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Ong Cemetery
Seminole County, Oklahoma

If you have family buried in the Ong Cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact area coordinator.

Azlin Ruby Jeanette 5-Jul-1943 5-Jul-1943 See Photo
Bowden Alice M. 4-Aug-1914 22-Feb-1935 See Photo
Burns Don H. 25-Jan-1942 21-Jan-1973 See Photo
Burns Emma B. 13-Oct-1897 19-Jun-1981 See Photo
Burns Frances Grossman 25-Apr-1957 15-Mar-1973 See Photo
Burns James Henry 30-May-1891 27-Mar-980 See Photo
Burns L.R. (Brown) 30-Nov-1920 11-Jun-1980 See Photo

US Army WWII See Photo

Burns Leona L. 25-Feb-1926 - See Photo
Burns William (True) 21-Dec-1960 28-Oct-1990 See Photo
Burns William Kurchel 21-Feb-1918 16-Oct-1988 See Photo
Campbell Mirtie L. 28-Apr-1887 28-Jul-1978 See Photo
Chesser Blenda M. 9-Mar-1951 - See Photo
Chesser Jerry D. 24-Sep-1953 27-Dec-1953 See Photo
Colbert Jennie 10-Mar-1855 unk See Photo
Cosey Callie 9-Mar-1886 3-Feb-1910 See Photo
Dasham unk unk unk See Photo
Davis Mamie 20-Aug-1891 1-Nov-1912 See Photo
Davis Ninnian Everett 13-Aug-1926 20-Dec-1927 See Photo
Doss Vina 4-Jul-1869 29-Aug-1922 See Photo
Doss W.H. 7-Sep-1905 5-Apr-1931 See Photo
Doss W.W. 1867 1939 See Photo
Fugett Walter 1897 1949 See Photo
Henry Dosha Bell 2-Nov-1918 18-Sep-1993 See Photo
Henry James Drew 15-Dec-1890 28-Jul-1977 See Photo
Hensley Louetta Frances 24-Jul-1863 23-Mar-1913 See Photo
Hinton Billy J. 1932 1941 See Photo
Hinton Martha J. 1930 1938 See Photo
Hinton Roger C. 2-Dec-1902 31-Jul-1987 See Photo
Hinton Vera 17-Oct-1909 18-Dec-1964 See Photo
Isbell Harold 5-Sep-1915 16-Apr-1929 See Photo
Isbell Mary M. 5-Mar-1890 31-Jan-1922 See Photo
Isbell Rev. E.E. 14-Jun-1861 13-Oct-1950 See Photo
Lewelling T.J. 1856 1926 See Photo
Looper Thomas 17-May-1896 8-Dec-1961 See Photo
Mandoza Green Katherine 15-Nov-1839 9-May-1944
Mandoza Pete abt 1860 abt 1945  
Mariott Dora A. 22-Apr-1889 5-May-1967 See Photo
Mariott Dora Lucille 14-Nov-1926 1-Mar-1932 See Photo
Mariott James N. 28-Mar-1882 2-Nov-1958 See Photo
Mariott Madge 5-May-1925 9-Jun-1925 See Photo
Mariott Robert J. 3-Oct-1911 26-Dec-1962 See Photo
Mariott W.N. 25-Feb-1843 9-Aug-1916 See Photo
Martin can not read unk unk See Photo
Mastison Henry 1909 1915 See Photo
Matlock Gary Lane 18-Mar-1961 3-Dec-1988 See Photo
Mayfield Evelyn 20-Apr-1924 16-Aug-1969 See Photo
Nelms George Franklin 18-Dec-1865 26-May-1941 See Photo
Nelms Mary Jane 7-Dec-1872 20-Jun-1947 See Photo
Ott G.W. 30-Oct-1858 30-Apr-1912 See Photo
Ott Nannie 3-Aug-1861 9-Mar-1941 See Photo
Petray Mary C. 16-Nov-1860 22-Sep-1928 See Photo
Pierce Ralph Andrew 1-Mar-1942 1-Mar-1942 See Photo
Taylor A.J. 8-Feb-1905 15-May-1952 See Photo
Taylor Charles Edmond 6-Aug-1943 7-Aug-1943 See Photo
Unknown Baby unk unk See Photo
Webb Myrtle O. 1-Sep-1891 27-May-1948 See Photo
Webb Riley J. 29-May-1883 14-Feb-1956 See Photo
Whitten Jane 3-Jun-1924 3-Jun-1924 See Photo


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