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Centerview Cemetery, Tillman County, OK

Centerview Cemetery

Tillman County, Oklahoma

Transcribed and photographed by:
Aimee Noelle Watson Dickson Davis

The Centerview cemetery is located 2 miles east and 1 1/4 miles north of Tipton, OK, on County Road N2170.

If you have family buried in the Centerview Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact me here.

Centerview Cemetery
© Aimee Noelle Watson Dickson Davis
Adams Addie Alice Moring 7 Mar 1863 29 Oct 1913
2nd wife of Richard Washington Adams.
Adams Cecil Allen   15 Feb 1912 24 Mar 1917
Son of John Lester and Melinda Manis Adams.
Adams George William   24 Jun 1870 23 Jan 1941
Husband of Willie Belle Sawyer Adams.
Adams John Lester   31 Dec 1881 16 Jun 1962
Son of John Wesley and Melissa Elizabeth Dickenson Adams.
Husband of Melinda Manis Adams.
Adams John Wesley   14 Jul 1860 26 Oct 1939
Son of Richard Washington and Anne Elizabeth Pate Adams.
Husband of Melissa Elizabeth Dickenson Adams.
Adams Loyd P.   12 Jul 1922 5 Feb 1924
No stone.
Adams Melinda "Linnie" Manis 3 May 1883 13 Jul 1942
Daughter of James Harvey and Sarah Elizabeth Randolph Manis.
Wife of John Lester Adams.
Adams Melissa Elizabeth Dickenson 17 Jun 1860 2 Feb 1923
Daughter of John Walden and Mary Anne Sollis Dickenson.
Wife of John W. Adams.
Adams Melvin Drue   31 Jul 1886 23 Feb 1908
Son of John Wesley and Melissa Elizabeth Dickenson Adams.
Adams Melvoin Lanelle   19 Aug 1920 20 Aug 1920
Daughter of Paul Wesley and Connie Pearl Blackwood Adams.
Adams Paul Wesley   25 Nov 1899 11 Apr 1924
Son of John Wesley and Melissa Elizabeth Dickenson Adams.
Adams Richard W.   26 Dec 1861 3 Apr 1949
Son of Richard Washington and Anne Elizabeth Pate Adams.
Adams Thomas Benjamin   23 Apr 1905 18 Oct 1906
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Council Adams.
Adams Willie Belle Sawyer 10 Jun 1877 2 Apr 1964
Wife of George William Adams.
Allgood Joseph R.   May 1856 26 Apr 1948
Husband of Lucy Jane Fleming Allgood.
Allgood Lucy Jane Fleming Aug 1859 7 Mar 1938
Daughter of John and Mary Ann Anderson Fleming.
Wife of Joseph R. Allgood.
Allgood Ora A.   14 Mar 1894 30 Aug 1910
Daughter of Joseph R. and Lucy Jane Fleming Allgood.
Died of typhoid fever.
Ammons Floyd   16 Jun 1906 26 Jun 1906
Ammons Velmer   10 Feb 1905 11 Feb 1905
Arnall Alma   1896 1908
Daughter of Felix Logan and Stella Price Johnson Arnall.
Arnall Felix Logan   5 Jun 1859 5 Feb 1938
Son of Mallory M. and Julia Ann Daugherty Arnall.
Married 1st to Stella Price Johnson Arnall.
Married 2nd to Martha Ann Higgenbottom Arnall.
Arnall Stella Price Johnson 9 Feb 1870 11 Sep 1919
Daughter of Martha J. Johnson.
Wife of Felix Logan Arnall.
Arnall William T.   Jul 1867 1907
Son of Mallory M. and Julia Ann Daugherty Arnall.
Atchison Eva   1882 1918
Ballard Wallace L.   25 Dec 1928 4 Nov 1949
WWII - Oklahoma - CPL  7 AF GEOD SQ
Baty Newton A.   4 Mar 1896 1 Apr 1914
Son of Samuel R. and Minerva A. Story Baty.
Bawcom Charles   12 May 1913 13 May 1913
Son of Jasper Young and Myrtia A. Melton Bawcom.
Beck Eva May Bawcom 26 Apr 1876 1961
Daughter of Rev. Willis Asbury and Mary Ellen Donegan Bawcom.
Wife of Joseph Millage Beck.
Beck Joseph Millage   5 Jan 1866 15 Jul 1916
Son of Alexander A. and Pamelia Ann Lyles Beck.
Husband of Eva May Bawcom Beck.
Benson Emma     21 Aug 1905
Died aged 56 yrs, 1 mo., 12 days.
Bird James Anders   15 Feb 1916 18 May 1917
Son of Daniel Washington and Exie Della Kidd Bird.
Bird James E.   18 Dec 1859 20 Aug 1943
Husband of Sirena Alice Smith Bird.
Married 27 Mar 1881.
Bird Sirena Alice Smith 25 May 1863 27 Nov 1943
Wife of James E. Bird.
Bostick Peggy Nell   12 Aug 1928 3 May 1929
No stone.
Brandstatt Christopher B.   27 Dec 1839 28 Mar 1914
Son of Christopher John and Magdalene Conrad Brandstatt.
Brandstatt Nancy Christine Payne 19 Jul 1876 9 Mar 1966
Daughter of Thomas John and Louisa Elizabeth Boyd Payne.
Wife of Samuel M. Brandstatt.
Brandstatt Samuel Morgan   7 Jul 1867 8 Apr 1945
Son of John and Eliza Kurtz Brandstatt.
Husband of Nancy Christine Payne Brandstatt.
Bridwell Alice Reneau 1 Jul 1879 8 Dec 1918
Daughter of Samuel Lonzo and Mary Jane Gilbreath Reneau.
Wife of William Raymond Bridwell.
Brinkman Lavonne Peggy McDonald 2 Aug 1922 8 May 1986
Daughter of Seborn Benjamin and Lodie Ethel Norie McDonald.
Brown Madison Blanton   15 Dec 1866 20 Jan 1941
Son of William and Susan Hardin Brown.
Husband of Parah Julia Ball Brown.
Brown Parah Julia Ball 4 Mar 1870 11 Aug 1923
Daughter of Andrew Jackson and Mary E. Powers Ball.
Wife of Madison Blanton Brown.
Callaham Claburn J.   Oct 1861 1928
Husband of Martha Ann Autry Callaham.
Callaham Martha Ann Autry 30 Jan 1870 Feb 1954
Daughter of William Tyson and Mary Louise Horn Autry.
Wife of Claburn J. Callaham.
Callaham Mary A.   10 Mar 1830 6 May 1916
Cantrell Blonde   12 Apr 1911 13 Jan 1912
Daughter of James Harvie and Martha "Mattie" Eleanor Fleming Cantrell.
Cantrell James Harvie   15 Jul 1873 5 Jan 1923
Son of William A. and Elizabeth Baker Cantrell.
Married 1st to Rebecca Cantrell.
Married 2nd to Martha "Mattie" Eleanor Fleming Cantrell.
Christian Tom   unk. After 1 Apr 1902
No stone.
According to local lore, he was from Sweden and the second person to be buried in this cemetery.
Cox Ed   10 Jul 1909 6 Feb 1910
DenBurger Govert   26 May 1836 10 Mar 1916
Husband of Hendrika "Henrietta" Horman DenBurger.
Dill Andrew Thomas   29 Aug 1918 7 Oct 1920
Son of Thomas Harrison and Rosa Lee Evett Dill.
Dill Elmer   20 May 1909 31 May 1909
Twin of Velmer Dill.
Son of Andrew Jackson and Sarah E. Bush Dill.
Dill Ivola   5 Feb 1908 12 Feb 1908
Daughter of Andrew Jackson and Sarah E. Bush Dill.
Dill Velmer   20 May 1909 9 Jun 1909
Twin of Elmer Dill.
Daughter of Andrew Jackson and Sarah E. Bush Dill.
Dosher Manervia A. Story 1877 1946
Daughter of Jesse and Mary "Mollie" Elizabeth Hammons Story.
Wife of Walter Augusta Dosher.
Edwards Infant   Sep 1905 Sep 1905
Son of Samuel H. and Jennie M. Field Edwards.
Edwards Infant   27 Dec 1907 8 Feb 1908
Son of Samuel H. and Jennie M. Field Edwards.
Edwards Jennie M. Field 5 Nov 1884 15 May 1910
Daughter of Elijah Murphy and Francis Childress Field.
Wife of Samuel H. Edwards.
Married 21 Oct 1903.
Edwards Ophelia Shaw 16 Jan 1892 22 Aug 1911
Daughter of Thomas W. and Mary Ann Messer Shaw.
Wife of Daniel Harvey Edwards.
Edwards Samuel Harrison   15 Feb 1877 27 Feb 1941
Son of Joseph Henry and Nancy Elizabeth Stevens Edwards.
Husband of Jennie E. Field Edwards.
Edwards William H.   13 Jan 1910 13 Jun 1911
Son of Joseph Joel and Mary Eva Cavins Edwards.
Ellis T.O.   30 Nov 1837 1 Apr 1902
Evett Jave Van   13 May 1863 11 Feb 1909
Son of W.J. and Susan Evett.
1st husband of Alice Isabel Dosher Evett Hash.
Evett Willie   17 Dec 1897 after Mar 1920
Son of Jave Van and Alice Isabel Dosher Evett.
Friend Ann Carter Aug 1839 26 Jun 1902
Daughter of John C. and Sarah Elizabeth Coker Carter.
Wife of John Friend.
Gillespie Henry   9 Feb 1913 15 Oct 1913
Son of A. and S. Gillespie.
Goff Chartley I.   6 Jul 1909 5 Dec 1909
Son of Dolpheus Weightman and Abbie Mae McCutchan Goff.
Hash Alice Isabel Dosher 20 Jul 1872 1956
Daughter of Elijah and Avis Hammond Dosher.
Married 1st to Jave Van Evett.
Married 2nd to Fielden Hash.
Hash Elmer Weldon   27 Jan 1934 8 Apr 1934
Son of Lester Z. and Georgia Evett Hash.
Hodnett VerMell Lindsey 11 Mar 1914 8 May 1987
Daughter of Lenord Lawrence and Hattie Velma Kelly Lindsey.
Wife of Harlan Hodnett.
Hooper Author Don   31 Dec 1909 20 Feb 1910
Son of Alfred L. and Julia Ann Rogers Hooper.
Hottinger William H.   21 Apr 1893 25 Dec 1945
Jones Dina   1897 1905
Daughter of Lemual Cornelius and Charlotte Yost Jones.
Jones Loucinda M. Laing 21 Jun 1885 10 May 1905
Daughter of William C. and Nettie Jean Stevens Laing.
2nd wife of Lemual Cornelius Jones.
Jones Lemual Cornelius   6 Aug 1876 10 May 1905
Son of William Ralph and Martha Caroline Womble Jones.
Married 1st to Charlotte Yost Jones.
Married 2nd Loucinda M. Jones.
Jordan Margaret "Maggie" Lee Lindsey 6 Dec 1908 29 Nov 2000
Daughter of Lenord Lawrence and Hattie Velma Kelly Lindsey.
Married 1st to William Harris.
Married 2nd to Mr. Jordan.
Kelly Lawrence   25 May 1912 29 Jun 1913
Son of Marion Silas and Mamie Mae Sturgess Kelly.
Kelly Mamie Mae Sturgess 1885 1965
Daughter of William Emory and Harriet Jane Haring Sturgess.
Wife of Marion Kelly.
Kelly Marion Silas   1874 1951
Son of Robert Marion and Lucinda Jane Wilson Kelly.
Husband of Mamie Kelly.
Kelly Pauline   28 Mar 1911 7 Sep 1911
Daughter of Marion Silas and Mamie Mae Sturgess Kelly.
Kelly Thomas   12 Nov 1919 21 Nov 1919
Son of Marion Silas and Mamie Mae Sturgess Kelly.
Kirk Meredith Lafern   1913 1918
Daughter of Bedford F. and Georgie L. Smith Kirk.
Lambert Luella Blasdel 5 Sep 1879 26 Feb 1908
Daughter of Anthony Lee and Eleanor Jane Cox Blasdel.
Wife of William Ellis Lambert.
Lambert Pearl   11 Dec 1905 20 Jun 1907
Lindsey Hattie Velma Kelly 16 Jun 1885 15 Jul 1942
Daughter of James Buchanan and Cynthia Elizabeth Earl McGill Kelly.
Wife of Lenord Lawrence Lindsey.
Lindsey Lenord Lawrence   4 Jul 1882 17 Jan 1971
Son of Noble Bogard and Margaret Smith Lindsey.
Husband of Hattie Velma Kelly Lindsey.
McDonald Annie   12 Jul 1903 11 Sep 1921
Daughter of Seborn Benjamin and Lodie Ethel Norie McDonald.
McDonald K.A.   9 May 1902 30 Jun 1902
Son of Seborn Benjamin and Lodie Ethel Norie McDonald.
McDonald Lodie Ethel Norie 1878 1958
Daughter of Alexander F. and Nancy Ann Dill Norie.
Wife of Seborn Benjamin McDonald.
McDonald Seborn Benjamin   1874 1956
Son of Kerney and Tempa Ann West McDonald.
Husband of Lodie Ethel Norie McDonald.
McDonald Robert Lee   2 Jul 1920 2 Sep 1949
WWII - Oklahoma - PVT 1 ENGR BN 1 Marine DIV
Son of Seborn Benjamin and Lodie Ethel Norie McDonald.
Husband of Nadine Lucille Young McDonald.
McLain Ruben   22 Sep 1912 23 Mar 1914
Son of W.A. and S.L. McLain.
McLeod Neil   7 Oct 1862 5 Jan 1908
Husband of Nora McLeod.
McMahon Dale   1921 1922
McMahon Lena May   1886 1938
Manis H.A.   26 Aug 1900 7 Oct 1905
Son of Isham Green and Sally Bell Friend Manis.
Manis Isham Green   1863 1941
Son of James H. and Sarah E. Manis.
Husband of Sally Bell Friend Manis.
Manis Lillie   10 Mar 1905 2 Jul 1906
Daughter of Isham Green and Sally Bell Friend Manis.
Manis Sally Bell Friend 1876 1927
Daughter of John and Ann Friend.
Wife of Isham Green Manis.
Manis Sarah A.   5 Sep 1913 9 Sep 1913
Daughter of Isham Green and Sally Bell Friend Manis.
Meadows Aultie L.   25 Jul 1898 4 Jan 1907
Daughter of Ancil H. and Mettie T. Meadows.
Metz Susan Anne Bennett 1 Feb 1851 21 Sep 1932
Stone now lost.
Wife of George Washington Metz.
Mixon Sarah Frances Squyres 9 Nov 1876 21 Feb 1915
Daughter of Zepheniah Pyburn and Emily Winegart Squyres.
Wife of John Benjamin Mixon.
Monkres James Henry   25 Dec 1841 26 Nov 1926
Civil War - Confederate - PVT CO I 10 REGT Texas CAV
Son of William Columbus and Margaret Coulter Monkres.
Husband of Rachel Ruth Burk Monkres.
Monkres Rachel Ruth Burk 6 Feb 1842 14 Apr 1909
Daughter of Joseph Hudson and Elizabeth Anderson Burk.
Wife of James Henry Monkres.
Overstreet Mary Sue   1923 1924
Daughter of Thomas Jefferson and Fannie Belle Jones Overstreet.
Parker Pearl McDonald 17 Sep 1906 1 Feb 1963
Daughter of Seborn B. and Lodie Norie McDonald.
Wife of Marion Parker.
Rauh Caroline Hurst 22 Jan 1842 20 Dec 1904
Daughter of John and Ursula Hurst.
Wife of John Rauh.
Roach Eva Hulsey 24 May 1887 29 Mar 1942
Daughter of James Wiley and Martha F. Hulsey.
Wife of William Dennis Roach.
Roach William Dennis "Pat"   26 Jul 1864 23 May 1939
Son of James R. and Elizabeth McClure Roach.
Married 1st to S.J. Whitten Roach.
Married 2nd to Melvina Mandy Stikes Roach.
Married 3rd to Eva Hulsey Roach.
Roark Fred A.   28 Dec 1894 19 Aug 1908
Son of John W. and Nannie Francis Roark.
Robinson Dorothy Allen Adams Aug 1899 22 Oct 1940
Daughter of R.W. and Addie Alice Moring Adams.
Rogers Annie E. Arnall Dec 1852 1908
Daughter of Mallory M. and Julia Ann Daugherty Arnall.
Rogers Alfred F.   26 Feb 1855 21 Oct 1922
Son of Lot B. and Jeannette Elizabeth Thwing Rogers.
Husband of Frances Ursula Wimberly Rogers.
Rogers Thomas A.   abt. 1893 abt. 1914
Son of Alfred F. and Frances Ursula Wimberly Rogers.
Rogers Frances Ursula Wimberly 28 Jul 1867 9 May 1942
Daughter of Thomas J. and Margaret C. Davis Wimberly.
Wife of Alfred F. Rogers.
Rollins Bessie   7 Nov 1909 8 Nov 1909
Daughter of James G. and Cora Walker Rollins.
Rollins Eavon   11 Aug 1910 14 Aug 1910
Son of James G. and Cora Walker Rollins.
Rollins Rosser   23 Mar 1898 5 Mar 1915
Son of Charles W. and Isabell Rollins.
Rose W.C.   12 May 1907 12 May 1907
Son of Silas S. and Mary M. Rose.
Sawyer Alfred Alexander   22 Nov 1843 1 Nov 1933
Husband of Elizabeth Ann Morris Sawyer.
Sawyer Elizabeth Ann Morris 12 Feb 1843 28 Jan 1920
Wife of Alfred Alexander Sawyer.
Seymour Berniece E.   12 Jul 1904 15 Feb 1905
Daughter of Hiram Nero and Laura V. Seymour.
Seymour Dora E. Wells 11 Nov 1857 15 Jul 1903
Daughter of Alphonso D. and Nancy Keefover Wells.
Married 1st to Francis L. Collis.
Married 2nd to Mr. Seymour.
Seymour Martha Jane Fenton 2 Feb 1837 23 Oct 1910
Daughter of Richard and Clarissa Palmer Fenton.
Wife of James Clabourne Seymour.
Shaw George Mark   31 May 1846 29 May 1931
Son of William Patterson and Rhoda Ann Hardin Shaw.
Husband of Palmyra Ann Messer Shaw.
Shaw Infant   unk. 19 Feb 1907
Son of Thomas W. and Mary Ann Messer Shaw.
Shaw Mary Ann Messer Jan 1872 1937
Shaw Palmyra Cass Messer Dec 1848 1913
Daughter of John Wesley and Ann Morgan Strickland Messer.
Wife of George Mark Shaw.
Shaw Thomas L.   25 Apr 1905 21 Jun 1907
Son of Thomas W. and Mary Ann Messer Shaw.
Shaw Thomas W.   May 1870 1956
Son of George Mark and Palmyra Cass Messer Shaw.
Shofner Herbert   29 Aug 1907 30 Aug 1907
Son of Redden Floyd and Ada A. Harmon Shofner.
Smith George W.   3 Aug 1847 26 Jul 1909
Husband of Olivia E. Smith.
Smith Olivia E. Seymour 5 Sep 1855 5 Feb 1937
Daughter of James Clabourne and Martha Jane Fenton Seymour.
Wife of George W. Smith.
Starcher Erma   18 Nov 1911 24 Nov 1911
Starcher Isaac B.   29 Oct 1859 9 Oct 1921
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Son of Arnold and Isabel Blosser Starcher.
Husband of Victoria Stemple Starcher.
Starcher Infant   unk. 1923
Son of Adolphin Brown and Olive Starcher.
Starcher Victoria Stemple 16 Jun 1865 13 May 1931
Daughter of Andrew J. and Cinderella Stemple.
Wife of Isaac B. Starcher.
Sturgess Franklin H.   1 May 1879 26 Sep 1930
Son of William Emory and Mary Virginia White Payne Sturgess.
Sturgess Harriett "Hattie" Jane Haring 19 Feb 1845 23 Aug 1913
Daughter of James Henderson and Mary Hays Haring.
Wife of William Emory Sturgess.
Sturgess William Emory   9 Mar 1845 30 Jun 1922
Son of John Joseph and Elizabeth A. Perkins Sturgess.
Married 1st to Mary Virginia White Sturgess.
Married 2nd to Harriett Jane Haring Sturgess.
Sturgill David   Nov 1868 1941
Son of John Tucker and Mary Rebecca Stidham Sturgill.
Husband of Margaret M. Short Sturgill.
Sturgill Ida Bell   3 Jul 1898 17 Aug 1909
Daughter of David and Margaret M. Short Sturgill.
Sturgill Margaret "Maggie" M. Short Jan 1870 1968
Daughter of Henry A. and Lucinda Adams Short.
Wife of David Sturgill.
Tipton Infant   8 Jul 1910 8 Jul 1910
Son of Paul Fayette and Lizzie Purdy Tipton.
Tipton Twins   2 Jul 1917 5 Jul 1917
Twins of Paul Fayette and Lizzie Purdy Tipton.
Todd Andrew K.   27 Dec 1832 9 Dec 1901
Husband of Ann Wilson Todd.
Todd Bessie   1 Jan 1904 11 Sep 1922
Daughter of Lewellyn A. and Lula Belle Todd.
Todd Dee B.   21 Jun 1913 20 Apr 1943
Son of Lewellyn A. and Lula Belle Todd.
Todd Lewellyn A.   May 1869 1940
Son of Andrew K. and Ann Wilson Todd.
Husband of Lula Belle Todd.
Todd Lula Belle   Aug 1875 1952
Wife of Lewellyn A. Todd.
Trull Mary Matilda "Polly" Hooper 20 Dec 1849 4 Mar 1910
Daughter of Enos McHenry and Matilda Burrell Hooper, Sr.
Wife of William Anderson Trull.
Wheeler Ornal   1911 7 Mar 1912
Son of Floyd Cleaveland and Ola Wheeler.
White Jackie Lynn   6 Nov 1944 6 Nov 1944
Stillborn son of Matt G. and Nancy Edwards White.
Whitehead Francis M.   12 Nov 1858 1 Apr 1957
Husband of Sarah Margrett Whitehead.
Whitehead Sarah Margrett   24 Nov 1860 20 Feb 1910
Wife of Francis M. Whitehead.
Whittern Infant   unk. 1911
Daughter of Adrian and Martha Susan Sturgill Whittern.
Wiley Harold Leon   17 Apr 1916 28 Sep 1919
Son of M. Luther and Posie L. Wood Wiley.
Woodyard Eva R.   5 Aug 1902 21 Oct 1902
Daughter of Wesley Sherman and Irene L. Nettles Brown Woodyard.
Wright Franklin Alexander   9 May 1832 8 Dec 1903
Son of Archibald and Mary Doss Peterson Wright.
Husband of Nancy Adeline Atkins Wright.
Wright Unknown   unk. unk.
Young Amanda Jane Metz 29 Nov 1872 8 Apr 1941
Daughter of George Washington and Susan Anne Bennett Metz.
Wife of Jacob F. Young.
Young Jacob Franklin   12 Mar 1855 16 Oct 1918
Son of Henry C. and Nancy Brough Young.
Husband of Amanda Jane Metz Young.
Young Bertha May   4 Dec 1905 15 Jun 1907
Daughter of Jacob Franklin and Amanda Jane Metz Young.
Young Jacob Sterling   17 Jun 1902 16 Jul 1905
Son of Jacob Franklin and Amanda Jane Metz Young.

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