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Stanley Cemetery
Pushmataha County, Oklahoma

Submitted by: Brenda Franklin & Area Coordinators

Partial survey
If you have family buried in the Stanley Cemetery or can take a gate photo that I can place on the website or can give driving directions to the cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.






ADKINS Bobby Ray 1924 1925 See photo
ALEXANDER W. O. M.D. 12-Apr 1832 9-Dec 1907 See photo
ANDERSON A. J. 6-Oct 1917 14-Apr 1921 See photo
ANTILLA Zonita Nichols 20-Mar 1924 13-Dec 1998 See photo
BAKER J. S. 13-Aug 1841 26-Feb 1915 See photo
BELIE S. H. 22-Dec 1858 6-Feb 1922 See photo
BELL Anna "Eloise" 3-Jun 1930 28-May 1999 See photo
Carl S.   Aug 1918 See photo, Military Marker
BELL Grant Stephen 19-Jan 1892 26-Jul 1971 See photo
BELL James A. "Jim 1-Mar 1866 20-Dec 1940 s/w Virginia "Ginnie"
See photo
BELL Jim W. 30-May 1892 9-Apr 1952 See photo
BELL Maudean Wadley 17-Mar 1924 21-Oct 1993 See photo
BELL Michael Grant 9 Jul 1957 17 Aug 1998 See photo,
BELL Virginia "Ginnie" 17-Nov 1870 20-Mar 1947 s/w James A. See photo
BICE Jessie Mae 20-May 1912 15-Dec 1997 See photo, s/w Roy Broley
BOWLES John B. 9-Sep 1861 22-Sep 1916 See photo, age 55 yrs.
BROLEY Roy 19-Sep 1925 no date See photo, s/w Jessie Mae Bice
BROWN Mollie E. 28-Oct 1852 28-Dec 1920 See photo
BRYANT Robert J. Sr. 27-Jul 1895 13-Dec 1968 s/w Martha O.
See photo
BRYANT Martha O. 4-Aug 1905 15-Jul 1969 s/w Robert J. Sr
See photo
BUSBY Zelma V. "Toots" Weems 22-Jan 1914 16-May-2000 See photo
Jimmy Haril 6-Oct 1952 9-Jul 1981 See photo, Military Marker
Chancellor Louis C. 1924 2004 See photo
Chancellor Robert L. 14-Feb 1876 1-Aug 1933 See photo
CHILCOAT George Henry 25-Jul 1926 4-Jan 2000 See photo
CLAUD Little Oscar C. 8-Jan 1894 Feb 1894 See photo, Son of W.O. & L.A. Claud
CLIFT Marie Jan 1896 4-Oct 1897 See photo, Dau of D.B. & S. R. Clift
CLINTON Bell Nichols 18-Aug 1877 16-Mar 1896 See photo
COGBURN Fate 8-Apr 1897 7-Oct 1918 See photo
COLLINS Fred M. no date 17-Mar 1915 age 38 yrs
See photo
CONLEY Donald E. 1945 2004 See photo
CONLEY Fayrene 30-Sep 1944 17-Dec 2002 See photo
CONLEY Frank L. 1938 1998 See photo
CONLEY Gladys 1909 1915 See photo
CONLEY Hazel 1910 1945 See photo
CONLEY Ira 22-Mar 1907 8-Mar 1984 See photo
CONLEY Joanna 1880 1964 See photo
CONLEY Laura Mae 20-May 1905 19-Jan 1971 See photo
CONLEY Lloyd 12-Aug 1927 6-Feb 1929 See photo
CONLEY Ma? 18?? ? See photo
CONLEY Pete 2-Feb 1874 19-Nov 1978 See photo
Roy Harrison 6-Jan 1922 2-Jan 1992 Military Marker
See photo
CONLEY Stella 1926 2000 See photo
Utah Charles 25-Mar 1941 29-Apr 1996 Military Marker
See photo
William H. 25-Mar 1894 7-May 1978 Military Marker
See photo
CUMMINGS Kenneth Hartwell 3-Sep 1922 10-Nov 1922 See photo
Cunningham Bobbie Ray Age 77 8/24/2010  
Cunningham Darell Lee 2/2/1980 3/24/2017 Obit
Cunningham Ruth Elnora (Silvey) 8-Jan 1936 13-Mar 1995 See photo
DAVIS Alberta no date no date See photo, Dau of J. Doss Davis, Home made marker
DAVIS baby boy no date no date See photo, Son of J. Doss Davis, Home made marker
DAVIS Iva no date no date See photo, Dau of J. Doss David, Home made marker
DAVIS J. D. Lloyd 17-Sep 1927 6-Oct 1961 See photo, s/w J. Doss
DAVIS J. Doss 14-Mar 1891 20-Jul 1959 See photo, s/w J.D. Lloyd
DEES Anna Ollar 1894 1966 See photo
DEES baby 12-Oct 1912 12-Oct 1912 See photo
DEES baby 30-Jun 1930 30-Jun 1930 See photo
DEES Delores Eva 11-Jun 1915 30-Sep 1962 See photo
DEES Dorman 20-Oct 1927 12-Jun 1997 See photo
DEES Ella May Chancellor 6-Nov 1899 24-Oct 1994 See photo
DEES James David 10-Aug 1918 16-Jun 1987 See photo
DEES Jeanne Ann 25-Nov 1958 2-Nov 2002 See photo
DEES John T. Jr. 5-Feb 1922 1922 See photo
DEES John Thomas 22-Nov 1889 27-Jun 1983 See photo
Samuel J. 26-Aug 1894 13-Aug 1965 Military Marker, See photo
Frank 11-Feb 1937   See photo
DIDNON J. J. 17-Sep 1860 26-Jun 1911 See photo
EARLS Corbia 21-Mar 1918 24-Mar 1918 See photo
Silas P. 19-May 1891 14-Mar 1954 See photo
FARMER Eula E. 1930 2000 See photo
FARMER Lena 8-Apr 1899 16-Feb 1964 See photo
Fitzgerald Robert Cecil 1907 1945 s/w Viola Maddox
See photo
Fitzgerald Viola Maddox 1910 1970 s/w Robert Cecil
See photo
FLATT Bully Leon 30-Aug 1966 7-Aug 1985 See photo
FOLLIS Manda 4-Mar 1878 12-Nov 1940 See photo
GARDNER Robert Henry 10-Mar 1954? ? 1954 See photo
GOLDEN Charley C. 1893 1963 See photo
GOLDEN Emma 7-Jan 1870 21-Dec 1952 See photo
GOLDEN George T. 20-Feb 1869 24-Sep 1938 See photo
GOLDEN Mattie 6-Apr 1877 1-Jan 1931 See photo
GRIFFIN Betty 1909 1909 See photo
GRIFFIN W. C. 11-Jun 1877 14-Jul 1909 See photo
GRISSO Anna M. Chancellor 21-Dec 1919 3-Jul 1985 See photo
HANSON Lola Belle Weems 31-Oct 1938 29-Apr 1982 See photo
HAWS Alvin Jake 1873 no date See photo
HAWS Lyman Lee 1870 1923 See photo
HILL Eunice (Dees) 4-Oct 1923 12-Oct 1985 s/w William C.
See photo
HILL William C. 18-Aug 1916 7-Jul 1988 s/w Eunice
See photo
Housworth Goldie R. 6-Jan 1902 23-Nov 1970 See photo
Housworth Lewis E. no date 11-Feb 1963 See photo
Housworth Loran A. 18-Jan 1937 7-Oct 1948 See photo
Housworth Ruthie J. no date 12-Jul 1955 See photo
Huddleston Charley 1877 1963 See photo
JACKSON Abbie 9 Feb 1873 13 June 1951 s/w B.D.
See portrait
See photo
JACKSON Baby   1938 See portrait
JACKSON B. D. 16 May 1973 28 Oct 1917 See portrait
See photo
JACKSON Bige 31-Jan 1895 28-Mar 1940 s/w Myrtle
See photo
JACKSON Bobbie Jean Dees 8-Mar 1939 4-Nov 1992 See photo
JACKSON John Marion 1868 1956 See portrait
See photo
John Wesley 13 Dec 1914 22 May 1981 Military Marker
See photo
See portrait
JACKSON Lucy 11 Aug 1865 28 Jan 1936 See portrait
See photo
JACKSON Myrtle B. 22-Feb 1890 21-Jun 1959 s/w Bige
See photo
JACKSON William Henry 27 Sept 1865 10 Dec 1951 See portrait
See portrait
See photo
JOHNSON Frances L. 1928 1998 See photo
JOHNSON Hazel S. 14-Nov 1919 no date s/w Melvin L.
See photo
JOHNSON Melvin L. 16-Feb 1920 1-Jun 1988 s/w Hazel S.
See photo
Sidney Jack 2-Dec 1914 14-Feb 1996 Military Marker
See photo
KINNARD Wm. Kenneth 10-Jul 1920 2-Apr 1922 See photo
KNAPP Lauretta 22-Mar 1886 2-Sep 1918 See photo
LEMOINE Myrtle E. Weems 10-Mar 1904 15-Sep 1973 See photo
LEONARD B. F. 22-Feb 1847 15-Sep 1919 See photo
LEONARD M. E. 22-Jun 1851 7-Jan 1918 See photo
LUDY Jack 25-Dec 1909 27-Nov 1927 See photo
LUDY John 20-Dec 1870 6-Feb 1922 See photo
MACON Jewel D. 1938 2004 See photo
MACON Virginia "Gingy" 19-Aug 1941 9-Jan 2003 See photo
MALONE Elvay no date 31-Dec 1909 age 41 yr
See photo
McCARN Fannie 17 Mar 1907 12 Apr 1918 See photo
McCARN J. C. 10 Nov 1884 10 Mar 1960 See photo
McCARN Marvel 3 May 1938 18 Feb 1942 See photo
McCARN Myrtle Louise 10 May 1892 14 Dec 1976 See photo
MEDLOCK Martin Lee 1918 1920 See photo
MERRIMAN Maude L. 16-Jun 1905 19-Nov 1982 See photo
MERRIMAN R. D. 24-Sep 1926 8-Feb 1939 See photo
MILLER Henry R. Sep 1964 Feb 1969 See photo, Home made marker
MOORE Faye 19-Sep 1931 no date s/w Henry, See photo
MOORE Henry 20-Aug 1928 no date s/w Faye, See photo
MORRIS Elmer L. 15-Sep 1916 3-Jan 1991 See photo
James Orvil 16-Nov 1923 14-Apr 1951 Military Marker, See photo
MUSE Zeb R. 7-May 1875 20-Dec 1920 See photo
MYERS Alex J. 18-Jan 1896 25-May 1968 See photo, s/w Lillie
MYERS Lillie 1-Nov 1896 no date See photo, s/w Alex J.
NICHOLS baby 24-Aug 1889 24-Aug 1889 See photo
NICHOLS Curtis 27-Aug 1908 10-Oct 1909 See photo
NICHOLS Elizabeth "Lizy" 14-Aug 1875 7-Sep 1876 See photo
NICHOLS Harvey A. 29 Jan 1880 21-Mar 1915 See photo
NICHOLS Hollis 4-Jan 1902 9-Jan 1915 See photo
NICHOLS Idora 9-Feb 1885 2-Mar 1887 See photo
NICHOLS James H. 11-Sep 1871 4-Feb 1888 See photo
NICHOLS Jon 1-Apr 1882 5-Apr 1888 See photo
NICHOLS Kate no date Aug 1945 See photo
NICHOLS Lue Conley 2-May 1888 23-Jan 1916 See photo
NICHOLS Lula 9-Aug 1880 23-Jan 1902 See photo
NICHOLS Mary Jane 21-Nov 1902 15-Aug 1978 See photo
NICHOLS Rebecca 4-Feb 1929 6-Feb 1929 See photo
NICHOLS Roy 1-Mar 1912 4-Jan 1918 See photo
NICHOLS Samuel Francis 10-May 1848 13-Mar 1915 See photo
NICHOLS Samuel H. 1930 1950 See photo, s/w Willie F.
NICHOLS Urilda Wilson 1-Mar 1848 26-Dec 1915 See photo
NICHOLS Virginia Wharton 13-Sep 1886 23-Mar 1923 See photo
NICHOLS Willie F. 1890 1947 See photo, s/w Samuel H.
NIX Mark C. 31 Jul 1922 no date See photo
OLDHAM Sallie 3-Jan 1869 17-Sep 1907 photo
PETERS Bessie 1907 1967 photo
PETERS Betty Jo 12-Nov 1933 23-Sep 1990 W of Sam  photo
PETERS Gary Marcus 22-Feb 1956 18-Nov 1995 photo
PETERS Mattie L. 1887 1980 photo
Sam F. 5-Sep 1922 no date Cpl  US Army  WW II
H of Betty      photo
Rev. Simon Jack 9/21/1917 11/5/1979 WW II Veteran
PETERS Walter 1879 1947 photo
PEW Sidney E. 18-Aug 1878 1-Aug 1944 photo
PHILLIPS Milburn F. 20-Dec 1915 no date photo
PHILLIPS Velma Mae 6-Aug 1921 30-May 1983 photo
POLK Rhonda Lynn 1961 2001 photo
PUGH Ruby Castle 20-Apr 1914 no date s/w Herman V., See photo
PUGH Herman V. 25-May 1911 20-Mar 1991 s/w Ruby Castle, See photo
RAGAN Donnie Earl 16-Jul 1937 31-Aug 1989 See photo
RAGAN Mattie Jane 28-Dec 1964 10-Jul 1990 See photo
RAGAN Mattie Jane 8-Mar 1883 21-Mar 1929 See photo
RAGAN Robert Ray 26-Aug 1909 19-Feb 2001 See photo
REED Pairlee 9-Feb 1892 30-Nov 1976 See photo
Richardson Grace 28-Oct 1896 22-Jan 1917 See photo
Frances B. "Fannie" Weems 2-Nov 1909 1-Apr 1989 See photo
ROSE Jerry Lynn 24-May 1951 14-Sep 1996 See photo
ROSS Girtrue 23-Oct 29-Dec 1909 See photo
RUSSELL Vernon Louis 4-Jun 1928 14-Mar 1998 See photo
RUSSELL Wanda M. 1935 2004 See photo
SHIRLEY Elizabeth 22-Jul 1878 16-Feb 1929 See photo
STINSON Sarah B. 19-Mar 1889 19-Jan 1940 See photo
STROUD Mary C. 17-Oct 1849 8-Sep 1892 See photo
STROUD William E. 4-Aug 1887   See photo
SWINDELL Moxell ? no date no date Home made marker
See photo
SWINDELL Edward A. no date no date Home made marker
See photo
TAYLOR Richard 20-Oct 1914 20-Aug 1917 See photo
TWADDLE Alta Mae 1901 1945 See photo, s/w Roy Lee
TWADDLE Roy Lee 1936 1945 See photo, s/w Alta Mae
TYLER Clovis Olean 9-Jul 1924 18-Mar 1980 s/w Clyde Edward
See photo
TYLER Clyde Edward 31-Aug 1919 14-Mar 1973 s/w Clovis Olean
See photo
TYLER Edward 8-Feb 1883 2-Jul 1969 s/w Myrtle A.
See photo
Gussie Gene 29-Mar 1925 11-Aug 1976 See photo
TYLER Mary Velna 2-Jan 1907 24-Aug 1996 s/w William Edward
See photo
TYLER Myrtle A.     s/w Edward
See photo
TYLER Roger S.C. 1943 2004 See photo
TYLER Thomas L. "Tom" 10-Sep 1876 6-May 1942 See photo, Home made marker
TYLER Virginia "Ginny" Brown 9-Mar 1874 15-Jul 1955 See photo, Home made marker
TYLER William Bryan 15-Oct 1898 7-Jun 1984 See photo
TYLER William Edward 7-Sep 1911 1-Jul 1999 s/w Mary Velna
See photo
UNKNOWN MINNIE Nov 1895 5-Jul 1915 See photo
UNKNOWN       See photo
UNKNOWN   Dec 1866 Nov 1922 See photo
UNKNOWN   1892 1911 See photo
UNKNOWN       See photo, ?28 Oct 1938
UNKNOWN       See photo
      See photo, Veterans marker
WADKINS Lewis 28 Mar 1886 23 Mar 1981 See photo
WADKINS Nellie Fay 28 Jun 1942 14 Jul 1942 See photo
WADKINS Nickie Fannie 26 Jun 1915 7 May 2001 See photo
Clyde L. 3-Apr 1896 16-Sep 1971 See photo, Military Marker
Leon C. 21-Apr 1928 1-Dec 1998 See photo, Military Marker
WADLEY Verna Lee Tyler 12-May 1902 13-Jul 1998 See photo,  
WALKER James D. 14-Aug 1899 20-Oct 1918 See photo
WEEMS B. Fay Howze 16-Oct 1937 no date s/w Bobby Ray
See photo
Billie Leroy 29-Nov 1947 31-Dec 2003 Military Marker
See photo
WEEMS Bobby Ray 31-Jan 1933 30-Jan 1994 s/w B. Fay Howze
See photo
WEEMS Edward Hampton 18-Jul 1869 16-Apr 1950 See photo
WEEMS Minnie R. 1915 1983 s/w Ray O.
See photo
WEEMS Ray O. 1907 1989 s/w Minnie R.
See photo
Warren Edward 1-Apr 1935 17-Jul 1980 Military Marker
See photo
WHITTEN Bell Forrest Sep 1867 20-Mar 1956 See photo, Home made marker
James Henry 1-Sep 1894 19-Apr 1968 See photo, Military Marker
WHITTEN Tomas M. 1865 1948 See photo
WILLIAMS Ada Mae 11-Oct 1901 8-Aug 1923 See photo
WILLIAMS Clara Whitten Castle 19-Nov 1892 24-Dec 1977 See photo
Guy 24-Jun 1894 5-Apr 1970 See photo, Military Marker
WILLIAMS Lois Ragan 16-Jul 1914 26-Mar 2001 See photo
Louis Elijah 10-Jan 1890 30-Jan 1957 Military Marker
See photo
WILLIAMS Ruth E. ? Aug 1915 28 Aug 1979 See photo
WILLIAMS Sarah     s/w Zach
See photo
Thomas G. 23-Jan 1892 3-May 1957 Military Marker
See photo
WILLIAMS Zach     s/w Sarah
See photo
WRIGHT Grace A. 1894 1940 s/w James R.
See photo
WRIGHT James R. 1889 1941 s/w Grace A.
See photo
Doyle E. 19-May 1939 16-Jun 1992 Military Marker
See photo

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