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Fairview Cemetery, Apache
Caddo County, Oklahoma

Submitted by: Sandi Carter

Mann ~ Martin Surnames
 MANNBarbara Ann [Flynn]13/Nov/1928
Stecker OK
Lawton OK
SS/W & W/O Roy Hudson Mann II, M 12/Jan/1947 Fort Sill OK, M/O Mike, Rick , Roy, David & Linda Mann, D/O James Benjamin & Minnie Fay [Kailey] Flynn
 MANNBelle18/Jun/188618/Mar/1978"Married Dec 13, 1913"
W/O [1] Volney Tryston Gober [2] SS/W Henry Mann
 MANNDavid Scott02/Jul/1962
Anadarko OK
Lawton OK
"6 Times World Champs IX X XIII XIV XL XLII" "I'm Alright"
F/O Michael James & Lacy Rene Mann, S/O Roy Hudson II & Barbara Anne [Flynn] Mann, In the band "Cooter Brown"
Single marker
 MANNGale Ellen [Elliott]09/May/194722/Sep/1987
Roy Hudson Mann III, D/O Lum & Lola Elliott
Unmarked Grave
 MANNHenry28/May/188822/Nov/1968"Married Dec 13, 1913"
SS/W & H/O Belle Mann, S/O Jesse & Mary Ann [Morrison] Mann
Coleman CO TX
11/Jan/1998"Born in Coleman County Texas"
S/O Jesse & Mary Ann [Morrison] Mann
Single marker
 MANNMal1911 Single Marker
 MANNRoy Hudson II28/Mar/192521/May/1973  "New York Tec 4 US Army ~ World War II"
SS/W & H/O Barbara Ann [Flynn] Mann, F/O Mike, Rick, Roy, David & Linda Mann
 MANNRoy Hudson III12/Aug/194702/Jul/1987"Forever with The Lord"
H/O Gale Ellen [Elliott] Mann, F/O Coley, P. J. & Lisa Mann, S/O Roy Hudson & Barbara Ann [Flynn] Mann
Mann Family PlotMANNRuth Ann [Watson]25/Dec/1891
Apache OK
"In Loving Memory of"
W/O William Arthur Mann,
William Arthur & Ruth Ann Mann Family
 MANNUnknown  Unmarked grave
Mann Family PlotMANNWilliam Arthur30/Jun/1884
Apache OK
"In Loving Memory of"
H/O Ruth Ann [Watson] Mann, S/O Jesse & Mary Ann [Morrison] Mann, William Arthur & Ruth Ann Mann Family
Single marker
 MARKERNancy J.  Unmarked grave
 MARLOWGeorge Richard17/Oct/191203/Feb/1993"Father" "In Loving Memory"
SS/W & H/O Odessa Christine [Shafer] Marlow
 MARLOWGeorge Wayne03/Jan/1917
Grady CO OK
H/O Lahoma Arizona [McCarthy] Marlow
Unmarked Grave
 MARLOWOdessa Christine [Shafer]25/Dec/191628/Jul/1989"Mother" "In Loving Memory"
SS/W & George Richard Marlow
 MARRAnnie Kate "Annie" [Tarkington]21/Dec/1883
Grayson CO TX
Apache OK
SS/W & W/O William Wallace Marr, D/O William Lawson & Martha Susan [Hudson] Tarkington
 MARRAnnie [Shaw]16/Oct/185827/Nov/1936W/O Unknown Marr, D/O Murtie & Virginia [Keaton] Shaw
Unmarked Grave
 MARRDavid Keith02/Nov/1947
Apache OK
Ada OK
H/O Vicki [Miliano] Marr, S/O William Wayne & Trudy [Clark] Marr
Unmarked Grave
 MARRHugh G.23/Jul/1913
Broxton OK
Apache OK
  "Pfc US Army ~ World War II"
SS/W & H/O Odie Mae [Roberts] Marr, F/O William, Murl, Ricky & Sharon Marr, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
Two markers
 MARRInfant Dau09/Nov/194609/Nov/1946"Infant Daughter of Wayne & Trudy Marr"
D/O William Wayne & Trudy [Clark] Marr
Single marker
 MARRInfant Son27/Jan/192527/Jan/1925"Our Baby" "Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Marr" "Suffer the little children to come unto Me"
S/O William Wayne & Trudy [Clark] Marr
Single marker
 MARRKent Wallace28/Mar/193128/Mar/1931"Infant Son of Baxter & Vera Marr"
Single marker
 MARRM. Baxter23/Feb/191121/Apr/1992 "At Rest"
1st H/O Vera [Bridges] Marr Hagerty, S/O William Wallace & Anne Kate [Tarkington] Marr
Single marker
 MARROdie May [Roberts]12/Oct/1920
Broxton OK
Lawton OK
SS/W & W/O Hugh G. Marr, M 15/Sep/1940 Lawton OK, M/O William, Murl, Ricky & Sharon Marr, D/O Herman A. & Faye E. [France] Roberts
 MARRRosia [Bartovosky]01/Aug/190103/Sep/1978
Apache OK
SS/W & W/O Thomas Andrew Marr, D/O Joseph & Fanny [Horinek] Bartosovsky
 MARRSarah Virginia Ann [Murtishaw]16/Oct/1858
Wayne CO TN
Healdton OK
SS/W & W/O William Avander Marr, M 20/Mar/1878 Yell CO AR, D/O John Wesley & Martha Caroline "Carrie" [Keaton] Murtishaw
 MARRThomas Andrew08/Aug/1894
Healdton OK
Norman OK
 "Pvt US Army ~ World War I"
SS/W & H/O Rosia [Bartovosky] Marr, S/O William Avander & Sarah Virginia Ann [Murtishaw] Marr
Two markers
 MARRTrudy [Clark]12/Sep/191314/Aug/2007"[Married] Jan 11, 1937"
SS/W & W/O William Wayne Marr, M/O Infant Daughter Marr, D/O William Cuba & Matilda Elizabeth [West] Clark
 MARRVicki [Miliano]24/Jan/1953
Hempstead NY
OK City OK
W/O David Keith Marr, M 03/Jun/1993 Lawton OK, M/O Mark Alther & Stephanie Carrejo, D/O Vito Pasquale & Eleanor Jean [O'Brian] Miliano
Unmarked Grave
 MARRWilliam Avander25/Jul/1855
Graves CO KY
Fort Supply OK
SS/W & H/O Sarah Virginia Ann [Murtishaw] Marr, M 20/Mar/1878 Yell CO AR, S/O Alfred & Ann Marr
 MARRWilliam Hugh "Bill"18/Jan/194726/May/2007"Bill"
S/O Hugh G. & Odie Mae [Roberts] Marr
Single marker
 MARRWilliam Wallace10/Feb/188416/Jan/1964SS/W & H/O Anna Kate [Tarkington] Marr, S/O William Avander & Sarah Virginia Ann [Murtishaw] Marr
 MARRWilliam Wayne25/Sep/191520/Sep/2003"[Married] Jan 11, 1937"
SS/W & H/O Trudy Marr, F/O Infant Daughter Marr, S/O William Wallace & Anna Kate [Tarkington] Marr
 MARTINAddie18751947SS/W & W/O J. I. E. Martin
See photo
Section EMARTINAlva C. "Moke"15/Feb/189529/May/1976 "US Army ~ World War I" "Married Jul 6, 1918"
SS/W & H/O Winnie D. Martin
See photo
 MARTINBaby  Unmarked grave
 MARTINBruce Howard19/Apr/1956
Anadarko OK
Stillwater OK
S/O Howard Maxwell & Julia Laura [Knoepfli] Martin, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
Single marker
See obit & photo
 MARTINDaisy [Hillary]08/Feb/188910/Feb/1913W/O H. M. Martin, D/O C. G & A. B. Hillary
Single marker
See photo
 MARTINDora Eleene [Smith]28/Jan/1927
Salina CO
Chickasha OK
W/O Floyd Leonard Martin, M 13/Jul/1947 Apache OK, D/O John Arthur "Ott" & Maude Mozelle [Comer] Smith
Unmarked grave
 MARTINEdith Rebecca [McDaniel]30/Dec/189817/May/1976SS/W & W/O Lewis R. Martin, D/O John Austin & Mary Lucinda [Johnson] McDaniel
See photo
Single marker
See photo
 MARTINElizabeth M. "Betty"30/Dec/189605/Nov/1975Unmarked grave
 MARTINErnest Wayne21/Mar/1921
Apache Caddo CO OK
Chickasha OK
 US Army Air Force ~ World War II ~ Japan
SS/W & H/O Jessie Lee [Thomas] Martin, M W of Apache OK, F/O Robert & Gary Martin, S/O Hollis Maxwell & Ona A. [Preston] Martin, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
See obit & photo
 MARTINFrank --/Mar/18611931H/O Sarah A. [Kemp] Martin
Homemade single marker
SS/W & H/O Sarah M. Martin
See photo
 MARTINHollis Maxwell18/Jan/188829/Aug/1973SS/W & H/O Ona A. [Preston] Martin, S/O John M. & Mollie H. Martin
 MARTINHoward Maxwell29/May/191511/Jan/2004  "S Sgt US Army ~ World War II"
SS/W & H/O Julia Laura [Knoepfli] Martin, M Custer OK, S/O Hollis Maxwell & Ona A. [Preston] Martin
See photo
 MARTINInfant  Unmarked Grave
 MARTINInfant Daughter16/Feb/191516/Feb/1915D/O Edna Martin
Unmarked Grave
 MARTINInfant Daughter27/Aug/192027/Aug/1920"Infant Daughter of Jas F. and Betty Martin" "Infant Dau of Jim & Betty Martin"
Two markers
See photo
 MARTINJ. I. E.18761965
See photo
Section BMARTINJames Coy Rev25/Nov/192129/Oct/1960 "Married Aug 8, 1948" "Rev 2:10"
SS/W & H/O Juanita May "Johnnie" Martin
 MARTINJames F.03/Sep/189014/Sep/1975SS/W & H/O M. Elizabeth Martin
See photo
 MARTINJessie Lee [Thomas]15/Jul/1922
Fanshawe OK
Chickasha OK
"[Married] Oct 18, 1945"
SS/W & W/O Ernest Wayne Martin, M 18 Oct 1945 W of Apache OK, M/O Robert & Gary Martin, D/O William Morris & Roxie Viola [Crabtree] Thomas, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
See obit & photo
 MARTINJohn M.18461928"Father"
H/O [1] Elizabeth [Rogers] Martin, buried Greenfield MO [2] SS/W Mollie H. Martin
See photo
 MARTINJuanita May "Jonnie"15/Sep/192422/Sep/1989 "Married Aug 8, 1948" "I love life"
SS/W & W/O James Coy Martin
See photo
 MARTINJulia Laura [Knoepfli]04/Aug/1910
Apache OK
  "Tec 4 US Army ~ World War II" "Married May 23, 1948"
SS/W & W/O Howard Maxwell Martin, M Custer OK
See photo
 MARTINLaura K.191106/Jul/1998Unmarked grave
 MARTINLeslie 11/Nov/188922/Feb/1956SS/W & H/O Pearl Martin
See photo
 MARTINLewis R.06/Aug/189530/Nov/1982SS/W & H/O Edith Rebecca [McDaniel] Martin, S/O John M. & Mollie H. Martin
See photo
 MARTINM. Elizabeth "Betty"30/Dec/189605/Nov/1975SS/W & W/O James F. Martin
See photo
 MARTINMollie H.18541946"Mother"
SS/W & 2nd W/O John M. Martin
See photo
 MARTINOna A. [Preston]28/Apr/189017/Apr/1971SS/W & W/O Hollis M. Martin, M/O Howard & Ernest Martin
See photo
 MARTINPearl05/Mar/189519/Jun/1956SS/W & W/O Leslie Martin
See photo
 MARTINRoland Maxwell17/Aug/1923
Montrose CO
Ryan OK
 US Military ~ World War II
S/O Jim & Betty Martin
Single marker
See obit & photo
 MARTINSadie18751947Unmarked grave
 MARTINSarah M.18641938"Mother"
SS/W & W/O Frank Martin
See photo
 MARTINShelby Leonard08/Jun/1951
Anadarko OK
 "US Army"
H/O [1] Debby [Bentley] Jung, buried Lawton OK [2] Toya [Simpson] Martin, S/O Floyd Leonard & Dora Eleene [Smith] Martin, Banker, Lunn's Colonial Funeral Home ~ Wichita Falls TX
Unmarked grave
 MARTINSherril Don21/Aug/1953
Anadarko OK
Chickasha OK
H/O Unknown Martin, S/O Floyd Leonard & Dora Eleene [Smith] Martin, Crews Funeral Home ~ Apache OK
Unmarked grave
See obit
Section EMARTINWinnie D.16/Jul/190003/Aug/1925"Married Jul 6, 1918"
SS/W & Alva C. "Moke" Martin
See photo

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