarked grave
Row 5.32ALLISONAlice Rebecca [Rhea]1875
Phelps CO MO
Carnegie OK
SS/W & W/O Theodore S. Allison, M 08/Feb/1893
Caddo CO Pioneer
See obit
Row 5.34ALLISONH. C.27/Aug/192130/Aug/1921Homemade marker
Row 5.33ALLISONRay Jr--/Aug/1925--/Jun/19282 Yrs 9 Mos, S/O Ray & Unknown Allison
See obit
Row 5.32ALLISONTheodore S.28/Jun/1870
Lecoma MO
Carnegie OK
SS/W & H/O Alice Rebecca [Rhea] Allison, Pitcher Funeral Home ~ Carnegie OK
Caddo CO Pioneer
See obit
Row __ANDERSON/td>Billie Jean [Tsotaddle]23/Aug/1933
1991W/O Unknown Anderson, D/O Robert & Margaret [Daingkau] Tsotaddle
Row 30.07ANDERSONDella Adeline [Stone]11/Jul/188528/Aug/1963
Carnegie OK
"Married 40 Years"
SS/W & W/O Lee J. Anderson, M 17/Jul/1923 Lindsay OK
See obit
Row 32
ANDERSONJ. F.25/May/188201/Mar/1952Unmarked grave
Row 30.06ANDERSONLee J.18881973"Married 40 Years"
SS/W & H/O Della Adeline [Stone] Anderson
Row __ANDERSONRuth [Jones]26/Aug/1910
Saint Jo TX
Lawton OK
"John 3:16"
W/O Unknown Anderson, D/O Andrew & Sarah E. [Greenroyd] Jones, Becker Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Row __ANNOTOBBYCarmelita A. [Sumpter]07/Nov/193714/Aug/2001W/O Frank Annotobby
Row __ANNOTOBBYDavid Neal17/Nov/1964
OK City OK
OK City OK
S/O Frank & Carmelita A. [Sumpter] Annotobby, Fort Cobb FHM ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row __ANTHONYHerbert Henry20/Nov/1939
Caddo CO OK
Moore OK
H/O Lavern Anthony, M 57 Yrs, S/O Richard Lee & Etna Rachel [Hodge] Anthony
Unmarked grave
Row 20.1ANTHONYTerry Lynn06/Mar/1961
Anadarko OK
OK City OK
S/O Herbert Henry & Lavern Anthony
Unmarked grave
Row 14.29APPLEGATEEtta Lenora [Jones]1891
Towanda KS
Fort Cobb OK
"Wife of C. F. Applegate"
W/O Charles Franklin Applegate
Row 5.13APPLEGATEMargurette E.22/Oct/185002/Sep/1932"Mother" "His Wife" "Beloved ones farewell"
SS/W & W/O Samuel M. Applegate
Row 5.13APPLEGATESamuel M.24/Dec/185127/Jan/1903"Father" "Beloved ones farewell"
SS/W & H/O Margurette E. Applegate
Row 5.14APPLEGATEWilliam U.13/May/188021/Jan/1950 
Row __ARCHERArthur Lee03/Dec/193009/Sep/1931Unmarked grave
Row __ARCHERWilla Marie03/Dec/193009/Sep/1931Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __ARMSRoberta Ann [Brock]22/Jul/1948
Tecumseh OK
OK City OK
"Beloved Wife, Mom & Grandma"
W/O Robert Arms, M 06/Oct/1966 Sherman TX, D/O William Henry & Lavena Oretha [Pittman] Brock, Fort Cobb Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Row _ARNOLDAdele [Jarman]25/Aug/192005/Feb/2005W/O Roy Mack Arnold, D/O Joseph & Ada Lella [George] Jarman
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row __ARNOLDArtance Modena "Tance" [Poe]18/Feb/1919
Bridgeport TX
19/Feb/2006W/O Carl C. Arnold, M 17/Jul/1949, D/O James & Elizabeth Poe, Yanda & Sons Funeral Home ~ Yukon OK
Unmarked grave
Row __ARNOLDCarl C.10/Nov/191916/Feb/1984H/O Artance Modena "Tance" [Poe] Arnold
Unmarked grave
Row 28.37ARNOLDCharlie18801962 
Row __ARNOLDErnest M.07/Nov/1894
30/Oct/1977S/O George W. & Cora Ann [Emory] Arnold
Unmarked grave
Row __ARNOLDMartha E.08/Sep/185824/Feb/1940Harvey Funeral Home ~ Fort Cobb OK
Unmarked grave
Row __ARNOLDPearl D.30/Aug/1897;25/Aug/1983Unmarked grave
Row _ARNOLDRoy Mack11/Aug/1917
Dale OK
Claremore OK
 Military ~ World War II
H/O Adele [Jarman] Arnold, S/O Ernest M. & Pearl [Hutchison] Arnold, Seaman-Blanke Funeral Home ~ Chelsea, Oklahoma
Unmarked grave
See obit
Row 21.33ASHCRAFTDan L.30/Aug/190901/Apr/1988SS/W & H/O Verna E. Ashcraft, S/O Homer W. & Ida Mae [Chandler] Ashcraft
Row 21.33ASHCRAFTVerna Ellen14/Mar/1918
Woodward OK
Madill OK
SS/W Dan L. Ashcraft
Row 33
ASHLEYBrett02/Aug/196623/Aug/1966"Our Little Sweetheart" "Son of Alan & Jennelle Orrell"
Row 19.26ATKINSBerna Dean14/Dec/192815/Jun/1997"Married 23 Sep 1946 ~ Parents of: Herb ~ Gayle ~ Larry"
SS/W & W/O Glen L. Atkins
Row 19.26ATKINSGlen L.07/Jan/192320/Mar/1992"Married 23 Sep 1946 ~ Parents of: Herb ~ Gayle ~ Larry"
SS/W & H/O Berna Dean Atkins
Row __ATTOCKNIEKenneth Devere27/May/1952
Lawton OK
Fort Cobb OK
S/O Kay Attocknie & Justina Joyce Guy, Pow-wow singer, Comanche Tribe of OK
Cremains also at Cache Creek KCA Cemetery, Apache OK, Comanche Nation Funeral Home ~ Lawton OK
Row __AUNANE 185021/Jan/1944"Our Beloved Grandmother" "Age 94 Years"
Row 18.23AUSTINAldon Lee "Bud"05/Sep/1903
Hico TX
Chickasha OK
S/O Frank E. & Mattie L. Austin
See obit
Row 17.28AUSTINArval F.01/Mar/190213/Mar/1940 
Row 17.27AUSTINFrank E.18801969"Gone but not forgotten"SS/W & H/O Mattie L. Austin
Row 18.24AUSTINHazel Jean25/Jan/192913/Mar/1929 
Row 17.27AUSTINMattie L.18831964"Gone but not forgotten"SS/W & H/O Frank E. Austin
Row 17.29 AUSTINTiny W.19141928"Our Loved One" "Gone but not forgotten"
See photo
Row 23.43AUTAUBODave11/Aug/192125/May/1987 "US Navy ~ World War II" "God gives life to man, deaths part of life
SS/W Evelyn Autaubo
Row 23.43AUTAUBOEvelyn05/Nov/192001/Aug/1992"God gives life to man, deaths part of life
SS/W Dave Autaubo
Row 12.18AVERYBelva V. 30/Nov/188813/Nov/1981"Married Oct 21, 1914"
SS/W & W/O James S. "Jim" Avery
Row _AVERYClyde Kenneth23/Apr/192925/Feb/1999 
Row 27.27AVERYConnie Lee25/Jan/194513/Apr/1948"Age 3 yrs, 18 dys"
D/O Jack & Unknown Avery
See obit
Row 23.3AVERYEdward L.21/Nov/191016/Sep/1932S/O Charles Edward & Bessie [Atkins] Avery
Row 12.16AVERYEtha11/Oct/188416/Sep/1913"She was a kind and affectionate wife. A fond Mother and a friend to all>"
W/O James S. Avery, M/O Joseph Paul "Joe" Avery
Row 12.17AVERYFay26/Aug/190501/Dec/1917 
Row 12.18AVERYJames S. "Jim"17/Aug/188310/Jul/1971"Married Oct 21, 1914"
SS/W & H/O Belva V. [Cadell] Avery, S/O John R. & Mary Jane [Lofton] Avery
Row __AVERYJess James10/Nov/191927/Jan/1983"Dad"
SS/W & 1st H/O Jewel Faye "Judy" [Smith] Avery Gonzalez, S/O James S. "Jim" & Belva V. [Cadell] Avery
Row 28.7AVERYJohn Napoleon09/Jul/1884
Atlanta GA
Anadarko OK
 "US Navy ~ World War I"
H/O Sallie Pearl [Mullins] Avery, S/O Nathaniel Nelson & Artelier Morgan [Overton] Avery
See photo
Row 28.9AVERYJohnnie Cleo11/Jul/192221/Feb/1999 
UnknownAVERYJulian James2006--/Dec 2006
Infant S/O Kristen Avery, wooden cross
Row __AVERYMason Cecil01/Oct/192405/Jul/1997S/O John Nepoleon & Sallie Pearl [Mullins] Avery
See photo
Row 28.10AVERYNelson Alva22/Jun/191807/Jan/1939S/O John Nepoleon & Sallie Pearl [Mullins] Avery
Row __AVERYOscar Franklin30/Sep/192404/Jun/2005 "Pvt US Army ~ World War II"
S/O James S. "Jim" & Belva V. [Cadell] Avery
Row 28.8AVERYSallie Pearl [Mullins]13/Aug/1887
Jacksonville TX
Lawton OK
W/O John Napoleon Avery, D/O Alva Curtis & Catherine Powell [Smith] Mullins, Smith Funeral Home ~ Anadarko OK
See obit & photo
Row _AVERY~TODDJulian James2006 19/Dec/2006Infant, S/O Jessie Todd & Kristen Avery, Ft. Cobb Funeral Home
Unmarked grave

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