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Mollie's Obits Collection
Submitted by: Mollie Stehno

The Guymon Herald
June 23, 1921

Mrs. Myrtle Martin-Leach, wife of Logan Leach, of Golden Gate, died about midnight Sunday night, at her home in that village, after an illness of two weeks. On Wednesday last she had given birth to a fourteen pound baby boy, who lied but a short time. The funeral took place Monday afternoon, Decoration Day and the burial was at Brush the same afternoon. Mrs. Leach leaves her husband and two children, two and our years of age. The deceased was a daughter of Joe Martin. She leaves two brothers and three sisters.--Wayne County Ill. Press

The Guymon Herald
June 23, 1921

Sibyl Sophia Green died at her home near Plainview Tuesday evening after a prolonged illness. The Green family moved here some twenty two years ago from Indiana. Mrs. Green leaves three daughters. Mrs. Harry Ritenbaugh of near Guymon, one daughter living in Kansas City and one from Omaha, as well as a son located in California, whose names we could not learn.
They body will probably be shipped to Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday, or as soon as the son can come to make arrangements.

The Guymon Herald
June 14, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Garst and family and Rufus Garst left on the afternoon train today for McPherson, Kansas to attend the funeral of their mother Mrs. Sarah M. Garst. The deceased was seventy four years of age, and is the mother of twelve children, all of whom are living. The family home has been in McPherson for about twenty five years, save for a few years, when Mrs. Garst and her two youngest sons lived on a farm three miles south of Guymon, which they owned. As is the case in most all large families, the mother has been the idol of the children, and the fact that she has been an invalid the past two years has borne heavily upon them, and she has received frequent visits from all of them who could reach her, and she has been afforded the best of care. The funeral will take place tomorrow in McPherson.
Besides B. F. and Rufus Garst, well known to most everyone in the Panhandle country on account of their extensive musical business, the children are located as follows:
Ray Garst, Coatlin, California.
Mrs. Frank Shafer, Los Angeles, California.
Mrs. J. H. Blake, Wanache, Washington
Mrs. Herbert Colwell, Sayre, Okla.
Mrs. Charles P. Lawton, Tulsa, OK
Roy Garst, Tulsa, OK
F. C. Garst, Clinton, OK
Mrs. J. H. Raines, Beatrice, Nebraska
Mrs. Emery Anderson and W. S. Garst, McPherson, Kansas.

The Guymon Herald
August 18, 1921

I. A. Morse, a veteran of the Civil War, and for many years a respected resident of the Pony Creek neighborhood, died at his home Monday, and funeral services were conducted at the Baptist Church in Guymon, Tuesday, and the remains laid to rest in the local cemetery. Mr. Morse had been an invalid for many years.

The Guymon Herald
August 18, 1921

Mrs. Julia S. Lancaster, who for the past three years has made her home with her son, Mr. E. R. Lancaster, died yesterday morning at 10:30 o'clock. She was 70 years of age and had bee poorly for some time. Mrs. E. E. Nocks, a daughter from Hooker has arrived, but the date of the funeral will not be made until after the arrival of two sons from Kansas City. The Herald will have an obituary next week.

The Guymon Herald
September 21, 1921

Seventy years ago next Sunday Julia S. Lancaster was born in Kentucky. At the age of six she was brought to Vernon County Missouri, where she spent her early years and married life. To her and her husband, John T. Lancaster, were given four sons and two daughters. She has survived her husband by twenty one years and one daughter by eight years. She leaves to mourn her loss one daughter, Mrs. E. E. Nooks, of Hooker, and four sons, C. A. and O. G. Lancaster, of Independence, Missouri, R. R. Lancaster, of Memphis, Tennessee, and E. R. Lancaster, of Guymon.
She was converted as a young girl, joined the Methodist Church, and was all her active life, an ardent worker in her church and Sunday school.
She believed with her husband in education, and with him made many sacrifices to educate her children, three of them becoming teachers in the public schools.
She left her home and friends in Vernon County only after her children all had homes of their own in which she spent her time and effort where most needed.
Her Christian principles, her moral stamina and her settled habits of order and industry have made in impress that will long be left.
"Servant of God, well done!
Thy glorious warfare's past,
The battles fought, the race is won,
And thou are crowned at Last."

The Guymon Herald
September 25, 1921

Thomas J. Blankenship was born July 12, 1891, died August 19, 1921 age 31 years, one month and seven days.
He was married to Effie Snider Dec. 24, 1913. to this Union were born two children, Stanley and Cleo, 7 and 2 years of age.
He leaves a wife two sons, four sisters and one brother to mourn his going.
Funeral services were conducted by H. T. Crocker at the Cox cemetery and the body was laid to rest to await the resurrection morning.

The Guymon Herald
October 1, 1921

Charles Oscar Bingley was born in Platt County, Missouri, November 22, 1846, died August 4, 1921, aged 73 years, 8 months and two days. He was married to Isador Isabell Kenton July 19, 1875. To this union was born two daughters and three sons. He leaves a wife and five children and a host of friends to mourn his loss.
Fifteen years ago Mr. Bingley cut a sprig from a tree to use as a riding whip, and when he arrived home, he stuck this sprig in the ground. It has gown into a fine shad tree, and under its shelter, Rev. J. N. Chance conducted the funeral services for him last Sunday at 4 P. M. This was twenty miles southeast if Guymon in the Hardesty neighborhood. C. O. Pickens of Kansas, and Mrs. Oscar Mason, of Neosho, Missouri came from their homes to attend the funeral.

The Guymon Herald
October 6, 1921

Mrs. Verna B. Bailey, wife of Worlen E. Bailey died September 27, 1921, at Mountain Air Sanitarium, Phoenix, Arizona. she leaves a little son by her former husband, a father and several other relatives.
Funeral services were held at Valley Center, Kansas, at the home of her aunt and she was buried in a Wichita cemetery
Mr. and Mrs. Bailey were married in Guymon July 10 of this year. a short time later she was taken ill with what seemed to be a bad cold which later developed into pneumonia which was complicated with pleurisy and caused her death.
Mr. Bailey is one of the engineers in the Guymon Light and Water plant has the sympathy of all.

The Guymon Herald
November 24, 1921

The remains of Mrs. R. L. Mathews who died Monday, the 21st, were brought to Guymon yesterday from Wichita Falls, Texas, and funeral services conducted at the Christian Church at 3 p.m. The deceased was the daughter of Mrs. J. T. Dixon, and was well known in this vicinity, where she spent her girlhood days. Since her marriage to Mr. Mathews she has lived in Dalhart and Wichita Falls, Texas, and leaves two little daughters to mourn her loss. Her death followed at three weeks illness with typhoid pneumonia. Mr. Mathews accompanied the remains to Guymon, and Mrs. Harry Meede, a sister, who resides in Dalhart attended the funeral. Miss Iona, and Earl, Hiram and Ewel Dixon are sister and brothers of the deceased.

The Guymon Herald
December 15, 1921

Mrs. Henry Hindergardt, who was taken to the Liberal Hospital, last week died at that place on December 11th. A complication of troubles had gained such a headway that the treatments and operations were without avail. The funeral services were held at the. M. E. Church in Guymon on Monday afternoon, December 12th, being conducted by her pastor, Rev. Abernethy and the remains were laid to rest in the Guymon cemetery.
Katie Heichert was born in Marion County, Kansas, on May 9th, 188. She was united in marriage to Henry Hindergardt in March 1910. To this union were born two children, Howard and Floyd. Mrs. Hindergardt was converted and united with the Methodist church at Morning Star on May 20th, 1917. She was loyal to her pastor and enjoyed teaching her Sunday school class of small children. She has gone to her reward, and the sorrowing family has the sympathy of a large circle of friends in their great loss.

The Guymon Herald
January 5, 1922

Thomas Harvey Hughey was born in Highland County, Ohio, February 29, 1848 and died December 29, 1921 at his home near Hardesty, Oklahoma aged seventy three years and ten months. He was united in marriage to Sarah E. Botts, February 15, 1872. To this union ten children were born, six of whom are still living near Hardesty. One son L. R. Hughey, resides in Alva with his family. Mr. Hughey's wife preceded him to the better land June 15, 1918. He leaves two sisters, Mrs. Ella Conner of Omaha, Nebraska and Mrs. Hannah Reed of Xenia, Ohio. In 1884 the famiy located near Arnold, Custer County, Nebraska. In 1899 they moved to Woods County, Oklahoma, then I April 1907 they came westward to Texas County. He was converted early in his boyhood and joined the United Brethren church at Hartville six yeas ago, living a good Christian life. The funeral was conducted by his pastor, Rev. J. N. Chance, last Friday.

The Guymon Herald
January 19, 1922

Charles C. Coffman, who resided out in the south part of Guymon, and who was recently sent to a hospital at Marlin, Texas, died at that place on Friday, January 13th, shortly after his arrival there. An examination proved that he was so seriously afflicted with tuberculosis that medical aid could not help him. He came to Guymon from Greer County, Oklahoma a few months ago hoping that a change of climate would aid him, the family moved here at that time.
Mr. Coffman was born at Bloodsaw, Tennessee in the year 1874 and was married to Miss Eula West, of Lafayette, Georgia, on March 22nd, 1897. He leaves to mourn his loss his widow and six children, all here with the exception of one Mrs. Mattie Adair, who resides in Carnegie, Oklahoma.
The remains were returned to Guymon, where funeral services were conducted by Rev. Hill of the Baptist Church, Tuesday afternoon and the remains laid to rest in the Guymon cemetery.

The Guymon Herald
February 9, 1922

Mrs. Alvada Jarrett, wife of Eli Jarrett, died at the family home in Guymon last Saturday morning, February 4th. Mrs. Jarrett had been poorly for a number of years, but her demise was unexpected. She was born in Arkansas, July 6, 1862. The funeral which was conducted Monday by Rev. Brown of the Church of God, was attended by three sons, one from Miami, Oklahoma, one from West Plains, Missouri and one from Willow Springs, Missouri, also by a daughter, Mrs. Hanson, wife of the janitor of the Guymon schools.
Mr. Jarrett accompanied the son from Miami to his home, leaving on this afternoon's train. Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett have been held in high esteem by their neighbors, who will be sorry to miss them from their midst.

The Guymon Herald
February 9, 1922

Claude Ragsdale, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ragsdale, and son in law of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Phelps, died at the Liberal hospital last Saturday, February 4th. The death of this young man was a sudden shock to the family as well as the entire neighborhood, very few knowing that he was sick until they heard of his death. He was apparently in the best of health until a few days ago, when an attack with throat trouble, and it was thought best to take him to a Liberal hospital and have the throat lanced. He never regained consciousness after the operation.
Claude Ragsdale was born in Baylor County, Texas April, 1896 and died at Liberal, Kansas, February 4, 1922. His parents moved from Baylor County, Texas, to the southwest corner of Beaver County in Fairview neighborhood Oklahoma, when Claude was a small child, and he grew to manhood there. He was married to Miss Jesse Phelps, who also grew up in this country. He leaves to mourn his loss, a wife and little four year old son, Elmer, a father and mother, three brothers, Albert, Russell and Clint and two sisters, Mrs. R. A. Tindle and Mrs. H. R. Peery, all of the Camrick neighborhood, Texas County and Fairview neighborhood, Beaver County, Oklahoma. A host of friends also mourn his loss.
The Wilson undertaking Company of Liberal, Kansas, brought the remains to the home of the parents on Sunday, and a host of sympathizing friends gathered at the home to pay their last respects The funeral service was conducted at 2 o'clock by Rev. Jernigan of Perryton, Texas, and the remains were interred at the Gray cemetery. The bereaved ones have the heart felt sympathy of the entire neighborhood.

The Guymon Herald
March 2, 1922

Martha Ellen Dean died at her home four miles southeast of Elkhart Saturday morning, February 25th, age 6 years, 8 months and 11 days. She was married to Daniel T. Dean in 1870. The family moved from Illinois to Missouri and later to Oklahoma, residing near Range, Texas County, for several years. Later, as several children were living in the northwest part of this county, Mr. and Mr. Dean moved near Elkhart. Two daughters having passed away before the mother, seven children and a husband are left.
Mrs. Bessie Snell, of La Plata, Missouri and Mrs. Mattie Rogers of NOvelty, Missouri, arrived in Elkhart Sunday afternoon in time for the funeral service. Mrs. Roas Blodgett of Range, Mrs. Annie Swan, D. E. and W. E. Dean live near Elkhart. William H. Dean of Kirksville was unable to come.
After conversion early in life, Mrs. Dean joined the Methodist church and lived a consistent Christian life for more than thirty years. Her life testimony was:
"She fought the good fight,
"The victories won'
"Her toils are over,
"The race is run."
Funeral services were held at the Baptist church in Elkhart, at 3 p.m. Sunday, February 26th, conducted by Rev. I. Jones of Camp. The interment was in the Elkhart Cemetery in charge of G. E. Moore of the Guymon Mercantile Company.

The Guymon Herald
March 2, 1922

Mrs. G. W. Hamby, who has been very ill for the past week or more, died at the family home in Guymon Tuesday evening. Mr. And Mrs. Hamby are old residents of Guymon, and have a large circle of friends who will sympathize with the family in their great loss. The funeral will occur this afternoon, and the Herald will have an obituary next week. Miss Lena and other members of the family are to arrive today, to attend the funeral.

The Guymon Herald
March 9, 1922

Minerva J. Hamby was born July 21, 1852, in Marshall County Tennessee. Died February 28, 1922. She moved with her parents to Lamar County, Texas, in 1859 and to Benton County, Arkansas in 1866. The same year she joined the Baptist church at Spring Creek, Arkansas and lived a consistent Christian life. On September 14, 1872, she was united in marriage to George W. Hamby. She was the mother of eight sons and four daughters. She leaves to mourn her loss, her husband George W. Hamby; Seven sons, W. H. Hamby, of Mountain Grove, Missouri, J. L. Hamby, of De Moines, New Mexico, A. C. Hamby, of Muskogee, Oklahoma, C. J. and S. W. Hamby, of Guymon, George E. Hamby , of Pracy, California, E. W. Hamby, whose address a this time is unknown; and two daughters, Miss Lena Hamby of Guymon and Mrs. Guy Grable, of Pocatello, Idaho. The deceased was a splendid character and a good wife and mother.

The Guymon Herald
March 9, 1922

Jim Hodge was born 1899 in Missouri and died at Liberal, Kansas, March 2, 1922. He was at the time in the Morrow Hospital, where he underwent an operation for appendicitis. The remains were brought to Guymon Friday night and then under the care of Undertake Moore were taken to the family home. Funeral services were held at Champ church Sunday, conducted by Rev. Jones of Elkhart. The remains were laid to rest in the Camp cemetery.
Jim was a good Christian boy and a member of the Camp Baptist church. He leaves a mother, Mrs. Hodge of Guymon, as sister, Mrs. Odneal of Guymon, four brothers, Arthur of Chicago, Roscoe of Elmwood, Kansas, Tom and John of Guymon and his fiancee, Miss Grace McElroy, of Hooker and a host of friends to mourn his departure.

The Guymon Herald
March 30, 1922

Jack Shephard, who was a veteran restaurant man of Guymon, passed to his reward at the hospital in Dalhart last Friday evening. He had gone there a few days before with a severe stomach trouble, but was in such a weakened condition that the physicians concluded they could do nothing for him. After his demise, it was discovered that his trouble was appendicitis. Mr. Shephard was probably one of the best known restaurant men of the southwest, and had friends all over the territory, which will miss him. G. E .Moore of the Guymon Mercantile Company brought the remains to Guymon Saturday, and the funeral services were conducted at the local cemetery Sunday, Rev. Hill of the Baptist Church conducting the services. Mr. Shephard was sixty two years of age.

The Guymon Herald
March 30, 1922

Joseph Riley Sanders, seventy years of age, and one of the pioneers of Texas County, did at his home three miles south of Optima on the afternoon of March 24th, of heart trouble. He was the father of thirteen children, seven of whom survive him, and he has seven grand children. He was widely known for his genial personality and had earned many friends throughout the whole Panhandle country. Rev. Hill of Guymon Baptist church conducted the funeral services Monday afternoon, in Optima and G. E. Moore, the Guymon funeral director, took the remains to Hooker, where they were interred.

The Guymon Herald
April 13, 1922

Ida Sara Williamson was born in Marion County, Kentucky, April 7, 1870 and died at Guymon, Oklahoma, April 6, 1922, lacking one day of being fifty two years old.
She was married to William A. Ingram, of Missouri on September 18, 1890. There were born to this union, two boys, Robert Floyd, who died November 11, 1900 and Ralph M., who lives among us. Besides these sons, they have an adopted daughter.
At the age of fourteen years Mrs. Ingram professed a hope in Christ, and immediately united with the Harmony Baptist Church of St. Clara County, Missouri. Brother Ingram and his family came to Oklahoma in 1906 and in 1913 moved to Guymon where they have resided ever since.
Mrs. Ingram is survived by three brothers, James, Ed and Walter Williamson, who reside at Ohio, Missouri, the latter of who attended the funeral, remaining until today, when he left for his home. The community extends their sincere sympathy to the bereaved relatives in the loss of this loved and respected wife and mother, who had won the esteem of all who knew her.
Funeral services were conducted at the Baptist Church last Saturday afternoon by her pastor, Rev. Hill of the Baptist Church and the remains were followed to their resting place in the Guymon cemetery by a host of friends.

The Guymon Herald
April 20, 1922

Sarah Jane Worley, mother of Mrs. A. O. Jacobs, and who has made her home with the later in the Morning Star neighborhood northwest of Guymon for a number of years died there yesterday morning at 2:35 a.m. Her maiden name was Youts, and she was born in 1853, and married to Mr. Worley in 1874. Three children survive her, Charles W. and Ralph A. Worley who reside in Missouri, and Mrs. Jacobs. Two brothers and one sister also survive her and she counted twenty two grandchildren a few days before her death. She was a gracious character and had won the esteem and love of the neighborhood during the few years of her residence in this county. The funeral will be conducted at the Morning Star Church Friday at 10:00 a.m. and the burial will be made in the Guymon cemetery.

The Guymon Herald
April 27, 1922

Sarah Jane Youts was born in Wythe County, West Virginia, October 3, 1853, and departed this life April 19, 1922, aged 68 years, 7 months, and 16 days.
At the age of five she moved with her parents to Tennessee and from there to LaClede County, Missouri. In 1873 she moved with her parents to Phillips County, Kansas.
On August 2, 1874 she was married to G. W. Worley. To this union were born two sons, Charles W. and Phillip A. both residing in Missouri, and one daughter, Maude M. Jacobs, of the Morning Star neighborhood.
She was converted in a dugout at the prayer meeting in Phillips county during the fall of 1877 and joined the Methodist church in the spring of 1878 and has lived a consistent Christian ever since.
She leaves to mourn her loss two sons, one daughter and their families, one sister and numerous other relatives and friends. The funeral was conducted at the Morning Star church on April 21, by J. R. Lambert. The text was Geneses: 5-24. The remains were laid to rest in the Guymon cemetery.

Asa Monroe Newport
Asa Monroe Newport, one of Guymon's first residents, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Hunt, Thursday, April 20, 1922, aged 81 years, 8 months and 4 days.
Mr. Newport was born August 16, 1840, in Pulaski (now Webster) County, Missouri and was the youngest son of Calvin and Margaret Newport. His father, a Baptist minister, died when he was six weeks old and in a little over a year his mother married Nathaniel Wollard, also a Baptist minister. To these two unions were born ten children all having preceded the deceased to the other world.
The early part of Mr. Newport's life was spent on a farm in Dallas County, Missouri. He enlisted in the Confederate army in1861, and served faithfully, enduring all the hardships common to the soldiers until the close of the war.
He was married to Hester E. Ballengee October 2, 1978. To this union was born seven children, two daughters having died in infancy. He is survived by his wife and five children, J. T. Newport of Fairland, Oklahoma, Mrs. C. S. Baxter and Mrs. Myrtle Hunt of Guymon, Oklahoma, Mrs. A. W. Jackson of Lubbock, Texas, and Mrs. J. J. Jones of Altus, Oklahoma all of whom were present in his last hours.
Mr. Newport left the farm in 1884 moving to Conway, Missouri where he lived eight years going from there to Boliver, Missouri where he resided until coming to Guymon in 1903.
A. M. Newport professed a hope in Christ early in life, and united with the Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas County, Missouri in 1871 and shortly afterwards was ordained as Deacon, which office he faithfully filled up to his death. He was a charter member of the First Baptist Church of Guymon, having assisted in the organization in December 1903. To his untiring faithfulness and persistent efforts is largely due to the success of the church.
He took special delight in taking care of the house of worship, counting it a privilege rather than a burden. He lived out in his life that splendid sentiment the Psalmist so beautifully expressed when he said, "I was glad when they said to me, let us go up unto the Houses of the Lord."
A large body of friends filled the auditorium of the Baptist Church Saturday morning at 10 o'clock to listen to an appropriate sermon delivered by the pastor. The abundance of flowers present upon this occasion bespoke the tender sympathy and high esteem in which he was held by his many friends. Interment was made in the Guymon cemetery, April 22, 1922.
The town of Guymon loses a valuable citizen in his going, and one whose exemplary life, everyone would do well to emulate.

Seldon H. Quinn, who for the past year and a half has been making his home with his nephew, R. B. Quinn, passed away at 3:30 last Monday morning, as a result of a stroke of paralysis the previous week. Simple funeral services were conducted from the home on Monday at 4:00 p.m. with interment in the Guymon cemetery. Mr. Quinn at the time of his death was about sixty eight years and six months of age. The majority of his life is today a sealed book, since no communication had been established with relatives and friends during the lapse of thirty six years between the time he left the old home place in Randolph County, Missouri and the time when he was taken into the home of R. B. Quinn.

Jonathan Gilbert was born in the state of New York on May 19, 1840 and departed this life April 24, 1922, at the age of 81 years, 11 months and 5 days. At the age of three years he moved with his parents to Wisconsin where he lived until twenty years of age, when he moved to Missouri. There he met Miss Marry Honaker, to whom he was married on August 30, 1860. To this union seven children were born, Willis, Cora, John, Minnie, Arthur, of Guymon, Jonathan Jr., Nettie, who are living and Cora, who preceded him to that great beyond.
At the age of 21, the family moved back to Wisconsin here he entered the war as a volunteer. Brother Gilbert was converted while in a war hospital and joined the Methodist church and has lived a consistent Christian until his death.
After the war he moved with his family to Iowa where in 1907 Mrs. Gilbert passed out of this life, and later in the same year he moved to Optima, Oklahoma. Here he met Miss Amelia Pickle, and on the 3rd day of December 1909 they were united in marriage. They lived on a farm near Optima until 1918 when they retired from active farm life, and moved to Guymon, Oklahoma, where they resided until his death.
Funeral services were conducted at the Methodist Church, Wednesday morning, April 26th, and the remains were laid to rest in the Guymon Cemetery.

The Guymon Herald
May 4, 1922

Howard Clement Hitchcock was born in Springfield, South Dakota, on March 31, 1885 and departed this life April 27, 1922, aged 37 years, 27 days. On August 1912 he was married to Della Hart of Enid, Oklahoma. To this union were born five sons, Glenn Addison, Eugene, Lester and Robert.
Mr. Hitchcock was converted ad joined the Methodist church early in life. He leaves to mourn his lose a wife, five sons, a mother and sister and other relatives and friends.
The funeral was conducted at Pleasant Valley by Rev. Grider. The remains were laid to rest in the Guymon cemetery beside his father.

The Guymon Herald
May 18, 1922

After a lingering illness of fifteen months, Mr. S. S. Cline died May 4th, at his home near Rice, Oklahoma. He was born February 24, 1848 and was seventy four years, two months and ten days old at the time of his death. He was converted when a young man and united with the Christian church. He was married to Miss M. B. Fentres December 22, 1867 in Cooper County, Missouri and to that union was born eight children, five boys and three girls, all living but two girls and one boy. His first wife died October 3, 1893. He was married March 18, 1898 to T. E. Rathburn, in Hickory County, Missouri. To this union were born five children, one boy and four girls. The boy died in infancy. Mr. Cline moved from Missouri to Garfield county, Oklahoma in 1901 and resided there until March 25, 1906, when he moved to Texas County, Oklahoma where he made his home until his death. His life's work was ended and he went to meet his Savior and friends gone on before. We shall see him no more but our loss is Heaven's gain.
We miss thee from our home,
We miss thee from thy place
A shadow o'er our life is cast,
We miss the sunshine of thy face.
We miss thy kind and willing hand
Thy fond and loving care,
Our home is dark without thee:
We miss thee everywhere.

The Guymon Herald
May 25, 1922

Mrs. Grace Jane Ernst, mother of Mrs. C. A. Leeman, died at her home south of Guymon last Saturday, the result of a stroke of paralysis. The deceased was 82 years of age, and had been feeble for a number of years. The funeral occurred at the Leeman home Sunday afternoon, Rev. Abernathy of the Methodist church conducting the services. She is survived by her husband, John Ernst, one of the well known citizens of Guymon. The relatives have the sympathy of many friends in their sorrows.



May 18, 1922
Archibald J. McMillan

May 11, 1922
Charles M. Suverns

May 11, 1922
Charles H. Payne

May 18, 1922
Thomas H. Hughey

May 11, 1922
Susan Long

June 1, 1922
Eliza Bell

May 18, 1922
Sarah A. Hughey

June 22, 1922
William Remaly

June 8, 1922
Anna Walls Gaddy

July 13, 1922
Earl Martin

July 20, 1922
James Reahard


The Guymon Herald
June 8, 1922
page 1--Col. 3
Mrs. J. M. Beck (Rebecca Elizabeth Tucker
born October 11, 1855

June 15, 1922
page 12--col.  3
Martin, Earl
Born 1893
died June 8 1922

June 22, 1922
page 4--col. 1
Hurliman, Henry
born may 28, 1860
died June 16, 1922
buried Guymon cemetery

June 22, 1922
page 4--col. 3
Mrs. Gene Garrett (Stella Lue Maude Ford)
born July 22, 1988
died June 1, 1922
buried Guymon cemetery

July 6, 1922
page 10--Col.  5
Stephenseon, William Dudley
born January 9, 1835
died July 3, 1922
buried Guymon cemetery

July 13, 1922
page 4--col. 2 
Robinson, James M.
born November 15, 1846
died July 5 1922
buried Bellevue, Texas

July 13, 1922
page 5--col. 4
Nash, Dr. James Alfred
born 1842
died July 8, 1922

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