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Butler Cemetery
Atoka County, Oklahoma

© Ruth Atteberry Adams
Used on this Website with Permission from Ruthie.

Ruthie does not allow her information to be duplicated in any manner.

This cemetery is located two miles east of Lane, Oklahoma on the south side of Hwy. 3 & 7. It is fenced, well kept and is still in use. It was canvassed March 7, 1980 by Gwen Walker and Janice Allen. A partial canvass was done by Gary and Drunell Atteberry Adams, June 2001.
If you have family buried in the Butler Cemetery or can take a gate photo or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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A. Anna     Mother; Handmade Stone
Adkisson J. M.     Father; h/o Lonnie O. Adkisson
Adkisson Lonnie O.     Mother
Allen Isaac Bart     Double Stone w/Martha Isabelle Allen
Allen Jeraldine M.     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Lee     Military Stone; OK Pvt. U. S. Army WWII
Allen Martha Isabelle     Double Stone w/Isaac Bart Allen; Wed. Sept. 3, 1905
Allen Fred C.     Dad; Double Stone w/Iva Ella Amiott
Allen Vivian Amiott      
Amiott Iva Ella     Mom; Double Stone w/ Fred Lee Amiott
Anderson Baby Boy      
Anthony Della      
Axley Katie Jaunita      
Baggerly Christine Rochelle Gambill     d/o Carrie Baggerly and Michael Baggerly
Bailey Boys     Handmade Stone
William H.     Military Stone; Sp. 1 U. S. Navy- WWII
Barger Tom B.     h/o Polly
Barger Barger     w/o Tom B.
Belcher Artie Mae     Mother
Belcher Edward     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Belcher John Henry     Double Stone w/wife Mary Julie Belcher
Belcher Mary Julie     Double Stone w/husband John Henry Belcher
Belcher Rachel E.     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Bettis Cherlyn Sue     d/o Jerry D. and Elouise (Richardson) Bettis
Bolding Thelma L.      
Bomesberger Alma 3 Feb 1905 25 Feb 1989 W/o Joe Bomesberger
See photo
Bomesberger Joe 3 April 1907 16 May 1987 H/o Alma Bomesberger
See photo
Booth Dewey     Double Stone w/wife Lois Booth
Booth Kenneth Lloyd      
Booth Lois (Winters)     Doubel Stone w/husband Dewey Booth; d/o James Monroe Winters and Lula (Taylor) Winters
Boyd Eulen L.     Daddy, We Love You
Glen George     Military Stone; LA Pvt FA CEN Officers Tng. Sch. WWI
Bradford Earl     h/o Clara Bradford; s/o Mack Cain & Nora Elizabeth (SULLIVAN) Bradford
Albert     Military Stone; OK Pvt 1st Cl . 321 Field Art. 82nd Div.
Briggs Wesley C.      
Buie John W.      
Burkhalter Evert     Handmade Stone
Burkhalter Jacky R.     Handmade Stone
Burkhalter Kleta Jean      
Burkhalter Verna L.     Handmade Stone
Burkhalter W. E.     Father
Burnes James B.      
Busby Freda Ada      
Butler       w/o J. M. Butler
Byrns Millie      
Calloway Altie L.     Mother
Campbell John W.      
Cannon W. R.      
Carpenter Marjorie Viola (Barrett)     d/o Lawson and Daisy Pearl (Reed) Barrett)
Carpenter Ruby 3 July 1928 30 Jan 2000 W/o Virgil Carpenter
See photo
Carpenter Virgil 23 May 1926 8 Aug 1982 H/o Ruby Carpenter
See photo
Chastine Anna      
Coats Lucille (Burkhalter)     d/o W. E. and Thelma (Yates) Burkhalter
Robert Clinton     Military Stone; OK Sgt. Co. C. 301 Engr. CBT BN WWII
Coben Lilly L.     Double Stone w/husband Mike Coben
Louis C.     Military Stone; PFC U. S. Army
Coben Mike     Double Stone w/wife Lilly L.
Collum Pauline     Double Stone w/husband Teddy Collum
Collum Teddy     Double Stone w/wife Pauline Collum
Cook Violet     A Loving Wife
Cooper Ira     s/o John Tom and Mary (Cox) Cooper
Cooper John Tom     Double Stone w/wife Mary E. Cooper
Cooper Mary E.     Double Stone w/husband John Tom Cooper
Crain Alta Golden     Double Stone w/husband Thomas Emry Crain
Tomas Emry     Double Stone w/wife Alta; Military Stone
Virgil L.     Military Stone; OK PFC U. S. Army-Korea
Crews Lucille Wise Goodson     d/o Val and Lula "Griffin" Wise
Cross Audie     Double Stone w/Noah Cross
Cross Noah     Double Stone h/Audie Cross;
Wed: Oct 26, 1913
Crow Minnie Myrtle     Double Stone w/Sam Crow
Crow Sam     Double Stone h/Minnie Myrtle Crow
Curlee Grace     Double Stone w/Guss Curlee
Curlee Guss     Double Stone h/Grace Curlee
Daffin Jennie      
Deckard Rose Marie     Coffey Funeral Home Marker
Delay Stella Lorene      
Denton John T.     Father; h/o Rosa
Denton Rosa     Mother
Dodson Elen     Mother; Double Stone w/husband John T.
Dodson Eugene Carson      
Dodson Joe Allen     Double Stone w/wife Lula Mary Dodson
Dodson Joe     Double Stone w/wife Elen Dodson
Dodson Lula Mary     Double Stone w/husband Joe Allen
Dodson Oliver     h/o Rebecca M. Dodson
Dodson Rebecca M.     w/o Oliver
Downs Lillie     Double Stone w/husband William E. Downs
Downs William E.     Double Stone w/wife Lillie Downs
Draper Margaret M.     w/o William P. Draper
Draper William P.     h/o Margaret M. Draper
Dunn Ida Lucille 21 Aug 1922 4 Feb 2006
In Loving Memory
See photo
Dyer Lucille Lee     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Eastridge Robert Lewis     h/o Shelia (Stephens) Eastridge; s/o Vernon L. Eastridge and Viva Lee (Nowlin) Eastridge
Edwards Thomas      
Ellis Ivey Lee     Double Stone w/wife Josephine Ellis
Ellis Josephine Ellis     Double Stone w/husband Ivey Lee Ellis
Erwin Mable      
Eubanks Effie Lee     Double Stone w/husband Markus Elmer Eubanks
Eubanks Markus Elmer     Double Stone w/wife Effie Lee Eubanks
Eubanks W. C.     Handmade Stone
Fannin Mayfiel      
Faulkenberry Velma Lee      
Fisher Magie G.      
Charles Floyd "Jake" 27 Dec 1914 4 Jan 1980 H/o Sylvia C. Fuller
See photo
Fuller Sylvia C 20 Dec 1924 17 Jul 2009 W/o Charles F. Fuller
See photo
Irvin S.     Military Stone; OK Sgt. 324 Base Unit AAF WWII
Goodson Edward O.     Double Stone w/wife Gladys E. Goodson
Goodson Gladys E.     Double Stone w/husband Edward O. Goodson,? Bryant, and ? Richardson
Goodson Katie Bell      
Goodson Loyal E.     Double Stone w/Lucille (Wise) [Goodson] [Crews]
Goodson Matthew Odis      
Graves Anie (Turpen)      
Gregory Ona     w/o William Gregory
Gregory William     h/o Ona Gregory
Grissom Blanche B.     Double Stone w/husband William A. Grissom
Grissom William A.     Double Stone w/wife Blanche B. Grissom
Guinn Jerry      
Heckett Edwin      
Hammond Robert Seth     Double Stone w/wife Lavada J. Hammond
Hammond Robert Thomas     s/o Robert Seth and Lavada Josephine (Doshier) Hammond
Harkey Baulah (Coats)      
Harris Joyce Rene (Mounger)     w/o Charles R. Harris; d/o Millard Clifton Mounger and Inez Irene (Wheeler) Mounger
Hart No Name      
Haynes Dorinda      
Hearrell Alfred S.     Double Stone w/wife Jettie L. Hearrell
Hearrell Jettie L.     Double Stone w/husband Alfred S.
Hines Charlie Newton      
Hines Levi (Bud)      
Hines Sallie     w/o C. Hines
Hines William N.      
Holley Mamie Jo White      
Hopson Celesta     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Hopson Falba     Double Stone w/husband Oscar
Hopson Gary Joe     Double Stone w/Stevie Dean Hopson
Hopson Oscar     Double Stone w/wife Falba Hopson
Hopson Stevie Dean     Double Stone w/Gary Joe
Hughes Archie T.     Father; Double Stone w/wife Gladys V. Hughes
Hughes Gladys V.     Mother; Double Stone w/husband Archie T.
Hunter Moses S.     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Hutson Louie Ana      
Hutson Margie A.      
Ihrig O. W. (Bud)      
Ingram Lela     w/o Walter R. Ingram
Ingram Walter R.     h/o Lela Ingram
Jackson Sam B.     Husband
Thomas Lee     Military Stone; OK Sp 4 U.S. Army -Viet Nam
Wesley     Military Stone; OK P 344 MG BN 9th Div
Jarvis Infants     Infants of J. E. and Lilly Jarvis
Jester Samuel      
Jester Wesley Callin      
Johnson Altha Mae      
Johnson Arthur M.      
Johnson Claude M.     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Johnson Frank C.     Masonic Emblem; Double Stone w/wife Ruth L. Johnson
Johnson Henry J.     Double Stone w/wife Lenora M. Johnson
J. T.     Military Stone; OK Pvt U. S. Army WWII
Johnson J. W.     Triple Stone w/Nellie M. Johnson and Linda S. Johnson
Johnson Jonny Rebecca      
Johnson Lenora M.     Double Stone w/husband Henry J.
Johnson Linda S.     Triple Stone w/J. W. and Nellie Johnson
Johnson Linda Sue     d/o J. W. and Nellie (Anderson) Johnson
Johnson Nellie M.     Triple Stone w/J. W. and Linda S. Johnson
Johnson Oscar R.      
Johnson Ruth L.     Double Stone w/husband Frank C.; Eastern Star Emblem
Johnston Bonnie Bill Mitchell      
Kenneth Lee     PFC U. S. Army-WWII
Jones Loran Dale (Boggy)      
Jones Sallie      
Jones Verdie Mae (Buckhannon) [Webster]     d/o Issac and Nannie Louella (Hankins) Buckhannon
K. O. L.     Handmade Stone
Kennedy Dianna Jane     d/o Joe & Wilma Kennedy
Kennedy Dillard     s/o Barney Warren & Mary Zula "Clark" Kennedy
Kennedy Zonia Lee     w/o Dillard; m/o Lura Dean, Joe, Barney, and Roe
King Gracy     Handmade Stone
Kriger Ella Mae     Daughter; Double Stone w/Laura M. Langston
LaFaver Jane L.     Mother; Double Stone w/husband Tom Lafaver
LaFaver Tom     Daddy; Double Stone w/wife Jane L. Lafaver
Langston Laura M.     Mother; Double Stone w/Ella Mae Kriger
Latimer Mary Belle     d/o J. F. and Mary Peeler
Leflore Jimmy R.     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Lindsey Charles Arvil     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Sammie L.     Our Son; Military Stone; Sammy Lee Lockhart PVT U. S. Army
Lohden J. W.      
Lohden Malissie J.      
Walter J.     Military Stone; OK TEC 5 1716 Sig Svc BN WWII
Clyde Calvin     Military Stone; S1 U. S. Navy WWII-Korea
Luman Bessie (Nowlin)      
Lynn Lena E.     Double Stone w/husband Millard O.
Lynn Millard O.     Double Stone w/wife Lena E. Lynn
Martin Lou Ann      
Masters Roger Francis     h/o Alois M. (Williams) Masters; s/o Vernon F. and Ruth F. (Nilsson) Masters
Maxey Infant     Infant of J. B. and Lena Maxey
Maxey James B.     h/o Lena Maxey
Maxey Nancy A.      
William M.     Military Stone; Col. 4 ALA. Cav. C. S. A.
McCabe Orval      
McFadden Altha L.     Double Stone w/husband L. Byron McFadden
McFadden Altha Lea      
McFadden Helen Louise      
McFadden L. Byron     Double Stone w/wife Altha L. McFadden
McGinty Edith Lorene (Yates)     w/o J. D. McGinty; d/o Everett and Ollie (Rector) Yates
McGinty Hugh      
McGraw Frederick Alton     h/o Helen F. (Bradford) McGraw
McHardie Mary McClary      
McIninch James Monroe      
McKinney Tom      
McLaughlin Mahala Jane     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
McLaughlin Perry Olie     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
McWilliams Thomas I.      
Mead Charlie F.     Double Stone w/wife Edna C. Mead
Mead Edna Clara (Sheffield) [Lyles]     w/o Charlie F. Mead; d/o William and Alice (Tigert) Sheffield
Mead Roy Leon     h/o Ida Bell (MILLS) Mead; s/o Charley Franklin and Edna (Sheffield) Mead
Mead Ida Bell (Mills)     w/o Roy Leon Mead; d/o Oscar and Nell Mills
Megli Earl Ray 29 April 1945 27 April 2007 H.o Sheron Ann Megli
See photo
Megli Sheron Ann 26 Oct 1947   W/o Earl Ray Megli
See photo
Mendoza Roy Alvin     h/o Judy Kay (Johnson) Mendoza; s/o William Joseph Mendoza and Alverna Rose Mendoza
Messer Kate L.     Mother
Mills Edgar William     h/o Vada V. (Fink) Mills; s/o Sheridan and Esther (Watkins) Mills
Mitchell Pearl Lee (Rogers)      
Moore Frank H.     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Harry Orvile     Military; OK PFC Co. C. 171 RY OPR BN TC WWII-PH
Mounger Millard C.     Loving Son and Dad
Roy Homer     Military; PFC U. S. Army WWII
Murphy John F.     Our Father
Murrell James      
Myers Melvin      
Nalley Bud      
Naranjo Christopher     s/o Eddie B. Naranjo, Sr. and Thelma (Lillard) Naranjo
Naranjo Drew     Infant son of David Naranjo and Cynthia S. Harner
Nelson Carrie Dona     w/o T. R. Nelson; d/o Levi and Seon (Thomas) Tekubbi
Benjamin David 3 Sept 1915 17 Aug 1997 h/o Farrie Mae Gail
and Kathryn Hacker;
s/o George William and Mamie (Maxey) New
Pvt US Army WW II
See photo
New Farrie Mae 8 Sept 1922 10 Feb 1985 See photo
New George William 14 Feb 1888 14 Sept 1964 See photo
New Gilbert Raymond      
New Ida Mae 13 Nov 1923 15 April 2002 Double Stone w/husband James Franklin New
See photo
James Franklin 1 Jan 1922 20 Sept 1968 h/o Ida Mae New
Military Stone and Double Stone
OK TEC 5 HO. CO 3 BN 35 Inf. WWII
See photo
New Mamie M. 15 Nov 1893 6 Jul 1973 See photo
Nichols Anna L.     w/o Earl Nichols (As of Oct 5, 2001 still living)
Earl     h/o Anna L.; Military OK S. Sgt. Co. A 347 Inf WWII BSM
Nilsson Mildred Juanita     w/o Carl George Nilsson; d/o Joe Bomesberger and Alma (Sheffield) Bomesberger
Nowlin Geneva L.     Wed: Jan 8, 1924; Double Stone w/husband Thomas B. Nowlin
Nowlin James Floyd, Jr.      
Nowlin Thomas B.     Double Stone w/wife Geneva L. Nowlin
Ogle Bonnie Sarah     w/o Paul Evert
Ogle Paul Evert     h/o Bonnie Sarah Ogle
Olsen Ethel     Handmade Double Stone w/husband Tom Olsen
(F. H. Mrkr reads Sarah Ethel Olsen)
Olsen Tom     Handmade Double Stone w/wife Sarah Ethel Olsen
Page Hulda (Reasoner)     w/o Marvin Page; d/o John William & Georgia (Matthews) Reasoner
Parker Leona L. 02 Jan 1891 Feb 1980 Mother; Double Stone w/husband Robert S.;
Mills Coffey F. H. Mrkr.;
Died in Linn, Lebanon Co., OR
Parker Robert S.     Father; Double Stone w/wife Leona L. Parker
Parrack Della     Double Stone w/husband R. B.
Parrack R. B.     Double Stone w/wife Della Parrack
Peeler Adren M.     Double Stone w/wife Bonnie A.
Peeler Bonnie A.     Double Stone w/husband Adren M.
Peeler Curtis A.      
Peeler Iva Dean (Burden)      
Peeler J. F.     h/o Mary Peeler
Peeler Mary     w/o J. F. Peeler
Peeler Meren Joseph      
Peeler Nannie L. (Nanny Lou) Pearson     w/o William Arthur Peeler
Peeler Norman      
Peeler Tom W.     h/o Opal Bell Peeler; s/o William Arthur and Nanny Lou (Pearson) Peeler
Peeler Thomas Eugene     s/o Tomas Henry Peeler and Tamara Edeen (Bettcher) Peeler
Peeler William A.     h/o Nannie (Nanny Lou) (PEARSON) Peeler
Pfaff Janice Sue 25 Aug 1938 8 March 1996 W/o Terry Don Pfaff
See photo
Pfaff John Dale 24 Aug 1930 30 July 2003 H/o Sue Katherine Pfaff
See photo
Pfaff Sue Katherine 25 May 1926   W/o John Dale Pfaff
See photo
Pfaff Terry Don 27 July 1928   H/o Janice Sue Pfaff
See photo
Olsen Tom     Handmade Double Stone w/wife Sarah Ethel Olsen
Phelps Ben F.     Double Stone w/wife Zella Phelps
Phelps Mary (Perkins)     w/o James Audie Phelps; d/o Joseph Lonzo and Stella A. (Crane) Perkins
Phelps Sadie Lorene     d/o J. A. (James Audie) and Mary (PERKINS) Phelps
Phelps Zella     Double Stone w/husband Ben. F. Phelps
Philley Charlie "Chuck" 11 Mar 1947 - Double Stone w/wife Shirley (Rector)
See photo
Philley Shirley (Rector) 10 Oct. 1940 2 Jun 2004 Double Stone w/husband Charlie Philley
See photo
Phillips Ernest A.     Double Stone w/wife Eula (BRYANT) Phillips
Phillips Eula (Bryant)     Double Stone w/husband Ernest A. Phillips
Phillips F. A.      
Phillips J. D.      
Phillips Tommy Jack      
Planthaber Roy Alan     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Burl     Military OK PFC U. S. Army WWII
Praytor Rosie E.     Mother; w/o Willie H. Praytor
Praytor Willie H.     Father; h/o Rosie E.
Prince B. P.     Handmade Stone
Prince M. A.     Handmade Stone
Privett Arthur Henry     Double Stone w/wife Stella Ora Privett
Privett Herman Dean     h/o Peggy Spittler Privett; s/o Arthur Henry and Stella Ora "Trimmer" Privett
Privett J. F.     Birmingham, AL
Privett Millie Josephine      
Privett Stella Ora     Double Stone w/husband Arthur Henry Privett
Reasor Joyce Marie Hudson     d/o Clyde Melvin and Sarah OLSEN Hudson
Rector Dannie W., Sr. 6/13/1926 7/6/2003 Born in Wainwright, OK; Died in Atoka; h/o Marjorie Hellen AMIOTT; s/o Mart H. & Myrtle E. "Murrell" Rector
Rector Dennis Dale      
Rector Mart Houston (Lee)     h/o Vera (Hearrell) Rector; s/o Mart Wesley and Myrtle E. MURRELL Rector
Rector Mart W.     Double Stone w/wife Myrtle E. Rector
Rector Myrtle E.     Double Stone w/husband Mart W.
Rector Pamela Sue      
Rector Robert Glen      
Rector Tracy Deneen (Smith) 10 March 1964 10 Sept 2010 W/o Rick Rector
See obit
Reece Della (Eaves)     Double Stone w/husband Hiram Reece; d/o Mack Lee and Julia Emily (Calleyhan) Eaves
Reece Hiram M.     Double Stone w/wife Della (EAVES) Reece; "Married: Jan. 10, 1935"
Richardson Ella M. Francis     w/o Haskell Richardson; m/o Glen, Eloise [Richardson] Bettis and Jack F. Jackie Richardson
Richardson Glen      
Richardson Haskell     h/o Ella M. (Francis) Richardson
Richardson James T.     Double Stone w/wife Mary R. Richardson
Richardson Mary R.     Double Stone w/husband James T. Richardson
Richison W. D.      
Robinson L. L.      
Robinson Lela M.      
Robinson Lucy E.      
Ross Eugene     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
S. L. R.      
Sanders Joseph Monroe     h/o Shirley (Peeler) Sanders; s/o Charles Irvin Sanders and Pearl (Blevens) Sanders
Sanders Lonfy Eva     Double Stone w/husband Thomas Patrick Sanders
Sanders Luther D.      
Sanders Nona Edna (Houchin)     Brown's Funeral Service
Sanders Thomas Patrick     Double Stone w/wife Lonfy Eva Sanders
Sanders Woodrow Wilson      
Donald Ray     Military OK CPL U. S. Army - Korea
Schmitz Phyllis L. (Schneider)      
Scott Dave     h/o Della; Handmade Double Stone
Scott Della     w/o Dave; Handmade Double Stone
Scott Doyle Lee      
Joseph E.     Military PFC U. S. Army
Howard V.     Military PFC Army Air Forces
Selby Robert Lee     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Selby Samuel Jackson     Daddy; Double Stone w/wife Tommie Lou Selby
Selby Tommie Lou     Mother; Double Stone w/husband Samuel Jackson Selby
Settlemire Mae Lavene      
Settlemire Grace Belle (Nelson) [Mouner]     d/o Jesse James and Clarissa Dinah (Blankenship) Nelson
Sheffield Zeak Woodrow 4 Jan 1917 27 Jun 2011 See obit
Berry Elijah     Military OK PFC 19 Infantry WWII BSM-PH
Hershel E.     Military PVT U. S. Army WWII
Simpson Joe G.      
Simpson Suda F.      
Slatten Jackson Lee      
Smith A. B.     Funeral Home Marker
Smith Claudy I.      
Smith Ines V.      
Smith J. O.     Double Stone w/wife Myrtle M. Smith
Smith Jabe     Double Stone w/wife Lula J. Smith
Smith Lula J.     Double Stone w/husband Jabe Smith
Smith Myrtle M.     Double Stone w/husband J. O. Smith
Smith Nathan Mural     h/o Violet M. [Penick] Moore; s/o Jabe S. and Lula Jane (Harris) Smith
Sorrells Charles Leroy     Mills Coffey Fun. Marker
South Arkie      
South Erby      
Stiles Clinton     b/o Jessie
Jessie     Military PFC U. S. Army
Stiles Rosie Lee (Wilson)     w/o Clinton Stiles
David     Double Stone w/wife Leona (WALLACE) Strang; Military PVT U. S. Army WWII
Strang Leona (Wallace)     Double Stone w/husband David Strang
Sturgis Doris Mae (Lowell) Martin      
Sullivan Stephen     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
Sutton Ethel M.     Handmade Stone
Sutton George L. 3/31/1901 1/31/1978 Epperson Fun. Home Mrkr. Died in Coalgate, Coal Co., OK (per SSDI)
Symonds Jackie Dale 9/29/1955 Ocotober 1979 Died in Chickasha-Grady Co., OK. (per SSDI)
Symonds Michael W. 1/31/1962 7/2/1976  
Taylor Henry F.     Handmade Stone
Taylor Joe C.      
Thompson Arthur H.     Double Stone; other side is blank
Thompson Cliff     Double Stone; other side is blank
Thompson-Misener Lois Yovone Wilkerson     w/o Carl R. Misener; d/o Charles C. and Hattie A. WAGNOR Wilkerson
Thompson Ray Dale     Our Precious Son
Thompson Robert William     h/o Etta Mae BARNES Thompson; s/o Bert Monroe and Rena BASTON Thompson
Tidwell Claud Dale     h/o Gertrude E. SEABOURN Tidwell; s/o Tine and Eva UPDEGRAFF Crane Tidwell
Tidwell Earl Edward     s/o Tine & Eva UPDEGRAFF, Crane, Tidwell
Tidwell Edith Lucille Mitchell     w/o Earl Edward Tidwell; d/o Albert Harrison Mitchell and Toni Bell FITZGERALD Mitchell.
Tindell James Albert      
Tindell Jessie F.      
Robert     Military; OK PVT U. S. Army WWI
Tom Lucy (Allen)     Coffey Funeral Home Marker; Lived in Durant, Bryan Co.
Turpen William F.      
Uber Perry Ray     h/o Lillie M. (Bonham) Uber; s/o George Elmer and Ollie Mae (Rhoake) Uber
Vincent Cleo Emily     Double Stone w/husband Leonard Lee Vincent
Gordon L.     Military; OK PFC Hq. Co. 2 BN 187 Inf WWII
Vincent Leonard Lee     Double Stone w/wife Cleo Emily Vincent
Walker Jason Lynn      
Walker Martha N.      
Wall Elath E.     Mother; Double Stone w/husband William E. Wall
William E.     Daddy; Double Stone w/wife Elath E. Wall; Military OK PFC HQ. Co 89 CML Mortar Bn. WWII
Wallace Infant     Infant S/o Jesse and Leona Wallace
Wallace W. L.     Handmade Stone
      Military Texas PVT Med. Dept.
Warford Nadean     Patricia, Ronnie and Sue
West Stephen Louis Hamilton     Atoka Funeral Home Marker
White Brett Allan      
White Charles E.     h/o Geraldine (Smith) White; s/o Fred and Lucy Lea (Cathey) White
White Erika Arlane     d/o Chat A. and Diana Lee (Sandridge) White; Grand daughter of Joe Bill & Clara White, Chester and Doris Bonham, and Aaron Standridge, Jr., g-granddaughter of Mary Cochran
White Fred     Double Stone w/wife Lucy Lee White
White Joe Bill     h/o Clara Estell (Cochran) White; s/o Robert Arley and Carrie Aloma (Rule) White
White Lucy Lee     Double Stone w/husband Fred White
White Marieawanka Kay      
White Morine R. (Presley)      
White William Glover      
White Rosie Bell Brown Presley      
Raymond R.     Military; OK TEC 5 469 Ord. Evac. Co. WWII
White Robert Arley     Military; OK PVT Co. D. 129 Mg. Bn. 35 Div WWI
Wi?k? W. M.     Handmade Stone
Williams Emmanuel Ray     S/o Harold & Wyelene "Nicholas" Williams
Wilson David Dewayne     s/o Alfred Wilson, Jr. and Mary Bernice (Tyler) Wilson
Wilson Debra      
Eugene W.     Double Stone w/wife Flora Elizabeth (Flo Bell) FOSTER Wilson; Military Pvt U. S. Army WWII
Wilson Flora Elizabeth (Flo Bell) Foster     Double Stone w/husband Eugene W. Wilson; d/o Floyd and Nancy Foster.
Wilson Harold Kenneth "Butch" 10/21/1946 1/2/2007  
Wilson Marlin Darrell      
Wilson Noel J.     h/o Starlie (Peeler) Wilson; Wed: July 2, 1922; s/o S. W. and Narcissa (Jones) Wilson
Wilson Valentine     w/o Walter Green Wilson Wed: May 10, 1935; d/o Vol and Lula (Griffin) Wise
Wilson Walter G.     Double Stone w/wife Valentine Wilson
Wise Lula     Double Stone w/husband Vol Wise; Mother of: Katherine Wise, Vernell Wise, Valentine Wise Wilson and Lucille Wise, Goodson, Crews.
Wise Vol     Double Stone w/wife Lula Wise
Wood Mary     Double Stone w/husband William E. Wood
Wood Roy Irvin     h/o Nellie (Kerr) Wood; s/o William Edward and Mary Lovena (Irvin) Wood
Wood William E.     Double Stone w/wife Mary Wood
Wulff Henry J.      
Yates Arthur James     Double Stone w/wife Della Mae Yates
Yates Bertha     Double Stone w/husband Odie Yates
Yates Della Mae     Wed: 7/29/1933; Double Stone w/husband Arthur James Yates
Yates Edward Wayne     s/o Leon and Georgia Yates; Married Donna Mar. 12, 1978
Yates Ersie I.     Double Stone; spouse of Jessie J. Yates
Yates Everett     Triple Stone Isom, and Mary; Isom and Mary Yates are the parents of Everett Yates. Everett is the husband of Ollie RECTOR Yates.
Yates Isom     Triple Stone w/Everett and Mary
Yates Jack     Precious Son - Loving Father; Jack is the son of Everett and Ollie Rector Yates.)
Yates James Paul 24 Sept 1989 07 Feb 2011 Son of Susan Deneise James and Terry Yates
Yates Jessie J.     s/b Jesse J. (SSDI)
Double Stone
spouse of Ersie I. Yates
Yates Mary     Triple Stone w/Everett and Isom
Yates Milton     We Love You, Daddy
Yates Noah Carl     s/o Odie Orell and Bertha (Allen) Yates
Yates Odie     Double Stone
w/wife Bertha Yates
Yates Ollie Rector     w/o Everett Yates;
m/o Lilly YATES Thompson,
Lois YATES Rector,
Blanch YATES Simpson,
Edith YATES McGinty,
Thelma YATES Burkhalter,
Jack Yates,
and O'Neal Yates.
Yates Susie Ann      
Yates Terry      
Yates William Chester      

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