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Thrace Cemetery
Seminole County, Oklahoma

If you know of someone buried in here who is not listed here, please contact the area coordinator.

Alexander Belle 19-Jul-1902 30-Feb-1975 See Photo
Alexander Edna Laura Beesinger 1883 1938 See Photo
Alexander John Mindon 1873 1953 See Photo
Alexander L.R. 25-Nov-1913 14-Sep-2004 See Photo
Alexander William Austin 1-May-1907 16-Jan-1977 See Photo
Ashworth Hubert Jr. 25-Dec-1926 10-Apr-1927 See Photo
Baker Charlie Columbus 17-Nov-1887 17-May-1954 See Photo
Baker Cora Bell 9-Feb-1888 25-May-1940 See Photo
Baker E.J.     See Photo
Beasley Infant Twin Daughters 1-Oct-1927 1-Oct-1927 See Photo
Beesinger Sarah Cate Moore 1856 1927 See Photo
Bradford Oscar M. 1882 1912 See Photo
Butler Billy Earl 1-Jul-1957 2-Jul-1957 See Photo
Butler James B. 10-Oct-1905 9-Sep-1928 See Photo
Butler Jessie G. 28-Oct-1905 21-Mar-1994 See Photo
Butler Jewell 7-Aug-1930 17-Oct-1931 See Photo
Butler Oscar Roy 9-May-1903 1-Aug-1967 See Photo
Butler Willie M. 27-Apr-1913 31-May-1913 See Photo
Catlett Villa R.     See photo
Cavett Eldon (Squirt) 20-May-1944 9-Nov-1973 See Photo
Cavett Jeannie D. 25-Feb-1944   See Photo
Chilcoat Lou Etta & Infant Aug-1879 1-Dec-1916 See Photo
Collier Anna B. 10-Mar-1895 27-Dec-1954 See Photo
Collier Elmer E. 7-May-1915 30-May-1962 See Photo
Collier Herbert C. 12-Feb-1912 3-Mar-1958 See Photo
Collier J.D. 8-Jan-1920 12-Aug-1920 See Photo
Collier Jessie V. 24-Sep-1913 21-Dec-1915 See Photo
Dillon Shane Michael 15-Oct-1992 21-Jun-2009 See Photo
Foley Lois W. 8-May-1921 4-Jul-1931 See Photo
Freemon Bessie Mae 16-Jun-1903 28-Jun-1966 See Photo
Freemon Joy 17-Jun-1935 17-Jun-1935 See Photo
Freemon Roy 17-Jun-1935 17-Jun-1935 See Photo
Graham Denver K. 10-Nov-1909 22-Mar-1930 See Photo, See Photo
Graham Infant Son 10-Apr-1921 10-Apr-1921 See Photo, See Photo
Graham Marvin E. 5-Apr-1915 13-Sep-1934 See Photo, See Photo
Graham Robert J. 15-Oct-1879 24-Nov-1925 See Photo, See Photo
Grove Inf. Dau. 11-May-1931 11-May-1931 See Photo
Hall Arranner 1892 1964 See Photo
Hall Louis L. 1894 1968 See Photo
Harris Grandville     See Photo
Harris Holmes H.     See Photo
Harwood Frank 19-Oct-1933 27-Oct-1933 See Photo
Hopson Bessie Ionia 20-Jan-1911 3-Feb-1924 See Photo
Hopson Dessie Leona 23-Apr-1913 9-Jan-2002 See Photo
Hopson Lou 1875 1942 See Photo
Hopson Sherman 1866 1934 See Photo
Horn Earl L. 18-Feb-1925 18-Feb-1925 See Photo
Hudson Albert Sidney 17-May-1901 14-Mar-1986 See Photo
Hudson Rosie Bell 29-Dec-1896 15-Feb-1950 See Photo
Ivey A.L. "Babe" 9-Feb-1935 12-Dec-2007 See Photo
Keefer Eugene F. Sr.   20-Feb-1926 See Photo
Marie Kaitlynn 18-May-1996 18-May-1996 See Photo
Moon Unkown 1929 2007 See Photo
Moore Harold Lloyd 1920 1929 See Photo
Moore Lenvil Bruce 30-Mar-1919 23-Aug-1967 See Photo
Moore Lucille 2-Nov-1921 1925 See Photo
Moore Martha E. 1-Apr-1899 23-Aug-1962 See Photo
Moore Matt M. 22-Dec-1892 3-Mar-1974 See Photo
Moore Tom 20-Oct-1927 3-Dec-1929 See Photo
Moore Wayne 10-Feb-1931 4-Jun-1932 See Photo
Moore William R. 2-May-1887 13-Nov-1962 See Photo
Morrison Bonnie Faye one date 16-Apr-1935 See Photo
Morrison Joseph Ervan (Jerb) 8-Dec-1911 27-Sep-1979 See Photo
Morrison Lucy E (Bill) 15-Mar-1913 29-Dec-1993 See Photo
Nicholson Margaret Ann 9-Aug-1946   See Photo
Nicholson Philip Eric 7-Nov-1940 15-Feb-2005 See Photo
Northcott Amanda C. 1870 1952 See Photo
Northcott Baby 4-Aug-1933 4-Aug-1933 See Photo
Northcott Charlie L. 1917 1939 See Photo
Northcott Easter 1-Dec-1893 9-Sep-1934 See Photo, See Photo
Northcott Easter   25-Sep-1934 See Photo
Northcott Joseph E. 6-Oct-1865 5-Nov-1944 See Photo
Northcott Lonnie 4-Apr-1891 8-Dec-1972 See Photo
Northcott W.R. 10-Mar-1800 17-Jun-1924 See Photo
Northcott W.T. 19-Feb-1839 16-Jan-1926 See Photo
Northcott William R. 1860 1934 See Photo
Patton Effie A. 18-Nov-1911   See Photo
Patton William C. 22-Dec-1902 1-Oct-1971 See Photo
Rutledge Billie J. 22-Feb-1932   See Photo
Rutledge Cynthia A. 26-Aug-1961   See Photo
Rutledge Milton D. 16-Nov-1954 17-Jun-1999 See Photo
Rutledge Robert R. 13-Aug-1951 29-Sep-1993 See Photo
Schlueter Bonnie L. 9-Dec-1930   See Photo
Schlueter Hoyle D. 22-Mar-1929   See Photo
Selfridge Calvin F. 18-Apr-1941 8-Apr-1942 See Photo
Smith Annabell Alexander 1920 1942 See Photo
Stafford Ewell A. 25-Aug-1938   See Photo
Stafford Lillian L. 23-Jun-1940   See Photo
Sullenger Archa 20-Jul-1925 30-Jun-1926 See Photo
Sullenger R.G. 6-Aug-1858 30-Sep-1925 See Photo
Sullinger Kathryn J. 14-Aug-1936   See Photo
Sullinger Robert D. 20-Dec-1938   See Photo
Thornburg J.M. 15-Feb-1882 17-Nov-1935 See Photo
Unknown Mildred     See Photo
Unknown   unk unk See Photo
Unknown   unk unk See Photo
Unknown   unk unk See Photo
Unknown   unk unk See Photo
Unknown   unk unk See Photo
Unknown   unk unk See Photo
Unknown   unk unk See Photo
Weaver Harry H. 28-Jun-1908 24-Dec-1975 See Photo
Weaver John 1902 16-Oct-1931 See Photo
Weaver Minnie E. 15-Jul-1876 6-May-1948 See Photo
Weaver Thomas J. 21-Dec-1866 12-Mar-1932 See Photo
Weaver Vincent G. 16-Jun-1912 6-Mar-1981 See Photo, See Photo
Whitson Leavonia (Alexander) 3-May-1905 5-Jan-1995 See Photo
Whitson Leon 21-Feb-1928 12-Oct-1995 See Photo, See Photo
Williamson Bertha 5-Aug-1913 27-Feb-1965 See Photo


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