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Bethel Cemetery, Tillman County, OK

Bethel Cemetery

Tillman County, Oklahoma

Transcribed and photographed by:
Aimee Noelle Watson Dickson Davis

The Bethel cemetery is located 4 miles east and 1 1/2 mile south of Manitou, OK, on County Road N2280.

If you have family buried in the Bethel Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact me here.

Bethel Cemetery
© Aimee Noelle Watson Dickson Davis
Alexander Claude C.  
1927 1927  
Alexander Kenneth D.  
1936 1936  
Ayres Ellen L. Shoemaker
3 Ju 1850 11 Jan 1940 Daughter of Joseph H. and Fannie P. Joslyn Shoemaker.
Wife of Joseph T. Ayres.
Ayres Joseph Thomas  
17 Mar 1842 16 Sep 1922 Son of Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Lewis Ayres.
Husband of Ellen L. Shoemaker Ayres.
Ballard Gillie Jane  
6 May 1881 30 Mar 1938 Wife of James F. Ballard.
Bishop Joan  
unk. 10 Aug 1945  
Bishop Randel  
unk. 11 Aug 1946  
Bloodworth Durward Allen, Jr.  
27 Apr 1945 24 Jun 1993 Vietnam - SN US Navy
Son of Durward Allen and Judith Fisher Bloodworth, Sr.
Bloodworth Durward Allen, III  
Nov 1968 Nov 1968 Son of Durward Allen Bloodworth, Jr.
Bloodworth Durward Allen, Sr.  
4 May 1922 [blank] Mason
Husband of Judith Fisher Bloodworth.
Married 28 Mar 1943
Bloodworth Judith Fisher
26 Nov 1924 27 Nov 1990 Eastern Star
Daughter of John and Ruby Dangerfield Fisher, Jr.
Wife of Durward Allen Bloodworth, Sr.
Bowen Lillie Fisher
7 Feb 1923 27 Oct 1988 Daughter of John and Ruby Dangerfield Fisher, Jr.
Wife of Roy Wesley Bowen.
Married 31 Dec. 1943
Bowen Roy Wesley  
24 Jul 1922 14 Feb 2002 World War II - PFC US Army
Husband of Lillie Fisher Bowen.
Burba Fannie I. Grider
Jun 1883 1941 Daughter of W.E. Grider.
Wife of Harvey Bruner Burba.
Burba Harvey Bruner  
7 Jul 1879 1944 Son of John Green and Synthia Ann Rachford Burba.
Husband of Fannie I. Burba.
Burba John G.  
30 Dec 1826 30 Jul 1907 Husband of Synthia Ann Rachford Burba.
Burba Synthia Ann Rachford
21 Jan 1836 2 Feb 1924 Daughter of Hugh Varner and Fannie Eliza Barnes Rachford.
Wife of John G. Burba.
Chatham Joseph Benjamin  
12 Jul 1889 18 Feb 1912 Son of Charles Franklin and Mary Elizabeth West Chatham.
Clinkenbeard Ida Faller
12 Mar 1883 Mar 1967 Wife of Walter Allen Clinkenbeard.
Clinkenbeard Walter Allen  
27 Apr 1886 1934 Son of Wright Allen and Lillian May Connelly Clinkenbeard.
Husband of Ida Faller Clinkenbeard.
Conditt Larry Wayne  
8 May 1957 25 Nov 1997  
Courtney Donna Jean  
1940 1941 Daugher of Claude and Addie Courtney.
Courtney Earl Dean  
24 Dec 1937 7 Jan 2010 US Marines
Son of Claude and Addie Courtney.
Cox George W.  
3 Nov 1853 1946 Son of James and Melissa Murphy Cox.
Husband of Plina A. Cox.
Cox Plina A. Crane
Nov 1849 17 Jul 1935 Wife of George W. Cox.
Erwin Lynda Katherine  
10 Dec 1959 13 Dec 1959 Daughter of Virgil L. and Ruby Ellen Fisher Erwin.
Erwin Ruby Ellen Fisher
6 Jan 1929 18 Oct 1996 Daughter of John and Ruby Dangerfield Fisher, Jr.
Wife of Virgil L. Erwin.
Married 29 Apr 1947
Erwin Virgil L.  
22 Mar 1929 23 Mar 2003 Son of Virgil and Charley Erwin.
Husband of Ruby Ellen Fisher Erwin.
Fisher Dossie Jane Butcher
20 Mar 1921 [blank] Daughter of Harry E. and Maud E. Butcher.
Wife of Frederick "Fritz" Fisher.
Married 22 Dec 1940
Fisher Emanuel  
22 Oct 1926 25 Aug 1938 Twin of Walter Fisher.
Son of John and Ruby Dangerfield Fisher, Jr.
Fisher Eva Steibens
18 Dec 1871 30 Mar 1938 Wife of John Fisher, Sr.
Fisher Frederick "Fritz"  
30 Jan 1917 1 Aug 1996 Son of John and Ruby Dangerfield Fisher, Jr.
Husband of Dossie Jane Butcher Fisher.
Fisher Grant Walter  
27 Jan 1953 14 Sep 1972 Son of Walter and Myrtha Conrad Fisher.
Fisher Ida K.  
16 Apr 1917 12 Oct 1940  
Fisher J.J.  
unk. 1930 Son of John and Ruby Dangerfield Fisher, Jr.
Fisher John, Sr.  
21 Jan 1870 5 Dec 1930 Husband of Eva Steibens Fisher.
Fisher John, Jr.  
1889 1953 Son of John and Eva Steibens Fisher, Sr.
Husband of Ruby Dangerfield Fisher.
Married 6 Sep 1913
Fisher Myrtha Conrad
11 Aug 1927 [blank] Wife of Walter Fisher.
Married 27 Aug 1947
Fisher Ruby Dangerfield
28 Mar 1894 9 May 1983 Daughter of Aquilla and Sarah E. Stout Dangerfield.
Wife of John Fisher, Jr.
Fisher Walter  
22 Oct 1926 19 May 1993 World War II - CPL US Army
Twin of Emanuel Fisher.
Son of John and Ruby Dangerfield Fisher, Jr.
Husband of Myrtha Conrad Fisher.
Fowler Byron Boswell  
11 Feb 1851 29 Apr 1911 Husband of Carlotta Fowler.
Givens Addie  
1874 1913  
Givens Evelyn  
unk. 3 Dec 1918  
Givens George Edward  
28 Nov 1843 1915 Son of James Stafford and Elizabeth Ross Givens.
Husband of Malisa A. Albert Givens.
Givens Malisa A. Albert
1845 1913 Daughter of Lewis and Mariah Caldwell Albert.
Wife of George E. Givens.
Givens James Louis  
15 Sep 1872 13 Apr 1945 Son of George Edward and Malisa Albert Givens.
Givens Leo Earl  
8 Oct 1933 23 Nov 1933  
Givens Roscoe G.  
3 Aug 1911 26 Sep 1911  
Givens Shirley  
20 Sep 1920 20 Sep 1920 Daughter of Clinton and Sula Hall Givens.
Givens Snow Bird  
21 Feb 1889 2 Jun 1913 Wife of Claude Givens.
Gray Rex M.  
28 Sep 1922 26 Nov 1925  
Hart Georgia Anna Cox
3 Dec 1878 17 Apr 1922 Daughter of George Washington and Plina A. Cox.
Wife of James H. Hart.
Hart J.P.  
unk. unk.  
Hart James H.  
Jan 1874 Oct 1955 Son of John Perry and Cordelia Frances Hart Hart, Sr.
Husband of Georgia Anna Cox Hart.
Hart John Perry, Jr.  
4 Nov 1871 5 May 1910 Son of John Perry and Cordelia Frances Hart Hart, Sr.
Husband of Ella Lillard Hart.
Hart Thomas "Tom" William  
31 Jul 1860 1940 Son of John Perry and Cordelia Frances Hart Hart, Sr.
Husband fo A.A. Hardwick Hart.
Hensley Handson M.  
6 Jun 1897 10 Apr 1911 Son of Napolean and Sarah Mitchell Stover Hinsley.
Hensley Napolean "Bonnie" H.  
Oct 1866 17 Apr 1954 Son of Lewis and Nancy Mitchell Hensley.
Husband of Sarah Mitchell Stover Hensley.
Hensley Sarah Mitchell Stover
16 Apr 1859 22 Aug 1931 Daughter of Joseph and Catherine Parrot Stover.
Wife of Napolean "Bonnie" H. Hensley.
Hogue Dale  
22 Dec 1937 3 May 2011 Korea - US Army
Son of Lesley Lee and Eva Elizabeth Fisher Hogue.
Husband of Chessie Morrow Hogue.
Hogue Eva Elizabeth "Lizzie" Fisher
29 Sep 1915 20 Oct 2006 Daughter of John and Ruby Dangerfield Fisher, Jr.
Wife of Lesley Hogue.
Married 2 Jun 1934
Hogue Lesley "Less"  
10 Mar 1915 6 Dec 1978 Son of Henry Lesley and Rosa Lee Lovin Hogue.
Husband of Eva Elizabeth Fisher Hogue.
Howell Pearl Jettie Wilson
1885 1915 Wife of Thomas Knox Howell.
Huff Sallie  
4 Mar 1873 17 Jan 1915  
Lauback Freda Mae  
6 Oct 1917 7 Nov 1919  
Laubhan Katharina Elisabeth  
7 Aug 1879 22 Dec 1907 Wife of Conrad Laubhan.
Mast Elizabeth Hegner
23 Dec 1858 21 Nov 1932 Wife of John M. Mast.
Mitchell Infants  
unk. 1942 Triplet daughters of Willis Lee and Esther Ruth Fisher Mitchell.
Mitchell Johnnie Lee     24 Dec 1943 3 Sep 2010 US Army - Vietnam
Son of Willis Lee and Esther Ruth Fisher Mitchell.
Husband of Helen Hunter Mitchell.
Mitchell Lawrence Wayne  
unk. 1946 Son of Willis Lee and Esther Ruth Fisher Mitchell.
Nelson Sharian Kay  
unk. unk.  
Nelson Shirley Mae  
unk. unk.  
Neugebauer Susana R. Beck
3 Nov 1894 21 Apr 1984 Daughter of Catherine Beck.
Wife of Fred Theodor Neugebauer.
Neugebauer Fred Theodor  
9 Aug 1891 28 Apr 1944 Son of Karl Edward and Emelia Reuther Neugebauer.
Husband of Susana R. Beck Neugebauer.
Ozment Saleta Callie C.  
29 Jan 1852 19 Dec 1936 Married 1st to Mr. Jones.
Married 2nd to James Jasper Ozment.
Ozment Hazel Luceil  
1 Dec 1905 19 Dec 1910 Daughter of David Clinton and Rena Mertie Cope Ozment.
Ozment Infant  
3 Nov 1907 4 Nov 1907 Daughter of David Clinton and Rena Mertie Cope Ozment Ozment.
Ozment James Jasper  
13 Jan 1845 2 Feb 1924 Mason
Son of John Jasper Ozment.
Married 1st to Phoebe White Ozment.
Married 2nd to Saleta Callie Jones Ozment.
Phelps Infant  
11 Jul 1921 11 Jul 1921 Son of James Roy and Zona Nicholson Phelps.
Phelps Joe, Jr.  
unk. 3 Jan 1937 Son of Joseph Henson and Della Martha Pounds Phelps, Sr.
Rhodes C.E.  
21 Jan 1931 4 May 2010 Son of Clarence McKinley and Eva L. Rhodes.
Husband of Phyllis Rhodes.
Rhodes Clarence McKinley  
11 Jan 1897 7 Feb 1937 WWI - Oklahoma - Seaman 2CL US Navy R F
Independent Order of Odd Fellows
Son of Leander Christopher and Mary Lorena Johnson Rhodes.
Husband of Eva L. Rhodes.
Rhodes Leander Christopher  
14 Jan 1870 6 Oct 1907 Woodmen of the World
Husband of Mary Lorena Johnson Rhodes.
Roach Haskell  
25 May 1908 12 Jun 1908 Twin of Hazel Roach.
Son of Joe and Cordie A. Roach.
Roach Hazel  
25 May 1908 30 Jun 1908 Twin of Haskell Roach.
Daughter of Joe and Cordie A. Roach.
Roland Kathryn "Kate" Lillian Nickel
15 Feb 1874 13 Feb 1913 Daughter of William Andrew and Rebecca Jane Baum Nickel.
Wife of Samuel Sylvester Roland.
Sheumaker Frank     unk. 23 Oct 1958 No stone.
Aged 90 years, 10 months, 20 days.
Simons Frank E.  
Jul 1856 1929 Son of Simeon and Maria Vantine Simons.
Husband of Jessie Eugenia Parker Simons.
Treisa Infant  
unk. 6 Sep 1936 Son of Edward and Liddie Fisher Treisa.
Treisa Lydia "Liddie" J. Fisher
21 Aug 1914 6 Sep 1936 Daughter of John and Ruby Dangerfield Fisher, Jr.
Wife of Edward Treisa.
Welborn Abe R.  
Feb 1838 1917 Son of John and Martha Shore Welborn.
Husband of Mary L. Cass Welborn.
Welborn Mary L. Cass
Dec 1839 1912 Daughter of Abel and Rachel Mitchell Cass.
Wife of Abe R. Welborn.
West Andrew J.  
4 Jan 1853 27 Sep 1928 Husband of Sarah C. West.
Wilmot Miles Nathaniel  
27 Jan 1866 1 Oct 1908 Son of Thomas Grant and Edney Cosia Poynter Wilmot.
Married 1st to Letha Bennett Wilmot.
Married 2nd to Josie Ellen Grant Wilmot.
Witten Julia A. Summers
15 May 1832 7 Jun 1909 Daughter John and Elizabeth Myers Summers.
Wife of Zachariah Strother Witten.
Witten Leota  
4 Aug 1907 4 Aug 1907 Daughter of Charles Tiffany and Elizabeth Kate Stagg Witten.
Wyatt Lillian G.  
1910 2002 2nd wife of Paul Rogers Wyatt, Sr.
Wyatt Paul Rogers, Sr.  
1903 1992 Son of Pinkney Herman and Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Richardson Wyatt.
Married 1st to Thelma McCracken Wyatt.
Married 2nd to Lillian G. Wyatt.

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