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Manitou Cemetery, Tillman County, OK

Manitou Cemetery

Tillman County, Oklahoma

Transcribed and photographed by:
Aimee Noelle Watson Dickson Davis

The Manitou cemetery is located 1 1/2 miles west and 1 mile south of Manitou, OK, at the intersection of County Roads N2220 and E1740.

If you have family buried in the Manitou Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact me here.

Manitou Cemetery
© Aimee Noelle Watson Dickson Davis
Adams Boyd   27 May 1916 7 Apr 1924
Son of William W. and Lillie O. Adams.
Adams Cassie Phinina "Nina" Hyde 1882 1957
Wife of Lloyd T. Adams.
Adams John H.   15 Apr 1855 4 Aug 1937
Son of David Price and Clarinda E. Parker Adams, Jr.
Husband of Margaret Moody Adams.
Adams Loyd Ross   1912 1932
Son of Loyd T. and Cassie Phinina Hyde Adams.
Adams Loyd T.   1878 1933
Son of John H. Adams.
Husband of Cassie Phinina Hyde Adams.
Adams Margaret Moody 2 Feb 1852 8 aug 1928
Daughter of Isaac and Ellender Greene Moody.
Wife of John H. Adams.
Adams Opal Inez   31 Aug 1925 1 Sep 1925
Daughter of Horace W. and Stella Adams.
Allison Lois   20 Jul 1915 1 Nov 1922
Daughter of Alfred J. and Minnie Allison.
Arnold Emily Kittle 7 Mar 1857 1 Oct 1928
Daughter of John Waldo and Sarah Yeager Kittle.
Wife of Sidney Arnold.
Arnold Sidney   12 Jun 1836 19 Jun 1915
Civil War - Union
Grand Army of the Republic
Husband of Emily Kittle Arnold.
Arnold John Waldo   23 Nov 1877 5 Mar 1930
Son of Sidney and Emily Kittle Arnold.
Husband of Ruby Neil Perthina Wayman Arnold.
Ball Linton M.   27 Jan 1910 28 Jan 1910
Son of E.E. and Maggie Ball.
Bandholtz Edward Dick   Jul 1851 1929
Son of Malta Ludwig and Anna Elizabeth Schaefer Bandholtz.
Husband of Milissie Pairlie Terry Bandholtz.
Bandholtz Nona   4 Jul 1904 11 Feb 1912
Daughter of Edward Dick and Milissie Pairlie Terry Bandholtz.
Barnes Atlee   1901 1907
Daughter of Forest Calvin and Gerlia O. Newland Barnes.
Barnes Forest Calvin   15 Feb 1873 1947
Son of Marion C. and Mary Frances Cauthorn Barnes.
Husband of Gerlia O. Newland Barnes.
Barnes Frances "Fanny" J.   1869 1938
Daughter of Marion C. and Mary Frances Cauthorn Barnes.
Barnes Gerlia O. Newland Jul 1882 1923
Daughter of George W. and Mary O. Newland.
Wife of Forest Calvin Barnes.
Barnes Martha Jane   1858 1945
Daughter of Marion C. and Alvira Jane Barnes.
Barnes Marion C.   1 Jan 1827 30 Jan 1907
Married 1st to Alvira Jane Barnes.
Married 2nd to Mary Frances Cauthorn Barnes.
Barnett Elizabeth M. Shirley 15 Jun 1851 7 Feb 1920
Daughter of Beverly V. and Malinda Jones Shirley.
Wife of Jacob Hammond Barnett.
Barnett Jacob "Bud" Hammond   16 Aug 1854 15 Mar 1932
Husband of Elizabeth M. Shirley Barnett.
Barrett Jimmie L.   Jan 1875 1962
Daughter of William Bailey and Nancy Ann Templeton Barrett.
Barrett Nancy Ann Templeton Jan 1852 Apr 1928
Wife of William Bailey Barrett.
Barrett Myrtle Lee   Feb 1902 Dec 1942
Daughter of John Hardy and Evalena Snow Barrett.
Blancet Henrietta   Aug 1859 1916
Wife of Samuel M. Blancet.
Box James Franklin   7 Oct 1915 9 Jul 1916
Butler-Kisling Ella   abt. 1869 4 Apr 1940
Married 1st to Mr. Butler.
Married 2nd to Samuel Moody Kisling.
Bynum Mace Brindley   28 Aug 1840 27 Jun 1905
Son of Jesse and Eliza Clowdus Bynum.
Husband of Sheba Jane Staton Bynum.
Bynum Sheba Jane Staton 24 Jul 1846 23 Mar 1914
Daughter of George and Nancy Deavor Staton.
Wife of Mace Brindley Bynum.
Carter Milissie Bettie Bandholtz 9 Sep 1893 11 Oct 1939
Daughter of Edward Dick and Milissie Pairlie Terry Bandholtz.
Wife of Mauldin Marvin Carter.
Compton Cecil Paul   2 Jan 1925 19 May 1925
No stone.
Son of Virgil N. and Pearl Beauchamp Compton.
Cornelius Mary "Molly" Beth Drake 13 Sep 1874 13 Feb 1930
Daughter of Robert V. and Octavia Smith Drake.
Wife of William Thomas Cornelius.
Cornelius William Thomas   14 Jan 1869 13 Feb 1931
Son of Andrew J. and Lougania Elizabeth Bynum Cornelius.
Husband of Mary "Molly" Beth Drake Cornelius.
Curry Infant   20 Sep 1906 5 Oct 1906
Infant of James G. and Bayetta J. Curry.
Dean Anna Lura Wilkerson 1922 1983
Daughter of Charles Russell and Ada Iantha Adams Wilkerson.
Dosher Marion Elmo   20 Apr 1913 4 Nov 1919
Doss Orville   6 Aug 1911 5 Jul 1913
Son of G.W. and M.R. Doss.
Edmondson Rosa V.   25 Dec 1908 2 Jul 1909
Daughter of J.B and Eva Edmondson.
Foley Cora Isibell Melton 29 Sep 1880 22 Mar 1955
Daughter of William Thomas and Louisa Jane "Lucy" Walls Melton.
Wife of Felix Barton Foley.
Foley Felix Barton   21 Oct 1874 1 Apr 1932
Son of John and Louisa Meadows Foley.
Husband of Cora Isibell Melton Foley.
Fox Adam   1869 1934
Husband of Minnie Fox.
Fox Emma C.   14 Nov 1901 11 Feb 1919
Daughter of Adam and Minnie Fox.
Fox Minnie   1876 1951
Wife of Adam Fox.
Fretwell Melvina P. unk. 3 Apr 1851 2 Sep 1927
Sister of Luticia R. Moore.
Garcia Thresa   1891 1939
Godfrey John L.   Jan 1865 1936
Husband of Katie Godfrey.
Godfrey Russell C.   Mar 1893 1917
Son of John L. and Katie Godfrey.
Golay Florence L. Gibbs 1878 1931
Daughter of Thomas J. and Sarah J. Wills Gibbs.
Wife of Clifford E. Golay.
Goodnough Felix   2 Dec 1919 4 Feb 1920
Son of Lewis E. and Rosa Etta Goodnough.
Goodnough Lewis Edgar   5 Nov 1877 1934
Husband of Rosa Etta Goodnough.
Guthrie Anderson Thomas   30 Aug 1849 15 Feb 1943
Husband of Mary Elizabeth Townley Guthrie.
Guthrie Beaulah W.   11 Feb 1911 23 Nov 1916
Daughter of William Anderson and Louise Augusta Broome Guthrie.
Granddaughter of Anderson Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Townley Guthrie.
Guthrie Charlie O.   19 Oct 1880 16 Nov 1908
Son of Anderson Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Townley Guthrie.
Guthrie Fay   unk. 26 May 1933
Guthrie Foster Birdwell   1879 1918
Son of Anderson Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Townley Guthrie.
Guthrie Herman D.   11 Feb 1941 12 Feb 1941
Son of D.H. and Roxie Wells Guthrie.
Guthrie Mary Elizabeth Townley 27 Jun 1854 1930
Wife of Anderson Thomas Guthrie.
Halstead Martha   3 Sep 1841 31 Mar 1913
Wife of S.T. Halstead.
Harman Myrtle J.   26 Aug 1892 14 Sep 1904
Daughter of Joseph T. and Georgana A. Harman.
Harman William T.   19 Nov 1898 2 Apr 1912
Son of Joseph T. and Georgana A. Harman.
Heft Baby   unk. unk.
Higgins Kathryn a.   13 Sep 1901 13 Jan 1915
Daughter of Thomas B. and Maude Hollowell Higgins.
Houx Jimmie Farris   18 May 1915 3 Apr 2001
Husband of Betty Rae Watlington Houx.
Howell-Fires Carol Ann   1 Apr 1958 11 Aug 2007
Daughter of Lonnie Clifford and Naomi Christine Huffer Howell.
Howell Clifford Clyde   6 Nov 1906 27 Oct 1981
Son of Thomas Knox and Pearl Jettie Wilson Howell.
Husband of Marjorie Olive Arnall Howell.
Howell Colin Cave   4 Jul 1946 21 Dec 2008
Vietnam - ETR3 US Navy
Son of Clifford Clyde and Marjorie Olive Arnall Howell.
Husband of Mary Ann Love Howell.
Howell Lonnie Clifford   11 Jul 1932 23 Jul 1997
Korea - SSGT US Air Force
Son of Clifford Clyde and Marjorie Olive Arnall Howell.
Husband of Naomi Christine Huffer Howell.
Huffstutles Carol Jefferson   25 Jan 1864 6 Dec 1916
Woodmen of the World
Son of Thomas Jefferson and Minvera Mary Jane Myers Huffstutles.
Husband of Augusta Marie Harris Huffstutles.
Hughes Amos Isaiah   1867 1935
Son of Thomas and Minerva Hughes Hughes.
Husband of Martha Frances Davis Hughes.
Hughes James T.   19 Oct 1877 14 Feb 1936
Son of Thomas and Minerva Hughes Hughes.
Inman Jesse Gertrude White 7 Jun 1884 11 Oct 1907
Daughter of John Henry and Nellie Ogle White.
Wife of Dee Inman.
Jackson Ella Angelina Lilley 19 Dec 1888 12 May 1928
Daughter of William Zachariah and Mary Evalina Phillips Lilley.
Wife of Claud Elias Jackson.
Jackson Jerry Wayne   unk. 25 Aug 1938
Son of Wayne Hubert and Alice Martin Jackson.
Johnson Luther   31 Jul 1902 15 Mar 1918
Jones Stella   12 Mar 1878 28 Sep 1939
Wife of William S. Jones.
Jones William S.   8 Mar 1872 26 Dec 1953
Husband of Stella Jones.
Kemp Fletcher   7 Mar 1871 Dec 1910
Son of John Taylor and Frances Morton Hutchinson Kemp.
Husband of Lulu Kemp.
Kemp Lulu Muriel Oxford 28 Jan 1874 28 Dec 1926
Daughter of Samuel Moor and Martha E. Daugherty Oxford.
Wife of Fletcher Kemp.
Kemp Voyan Fletcher   26 Apr 1900 31 Jul 1944
Son of Fletcher and Lulu Muriel Oxford Kemp.
Husband of Jewell Ball Kemp.
Kersey Andrew J.   24 Dec 1846 25 Jul 1918
Son of George Washington and Margaret Vaughn Kersey.
Husband of Missouri A. Huffstutles Kersey.
Kersey Leana Celia Cox 1867 1936
Daughter of Thomas Nathaniel and Margaret Ann Reeves Cox.
Wife of Milton Douglas Kersey.
Kersey Milton D.   1856 1944
Husband of Leana C. Kersey.
Kisling James W.   17 Jan 1841 11 Jun 1911
Son of Daniel and Rebecca Brison Kisling.
Kisling Samuel Moody   16 Mar 1877 1939
Son of James W. Kisling.
Husband of Mary Ella Butler-Kisling.
Koup Dona Ozment 21 May 1895 13 Dec 1918
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Ozment.
Wife of J.F. Koup.
Langston Mary Ella Hughes 1887 1967
Lawhorn M.E.   14 Feb 1898 22 Dec 1920
Wife of Nolen V. Lawhorn.
Lee Lewis   2 Feb 1930 2 Feb 1930
Son of Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Lee.
Lived 7 hours.
Lee Thomas Berry   22 Sep 1865 11 May 1924
McGuire Mary Jane Adams 27 Nov 1861 17 Aug 1912
Wife of James E. McGuire.
McPherson Lester K.   17 Nov 1905 10 Oct 1907
Son of Charles Clement and Mary "Minnie" Lydia Hoople McPherson.
Martin Alfred E.   18 Feb 1910 27 Feb 1987
Son of D.C. and Emma Felkner Martin.
Married 1st - Elsie Lucille Martin.
Married 2nd - Annie Gertrude Hood Martin.
Martin Alton "Slim"   1910 1969
Husband of Rossie Martin.
Martin Elsie Lucille   22 Dec 1911 23 Nov 1975
Wife of Alfred E. Martin.
Martin Rossie Mae Bush 1913 1935
Wife of Alton "Slim" Martin.
Mather Frank A.   22 Apr 1871 6 Dec 1912
Son of Cyrus and Amanda Lapp Mather.
Husband of Annie Laura Rife Mather.
Matheson Children   unk. unk.
Children of Robert and Fairy Matheson.
Matheson Theron Lee   between 1907-1914 between 1907-1914
Son of Bass L. and Pearl Matheson.
Matheson Leona   about 1902 after 1930
Daughter of Bass L. and Pearl Matheson.
Matheson Louise   between 1907-1914 between 1907-1914
Daughter of Bass L. and Pearl Matheson.
Mays Unknown   unk. unk.
Lot owned by Charles Mays.
Moore Luticia "Lou" R. unk. Nov 1858 1935
Sister of Melvina P. Fretwell.
Wife of Lester Rouse Moore.
Munro Perry   18 Apr 1922 21 Jan 1982
Murphy Bill C.   18 Apr 1907 14 Jan 1982
Murphy Billy Ruth   24 Mar 1929 25 Aug 1990
PVT  US Army
Murphy Mary   16 Jul 1932 Jun 1985
Murphy Ruth M.   28 Nov 1909 29 May 1997
Murray Anna   24 May 1871 28 Jan 1915
Wife of John A. Murray.
Neugebauer Ronald Keith   21 Oct 1947 18 Sep 2003
Vietnam - PN2  US Navy
Son of George and Faye Etta Dosher Neugebauer.
Neugebauer Rufus Karl   24 Jun 1946 19 Apr 2010
Son of George and Faye Etta Dosher Neugebauer.
Husband of Susie Ward Neugebauer.
Neumeyer Dorothy Marie   24 Jun 1913 26 Jan 1914
Daughter of John Beverly and Eva E. Neumeyer.
Neumeyer Eva E.   20 Jul 1885 16 Nov 1913
Wife of John Beverly Neumeyer.
Neumeyer John Beverly "Beve"   28 May 1886 1 Jun 1913
Son of Gustave and Elizabeth Elmira Hawks Neumeyer.
Newland Aral   1887 1895
Daughter of George W. and Mary O. Newland.
Nichols Ruby L.   28 Aug 1920 10 Feb 1924
Nigh Clifford H.   12 Dec 1899 4 Aug 1971
Son of Ira Leonard and Eva May Herrell Nigh.
Husband of Eula M. Foley Nigh.
Nigh Eria Lamoine   4 Aug 1923 13 Dec 1972
WWII - Oklahoma - PFC US Marine Corps
Son of Clifford H. and Eula M. Foley Nigh.
Nigh Eula M. Foley 16 Oct 1900 30 Jan 2001
Daughter of Felix Barton and Cora I. Melton Foley.
Wife of Clifford H. Nigh.
Overton Nellie M. Russell 6 May 1897 7 Sep 1924
Daughter of James T. and Minnie E. Hightower Russell.
Wife of Walter Overton.
Ozment Etta Mae Miller 1875 1961
Wife of John Lafayette Ozment.
Ozment John Lafayette   14 Jan 1872 Aug 1961
Son of James Jasper and Phoebe Ann White Ozment.
Husband of Etta Mae Miller Ozment.
Powell Ella B.   19 Apr 1862 19 Mar 1925
Powell Millie E.   28 Apr 1892 12 Apr 1913
Powell Robert T.   23 Mar 1857 13 Oct 1929
Reffner Albert Martin   5 Sep 1872 27 Dec 1936
Husband of Hattie Randolph Reffner.
Reffner Hattie Randolph 20 Aug 1878 27 Jan 1925
Wife of Albert Martin Reffner.
Reffner Lloyd R.   13 May 1903 27 Jul 1958
WWII - Oklahoma - CPL  Army Air Forces
Rogers James I.   14 Oct 1867 6 Apr 1943
Husband of Ninnie M. Rogers.
Rogers Ninnie M.   1 May 1875 26 Jul 1934
Wife of James I. Rogers.
Rogers Mildred Maxine   23 May 1927 3 Apr 1930
Rouse Mary Ellen   13 Oct 1942 14 May 1987
Rouse Shannon R.   24 Mar 1964 20 Jul 1986
Ruffner Preston Watson   26 Oct 1853 7 Mar 1918
Husband of Winnie A. Ruffner.
Russell Cora E.   14 Jul 1899 29 Apr 1913
Daughter of James T. and Minnie E. Hightower Russell.
Died of diptheria.
Russell Glen W.   1921 1942
Son of James T. and Minnie E. Hightower Russell.
Russell James Alfred   8 Sep 1912 19 Sep 1912
Son of James T. and Minnie E. Hightower Russell.
Russell James T.   1872 1953
Husband of Minnie E. Hightower Russell.
Married Dec 1895 in Clarksville, AR.
Russell Minnie Esther Hightower 1880 1951
Daughter of William F. and Hester Ann King Hightower.
Wife of James T. Russell.
Russell Ollie   31 May 1907 24 May 1913
Daughter of James T. and Minnie E. Hightower Russell.
Died of diptheria.
Ryan G.L.   28 May 1863 17 Aug 1906
Woodmen of the World
Sheumaker Earnest   8 Oct 1906 21 Nov 1906
Son of G.R. and M.D. Sheumaker.
Sheumaker Elmer   21 Aug 1907 8 Feb 1909
Son of G.R. and M.D. Sheumaker.
Shouse Ralph W.   9 Jul 1903 1 Jan 1918
Son of J.L. and Vesta E. Shouse.
Shouse Raymond   16 Oct 1907 5 Dec 1907
Son of J.L. and Vesta E. Shouse.
Simpson Curtis   1864 1918
Husband of Ruthie F. Pickle Simpson.
Simpson Howard Bryce   12 Apr 1913 23 Dec 1915
Son of Arthur C. and Clara B. Simpson.
Simpson Letha Vernice   1915 1920
Daughter of Arthur C. and Clara B. Simpson.
Simpson Ruthie F. Pickle 1861 1947
Wife of Curtis Simpson.
Smith La Vern   25 Jan 1929 11 Jul 1999
Husband of Ruby Smith.
Smith Ruby   9 Oct 1938 28 Nov 2007
Wife of La Vern Smith.
Spencer Nina   6 Aug 1879 13 Jan 1919
Wife of Jas. A. Spencer.
Spurlock Eveline   30 Mar 1912 1 Apr 1912
Stewart Oscar S.   7 Sep 1865 8 Jan 1932
Stowell Irene   9 Feb 1915 15 Mar 1979
Eastern Star
Wife of Patrick J. Stowell.
Married 27 Jun 1953.
Stowell Patrick J.   20 May 1924 5 Feb 1980
WWII - Korea - 1st LT US Army
Husband of Irene Stowell.
Terry Flora Ann Vanhooser 1838 1913
Daughter of Isaac and Sara Elam Vanhooser.
Married 1st to William Terry who died in 1872.
Married 2nd to Henry Brown who died in 1898.
Married 3rd to James Donley.
Thompson Mary J.   21 Jan 1855 14 Apr 1937
Wife of Z.T. Thompson.
Thompson Z.T.   4 Mar 1850 13 May 1930
Husband of Mary J. Thompson.
Todd Edgar D.   14 Apr 1876 9 Jan 1921
Husband of Lillian Todd.
Todd Lillian   19 Oct 1880 17 Apr 1979
Wife of Edgar D. Todd.
Tyler Pearl Etta Wanda   30 Jul 1924 7 Aug 1924
Ulrich Alceina   Jul 1875 1966
Wife of James C. Ulrich.
Ulrich James C.   Dec 1870 1954
Son of Joseph and Margaret J. Archer Ulrich.
Husband of Alceina Ulrich.
Ulrich Margaret J. Archer Sep 1842 22 Feb 1925
Daughter of Mary Archer.
Married to Joseph Ulrich who died 15 Jan 1879 in Wise County, TX.
Unknown 4 graves   unk. unk.
Watkins Bun   11 Oct 1882 25 Dec 1914
Husband of Hattie Broman Watkins.
Wells Felix Horace, Jr.   29 Nov 1915 18 Aug 1917
Son of Felix Horace and Virginia T. Fleming Wells.
Wilkerson-Anderson Ada Iantha Adams 18 Dec 1904 29 Nov 1984
Daughter of Loyd Thomas and Casa Panina Hyde Adams.
Wife of Charles Russell Wilkerson.
Williams Infant   17 Jan 1891 17 Jan 1891
Daughter of Louis David and Louise "Lula" Wood Skidmore Williams.
Williams Infant   unk. 13 Apr 1909
Son of Louis David and Louise "Lula" Wood Skidmore Williams.
Williams General Buford   28 Sep 1865 30 Jan 1916
Husband of Lura Williams.
Williams Joseph Thomas   1866 1931
Husband of Laurena Elizabeth Reeves Williams.
Williams Laurena Elizabeth Reeves 30 Nov 1872 17 Dec 1917
Daughter of William Allen and Elizabeth Thornton Beall Reeves.
Wife of Joseph Thomas Williams.
Wyatt Infant   unk. unk.

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