Miller Cemetery
Cherokee County, Oklahoma

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© 2004: Sue E. Berry

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© 2004 - 2006: Sue E. Berryand Patricia E. Jones

South 465 Road, Tahlequah, OK 74464

If you have family buried in Miller Cemetery, can take a gate photo that I can place on the website, have obits (with newspapers permission), an obit that you can write), tombstone photo, individual portraits, can write a short bio, or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
NOTICE. If you submit information to this website and change your e-mail address please notify the area coordinator with the county/cemetery and new e-mail address so we can keep our pages as up to date as possible.
Note: Every effort has been made to transcribe this information accurately. These records MAY CONTAIN ERRORS. Any corrections and/or additions greatly appreciated. As with any genealogy information, this is a source and should be considered as such. It is up to the researcher to verify the accuracy.

ADAIRAndrew18681881Son of Rufus Bell Adair & Jennie Fields 
ADKINSRobert Perry19541955  
ANDERSONFrances M.Dec. 1900Oct. 1980  
ANDERSONJohnJul. 1882Nov. 1924  
BAKERJohn W.18661929  
BEAMERAlbert EdwardSep 1884Apr 1975  
BEANInfant06 Apr 188407 Apr 1884  
BEANJeff18891964Son of Robbin & Mary Miller Bean 
BEANMary18561918Wife of R.R. Bean;
Daughter of Washington & Nancy Cordery Miller
BEANRob(b)in (Robt)18501902Husband of Mary;
Son of Pleasant & Frances Timberlake Bean
BELLAnne W.19321990  
BRANNONSummer Rene15 Mar 200503 Aug 2005  
BRIGGS LulaApr 1882May 1956  
BROWN Lula B.Jul 1888Dec 1980  
BURCHETTAlfred Monroe18741962Husband of Flora Matilda Burchett 
BURCHETTEdgar C.May 1948Jun 1948  
BURCHETTFlora Mae (Matilda)18821951Wife of Alfred M.;
Daughter of Benjamin and Cynthia Lillard Tally.
BURCHETTLeona Isobel11 Aug 192128 Feb 2005 Wife of Woodrow Burchett 
BURCHETTMaud S.18821958  
BURCHETTWoodrow W.Nov 1913Jan 1994  
BUTLERBeulah M.Jun 1923Apr 1978  
CASTLEBERRYJames R.Nov. 1944   
CLINEFred W.May 1926Mar 1988WWII 
COOKMargaret L.18671950  
COOKMarion D.18611944  
COPELANDAnthony GeneMay 1961Apr 1991  
CULVERMary Ann18911962  
CULVERRev. A. W.18551928  
DALLISMinnie Bell    
DALLISRosey Bell18831956  
DALLISTildy Bell19061926  
DALLISWillieFeb 1905Feb 1984  
DOBSONEmit F.Feb 1909Mar 1978  
DOBSONHarry L.18851947  
DOBSONLydia E.18851958  
DOBSONRichard WayneJul 1927Jul 1986  
DUDLEYGeorge W.18821949  
DUDLEYLeonard LeeOct 1914Aug 1983  
DUDLEYVenia Viola18901954  
ELKINSJohnnie MarvinMar 1943May 1992  
FINNEYBarney M.Oct 1924Feb 1997WWII 
FINNEYBettie FayOct 1934Oct 1934  
FINNEYBilly RayJul 1931Feb 2001  
FINNEYBrinda GailOct 1950Aug 1954  
FINNEYCorene (Garner)Sep 1919Mar 2000  
FINNEYDavis E.Mar 1902Jun 1981  
FINNEYDortha OpelineJan 1940Jan 1940  
FINNEYPerry G.Oct 1927Nov 1973WWII 
FINNEYStella C.Nov 1905Jun 1989  
FINNEYWilson B.Oct 1896Oct 1976  
FISHERCharles RichardFeb 1937Oct 1940  
GARNERAurther R.19011969  
GARNERConnie E.19091963  
GORDONG. W.Feb 1900Mar 1967  
GORDONJames EdwardJun 1948Dec 1987  
GORDONSarah Lucille ReeceOct 1906Jan 1996  
GOURDA. A.18871890  
GOURDAdeline R.Jul 1940Jul 1949  
GULAGERChristian18751956Son of Fred.Wm. & Martha L. Scrimsher Gulager 
GULAGERChristian19281970OKLA Cpl USMC WWII 
GULAGERFrederick William18411927  
GULAGERHenry GunterMar 1884Apr 1957  
GULAGERMartha Lucretia18421928nee Scrimsher;
Wife of Frederick Wm.
Mother of 6 children
GULAGERMary Elizabeth18811955  
HEATONAlice C.May 1880May 1935  
HEATONGeorge AndrewOct 1870Dec 1959  
HEATONLeona MayApr 1914Jan 1998  
HEATONThomas J.Sep 1910Mar 2001  
HINDSCarl JethroJan 1890Jan 1974  
HINDSFannie B.Nov 1894Nov 1985  
HINDSGoldie M.Dec 1901Sep 1988  
HINDSShelby A.Dec 1901May 1977  
HINDSThomas F.Feb 1881Nov 1969  
HUDDLESTONJohn F.19101990  
HUDDLESTONOra Geneva19131991  
JOHNSONElsie L.Jun 1930 Mar 1990  
JOHNSONLeRoyMar 1927Dec 2002 WWII 
JOLIFFEG. C.18741928  
JOLIFFEMary L.18961938  
JORDANAlma JeanSep 1923Dec 1986  
JORDANDickNov 1889Aug 1962  
JORDANDoraMay 1896Feb 1974  
JORDANDuane LeeNov 1958Apr 1978  
JORDANJeanDec 1919Aug 1993  
JORDANLeoNov 1919Dec 1993  
JORDANRoyJan 1940Feb 1990  
JORDANSamJun 1914Sep 1988  
JULIANCornellJan 1934Oct 1997  
JULIANHelen RubySep 1910Sep 1986  
JULIANThomas E.Nov 1900Nov 1959  
JULIANVersa Louise19291983  
JUSTUSMecher Scott19071931  
KERRBrownNov 1885Aug 1971  
KERRE. P. "Bud"Mar 1860Aug 1932  
KERRLouise ViolaSep 1916Dec. 1959  
KINGCray Mige (Jordan)19 Feb 198023 Mar. 2005Granddaughter of Sam & Jean Jordan 
KRESSDavid W. 1970  
KUYKENDALLMargie AliceJul 1938Aug 2004  
MATHEWSRobert B.Mar 1890Apr 1962  
MATHEWSVady LouJun 1982Nov 1979  
MATTHEWSA. N.18261900  
MATTHEWSAnnie C.18891901  
MATTHEWSW. R.18521900  
MCCOLLUM Carthel N.Mar 1917Oct 1979   
MCCOLLUM James FredJan 1887Jul 1963  
MCCOLLUM Jewel H.Mar 1920May 1997  
MCCOLLUM Norman L.Feb 1941Nov 1988  
MCCOLLUMRex HenryFeb 1914Mar 1982WWII 
MCCOLLUM Ulice H.Feb 1912Jul 1981WWII 
MCGOWANJ. T. 24 Dec 192520 Feb 2005WWII vet; s/o Bud & Pansy McGowanSee More
MCGOWENBudMar 1907Sep 1974  
MCGOWENDaisy RubyFeb 1912Nov 1977  
MCGOWENGeorgeJul 1877Aug 1946  
MCGOWENIdaApr 1884Mar 1973  
MCGOWENLeeJun 1910Nov 1991  
MCGOWENPansyNov 1907Dec 2001  
MCNIELBarbaraNov 1942Nov 2000  
MCNIELVirgil P.May 1919Mar 1999   
MILLERAndrew Jackson18721916  
MILLERFlora R. Della18781910  
MITCHELLNita Marie1951 2005  
MORRISBillie L.Feb 1929Dec 2003  
MORRISGeorgia Etta18661952  
MORRISM. LouiseJan 1928Apr 1991  
MORRISNellea J.Jul 1900Sep 1979  
MORRISWilliam A.Apr 1894Apr 1978WWII 
MORRISONFlossie E.Mar 1911Nov 1990  
MORRISONFreddie L.19371955  
MORRISONHerbert F.18651952  
MORRISONLee RoyOct 1907Oct 1995  
MOSSAllie RaeSep 1933Mar 2002  
MOSSPeter TrentJun 1978Jul 1978  
MOSSTimmie P. L.Oct 1930Feb 2003  
MUNDINGJane CarolynJul 1920Dec 1987  
NANCEMary19152005NW section 
NOBLITTBabyMar. 22 1943   
NOBLITTCharles RayMar 1944Jul 1996  
NOBLITTHarvey V.Jan 1916Dec 1993  
NOBLITTHenrietta Apr 1900Sep 1975   
NOBLITTJames R.Feb 1869Dec 1954  
NOBLITTRobert B.Sep 1900Jan 1980  
NOBLITTRobert F. Sep 1948Oct 1977   
NOBLITT GRAGGSarah ElizabethMay 1892Feb. 1959   
NORRISMartha N.18791905  
PANELLJames H.Apr 1907Jul 1980  
PANELLJohn T.18701927  
PANELLL. P.18451930  
REECEW. B.Feb 1906Sep 1943  
ROGERSBillie K.Sep 1948Dec 1949  
RUMBLYJ. W.     
SCOTTAndrew JacksonAug 1901Feb 1962  
SCOTTBeatriceDec 1925Feb 1926 
SCOTTBessie ElizabethApr 1905Jul 1970  
SCOTTCecil S.Oct 1916 Feb 1971  
SCOTTClaud D.Apr 1914Jun 2003  
SCOTTHesterMay 1894Mar 1981  
SCOTTJennifer LynnMay 1946Oct 1993  
SCOTTLoganNov 1906Feb 1960  
SCOTTMajor C.18831949  
SCOTTMayme PearlNov 1903Jul 2002  
SCOTTMelissa Ann    
SCOTTOris MaeJan 1914May 1980  
SCOTTRhodena Jan 1927Mar 1927  
SCOTTS. Frank18871946  
SCOTTWilliam. J.May 1884Apr 1952   
SHRUMRuby NellMay 1935Jul 2001  
SIMSClayton I.Apr 1923Dec 1982WWII 
SIMSJessie W.19211988WWII 
SMALLWOODVirgie31 Mar 191309 Jul 1993Age 80
Metal Marker
STEPPJohn PaulJan 1922Jul 1998  
STEPPW. A. Bill19011977  
SWEENEYLouise DurrettNov 1919Nov 1988  
TAYLORAndrew Jackson18941932WW Vet. Co C. Met Depl. 
TAYLORMarieDec 1909Aug 2001Wife of Thomas Watie Taylor 
TAYLORThomas Watie18851965  
TAYLORWilliam M.18461897  
THOMPSONJohn N.1883Jul 1969  
THOMPSONJohn N. Jr.Jul 1913Jul 1986  
WATKINSJason ThomasSep 1981   
WHITEHOUSEMyrtleAug 1908Jan 1921  
WILLIAMSONFannie B.Sep 1906Mar 1993  
WILLIAMSONJohn M.18811928  
WILMONBilly Gene 19271979WWII 
WILMONCoy A.Jan. 1925Apr 1987WWII 
WILMONDullie C.18771957  
WILMONFredrick H.Jul 1938May 1992  
WILMONWilliam A.18781965  
WOODSDoris E.Mar 1911Apr 2003  
WOODSNorman O.Jul 1903Apr 1991  

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