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Tecumseh Cemetery

O Surnames

Submitted & 2001 - Present by: Jim Woodruff

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Lot Number
Last Name
First & Middle
A1B1-R6-7 OBANION MARY A. 1/9/1845 12/5/1905 Wife of W. P. Photo
Unk OBIEDO JUDY O. {DRAIN} 6/17/1942 11/3/1988 Daughter of Pauline and Woodrow Photo
A3B2-R1-4 O'BANNON DELLA {DETHROW} HAWKINS 12/19/1911 11/6/2001 Wife of Herbert C. Obit Photo
A3B2-R1-4 O'BANNON HERBERT C. 7/30/1909 11/28/1978 Photo
A4B3-R15-7 O'BRIGHT MABLE ROSE 9/9/1901 6/20/1981 Wife of Andrew J. Photo
A4B3-R15-8 O'BRIGHT ANDREW J. 9/23/1900 9/21/1959 Photo
A1B35-R6-6 O'DANIEL OPAL 4/17/1906 10/25/1986 Wife of Leonard Photo
A1B35-R6-7 O'DANIEL LEONARD 9/12/1905 4/29/1980 Photo
A1B35-R7-6 O'DANIEL OLLIE MAY 3/15/1910 2/2/1913 Daughter of T. L. & Dovey Photo
A1B35-R7-7 O'DANIEL THOMAS L. 1875 1938 Husband of Dovey Photo
A2B6-R14-7 O'DELL TONY LEON 1/9/1959 1/17/1959 Photo
A2B6-R17-7 O'DELL CALVIN LEON 8/21/1936 6/19/1991 SP4 US Army Photo
A2B6-R17-7 O'DELL SHIRLEY DONN no dates no dates Wife of Calvin L. Photo
A2B9-R13-23 O'DELL LEM 12/28/1873 1/20/1949 Photo
A2B9-R13-24 O'DELL PEARL 3/4/1882 5/22/1953 Wife of Henry Photo
A2B9-R13-25 O'DELL HENRY 7/14/1875 3/22/1958 Married Dec 11 1904 Photo
A3B1-R11-1 O'DELL MINNIE B. 1872 1944 Photo
A3B1-R11-2 O'DELL DEBRA DIANNE 7/13/1959 11/1/1960 Photo
A3B1-R11-3 O'DELL CHARLES F. "FRANK" 7/11/1933 1/9/1990 SGT US Army Korea Photo
A3B1-R12-1 O'DELL LARRY WALTER 2/7/1945 11/22/1947 Photo
A3B1-R12-2 O'DELL CHARLIE W. 6/3/1895 12/27/1969 WAGR 162 Depot Brigade WW I Photo
A4B4-R11-17 O'DELL LILBERN HARPER 1903 1964 Photo
A5B2-R1-14 O'DELL JOHN S. 6/12/1892 6/16/1968 PVT US Army WW I Photo
A1B2-R5-7 ODLE WILLIAM C. 3/2/1849 8/8/1897 Co. A 128 Indiana Volunteer Infantry Photo
A1B35-R5-1 OFFILL JOHNNIE B. 10/31/1915 1/5/2003 Photo
A1B35-R5-2 OFFILL CLIFFORD D. 7/17/1906 12/12/1915 Son of A. O. & Rosa Photo
A1B35-R5-3 OFFILL ROSE 8/2/1884 12/8/1972 Wife of Alva O. Photo
A1B35-R5-4 OFFILL ALVA O. 10/27/1878 5/12/1964 Photo
A2B6-R19-8 OLDBEAR FLORENCE G. 1/30/1925 4/22/1997 Wife of Clyde Sr. Photo
A2B6-R19-9 OLDBEAR CLYDE SR. 4/27/1927 8/1/1988 Married Apr 29 1976
PFC USA WW II & Korea Photo
A1B17-R8-1 OLDHAM WILLIAM G. 5/3/1838 5/15/1891  
A1B19-R11-6 OLDHAM JAMES F. 1860 1932 Photo
A1B19-R11-7 OLDHAM REBECCA 1859 1950 Wife of James F. Photo
A1B19-R11-8 OLDHAM LUCY E. 2/8/1897 2/9/1907 Photo
A1B24-R2-1 OLDHAM JOHN C. 2/4/1914 8/22/1983 US Army WW II Photo
A1B37-R11-9 OLDHAM LIBBIE 10/4/1872 1/29/1971 Photo
A2B7-R16-21 OLDHAM ADA VIOLA 1866 1946 Wife of Lilburn T. Photo
A2B7-R16-22 OLDHAM LILBURN TURNER 1864 1935 Photo
A3B1-R6-5 OLDHAM LILLIE E. 10/24/1899 1/13/1977 Photo
A3B1-R6-6 OLDHAM ARCHIE R. 4/7/1892 10/10/1959 Photo
A3B1-R14-5 OLDHAM ORA VIOLA 10/1/1894 12/19/1959 Photo
A3B1-R14-8 OLDHAM MAUDIE S. 11/6/1907 11/18/1990 Wife of Lilburn T. Photo
A3B1-R14-9 OLDHAM LILBURN T. 5/5/1905 5/5/1980 Married Aug 21 1926 Photo
A3B2-R19-1 OLDHAM JOAN R. 8/31/1937   Wife of Arthur K. Photo
A3B2-R19-1 OLDHAM ARTHUR KERMIT 7/23/1929 8/25/1991 A1C USAF Korea Photo
A3B2-R19-2 OLDHAM LILLIE IRENE 2/14/1893 6/12/1981 Wife of William A. Photo
A3B2-R19-3 OLDHAM WILLIAM ARTHUR 7/4/1893 2/3/1955 PVT 142 Infantry WW I Photo
A4B4-R4-11 OLDHAM LUCILLE M. 5/6/1892 11/3/1966 Wife of Ward L. Photo
A4B4-R4-12 OLDHAM WARD L. 10/18/1887 3/10/1976 Married Oct 2 1915 Photo
A3B1-R20-14 OLEA MARY 7/15/1909 7/14/1991 Wife of Marine D. Photo
A3B1-R20-15 OLEA MARINE D. 7/6/1908 5/18/1952 Photo
A3B1-R20-16 OLEO LARRY CHARLES 12/2/1954 3/22/1955 Photo
A5B2-R2-3 OLIVE BERTHA V. 8/19/1906 3/6/1994 Wife of Clarence A. Photo
A5B2-R2-4 OLIVE CLARENCE A. 6/13/1904 1/29/1968 Photo
A1B15-R7-1 OLIVER EDITH E. 9/7/1896 6/10/1908 Daughter of F. M. & M. C. Photo
A1B15-R7-2 OLIVER F. M. 2/22/1869 1/30/1905 Photo
A1B35-R8-3 OLIVER NANCY R. 10/1/1847 8/2/1916 Wife of E. M. Photo
A2B7-R18-9 OLIVER JOHN WERRELL 7/19/1956 8/8/1956 Photo
A2B9-R18-10 OLNEY ALTA L. 8/13/1913 7/13/1952 Photo

Peggy Sue
12 Jul 1949
12 Jul 2018
A1B33-R8-8 O'NEAL BONNIE JUNE {BEAL} 7/27/1939 10/31/1996 Photo
A1B33-R10-4 O'NEAL ORA MAE 7/11/9124   Wife of Wendell G. Photo
A1B33-R10-4 O'NEAL WENDELL G. 6/4/1919 6/20/1982 US Army WW II Photo
A1B38-R5-4 O'NEAL ETTA FRANCES {FLESHER} 2/14/1923 11/20/1993 Photo
A1B38-R5-7 O'NEAL LYDIA A. 1/1/1898 5/27/1970 Wife of Joseph T. Photo
A1B38-R5-8 O'NEAL JOSEPH T. 2/19/1891 12/31/1954 Photo
A3B1-R10-9 O'NEAL ROBERT L. "BOB" 6/22/1924 6/29/1999 US Army WW II Photo
A3B1-R10-9 O'NEAL TRELMA B. 11/25/1931   Wife of Robert L. Photo
A3B1-R10-10 O'NEAL JIMMY O. 1/25/1949 8/12/1998 Photo
A3B2-R6-17 O'NEAL MAXINE 4/10/1923 4/22/1990 Wife of William J. Photo
A3B2-R6-18 O'NEAL WILLIAM J. 7/30/1922 2/27/2003 Married Jan 19 1942
SSGT US Army WW II Photo
A3B2-R9-1 O'NEAL V. EVELYN 2/17/1927 4/20/2002 Wife of Jimmie R. Photo
A3B2-R9-2 O'NEAL JIMMIE R. 12/29/1925 5/18/2000 Married Apr 14 1946
A3B2-R9-3 O'NEAL KENNETH R. 2/16/1930 4/7/1996 US Army Photo
A3B2-R9-4 O'NEAL OLLIE MAYE 5/21/1909 1/28/1989 Wife of Julius R. Photo
A3B2-R9-5 O'NEAL JULIUS RALPH 5/5/1903 1/1/1972 Married 47 years Photo
A5B1-R14-21 O'NEAL JEWELL C. 7/18/1906 12/24/1995 Wife of Jeff L. Photo
A5B1-R14-22 O'NEAL JEFF L. 2/8/1907 6/4/1982 Photo
A5B1-R14-23 O'NEAL ZELAH S. 8/12/1900 5/21/1981 Wife of Thomas N. Photo
A5B1-R14-24 O'NEAL THOMAS N. 6/23/1899 2/15/1969 Photo
A7B2-R14-2 O'NEAL COLLEEN ADY 12/14/1939 10/19/1999 Married Billy Jun 18 1988 Photo
A7B2-R15-4 O'NEAL ANITA GAIL 10/5/1979 12/31/1999 Photo
A1B18-R10-7 ONG MARY ELIZABETH 6/20/1854 10/23/1898 No. 18 I.O.O.F. Photo
A1B18-R1-3 ONTIVEROS YRENE 7/3/1901 5/11/2000 Wife of Francisco Photo
A1B18-R1-4 ONTIVEROS FRANCISCO 10/10/1907 7/17/1982 Photo
A1B18-R8-2 OPLINGER INA C. 5/2/1908 2/19/1990 Wife of C. W. Photo
A1B18-R8-3 OPLINGER C. W. "BILL" 5/24/1904 11/30/1984 Photo
A3B1-R15-17 OPLINGER ETHEL S. 1902 1974 Wife of Roy Photo
A3B1-R15-18 OPLINGER ROY W. 1902 1990 Photo
A3B1-R15-19 OPLINGER C. W. 1876 1952 Photo
A3B1-R15-20 OPLINGER ZELLA A. 1877 1976 Wife of C. W. Photo
A4B4-R6-15 O'ROURKE DALVIN JAMES 9/6/1910 9/12/1992 Photo
A4B4-R6-16 O'ROURKE MARY JO 1/16/1919 1/18/1997 Wife of Dalvin J. Photo
A1B37-R8-15 O'SHELL O. RAY 4/28/1943 12/23/1988 US Army Photo
A1B36-R3-10 OSTERLOH ELIZA 9/24/1839 2/5/1916 Wife of J. F. Photo
A1B3-R10-5 OTT FREDRICK C. 8/25/1868 11/5/1896 Son of David & Mary Photo
A4B3-R15-9 OTT CALVIN G. 7/11/1924 12/11/1996 US Army WW I Photo
A4B3-R15-10 OTT FRANKIE MERL 11/18/1897 8/16/1961 Wife of Thomas A. Photo
A4B3-R15-11 OTT THOMAS ALBERT 1/5/1898 7/31/1970 Photo
A1B20-R9-11 OTTO EVA M. 1/16/1880 6/28/1906 Wife of Joseph Photo
A1B20-R9-12 OTTO NELLIE 1876 1898 Wife of Joseph P. Photo
A2B6-R8-14 OUART DONALD C. 7/29/1918 2/12/1978 Photo
A2B9-R5-22 OUART LEILA C. 1891 1948 Photo
A2B9-R5-23 OUART C. J. "POP" 5/26/1889 7/28/1972 Photo
A1B3-R7-1 OUTCELT REBECCA 4/3/1837 5/9/1926 Photo
A1B3-R7-2 OUTCELT GEORGE A. 7/4/1855 12/5/1923 Photo
A1B16-R8-19 OVERSTREET ELIZABETH 3/10/1829 10/8/1895 Photo
A1B1-R2-36 OWENS NORMA J. {DAMRON] 8/11/1927 2/23/1971 Mother and Daughter Photo
A2B7-R3-5 OWENS ELDORA {BODINE} 1895 1940 Photo
A7B3-R21-1 OWENS GAYLE BRUCE 3/2/1962 11/30/1994 Photo

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