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Schoolton Cemetery
Seminole County, Oklahoma

© D. Presley

Schoolton Cemetery is location in far northeastern Seminole County

From NS 3680 & EW 1110, go 1/2 mile West

If you know of someone buried in here who is not listed here, please contact the area coordinator.

Aldridge Son of Jim M. and Alma L. Aldridge 22-Mar-1905 23-Mar-1905 See Photo
Aldridge Alma L. 1-Sep-1878 19-Nov-1967 See Photo
Aldridge David M. 21-Mar-1902 15-Sep-1981 See Photo
Aldridge Jim M. 6-Sep-1848 6-Mar-1914 See Photo
Aldridge Myrtle S. 8-Dec-1906 21-Mar-1962 See Photo
Allen Cecil R.L. 19-Nov-1912 13-Jan-1918 See Photo
Alley Alice 13-Feb-1898 31-Aug-1971 See Photo
Alley Cerillar C. 1891 1975 See Photo
Alley G. Franklin 15-Aug-1918 17-Dec-1987 See Photo
Alley Hazel A. 24-May-1921 5-Jan-1998 See Photo
Alley James J. 1881 1962 See Photo
Alley John A. 1888 1952 See Photo
Archer Leroy 23-Jan-1926 16-Jul-2000 See Photo
Archer Rena 25-Jul-1926   See Photo
Argo Alta Azalee 12-Sep-1901 7-May-1990 See Photo
Argo Cecil E. 2-May-1922 1-Oct-1992 See Photo
Argo Dallas Hilry 7-Jan-1876 24-Jan-1958 See Photo
Argo Fois D. 2-May-1916 21-Dec-2002 See Photo
Argo Ida 18-Oct-1880 6-Dec-1948 See Photo
Argo Infant Daughter of Ida and D.H. unk unk See Photo
Argo Lemoth Buford 29-Jul-1899 8-May-1974 See Photo
Argo Paul Eugene 17-Jul-1922 8-Aug-1995 See Photo
Argo Reta Lenora 2-Feb-1921 7-Aug-1938 See Photo
Armstrong Jennetta "Elaine" 10-Apr-1951 5-Dec-2008 See Photo, See Obit
Armstrong Zac 15-Apr-1953   See Photo
Ball Maude W. 15-Jun-1887 21-May-1975 See Photo
Barnes Clifford A. 13-Aug-1898 18-Oct-1974 See Photo
Barnes Eldridge 17-May-1930 8-Apr-1994 See Photo
Barnes Martha Lucille 15-May-1932 12-Apr-1997 See Photo
Barnes Minnie M. 3-Jun-1903 13-Aug-1994 See Photo
Barnes Norma Fay 10-Dec-1933   See Photo
Barnes Sharon Lynn 11-Oct-1955 11-Oct-1955 See Photo
Baughn Burneta Jean 21-Dec-1985 21-Dec-1985 See Photo
Berry Helen 20-Aug-1923 5-Sep-1986 See Photo
Berry Ida Bell 9-Sep-1893 1-Apr-1970 See Photo
Berry Lee Roy 17-Sep-1923 2-Apr-1999 See Photo
Berry Lon Lee 23-Jan-1891 6-Dec-1962 See Photo
Bethel Dollie L. 16-Mar-1889 23-May-1971 See Photo
Bethel Louis T. 1921 1946 See Photo
Bethel William B. 20-May-1880 24-Dec-1962 See Photo
Billings Dorthy Preston Hume 20-Aug-1920 29-Mar-1972 See Photo
Blalock Guy A. 16-Mar-1919 6-May-1922 See Photo
Blalock William D. 13-Oct-1885 5-Feb-1966 See Photo
Bleeker Albert 23-Jun-1894 5-Dec-1980 See Photo
Bleeker Leatrice Z. 27-Dec-1902 3-Jan-1974 See Photo
Boatman Joe 1902 1923 See Photo
Boatman Luther 1919 1919 See Photo
Boling Jim 28-Feb-1880 28-Jun-1958 See Photo
Boling Mary Louiza 10-Mar-1887 Mar-1963 Age 76 Yrs, See Photo
Boling Verne Almond Sr. 24-Apr-1927 30-Nov-1994 See Photo
Bradberry Alton E. 8-Mar-1911 13-Nov-1991 See Photo
Bradberry Ronald M. 8-Oct-1945 16-May-2006 See Photo
Bradberry Sandra S. 20-Sep-1945   See Photo
Bradberry Sarah Beulah 24-Jul-1911 3-Aug-2006 See Photo
Brewer Hazel Ann (Irons) 10-Mar-1923 4-Apr-2006 See Photo
Brewer Tilman E. (Gene) 27-Apr-1918 9-Jun-1995 See Photo, See Photo
Brooks Ruth N. 28-May-1945 10-Oct-1965 See Photo
Brown Eva Reno 2-Sep-1895 2-Feb-1967 See Photo
Brown Jesse M. 11-Nov-1888 28-Sep-1919 See Photo
Brown Linda Kay 26-Jun-1945 8-Feb-2002 See Photo
Brown Nelson Wayne Sr. 1-May-1945   See Photo
Bumgardner Arrila 11-Jan-1852 9-Dec-1927 See Photo
Bumgardner Lelia Myrtle 12-Jan-1890 16-Jul-1911 See Photo
Bumgardner Ralph L. 1-Aug-1917 31-Oct-1989 See Photo
Bumgardner S. 26-May-1855 13-Nov-1920 See Photo
Burgin Mary Lou (Starr) 17-Jan-1942   See Photo
Burgin Thomas Leonard 24-Jan-1953 10-Aug-2002 See Photo
Burnett D.F. 22-Aug-1911 12-Feb-1912 See Photo
Burnett Infant 15-Apr-1929 15-Apr-1929 See Photo
Burnett L.M. 20-Mar-1910 23-Mar-1910 See Photo
Burnett Verlin Edward Jr. 7-Aug-1940 17-Apr-1942 See Photo
Butcher Luther 1-Sep-1910 26-Mar-1912 See Photo
Capps John E. 5-Dec-1875 8-Nov-1955 See Photo
Capps Maud 31-Oct-1882 21-May-1940 See Photo
Carter Beulah C. 17-Oct-1904 4-Jul-1986 See Photo
Carter Emit F. 8-Feb-1902 14-Jan-1974 See Photo
Carter Hardy P. 15-Aug-1886 8-Nov-1944 See Photo
Carter Huston 18-Jul-1897 9-Apr-1913 See Photo
Carter Irvin Lee 11-Jan-1924 2-Feb-1986 See Photo
Carter Mrs. H.L. 25-Oct-1849 21-Jul-1915 See Photo
Carter Nell Bradford 15-Sep-1927 15-Oct-2009 See Photo
Carter Nirvul 28-Jul-1906 7-Jun-1927 See Photo
Carter Vera E. 24-Dec-1876 5-Oct-1960 See Photo
Carter W.W. 22-Nov-1875 9-Jan-1960 See Photo
Clark Infant of Floyd and Mary 9-Aug-1926 9-Aug-1926 See Photo
Clark Infant Dau of Floyd and Mary 13-Sep-1927 13-Sep-1927 See Photo
Clous J.N. Baby unk unk See Photo
Coley J.S. 29-Aug-1867 23-Jul-1913 See Photo
Condict Bertha Luella 13-Sep-1909 1-Jun-1993 See Photo
Condict Marvin E. 25-Apr-1943 11-Jan-1989 See Photo
Condict Willie E. 2-Dec-1930 10-Jul-2004 See Photo
Condict Willie Hall 16-Feb-1906 29-Apr-1973 See Photo
Cooper Davy Leon 18-Mar-1952 18-Aug-2009 See Photo
Cox Florence C. 21-Nov-1893 10-Oct-1977 See Photo
Cox Gary Wayne 20-Oct-1939 13-Jul-1973 See Photo
Cox Helen P. 27-Nov-1918 27-Sep-2009 See Photo
Cox Howard V. (Bob) 23-Oct-1913 11-Dec-1991 See Photo
Cox Jeff Mills 4-Mar-1888 18-Feb-1959 See Photo
Cox Robert David 8-Jan-1963 5-Jul-1990 See Photo
Creach Fannie 12-Nov-1884 9-Jul-1917 See Photo
Crosby Mary M. (Moody) 3-Feb-1921   See Photo
Crosby Quincy Edmond 7-Jan-1919 1-Jul-2009 See Photo, See Photo
Davis Dena L. 26-Aug-1923 3-Dec-2002 See Photo
Davis Rufus Frank 17-Dec-1915 20-Mar-1994 See Photo, See Photo
Dodson Oma Jo 2-Sep-1934   See Photo
Dodson Tollie Lones 30-Oct-1929 12-Dec-1984 See Photo
Dotson Coleman 23-Mar-1913 24-Jan-1983 See Photo
Dotson Little unk unk See Photo
Dotson Lizzie 3-Apr-1877 27-Oct-1964 See Photo
Dotson Margaret 5-Apr-1920 30-Jul-1996 See Photo
Duncan Georgia Faye 1934 1997 See Photo
Elliott Cecilia Lavone (Epple) 12-Jul-1937 12-Jan-2003 See Photo
Elliott Kenneth W. Jr. 15-Dec-1959 17-Dec-1992 See Photo
Farooq Aidan Qaisel 12-May-2002 17-Jan-2003 See Photo
Faulkner Mildred 20-Apr-1923 4-Jun-2010 See Photo
Fitzwater Alma Alvin 16-Jun-1905 16-Jul-1983 See Photo
Fitzwater Nona M. 10-Apr-1907 19-Sep-1993 See Photo
Fitzwater Rodger A. 2-Jun-1942 16-Jun-2001 See Photo
Flowers Carla Renee 19-Apr-1968 23-Jul-1990 See Photo
Forest Marion Joe 29-Nov-1952 27-Nov-1957 See Photo
Forster James C. 1897 1961 See Photo
Forster Margie 1875 1968 See Photo
Forster Robert 1874 1951 See Photo
Foster A.D. 9-Dec-1849 18-Feb-1920 See Photo
George Jesse Howard 25-Jan-1923 17-Jul-1992 See Photo
Glosup Ruth Lee 4-Feb-1923 28-Sep-2009 See Photo
Gunn G.R. (Ross) 21-May-1878 10-Jun-1942 See Photo
Gunn Garland R. Jr. 5-Jul-1917 24-Dec-1985 See Photo
Gunn Larence E. 14-May-1912 25-Jun-1994 See Photo
Gunn Lloyd Oren 5-Aug-1910 16-Oct-1996 See Photo
Gunn Lou Ella 1-May-1881 17-Feb-1936 See Photo
Gunn Malissa 26-Aug-1889 2-Nov-1918 See Photo
Gunn Miles Bevly 22-May-1903 13-Jan-1926 See Photo
Gunn Oscar F. 12-Jan-1849 19-Jan-1929 See Photo
Gunn S. unk unk See Photo
Hager Phyllis Kaye 1-Nov-1948 18-Dec-1989 See Photo
Hale Charles Alonzo 11-Jan-1931 19-Aug-1935 See Photo
Hale unk unk unk See Photo
Hassell Teresa N 1963 2010 See Photo
Hayes Bill 28-Jul-1900 12-Nov-1987 See Photo
Hayes Mattie 2-Feb-1904 13-Mar-1993 See Photo
Hayhurst Hazel Ada Mae 14-Feb-1930 30-Dec-1935 See Photo
Heiskell Lelia Hopper 1907 1939 See Photo
Heiskill "Dot" Georgia 31-Aug-1931 30-Jul-2008 See Photo
Heiskill Bobby G. 3-Jun-1931   See Photo
Hendon James D. 22-Nov-1828 22-Nov-1828 See Photo
Hendricks Judy Gail Crosby 12-Apr-1946 12-Aug-1992 See Photo
Henry Eva M. Robertson 18-Oct-1905 10-Jan-1976 See Photo
Hines James L. 15-Sep-1892 20-Oct-1918 See Photo
Hines May E. Bell unk unk See Photo
Holman May 2-May-1908 7-Aug-1991 See Photo
Hopper Lucy Lovelady 1883 1966 See Photo
Hopper William Alfred 1873 1943 See Photo
Hurst Walter L. 2-Jul-1874 20-Jul-1950 See Photo
Hurst Wanda Lee 14-Aug-1927 14-Aug-1927 See Photo
Jackson A.J. 1887 1930 See Photo
Jackson Evelyn 1924 1928 See Photo
Jackson J. 1847 1928 See Photo
Jackson James 1927 1927 See Photo
Jackson T 3-Aug-1921 31-Aug-1921 See Photo
Jackson Unknown unk unk See Photo
Jackson Unknown unk unk See Photo
Johnson Eric Paul 2-Jun-1921 4-Jun-1921 See Photo
Johnson Eva Jane 21-Nov-1928 12-Apr-1984 See Photo
Johnson Gladys Mary 1917 1921 See Photo
Johnson Myrtle B. 2-Oct-1889 27-Jul-1927 See Photo
Jolley Martha A. 12-Nov-1859 30-Jun-1927 See Photo
Jones Edwin J. "Jeff" 26-Oct-1925 21-May-2009 See Photo, See Photo
Jones Nancy A. 12-Dec-1929 27-Oct-2002 See Photo
Joslin Bessie Thelma 4-Oct-1906 24-Aug-1953 See Photo
Joslin Elias Carl unk 16-Oct-1939 See Photo
Keeney Goldie L. 22-Jul-1906 2-Oct-1980 See Photo
Kimes Annie Carter 8-May-1878 5-Aug-1964 See Photo
Kinslow Baby unk unk See Photo
Kinslow Florence Myrtle 12-Oct-1887 18-Feb-1982 See Photo
Kinslow J.M. 1855 1936 See Photo
Kinslow Joeanna 1862 1929 See Photo
Kinslow John Monroe 21-Nov-1926 18-Jan-1951 See Photo
Kinslow Thomas Calvin 13-Jan-1886 18-Aug-1975 See Photo
Klingbell Jolene Sue 23-Jan-1936 11-Feb-1998 See Photo
Lamm Goldie E. 6-May-1896 5-Jun-1916 See Photo
Lamm William R. 15-1885 21-Dec-1960 See Photo
Landers Cordia A. 15-May-1865 17-Feb-1962 See Photo
Landers Daniel L. 22-Apr-1857 25-Oct-1920 See Photo
Landers Johnny James 12-Jan-1953 12-Jan-1953 See Photo
Landers Roscoe Daniel 12-Oct-1905 13-Apr-1986 See Photo
Landers Willie 12-Jan-1906 10-Oct-1973 See Photo
Laymon Clarence S. 20-Apr-1916 28-Mar-1962 See Photo
Laymon Dennis Dale 5-Apr-1946 12-Sep-1948 See Photo
Laymon Rowena Argo 25-Dec-1923 11-Aug-2008 See Photo
Laymon Unknown unk unk See Photo
Lively D. Attrice 21-Aug-1911 13-Apr-1937 See Photo
Maddux Lois Mae (Sowder) 26-Oct-1922 24-Oct-1994 See Photo
Madole Audry A. 14-Feb-1913 23-Feb-2007 See Photo
Madole Herman F. 6-Sep-1909 20-Feb-1963 See Photo
Madole Lee 12-Oct-1866 6-Dec-1949 See Photo
Madole Vernon O. 6-Aug-1911 16-Oct-1926 See Photo
McElroy Jimmy Don 23-Aug-1930 22-Jun-2007 See Photo, See Photo
McElroy Lola M. 29-Jul-1935 7-Aug-2005 See Photo
McGehee Heather Dawn 28-Nov-1988 31-Aug-2006 See Photo
McGehee Natalie Rayann 31-Aug-2006 31-Aug-2006 See Photo
McGehee Peggy 1-Jan-1953   See Photo
Moody Edward H. 9-Apr-1891 29-Jun-1967 See Photo
Moody Edward L. 10-May-1925   See Photo
Moody Jennetta Evelyn 19-Nov-1931 29-Jun-2004 See Photo
Moody Levi Isom 11-Mar-1931   See Photo
Moody Minnie Mae 6-May-1896 23-Nov-1977 See Photo
Moody Wanda I. 2-Apr-1926 10-Feb-1995 See Photo
Morelock Doyle Lee 30-May-1933 24-Jun-1994 See Photo, See Photo
Morey Elizabeth 8-May-1918 13-May-1918 See Photo
Morris Belle 1889 1972 See Photo
Morris Ebb 1890 1948 See Photo
Myers Clara Louise 1931 2004 See Photo
Myers James E. 12-Nov-1924 13-Jan-1961 See Photo
Myers James R. 24-Jul-1923 21-Nov-1987 See Photo
Myers Jimmie Eldon 17-Mar-1943 26-Dec-1947 See Photo
Myers Smokey 5-May-1952 13-Jun-1952 See Photo
Myers Thomas Andrew 4-Jul-1921 29-Jun-1989 See Photo
Nelson Gertrude D. 19-Nov-1903 17-Feb-2000 See Photo
Norvell Alice L. 29-Mar-1899 29-Dec-1993 See Photo
Norvell Joseph F. 12-Sep-1893 1-Jul-1956 See Photo
Norvell Joseph F. Jr. 4-Sep-1924 2-Jan-1984 See Photo
Oliver John H. 17-Oct-1886 19-Dec-1967 See Photo
Owens Lonas O. 4-Jun-1924 27-Jun-1930 See Photo
Preston Dollie I. 1862 1949 See Photo
Preston Harry 23-Feb-1885 2-Jan-1957 See Photo
Pruett Hazel 16-Dec-1908 12-Dec-2001 See Photo
Pruett Joe Daniel 6-Aug-1881 31-Aug-1963 See Photo
Pruett Nancy Elizabeth 21-Sep-1878 15-Sep-1948 See Photo
Pruett Olgie C. 14-Jun-1907 23-Oct-1988 See Photo
Quaid Baby of W.A. and O.H. unk unk See Photo
Quaid Ollie H. 3-Mar-1884 18-May-1922 See Photo
Quaid William A. 12-Apr-1879 14-Mar-1917 See Photo
Redding Nanie Mary 8-May-1906 8-Dec-1986 See Photo
Reed Earl S. 24-Dec-1904 14-May-1977 See Photo
Robertson A. Indianola 24-Feb-1910 14-Jan-2002 See Photo
Robertson Chastine C. 1869 1952 See Photo
Robertson Frankie L. 25-Apr-1942 4-Feb-1951 See Photo
Robertson G. Clay 19-Nov-1907 8-Nov-1995 See Photo
Robertson Nola M. 6-May-1944 4-Feb-1951 See Photo
Robertson Sallie E. 1882 1956 See Photo
Robinson Marshell M. 9-Aug-1878 31-Oct-1962 See Photo
Robinson Mary Alice 22-Feb-1883 4-Dec-1953 See Photo
Ross Melvina 11-Dec-1908 24-Jun-1996 See Photo
Roy R.R. 1882 1927 See Photo
Sanders Billy J. 1900 1955 See Photo
Sanders Infant Son of B.J. & M. 22-Feb-1922 25-Feb-1922 See Photo
Sanders Jackie Eldon 15-Jul-1941 13-Mar-1991 See Photo
Sanders Jesse unk unk See Photo
Sanders Karen D. 11-May-1969 26-Oct-1969 See Photo
Sanders Melissa unk unk See Photo
Sanders Pete unk unk See Photo
Sanders Willie 1877 1960 See Photo
Sawyer Lois L. 3-Oct-1922 9-Feb-1923 See Photo
Sawyers Floya E. 3-Nov-1910 11-Jan-1911 See Photo
Shores Calvin William 15-Mar-1894 4-Dec-1926 See Photo
Sinor Louise Hopper 1917 1937 See Photo
Slaughter George O. 1887 1964 See Photo
Slaughter Larura May 1904 1942 See Photo
Smith Bertha Alta K. 15-Nov-1897 15-Aug-1974 See Photo
Smith Boby 25-Nov-1925 25-Nov-1925 See Photo
Smith Carl Clayton "Shorty" 2-Feb-1914 16-Aug-1969 See , See Photo
Smith Hugh J. 13-Jun-1922 12-Jul-1997 See Photo
Smith Jeff E. 19-Jun-1944 11-Aug-1971 See Photo
Smith Jennie M. 6-May-1919 7-Jun-1919 See Photo
Smith Jess F. 26-Oct-1904 10-Dec-1955 See Photo
Smith Martha E. 28-May-1923 12-Jul-1994 See Photo
Smith Mollie V. 1877 1947 See Photo
Smith N.R. Cleon 18-Apr-1929 15-Jan-1930 See Photo
Smith Reba Joyce 1-Jun-1949 27-Sep-1950 See Photo
Smith W.R. 1874 1953 See Photo
Sowder Donald R. 20-Jun-1933 15-Mar-2008 See Photo, See Photo
Sowder Ina Mae 15-Apr-1931 3-May-2010 See Photo
Sowder Jill Marie 21-Jan-1947 8-Jun-1984 See Photo
Sowder Rosa Lee Eoff 30-Jan-1934 15-Sep-2008 See Photo
Sowder Terry Wayne 28-Sep-1950 28-May-1983 See Photo
Stanley Oscar unk unk See Photo
Starr Arlie 1924 1927 See Photo
Starr Carl J. 17-Jun-1919 7-Mar-2004 See Photo
Starr Ella Lou (Condict) 10-Jul-1929 25-Dec-2005 See Photo
Starr Helen E. 14-Jul-1922 21-Jun-1986 See Photo
Starr John David 29-Oct-1958 1-Apr-1924 See Photo
Starr John W. 1881 1943 See Photo
Starr Luther unk unk See Photo
Starr Ora Salena 1889 1975 See Photo
Starr Rachel Annette 8-Feb-1963 24-May-1964 See Photo
Starr Rev. Winston W. 12-Feb-1914 10-Apr-1988 See Photo
Starr Virgil unk unk See Photo
Stith Icy Pearl 1884 1933 See Photo
Sullivan Jennie Lee 1875 1960 See Photo
Sullivan Riley Dee 23-Jun-1916 4-Jul-1916 See Photo
Sullivan Sam R. 1870 1942 See Photo
Swader Sarah A. 8-Jun-1854 14-Aug-1921 See Photo
Thurman Bobie Jean 30-Aug-1933 30-Oct-1933 See Photo
Thurman Marvin C. 7-Feb-1911 9-Jun-1936 See Photo
Thurman Marvin Jr. 28-Jul-1931 12-Mar-1934 See Photo
Toomay Emma Joshphine 20-Mar-1873 23-Nov-1957 See Photo
Toomay Glenn 9-Sep-1899 15-Oct-1908 See Photo
Toomay William Truman 6-Jul-1863 25-Jul-1938 See Photo
Unknown   unk unk See Photo
Unknown 2   unk unk See Photo
Unknown 3   unk unk See Photo
Unknown 4   unk unk See Photo
Unknown 5 Getrell unk unk See Photo
Unknown 6   8-Jan-1906 13-Oct-19?? See Photo
Vangilder Vernon W. 1912 1920 See Photo
Vineyard W. Pate 4-Sep-1879 19-Sep-1926 See Photo
Wallis A.C. 12-Dec-1869 28-Dec-1949 See Photo
Wallis B.E. unk unk See Photo
Wallis Boyd V. 4-Jun-1932   See Photo
Wallis Edith Bell 29-Apr-1903 18-Jan-1999 See Photo
Wallis Floyd Aaron 25-Jan-1925 29-Jun-1996 See Photo
Wallis Geneva M. 12-Jul-1901 12-Nov-1983 See Photo
Wallis Margaret 17-Feb-1905 25-Jul-1965 See Photo
Wallis Patricia A. 15-Mar-1947   See Photo
Wallis Richard Evert 14-Jul-1903 25-May-1986 See Photo
Wallis Thomas L. 10-Jul-1890 7-Dec-1978 See Photo
Wallis unk unk unk See Photo
Wallis V.W. unk unk See Photo
Wallis Velonia 9-Apr-1870 10-May-1959 See Photo
Wallis Vera M. (Guenther) 20-Apr-1929   See Photo
Watkins Viola 24-Feb-1915 12-Jul-1916 See Photo
Welch Kitty Sue (Carter) 24-Jul-1928 12-Mar-2015 Wife of Richard C. WelchSee Obit
Welch Richard Wayne "Cowboy" 30-May-1949 20-Sep-1988 See Photo
Wells Bobby Joe 12-Oct-1952 17-Feb-1989 See Photo
Wharncliffe Violet A. 6-Apr-1904 9-Aug-1987 See Photo
Wharncliffe William F. 27-Jul-1903 1-Jul-1991 See Photo
White Henretta 1858 1945 See Photo
White Isaac 1855 1940 See Photo
Whitehead Jim W. 8-May-1930 22-Jan-1995 See Photo
Whitehead Reva R. 24-Dec-1931 4-Aug-1993 See Photo
Wood Dora 7-Nov-1874 17-Mar-1936 See Photo
Wood John C. Keenum 21-May-1899 4-Nov-1953 See Photo
Wood T.S. 8-Aug-1859 18-Sep-1942 See Photo


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