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McKinley Cemetery

Survey © Mahlon Erickson
Survey © by: Robert Farrar

There are other burials here that are unmarked. Mahlon Erickson's survey was done 04-17-1990.
Robert Farrar updated this cemetery on December 3, 1999.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website,
please send area coordinator an e-mail.

ARMSTRONG Donna M. 07-26-1915 04-27-1985 Wife of George
See photo
ARMSTRONG George M. 06-18-1904 04-21-1977 See photo
BAIRD Albert W. 07-22-1901 10-16-1901 infant son of A. W. & Anna Baird
Aged 2 mths 24 da
See photo
BAIRD Harry      
BARTRAM Ruthie 1931 1993 See photo
BOYES Susan 11-19-1835 02-16-1911  
BRANDON Orville 11-07-1901 10-13-1918 See photo
BRANDON Roy A. 05-09-1893 12-18-1917 See photo
BRINK Donovan 07-26-1911 08-07-1911 Son of M/M F. E.
See photo
BRINK James 07-17-1912 07-26-1912 Son of M/M F. E.
See photo
BUNNEY M. A. 04-10-1884 02-07-1916 Wife of W. H.
See photo
BUNNEY William H. 11-08-1842   See photo
BUTLER Anna Frances 09-21-1864 03-21-1939 See photo
BUTLER John C. 01-17-1828 12-19-1901 See photo
BUTLER Lee Andrew 10-11-1919 03-30-1949 See photo
CAMPBELL Daniel K. 02-07-1834 02-24-1909 See photo
CAMPBELL Malinda J. 1841 1916 Wife of Daniel
CARRIGER James Lewis 02-18-1920 02-19-1981 See photo
CARRIGER Lillian Alice 10-07-1923 03-07-2006 Wife of James
See photo
CARRIGER Penny Sue 06-14-1954 04-23-1975 See photo
CAYWOOD Calvin 1843 1919 See photo
CAYWOOD Clarinda 1815 1925 Wife of Calvin
See photo
CHESNUT Adeline 06-01-1849 09-06-1938 Wife of Elisha
See photo
CHESNUT Baby     See photo
CHESNUT Elisha 10-14-1844 07-26-1900  
CHESNUT Infant     child of Elisa & Adeline?
CHESNUT Janet 08-03-1916 11-13-1918 Dau. of Albert & Blanche
See photo
CHESNUT Jennie 1869 1904 Dau. of Elisha & Adeline
See photo
CHRIST Charlie N. 12-28-1864 04-19-1944 husband of Ora & Maude
son of Conrad & Elizabeth Muller Christ
See photo
CHRIST Conrad (Konrad) 11-29-1839 1934 Husband of Elizabeth
See photo
CHRIST Elizabeth Muller 01-23-1842 03-19-1901 Wife of Conrad
See photo
CHRIST Jacob 04-22-1900 04-22-1900 Son of Charles N. & Ora Elva
CHRIST Maude G. Rector Smith 08-25-1878 1966 2nd wife of Charlie N.
See photo
CHRIST Ora Elva 08-07-1871 12-11-1905 Wife of Charlie
dau. of John & Catherine Church Jarvis
See photo
COLLINS Eva Myrle 04-11-1924 04-10-2004 Wife of Leslie G.
See obit
See photo
COLLINS John 04-30-1857 01-08-1938 See photo
Leslie G. "Buddy" 06-30-1922 04-10-1982 Pfc US Army WW II
See photo
COLLINS Leslie H. 06-04-1897 10-11-1966 Husband of Mae McCorkle
See photo
COLLINS Mae T. 01-01-1902 01-04-1990 Wife of Leslie H.
See photo
COLLINS Sudie 1865 1962 Wife of John
See photo
COOPER Jessie Olive 07-28-1880 12-30-1902 Dau. of J. B. & E.
See photo
COTTERMAN Isaac 04-08-1831 05-03-1896 See photo
CREWS Bettie E. 1867 1932 See photo
CREWS Clarence 06-30-1897 10-28-1918 See photo
CREWS Infant 06-13-1898 07-15-1899 Son of F. & E. C.
CREWS Maudie 04-24-1896 11-30-1901 Dau. of F. & E. C.
DECKER Alberta Jean 09-05-1935 05-15-1999 See photo
James W. Sr. 03-15-1934 01-30-1999 Pfc US Marine Corps Korea
See photo
DONNELL Loretta J. "Lou" 11-16-1924 01-10-1973 Wife of William
See photo
DONNELL Mary Alice 02-07-1899 07-14-1969 See photo
DONNELL William B. 10-09-1925   See photo
FERGUSON Rebecca   1902 See photo
GIBSON Caroline 1844 1904 See photo
GIBSON Kenneth L. 1902 1904 See photo
GOODE Florence M. 02-22-1921   Wife of Robert
See photo
GOODE Robert E. 03-12-1920 01-21-1989 Married 02-07-1942
See photo
GRAHAM Harold 06-11-1910 12-27-1980 See photo
GRAHAM Juanita G. 02-09-1920 02-14-2003 Wife of Harold
See obit
See photo
GUFFEY Annie M. 1864 1953 Wife of Samuel
See photo
GUFFEY J. Evart 1888 1912 Son of Samuel & Annie
See photo
GUFFEY Olive M. 1883 1911 Dau. of Samuel & Annie
See photo
GUFFEY Samuel R. 1858 1919 See photo
HACHELL       small stone
Leo Delbert 06-17-1922 05-17-1998 Tec 5 US Army WW II
See photo
HAPPE Lena E. 06-30-1915 09-17-1994 See photo
HUMPHREY Carroll R. 1907 1981 See photo
HUMPHREY Ethel A. 1885 1985 Wife of Neil
See photo
HUMPHREY Maude E. 1880 1936 Wife of William
See photo
HUMPHREY Neil A. 1880 1941 See photo
HUMPHREY William M. 1878 1927 See photo
HUMPHREYS Carrie C. 1854 1928 Wife of William W.
See photo
HUMPHREYS William W. 1848 1928 See photo
JARVIS Catherine R. Church 1852 1937 Wife of John
See photo
JARVIS Charles F. 1894 1897 Son of John & Catherine
See photo
JARVIS Edmon R. 07-09-1906 06-19-1933 See photo
JARVIS Achsah "Flora" Whinery 1884 1943 Wife of William
See photo
JARVIS John William 01-10-1848 02-16-1914 Husband of Catherine R. Church
See photo
JARVIS Loyal I. 12-26-1873 09-14-1952 Son of John W. & Cathrine R.
See photo
JARVIS Rosa Alberta 04-10-1910 07-09-1923 Dau. of William Noah & Flora A. Whinery Jarvis
See photo
JARVIS William N. 02-05-1876 03-16-1955 Son of John W. & Catherine R.
See photo
JENNINGS E. 10-19-1819   See photo
JENNINGS Sarah J. 07-18-1824 12-07-1899 Wife of E.
See photo
JOHNSTON Allie J. Dunn 02-06-1857 07-26-1938 Wife of William Perry
See photo
JONES Eunice 10-25-1921 04-30-1992 See photo
JONES Pearl Crews 12-04-1899 04-11-1989 See photo
JONES W. Clifford 08-25-1904 09-19-1975 See photo
LESER Infant 11-22-1900 11-23-1900 Son of M. D. & G. M.
LESER Loyal D. 05-02-1899 10-08-1899 Son of M. D. & G. M.
LOWERY Edward H. 06-03-1934 05-20-1972 See photo
LOWERY Fred H. 09-18-1924 03-09-1969 See photo
Freddie Leon 10-04-1949 09-18-1968 OK Pfc 3 Amtrac BN 1 Mar Div Vietnam
See photo
LOWERY Howe 03-11-1877 07-12-1952 See photo
LOWERY Leo T. 09-14-1917 01-15-1968  
LOWERY Mildred L. 07-13-1924 02-26-1997 Wife of Fred
See photo
LOWERY Phoeby 11-08-1892 07-26-1948 Wife of Howe
See photo
LOWERY Sue L. 02-06-1945   Wife of Edward
See photo
LOWERY T. D.     Nothing else on stone
LOWRY Hattie L. 06-27-1890 01-31-1972 Wife of Thomas
LOWRY Thomas H. 12-09-1872 02-02-1953  
LYNN W. A. 1868 1951  
LYNN W. R. 04-15-1890 11-03-1897 See photo
McCORKLE Infant 01-15-1917 01-20-1917 Child of M. C.
See photo
McCORKLE Beulah Faye 10-06-1941 10-06-1941 Dau. of Loren & Lola
See photo
McCORKLE Cora Lyn 05-24-1974 10-04-1975 See photo
McCORKLE Dorothy Elaine 01-07-1935 01-20-1937 Dau. of Loren & Lola
McCORKLE Lola 11-24-1909 02-04-1995 Wife of Loren
See photo
Loren D. 01-08-1909 02-16-1998 Pvt US Army WW II
See photo
McCORKLE Lyle Edward 05-17-1946 01-01-200 See photo
McCROSKY Anna 1859 1945 Wife of Charles
See photo
McCROSKY Charles W. 1849 1915 See photo
McCROSKY Hattie 1897 1900 Dau. of Charles & Anna
See photo
McCROSKY Samuel 1890 1900 Son of Charles & Anna
See photo
McDANIEL Mabel Bell 03-04-1913 10-26-1946 See photo
McREYNOLDS Margaret Collins 08-27-1924   Wife of Ralph
McREYNOLDS Ralph Harold 06-03-1915 08-03-1997  
MITCHELL Asa Aubrey 05-07-1897 11-05-1899 Son of M/M R. B.
See photo
MORAINE Lena 1851 1935  
NEWLAND J. T. "Dell" 1862 1943 See photo
NEWLAND James R. 12-24-1823 10-07-1899 See photo
NEWLAND Mayetta 1870 1947 Wife of J. T.
See photo
NEWLAND Otto 11-25-1908 01-09-1943  
NOYES Susan 11-19-1835 02-16-1911  
ONSTOTT Edna A. 1882 1900 Dau. of I. W. & Lucy
See photo
OSBORN Cedelia A. Smyth 11-09-1845 10-01-1918 Wife of Robert L.
grave unmarked
OWENS Merritt 12-14-1870 08-05-1896 stone difficult to read
See photo
Charles A. 01-08-1835 12-1938 Civil War Veteran
See obit
PARKS Dale     See photo
PARKS Hallie     See photo
PARKS Nancy N. 1845 1928 Wife of Charles
PETERS W. A. 03-13-1854 01-14-1903 See photo
POOL Earl Jr.     Nothing else on stone
POOL Kenneth     nothing else on stone
See photo
RETHERFORD Mary 08-18-1905 02-25-1907 Dau. of F. G. & Elsa
See photo
RIDER Mary A. 04-21-1851 11-02-1898 Wife of J. N.
See photo
ROLLER Velda Lillian Jarvis 08-25-1922 10-23-1962 See photo
SHAFER Dora B. 06-29-1888 05-08-1902 See photo
SMITH Edith "Edie" Louise 07-18-1936 04-10-2001 See photo
STARKS James A. 12-22-1878 08-26-1969 See photo
STARKS Jenny Kay   04-25-1980 See photo
STARKS Mary E. 06-28-1880 01-25-1954 Wife of James
See photo
STARKS Nellie L. 01-26-1912 09-27-1998 Wife of Ottis
See photo
STARKS Ottis 12-21-1903 09-19-1973 See photo
STONE Harlan 08-02-1957 08-02-1957 See photo
STOUT Elnora Jean 11-16-1953 03-11-1954  
SUMNER Henry T. 1834 1901 See photo
SUMNER Nancy N. 1836 1914 Wife of Henry T.
See photo
TATE James S. 10-03-1830/
stone very hard to read
TEVIS Jerry M. 08-27-1925   See photo
David Alan 1950 1981 Sp4 US Army Vietnam
See photo
TIBBITTS Frank M. 1856 1913 Husband of Jessie
See photo
TIBBITTS Harley D. 1897 1914 Son of Frank
See photo
TIBBITTS Lynn Vernon 10-13-1903 12-19-1910 Son of Frank & Jessie
See photo
TIBBITTS William Marlyn 01-16-1899 05-04-1970 Husband of Lettie
See photo
WADE Flora Bell 11-25-1914   Dau. of Carl & Edith
WADE John Carl 03-06-1893 11-28-1964  
WADE Laverne Carl 06-04-1917 11-28-1920 Son of John & Lillie
WADE Leon George 12-12-1922 02-12-1922 Son of John & Lillie
WADE Lillie Edith 07-28-1896 10-14-1965 Wife of John
WADE McColm III 08-11-1933 10-20-1996 Son of Wade & Edith
WALTERS Flora Wade 02-24-1857 11-30-1914 See photo
WATSON Billie     See photo
WATSON George     See photo
WATSON George - Mrs.     See photo
WEINS       no other information
See photo
WHITE Martha 09-02-1885 04-14-1976 See photo
WILLEY Lugard 07-23-1834 05-07-1904 Wife of Sidney
WOLFINGTON Darlene B. Starks 08-18-1959 06-12-1994 See photo
YOUNG Charles O. 1879 1956 Husband of Leota Dawson
See photo
YOUNG Leota B. Dawson 1887 1966 Wife of Charles
See photo
YOUNG Ruby Lee 10-08-1920 04-03-1953 Dau. of Charles & Leota
See photo

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