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 Old Sayre Cemetery
 Sayre, Beckham County, Oklahoma

 © Eunice Chapmond-Kilgore

If you have family buried in this Cemetery or can give directions to the cemetery that I can place on the website or can take a gate photo or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.

If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.






James G 1827 4/12/1911 Cpl Co D 106th IL Inf   Photo
Bohanon Mary Lula Means 7/23/1872 5/7/1908 Photos
Bowen Sunshine Eva 6/4/1912 6/5/1912 Photo
John Frank 11/20/1832 8/5/1910 Pvt Co B 120th Regt Union Army
Civil War  Photo
Caughron Floyd 9/16/1903 8/24/1907 S of P & Ola  Photo
Clark Stella   10/22/1917  
John E 3/21/1832 8/5/1910 Pvt Co B 120th IL Inf
Danner George   1918 Photo
Edell Margarett Hugo 6/24/1906 5/20/1907 Photo
George W 1/17/1841 10/31/1911 Pvt Cos C & G
195th PA Inf   Photo
Evans Benjamin F 3/27/1880 3/9/1908 Photo
Farquhar Sarah Frances "Fannie" Best Feb 1865 1935  
Fuller Ruby A 2/3/1907 11/30/1914 Photo
Gomas Santos   9/23/1911  
Gurnea Edwin N 9/19/1870 11/17/1907 Photos
Gurnea Esther S 12/24/1840 4/5/1917 W of F M   Photo
Alice Brashear Age 93 10/28/1967  
Hill Albert L Oct 1896 12/10/1908 Photo
Hill Oscar L 1903 1904 Photo
Hosmer Harriet J 1/12/1908 3/10/1908 Photo
Hudson Mary Olivia "Ollie" McCarley (Boren) 5/18/1850 6/6/1915 Wed Washington Boren 1/7/1865
Wed Joe Hudson 7/4/1895
Knight William A "Jack" 5/7/1868 11/24/1907 Photo
Lawson Maudie Marie 4/6/1907 6/27/1910 D of R C & L M
Madison Curtis Paul 3/28/1902 8/2/1966 W of Thelma   Photo
Madison Dennis 4/10/1872 3/17/1911 Photo
Madison Edgar George "Baldy" 8/19/1905 5/25/1933 Photo
Madison Lena Burns 11/16/1878 11/8/1957 Photo
Madison Ulyss Dennis 7/4/1900 1/15/1963 Photo
Madoux Florence L 1890 1907 Photo
Archer 1848 12/31/1914 H of Catharine
Cpl Co F 44th Iowa Inf  Photo
Mathews Catharine E  Rhea 10/1/1845 6/22/1908 W of Archer  Photo
Mounts Barbara Jane Royer 4/4/1850 3/28/1911 W of Noah    Photo
Mounts Noah Shelby "Old Kuss" 10/31/1854 9/1/1928 H of Barbara    Photo
Pope Okla A 10/11/1907 11/14/1908 D of Dave & Mary  Photo
Price Lena M 1878 1957  
John A 7/23/1840 9/5/1907 H of Sarah
Veteran  Photo
Quinn Sarah L VanVleet Feb 1844 8/12/1911 W of John
Ragle Leander Layfayette 11/8/1874 10/18/1956  
Rickey Howard J 1909 7/14/1911 S of William & Anna
Sailor Miriam Martha 11/24/1909 5/26/1911 D of George & Edith  Photo
Snow Jewel 1911 1917 Photo
Snow's Three Baby     Photo
Sooter William Edward 11/22/1883 4/6/1909 Photo
Stagg Robert B 1868 1907 Photo
Thurmond John S 8/23/1863 4/23/1911 Photo & Obit
Trolinger Katie Mae 12/24/1903 8/11/1906 D of Horace & Sarah  Photo


5 Unknowns



Dwain Ozell "Doak" 10/21/1932 5/9/2006 Korean War Veteran
Whitehurst Hannah May Lewis 10/13/1884 12/17/1910 Photo
Whitehurst Martin S 5/9/1845 12/31/1914 H of Mary  Photo
Whitehurst Mary Mallory 1841 10/24/1921 W of Martin

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