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North Deep Red Cemetery, Tillman County, OK

North Deep Red Cemetery

Tillman County, Oklahoma

Transcribed and photographed by:
Aimee Noelle Watson Dickson Davis

The North Deep Red Cemetery is located 4 miles north and 5 miles east of Manitou, OK,
at the intersection of County Roads N2290 and E1690.

If you have family buried in the North Deep Red Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact me here.

North Deep Red Cemetery
© Aimee Noelle Watson Dickson Davis
Bandy Baby  
unk. 17 Mar 1931 Son of William C. and Irene J. Bandy.
Bandy Twin 1  
unk. 10 Dec 1932 Twin son of William C. and Irene J. Bandy.
Bandy Twin 2  
10 Dec 1932 11 Dec 1932 Twin son of William C. and Irene J. Bandy.
Bird Grace  
28 Dec 1903 16 Nov 1909 Daughter of James and S.A. Bird.
Blakely Charles R.  
15 May 1886 4 Nov 1979 Son of Leroy Blakely.
Husband of Jimmie Avon Nunn Blakely.
Married 23 May 1915.
Blakely Jimmie Avon Nunn
26 Nov 1896 9 Nov 1976 Daughter of William P. and Unknown Nunn.
Wife of Charles R. Blakely.
Blakely Lois Elizabeth  
4 Dec 1924 12 Feb 1926 Daughter of Charles R. and Jimmie Avon Nunn Blakely.
Blakely Leroy  
14 Feb 1849 9 Dec 1934 Born in London, KY.
Bradshaw Annie L.  
1879 1960 Wife of John W. Bradshaw.
Brennan Cornelia  
12 Apr 1846 27 Jan 1931  
Brennan James M.  
1870 1946  
Brock Thomas  
6 Dec 1866 27 Apr 1927  
Clark Emma Mae Adcock
5 Jan 1872 28 Apr 1910 Wife of John Columbus Marley Clark.
Coffelt Ollie Amanda Magill
10 Jun 1909 20 Nov 2000 Daughter of Claude R. and Sue E. Litton Magill.
Mother of H. Glenn Coffelt and Joe Sue Coffelt Martin.
Countryman Baby 1  
unk. unk.  
Countryman Baby 2  
unk. unk.  
Countryman Mother  
unk. unk.  
Countryman Pearl  
unk. unk.  
Countryman Roy  
unk. unk.  
Countryman Usrey  
unk. unk.  
Douglas Harriett Francis  
20 Sep 1853 15 Aug 1914 Wife of John Milton Douglas.
Douglas John Milton  
1 Nov 1845 22 Dec 1913 Husband of Harriett Francis Douglas.
Ellis James C.  
1851 1927 Son of James William and Elizabeth Wakes Day Ellis.
Husband of Ruthy L. Ellis.
Ellis Ruthy L.  
1871 1940 Wife of James C. Ellis.
Faulkner Edna Armida Myers
15 Mar 1885 Dec 1975 Eastern Star
Daughter of John Lewis and Harriet Clark Myers.
Wife of John Victor Faulkner.
Faulkner John Vick  
1870 1928 Mason
Husband of Edna Armilda Myers Faulkner.
Faulkner Manning Mildred Inez Loftis
28 Feb 1918 14 Dec 2005 Daughter of Hampton Bradley and Evie Loftis.
Married 1st to Myers J. (Jack) Faulkner.
Married 2nd to Robert Manning.
Faulkner Myers J.  
15 Jun 1916 21 Apr 1982 WWII - Boatswain Mate Second Class  Seabees  US Navy
Son of John Victor and Edna Armida Myers Faulkner.
1st husband of Inez Loftis Faulkner Manning.
Married 18 Apr 1936.
Faulkner Reuben A.  
1872 1903 Mason
Ferguson Marx  
12 Feb 1908 21 Nov 1915 Son of Talton Wayne and Susan S. Brock Ferguson.
Ferguson Susan S. Brock
4 Feb 1875 1948 Wife of Talton Wayne Ferguson.
Ferguson Talton Wayne  
7 Mar 1867 1930 Husband of Susan S. Brock Ferguson.
Finnigan Catharine S.  
24 Feb 1911 28 Feb 1911 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Finnigan.
Grooms Audrey M.  
1933 1937  
Grooms John W.  
12 Jan 1861 1 Dec 1945 Husband of Martha V. Grooms.
Grooms Martha V.  
1 Apr 1871   Wife of John W. Grooms.
Harrell Vinita S.  
13 Jun 1929 19 Jun 1992  
Harrison Pearl Countryman
10 Nov 1891 18 Jun 1926  
Hash Fielden  
Sep 1861 1932 Son of Zebedee and Frances Hackler Hash.
Husband of Sarah Letitia T. Grubb Hash.
Hash Ida M.  
May 1891 after 3 Jul 1900 Daughter of Fielden and Sarah Letitia T. Grubb Hash.
Hash Sarah Letitia T. Grubb
23 Sep 1858 4 Feb 1904 Daughter of Jacob and Margaret Haga Grubb, Jr.
Wife of Fielden Hash.
Hash William Rosco  
Aug 1893 after Apr 1910 Son of Fielden and Sarah Letitia T. Grubb Hash.
Haught Farris  
29 Apr 1902 7 Oct 1903 Son of William Farris and Ella Laura Cadenhead Haught.
Hawkins Baby 1  
unk. unk.  
Hawkins Baby 2  
unk. unk.  
Hogue Helen H.  
13 May 1878 30 Oct 1916 Wife of Robert Lee Hogue.
Hogue Henry Lesley  
28 Apr 1878 22 Dec 1957 Son of Gibson Wiley and Polly Henderson Hogue.
Husband of Rosa Lee Lovin Hogue.
Hogue Rosa Lee Lovin
29 Aug 1881 8 Oct 1918 Daughter of Benjamin and Lucinda Pink Brewer Lovin.
Wife of Henry Lesley Hogue.
Hopps Elizabeth Ellen White
22 Aug 1851 25 Jan 1930 Daughter of Hiram and Mary Bragg White
Wife of Jacob Thomas Hopps
Hopps Jacob Thomas  
2 Jun 1847 3 Mar 1909 Husband of Elizabeth E. White Hopps
Hopps John E.  
9 May 1878 15 Oct 1933 Son of Jacob and Elizabeth White Hopps.
Hopps May  
5 Feb 1873 24 Feb 1946 Wife of John E. Hopps.
Horstman A.C.  
17 Nov 1869 5 Jun 1909  
Howell Aaron D.  
2 Dec 1911 11 Oct 1993 WWII - PFC US Army Air Corps
Son of Richard William and Ida Elizabeth Hancock Howell.
Husband of Susie Eugenia Morgan Howell.
Married 4 Jul 1948.
Howell Ida Elizabeth Hancock
1874 1957 Wife of Richard William Howell.
Howell Richard William  
1867 1956 Husband of Ida Elizabeth Hancock Howell.
Married 1891.
Howell Richard Morgan  
16 Aug 1954 2 Apr 2008 Son of Aaron and Susie Morgan Howell.
Howell Richard W.  
19 Jan 1915 10 Mar 1915  
Howell Susie Eugenia Morgan
20 Oct 1916 19 Nov 1995 Daughter of John and Florence Rogers Morgan.
Wife of Aaron D. Howell.
Huggins Bertha Bell  
30 Jul 1914 8 Jan 1917 Daughter of Luther and Delilah Robertson Huggins.
Jackson Clarence Alton  
unk. 17 Jan 1929 Son of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Jackson.
Johnson Ousley Lane  
1906 1958  
Johnson William F.  
8 Aug 1868 28 Feb 1907 Woodmen of the World
K_____ Oleta Fay  
unk. unk.  
Lance Edith Neoma  
1 Nov 1915 1 Nov 1915 Daughter of James Lyons and Lillie Mae Shannon Lance.
Lance Noel  
28 Feb 1925 5 Jul 1928 Son of James Lyons and Lillie Mae Shannon Lance.
Litton Charles W.  
Jun 1879 1910 Son of William H. and Sarah E. Litton.
Litton Dora  
Sep 1871 1904 Daughter of William H. and Sarah E. Litton.
Litton Robert E.  
Jan 1875 1953 Son of William H. and Sarah E. Litton.
Litton Sarah E. Blakely
Sep 1846 1933 Wife of William H. Litton.
Litton William H.  
Dec 1840 1917 Civil War - O.M.C. SGT Co. K 7th KY Vol. Inf.
Husband of Sarah E. Litton.
Magill Fred  
18 May 1904 22 Feb 1905 Son of Claude R. and Sue E. Litton Magill.
Magill Joseph Litton  
1911 1937 Son of Claude R. and Sue E. Litton Magill.
Miles Larry S.  
9 Aug 1940 6 Sep 1940  
Miller Charles H.  
10 Mar 1891 24 Jun 1938 Son of Charles O. and Rena Hanes Miller.
Miller Charles O.  
Oct 1858 1929 Husband of Rena Hanes Miller.
Miller Cleo Olive  
16 Jun 1922 26 Nov 1935 Daughter of Charlie H. and Vincie V. Miller.
Miller Rena Hanes
Feb 1871 1956 Daughter of John S. and Alice Eleanor Elam Hanes.
Wife of Charles O. Miller.
Miller Ruel Q.  
5 Oct 1895 10 Oct 1950 WWI - OK PVT 306 Infantry 77 Division
Son of Charles O. and Rena Hanes Miller.
Miller Ruth E.  
1914 1971 Daughter of Charles O. and Rena Hanes Miller.
Munson Kate Hopps
22 Feb 1878 3 Mar 1981 Daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth White Hopps.
Wife of William Munson.
Myers Harriet Adeline Clark
20 May 1848 14 Dec 1932 Daughter of James and Harriet Dunlap Clark.
Wife of John Lewis Myers.
Myers John Lewis  
15 May 1844 28 Apr 1924 Son of Thomas Sanford and Martha Ann Buskirk Myers.
Husband of Harriet Adeline Clark Myers.
Nunn Mrs. William P.  
unk. unk. Wife of William P. Nunn.
William's 1st wife died before 1910.
His 2nd wife died after Apr 1930.
Nunn William P.  
abt. 1862 aft. Apr 1930 Married 1st to Unknown.
Married 2nd to Mattie C. Nunn.
Pool Ardena  
unk. unk.  
Pool James Robert  
1908 1913  
Quillin Tenny E.  
21 Jun 1863 29 Nov 1920 Wife of William E. Quillin.
Quillin William E.  
25 Apr 1858 13 Jan 1941 Son of W.W. and Kiziah Elizabeth Hartzog Quillin.
Husband of Tenny E. Quillin.
Rainey C.H.  
13 Mar 1907 29 May 1908 Infant of Joseph Elmer and Maggie Gemes Rainey.
Rainey Frankie  
27 Jul 1905 10 Aug 1906 Infant of Joseph Elmer and Maggie Gemes Rainey.
Rainey Maggie Gemes
17 Mar 1873 9 Mar 1908 Daughter of Martin Van Buren and Rebecca Martin Gemes.
Wife of Joseph Elmer Rainey.
Redmon Ola  
3 Apr 1877 13 Nov 1912 Wife of Robert Lee Redmon.
Redmon Travis B.  
30 Sep 1899 21 Jun 1912 Son of Robert Lee and Ola Redmon.
Scanlan Michael H.  
Sep 1819 1912  
Scanlan Mike M.  
1860 1945 Son of Michael H. and Mary Scanlan.
Smith Pearl Magill
1906 1933 Wife of Truman Smith.
Stapleton Olen E.  
1918 19 Jul 1942 WWII - Oklahoma - SGT 46 Bomb SQ AC
Son of Maylon F. and Bonnie B. Countryman Stapleton.
Stradley Ada Choate
8 Sep 1885 May 1974 Daughter of Thomas Matthew and Josephine Cordia Springfield Choate.
Wife of Thomas Stradley.
Stradley Erie H.  
13 Aug 1901 16 Feb 1920 Daughter of George H. and Laura E. Stradley.
Stradley George Henry  
24 Jun 1877 1961 Husband of Laura Estel Usrey Stradley
Stradley H. Leslie  
2 Sep 1903 17 May 1980 Son of George Henry and Laura Estel Usrey Stradley.
Husband of Myrtle Stradley.
Stradley Jefferson D.  
Dec 1890 1961 Son of William W. Stradley.
Stradley Joseph W.  
Nov 1867 1940 Son of William W. Stradley.
Husband of Mary L. Stradley.
Stradley Laura Estel Usrey
5 Nov 1877 30 Jul 1955 Daughter of Thomas D. and Sarah E. Usrey.
Wife of George Henry Stradley.
Stradley Mary L.  
Feb 1866 1955 Wife of Joseph W. Stradley.
Stradley Myrtle  
6 Mar 1909 6 Jan 1936 Wife of H. Leslie Stradley.
Stradley Opal  
1917 1928  
Stradley R.V.  
1910 1913  
Stradley Roy W.  
Feb 1892 1919 Son of Joseph W. and Mary L. Stradley.
Stradley Thomas J.  
Aug 1871 1910 Son of William W. Stradley.
Married 2nd to Ada Choate Stradley.
Stradley William W.  
Jan 1844 1923  
Strecker Fred M.  
20 Apr 1911 2 Nov 1915  
Stubbs Francis Marion  
9 Jul 1890 1954 Husband of Mina E. Miller Stubbs.
Stubbs Mina E. Miller
Aug 1893 1957 Daughter of Charles O. and Rena Hanes Miller.
Wife of Francis Marion Stubbs.
Thompson George D.  
15 Feb 1859 1 Nov 1952 Son of Robert and Lucy Hardwick Thompson.
Husband of May Skelton Thompson.
Thompson Jessie Lee  
12 Oct 1891 4 Jun 1908 Daughter of George D. and May Skelton Thompson.
Thompson May Skelton
14 May 1864 8 Feb 1920 Wife of George D. Thompson.
Thorp Ardena Josephine Countryman
28 Dec 1898 11 Feb 1936 Daughter of Houston Jones and Sarah Prudence Tarver Countryman.
Born in Addington, OK Indian Territory.
Wife of Edgar Marion Thorp.
Thorp Bernice Barker
15 Jun 1904 22 Nov 1928 Daughter of Doyle Donathan and Callie Barker.
Wife of William P. Thorp.
Thorp Edgar Marion  
17 Jul 1895 12 Sep 1989 WWI - US Army
Husband of Ardena Countryman Thorp.
Married 11 Feb 1925.
Thorp William P.  
1 May 1898 26 Jun 1987 Son of John T. and Lucy Fannie Thorp.
Husband of Bernice Barker Thorp.
Unknown 13 graves  
unk. unk.  
Wilcox Baby  
29 May 1921 30 May 1921 Son of Thomas A. and Clara Wilcox.
Wilcox Emma M.  
1916 1940 Wife of Curtis A. Wilcox.

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