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Banner Cemetery
Cleveland County, Oklahoma
Cemetery Pic
See layout map of cemetery.
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff

Submitted & © 2000-07 by: Jim Woodruff & Area Coordinator

Banner Cemetery is located six miles south and one half mile east of Hwy. 9. From Norman, take Hwy. 9 east to 120th Ave. SE. Go south six miles to Banner Road. Go east on Banner Road 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the south side of the road. I have listed the graves by row starting from the west end of the cemetery with plots proceeding from north to south. Examples: R5-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 5. R1-3 would be the third grave in from the north end of the first row at the west end of the cemetery.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website,
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R5-1 ARMSTRONG Kitty Dee 1/4/1903 3/16/1981 photo
W of Richard
R5-2 ARMSTRONG Richard P. 9/1/1899 9/22/1968 photo
H of Kitty
R5-3 ARMSTRONG VIRGIE A. 7/4/1926 6/4/1927 photo
R7-1 ATTAWAY L Z & Brother No dates   photo
  B M      
  BARSHAW Madline   5/2/1909  
R4-1 BENNETT Mary Joann (Rankins)(Hayes) (Bruesch) (Minor) 11/30/1937 6/27/2010 W of Kenneth Hayes
W of Loyal Bruesch
W of Allen Minor
Wed Vernon Bennett 6/4/1984   photo
R4-1 BENNETT VERNON A. 4/9/1929 4/7/2004 Wed Mary 6/4/1984   photo
R12-7 BOWEN William Daniel "Bill" 7/23/1907 11/23/1992 Akins, AR to Norman, OK
  Burns Ramona Jean Age 84 6/28/2017  
UNK BUSBY Margie Sue (Simpson) 7/3/1936 9/9/2012 W of Roy
UNK BUSBY Roy Edward 3/30/1922 4/5/2007 photo
H of Margie
R9-8 BUTTS Bobbi Dawn 6/1/1986 6/1/1986 photo
UNK CALE Hattie Marie (Morris) 5/18/1915 5/18/2003 W of Frank
R9-2 CAPEHART JAMES O. 3/24/1909 5/21/1909 photo
R9-1 CAPEHART LAWRENCE 6/30/1912 8/6/1912 photo
R10-5 CARLSON Ruth (Gordon) 8/15/1931 1/31/1996 W of Robert F.
UNK CLARK Charlayne (McCurry) 10/15/1931 11/1/2005 photo
W of Harold
UNK CLARK Harold "Hap" 9/8/1921 11/28/1977 photo
H of Charlayne
R4-11 CLEM Nettie V (Stickney) (Morris) (Crownover) (Clark) 4/13/1911 4/8/1988 photo
R4-10 CLEM
Oather B 12/16/1921 5/13/1988 PVT US Army
R4-5 CLINE BOBBY DON 9/21/1955 5/6/2000 photo
R4-6 CLINE DOROTHY L. 12/2/1932 6/12/2000 W of Ralph E.
RALPH E. 7/23/1925 11/5/1998 US Army WW II
H of Dorothy
R11-1 COTTRELL BILLIE FAYE 12/31/1926 4/9/1995 Wed James 8/16/1979   photo
R11-1 COTTRELL James D 2/7/1935   Wed Billie 8/16/1979   photo
R3-4 COUCH Edgar Marion "Jack" 8/18/1911 5/8/1991 Riverside Funeral Home     photo
R8-3 COUCH Ollie (Sanders) 8/2/1905 7/30/1923 And baby daughter
  CROSLIN Bobby Glenn 5/18/1939 9/9/2011 Wed Shirley 6/19/1959    Photo
  CROSLIN Shirley Ann (Parsons) 3/20/1941   Wed Bobby 6/19/1959    Photo
R9-5 CURE MAHALA C. 12/5/1873 6/4/1893 W of James W.
  DAVIDSON Thomas, Sr. 11/18/1912 1/19/1986  
R12-6 DAVIS MARY 11/18/1920 11/22/1990 photo
  DONNELL Baby   5/9/1913 Child of Sam
R4-4 EADES Mitchel Rae 8/20/1998 11/19/1998 photo
  FANNON Eva Louise (Morris) 9/28/1952 2/16/2007  
R12-1 FITZGERALD ELLEN L. 1/6/1908 2/7/1981 W of Floyd Jr
R12-2 FITZGERALD FLOYD J. JR 7/23/1905 10/27/1980 photo
H of Ellen
R10-11 FRANKS Gladys Fay (Payne) 9/27/1913 9/1/1992 H of Ira 
R10-12 FRANKS Ira H. "Bill" 8/8/1896 1/17/1975 H of Gladys 
R12-8 FULLER LUCILLE 9/25/1929 2/13/1994 photo
R4-2 GIBSON Alice Ann (Rankins) 9/29/1950 11/25/1999 photo
R8-1 GILBREATH GLADIS 5/10/1904 11/10/1905 D of Warren & Stella   photo
R8-2 GILBREATH STELLA 1/18/1886 8/29/1905 W of Warren
Janis Joy 8/23/1961 4/21/1997 photo
SR US Navy
Robert Frazee Sr. 3/28/1927 1/6/1994 S1 US Navy
Robert Frazee, Jr. 8/18/1950 8/17/2010 SSgt US Marine Corps  Vietnam
R9-14 GRAHAM BEN No dates   Baby
R9-16 GRAHAM Benjamin Edward  "Bennie" 12/6/1892 9/12/1989 Wed Dora 5/6/1925    photo
Buddy Gerald 2/11/1942 3/12/1990 AMS3 US Navy Vietnam    photo
Carlos Winford 10/4/1923 9/5/1959 OK Pvt  US Army WW II    photo
R9-6A GRAHAM Charles Philip "Phil" 9/15/1958 4/7/2012 Wed Kena  11/18/1983
photo & Obit
R9-15 Graham Dora Ella (Hill) 7/17/1893 8/23/1959 Wed Benjamin
5/6/1925  photo
R9-11 GRAHAM Francis Maybelle "Belle" (Richardson) 3/18/1866 12/26/1909 W of Isaac
R9-12 GRAHAM ISAAC 4/18/1869 8/2/1954 H of Francis
H of Sarah photo
R9-6A GRAHAM Kena Rachelle (Abney) 7/1/1962   Wed Charles 11/18/1983
R7-9 GRAHAM Layton Davis 1/25/1898 1/18/1976 photo
R9-13 GRAHAM LUCILLE No dates   photo
Murle Arland 12/3/1933 5/18/1987 US Army Korea
H of Olene photo
R3-2 GRAHAM Ollene 11/8/1936   W of Murle
R8-13 GRAHAM Ralph Nolen 5/10/1930 10/17/1982 H of Wilma photo
R9-7 GRAHAM Sarah A "Sally" (Hall) 9/29/1889 4/1/1956 W of Isaac photo
UNK GRAHAM Tim Nolen 7/26/1952 10/1/2009 photo
  Graham Unknown      
R9-10 GRAHAM WILLIE No dates    
UNK GRAHAM Wilma Gene (Cooper) 7/14/1932 8/10/2005 W of Ralph photo
R12-9 GREEN Charles F 4/10/1857 Oct 1926 H of Magaret
R12-9 GREEN Margaret E "Maggie" 4/6/1873 9/12/1903 W of Charles photo
R3-1 GRISBY CHARLEY No dates   photo
  Gure Mahala C 12/5/1875 6/4/1899 W of James
R8-11 HARBISON AMELIA C. 8/19/1879 5/24/1933 W of William A.
R8-12 HARBISON WILLIAM A. 7/18/1872 12/13/1946 H of Amelia
  Hart Norma Gene   11/8/1927 D of Carl
UNK HAYES CURTIS PAL 11/10/1965 7/16/2006 photo
R6-3 HILL FRANK 8/6/1904 1/18/1929 photo
R6-4 HILL Infant Daughter 12/24/1920 12/24/1920 D of Walter & Mary  photo
R6-2 HILL J. E. 7/21/1887 1/31/1959 photo
R6-1 HILL Lowell Delmar 1/18/1916 7/4/1933 photo
R6-5 HILL Mary Josephine "Josie" (Avants) 8/9/1871 3/14/1927 W of Walter
R6-6 HILL WALTER W. 9/8/1862 8/18/1950 H of Mary photo
UNK JENNINGS J. W. 8/25/1887 10/28/1898 photo
UNK JENNINGS JOANN 5/7/1940 2/21/2007 Wed Perry 10/12/1960   photo
UNK JENNINGS Perry 11/17/1936   Wed Joann 10/12/1960   photo
R12-3 JOO KWANG CHI 8/20/1944 8/11/1982 photo
R10-4 KELLEY EDNA P. 12/16/1899 11/28/1902 D of J.R. & C.L.
R1-1 LaRue WILLIE MAE 10/6/2001 4/19/2004 Memorial Chapel F. H.
R11-6 LINDSEY Carolyn S 10/19/1943 10/29/2009 W of Floyd
R11-6 LINDSEY Floyd Lendsey,  Jr. 9/17/1941 8/21/1986 H of Carolyn
UNK McBRIDE Ellen Maye (Snyder) 8/28/1936 11/26/2004 photo
R4-8 McDONALD THOMAS H. 11/27/1903 7/18/1989 photo
R9-3 McVEY CHARLES 11/18/1876 9/6/1900 photo
R9-4 McVEY HARRIETT 8/29/1849 12/27/1913 photo
  Milford Dan Age 78? 10/1/1939  
R10-1 MOORE ESTEY 12/5/1903 12/18/1987  
  Moore George Franklin 4/4/1956 11/11/2012  
R11-5 MOORE Ruby Lucille "Lucy" (Ward) 7/7/1909 11/14/1942 photo
R9-9 MORGAN BILLY RAY 5/2/1936 7/30/1993 H of Martha photo
R9-9 MORGAN Martha Kaye 2/7/1938   W of Billy  photo
R4-9 MORRIS BOBBY JOE 1992 1992  
Claud Clinton 3/22/1919 8/28/1959 OK Pvt Field Arty  WW II   photo
R8-9 Morris G H 2/12/1879 2/6/1922 Stone broken
R4-12 MORRIS GEORGE 5/16/1896 8/28/1934 photo
R8-9 MORRIS Lewis Washington "Wash" 2/11/1862 2/5/1922 H of Lue
R8-8 MORRIS Lue Emma (Richardson) 12/21/1877 7/30/1933 Stone broken
W of Lewis photo
  MORRIS Willie Louis 2/12/1902 12/3/1957  
  Nicholson O C 6/10/1910 12/22/1984  
  Richardson Dela Catherine "Dolly" (Roach) 8/15/1839 8/24/1903 W of Lewis
  Richardson Lewis R Aug 1817 5/5/1901 H of Dela
UNK ROWELL Jerald Matthew 1953 2009 photo
R3-3 RUDD Terry Lynn 1954 2001 Wadley's Funeral Home    photo
  Samples Tom L 7/27/1955 6/26/2017 Obit
R8-4 SANDERS KENNITH 7/27/1922 8/26/1925  
R12-4 SHOBERT Ben William 4/10/1942 9/11/1983 photo
R12-4 SHOBERT Rita 4/10/1942 9/14/1973  
R10-2 SHOBERT Thomas Edward 4/14/1933 8/6/1989 photo
UNK SLATE SAMUEL LEE 2/20/1986 3/11/2010 photo
UNK SMEDLEY JAMES DAVID 3/31/1952 4/18/2009 photo
  SMITH Billie D 1/10/1939   Wed Raymond 4/25/1960    Photo
R12-5 SMITH MARY E. 8/7/1960 12/6/1987 Difficult to read
  SMITH Raymond Duane 5/27/1941 1/2/2007 Wed Billie 4/25/1960    Photo
UNK SNYDER J. J. 3/30/1885 9/14/1906 photo
R8-5 STICKNEY Andrew Hoyt 1853 1938 H of Margaret photo
  Stickney Artie V (Graham) 4/22/1886 1964  
R8-7 Stickney Jessie Dee 10/30/1900 6/20/1908 photo
R8-6 STICKNEY Margaret May "Maggie" (Cox) 1858 1937 W of Andrew
  Swopes Lottie Faye(Rowe) 10/20/1926 2/7/2014 Wed Thomas 11/18/1944  Photo
Thomas Frailey 4/6/1924 9/12/2011 Wed Lottie 11/18/1944  
Cpl US Marine Corps WW II Photos
  Unknown Dora      
  Vanerstrom Rachel "Indy" (Kay) 1840 1904  
R4-3 WALDRUP Allen Scott Hayes 1/3/2003 11/10/2003 photo
R7-5 WALTON Calvin Elijah 8/9/1861 6/9/1915 H of Selene  photo
R7-6 WALTON Henry Marvin 4/30/1891 12/22/1972 H of Icyphoto
R7-7 WALTON Icy Opal (Jones) 1/18/1899 12/14/1974 W of Henry
John Mack 10/20/1895 7/1/1974 Cpl US Army
Norman Glen 12/25/1925 5/1/1995 US Army WW II
R7-2 WALTON Robert Allen 3/15/1914 4/15/1914 photo
R7-4 WALTON Selene Martine "Lena" (England) 5/1/1857 8/20/1937 W of Calvin
R11-2 WARD ARTIE 1895 8/14/1940 photo
R11-4 WARD Emma (Inman) 5/23/1876 1/19/1948 W of James E.
R10-8 WARD INFANT 3/21/1896 4/2/1896 S of James E & Emma   photo
R10-8 WARD INFANT 6/26/1901 6/26/1901 S of James E & Emma   photo
R11-3 WARD James Edward 4/29/1870 1/17/1924 H of Emma  photo
James Franklin, Sr. "Jimmy" 10/21/1950 3/17/2013 Cpl US Marine Corps  Vietnam
R10-9 WARD LITTLE JOE 4/15/1903 1/22/1906 S of James E. & Emma   photo
R10-10 WARD OLLIE 5/19/1891 2/25/1893 D of Robert & Adeline    photo
R2-1 WILCOX HARLOW 1/28/1943 8/26/2002 photo
  Wills Andy Daniel 7/25/1962   photo
  WILSON Barbara Sue (Brooks) 6/16/1945   Wed Donald  3/3/1984   Photo
Donald Gene "Don" 3/4/1949 6/22/2015 Wed Barbara 3/3/1984 
Sgt US Air Force Vietnam  Photos
R1-2 WILSON JANET 7/17/1944 11/1/2000 Wadley's Funeral Home    photo
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