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Stella Cemetery
Stella, Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Cemetery Pic
See layout map of cemetery.
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff

Submitted & © 2000-07 by: Jim Woodruff & Area Coordinator
Updated May 2004

Stella Cemetery is located in Stella, Cleveland County, OK. From I-40, take Peebly Road south about five miles. The cemetery is about 1/4 mile south of Stella Road (OKC SE 149th St.) on the east side of the street. I have listed the graves by section and row with plots proceeding from north to south. Examples: N-R5-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 5 in the north section. NW-R1-3 would be the third grave in from the first row of the northwest corner (fenced area).

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website,
please send area coordinator an e-mail.

S-R5-13 ALEXANDER EILEEN 12/31/1919 1/4/1999 See photo
S-R5-10 ANDERSON JAMES RABORN 8/24/1844 7/11/1897 See photo
S-R5-7 ASHWORTH ROSA 10/3/1869 1/23/1897 Dau of N.B. & Isabel
See photo
N-R7-1 AYCOCK ARTILLA 1/19/1870 12/25/1938 Wife of W.Z.
See photo
N-R7-2 AYCOCK W. Z. 7/23/1868 5/1/1952 See photo
S-R2-4 BACON HATTIE (HOWELL) 9/19/1881 11/6/1953 See photo
S-R2-5 BACON BABY 5/1918 5/?/1918 See photo
S-R2-7 BACON IRVIN EUGENE 2/19/1912 6/15/1912 Son of Fred & Gertie
See photo
S-R2-8 BACON LOWELL DOUGLAS 11/23/1920 12/26/1920 Son of Fred & Gertie
See photo
S-R2-9 BACON CISERO 11/14/1855 8/2/1923 See photo
S-R2-10 BACON MARY H. 6/16/1855 4/5/1942 See photo
S-R2-11 BACON ANITA 3/1/1930 3/1/1930 Dau of Bertha & Boyd
See photo
S-R2-12 BACON BERTHA C. 1896 1936 See photo
S-R6-7 BALDWIN CLYDE J. 9/3/1900 12/23/1938 See photo
S-R6-9 BALDWIN J. M. 12/27/1868 11/24/1905 Woodsmen
See photo
N-R5-2 BARFIELD WILLIAM G., REV. 5/26/1932 11/8/1994 See photo
N-R6-2 BARFIELD W. G., REV. 5/26/1832 11/8/1894  
S-R5-1 BEAVERS LUTHER 9/21/1876 9/19/1906 See photo
S-R1-7 BECKNELL KENNETH CHARLES 11/15/1941 3/18/1999 See photo
S-R1-8 BECKNELL LILLIE MAE 4/19/1909 3/28/1978 See photo
S-R1-9 BECKNELL WILLIAM CHARLES 12/10/1884 7/19/1953 See photo
S-R1-10 BECKNELL BOBBY G. 4/22/1943 6/7/1968 See photo
N-R5-1 BENNETT NADINE 1931 1932 See photo
S-R2-21 BERRY LIZZIE B. 1894 1919 See photo
S-R6-8 BRADLEY AMBROSE 1895 1923 See photo
S-R3-5 BULLOCK F. J. 10/15/1854 7/1/1896 See photo
N-R1-9 BURTON HUGH No dates   See photo
S-R3-1 BUTLER MARY E. 6/23/1852 3/30/1942 See photo
S-R3-2 BUTLER JIM No dates   See photo
S-R3-3 CARTER ELLA E. 1888 1942 See photo
S-R3-4 CARTER CHARLES W. 1886 1952 See photo
N-R5-6 CAYLOR JAMES W. 5/4/1864 8/14/1929 See photo
N-R4-4 CLARK ARVIN W. 1/17/1892 11/25/1910 See photo
N-R6-3 CLINE MR. No dates   See photo
N-R4-10 COLLETT DONALD C.   1938 See photo
S-R3-6 CRUSHA ANDREW VERNE 9/10/1970 9/22/1970 See photo
N-R6-4 DAVIS B. F. 1869 1941 See photo
N-R6-5 DAVIS EFFIE R. 5/30/1875 2/28/1914 Wife of B.F.
See photo
N-R6-7 DAVIS VERNEY 1912 1927 See photo
S-R4-4 DAVIS MATTIE S. 2/9/1875 2/19/1906 Wife of N.C.
See photo
S-R4-5 DAVIS NEWTON C. 2/15/1866 10/22/1951 See photo
N-R3-11 DEARDORFF GEORGE S. No dates   See photo
N-R3-12 DEARDORFF NELLIE 5/5/1888 3/11/1923 Wife of G.S.
See photo
S-R5-4 DEGRAFFENRIED MARIE 11/18/1905 1/20/1911 Dau. Of F.E. & Ruby
See photo
S-R5-5 DEGRAFFENRIED ALBERT 1874 1890 See photo
S-R5-6 DEGRAFFENRIED W. H. 10/31/1848 5/21/1897? Difficult to read
See photo
N-R3-1 DERRICK BABY 1918 1918 See photo
N-R3-2 DERRICK LINARD H. 1907 1908 See photo
S-R1-12 DICKINSON MARTIN J. 12/20/1839 12/3/1916 Difficult to read
See photo
S-R1-13 DICKINSON DIANNA L. 5/22/1841 8/4/1922 Difficult to read
See photo
S-R2-14 EMERY MARJORIE 1900 1908 See photo
N-R2-1 FARRELL JOHN A. 7/21/1864 5/2/1942 See photo
N-R2-2 FARRELL SALLY E. 7/28/1873 7/14/1927 See photo
N-R2-3 FARRELL JOHNIE 12/1/1907 1/30/1908 Son of J.A. & S.E.
See photo
N-R2-4 FARRELL T. RUSSEL 12/12/1908 5/17/1913 Son of J.A. & S.E.
See photo
N-R4-15 FEHRLE BABIES (2) No dates   See photo
N-R4-16 FEHRLE KATE 2/26/1863 5/17/1925 See photo
N-R4-17 FEHRLE FRED 11/11/1859 6/13/1942 See photo
S-R5-15 FORSYTHE LINDA KAY 6/29/1952 8/21/1952 See photo
S-R5-16 FORSYTHE EDITH P. 12/16/1920 8/29/1982 See photo
S-R5-17 FORSYTHE RICHARD H. 6/16/1917 4/12/1971 See photo
See photo
S-R5-18 FORSYTHE LLOYD GENE 2/27/1950 8/31/1999 See photo
S-R5-19 FORSYTHE SARAH S. 11/13/1884 5/30/1962 See photo
NE-R1-1 FOSTER LIBBIE J. 6/16/1896 1/3/1985 See photo
NE-R1-2 FOSTER MIKE 9/23/1892 6/20/1980 CPL USA WW I
See photo
See photo
NE-R2-1 FOSTER MARY E. 5/5/1873 3/24/1944 See photo
NE-R2-2 FOSTER JAMES 1857 1940 See photo
NE-R2-4 FOSTER HATTIE 1893 1939 See photo
N-R6-8 GARRETT MARY No dates   "84 years old."
See photo
N-R6-9 GARRETT JAMES P. 1851 1941 See photo
S-R5-14 GARRISON PRISCILLA 1913 1914 See photo
N-R2-15 HALL EARNEST H. No dates 1941 See photo
N-R2-16 HALL MARY E. No dates 1929 See photo
S-R3-9 HAMMER LENA 1902 1902 See photo
N-R1-5 HARRIS   No dates    
N-R1-8 HARRIS NO NAME No dates   See photo
N-R2-21 HARRIS   No dates    
S-R3-10 HARRIS R. B. 5/21/1878 3/8/1904 Woodsmen
See photo
N-R5-10 HENDERSON J. A. 4/10/1862 2/17/1903 See photo
N-R5-11 HENDERSON RUBY 9/1/1897 9/17/1897 Dau. of J.A. & A.
See photo
S-R6-10 HERRING LILLIAN 1936 1936 See photo
S-R6-11 HERRING BABY No dates   See photo
S-R1-4 HOGUE PERCY M. 2/16/1850 7/13/1905 Wife of James
See photo
S-R1-15 HOUCK LARRY WAYNE 2/4/1957 11/13/1996 See photo
N-R5-3 HUBBARD R. M. No dates   See photo
S-R2-1 HULSE J. R. SR. 5/7/1819 1/14/1898 See photo
S-R2-2 HULSE MRS. No dates   See photo
N-R1-1 JENNINGS EVA Z. 6/27/1865 3/31/1958 See photo
N-R1-2 JENNINGS WILLIAM R. 9/11/1861 3/19/1926 See photo
N-R4-1 JONES MARY O. No dates   See photo
N-R4-2 JONES VARREL V. 11/28/1911 6/30/1957 See photo
N-R4-3 JONES EZEKIEL S. 11/29/1879 3/14/1939 See photo
S-R6-12 JONES W. S. No dates   See photo
S-R6-13 JONES JOHN L. No dates   See photo
S-R6-14 JONES ROSA L. 7/26/1879 8/16/1905 See photo
S-R6-15 JONES W. D. 11/29/1869 10/13/1908 See photo
S-R6-16 JONES CATHERINE No dates   See photo
S-R6-17 JONES CHARLES C. No dates   See photo
S-R6-18 JONES THOMAS H. No dates   See photo
N-R1-6 KHROMER   No dates    
S-R4-7 KIDNEY CLARENCE 1852 1938 See photo
S-R2-23 KINSEY ESTHER INEZ 9/28/1957 10/21/1995 See photo
S-R3-11 KINSEY HAROLD B. 1/12/1940 4/4/1994 Married 12/30/1955
See photo
N-R2-6 KIRACOFF MABLE 2/7/1911 6/9/1911 See photo
N-R2-8 KIRACOFF EARL 7/13/1915 10/23/1916 See photo
N-R3-16 KROHMER BARBARA 1859 1898 See photo
N-R3-17 KROHMER SAMUEL 1856 1900 See photo
N-R3-18 KROHMER RAYMOND 12/14/1919 11/19/1923 See photo
N-R2-9 LAWSON CHRISTENA 1845 1912 See photo
N-R4-11 MAYES LEWIS CUSTER 1/22/1900 4/3/1910 See photo
N-R4-12 MAYES MOLLIE A. 9/25/1842 12/28/1900 Wife of J.T.
See photo
N-R4-13 MAYES J. L. "LEN" 8/11/1868 2/20/1942 See photo
N-R4-14 MAYES ELISABETH A. 3/8/1873 6/26/1957 See photo
N-R1-7 McCARLEY SAM Can't read 1883  
N-R2-10 McCLURE BABY 1918 1918 See photo
N-R2-11 McCLURE INFANT No dates   See photo
N-R2-14 McCLURE LONNIE W. No dates   See photo
S-R6-19 McCLURE VERNA No dates   See photo
N-R6-10 MILLS JESSE 7/18/1865 1/28/1905 See photo
S-R2-3 MITCHELL BABY No dates   See photo
S-R1-5 MOORE EVA WYNNE 3/10/1892 1/26/1965 Wife of William
See photo
S-R1-6 MOORE WILLIAM H. 10/25/1888 2/24/1920 See photo
S-R2-22 MORIN WANDA 11/6/1939 8/5/1987 See photo
N-R2-18 O'BRIANT C. H. 1/6/1862 10/7/1899 See photo
N-R2-12 OHLS BABY 1918 1918 See photo
S-R2-6 OLIPHANT SERENE 10/25/1818 3/12/1905 Wife of S.R.
See photo
N-R6-6 OWENS STELLA 1893 1919 See photo
N-R6-11 PARTLOW G. R. 8/30/1831 7/10/1905 See photo
NW-R1-2 PATTERSON FRANCIS E. JR. "PAT" 9/17/1917 4/5/1970 See photo
NW-R1-3 PATTERSON WILLIAM LEROY 1/17/1915 7/24/1937 See photo
NW-R1-4 PATTERSON MARY M. WILSON 7/15/1894 11/2/1924 Wife of F.E.
See photo
S-R5-2 PERRY FLORENCE F. 12/5/1878 1/7/1906 Wife of W.H.
See photo
S-R5-3 PERRY WILLIAM H. 8/7/1869 4/16/1906 See photo
N-R5-4 POWERS ROSA 5/25/1887 2/1/1956 See photo
N-R5-5 POWERS J. BEN 10/19/1863 5/1/1948 See photo
S-R1-11 PUCKETT BLANCHE 10/15/1898 3/6/1905 Difficult to read
See photo
S-R2-13 REEVES JAMES F. No dates   SGT Co. F, TENN CAV.
See photo
N-R2-13 ROBBERSON CLIFFORD R. 1932 1932 See photo
N-R2-5 ROBINSON LORENE 1919 1919 See photo
N-R2-7 ROBINSON EVERETT 1889 1908 Son of W.C. & A.A.
See photo
N-R2-19 ROGERS ANNIE E. 2/5/1897 2/14/1900 Dau. Of G.C. & L.A.
See photo
N-R2-20 ROGERS JESSE A. 8/9/1895 10/24/1918 See photo
NE-R2-3 SCOTT MARY GRACE 3/30/1900 1/12/1980 See photo
N-R1-3 SHORT INFANT 1941 1941 See photo
N-R3-13 SMITH HENRY 1859 1927 See photo
N-R3-14 SMITH LUCY 1870 1944 See photo
S-R1-14 SMITH JUNIOR N. 1936 1985 See photo
S-R4-8 SMITH VERA 1914 1916 See photo
S-R1-1 STEED MRS. No dates   See photo
N-R5-12 STOW WILLIAM 7/1/1832 4/9/1904 See photo
N-R1-4 STUDHOLME JOHN No dates   See photo
N-R4-6 THOMPSON CECIL R. No dates 1913 See photo
N-R4-7 THOMPSON PAULINA 10/22/1890 3/18/1935 See photo
N-R4-8 THOMPSON CLYDE 11/10/1890 6/27/1970 See photo
N-R4-9 THOMPSON ELMER B. 1914 1974 F1 USN
See photo
S-R2-19 THOMPSON EMMA J. 1853 1922 See photo
S-R2-20 THOMPSON C. V. 1851 1939 See photo
S-R6-1 TUCKER JAMES W. 2/16/1875 5/18/1937 See photo
S-R6-2 TUCKER ALICE 5/17/1877 4/1/1937 See photo
S-R6-20 VAN DEREN JESSE T. 1861 1928 See photo
S-R6-21 VAN DEREN STEVEN E. 1860 1940 See photo
S-R5-9 WACHENHEIM GEORGE 5/22/1824 8/23/1898 See photo
S-R5-8 WAGNER PAULINA ISABEL 12/9/1891 3/13/1899 Dau of C.W. & M.L.
See photo
S-R4-12 WALLACE ROXEY ANN 7/25/1884 5/10/1927 See photo
S-R4-11 WALLAS BABY No dates   See photo
N-R2-17 WARD EFFIE (BINGHAM) 11/27/1885 12/9/1909 Wife of J.T.
See photo
S-R6-3 WARREN ODER J. 2/11/1889 5/6/1967 See photo
S-R6-4 WARREN WILDEN W. 1/17/1916 11/14/1972 See photo
S-R6-5 WARREN ALFRED J. 1/28/1918 11/5/1958 See photo
S-R6-6 WARREN MARY 8/5/1876 8/21/1958 See photo
N-R3-15 WEEKS   No dates   2 w/no first names
N-R5-7 WELD PEARL 4/13/1894 6/15/1946 See photo
N-R5-8 WELD CALEB 12/17/1876 4/6/1959 See photo
N-R5-9 WELD KATHERINE 10/27/1845 1/22/1912 See photo
N-R4-5 WHITE AROL No dates   Baby
See photo
S-R3-7 WHITE COLLEEN 1943 1943 Daughter of Wanda
See photo
NW-R1-9 WILLIAMS NORVIN R. 3/13/1916 1/24/1936 See photo
N-R6-1 WILLIAMS PAMELA 12/19/1960 3/22/1904 Memorial Chapel F.H.
See photo
S-R3-8 WILLIAMS ALBERT B. 10/23/1896 1/5/1899 See photo
S-R4-1 WILLIAMS GEORGE T. 1/21/1857 1/7/1939 See photo
S-R4-2 WILLIAMS REBECCA A. 12/27/1859 2/13/1935 See photo
S-R4-3 WILLIAMS LEON 7/27/1919 9/5/1919 See photo
NW-R1-1 WILSON JOHN H. 1904 1949 See photo
NW-R1-5 WILSON JOHN W. 1863 1933 See photo
NW-R1-6 WILSON TURIE K. 1873 1953 See photo
NW-R1-7 WILSON GEORGE W. 11/1/1900 12/2/1921 See photo
NW-R1-8 WILSON IRA S. 10/23/1906 8/23/1907 Son of J.W. & Turie
See photo
N-R3-3 WILSON GEORGE N. 1872 1935 See photo
N-R3-4 WILSON HARVE A. 1874 1957 See photo
N-R3-5 WILSON LUDA 1887 1972 See photo
N-R3-6 WILSON GORDAN H. 1908 1909 Son of Luda
See photo
N-R3-7 WILSON FREDRICK J. 1810 1918 Son of Luda
See photo
N-R3-8 WILSON SUSAN A. 1850 1923 See photo
N-R3-9 WILSON JAMES A. 1848 1925 See photo
N-R3-10 WILSON LEONARD 1899 1918 See photo
S-R1-2 WILSON HANNAH 7/20/1893 12/23/1986 See photo
S-R1-3 WILSON ROY 6/15/1879 9/1/1951 See photo
S-R4-6 WILSON LEROY J. 10/21/1919 11/18/1944 PFC USA WW II
See photo
S-R4-9 WILSON GEORGIA 6/26/1880 2/20/1953 See photo
S-R4-10 WILSON CARL 3/21/1876 4/8/1969 See photo
S-R5-11 WILSON CELIA I. 6/26/1894 10/17/1908 Dau. of J.D. & Lula
See photo
S-R5-12 WILSON CELIA No dates   Baby
See photo
S-R2-15 WINEGARNER LAURA E. 1867 1939 See photo
S-R2-16 WINEGARNER HARRY F. 1867 1931 See photo
S-R2-17 WINEGARNER HARRY VICTOR 1909 1914 See photo
S-R2-18 WINEGARNER KIRBY 1903 1954 See photo

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