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Konawa Cemetery

Konawa, Seminole County, Oklahoma

If you know of someone buried in here who is not listed, please contact the area coordinator.

Abbott Alfred W. 15-Jul-1968 15-Jul-1968 See Photo
Abbott Bobbie Joe 14-Sep-1931 29-Jan-1936 See Photo
Abbott D. C. 27-Apr-1882 6-Aug-1922 See Photo
Abbott Fred Leroy 7-Aug-1945 24-Feb-1985 See Photo
Abbott Fred T. 25-Jun-1901 3-Nov-1986 See Photo
Abbott Gordon T. 23-Aug-1906 20-Nov-1973 See Photo, See Photo
Abbott James C 1903 1950 See Photo
Abbott John H. 2-Aug-1913 Nov-1930 See Photo
Abbott Linda Jean 23-Nov-1948   See Photo
Abbott Rev. L. J. 1880 1926 See Photo
Abbott Martha E. 7-Aug-1907 25-Oct-1967 See Photo
Abbott Opal Frances "Jackie" 1-Jan-1917 11-Mar-2000 See Photo
Abbott Paul Wayne 8-Jul-1911 13-Apr-1978 See Photo, See Photo
Abbott Sam C. 14-May-1903 14-May-1927 See Photo
Abbott William M. 14-Apr-1870 Jan-1950 See Photo
Abernathy Robert A. 1859 1940 See Photo
Adams Ann Elizabeth 6-Jun-1858 26-Aug-1941 See Photo
Adams Ed D. 16-Aug-1889 20-Dec-1972 See Photo
Adams Gloria Lois 19-Jul-1925 16-Dec-1929 See Photo
Adams Jack 29-Nov-1915 8-Oct-1940 See Photo
Adams Lewis 7-Jul-1879 2-Aug-1961 See Photo
Adams Luther 27-Jun-1894 30-Dec-1955 See Photo
Adams Pauline Geneva 26-Aug-1928 13-Jul-1999 See Photo
Adams Sallie 22-Apr-1885 13-Aug-1981 See Photo
Adams Thomas Otto 3-Nov-1876 12-Apr-1940 See Photo
Addington Alice 1887 1968 See Photo
Addington Douglas Eugene 21-Feb-1929 7-Jan-1984 See Photo
Addington James M. 8-Jan-1907 20-Jun-1981 See Photo
Addington Kenneth J. 19-Oct-1935 30-Nov-1974 See Photo
Addington Retta Alma 27-Jan-1908 9-Dec-1970 See Photo
Addington Terry William 5-Sep-1904   See Photo
Addington Viola P. 19-Aug-1905 1-Mar-1994 See Photo
Addington W. A. 1881 1950 See Photo
Akerman Amy 1900 1970 See Photo
Akin Dora Alice 1858 1943 See Photo
Akin Elisha (Bud) 1851 1933 See Photo
Akin Ivy W. 1889 1943 See Photo
Akin Jeff L. 15-Aug-1879 3-Dec-1963 See Photo
Akin Roxie L. 21-Nov-1882 28-Nov-1972 See Photo
Albright Dan J. 26-Mar-1888 15-Oct-1918 See Photo
Alexander Berry O. 31-Mar-1863 22-Apr-1943 See Photo
Alexander Homer B. 22-Mar-1899 29-Jul-1948 See Photo
Allen Dinkie Franklin 31-May-1924 19-May-1937 See Photo
Allen Julia Elizabeth 3-Jun-1882 14-Oct-1952 See Photo
Allen Lennie 18-Jul-1923 3-Jun-1931 See Photo
Allen Major Dink 23-Feb-1884 6-May-1969 See Photo
Allen Newton A. 25-Sep-1881 10-Apr-1969 See Photo
Allison Noweta McNaughton 20-Oct-1922 12-Nov-1999 See Photo
Allison Robert M. 26-Nov-1912 5-Nov-1996 See Photo
Amburg Henry H. 18-Mar-1879 20-Jul-1962 See Photo
Amburg Horace H. 12-Jan-1919 3-May-1940 See Photo
Amburg Lloyd J. 19-May-1909 14-May-1964 See Photo
Amburg Rosa E. 2-Apr-1890 20-Feb-1958 See Photo
Anders David Wilbourn 11-Jun-1945 11-Jun-1945 See Photo
Anders James M. 1878 1951 See Photo
Anders Matilda 2-Sep-1858 2-Sep-1924 See Photo
Anders William W. 16-Dec-1854 28-Sep-1929 See Photo
Anders Willie F. 1884 1974 See Photo
Anderson Elmer 15-Apr-1913 23-Mar-1975 See Photo
Anderson Fannie 23-Feb-1872 19-Sep-1967 See Photo
Anderson Leora 2-Oct-1920 18-Mar-1998 See Photo
Anderson Raylena Carol 22-Aug-1960 7-Oct-1968 See Photo
Anderson Raymond Eugene 28-Jul-1939 5-Oct-1995 See Photo
Archer Jewell Frances Bates 22-Apr-1913 20-Jun-1913 See Photo
Armstrong Amma Dean (Cecil) 22-Jan-1927   See Photo
Armstrong Barry C. 12-Feb-1855 20-Sep-1928 See Photo
Armstrong Brann 5-Mar-1904 22-Nov-1927 See Photo
Armstrong Claud N. 8-Nov-1902 13-Dec-1913 See Photo
Armstrong Dick 8-Apr-1906 4-Oct-1939 See Photo
Armstrong Gloria Dean 31-Jan-1926 29-Sep-2007 See Photo
Armstrong Hobart 28-Oct-1900 22-Aug-1964 See Photo
Armstrong Isiadora 2-Dec-1857 15-Mar-1927 See Photo
Armstrong Janie 1875 1962 See Photo
Armstrong K. G. 1876 1945 See Photo
Armstrong Leroy 9-Jan-1922 22-Oct-1994 See Photo, See Photo
Armstrong Nettie 26-Aug-1896 30-Jan-1973 See Photo
Armstrong Orin Hale 12-Nov-1889 29-Oct-1918 See Photo
Armstrong Samuel Ed 21 Apr 1892 16-Jul-1956 See Photo, See Photo
Arnold Cordia 23-Dec-1907 31-Dec-1987 See Photo
Atchley Martha A. 3-May-1860 6-Sep-1933 See Photo
Atchley S. J. 24-Jun-1897 13-Nov-1929 See Photo
Babb Maudie 20-Aug-1884 29-Jan-1975 See Photo
Babb Vergil Ray 29-May-1904 18-Feb-1940 See Photo
Babb William A. 19-Sep-1881 30-Aug-1954 See Photo
Babb William Z. 10-Oct-1918 6-Sep-1967 See Photo
Babb Zula M. 6-Mar-1922 2-Dec-2006 See Photo
Bacon Gertie Damron 5-Mar-1898 21-Feb-1984 See Photo
Bacon Zack Alson 23-Aug-1900 1-Jul-1978 See Photo
Badger Frank C. 26-Jan-1865 29-Jan-1943 See Photo
Badger Lillie B. 24-Jan-1871 26-Dec-1957 See Photo
Baggett Belle 1872 1961 See Photo
Baggett Frank 1865 1950 See Photo
Bailes Albin 15-Sep-1888 2-Jun-1978 See Photo, See Photo
Bailes Nellie 29-May-1887 7-Jul-1944 See Photo, See Photo
Bailes Sallie Ann 23-Mar-1868 28-Jun-1945 See Photo, See Photo
Bailey Cecilia Sue 6-Feb-1923 16-Dec-1974 See Photo
Bailey Edgar P. 27-Aug-1883 19-Nov-1921 See Photo
Bailey Hattie B. 25-Jun-1914 23-May-1973 See Photo
Bailey Mabel 17-Dec-1899 30-Jul-1979 See Photo
Bailey Ray W. 16-Jun-1919 3-Nov-1993 See Photo
Bailey Sarah M. 6-Mar-1847 6-Mar-1938 See Photo
Bailey William C. 9-Oct-1840 19-Mar-1930 See Photo
Bain Dona 2-Sep-1884 11-Feb-1945 See Photo
Bain Ed 9-Dec-1884 9-Sep-1953 See Photo
Baker Bessie May 1904 1933 See Photo
Baker Buddy D. 25-Dec-1931   See Photo
Baker Grace J. 1912 1968 See Photo
Baker Kathy Dean 17-Jul-1959 7-Nov-1966 See Photo
Baker Penina 13-Dec-1849 9-Dec-1936 See Photo
Baker Virginia Lee "Honey" 30-Dec-1934 16-Mar-2009 See Photo
Balay James Rex 16-Jul-1917 1-Feb-1994 See Photo, See Photo
Balay Modena Rusty 27-Jul-1926   See Photo
Ballard Nadine Hensley 14-Jan-1920 1-Mar-1961 See Photo
Banks Mary M. 1853 1919 See Photo
Barger William Homer 10-Sep-1892 1-Jan-1975 See Photo
Barker Marvin D. 16-Nov-1898 23-Mar-1967 See Photo
Barker Nora Eunice 20-Jan-1905 4-Jan-1994 See Photo
Barnett Fred F. 12-Jul-1907 4-Oct-1988 See Photo, See Photo
Barnett Johnie C. 18-Jan-1913 31-Mar-1999 See Photo, See Photo
Barnett Myrtle D. 8-Sep-1896 7-May-1977 See Photo
Barnett William H. 10-Jan-1900 19-Jan-1951 See Photo
Barrison Lillie M. 1868 1934 See Photo
Barton Effie Marie 18-Nov-1917   See Photo
Barton James Clifford 1-Mar-1912 13-Jan-1992 See Photo
Basinger Earl D. 1905 1932 See Photo
Basinger John T. 1874 1937 See Photo
Basinger Ollie 8-Dec-1907 6-Sep-1914 son of J.T. & S.E.; See Photo
Basinger Sallie E. 1879 1921 See Photo
Basinger William A. 17-Jun-1898 2-Jul-1925 See Photo
Bates Bedford F. 5-Aug-1900 2-Jul-1973 See Photo
Bates Ben H. 7-Jan-1890 11-Aug-1970 See Photo
Bates Gilbert 12-May-1915 15-Sep-1968 See Photo
Bates Lillie N. 13-Aug-1894 24-Apr-1961 See Photo
Bates Lucille M. 3-Nov-1905 4-Oct-1975 See Photo
Bates Lucille Starnes 19-May-1920 25-Jun-1999 See Photo
Battieste Ethel Vera 25-Dec-1900 1-Oct-1954 See Photo
Bell John L. "Jack" 30-Mar-1913 7-Apr-1989 See Photo
Bell Marie Courtney 26-May-1923   See Photo
Benigar Lottie 12-Aug-1900 7-Nov-1963 See Photo
Berry Allie Lee 2-Dec-1896 3-Jan-1968 See Photo
Berry Doris Faye 15-May-1949 28-Dec-1945 dau of Mr & Mrs Jasper; See Photo
Berry Frank Lillard 10-Jan-1932   See Photo
Berry Garlin L. 30-Apr-1893 29-Oct-1937 See Photo
Berry Georgia V. 2-Oct-1902 9-May-1964 See Photo
Berry Jasper William 19-Mar-1929   See Photo
Berry Jimmy Wayne 7-Nov-1951 29-Dec-1998 See Photo
Berry Jo Ella 13-Oct-1934 9-Sep-2010 See Photo
Berry Larry Glen 2-Jul-1954 14-Apr-1956 son of J.W. & Mary; See Photo
Berry Luther Arnold 27-Dec-1896 1-Jan-1985 See Photo
Berry Martha C. 1853 1957 See Photo
Berry Mary Dean 13-Mar-1931 20-Apr-1956 See Photo
Berry Shirley (McLeister) 23-Jan-1938   See Photo
Berry Warren E. (Gene) 8-Dec-1921 23-Jan-1984 See Photo
Berry William D. 16-Jul-1870 11-Aug-1959 See Photo
Bess Barbara I. 23-Feb-1934   See Photo
Bess Edith C. 1905 199? See Photo
Bess Ivy N. 1881 1972 See Photo
Bess Kenneth E. 2-Sep-1933 19-Oct-1985 See Photo
Bickerstaff W. J. 25-Dec-1881 10-Oct-1965 See Photo
Binkley Estella 26-Jan-1899 17-Oct-1918 wife of T.E.; See Photo
Birge Mable Crabtree 1900 1931 See Photo
Blackburn Baby   13-Jun-1912 See Photo
Blackwood Bryan Joe 26-Oct-1959 30-Sep-1960 son of Mr & Mrs Joe A.; See Photo
Blackwood G. W. 10-Oct-1878 25-May-1955 See Photo
Blair Elizabeth Jane 1866 1920 See Photo
Blair Francis Sherman 1866 1951 See Photo
Blair George E. 1893 1973 See Photo
Blair Joseph 1852 1934 See Photo
Blair Lula Victoria 1886 1973 See Photo
Blair Nancy E. 1867 1929 See Photo
Blair Roy E. 1902 1924 See Photo
Blalock Anna Lou 29-Dec-1938 8-Jul-1997 See Photo
Blalock Annie M. 1877 1967 See Photo
Blalock Betty Ann 11-Aug-1945   See Photo
Blalock Jerry Don 21-Aug-1935 19-Jan-1999 See Photo
Blalock Robert O. 1908 1969 See Photo
Blalock Velma O. 1916 1981 See Photo
Blalock Willie G. 1873 1947 See Photo
Blaylock Bernita Sue 14-Nov-1930 29-Aug-1935 dau of Norris & Leah; See Photo
Blaylock Donna Leah 22-Oct-1931 19-Sep-1932 dau of Norris & Leah; See Photo
Blaylock Leah 1901 1992 See Photo
Blaylock Norris 1902 1949 See Photo
Blevins Amanda M. Sutton 10-Dec-1871 12-Feb-1960 See Photo
Blevins Charlotte Ann 18-Sep-1949 21-Sep-1949 See Photo
Blevins Dave 20-Aug-1883 17-Sep-1956 See Photo
Blevins Ibbie J. 7-Jul-1892 28-Jan-1987 See Photo
Bolt James W. 2-Oct-1870 18-May-1961 See Photo
Bolt John D. 21-Mar-1835 20-Oct-1925 See Photo
Bolt Katie Johnson 16-Aug-1885 25-Jun-1961 See Photo
Bolt Naomi O. 9-Aug-1879 28-May-1949 See Photo
Boltin Arthur A. 9-Mar-1876 27-Apr-1958 See Photo
Boltin Rachel 8-Apr-1877 17-Jan-1969 See Photo
Bolton Ben 27-Jan-1892 18-Dec-1951 See Photo
Bolton Bennie H. 13-Apr-1928 30-Jan-1977 See Photo
Bolton J. D. 31-Oct-1924 4-Sep-1972 See Photo, See Photo
Bolton Lela R. 3-Mar-1900 15-Nov-1983 See Photo
Bone Chester Viola 8-Aug-1905 28-May-1932 See Photo
Bone Jimmie   1936 See Photo
Bone John W. 1875 1930 See Photo
Bone Parlee T. 1881 1968 See Photo
Bone Thelma   1920 See Photo
Bone Thelma Eug 27-Sep-192* 8-Nov-1990 See Photo
Booker Sarah F. 26-Jan-1874 30-Mar-1915 wife of J.L.; See Photo
Bordwine J. N. 25-Feb-1837 10-Sep-1927 See Photo
Bordwine M. E. 16-Sep-1867 8-Jun-1952 See Photo
Boulton Emma M. 10-Sep-1911   See Photo
Boulton Glenda Sue 3-Sep-1938 8-Mar-1972 See Photo
Boulton Walter B. 2-Sep-1905 19-Sep-1978 See Photo
Boulton Walter B. 22-Aug-1932 18-Dec-1993 See Photo
Bowerman Ben F. 13-Mar-1878 19-Jul-1947 See Photo
Bowerman Ethel 19-Jun-1917 30-Sep-1917 dau of ? & A.W.; See Photo
Bowerman Martha J. 19-Jan-1854 27-Oct-1922 See Photo
Bowerman Nancy J. 19-Apr-1877 17-Feb-1937 See Photo
Bowles Arthur L. 9-Oct-1919 6-Sep-1989 See Photo
Bowles Arthur Lafayette 13-Aug-1884 25-Dec-1961 See Photo
Bowles Flora V. Cox 27-Jul-1888 14-Jan-1943 See Photo
Bowling John H. 1890 1931 See Photo
Bowling La Oma Jeanece 1929 1930 See Photo
Bowling Rachel M. 1893 1959 See Photo
Bradley Alvin L. "Al" 14-Sep-1921 25-Oct-1994 See Photo
Bradley Dan 31-Mar-1917   See Photo
Bradley Ellen 3-Sep-1885 2-Sep-1968 See Photo
Bradley George S. 11-Jan-1878 17-Mar-1969 See Photo
Bradley Kathryn 20-Feb-1919 19-May-1974 See Photo
Bradley Martha Kathryn 1888 1930 See Photo
Bradley Melbert L. "Burt" 19-Apr-1923 30-Jun-1993 See Photo
Bradley Thornton Moscow 1883 1942 See Photo
Brakebill H. H.     See Photo
Brakebill J. F.     See Photo
Brakebill M. C.     See Photo
Brannon Carrie Jackson 31-Mar-1893 19-Aug-1973 See Photo
Branscum John Wesley 26-Sep-1847 17-Sep-1929 See Photo
Branscum Nancy Jane 25-Jul-1850 11-Dec-1930 See Photo
Brazell Mary 1869 1928 See Photo
Brazell R. N. 19-Jun-1869 8-Feb-1919 See Photo
Brewer Charles Thomas 5-Aug-1943   See Photo
Brewer Glenn Dow 29-Sep-1897 13-May-1987 See Photo, SeePhoto
Brewer John William 24-Nov-1932 4-Aug-1954 See Photo
Brewer Linda Finch 10-Jul-1945 29-May-1992 See Photo
Brewer Lithia B. 31-Mar-1903 12-Sep-1983 See Photo
Brill Thelma Eastes 19-Oct-1900 13-Apr-1976 See Photo
Brinlee Bobby J. 27-Oct-1926 10-Mar-1989 See Photo
Brinlee Charles Edward 27-Dec-1931 26-Jan-1947 See Photo
Brinlee George Arvel 23-Jan-1917 16-Mar-1984 See Photo, See Photo
Brock James F. 20-Aug-1886 9-Feb-1943 See Photo
Brock Mary Alice 1863 1939 See Photo
Brock Thomas N. 1864 1952 See Photo
Brock Tommy Gene 22-Apr-1929 5-Nov-1930 See Photo
Brogdon Robert L. 16-Mar-1886 27-Mar-1969 See Photo
Brooks Celeste Elizabeth 27-May-1905 27-Sep-1960 See Photo
Brooks Granville L. 18-Feb-1878 24-Apr-1966 See Photo
Brooks Sharon Beth 23-Nov-1965 9-Mar-1987 See Photo
Browder Edna Lee 25-Mar-1887 8-Apr-1961 See Photo
Browder Joseph William 17-Dec-1883 9-Aug-1955 See Photo
Brower James T. 19-May-1917 9-May-1991 See Photo
Brower Ophelia E. 21-Mar-2021 25-Feb-1971 See Photo
Brown Cecil E. 15-Mar-1909 16-Oct-1970 See Photo
Brown Frances R. 3-Mar-1915 22-Nov-1990 See Photo
Brown Fred Robert 10-Jan-1914 7-Dec-1963 See Photo
Brown Hubert Neil 29-Jun-1938 9-Jun-1939 See Photo
Brown James T. 1852 1934 See Photo
Brown Pheby 1849 1931 See Photo
Browning Callie R. 12-Feb-1890 7-Dec-1962 See Photo
Browning James F. 8-Jul-1877 30-Aug-1943 See Photo
Brummett General Marion     See Photo
Brummett Saieth Amos     See Photo
Bruner Adele (Symank) 26-Feb-1916 18-Jan-1991 See Photo
Bruner Charlie 28-Jul-1910 30-Aug-1975 See Photo
Bruton Columbus W. 9-Aug-1912 8-Apr-1982 See Photo
Bruton James W. 24-Jun-1946 12-Nov-2004 See Photo, See Photo
Bruton Wanda Lee 11-Nov-1919   See Photo
Bryson Catherine L. Cooper 2-Dec-1869 5-Jan-1965 See Photo
Buchanan Emma M. 11-Mar-1900 10-Nov-1982 See Photo
Buchanan William M. 6-Oct-1888 8-Jan-1969 See Photo
Buchanan William M. 24-Apr-1934 13-Jul-1973 See Photo
Bullard Charles Fern 30-Oct-1909 29-Nov-1970 See Photo
Bullington Altha S. 14-Jun-1896 3-Apr-1982 See Photo
Bullington James W. "Jim" 17-Jul-1890 21-Aug-1978 See Photo
Burch Dema 1868 1940 See Photo
Burch Harvey "Bud" 17-Aug-1892 17-Dec-1962 See Photo
Burch Joseph 16-Dec-1854 14-Jun-1915 See Photo
Burgess Andy L. 18-Jan-1897 13-Oct-1977 See Photo
Burgess Corrie 2-Jul-1889 15-Apr-1985 See Photo
Burgess L. D. "Doug" 27-Jan-1900 29-Apr-1964 See Photo
Burns A. C. "Blackie" 10-Jun-1900 19-Nov-1962 See Photo
Burns Cleo Mae 6-Feb-1902 11-Oct-1959 See Photo
Burns Nan I. 20-Feb-1911 27-Nov-1989 See Photo
Burns Sam W. 19-Jun-1912   See Photo
Burrough Horace Vincent 19-Mar-1928 19-Mar-1928 See Photo
Burton Bedford F. 1880 1943 See Photo
Burton Bill F. 12-Apr-1929 9-Jul-2001 See Photo, See Photo
Burton Carlus W. 11-Dec-1905 6-Oct-1936 See Photo
Burton Elizabeth 1885 1975 See Photo
Burton Florence 1884 1934 See Photo
Burton Gladys Amy 23-May-1907 27-Dec-1985 See Photo
Burton Herman Floyd 8-Jun-1902 6-Sep-1982 See Photo
Burton Hezziekiah 30-Apr-1882 18-Oct-1948 See Photo
Burton J. Word 1878 1935 See Photo
Burton Maud E. 25-Nov-1884 20-Aug-1950 See Photo
Burton Rogene 27-Aug-1937   See Photo
Bush Aloy 1887 1954 See Photo
Bush Dora 1885 1954 See Photo
Butler Davis Harris 29-May-1926 24-Nov-1985 See Photo
Byrd Agnes Lila 26-Dec-1905 26-Oct-1984 See Photo
Byrd Alford Clayton 18-Apr-1900 14-Dec-1971 See Photo
Cagle A. P.     See Photo
Callahan Billie Larese 13-Mar-1966 13-Mar-1966 See Photo
Camp Alice F. 30-Aug-1907 1-Apr-1996 See Photo
Camp Fred 31-Aug-1904 19-Aug-1988 See Photo
Campbell Annie L. 2-Apr-1920 17-Apr-1995 See Photo
Campbell Arthur 5-May-1905 26-Oct-1988 See Photo
Campbell Bertha Mae 18-Aug-1888 31-Dec-1984 See Photo, See Photo
Campbell Haskell 17-Sep-1907 14-Sep-1957 See Photo, See Photo
Campbell Ira M. 25-Dec-1877 18-Jan-1950 See Photo
Campbell Jackson Collins 31-May-1928 3-Jun-1994 See Photo
Campbell James G. 11-May-1911 24-Feb-2000 See Photo
Campbell Jewel 18-Aug-1913 14-Sep-1957 See Photo, See Photo
Campbell Jewell 18-Aug-1913 14-Sep-1957 See Photo
Campbell John C. 25-May-1857 2-Apr-1940 See Photo
Campbell Katie 23-Feb-1877 12-Jun-1971 See Photo
Campbell Nancy E. 29-Oct-1856 15-Oct-1934 See Photo
Campbell Pearl 12-Apr-1916   See Photo
Campbell Samuel Collins 8-May-1892 25-Nov-1979 See Photo, See Photo
Campbell St. Elmo 14-Sep-1919 16-Dec-1921 son of J.F. & Goldie; See Photo
Campbell Virginia Carol 4-Oct-1944 4-Oct-1944 See Photo
Campbell Woodrow 7-Oct-1913 4-Jun-1994 See Photo
Capps Jayne B. 24-Sep-1919 5-Feb-2008 See Photo
Capps W. L. "Bill" 20-Dec-1909 7-Feb-1962 See Photo
Capps W. L. "Bill" 5-Aug-1943 29-Jan-1969 See Photo
Carr Billy 20-Oct-1939 22-Oct-1939 See Photo
Carr Evelyn 18-Feb-1908 23-Jun-1973 See Photo
Carr G. Grover 27-Feb-1886 24-Oct-1918 See Photo
Carr George W. (W.O.W) 2-Feb-1883 7-Mar-1941 See Photo
Carr Jesse E. 19-Nov-1908 6-Aug-1944 See Photo
Carr Norma J. Anderson 7-Aug-1934 1-Feb-1997 See Photo
Carr Walter L. 18-May-1912 17-Sep-1954 See Photo
Carriger Diana Jean 13-May-1951   See Photo
Carriger Eliza J. 1860 1939 See Photo
Carriger Ellen 10-Nov-1909 12-Jun-2009 See Photo
Carriger James H. 1857 1931 See Photo
Carriger Lindel Lee 5-May-1944 26-Jun-1995 See Photo, See Photo
Carriger Roy M. 24-Feb-1908 9-Nov-1978 See Photo
Carroll Jennie Sharp 24-Jun-1895 12-Jul-1966 See Photo
Carroll Pauline 18-Oct-1925 2-Mar-1931 See Photo
Cartwright Mattie 1886 1976 See Photo
Castleberry Bob E. 25-Oct-1927 25-Jul-1979 See Photo, See Photo
Castleberry C. W. 1881 1952 See Photo
Castleberry George W. 10-Oct-1915 12-Dec-1957 See Photo
Castleberry Pairlee 1885 1964 See Photo
Caton Betty Jean (McDaniel) 10-Nov-1929 18-Sep-2001 See Photo
Caudill Jim J. 29-Mar-1891 30-Sep-1957 See Photo
Caudill Rosa Mae 1-Jan-1891 15-Jun-1956 See Photo
Cecil J. R. 20-Dec-1917 2-Oct-1918 See Photo
Chambers Betty Jo 18-Nov-1943 11-Oct-1977 See Photo
Chandler Alemda 1893   See Photo
Chandler James David 5-Dec-1864 15-Mar-1953 See Photo
Chandler Lewis 17-Jan-1889 29-Dec-1930 See Photo
Chandler Louisa B. 13-Apr-1866 4-Nov-1939 wife of JD; See Photo
Chandler Noah William 18-Apr-1868 5-Jul-1953 See Photo
Chandler Virginia Lee 3-Sep-1869 31-Aug-1941 See Photo
Chandler William Clarence 19-Aug-1888 28-Sep-1961 See Photo
Chapmen Tywana Hager 20-Nov-1923 27-Aug-2006 See Photo
Charles Gary H. 26-Jul-1916 17-Mar-1974 See Photo, See Photo
Charles L. Beatrice 27-Feb-1921 5-May-1978 See Photo
Chase Wilson A. "Bill" 27-Jan-1907 12-Nov-1959 See Photo
Cherry Elsie B. 16-Oct-1892   See Photo
Cherry Thomas L. 13-Apr-1894 14-May-1969 See Photo
Choate James F. 1884 1935 See Photo
Christison Lenard Thomas 10-Jan-1926 20-May-1995 See Photo, See Photo
Christison Phebie 1928   See Photo
Clark Charles D. 2-Aug-1912 12-Oct-1912 son of C.C. & E.; See Photo
Clark Martha S. 1868 1941 See Photo
Clark Nora M. 23-Sep-1889 1-Mar-1984 See Photo
Clark William H. 15-Feb-1883 21-Feb-1968 See Photo
Clark William T. 1862 1947 See Photo
Clayburn Ulla Mae Cummins 11-Feb-1895 3-Feb-1928 See Photo
Clayton Clyde 20-May-1909 30-Sep-1993 See Photo
Cloud Carl E. 18-Aug-1918   See Photo
Cloud Della M. 23-Dec-1908 19-Aug-1995 See Photo
Cloud Elbie Jane 1884 1965 See Photo
Cloud Jack 30-May-1909 8-Jan-1924 son of T.M. & Elbie; See Photo
Cloud John H. 21-Jul-1903 14-Jan-1982 See Photo
Cloud June Marie 7-Jul-1923 23-Jun-1931 See Photo
Cloud Lucille B. 14-Aug-1920 15-Jan-2009 See Photo, See Obit
Cloud Margret S. 21-Jan-1862 1-Aug-1919 See Photo
Cloud Thomas M. 1877 1962 See Photo
Cloud William L. 23-Aug-1849 19-Jan-1917 See Photo
Clour Robert L. 14-Feb-1912 15-Dec-1993 See Photo
Clour Thelma J. 10-Jun-1917 23-Dec-1986 See Photo
Coble Annie 1971 1929 See Photo
Coble George M. 1865 1924 See Photo
Coble George William 9-Aug-1887 5-Apr-1963 See Photo
Coble Lilly 27-Apr-1900 4-Oct-1914 dau of E. & Rosa; See Photo
Coble Minnie A. 15-Dec-1884 26-Apr-1966 See Photo
Coble Vivian L. 17-Sep-1901 5-Jun-1950 See Photo
Cocanower Mary Elizabeth 11-Jul-1844 4-Apr-1916 See Photo
Cochran Michael Ray 6-Dec-1955 3-Jan-1981 See Photo
Cole Ethel Marie 7-Apr-1925 9-Oct-1994 See Photo
Cole John Asa 31-Dec-1915 26-Dec-1983 See Photo
Colglazier Ellen Inez 1891 1930 See Photo
Collins A., Jr, 25-May-1884 12-Sep-1950 See Photo
Collins Aline 18-Apr-1919 2-Oct-1926 dau of B.F. & Artie; See Photo
Collins Arleene 15-Sep-1924 30-May-1949 See Photo
Collins Arlie Alonzo 16-Sep-1902 16-Jun-1987 See Photo, See Photo
Collins Arlie Alonzo, Jr. 3-Mar-1939 12-Nov-2008 See Photo, See Photo, See Photo
Collins Arville J. 21-Mar-1899 29-Jul-1963 See Photo
Collins Bertha 28-Feb-1910 15-Mar-2007 See Photo
Collins Bud 1884 1936 See Photo
Collins Charley P. 9-Aug-1876 6-Jul-1957 See Photo, See Photo
Collins Douglas Ann 17-Mar-1937   See Photo
Collins Effie E. 21-Jul-1894 31-Jan-1982 See Photo
Collins Elbert W. 2-Aug-1888 15-Jul-1941 See Photo
Collins Emmitt 23-Aug-1910 2-Jun-1956 See Photo
Collins Ethel Marie 27-Oct-1907 23-Dec-1972 See Photo
Collins Harold E. 30-Oct-1921 27-Nov-1985 See Photo
Collins Joe Edward 31-Dec-1933 5-Aug-2008 See Photo, See Photo
Collins John Bell     son of Frank & Ethel; See Photo
Collins John B. 1863 1937 See Photo
Collins Kevin J. 12-Mar-1964 26-Mar-1964 See Photo
Collins Lettie 21-Apr-1883 25-Sep-1974 See Photo, See Photo
Collins Lou J. 7-Jan-1905 30-Apr-2005 See Photo
Collins Mary E. 6-Aug-1857 9-Feb-1927 See Photo
Collins Maxine M. 19-Jul-1921 30-Oct-2001 See Photo
Collins Melvin Lee 31-Oct-1917 3-Apr-1987 See Photo
Collins Mollie Olive Smith 8-Feb-1904 2-Sep-1985 See Photo, See Photo
Collins Ralph "Hoot" 2-Feb-1936 11-Dec-2010 See Photo
Collins Aunt Scott 8-Nov-1894 30-Jan-1970 See Photo, See Photo
Collins Susan N. 1861 1934 See Photo
Collins Thomas Frank 12-Oct-1898 8-Oct-1966 See Photo
Collins Uncle Todd 4-Jul-1890 6-Jun-1968 See Photo, See Photo
Collins W. C. (Kirk) 24-Sep-1901 17-Jun-1975 See Photo
Collins William A. 18-Mar-1853 11-Sep-1935 See Photo
Collins Willie L. 14-Feb-1890 8-Feb-1984 See Photo
Collinsworth Annie 15-Aug-1901 31-Dec-1933 wife of Garry; See Photo
Collinsworth Hubert S. 20-Sep-1892 23-Apr-1950 See Photo
Cone Zenobia Elder 26-Jan-1914 4-Sep-2009 See Photo
Conner Charles F. 23-Jan-1910 16-Jun-1943 See Photo
Conner Charles F., Jr. 6-Aug-1936 6-Aug-1936 See Photo
Cook Gloria Wooten 2-Aug-1908 6-Jan-1997 See Photo, See Photo
Cook Thomas Dewey 27-Mar-1899 9-Dec-1979 See Photo, See Photo
Coonrod Pearl 20-Feb-1898 10-Apr-1954 See Photo
Coonrod Raymond H. 10-Feb-1894 9-Apr-1964 See Photo
Cooper Edmond G. 1870-Aug-4 27-Jan-1937 See Photo
Cooper Frances S. 10-Sep-1859 9-Mar-1930 See Photo
Cooper Frank B. 24-Feb-1892 11-Nov-1967 See Photo
Cooper Hiram C. 14-Feb-1829 14-Feb-1929 See Photo
Corbin Edith Roach Jan 1900 Oct 1966 See Photo
Corbin Freddie Lee 25-Dec-1930 10-Feb-1991 See Photo, See Photo
Corbin Joseph A. 22-Feb-1924 18-May-2001 See Photo
Corey Albert Samuel 23-Jun-1889 3-Jun-1956 See Photo, See Photo
Corey Elsie B. 6-Dec-1892 10-Apr-1980 See Photo
Coursey Andrew R. 16-Mar-1879 22-Jan-1958 See Photo
Coursey Audrey 29-Sep-1923 18-Feb-1925 son of Mr & Mrs A.R.; See Photo
Coursey Eula E. 7-Apr-1916   See Photo
Coursey Katie D. 15-Jan-1883 14-Jul-1963 See Photo
Coursey M. E. 10-Jan-1915 8-Jan-2000 See Photo
Coursey Virginia Sue 21-Oct-1938 27-Nov-1938 See Photo
Courtney Estelle 2-Jul-1896 6-Jan-2002 See Photo
Courtney Homer W. 10-Feb-1893 8-Dec-1961 See Photo
Coward Patricia Ann 14-Apr-1937 8-Dec-1998 See Photo
Cowsert Emma E. 8-Dec-1889 22-Oct-1956 See Photo
Cowsert Lyman E. 27-Oct-1890 5-May-1961 See Photo
Cowsert William harrison 27-Aug-1918 19-Aug-1932 See Photo
Cox James Thomas 30-May-1863 16-Aug-1933 See Photo
Cox Sarah Ursalene 13-Apr-1867 18-Jul-1933 See Photo
Crabtree Bessie L. 1879 1947 See Photo
Crabtree James M. 1869 1933 See Photo
Craig Alfred 1892 1943 See Photo
Craig Georgie 1892 1974 See Photo
Cravens Arthur R. "Pete" 28-Apr-1897 17-Jul-1961 See Photo
Cravens Bobby Wayne 8-Jun-1936 25-Mar-2003 See Photo
Cravens Elsie (Whiteman) 11-Mar-1903 23-Feb-1947 See Photo
Cravens John S. 14-Mar-1872 12-Oct-1946 See Photo
Cravens John William "Bud" 9-Oct-1919 27-Feb-1985 See Photo
Cravens Leon 24-Apr-1933 6-Oct-1989 See Photo, See Photo
Cravens Louise Vilaree 16-Dec-1915 17-Feb-1961 See Photo
Cravens Martha S. 15-Oct-1878 2-Mar-1960 See Photo
Cravens Myrtle 27-Dec-1915   See Photo
Cravens Opal M. 7-Jul-1914 9-Jan-2002 See Photo
Cravens Orville 27-Feb-1907 24-Jun-1972 See Photo
Cravens Robert (Nig) 4-Aug-1911 4-May-1967 See Photo
Cravens Vena Lee 9-Jan-1900 23-Jan-1996 See Photo
Crawford Clara 1910 1946 See Photo
Crawford John O. 1892 1979 See Photo
Crenshaw Ara Lucile 5-May-1908 12-Nov-1970 See Photo, See Photo
Crenshaw Betty F. 24-May 1862 13-Oct-1930 See Photo
Crenshaw Cynthia 1975   See Photo
Crenshaw Elmer H. 4-Nov-1900 19-Oct-1974 See Photo
Crenshaw Melba Austin 1929   See Photo
Crenshaw Shirley Reeves 1950 2000 See Photo
Crenshaw William B. 3-Nov-1860 31-Mar-1937 See Photo
Cross Cleo B. 16-Jul-1915 9-May-1949 See Photo
Cross Dora E. 21-Dec-1876 8-May-1962 See Photo
Cross Harry R. 18-Jan-1869 14-Dec-1949 See Photo
Cross Katherine 13-Mar-1899 10-Oct-1917 dau of J.T. & M.K.; See Photo
Cross Sarah E. 30-Aug-1836 31-Oct-1915 See Photo
Culpepper Bertha Adams 11-Jul-1902 1-Nov-1998 See Photo
Cummings Emmer E. 30-Nov-1870 18-Nov-1957 See Photo
Cummings Janie L. 18-May-1880 22-Oct-1972 See Photo
Cummings Samuel O. 23-Feb-1872 22-Dec-1960 See Photo
Cummins Almeda 23-Feb-1855 6-Aug-1947 See Photo
Cummins Julius 11-Jan-1852 10-Mar-1917 See Photo
Cummins Nora F. 1888 1994 See Photo
Cummins Walter W. 1889 1940 See Photo
Cunningham Douglas 17-Aug-1910 4-Jan-1922 son of Mr & Mrs J.E.; See Photo
Cunningham Joel E. 1871 1939 See Photo
Cunningham Lillian 21-Sep-1902 10-Apr-1909 See Photo
Cunningham Maggie L. 1880 1958 See Photo
Cunningham Mary Pauline 28-Jan-1911 5-Feb-1912 See Photo
Cunningham Newton E. 1-Apr-1873 23-May-1946 See Photo
Cunningham Ollie O. 12-Sep-1883 14-Apr-1960 See Photo
Cunningham Thelma Elizabeth 11-Apr-1904 20-Feb-1913 dau of N.E. & Ollie; See Photo
Curry Annie E. 1870 1951 See Photo
Curry Charley 1873 1958 See Photo
Dailey Dr. Fern McKinley D.D.S 9-Nov-1902 8-Nov-1981 See Photo
Dailey Louis Marguerite 3-Feb-1904 11-Dec-1981 See Photo
Dallas Beulah 15-Jul-1871 1-Oct-1951 See Photo
Dallas T. C. 16-Feb-1864 26-May-1931 See Photo
Damron Etta M. 1868 1952 See Photo
Damron Gladys F. 4-Apr-1897 13-Apr-1969 See Photo
Damron Grace 28-Jul-1890 4-Nov-1970 See Photo, See Photo
Damron Ida L. 27-Sep-1881 27-Nov-1933 See Photo
Damron J. S. 7-Apr-1842   See Photo
Damron John M. 1868 1933 See Photo
Damron John Ray 17-Mar-1933 8-Apr-2009 See Photo
Damron Mary A. 20-Sep-1841 8-Dec-1927 See Photo
Damron Mary Josephine 19-Jun-1936 18-Mar-2011 See Photo
Damron Mearl Neal 1916 1932 See Photo
Damron Oscar Turner 22-Jan-1893 1-Mar-1965 See Photo, See Photo
Damron Walter 20-Nov-1889 21-Oct-1960 See Photo, See Photo
Damron William F. 25-Jun-1883 22-Dec-1932 See Photo
Damron William Ray 30-Jan-1957 9-Mar-1957 See Photo
Dawson J. D. 4-May-1842 7-May-1927 See Photo
Dawson Kizzie J. 5-Apr-1850 28-Apr-1936 See Photo
Dawson Mollie M. 24-Oct-1900 17-Mar-1946 See Photo
Dawson Sallie F. 29-Mar-1888 1-Sep-1972 See Photo
Dawson T. L. 24-Dec-1867 23-Jan-1950 See Photo
Dawson W. Claude 10-Dec-1885 6-Aug-1963 See Photo
Dearen Dewey D. 1907 1955 See Photo, See Photo
Dearen Gertrude 15-Aug-1908 30-Jan-1997 See Photo, See Photo
Dearen Jimmie D. 4-Sep-1929 21-Jul-1957 See Photo
Dearen Mildra Lee 12-May-1910 29-Oct-2005 See Photo
Dearen W. H. 1897 1953 See Photo
Deaver Eureka 1882 1965 See Photo
Deaver Ida Kathleen 1905 1988 See Photo
Deaver James N. 6-Aug-1875 31-May-1944 See Photo
DeLucia Dorothy Ann 15-Oct-1915 2-Dec-2000 See Photo
Dement Delia 7-May-1907 2-Aug-1999 See Photo
Dement Ella 1875 1953 See Photo
Dement Elmer L. 22-Dec-1895 19-Mar-1982 See Photo
Dement Sanford 1872 1944 See Photo
Dennie Audrey "Priss" Sharp 8-Apr-1926 20-Aug-2002 See Photo
Dennie Randy 16-Feb-1956 27-Jul-2009 See Photo
Dennie Robert Eugene 11-Jun-1925 21-Oct-2009 See Photo
Dennie Robert L. 11-Feb-1890 7-Sep-1975 See Photo, See Photo
Dennie Sammie Lee 15-Dec-1949 10-Apr-2009 See Photo
Denny C. C. "Lum" 18-Jan-1885 5-Mar-1979 See Photo
Diffie Dona 21-Nov-1836 17-Oct-1936 See Photo
Disch Florence L. (Cowsert) 10-Jun-1914 2-Jul-2005 See Photo
Disch Harry Norvell 14-Dec-1908 27-Dec-1989 See Photo, See Photo
Ditch Mabel 18-Jun-1913 22-Feb-2005 See Photo
Dobbs Lillie S. 21-Mar-1899 11-Feb-1990 See Photo
Dobbs Roy Russell 9-May-1928 21-Oct-1932 See Photo
Dobbs William R. 23-Dec-1900 29-Nov-1978 See Photo
Dodson Allie G. 30-Jan-1889 12-Apr-1966 See Photo
Dodson Ida Mae "Harper" 5-Apr-1922 15-Jul-2000 See Photo
Dodson James M. 1-Dec-1882 3-Dec-1959 See Photo
Dodson John B. 1-Feb-1886 7-Sep-1970 See Photo
Dodson John M. 11-Oct-1911 2-Mar-1975 See Photo
Dodson Katie E. 23-May-1892 28-Sep-1977 See Photo
Dodson Lemmie Leroy 3-Nov-1915 10-Feb-1975 See Photo
Dodson Dr. S. David 6-May-1851 22-Jan-1922 See Photo
Doner Allie Blair 4-Jan-1856 13-Dec-1941 See Photo
Doner Joseph William 18-Jan-1854 2-Jul-1918 See Photo
Doolen Bessie Irene 5-Feb-1903 2-Aug-1978 See Photo
Dooley Opal Jewel 13-Feb-1913 8-Jan-2005 See Photo
Dooley Thomas Holbert 22-May-1910 30-Jun-1984 See Photo, See Photo
Dotson Clarence D. 26-Feb-1898 17-Apr-1951 See Photo
Dotson Cora L. 1870 1952 See Photo
Dotson Thomas D. 1864 1940 See Photo
Douglass Berna Lee (Hyde) 25-Mar-1926 27-Dec-2000 See Photo
Douthit Jane 8-Oct-1935 10-Aug-1938 See Photo
Douthit Opal F. 17-Jan-1908 30-Apr-1984 See Photo
Douthit Thomas Eugene (Gene) 22-Jul-1891 19-Aug-1983 See Photo, See Photo
Doyle Fred 23-Jul-1890 18-Feb-1960 See Photo
Drury Erie A. 20-Oct-1897 14-Jun-1934 See Photo
Drury Viola M. 1-Sep-1900   See Photo
Duck Baby Boy     See Photo
Duck Elizabeth Ann 2-Jun-1925 2-Jun-1925 See Photo
Duck Harold Edward 6-Jul-1935 19-Feb-1955 See Photo
Duck James Richard (Jim) 13-Dec-1900 1-Sep-1984 See Photo
Duck Jimmie A. 28-May-1931 1-Aug-2010 See Photo, See Obit
Duck June B. 17-Jun-1933   See Photo
Duck Lillie B. 19-Sep-1909 29-Jan-1978 See Photo
Duck Ruby Elizabeth 27-Feb-1907 3-Aug-1985 See Photo
Duck W. L. "Bill" 13-Sep-1906 8-Apr-1988 See Photo
Dye Ambrose Worley 7-Mar-1880 31-Mar-1963 See Photo
Dye Andrew Quinn 16-Oct-1877 23-Mar-1920 See Photo
Dye Bella L. Wallace 26-Dec-1926 14-Feb-2009 See Photo
Dye Callie S. 1852 1941 See Photo
Dye Dr. George H. 1847 1927 See Photo
Dye Lucy Bowles 5-Feb-1890 13-Mar-1937 See Photo
Dye Lula Mae 27-Mar-1889 21-Jun-1972 See Photo
Dye Tom H. 17-Apr-1870 12-Jan-1942 See Photo
Dye Worley S. 9-Oct-1920 8-Jun-1998 See Photo
Eakens Ada P. 11-Sep-1901 12-Feb-1984 See Photo
Eakens Claude C. 4-Aug-1937 17-Sep-2001 See Photo
Eakens Eddie F. 27-Nov-1870 28-Apr-1958 See Photo
Eakens Flora B. 17-Dec-1930 2-Feb-2008 See Photo
Eakens Robert A. 27-Jun-1927 23-Jan-1955 See Photo
Eakens Walter A. 29-Jun-1896 14-Jul-1969 See Photo
East Jacey Renee 13-Oct-2003 13-Oct-2003 See Photo
Eastes James B.   5-Feb-1936 See Photo
Eatmon Essie   8-Jan-1909 See Photo
Eatmon Louis Stafford 1-May-1904 31-Oct-1980 See Photo
Eberle Gracie M. 12-Oct 1889 26-Sep-1965 See Photo
Eberle James Herbert 7-Feb-1904 6-Apr-1958 See Photo
Eberle Matthew 16-Jan-1883 12-Oct-1972 See Photo
Echard Everette Lee 14-Feb-1928 23-Mar-1928 son of Mr & Mrs G.D.; See Photo
Echard Gregge Dixon 26-Dec-1899 25-Apr-1974 See Photo
Echard Lucy Alberta 12-Apr-1897 20-May-1979 See Photo
Echard Noah 17-Apr-1858 28-Nov-1924 See Photo
Edgar Macle Eva 14-May-1914 3-Mar-1982 See Photo
Edgmon Mary E. 1-Mar-1880 6-Feb-1971 See Photo
Edwards Claudia 29-Mar-1881 10-Aug-1949 See Photo
Edwards Elizabeth 13-Dec-1905 6-Apr-1989 See Photo
Edwards Frank 25-Aug-1911 6-Mar-1983 See Photo
Edwards Isaac N 6-Dec-1863 18-Oct-1974 See Photo
Edwards Jewell O. 16-May-1902 19-Apr-1971 See Photo
Edwards Naomi 28-Feb-1917 21-Jun-1996 See Photo
Edwards Raymond Carl 4-Mar-1921 18-May-1960 See Photo
Edwards Sarah Lottie 19-Dec-1884 14-Apr-1961 See Photo
Edwards Sidney Lee 18-Feb-1866 29-Apr-1944 See Photo
Eggleston Etta "Kate" Davoult 28-Oct-1925 21-Jan-1999 See Photo
Eidson Albert F. 20-Mar-1894 24-Oct-1968 See Photo
Eidson Bertha Mae 11-Apr-1908 22-Apr-1988 See Photo
Elder Edna V. 1891 1983 See Photo
Elder Walter L. 1889 1974 See Photo
Elkins Charles Vinson 27-Oct-1936 29-Dec-1937 See Photo
Elkins Lee L. 1869 1936 See Photo
Ellis Fern Eunice (Hickox) 9-May-1915 6-Feb-2004 See Photo
Ensey Robert B.   23-Aug-1932 See Photo
Epps Opal 6-May-1911 2-Feb-1913 dau of W.C. & M.L.; See Photo
Erwin Angelia Renee 1-Mar-1965 25-Oct-1965 dau of Tom & Joyce; See Photo
Evans Anna E. 28-Jan-1871 20-May-1958 See Photo
Evans Frankie C. 6-Dec-1886 14-Feb-1982 See Photo
Evans George 9-Aug-1911 1966 See Photo
Evans Ida Lois 10-Dec-1881 29-May-1929 See Photo
Evans Ira L. 13-Aug-1881 3-Feb-1937 See Photo
Evans Paul E. 7-Dec-1916 24-Oct-1937 See Photo
Fallis James B. 26-Apr-1885 13-Feb-1971 See Photo , See Photo
Fallis Lorene Josephine 12-Jan-1936 26-Mar-1991 See Photo
Fallis Velma L. 19-May-1911 25-Jan-2004 See Photo, See Photo
Fallis Velma Lucille 16-Jul-1939 16-Jul-1939 dau of Mr & Mrs J.B.; See Photo
Fallis William Paul 7-Oct-1933 18-Jun-1996 See Photo
Farish Bessie F. 3-Jun-1895 20-Jun-1981 See Photo
Farish Robert D. 8-Oct-1889 16-Mar-1975 See Photo
Farley Alma W. 28-Jan-1892 10-Mar-1961 See Photo
Farley Susie B. 1-Nov-1898 11-Mar-1988 See Photo
Farris Paul W. 23-Dec-1949 26-Dec-1949 son of Mr & Mrs W.L.; See Photo
Farris Theodore F. 15-Dec-1878 17-May-1936 See Photo
Fidler Bonnie P. 10-Apr-1930 16-Mar-2007 See Photo
Fidler Carrie E. 11-Feb-1867 20-Jun-1943 See Photo
Fidler Charles E. 13-Nov-1916 26-Jan-2003 See Photo
Fidler Elizabeth F. 5-Sep-1860 20-Feb-1929 See Photo
Fidler Emma D. 25-Jan-1920 17-Oct-2005 See Photo
Fidler Flora Mae 5-Sep-1915 19-Oct-1985 See Photo
Fidler Jarrett E. 30-Nov-1935 16-Nov-2006 See Photo
Fidler John T. 25-Jun-1874 11-Jun-1954 See Photo
Fidler Ross F. 8-Feb-1912 2-Jun-1985 See Photo
Fidler Viola 17-Jul-1913 22-Aug-1917 dau of John & Carrie; See Photo
Fielder Charolette Ann 1-Feb-1939 1-Feb-1939 infant dau of Armer & Roxie; See Photo
Fielder Linda Gail 5-Feb-1946 6-Feb-1946 infant dau of Armer & Roxie; See Photo
Fife Fred (Ted) 15-Sep-1895 2-Sep-1983 See Photo
Fife Jennie Mary (Janie) 19-Sep-1900 21-Apr-1974 See Photo
Files Glenn Dee, Jr. 12-Jul-1961 6-Jun-1976 See Photo
Finch A. S. J. 18-Aug-1881 15-Feb-1935 See Photo
Finch Chester H. 24-Apr-1909 17-Feb-1977 See Photo
Finch Ellie M. 27-Jul-1921   See Photo
Finch Ethel Lixie 2-Feb-1889 15-Jul-1979 See Photo
Finch Frances Elizabeth (Means) Loveman 22-Jul-1925   See Photo
Finch H. W. (Mickey) 1915 1997 See Photo
Finch Hurbert 27-May-1926 15-Jul-1928 son of M & Myrtle; See Photo
Finch James H. 28-Oct-1878 20-Jun-1959 See Photo
Finch Lonnie W. 1-Jan-1916 16-Nov-1998 See Photo, See Photo
Finch Myrtle O. 11-Jan-1885 24-Jun-1972 See Photo
Finch Winnie 5-Jul-1915 7-Nov-1995 See Photo
Fink James 28-Nov-1882 1-Oct-1938 See Photo
Fink Niobie B. 29-Feb-1880 23-Dec-1961 See Photo
Finney James Boyd 28-Nov-1918 21-Sep-1965 See Photo
Finney Wilbur Damon 28-Mar-1914 10-Oct-1980 See Photo, See Photo
Fisher Geneva C. 9-Dec-1923 7-Jan-2007 See Photo
Fisher Lloyd L. 8-Dec-1930   See Photo
Fitzgerald Mola Arnett 20-Nov-1908 28-Dec-1929 See Photo
Fitzgibbon Eunice (Means) 17-Jan-1920 1-Feb-2008 See Photo
Fletcher Lyda 20-Oct-1893 22-Jul-1982 See Photo
Fletcher Taylor 29-May-1884 12-Feb-1971 See Photo
Flowers Laura 22-Oct-1895 15-Aug-1964 See Photo
Fogarty Alta M. Gordon 21-Dec-1902 22-Oct-1987 See Photo
Foley Brown L. 15-Aug-1891 21-Mar-1977 See Photo
Foley Lola Burch 16-May-1898 19-Apr-1979 See Photo
Foran Lillie Tryon 19-Nov-1902 28-May-1985 See Photo
Foran Stewart 22-Apr-1903 25-Jun-1928 See Photo
Force Cecil B. C. 15-Feb-1916 2-Mar-1916 son of W. & L.C.; See Photo
Ford Fannie C. 1878 1959 See Photo
Ford Rev. G. W. 1-Sep-1833 2-Jan-1913 See Photo
Ford Henry Taylor 6-Mar-1916 12-Jul-1994 See Photo, See Photo
Ford Joe P. 1868 1938 See Photo
Ford Roy Russell 19-Dec-1891 1-Apr-1942 See Photo
Ford Sallye B. 11-Jan-1891 11-Aug-1968 See Photo
Ford Stephanie 21-Jun-1919 9-Feb-1996 See Photo
Ford Vancy M. 19-Oct-1844 10-Sep-1913 See Photo
Forkner Martha H. E. 31-May-1871 12-Jun-1936 See Photo
Forrest Hettie 3-Nov-1875 10-Feb-1959 See Photo
Foster Nina M. 5-May-1895 4-Aug-1987 See Photo
Foster Roy E. 24-Nov-1894 22-Feb-1983 See Photo
Fox Artie L. 11-Feb-1924 1-Jan-1941 See Photo
Fox Claud Virgil 28-Jul-1894 5-Mar-1979 See Photo, See Photo
Fox Infant Son of C.V. & M.J. 11-Oct-1918 12-Oct-1918 See Photo
Fraizer H. B. "Bud" 25-Jul-1872 21-Mar-1944 See Photo
Freeman Clarence H. 15-May-1908 12-Aug-1980 See Photo
Freeman Pearl 25-Aug-1878 4-Aug-1920 See Photo
Freeman William David 9-Aug-1882 24-Dec-1938 See Photo
Freeze Edgar L. 26-Jun-1914 3-Nov-1973 See Photo
Freeze George W. 27-Feb-1887 22-Oct-1929 See Photo
Fry Cora L. 28-Nov-1898 13-Jan-1987 See Photo
Fry Jesse J. 8-Oct-1924 21-Mar-1931 See Photo
Fry Roy 17-Aug-1896 23-Sep-1977 See Photo
Fullerton Nancy Elizabeth 1866 1943 See Photo
Fullerton Thomas Theodore 1859 1940 See Photo
Fullingim Eva Lorena Ann 25-Apr-1910 21-Oct-1997 See Photo
Fullingim Wesley Hardie 28-Feb-1902 12-Jan-1993 See Photo
Fulton Dess Irene 1884 1975 See Photo
Fulton Florence 20-Nov-1881 17-May-1966 See Photo
Fulton Harold H. 25-Aug-1904 24-May-1968 See Photo
Fulton Henry P. 30-May-1877 15-Nov-1956 See Photo
Fulton Katie 7-Mar-1900 28-Dec-1967 See Photo
Fulton Vardie M. 1880 1953 See Photo
Gaines James R. 1875 1932 See Photo
Gaines Nan E. 1907 2001 See Photo
Gaines Truman D. 1931 1950 See Photo
Gaines W. Gore 1907 1964 See Photo
Gale Etta 1899 1969 See Photo
Gallagher Daniel B. 20-Nov-1899 3-Jan-1972 See Photo, See Photo
Gallagher Nan 1907 1985 See Photo
Gardner Eunie 1-May-1891 31-May-1971 See Photo
Gardner Will F. 25-Apr-1884 9-Feb-1952 See Photo
Garner Clarice Nanny 28-Feb-1904 6-Jan-1959 See Photo
Garner Gene A. 13-Jan-1931 18-Feb-1976 See Photo
Garner Homer Gordon 29-Jul-1942 18-Dec-1994 See Photo
Garner Jack J. 26-Mar-1929 2-Jan-1986 See Photo
Garner Julius Fields 25-Jan-1901 25-Aug-1967 See Photo
Garrison Ethel 26-Feb-1900 23-Aug-2003 See Photo
Gasaway Cecil 1-Mar-1912 12-Mar-1991 See Photo
Gasaway Clyde Lee 18-Jan-1940 16-May-2006 See Photo
Gasaway Earl 29-Jul-1901 7-Jan-1969 See Photo
Gattenby Alfred Leon 17-Feb-1946 17-Feb-1946 son of Mr & Mrs A.L.; See Photo
Geuin Allie Benton     See Photo
Geuin Charley W. 4-Mar-1881 17-Aug-1945 See Photo
Geuin Floyd Charles 23-Aug-1918 18-Jul-2007 See Photo
Geuin John 29-Aug-1879 24-Dec-1913 See Photo
Geuin Myrtle N. 8-Feb-1886 17-Jul-1967 See Photo
Geuin Percy W. 16-Nov-1918 14-Jun-1944 See Photo
Geuin Sinia 13-Mar-1907 13-Apr-1923 See Photo
Gibson Calvin L. 1-Apr-1904 19-Jan-1984 See Photo
Gibson Ella M. 16-Nov-1909   See Photo
Gillham Patsy Ruth 25-Feb-1941 25-Jul-1997 See Photo
Gipson Thelma Jewel 24-Nov-1907 10-Dec-1960 See Photo
Gladden Eva Lee 1896 1970 See Photo
Gladden Joey Scott 25-Mar-1968 6-Feb-1996 See Photo
Gladden John Wesley 1895 1969 See Photo
Gladden Virginia Conn 4-Oct-1921   See Photo
Gladden Voyt Wesley 4-May-1920 9-Oct-1987 See Photo
Glazebrook Albert H. 1876 1953 See Photo
Glenn Mrs. M.E. 28-Jun-1835 13-Sep-1911 wife of James; See Photo
Goff Carl E. 15-Nov-1898 22-Aug-1928 See Photo
Goff Lovad 7-Mar-1881 19-Jun-1968 See Photo
Goff Rolland T. 27-Jun-1909 27-Dec-1912 son of T.W. & L.A.; See Photo
Goff Thomas W. 1-Jun-1874 30-Jan-1948 See Photo
Good Claude C. 8-Aug-1905 13-Apr-1980 See Photo
Good Vera 1-Apr-1911 17-May-1993 See Photo
Goodell Charles B. 23-Jan-1906 20-Jun-1983 See Photo
Goodell Ruth E. 11-Aug-1914 1-Jul-1981 See Photo
Goodrich Annie 16-Sep-1880 26-Oct-1955 See Photo
Goodrich Charlie C. 29-Mar-1910 1-Apr-1911 See Photo
Goodrich Elize E. 20-Jul-1857 15-Apr-1931 See Photo
Goodrich Frank 1902 1961 See Photo
Goodrich Freda 1899 1989 See Photo
Goodrich James 27-Feb-1886 10-Feb-1960 See Photo
Goodrich John P. 16-May-1874 31-Aug-1942 See Photo
Goodrich Keith Allen 1-Aug-1961 1-Aug-1961 See Photo
Goodrich Lou L. 17-Sep-1898 17-Oct-1915 See Photo
Goodrich Virgie 21-Dec-1900 6-Mar-1975 See Photo
Gordon Joe B. 16-Nov-1906 17-Apr-1949 See Photo
Grady Debbie 7-Nov-1950 15-Sep-1953 See Photo
Grady Delpha M. 26-Jan-1901 24-Dec-1984 See Photo
Grady Grant Stanley 17-Jan-1927 12-Jun-2008 See Photo, See Photo
Grady Hubert S. 5-Jul-1898 26-Feb-1963 See Photo
Grady Paula 1-Feb-1924 4-May-1994 See Photo
Graham Ada Masters 13-May-1897 24-Sep-1981 See Photo
Graham Bonnie M. 18-Jul-1927 19-Aug-2001 See Photo
Graham Cora 17-Jan-1914 30-Dec-1981 See Photo
Graham Gilbert G. 16-Apr-1923 16-Mar-1994 See Photo, See Photo
Graham Harry 12-Jul-1914 23-Dec-1995 See Photo
Graham Homer Roy 23-Jul-1900 26-Jan-1965 See Photo
Graham Juanita M. 27-Jul-1906 31-Jul-1967 See Photo
Graham Thomas Franklin 24-Jan-1897 1-May-1955 See Photo
Grant Infant son of J.N. & M.V. 12-Dec-1915 10-Feb-1916 See Photo
Grant Infant son of J.N. & M.V. 21-Mar-1913 21-Mar-1913 See Photo
Grant James E. 26-Jan-1939 21-Sep-2006 See Photo
Grant Jasper N. 31-Dec-1882 28-Sep-1944 See Photo
Grant Jessie F. (Sumpter) 2-Mar-1918 15-Dec-2008 See Photo
Grant Martha V. 4-Aug-1887 25-Apr-1968 See Photo
Grant Tollie Newton 7-Mar-1913 5-Apr-1979 See Photo
Graves James (Jim) W. 20-Feb-1883   See Photo
Graves Melinda J. 25-Apr-1880 26-Nov-1963 See Photo
Green Cordie 1882 1961 See Photo
Green Ed 1872 1948 See Photo
Green Inez 19-Oct-1923 17-Mar-2007 See Photo
Green Jerry Virgel 18-Jun-1942 21-Sep-2008 See Photo, See Photo, See Obit
Green Joshua Ray 16-Mar-1976 2-Nov-1995 See Photo
Green Laura Bell 28-Dec-1885 27-Mar-1978 See Photo
Green Mickey Ray 26-Mar-1954 29-Apr-1982 See Photo
Green Naomi Ruth 15-Mar-1934 12-Aug-2004 See Photo
Green Oleva 9-Feb-1906 8-Mar-1973 See Photo
Green Roy 14-Mar-1910 7-Aug-1964 See Photo
Green Roy, Jr. 12-Mar-1931 25-Jun-1986 See Photo
Green Virgel 21-Apr-1904 25-Dec-1967 See Photo
Greenlee Joe A. 1869 1960 See Photo
Greenlee Mary A. 1888 1967 See Photo
Greer Eva O. 6-Feb-1889 23-Feb-1980 See Photo
Greer Genevieve 1-Mar-1907 2-Jun-2002 See Photo
Greer Roy O. 7-Apr-1888 10-Nov-1965 See Photo
Gregg Bettie 1870 1942 See Photo
Griffey Andrew M. 23-Mar-1881 20-May-1966 See Photo
Griffey Bessie F. 3-Oct-1889 13-Jul-1976 See Photo
Griffin Fannie P. 1875 1966 See Photo
Griffin Gary C. 4-Jan-1950 3-Apr-2004 See Photo
Griffin Jackie Don 25-Oct-1940 13-Oct-1968 See Photo
Griffin Lillie "Wood" 18-Jun-1919 9-Feb-1975 See Photo
Griffin Reuben H. 1872 1960 See Photo
Griffin Stanley G. 12-Nov-1917 5-Feb-1971 See Photo
Griffis Margaret 8-Dec-1886 15-Jan-1971 See Photo
Griggs Bula B. 1-Sep-1885 1-Sep-1922 wife of D.J.; See Photo
Griggs David J. 1-Aug-1872 5-Oct-1937 See Photo
Griggs Vernon A. 13-Nov-1917 28-Mar-1937 See Photo
Grigsby J. W. 21-Jul-1877 19-Jul-1939 See Photo
Grigsby John 24-Feb-1911 14-Jan-1988 See Photo
Grigsby Thomas E. 24-Feb-1874 5-Mar-1941 See Photo
Grogan John T. 9-Apr-1878 23-Oct-1940 See Photo
Grogan Joseph H. 1947 1919 See Photo
Grogan Sarah L. 1848 1935 See Photo
Guinn Blakley 7-Mar-1903 8-Apr-1950 See Photo
Guinn Amanda J. 9-Nov-1854 6-Sep-1927 See Photo
Guinn Cairl H. 4-Sep-1907 4-Dec-1983 See Photo
Guinn Chesley R. 21-Apr-1852 27-Aug-1925 See Photo
Guinn Edgar L. 10-Jan-1912 3-Feb-1915 See Photo
Guinn Effie E. 29-Sep-1895 5-May-1937 See Photo
Guinn Eli A. 10-Feb-1880 11-Oct-1952 See Photo
Guinn Felicia 17-Feb-1917 27-Jun-1919 dau of Mr & Mrs H.C.; See Photo
Guinn Henry C. 2-Jan-1875 11-Oct-1929 See Photo
Guinn Josephine 18-Dec-1878 1-Aug-1940 See Photo
Guinn Lloyd Burton 9-Sep-1929 25-Jul-1991 See Photo
Guinn W. F. 21-Mar-1877 21-Feb-1935 See Photo
Guinn Zader V. 24-Oct-1909 9-May-1993 See Photo
Hagar Athalia Katherine 3-Mar-1920 15-Jun-1931 See Photo
Hagar Julia Ann 29-Aug-1847 2-Apr-1924 See Photo
Hagar Marlin C. 13-Apr-1895 14-Jan-1974 See Photo
Hagar Mary R. 3-Feb-1909 29-Sep-1912 dau of Rev J.F. & M.J.; See Photo
Hagar Sib 10-Sep-1897 22-Aug-1976 See Photo
Hagar Vera John 7-Nov-1901 29-May-1991 See Photo
Hager Dora Belle 28-Oct-1902 13-Feb-1975 See Photo
Hager Eva Lee 19-Oct-1902 5-Mar-1998 See Photo
Hager George W. 14-Apr-1870 15-Apr-1961 See Photo
Hager Imogene 30-Oct-1929 11-Nov-1931 See Photo
Hager Lula Wynona (Elliott) 8-Oct-1879 14-Dec-1927 See Photo
Hager Martin Luther 23-Aug-1896 17-Nov-1969 See Photo
Hager Rachel 21-Jan-1894 30-Sep-1917 dau of G.W. & S.L.; See Photo
Hager Susan Lettie 11-Dec-1876 25-Oct-1972 See Photo
Haggard Charlie 6-Apr-1906 8-Oct-1985 See Photo
Haggard Leona 7-Jun-1911 12-May-2007 See Photo
Haggard Robert Kenneth 29-May-1929 8-Aug-1991 See Photo
Hale Eulas M. 13-Mar-1906 7-Jul-1984 See Photo
Hale Mary Jean 17-Dec-1918 14-Dec-1919 See Photo
Hale Velma Parks 5-Dec-1906 11-Feb-1977 See Photo
Hall Carl B. 28-Mar-1930 20-Aug-1989 See Photo
Hall Floyd Warren 11-Feb-1918 7-Dec-1984 See Photo
Hall Tommy B. 28-Mar-1930 15-Jun-1987 See Photo
Hall William 31-Jan-1892 10-Jun-1930 See Photo
Ham Harold L. 26-Oct-1929 5-Oct-1952 See Photo
Hamlin James Arlie 11-Jul-1887 18-Jul-1972 See Photo
Hamlin Mary Snider 30-Oct-1897 26-Apr-1979 See Photo
Hamrick Andy G. 28-Dec-1907 7-Jan-1974 See Photo
Hamrick Clarence James 21-Feb-1894 2-Jul-1979 See Photo
Hamrick Ethel A. 30-May-1913 2-Mar-2001 See Photo
Hamrick Nellie 18-Oct-1896 28-Sep-1960 See Photo
Harms Evelyn Mosley 9-Sep-1927 7-Jun-1964 See Photo
Harms Margie 26-May-1900 13-Apr-1972 See Photo
Harper Clara E. 31-Jan-1908 2-May-1988 See Photo
Harper Ernest 3-Dec-1897 3-Aug-1963 See Photo, See Photo
Harper Ernest Harper, Jr. 1929 1961 See Photo
Harper George 26-Jun-1908 26-Jan-1970 See Photo
Harper Hetta Mae 9-Jul-1906 14-Dec-1996 See Photo
Harper Joe 1899 1947 See Photo
Harper Nancy E. 1877 1962 See Photo
Harper Tom 15 Jul ****   See Photo
Harper W. E. 1877 1942 See Photo
Harris Allie Virginia 22-Jan-1893 8-Jan-1977 See Photo
Harris Aurora 22-Mar-1891 3-Jun-1969 See Photo
Harris Bert 5-Jan-1886 17-Dec-1974 See Photo
Harris Bessie B. 18-Jan-1901 9-Oct-1990 See Photo
Harris Clarice 29-Jun-1913 26-Mar-1970 See Photo
Harris E. Earline 25-Feb-1927   See Photo
Harris Jack V. 7-Sep-1900 1-Nov-1981 See Photo
Harris Jack W. 4-Jun-1918 24-Nov-2001 See Photo
Harris Jim A. 13-Dec-1894 24-Jun-1981 See Photo
Harris Joe W. 1872 1944 See Photo
Harris John W. 28-Nov-1851 1-Oct-1928 See Photo
Harris John W. 4-Jul-1910 16-Jan-1970 See Photo
Harris Lee B. 26-Nov-1914 13-Mar-1970 See Photo, See Photo
Harris Mabel Thelma 6-Nov-1908 4-Feb-1993 See Photo
Harris Maggie R. 24-Dec-1889 23-Oct-1980 See Photo
Harris Maude M. 1881 1965 See Photo
Harris R. Rex 27-Dec-1931 10-Dec-1989 See Photo
Harris Rhoda L. 31-Jul-1858 14-Mar-1925 See Photo
Harris Zetta B. 24-Dec-1897 16-Oct-1990 See Photo
Harrison Jacquelyn J. 19-Nov-1924 6-Jan-2003 See Photo
Harrison Ludie C. 20-Oct-1897 23-Sep-1975 See Photo, See Photo
Harrison Ludy Clifton, Jr. 28-Feb-1921 27-Sep-2009 See Photo, See Photo
Harrison Sybel 9-Apr-1899 26-Jun-2001 See Photo
Harrison Vincent Neil 15-Dec-1963 1-Feb-1981 See Photo
Hart Edith A. 12-Feb-1908 20-Feb-2006 See Photo
Hart James E. 4-Mar-1924 2-May-2003 See Photo
Hart Layton S. "Pete" 25-Mar-1908 4-Jul-1990 See Photo, See Photo
Hawpe Alvin E. 27-Mar-1918 1-Oct-1989 See Photo
Hawpe Ruby 21-Feb-1920 16-Mar-2009 See Photo
Hayes Ola Long 17-Jan-1904 6-Sep-1989 See Photo
Haynes James M. 4-Aug-1854 1-Dec-1921 See Photo
Haynes Sarah G. 12-Jan-1867 8-Aug-1954 See Photo
Head Mary Louisa 15-Dec-1885 19-Dec-1943 See Photo
Hendricks Mary E. 2-Feb-1887 21-Oct-1980 See Photo
Hendricks Ruth May 26-Jan-1915 20-Dec-1928 See Photo
Hendrix Jewell 25-May-1905 11-Mar-1974 See Photo
Hendrix Lee Roy 1903 1930 See Photo
Henry Annie Laura 10-Nov-1888 15-Sep-1943 See Photo
Henry Fannie N. 7-Sep-1856 22-Jan-1940 See Photo
Henry Lonzo C. 16-Feb-1855 18-Jan-1927 See Photo
Henry Mary Jane 1842 1917 See Photo
Henry Walter N., Sr. 10-Apr-1886 20-May-1968 See Photo
Henry Willie Claude 15-Jan-1885 8-Feb-1918 See Photo
Henslee Joseph L. 16-Oct-1889 22-Jul-1970 See Photo
Henslee Tinnie 7-Sep-1892 20-Dec-1963 See Photo
Hensley Allie 11-Mar-1906 19-May-1935 See Photo
Hensley Berta 7-Sep-1879 10-Dec-1934 See Photo
Hensley Bertie B. 10-Aug-1913 7-Oct-2006 See Photo
Hensley Boss H. 1887 1951 See Photo
Hensley Clell F. 12-Feb-1919 15-May-1919 son of O.H. & Maud; See Photo
Hensley Dee C. 20-Oct-1899 16-Jun-1959 See Photo
Hensley Dwane 16-Jan-1940 16-Jan-1940 son of Mr and Mrs John T.; See Photo
Hensley Earnest 26-May-1908 15-Apr-1915 son of G.W. & Minnie; See Photo
Hensley Elsa 26-Jun-1918 4-Feb-1919 dau of B.H. & Belle; See Photo
Hensley Ethel F. 12-Feb-1898 25-Sep-1956 See Photo
Hensley Frank 16-Aug-1905 26-May-1985 See Photo
Hensley George W. 1879 1960 See Photo
Hensley Homer W. 1897 1937 See Photo
Hensley Jess T. 12-Aug-1894 3-Oct-1965 See Photo
Hensley John A. 28-Feb-1876 8-Jan-1940 See Photo
Hensley Johnie Taft 12-Oct-1908 21-Sep-1958 See Photo
Hensley JohnTaft, II 24-Dec-1956 26-Jul-1976 See Photo
Hensley Leona 25-Jan-1915 22-Oct-2003 See Photo
Hensley Leta V. 1-Aug-1917 5-Oct-1911 dau of J.A. & B.; See Photo
Hensley Lillie Bell 1892 1970 See Photo
Hensley Martha D. 29-Jul-1857 25-Jan-1919 wife of D.; See Photo
Hensley Marvelle F. 26-Jul-1907 2-Apr-1975 See Photo
Hensley Maud L. 30-Nov-1888 2-Jan-1939 See Photo , See Photo
Hensley Minnie A. 1885 1962 See Photo
Hensley Ollie R. Dick 13-Aug-1888 27-Nov-1968 See Photo
Hensley T. J. 11-Apr-1916   son of John & B.; See Photo
Hensley Taft Norwood 30-Jan-1933 3-Feb-1982 See Photo, See Photo
Hensley William Henderson 13-Nov-1919 18-Jun-1998 See Photo, See Photo
Hensley Willie L. 20-Jun-1930 11-Apr-1931 See Photo
Henson E. J. 20-Apr-1881 22-Jan-1918 See Photo
Henson Ira P. 10-Aug-1909 30-Dec-1971 See Photo, See Photo
Herrin Essie R. 1896 1932 See Photo
Herrin Henry L. 16-Feb-1910   See Photo
Herrin Ira David 19-Nov-1902 26-Jul-1932 See Photo
Herrin John David 12-Sep-1862 7-Oct-1928 See Photo
Herrin Josie McNabb 21-Feb-1977 21-Sep-1953 See Photo
Herrin Thelma L. 26-Jan-1913 30-Mar-1982 See Photo
Herring Lillian Burgess 12-Feb-1909 22-Apr-1992 See Photo
Hesson James Lester 1-Sep-1900 15-Feb-1974 See Photo
Hesson Lula B. 12-May-1881 28-Jul-1974 See Photo
Hesson W. A. Bud 19-Jan-1871 26-Feb-1965 See Photo
Hetherington Charles William 5-Aug-1936 26-Aug-1937 See Photo
Hickox Alma Irene 20-Sep-1905 25-Nov-1989 See Photo
Hickox John Stanley 20-Sep-1904 4-Dec-1977 See Photo, See Photo
Hickox Theodogia E. 17-Sep-1877 5-Dec-1966 See Photo
Hickox William T. 28-Aug-1875 19-Jan-1937 See Photo
Hill Allie Mae 13-Jun-1892   See Photo
Hill Barry Lee 16-May-1952 3-Dec-1995 See Photo
Hill George S. 12-Mar-1880 23-Feb-1961 See Photo
Hill J. D. 31-Aug-1849   See Photo
Hill James Allen 1874 1960 See Photo
Hill John W. 1-Feb-1876 11-Aug-1955 See Photo
Hill Leo 29-Nov-1903 21-May-1962 See Photo
Hill Lorinda 12-Feb-1849 11-Aug-1922 See Photo
Hill Lula Brock 1892 1919 See Photo
Hill Lula S. 11-May-1909 29-May-1981 See Photo
Hill Mary Isabell 1906 1954 See Photo
Hill Ola S. 1-Jun-1886 2-Jan-1918 See Photo
Hill Ora H. 5-Mar-1905 17-Sep-1999 See Photo
Hill Quinn Thomas 19-Apr-1929 22-May-1981 See Photo
Hill Sallie Leah 1883 1911 See Photo
Hill William Dee 22-Aug-1888 22-Mar-1987 See Photo
Hill William R. 29-Nov-1883   See Photo
Himes Lafayette "Lee" Napon 28-Nov-1923 12-Jun-2003 See Photo, See Photo
Himes Viola "Vi" 27-Dec-1922   See Photo
Hinman Jennie Ann     See Photo
Hinman Wilbur Jack 1-Jun-1929 7-May-1986 See Photo
Hobbs Mary Lou (Walker) 1-Apr-1934 28-Aug-2008 See Photo
Hodge Mildred 1907 1953 See Photo
Hoff Ben G. 18-Oct-1870 1-Dec-1944 See Photo
Hoff Fannie 17-Jan-1909 8-Aug-2004 See Photo
Hoff Lawrence R. 18-Nov-1905 17-Jul-1989 See Photo
Hoff Louran E. 22-May-1903 8-Sep-1972 See Photo
Hoff Mary F. 15-Jun-1873 4-Aug-1913 See Photo
Hoff Miletus Fay Miller 21-May-1909 17-Dec-1977 See Photo
Hoffman Bessie Taylor 1882 1929 See Photo
Holcomb Denver Joe 18-Sep-1951 26-Dec-1980 See Photo
Holt Ann 16-Oct-1823 9-May-1917 wife of Wm; See Photo
Holt James W. 18-Feb-1872 25-Mar-1958 See Photo
Holt Miss N. E. 27-Oct-1850 24-May-1922 See Photo
Holt Nancy S. 22-Dec-1978 11-May-1962 See Photo
Hoover Fred T. 20-Aug-1907 19-Jul-1996 See Photo
Hoover Irma Nadine 6-May-1921 10-Feb-1986 See Photo
Hopkins Lorraine 10-Nov-1922 18-Sep-1941 See Photo
Hord Tommie Juanita 3-Dec-1942 7-Aug-2007 See Photo
Horine Leon G. 26-Feb-1877 22-Feb-1958 See Photo
Horn Garland E. 21-Sep-1915 5-Dec-1998 See Photo
Horn Velma E. 27-Nov-1916 5-Dec-1989 See Photo
Horton Alice Lee 1901 1970 See Photo
Horton James W. 1893 1977 See Photo
Hostetter Mary Beth 1939 1939 dau of Mr & Mrs A.E.; See Photo
Houston Floyd L. 13-Feb-1872 6-Sep-1957 See Photo
Houston Floyd L., Jr. 20-Jan-1916 2-Jan-1992 See Photo
Houston Jessie F. 30-Sep-1883 31-Oct-1975 See Photo
Houston Verda Colleen 1905 1946 See Photo
Howard Floy Brannon 9-May-1918   See Photo
Howard Kenneth Dee 9-Jul-1950 14-Nov-1995 See Photo
Howard Maud E. 1884 1936 See Photo
Howard Moscoe F. 11-Dec-1913 17-Sep-1973 See Photo
Howard Ruth K. Collinsworth 26-Aug-1897 6-Nov-1991 See Photo
Howard Virgil Ray 28-Feb-1916 12-Oct-1989 See Photo
Howard William R. 1883 1957 See Photo
Howell Leland 1895 1943 See Photo
Howell Levi O. 26-Apr-1863 8-Apr-1938 See Photo
Howell Lucy L. 18-Dec-1869 12-Feb-1951 See Photo
Huckleberry George 9-Nov-1884 27-Apr-1969 See Photo
Huckleberry Ollie Scroggin 20-Nov-1893 12-Dec-1979 See Photo
Huckleberry Rosanne Dye 21-Aug-1924 7-Jan-1983 See Photo
Huckleberry Ruby 22-Oct-1920 9-Jan-1924 See Photo
Huckleberry Vernon Truman 21-Nov-1922 5-Jul-2008 See Photo
Huddleston Earl Dewey 1907 1933 See Photo
Huddleston Fitzhugh Lee 6-Apr-1898 4-Apr-1941 See Photo
Huddleston James Prior 1868 1948 See Photo
Huddleston Mabel Blair 12-Jul-1894 13-Nov-1986 See Photo
Huddleston Marjorie Kathryn 29-Mar-1927 11-Jan-1929 See Photo
Huddleston Myrtle 6-Dec-1896 3-Feb-1996 See Photo
Huddleston Virginia E. 15-Oct-1865 9-Feb-1963 See Photo
Huddleston William Edward 15-Nov-1892 23-Feb-1974 See Photo
Huddleston William Harris 4-May-1896 1-Sep-1975 See Photo
Huddleston Dr. William T. 24-Mar-1867 30-Nov-1944 See Photo
Hudson E. A. "Ed"   6-May-1962 See Photo, See Photo
Hudson Gatha Paden   18-Sep-1979 See Photo, See Photo
Hudson Pat 29-Dec-1911 12-Apr-1993 See Photo
Huff Bettie 21-Sep-1872 5-Jul-1958 See Photo
Huff Effie Muree 27-Mar-1908 18-Nov-1997 See Photo, See Photo
Huff Francis N. 18-Aug-1922 13-Jan-1974 See Photo
Huff Franklin Daniel 24-Dec-1972 23-Mar-1973 See Photo
Huff Irine 1926 1927 See Photo
Huff James H. 12-Nov-1871 31-Jul-1953 See Photo
Huff John T. 2-Mar-1923 16-Jun-1968 See Photo, See Photo
Huff Orbie Lee 22-Apr-1910 17-Mar-1933 See Photo
Huff Raymond D. 28-Jan-1900 26-Sep-1968 See Photo, See Photo
Huff Rosie E. 1-Sep-1909 2-Dec-1990 See Photo
Huff Zill Hill 14-May-1907 19-Jun-2000 See Photo, See Photo
Huggins Bobby Glen 12-Dec-1932 15-Apr-2007 See Photo, See Photo
Huggins Edith Mae 8-Jan-1905 22-Mar-1981 See Photo
Huggins Veda M. Abbott 14-Dec-1936 23-Jun-2005 See Photo
Hughes Arvel Joseph 14-Jan-1914 10-Jul-1997 See Photo
Hughes Doyle Nolan 20-Jan-1932 20-Dec-2000 See Photo
Hughes John Joseph 23-Jan-1872 27-Jun-1948 See Photo, See Photo
Hughes Katharine Reeder 26-Oct-1912 24-Mar-1961 See Photo
Hughes Lannie L. 12-Aug-1875 12-Jun-1966 See Photo
Hughes Roy Jackson 29-May-1897 13-May-1981 See Photo
Hughes Willie Mae 1-Jun-1907 18-Oct-1977 See Photo
Hulsey Donnie James 26-Jan-1939 15-Apr-1976 See Photo
Hunt Talitha M. 22-Nov-1889   See Photo
Hunt William K. 15-Aug-1886 16-Feb-1959 See Photo
Hunter B. C. 2-Aug-1887 6-Nov-1918 See Photo
Hunter Hester 8-May-1896 17-Dec-1968 See Photo
Hunter James C. 1918 1979 See Photo
Hutchins Edgar Carl 9-Dec-1916 18-Feb-1973 See Photo, See Photo
Hutchins Ruth Lowan 6-Dec-1925 3-Sep-2007 See Photo
Hyde Bernadette 21-May-1907 25-Jan-1980 See Photo
Hyde William Collins 8-Jun-1902 6-Jun-1975 See Photo
Ingram Alvin Horace 20-Oct-1924 23-Feb-1939 See Photo
Ingram Batt S. 1894 1958 See Photo
Ingram Clifton E. 2-Apr-1904 27-Apr-1991 See Photo
Ingram Felicia Ann 8-May-1940 11-May-1941 See Photo
Ingram H. Glen 1-Apr-1944   See Photo
Ingram Ike 12-Dec-1864 19-Apr-1926 See Photo
Ingram Nellie M. 5-Dec-1906 24-Dec-1980 See Photo
Ingram Ruth 1902 1920 See Photo
Ingram S. Cecil 1917   See Photo
Ingram Sandra K. 28-Jan-1945   See Photo
Ingram Sarah J. 1865 1936 See Photo
Irby Clio Gladys 9-Sep-1903 24-Feb-1994 See Photo
Irby D. G., Jr. 14-May-1942 17-Feb-1955 See Photo
Irby Delmar Grant 9-Sep-1898 30-Nov-1945 See Photo
Irby Essie Mae 22-Mar-1903 22-Apr-1979 See Photo
Irby Jess G. 13-Nov-1875 8-Jun-1963 See Photo
Irby John Ellis 2-Feb-1903 16-Feb-1981 See Photo
Irby Norma Jane Tew 6-Jan-1928 6-Oct-2000 See Photo
Irby Oscar E. 19-Feb-1901 2-Aug-1943 See Photo
Irby Rachel P. 14-Nov-1879 28-Nov-1950 See Photo
Jackson Alfred 5-Mar-1905 26-Nov-1942 See Photo
Jackson Alvie 14-Aug-1906 3-Jan-2000 See Photo
Jackson Cecil Walter 2-May-1909 23-Oct-1974 See Photo
Jackson Daisy Bell 15-Apr-1916 29-Apr-2003 See Photo
Jackson Elizabeth Risenhoover 20-Aug-1915 19-Feb-1983 See Photo
Jackson Emeline 10-Dec-1883 24-Jun-1939 See Photo, See Photo
Jackson George W. 29-Mar-1896 9-Aug-1978 See Photo
Jackson Henry Lee 5-Mar-1883 3-Jul-1968 See Photo
Jackson Johnny Lee 5-Sep-1925 3-Aug-1936 See Photo
Jackson Joseph D. 1882 1952 See Photo
Jackson Mrs. Lilly L. 1889 1937 See Photo
Jackson Lois Vera 8-Feb-1912 24-Feb-1991 See Photo
Jackson Maggie C. 23-Jul-1897 12-Feb-1978 See Photo
Jackson Mary Emeline 1954 1954 See Photo
Jackson Patsey E. 24-Mar-1852 21-Oct-1934 See Photo
Jackson Reda 1891 1974 See Photo
Jackson W. M. 29-May-1870 25-Nov-1953 See Photo
Jackson William H. 15-Aug-1914 14-Nov-1958 See Photo
Jarvis Lonnie A. 14-Oct-1895 22-Aug-1965 See Photo, See Photo
Jarvis Ola Lou 9-Oct-1897   See Photo, See Photo
Jenkins Alice L. Feb-1888 Dec-1943 See Photo
Jenkins Della 2-Jul-1901 10-Oct-1975 See Photo
Jenkins Lynn Odell 1906 1943 See Photo
Jenkins William 16-Aug-1899 11-Dec-1964 See Photo, See Photo
Jett Sarah Francis 12-Jul-1889 5-Aug-1968 See Photo
Johnson Alvin Z. (A.Z.) 16-Aug-1907 22-Jan-1970 See Photo, See Photo
Johnson Anna Bernice 11-Aug-1909 8-Dec-2001 See Photo
Johnson Audra B. 4-Jan-1916 27-Dec-2000 See Photo, See Photo
Johnson Bobby Wayne 11-Jan-1954 14-Mar-1997 See Photo
Johnson Charles F. 25-May-1849 16-Feb-1928 See Photo
Johnson Claude A. 3-Apr-1900 15-Jun-1950 See Photo
Johnson Clifford M. 1917 1976 See Photo
Johnson Dorthy Marie 22-Sep-1921 24-Sep-1921 dau of O.T. & Ollie M.; See Photo
Johnson Edna M. 15-Oct-1913 3-Oct-1987 See Photo
Johnson G. F., Sr. 6-Jun-1886 20-Nov-1941 See Photo
Johnson Grace I. 1882 1966 See Photo
Johnson Grover C. 25-Oct-1886 7-Feb-1958 See Photo
Johnson Helen A. 16-Jul-1915 18-Jan-2004 See Photo
Johnson Howard O. 9-Oct-1894 1-Jan-1915 See Photo
Johnson Inez L. 22-Jun-1913 5-Feb-1917 See Photo
Johnson J.T. (Bud) Johnson 9-Oct-1915 1-Oct-1961 See Photo, See Photo
Johnson John T. 28-Jan-1873 5/25/1932 See Photo
Johnson Kenneth George 14-Apr-1911 24-Oct-1994 See Photo, See Photo
Johnson Lena 3-Apr-1887 13-Oct-1935 See Photo
Johnson Maggie F. 30-Oct-1903 9-Jan-1979 See Photo
Johnson Nancy J. 12-Oct-1850 9-Dec-1911 wife of C.F. Johnson; See Photo
Johnson Ned B. 1873 1946 See Photo
Johnson Ollie M. 6-Apr-1879 28-Sep-1921 wife of J. T.; See Photo
Johnson Pearl J. 19-Feb-1886 16-Jul-1969 See Photo
Johnson Ray A. 1-Dec-1900 16-Mar-1979 See Photo
Johnson Roy Paul 14-Mar-1908 5-Jan-1972 See Photo, See Photo
Johnson Sim F. 6-Oct-1881 24-Nov-1956 See Photo
Johnson Stella Starkey 14-Nov-1912 13-Oct-1997 See Photo
Johnson Thomas Charles 2-Sep-1953 30-Mar-2010 See Photo
Johnson Vera 1-Dec-1894   See Photo
Johnson Willa M. 23-Jul-1904 3-Sep-2001 See Photo
Johnson William A. 23-Jan-1904 7-Sep-1971 See Photo
Johnsten Barbara Ann 1-Apr-1935 19-Dec-2007 See Photo
Johnsten Raymond Carl 30-Oct-1924 20-Sep-1989 See Photo, See Photo
Johnston Betty Jo 19-Oct-1928 31-May-1991 See Photo
Johnston John T. 7-Sep-1866 14-Jan-1958 See Photo
Johnston Martha E. 21-Jul-1869 25-Jan-1939 See Photo
Johnston Thomas Joe 2-Sep-1913 11-Jan-1975 See Photo
Jones A. J. (Jim) 1907 1987 See Photo
Jones Alonzo 26-Sep-1905 4-Nov-1958 See Photo
Jones Amos J. 21-Feb-1880 21-Nov-1920 See Photo
Jones Annie Hughes 27-Dec-1906 1-Apr-1928 See Photo
Jones Carl J., Sr. 1916 1961 See Photo
Jones Carrie 15-May-1919 19-Jul-1920 See Photo
Jones Casey C. 28-Apr-1911 21-Dec-1991 See Photo
Jones Clara Francis 13-Sep-1921 30-Jun-1924 dau of Mr. & Mrs Jno A.; See Photo
Jones Enoch 16-Sep-1888 11-Sep-1949 See Photo
Jones Flaura 17-Feb-1881 3-May-1946 See Photo
Jones Frank Lee   11-Nov-1929 See Photo
Jones Frank P. "Dutch" 16-Sep-1902 23-Aug-1977 See Photo
Jones Frankie Elizabeth Coble 12-May-1894 17-Feb-1932 See Photo
Jones George Lee 19-Feb-1940 20-Mar-1981 See Photo
Jones Helen G. 1918 1961 See Photo
Jones J. Robert 11-Nov-1920 25-Sep-1930 See Photo
Jones John Alan 29-Aug-1896 17-Jan-1982 See Photo
Jones Leona 1910 1999 See Photo
Jones Loraine 1-Apr-1902 26-Jan-2003 See Photo
Jones Mary F. 28-Aug-1860 13-May-1948 See Photo
Jones Mattie 14-Apr-1892 7-Dec-1926 See Photo
Jones Myrtle Kathryn 31-Aug-1896 21-Aug-1978 See Photo
Jones Ora Helen 25-Jun-1911 7-May-2000 See Photo
Jones Owen B. 29-Mar-1899 9-May-1983 See Photo
Jones Paul Vincent 15-Jul-1914 10-Apr-1923 See Photo
Jones Pheobe 1871 1941 See Photo
Jones Ruby 11-Dec-1903 11-Aug-1920 See Photo
Jones Ruby K. "Pat" 18-Apr-1913 19-Feb-1994 See Photo
Jones Ruby Lee 22-Feb-1904 17-Nov-1977 See Photo
Jones Sol W. 1870 1940 See Photo
Jones Thomas E. 17-Dec-1878 25-Oct-1974 See Photo
Jones W. L. 27-Apr-1851 9-Jan-1938 See Photo
Jones William H. 19-Jan-1918 9-Oct-1931 See Photo
Jones Willie Kathyrn 31-Oct-1929 8-Jul-1946 See Photo
Jordan Elijah N. 9-Oct-1890 20-Dec-1977 See Photo
Jordan Flossie E. 2-Feb-1895 12-Apr-1966 See Photo
Julian Henry D. 16-Jan-1906   See Photo
Julian Kate Mae 10-Jun-1913 28-Mar-1971 See Photo
Julian Leon Delbert 28-Mar-1930 28-Jan-1969 See Photo, See Photo
Jumper James Franklin 6-Jun-1916 13-Sep-1943 See Photo
Jumper Sarah L. 2-Jun-1886 30-Nov-1956 See Photo
Justice Regan 15-Jul-1918 15-Dec-1987 See Photo
Kasparek Franklyn A. 1-Feb-1917 21-Apr-2005 See Photo, See Photo
Kasparek Virginia Jane 29-Jan-1923 16-Apr-2008 See Photo
Keller Betty 1873 1954 See Photo
Keller T. J. 27-Oct-1860 7-Aug-1929 See Photo
Kellett B. M. 13-Aug-1871 11-Aug-1947 See Photo
Kellett Ellen Lou 15-Jan-1874 23-Sep-1944 See Photo
Kellum Ada 30-Jul-1883 5-Nov-1978 See Photo
Kellum Babe 20-Apr-1876 1-Mar-1963 See Photo
Kellum Dempsey 4-Feb-1920 29-Jan-2002 See Photo, See Photo
Kemnitz Jewel M. 17-May-1907 24-Mar-1992 See Photo, See Photo
Kemnitz Louis T. 2-Oct-1899 15-Jan-1967 See Photo, See Photo
Kemp Rosa E. 8-Feb-1909 14-Mar-1910 dau of W.L. & M.A.; See Photo
Kennedy Bessie 2-Oct-1914 3-Oct-2001 See Photo
Kennedy Henry H. 9-Dec-1901 21-Dec-1970 See Photo
Kennedy Rev. W. H. 9/28/1827 3-Nov-1910 See Photo
Kesterson Martha 2-Aug-1846 24-Apr-1939 See Photo
Kesterson Thomas J. 10-Nov-1842 14-Oct-1911 See Photo
Kiles Bertie Lee 9-Dec-1887 27-Mar-1962 See Photo
Kiles Henry Albert 27-Feb-1876 7-Jul-1940 See Photo
Killingsworth Elsie Jane 25-Feb-1907 20-Mar-1991 See Photo
Killion Bessie Lee 10-Jul-1901 20-Dec-1957 See Photo
King Mary Hester Arnett 23-Jan-1884 14-Oct-1967 See Photo
Kirkwood Clara Marvelle 21-Mar-1937   See Photo
Kirkwood Clint 9-Nov-1913 8-Apr-1982 See Photo
Kirkwood Gracie 22-Jun-1919 3-Mar-1975 See Photo
Kirkwood Jerry Allen 13-Mar-1939 26-Oct-1957 See Photo
Kirkwood Marvin M. 25-Sep-1911 23-Mar-1988 See Photo
Kirkwood Naomi Mae 30-Nov-1919 1-Feb-1993 See Photo
Kline Addie M. 1877 1963 See Photo
Kline Melford H. 28-Oct-1914 25-Feb-1932 See Photo
Klutts Claud B. 15-Aug-1886 11-Mar-1990 See Photo
Klutts Kate 1858 1945 See Photo
Klutts Ollie L. 23-Sep-1891 18-Apr-1918 wife of L.C.; See Photo
Klutts Tom B. 1854 1941 See Photo
Knight Arvle L. 28-Oct-1914 10-Jul-1992 See Photo, See Photo
Knight Benjamin Blake 13-May-1987 30-Jul-1989 See Photo
Knight Fredona Lemonds 27-Apr-1918 6-Jun-1980 See Photo, See Photo
Knight Georgia E. 12-Feb-1914 2-Sep-1969 See Photo
Knight Mildred Y. 12-Oct-1935   See Photo
Knight Rudolph H. 7-Apr-1934 1-May-1969 See Photo
Knoll Ollie 1-Dec-1917 26-Aug-1998 See Photo
Kursar Gerald Michael, D.O. 12-Sep-1904 21-Jul-1977 See Photo
Kursar Mabel 11-May-1912 10-Jun-1987 See Photo
Lamar Maxine Maye 1-Sep-1927 31-Aug-1992 See Photo
Lambeth Dorcas E. 29-Mar-1898 4-Nov-1966 See Photo
Lambeth Jay H. 27-May-1891 25-Dec-1961 See Photo, See Photo
Lane Iva 18-Dec-1907 30-Jan-1992 See Photo
Lane Leo 21-Dec-1895 22-Dec-1974 See Photo
Lane Ruth 27-Mar-1918 20-Mar-2001 See Photo
Lane James A. 18-Aug-1900 5-Jul-1970 See Photo
Langley James Arthur 3-Jul-1873 21-Aug-1912 See Photo
Langston Brian Keith   1-Apr-1968 See Photo
Lankford Daisy Ann 15-Jan-1903 9-Sep-1928 See Photo
Lankford Myrtle Belle 21-Nov-1893 1-May-1971 See Photo
Laymore Mary E. 1869 1945 See Photo
Laymore S. P. 1857 1942 See Photo
LeCompt Vivian E. 9-Nov-1928 18-Sep-1963 See Photo
Ledford Kevin Lee 9-Jun-1969 16-Jun-1969 son of Mr & Mrs Kennie; See Photo
Lee Ceanie 11-Sep-1942 22-Sep-1942 See Photo
Lee Cynthia C. 1874 1955 See Photo
Lee J. D. 1870 13-Aug-1937 See Photo
Lee John Henry 29-Jun-1914 18-Oct-1979 See Photo
Lee Peltina Anna Unkown 25-Apr-1905 See Photo
Lee Ruth Evelyn 16-Aug-1920   See Photo
Lee Rev. W. S. 1871 1956 See Photo
Lemons Dora 1900 1930 See Photo
Letts Edna Hudson 22-Aug-1913 28-Aug-1996 See Photo
Letts Eugene Winkler 20-Sep-1902 11-Jan-1994 See Photo
Lewallen Richard 1871 1946 See Photo
Lewis Bessie L. 5-Nov-1899 1-Aug-1945 See Photo, See Photo
Lewis Ellis W. 26-Mar-1915 3-Dec-1981 See Photo
Lewis Henry L. 5-Oct-1889 19-Jan-1963 See Photo, See Photo
Lewis Henry P. 4-Jul-1922 21-Feb-1944 See Photo
Lewis Lela A. 1-Mar-1892 15-Jan-1980 See Photo, See Photo
Lewis Mollie 1893 1965 See Photo
Lewis Wesley M. 31-Aug-1899 2-Oct-1960 See Photo
Lewis William H. 1892 1959 See Photo
Limes Georgia Leona Howell 18-Aug-1903 2-Apr-1976 See Photo
Limes Owen Leslie "Barney" 23-Sep-1890 22-Dec-1973 See Photo
Lindsey F. Jack 1921 1962 See Photo
Lindsey Jack D. 1947 1962 See Photo
Lindsey Wilma 1920 1962 See Photo
Long Doris 6-Apr-1907 22-Jun-1928 See Photo
Long Edd T. 12-Feb-1888 24-Sep-1954 See Photo
Long Eldridge V. 30-Sep-1925 8-Apr-1945 See Photo
Long Homer M. 15-Jan-1894 25-Jan-1983 See Photo
Long Ida O. 10-Feb-1874 4-Aug-1968 See Photo
Long James C. 7-Jul-1883 23-Nov-1968 See Photo
Long L. A. Howell 1-Nov-1889 14-Feb-1928 See Photo
Long Lucian 14-Aug-1874 9-Oct-1955 See Photo
Long Maud Lee 20-Apr-1885 21-Jan-1968 See Photo
Long Viola E. 31-Jan-1885 22-May-1969 See Photo
Long Dr. William J. 25-Dec-1865 18-Dec-1942 See Photo
Long Wm Thomas 14-Jan-1896 1-May-1971 See Photo
Longfellow Zenoe A. Bradley 24-Nov-1920 1-Jan-1977 See Photo
Looney Benjamin 14-Feb-1868 12-Oct-1910 See Photo
Looney Laura Wood 4-Mar-1908 16-Jan-1914 See Photo
Love Don Wayne 7-Jul-1949 18-Aug-1970 See Photo, See Photo
Love Evert 14-Sep-1910 15-Feb-1912 son of W.H. & Alta; See Photo
Love Lenny Maurice 11-May-1944 3-Nov-1992 See Photo, See Photo
Love Martha Jane 1866 1952 See Photo
Love Tyra F. 10-Jan-1896 3-Jun-1978 See Photo
Love Veda E. 10-Dec-1897 19-Oct-1989 See Photo
Love William Manus, Sr. 11-Feb-1916 22-Aug-1975 See Photo
Lowery Harvey A. 9-Oct-1891 20-Apr-1960 See Photo
Lowery Ruth L. 27-Feb-1896 15-May-1981 See Photo
Lowry Billie Dian 23-Jan-1935 6-Oct-1977 See Photo
Lowry Carl Don 9-Aug-1954 25-Jun-1989 See Photo
Lowry Clarence B. 7-Feb-1888 15-Jul-1961 See Photo
Lowry Darla Lanette 27-Jan-1967 3-May-1982 See Photo
Lowry Donald "Tony" 13-Jan-1940   See Photo
Lowry Donald W. 27-Jul-1896 21-Jul-1972 See Photo
Lowry Elva E. 16-Dec-1898 13-May-1969 See Photo
Lowry Henry 29-Jul-1856 21-Jul-1931 See Photo, See Photo
Lowry Herbert Briston 15-Mar-1921 16-Dec-1944 See Photo
Lowry Kenneth C. 12-Apr-1926 20-Jul-1996 See Photo
Lowry Lawanna L. 12-Nov-1930 31-Dec-2007 See Photo
Lowry Leona D. 13-Mar-1903 5-Sep-1980 See Photo
Lowry Peggy Joyce 25-Aug-1929 6-May-1936 See Photo
Lowry Raymond D. 27-Jul-1901 20-Feb-1967 See Photo
Lowry Rella E. 11-Sep-1890 11-Apr-1973 See Photo
Lowry Rex Wortham 26-Feb-1932 9-Jun-2007 See Photo
Lowry Susan E. 15-Jun-1859 26-Jun-1921 See Photo, See Photo
Lowry Wanda D. 27-Feb-1934   See Photo
Lowry Willie Ethel 21-Apr-1920 6-May-1920 dau of W.E. & Mrs.; See Photo
Lozer Geraldene 1920 1936 See Photo
Lozer Walter D. 1883 1943 See Photo
Luttrell Infant Daughter of Bill & Georgia 3-Jun-1943 3-Jun-1943 See Photo
Lyday Billy Gene 19-Apr-1924 28-May-2000 See Photo, See Photo
Lyday Charles C. 20-Aug-1886 30-Dec-1954 See Photo
Lyday Charles Oral 6-Mar-1908 10-Aug-1928 son of Charles C. & Iris; See Photo
Lyday Ella Joy 8-Jun-1925 31-Dec-1998 See Photo
Lyday Iris Z. 10-Apr-1888 21-Dec-1983 See Photo
Lyday Opal Irene 4-Oct-1907 31-Oct-1995 See Photo
Lynn Everet, Jr. 10-Nov-1925 19-May-1953 See Photo
Lyon Dosha 16-Oct-1881 16-Oct-1918 wife of R.D.; See Photo
Lyon Robert D. 25-Jan-1881 29-Oct-1970 See Photo
Lyon Wiley A. 20-Mar-1896 30-Sep-1918 See Photo
Mackey Danny Jack 11-Jun-1952 26-May-2005 See Photo
Mackey Jack Wade 18-Oct-1926 23-Feb-1989 See Photo
Mackey Jess L. 2-Jan-1904 15-Apr-1989 See Photo
Mackey Olevia M. 5-Jun-1907 8-Nov-1973 See Photo
Maddox Fern 25-May-1896 29-Oct-1986 See Photo
Maddox Irvin W. 18-Dec-1895 30-Dec-1968 See Photo
Manley Buster B. 5-Mar-1907 31-Mar-1956 See Photo
Manley Emma L. 13-Sep-1886 31-Dec-1959 See Photo
Manley Garrett S. 29-Jun-1892 4-Aug-1927 son of JK & WL; See Photo
Manley J. Kenner 27-Sep-1874 27-Apr-1924 See Photo
Manley James A. 24-Jan-1880 11-Jan-1970 See Photo
Manley Jarrett 1900 1975 See Photo
Manley Lona 1899 1957 See Photo
Manley Maudie 8-Feb-1897 23-Apr-1992 See Photo
Manley Mavor 27-Nov-1879 23-Jan-1955 See Photo
Mann Annie Mae 9-Feb-1902 22-Apr-1978 See Photo
Mann Horace 10-Oct-1889 10-Jun-1968 See Photo, See Photo
Marshall Sarah 1849 1938 See Photo
Mathis Peggy Joyce (Lowry) 14-Jan-1957 22-Sep-1993 See Photo
Matney Marvin E. 6-Oct-1902 10-Jul-1977 See Photo
Matney Virginia P. 26-Jan-1908 8-Aug-1987 See Photo
Matthews Florine Deloris 9-May-1933   See Photo
MatthewsKenneth Warren 4 Mar 2009See Obit
Matthews Vera J. 22-Dec-1913 28-Jul-1998 See Photo
Matthews W. H. "Bill" 6-Jul-1909 29-Mar-1974 See Photo
Matthews William "Doyle" 25-Jun-1931 12-May-2008 See Photo
Mattingly Billie L. 24-Jan-1914 9-Aug-1976 See Photo
Mattingly Joe 20-Feb-1911 8-Oct-1978 See Photo
Maxwell Carrol M. 19-Apr-1935   See Photo
Maxwell James A. 13-Oct-1870 3-Mar-1941 See Photo
Maxwell L. M. "Les" 27-Jan-1931 15-Apr-1995 See Photo
Maxwell Leslie M. 27-Jan-1904 5-Jul-1960 See Photo, See Photo
Maxwell Leslie Mike 27-Jan-1931 15-Apr-1995 See Photo
Maxwell Maddie J. 21-Mar-1878 14-Nov-1943 See Photo
Maxwell Myrtle C. 15-Aug-1904   See Photo, See Photo
May Bernettie 27-Jun-1881 7-Nov-1953 See Photo
May Ida 8-Feb-1885 17-Nov-1925 wife of J.W.; See Photo
May Loyd 29-Mar-1878 9-Jul-1940 See Photo
May Memory B. 28-Dec-1903 14-May-1945 See Photo
Mayfield Johnie Edward 14-Feb-1919 17-Mar-1985 See Photo
Mayfield Johnnie J. 30-Jun-1894 6-Dec-1971 See Photo
Mayfield Margaret Ethel "Chick" 16-Apr-1900 22-Aug-1974 See Photo
Mayfield Mary Prebble 24-Sep-1872 5-May-1947 See Photo
Mayfield Ray Clarence 8-Mar-1909 2-Jun-1982 See Photo
Mayfield Rosa Grogan 24-Jan-1878 5-Dec-1957 See Photo
Mayfield Sarah E. 4-Feb-1892 20-Dec-1982 See Photo
Mayfield William Camel 6-Dec-1875 28-Jun-1958 See Photo
Mayfield William Herbert "Hub" 1-Nov-1897 11-Mar-1996 See Photo
Mayhew John J. 16-Feb-1885 12-May-1958 See Photo
McAnally Sarina angela 24-Oct-1973 28-Feb-1974 See Photo
McBroom Annie R. 27-Oct-1897 25-Jan-1993 See Photo
McBroom Isaac P. 13-Oct-1854 19-Jun-1931 See Photo
McBroom John O. 18-May-1891 9-Apr-1973 See Photo
McBroom Lucille 1924 1945 See Photo
McBroom Lucinda 2-Feb-1860 23-Sep-1983 See Photo
McCaleb Savanah 11-Apr-1867 10-Oct-1955 See Photo
McCarver H. O. 18-Jan-1880 4-May-1960 See Photo
McClain James M. 2-Sep-1897 21-Nov-1997 See Photo
McClain James W. 21-Apr-1927 8-Jun-1930 See Photo
McClain Mary E. 2-Jul-1903 11-Jul-1987 See Photo
McClatchey Oleta 22-Aug-1914 14-Oct-1991 See Photo
McClatchey Tom B. 26-Mar-1897 7-Aug-1993 See Photo
McCollum Iredell 8-Aug-1907 15-Apr-1925 See Photo
McDaniel Johnnie Lester 25-Oct-1904 20-Aug-1982 See Photo
McDaniel Mrs. A. 26-Oct-1844 30-Aug-1923 wife of J.P.; See Photo
McDaniel Pearl M. 2-Jan-1905 10-Jul-1952 See Photo
McDonald Ebal (Young) 7-Apr-1907 29-Mar-2009 See Photo
McDowell J. E. 1-Oct-1892 21-Jun-1948 See Photo
McGee Eddie 9-Jul-1870 25-Jul-1949 See Photo
McGee James R. 24-Jan-1883 25-Feb-1952 See Photo
McGee James Thomas 12-Apr-1891 28-Dec-1948 See Photo
McGee Robt E.     See Photo
McGee William W. 29-Dec-1867 5-Apr-1951 See Photo
McIntyre Beauford A. 29-Dec-1888 18-Jun-1975 See Photo
McIntyre Earl Allen 3-Apr-1884 20-Jul-1941 See Photo
McIntyre Lon D. 7-Apr-1861 22-Apr-1929 See Photo
McIntyre Lutie Irene 27-Jan-1894 29-Jul-1958 See Photo
McIntyre Patsy A. 10-Jan-1936   See Photo
McIntyre Sarah 4-Mar-1861 26-Jan-1943 See Photo
McIntyre Van G. 17-Aug-1931 7-Apr-1982 See Photo
McIntyre Vinie 22-Oct-1889 3-Sep-1963 See Photo
McLeister Don G. 7-Aug-1933 26-Mar-1998 See Photo
McLeister Jean 21-Dec-1933   See Photo
McLeister S.F.C. Kenneth R. 29-Jan-1930 15-Jul-1953 See Photo
McLeister Rebecca 4-Mar-1932 14-May-2009 See Photo
McLeister Ruth 30-Jun-1910 25-Aug-1995 See Photo
McLeister Walter A. 21-Oct-1903 17-Dec-1982 See Photo
McMahan Bertha 20-Jan-1896 3-Jul-1965 See Photo
McMahan Homer 31-Oct-1889 22-Mar-1970 See Photo
McQuilliams Lucy 1880 1923 See Photo
Meadows Geraldine 15-Mar-1940 13-Oct-1981 See Photo
Means J. T. 1878 1940 See Photo
Meazel Ida 8-May-1877 1-Apr-1957 See Photo
Meazel Martha Patty 17-Mar-1852 22-May-1928 See Photo
Meazel William Allen 2-Jul-1873 1-Apr-1950 See Photo
Medley Charles 4-Jun-1920 29-Jan-1922 son of Loen; See Photo
Melton Elmer Grover 14-Apr-1912 14-May-1983 See Photo, See Photo
Melton Fred L. 17-Dec-1908 13-Dec-1982 See Photo
Melton Irene Mae 5-Jan-1919 30-Apr-1991 See Photo
Melton Lou Vina 9-Mar-1913   See Photo
Merrell Elvis D. 1-Jul-1910 7-Mar-1968 See Photo
Merrell Frank H. 1877 1951 See Photo
Merrell Johnnie 1905 1937 See Photo
Merrell Nora L. 1881 1965 See Photo
Middleton Allie M. 14-Mar-1893 27-Apr-1977 See Photo
Middleton Hugh W. 5-Feb-1898 24-Mar-1973 See Photo
Miller August, Sr. 6-May-1894 26-Dec-1951 See Photo
Miller Clara Conn 4-Jan-1930 27-Dec-2006 See Photo
Miller Edith I. 20-Aug-1904 19-Jun-1936 See Photo
Miller Fannye Long 9-Feb-1901 12-Sep-1944 See Photo
Miller Frances Jane 19-Nov-1922 8-Jun-1986 See Photo
Miller James T. 20-Nov-1863 27-Apr-1912 husband of Sallie E.; See Photo
Miller Lawerence F. 24-May-1912 9-Nov-1935 See Photo
Miller M. S. 7-Nov-1840 24-May-1919 See Photo
Miller Malinda C. 4-Jun-1847 23-Sep-1923 See Photo
Miller Mark A. 2-Aug-1874 8-Feb-1956 See Photo
Miller Mattie M. 23-Dec-1879 2-Jan-1964 See Photo
Miller Ralph A. 27-Nov-1915 18-Dec-1959 See Photo
Miller Aunt Sallie 27-Sep-1866 15-Jan-1963 wife of Thomas James; See Photo
Miller Willie Weldon 17-Feb-1911 20-Mar-1980 See Photo
Milligan A. P. 24-May-1917 2-Nov-1963 See Photo
Mills Viola Crawford 23-Dec-1928 3-Sep-2009 See Photo
Millsap Jesse 13-Jan-1906 12-Jun-1976 See Photo
Millsap Velma M. 8-Nov-1910 23-Oct-2005 See Photo
Minton Alfred H. 5-Aug-1900 8-Jul-1963 See Photo
Minton Jewel D. 8-Sep-1901 2-Oct-1963 See Photo
Minton John L. 22-Oct-1870 29-May-1942 See Photo
Minton Mary E. 20-Nov-1876 23-Jun-1930 See Photo
Mitchell Easter 1861 1921 See Photo
Mitchell Elpha L. 22-Nov-1897 30-Apr-1988 See Photo
Mitchell Ernest R. 1891 1955 See Photo
Mitchell Evelyn Morris 4-Oct-1925 14-Dec-2000 See Photo
Mitchell Jimmie Dale 1930 1931 See Photo
Mitchell Madden 1851 1928 See Photo
Mitchell Thomas M. 19-Apr-1883 27-Apr-1942 See Photo
Moore Annie Mae 1886 1952 See Photo
Moore Callie Donia 30-Aug-1876 14-Dec-1945 wife of Willie; See Photo
Moore Carlton Montana 16-Nov-1998 2-Apr-1999 See Photo
Moore Ernest D. 1879 1953 See Photo
Moore Euphrasia 1895 1960 See Photo
Moore Jack D. 1-Oct-1912 28-Oct-1986 See Photo
Moore Joseph K.   16-May-1964 See Photo
Moore Lois Mae 11-May-1923 27-Nov-1936 See Photo
Moore Merlin LeRoy 5-Mar-1918 16-Oct-2004 See Photo, See Photo
Moore Michael Jack 7-Mar-1947 21-May-1993 See Photo
Moore Nina   27-Oct-1992 See Photo
Moore Rea 9-Aug-1879 9-Jul-1958 See Photo
Moore Rube 24-Sep-1870 1-Nov-1941 See Photo
Moore Wanda L. 1-Jun-1927 24-Dec-1989 See Photo, See Photo
Moore William W. 1890 1952 See Photo
Moore Willie 8-Nov-1871 4-May-1952 See Photo
Moorer Bobby Joe 7-Apr-1926 5-Nov-1927 See Photo
Moorer Carmon E. 15-May-1924 22-Oct-2003 See Photo
Moorer Durward D. "Bunk" 13-Feb-1943 25-Apr-1969 See Photo, See Photo
Moorer Edgar Edward 3-Nov-1903 8-Jun-1985 See Photo, See Photo
Moorer Gamage 25-Apr-1897 27-Nov-1984 See Photo, See Photo
Moorer Gladys E. 26-Jun-1913 6-Oct-1996 See Photo
Moorer Glen Duane 14-Jun-1925 11-Aug-2007 See Photo, See Photo
Moorer Mary Alice 1876 1961 See Photo
Moorer Ottis 1899 1963 See Photo
Moorer Peggy Jean 13-Nov-1929 4-Sep-1992 See Photo
Moorer Tony Edd 26-Dec-1928 4-Sep-2004 See Photo
Moorer Willis Curry 19-May-1904 28-May-1994 See Photo
Morgan Elizabeth 1-May-1875 17-Nov-1961 See Photo
Morgan Elizabeth G. 21-Feb-1893 24-Dec-1970 See Photo
Morgan Elsie J. 13-Sep-1907 15-Nov-1968 See Photo
Morgan Jackie L. 1931 1940 See Photo
Morgan Jess A. 15-Nov-1901   See Photo
Morgan Jess L. 7-Jan-1926 28-Jul-1990 See Photo
Morgan John S. 25-Nov-1889 6-Jan-1973 See Photo
Morgan Vernon Anthony 20-Jan-1927 5-Jun-1990 See Photo
Morris Alva S. 9-Sep-1882 17-Aug-1958 See Photo
Morris Eunice 21-May-1910 14-Feb-1942 See Photo
Morris Hugh L. 25-Nov-1883 3-Aug-1955 See Photo
Morris Myrtle 23-Aug-1886 18-Dec-1974 See Photo
Morris Zora E. 18-Jun-1888 17-Oct-1987 See Photo
Morrison Mary Alice 2-Dec-1874 9-Jun-1947 See Photo
Morrison W. M. 1863 1942 See Photo
Moss Kenneth Garfield 28-Mar-1926 10-Dec-2007 See Photo, See Photo
Moss Wanda J. Millsap 11-Jul-1926   See Photo
Motley Carl 24-Jul-1914 28-Mar-1934 See Photo
Motley Julia 24-Feb-1913 29-Nov-1931 See Photo
Munsell Charlie Taylor 1899 1966 See Photo
Myatt Benny Lee 15-Jan-1951 3-May-1990 See Photo
Myatt Betty Jo 4-Jan-1926 21-Jul-2002 See Photo
Myatt Carl 3-May-1916 12-Oct-1997 See Photo
Myatt Carl Edward "Edd"   10-May-1939 See Photo
Myatt Jennie Rebecca 30-Jul-1879 21-Jul-1968 See Photo
Myers Richard E. "Gene" 24-Jul-1931   See Photo
Myers Rinda Bell (Duck) 29-Mar-1932 13-May-1999 See Photo
Nance Jimmy 21-Aug-1931 21-Jun-1931 See Photo
Neal Baby Boy 1-Feb-1925 1-Feb-1925 See Photo
Neal Bessie 27-Dec-1908 15-Oct-2006 See Photo
Neal Betty Jo 7-Aug-1925   See Photo
Neal Connie O. 13/2/1913 2-Jun-1914 dau of J.T. & M.E; See Photo
Neal Doyle C. 11-Feb-1922   See Photo
Neal Etta W. 8-Oct-1882 31-Jul-1970 See Photo
Neal Fannie Clorene 27-Mar-1906 20-Jun-2003 See Photo
Neal James T. 31-May-1885 2-Mar-1956 See Photo
Neal Lewis 23-Mar-2904 29-Jul-1972 See Photo
Neal Lewis Ray 22-Nov-1957 26-Nov-1957 See Photo
Neal Lowell D., III 17-Jun-1965 17-Jun-1965 See Photo
Neal Lowell D., Jr. 23-Apr-1925 18-Sep-2008 See Photo
Neal Lowell Duncan 11-Feb-1903 3-Dec-1970 See Photo
Neal Margaret Jean 27-Sep-1926 9-Apr-2010 See Photo
Neal Mary E. 2-Oct-1893 28-Jan-1938 See Photo
Neal William H. 19-Mar-1880 4-May-1948 See Photo
Neal William Robert 8-Sep-1932 12-Dec-1998 See Photo
Nease Michael Edward 3-Jul-1942 6-Oct-1985 See Photo
Nelson Anna Mae 1871 1948 See Photo, See Photo
Nelson Dora B. 7-Feb-1901 16-Apr-1948 See Photo
Nelson Grace B. 20-Sep-1898 20-Aug-1980 See Photo
Nelson John Paschal 1859 1928 See Photo, See Photo
Nelson Lee Middleton 20-Oct-1895 16-Jul-1979 See Photo, See Photo
Neria Robert A., Jr. 17-Nov-1951 27-Feb-1953 See Photo
Nichols Jeff Davis 14-Oct-1905 4-Mar-1993 See Photo
Nichols Jesse Ray 7-Nov-1887 13-Feb-1945 See Photo, See Photo
Nichols John Franklin 1926 1927 See Photo
Nichols Lucille L. 12-Aug-1912 6-Feb-1997 See Photo
Nichols Richard 10-Oct-1932 10-Oct-1932 See Photo
Nichols Winnie Johnson 20-Feb-1904 21-Oct-1981 See Photo
Nicholson Charlie H. 22-Dec-1906 25-Jul-1919 See Photo
Noble Nora Wright 1882 1947 See Photo
Norman Joe 4-Jun-1876 4-Jul-1935 See Photo
Norman Mable "Auntie" 22-Sep-1911 29-May-1970 See Photo
Norman Ray 6-Sep-1914 6-Jul-1998 See Photo
Norman Sadie 29-Jul-1890 23-Feb-1956 See Photo
Nunley Drue 25-Dec-1910 17-Aug-1911 son of W.W. & T.S.; See Photo
Nunley German Lenard 10-Sep-1901 1-Jan-1984 See Photo
Nunley Myrtle Cecelia 24-Aug-1902 2-Aug-1984 See Photo
Nunley Teresa Marcele 15-Jun-1958 5-Jul-1966 dau of Mr & Mrs Frank D.; See Photo
Nunley Tinia Susan 12-Sep-1876 14-May-1962 See Photo
Nunley William Forrest "Bud" 29-Oct-1925 29-May-1996 son of G.L. & Myrtle; See Photo, See Photo
Nunley William H. 17-May-1899 16-Nov-1915 son of W.W. & T.S.; See Photo
Nunley William W. 30-Apr-1860 20-Nov-1941 See Photo
O'Bryan Grace 1900 1975 See Photo
O'Bryan John T. 1895 1968 See Photo
O'Bryan Mary Loucinda 1853 1942 See Photo
O'Bryan Rita 1922 1937 dau of John T. and Rita; See Photo
Odom Kathryn 4-Dec-1919 6-Dec-1999 See Photo
Ogburn Julius Lowell (J.L.) 12-Sep-1918 15-Feb-1991 See Photo
Ogburn Velda (Benson) 24-Dec-1921 28-Mar-2005 See Photo
Owen Lillian 14-Feb-1902 16-Aug-1976 See Photo
Owens Iona E. 1891 1950 See Photo
Owens Marguerite Kate 1906 1934 wife of A.L.; See Photo
Owens Thomas Edward 10-Aug-1874 21-Jul-1922 See Photo
Owens William C. 1879 1970 See Photo
Paddack Bessie M. 1886 1970 See Photo
Paddack John W. 1884 1951 See Photo
Paddack Lawrence R. 1-Jul-1938 1-Jul-1938 son of Mr & Mrs HC; See Photo
Paddack Luvina 3-Oct-1854 23-Dec-1920 See Photo
Paddack Mary Isabell 23-Jan-1911 17-Jun-1995 See Photo
Paddock J. W. 12-Jan-1843 17-May-1927 See Photo
Page Glen Paul 5-Sep-1936 11-Jul-1949 son of Paul & Hazel; See Photo
Page Hazel Gasaway 21-Oct-1904 3-Jun-1990 See Photo
Pairet Charlie C. 22-Dec-1912 19-Jan-2001 See Photo
Pairet Georgie 1878 1922 See Photo
Pairet Lawrence 1905 1938 See Photo
Pairet W. M. 1872 1939 See Photo
Pairet Wyoma Isaacs 29-Aug-1915   See Photo
Palmer A. A. 1871 1960 See Photo
Palmer Anderson A. 11-Sep-1870 24-Apr-1960 See Photo
Palmer Mary Ann 27-Jan-1848 20-Jan-1942 See Photo
Palmer Melissa N. 7-Sep-1875 8-Aug-1961 See Photo
Palmer T. H. 4-Jan-1846 22-Jan-1928 See Photo
Palmer Virginia J. 22-Jul-1881 28-Mar-1964 See Photo
Palmer William M. 1-Dec-1875 3-Aug-1950 See Photo
Pamplin Billy Bobba 12-Jan-1920 19-Nov-1930 See Photo
Pamplin Henry Foy 17-Dec-1893 25-Feb-1942 See Photo
Pamplin Laura 25-Dec-1893 2-Mar-1992 See Photo
Parks J. B. 25-Dec-1916 27-Mar-1930 son of Jason B & Joan; See Photo
Parks Jason B. 2-Jun-1876 8-Feb-1962 See Photo
Parks Joan 23-Sep-1881 16-Dec-1960 See Photo
Parks William Harley 20-Nov-1910 18-Apr-1941 See Photo
Pate John B. 16-Oct-1890 3-Jan-1925 See Photo
Patterson Eva Mae 16-Jan-1923 29-Jun-2001 See Photo
Patterson Marvin E. 13-Feb-1919 3-Oct-2001 See Photo
Payne Charlie D. (Little Don) 26-Aug-1938 5-Nov-1940 See Photo
Payne Maudie B. 6-Feb-1890 28-Nov-1964 See Photo
Payne Randolph H. 8-Jun-1880 3-Apr-1966 See Photo
Pearce Virginia 7-Oct-1914 26-Jan-1957 See Photo
Peever Josephine E. (McNaughton) 3-Oct-1945   See Photo
Peever Lloyd E, Jr. 16-Jul-1940 28-May-1998 See Photo
Pendleton LaQuita Joy 1937 1944 See Photo
Pendley I. E. 12-Aug-1878 24-Nov-1943 See Photo
Petty W. A. 8-Oct-1825 2-Aug-1927 See Photo
Phelps Donald D. 29-Oct-1898 28-Dec-1990 See Photo
Phelps Sarah E. 5-Aug-1869 11-Mar-1955 See Photo
Phelps Vera M. 15-Jan-1903 22-Mar-1994 See Photo
Phelps Willard G. 15-Aug-1915 24-Sep-1955 See Photo
Phillips Annie Lee 2-Feb-1877 23-Sep-1922 wife of J.M.; See Photo
Phillips Billie E. 2-May-1928   See Photo
Phillips Dorthy 7-Jul-1945 2-Mar-2004 See Photo
Phillips Emozett 6-Dec-1931 25-Jun-2009 See Photo
Phillips Eugene H. "Jack" 13-Dec-1894 27-Nov-1976 See Photo
Phillips Goldie M. 8-May-1911 7-Jun-2002 See Photo
Phillips Henry Edward 10-May-1883 1-Mar-1961 See Photo
Phillips Homer Jefferson 25-Jun-1913 3-Jul-1984 See Photo
Phillips Hubert R. 22-Oct-1907 17-Oct-1961 See Photo
Phillips James M. 10-Jan-1875 14-May-1961 See Photo
Phillips Kenneth R. 16-Dec-1921 27-Mar-1975 See Photo
Phillips Lindell Rex 15-Nov-1946 18-Nov-1946 See Photo
Phillips Lucy Luada 4-Mar-1885 1-Sep-1958 See Photo
Phillips Marlin C. 12-Jul-1921 17-Apr-1922 See Photo
Phillips V. H. (Bill) 19-Aug-1930   See Photo
Philpott Arthur Lee (A.L.) 17-Mar-1909 19-Nov-1991 See Photo
Philpott Balta Lee 30-Jul-1910 29-Jan-1976 See Photo
Philpott Clarence M. 20-Nov-1875 11-Feb-1946 See Photo
Philpott Nancy J. 28-Feb-1876 8-Jun-1946 See Photo
Pierce Charles A. "Alf" 26-Feb-1912 10-Aug-1964 See Photo
Pierce Elcy Mae 4-Mar-1933 5-Feb-1934 dau of Mr & Mrs P.C.; See Photo
Pierce Susie 27-Dec-1908 22-Aug-1999 See Photo
Pigg Sarah F. 23-Apr-1871 1-Jan-1963 See Photo
Plumb Hazen N. 15-Apr-1895 19-Mar-1952 See Photo
Plumb Iva Hope 28-May-1900   See Photo
Plumb Jerald A. 5-Jun-1919 5-Mar-1964 See Photo
Poteet James     See Photo
Poteet Jim     See Photo
Poteet Lizzie     See Photo
Potter Athey 8-Jan-1912 20-Feb-1914 dau of Ora & J.B.; See Photo
Potts Charley L. 20-Dec-1903 24-Dec-1916 dau of E & V.B; See Photo, See Photo
Potts George E. 24-Jul-1917 1-Sep-1917 son of J.A. & R.I.; See Photo
Powell Bertha O. 9-Aug-1889 16-Sep-1985 See Photo
Powell Edgar L. 2-Nov-1879 13-Sep-1975 See Photo
Powell Gertrude Blancett 10-Feb-1909 19-Jul-1936 See Photo
Prewitt Betty J. 16-Jun-1941 14-Jun-1967 See Photo
Prewitt Bulah Martha 21-May-1898 15-Apr-1946 See Photo
Prewitt Ed L. 19-Apr-1889 26-May-1973 See Photo
Prewitt Florence B. 3-Aug-1893 18-Jan-1987 See Photo
Prewitt Grover C., Jr. 4-Jul-1926   See Photo
Prewitt Grover C., Sr. 25-May-1892 18-May-1977 See Photo
Prewitt Irene 23-Aug-1917 18-Jul-1980 See Photo
Prewitt James C. 15-Apr-1893 11-Jul-1974 See Photo
Prewitt Mary L. 1887 1971 See Photo
Prewitt Robert 14-Aug-1915 21-Jan-1997 See Photo
Prewitt Robert Ray "Boder" 5-Oct-1923 15-Jan-1994 See Photo
Prewitt Saul A. 4-Feb-1895 7-Jun-1981 See Photo
Prewitt Stacie LaNae 20-Aug-1964 7-Jun-1969 See Photo
Prewitt Thelma Lorene 22-Jul-1923 14-Jan-1929 See Photo
Prewitt Veda 9-Jan-1900 16-Feb-1988 See Photo
Price Bertha 10-Aug-1901 25-Feb-1985 See Photo
Price Emmie J. 16-Sep-1880 26-Aug-1964 See Photo
Price George S. 17-Apr-1911 11-Oct-1987 See Photo
Price Henry 31-Oct-1934 4-Jan-1935 See Photo
Price J. P. 20-Dec-1875 20-Apr-1932 See Photo
Price Peter 19-May-1849 15-Feb-1915 See Photo
Price Sterling 6-Jul-1885 25-Jul-1971 See Photo
Price Vera 23-Nov-1915 22-May-1982 See Photo
Pruitt Clyde H. 5-Feb-1891 17-Oct-1967 See Photo
Pruitt Gladys 19-Oct-1914   See Photo
Pruitt Harold 21-Jun-1919 8-Aug-1963 See Photo
Pruitt Helen M. 19-Dec-1930 15-Dec-1964 See Photo
Pruitt Katherine R. 4-Mar-1890 15-Sep-1978 See Photo
Pruitt Nettie J. 1915   See Photo
Pruitt Pleamon H. 21-Jun-1918 8-Aug-1965 See Photo
Pruitt Ralph I. 1914 1967 See Photo
Pruitt Robert E. 13-Jul-1912 31-Jan-1964 See Photo
Pulley Charlie Mae Johnson 21-Dec-1918 15-Nov-1995 See Photo
Pulley Jane B. 21-Jan-1841 6-Mar-1917 wife of W.C.; See Photo
Pulley William 12-May-1917 5-May-1982 See Photo
Pullin Benjamin Jackson   20-May-1941 See Photo
Pullin George Cleveland 4-Nov-1884 23-Aug-1943 See Photo
Pullin Oma M. 29-Jul-1906 19-May-1997 See Photo
Pullin Robert Jackson 3-Oct-1840 21-Mar-1947 See Photo
Pullin Viola 22-Jan-1901 28-Jan-1973 See Photo
Pullin William S. 19-Dec-1900 14-Mar-1942 See Photo
Ragland Eva 8-Jan-1909 7-Feb-1988 See Photo
Ragland Maude 9-Oct-1878 5-Sep-1978 See Photo
Ragland Tom 12-Sep-1909 15-Aug-1985 See Photo
Ragland Tom 4-Jan-1878 1-Jan-1920 See Photo, See Photo
Ragsdale Cleo D. 11-Oct-1912 5-Jan-1994 See Photo
Rainbolt W. L. 7-Nov-1872 21-Jan-1911 See Photo
Raines Mary D. 1881 1958 See Photo
Raines Minnie Taylor 20-Jan-1905 28-May-1969 See Photo
Ramsey Ella Aline (Pullin) 22-Jul-1929 17-Aug-1978 See Photo
Ramsey Horace Lee 1924 1979 See Photo
Ranells Allie J. 25-Oct-1893 10-Mar-1968 See Photo
Ranells Joseph F. 12-Apr-1884 11-May-1960 See Photo
Ranells Norman W. 716/1918 10-Mar-1972 See Photo
Ranells T. A. 25-Mar-1927 6-Nov-1972 See Photo
Raper Baby 19-Sep-1942 19-Sep-1942 See Photo
Raper Bell Starkey 1-Oct-1891 12-May-1973 See Photo
Raper Carol J. 21-Nov-1936 4-Aug-2000 See Photo
Raper Carolyn R. 30-Mar-1936 16-Jan-2009 See Photo
Raper Clarence 10-Apr-1908 6-Aug-1997 See Photo
Raper Harold G. 20-Dec-1931 2-Jun-2005 See Photo
Raper Karl E. 22-Dec-1934 8-Aug-2005 See Photo
Raper Mae I. (Walker) 12-Jun-1907 7-Apr-1984 See Photo
Raper Sue Ellen 3-Dec-1936 24-Feb-1941 See Photo
Raupe Quilda Griffey 27-Mar-1908 20-Sep-1939 See Photo
Ray Annie M. 21-Oct-1889 17-Feb-1981 See Photo
Ray Annie M. 5-Nov-1871 19-Feb-1957 See Photo
Ray Thomas F. 13-Jul-1863 22-Nov-1950 See Photo
Reed Ada McGee 8-Sep-1892 25-Dec-1978 See Photo
Reed Claude L. 1906 1956 See Photo
Reed Kathleen 24-Dec-1924 24-Dec-1924 dau of W.D. & S.A.; See Photo
Reed Mary E. 22-Mar-1846 3-Jun-1931 See Photo
Reed Siller 1884 1924 See Photo
Reed Walter D., Sr. 1882 1935 See Photo
Reeder Henry Maurice 1876 1950 See Photo, See Photo
Reeder Mary B. Latham 1883 1957 See Photo
Reeder Nell Latham 1914 1963 See Photo
Reyonlds Margret J. 31-Jan-1847 14-Aug-1924 See Photo
Rhodes Josie Pearl 29-Aug-1892 11//1/1988 See Photo
Rhodes William Myatt 21-Apr-1886 11-Oct-1925 See Photo
Richards Raymond 13-Dec-1909 3-Jun-1912 son of Oliver & Tillie; See Photo
Richardson Bessie M. 26-Feb-1884 18-May-1965 See Photo
Richardson Billy Joe "Betty" 28-Jul-1928 24-Jan-1929 See Photo
Richardson Harland D. 6-Oct-1887 25-Oct-1983 See Photo
Richardson J. Lloyd 15-Jun-1907 24-Feb-1984 See Photo
Richardson Mildred L. 28-Aug-1918 25-Feb-2008 See Photo
Ricketts Carl Lloyd 23-Dec-1938 9-Oct-2000 See Photo
Riddle Nora Mae 8-Oct-1903 22-Sep-1913 See Photo
Riddle Robbie D. 15-Nov-1907 4-Sep-1913 See Photo
Rigby Laura Lee 13-Feb-1891 20-Jun-1987 See Photo
Rigby W. B. 11-Jan-1881 2-Mar-1926 See Photo
Riggs Edith A. 8-Oct-1910 1-Mar-1922 See Photo
Riggs John Henderson 4-Aug-1851 14-Sep-1919 See Photo
Riggs Mary E. 25-Sep-1885 28-Apr-1922 See Photo
Riggs Melvina Annette (Stephens) 24-Mar-1850 28-Mar-1932 See Photo
Rigney Bertha L. 13-Feb-1887 1-Jan-1966 See Photo
Rigney John D. 13-Mar-1886 1-Mar-1958 See Photo
Ritchie Billie Katherine "Kathy" 23-Feb-1935 30-Sep-2001 See Photo
Rizzo Mae Lois "Terry" 9-Jan-1922 26-Apr-1979 See Photo
Roach Betty J. (Howard) 6-Dec-1926   See Photo
Roach Glenn M. 5-Jun-1924 12-Jun-2002 See Photo
Roberson Myrtle 18-Sep-1904 18-Feb-1915 dau of S.C. & R.E.; See Photo
Roberts Alice 22-Aug-1903 22-Apr-1977 See Photo
Roberts Curtis W. 9-Jan-1914 2-Aug-1970 See Photo
Roberts John Mark 10-Oct-1878 18-Sep-1934 See Photo
Roberts Joseph C. 9-Jul-1903 7-Oct-1949 See Photo
Roberts Margaret (Lyday) 27-Feb-1921 3-Sep-2002 See Photo
Roberts Mattie Eron 27-Dec-1882 18-Feb-1969 See Photo
Roberts Rebecca Lee 26-Sep-1946 5-Dec-1969 See Photo
Roberts Ruby Alice 1903 1977 See Photo
Roberts Sarah Ann 14-Sep-1916 8-Dec-2000 See Photo
Roberts Steele 28-Aug-1901 15-Feb-1980 See Photo
Robertson Albert F. 2-Feb-1903 29-Dec-1946 See Photo
Robinett Lynda Faye 20-Feb-1944 20-Feb-1944 dau of Mr & Mrs O.M.; See Photo
Robinson Bertha 1907 1992 See Photo
Robinson Gladys Bertha 1900 1991 See Photo
Robinson Ida 16-Sep-1889 15-Apr-1977 See Photo
Robinson Inez A. 12-Jun-1881 9-Oct-1970 See Photo
Robinson James P. 29-Dec-1876 18-Apr-1967 See Photo
Robinson Lawrence 3-Jun-1886 25-Dec-1978 See Photo
Robinson N. B. 1891 1963 See Photo
Robinson Vance Rebman 1914 1978 See Photo
Robison John Coleman 12-Jun-1860 11-Oct-1926 See Photo
Robnett Baby Jewell 28-May-1924 29-May-1924 dau of J.H. & Bernice; See Photo
Robnett Bernice 19-Apr-1892 28-Oct-1971 See Photo
Robnett Joseph H. 30-May-1888 19-Dec-1963 See Photo
Robnett Ronald Gene 1936 1941 See Photo
Rodden Andrew J. 1861 1936 See Photo, See Photo
Rodden Gladys E. 12-Mar-1913 22-Aug-1935 See Photo
Rodden Ida Lee 1871 1948 See Photo, See Photo
Rodebush Glen H. 19-Nov-1924 21-Dec-1989 See Photo
Rodebush Zelda L. 7-Dec-1927 2-Sep-2007 See Photo
Roden John Walter 2-Nov-1954 8-Apr-1999 See Photo, See Photo
Roden Marilyn Elaine 6-Aug-1954 23-Feb-2007 See Photo
Rodgers Geneva Ann 1-Apr-1934   See Photo
Rodgers Helen Lynn 18-Dec-1922 22-Jun-1971 See Photo
Rodgers Jimmy Joe, Sr. 23-Aug-1927 18-Jun-2008 See Photo, See Photo
Rodgers Joe Print 15-Sep-1893 27-Feb-1970 See Photo, See Photo
Rodgers Mary Lorene (Doolen) 12-Nov-1900 28-Apr-1983 See Photo
Rogers Carrie 16-Jun-1881 16-Nov-1971 See Photo
Rogers Dudley 22-May-1885 22-May-1968 See Photo
Rogers Martha A. 1855 1939 See Photo
Roskopf Agnes G. 29-Aug-1924 11-Aug-1964 and infant dau Frankie; See Photo
Roskopf Albert Joseph, R. 28-Aug-1952 26-Nov-1966 See Photo
Roskopf Frankie   11-Aug-1964 See Photo
Rounsaville Charles E. "PR" 26-Apr-1939   See Photo
Rounsaville Edna 9-Sep-1889 25-Nov-1959 See Photo
Rounsaville Elmer S. 1918 1997 See Photo
Rounsaville G. C. 16-Oct-1886 27-Jul-1954 See Photo
Rounsaville G. C. 24-Jan-1917 5-Mar-1917 son of G.C. & E.V.; See Photo
Rounsaville Irene Mae 24-Apr-1925 2-Jun-1938 See Photo
Rounsaville Jackie R. "Nannie" 10-Jan-1934 5-May-2003 See Photo
Rounsaville Maxine N. 1925 2007 See Photo
Rowe Pvt. William R. 8-Oct-1892 25-Oct-1918 See Photo
Ruggles Albert I. 8-Aug-1887 17-May-1952 See Photo
Ruggles Lelia A. 11-Aug-1895 20-Aug-1978 See Photo
Rushing Rado   8-Nov-1956 See Photo
Russell Ernest W. 9-Dec-1894 3-Aug-1939 See Photo
Russell William Franklin 1-Jan-1871 31-Oct-1930 See Photo
Rutherford Ernest A. 1-Oct-1902 15-Jan-1972 See Photo
Rutherford Wenonah E. 23-May-1905 21-Dec-1970 See Photo
Sanders Emmer Herrin 22-Nov-1901 16-Apr-1975 See Photo
Sanders Harvey 1879 1943 See Photo
Sanders Henry Mack 4-May-1929 6-Sep-1985 See Photo
Sanders James Franklin 29-Sep-1898 20-May-1976 See Photo
Sanders John Randal 20-Feb-1863 4-Nov-1952 See Photo
Sanders John Terry 2-Jun-1920 3-Apr-1985 See Photo
Sanders Lige 1862 1953 See Photo
Sanders Mildred 1874 1960 See Photo
Sanders William Dorville 8-Apr-1924 2-Apr-1943 See Photo
Sanders Willie 1890 1943 See Photo
Saulter Ethel N. 30-Sep-1893 14-May-1936 See Photo
Schornick Frank J. 1864 1956 See photo
Schornick Lester W. 10-Aug-1890 4-Dec-1974 See photo
Schornick Lottie 1889 1951 See photo
Schornick Lydia M. 6-Mar-1894 26-Jul-1975 See photo
Schornick Robin Robert 12-Apr-1957 12-Apr-1957 See Photo
Schrader Anda 25-Dec-1877 15-May-1953 See Photo
Schrader Clyde 26-Sep-1918 5-Apr-1961 See Photo
Schrader John D. 24-Apr-1904 9-Mar-1985 See Photo
Schrader Mertie 11-May-1886 27-Jul-1970 See Photo
Schrader Minnie D. 21-Oct-1903 15-Nov-1980 See Photo
Schrader Ruby Lee 13-Apr-1914 26-Jun-1990 See Photo
Scoggins Hiram F. (Fin) 6-Feb-1885 7-Jun-1967 See Photo
Scoggins Nancy E. 4-Aug-1886 6-Mar-1970 See Photo
Scoggins Opal R. 23-Sep-1909 4-Mar-1913 dau of H.F. & N.E.; See Photo
Scott Bonnie Mae 11-Feb-1920 18-Oct-2004 See Photo
Scott E. L. 1910 1978 See Photo
Scott Henry Clifton 3-Sep-1932 25-May-2004 See Photo
Scott Jessie R. 1911   See Photo
Scott Ricky Joe 25-Jan-1947 26-May-2000 See Photo, See Photo
Scott Robert C. 23-Aug-1913 21-Oct-1996 See Photo
Scott Vera Jackson 16-Apr-1916 5-Jan-2002 See Photo
Scott Violet Gladden 22-Mar-1918 13-Feb-2002 See Photo
Scott Wanda 18-Nov-1933 10-Oct-2009 See Photo
Scroggin Rachel G. 22-Dec-1901 22-Dec-1929 wife of Joel M.; See Photo
Seay Leta Nora Brown 28-Oct-1898 31-Jan-1991 See Photo
Seay Mary Audra 3-Sep-1909 29-Dec-1945 See Photo
Seay Walter Lee 18-Dec-1895 3-Sep-1978 See Photo
Sechrest Lemora (Philpott) 16-Jan-1907 24-Aug-1991 See Photo
Selfridge Furman William 1916 1977 See Photo
Selfridge James McDewitt 5-Oct-1878 27-Mar-1949 See Photo
Selfridge Louise 15-Nov-1879 28-Mar-1959 See Photo
Selfridge Mattie Lucille 24-Jul-1914 14-Sep-1975 See Photo
Selfridge Stephen Thomas 21-Oct-1869 30-Nov-1945 See Photo
Sepeda F. 1876 1920 See Photo
Sexton Frank D., Jr.   4-Jan-1954 See Photo
Sexton Howard 25-Feb-1911 23-Dec-1992 See Photo, See Photo
Sexton Jasper 17-Jan-1851 5-Dec-1938 See Photo
Sexton Joyce Ann 6-Apr-1847 4-May-1936 See Photo
Sexton Levonia 7-Feb-1924 16-Apr-1939 See Photo
Sexton Lorene 1-Jan-1918 20-Mar-1935 dau of Tom & Maud; See Photo
Sexton Maud 26-Aug 1892 25-May-1976 See Photo
Sexton Ruby 26-Nov-1918 1-Jul-2008 See Photo, See Photo
Sexton Tom 25-Jun-1888 20-Aug-1981 See Photo
Shackelford Theodore 16-Dec-1854 3-May-1914 See Photo
Shackelford Tip A. 13-Aug-1879 8-Sep-1954 See Photo
Shamblin Irene Mae 1915 1946 See Photo
Shamblin William Dalton 7-Oct-1876 10-Nov-1950 See Photo
Shannon Thetus M. 1908 1970 See Photo
Shannon W. Harold 1900 1979 See Photo
Sharp Altha O. 18-Apr-1939 12-Nov-1941 See Photo
Sharp Audrey V. 28-Jan-1927 28-Apr-2000 See Photo
Sharp Deborah 5-Apr-1867 28-Mar-1934 See Photo
Sharp Floyd Ray 14-Apr-1965 14-Apr-1965 son of Mr & Mrs Bob Sharp; See Photo
Sharp Georgia 20-11-1886 15-Dec-1941 See Photo
Sharp Gerald H. 4-Sep-1913 25-Mar-1966 See Photo
Sharp Harry G. 16-Jul-1891 23-Aug-1971 See Photo
Sharp Infant of Gerald & Letha 13-Jul-1947 13-Jul-1947 See Photo
Sharp Letha O. "Dee" (Bullington) 15-Jan-1916 23-Feb-1997 See Photo
Sharp Mary Pearl 22-Nov-1886 27-May-1960 See Photo
Sharp Samuel Martin 10-Jan-1889 1-Jul-1965 See Photo
Sharp Selz H. "Buster" 13-Aug-1894 23-Mar-1980 See Photo
Sharp Tina Lena 24-Jul-1900 13-Mar-1972 See Photo
Sharp Troy F. 22-Feb-1923   See Photo
Sharp William M. 27-Feb-1863 6-Apr-1946 See Photo
Shaw Carrie 6-Feb-1883 17-Dec-1913 wife of S.L.; See Photo
Shaw Hattie Marie 10-Aug-1897 13-Aug-1962 See Photo
Shaw Ida M. 1904 1997 See Photo
Shaw Julia Mae 1892 1940 See Photo
Shaw Lester L. 1903 1984 See Photo
Shaw Lula E. 27-Jan-1877 10-Aug-1968 See Photo
Shaw Rufus Taylor 1887 1958 See Photo
Shaw Sandra Mae   27-Mar-1952 See Photo
Shaw Sanford A. 29-Nov-1914 17-Jan-1993 See Photo
Shelton Rosa 29-Dec-1896 9-Jan-1929 wife of G.T.; See Photo
Sherwood Faye 31-Dec-1925   See Photo
Sherwood J. D. 1-Apr-1927 21-Jul-2010 See Photo
Shirley Aaron Jack 13-Jan-1883 9-Jul-1971 See Photo
Shirley Anna Jane   12-Feb-1881 See Photo
Shirley Anna Lee 2-Nov-1913   See Photo
Shirley Bernie Forte 11-Jul-1885 30-Sep-1963 See Photo
Shirley D. A. 1856 1942 See Photo
Shirley Dora Lozer 1885 1972 See Photo
Shirley Flora B. 2-Oct-1883 18-Nov-1961 See Photo
Shirley Joe King 27-Nov-1915 13-Aug-2003 See Photo
Shirley Lewis W. 14-Mar-1877 20-Dec-1964 See Photo
Short Flora E. 23-Sep-1901 18-Jan-1982 See Photo
Short James Monroe 16-Jan-1896 28-Jan-1963 See Photo
Simpson Allen "Gaylord Apr-1890 Oct-1938 See Photo
Simpson Beulah (Wortham) Barger 7-Dec-1899 10-Nov-1996 See Photo
Simpson Claude E. 1916 1982 See Photo
Simpson Sarah Elizabeth 1855 1912 See Photo
Simpson William Earl 1919 1920 See Photo
Sims J. P. 1846 1922 See Photo
Sims Martha E. 1854 1935 See Photo
Skelton Emma 23-Mar-1857 9-Jun-1939 See Photo
Skelton Fred Harold 1909 1977 See Photo
Skelton Pansy R. 7-Jun-1907 16-Aug-1970 See Photo
Skelton R. N. 4-Jul-1849 9-Jun-1939 See Photo
Skelton Robert Franklin 1-Dec-1879 2-Jul-1965 See Photo
Skinner Edwin 16-Mar-1872 22-Sep-1946 See Photo
Slaughter Ella Mae 21-Nov-1887 27-May-1963 See Photo
Slaughter Infant slaughter 14-Jun-1913 14-Jun-1913 See Photo
Slaughter William R. 23-May-1889 19-Oct-1956 See Photo
Slover Lillie B. 29-Sep-1905 2-Aug-1936 See Photo
Slover Ray M. 24-May-1904 24-May-1967 See Photo
Slover Tollie Eugene 11-Sep-1925 29-Oct-1928 See Photo
Slusher John L. 4-Sep-1894 9-Nov-1963 See Photo
Slusher William H. 2-Sep-1868 10-Dec-1944 See Photo
Smith B. E. 1904 1956 See Photo
Smith Bessie May 6-Feb-1908 28-Jun-1926 dau of J.J. & M.E.; See Photo
Smith Billy Lee 7-Jul-1961 17-Jul-1961 See Photo
Smith Edith E. 4-Oct-1919 5-May-1941 See Photo
Smith Ervin 1898 1964 See Photo
Smith Gertrude Blancett 30-Jan-1919 19-Apr-1919 dau of J.H. & L.; See Photo
Smith Gladys 15-Aug-1908 16-Nov-1981 See Photo
Smith H. O. 4-Feb-1858 28-Jan-1919 See Photo
Smith Hattie 1902 1990 See Photo
Smith Jack Kemper 9-Apr-1920 24-Dec-2005 See Photo
Smith Jerome J. 17-Sep-1863 26-Sep-1926 See Photo
Smith John A. 23-Dec-1864 15-Oct-1928 See Photo
Smith John Hobart 9-Nov-1896 22-Apr-1973 See Photo
Smith Josie L. 9-Oct-1905 24-Jul-1995 See Photo
Smith Lonnie 1896 1963 See Photo
Smith Lora M. 26-Aug-1901 21-Mar-1987 See Photo
Smith Lou A. 16-Jul-1898 28-Jun-1988 See Photo
Smith Marilla 1886 1971 See Photo
Smith Mark M. 1882 1951 See Photo
Smith Mary B. 30-Jul-1866 25-Mar-1945 See Photo
Smith Mattie Lula 1888 1982 See Photo
Smith Mildred Lorraine 11-Feb-1930   See Photo
Smith Ollie Ida 13-Nov-1906 5-Feb-1934 See Photo
Smith Ollie L. 27-Sep-1904 17-Sep-1987 See Photo
Smith Patrick 1896 1953 See Photo
Smith Sophia K. 3-Oct-1869 16-Dec-1957 See Photo
Smith William Howard 26-Sep-1921 7-Jun-2008 See Photo, See Photo
Snider Eliza J. 6-Sep-1888 16-Jan-1959 See Photo
Snider G. M. 11-Jul-1865 1-Oct-1932 See Photo
Snider Grady 21-Jan-1898 3-Nov-1966 See Photo
Snider Lillie B. 7-Dec-1896 18-Dec-1987 See Photo
Snider Ola L. 29-Apr-1870 6-Nov-1924 See Photo
Snider Woodie W. 8-Jan-1888 28-Jan-1958 See Photo
Snoddy Lucy Wilson 17-Dec-1878 22-Dec-1952 See Photo
Snoddy Roy S. 7-Sep-1905 21-Oct-1940 See Photo
Solomon Elma S. 16-May-1893 16-Feb-1954 See Photo
Solomon Sam S. 30-Jun-1888 1-Feb-1958 See Photo
Sparks Amy (Means) 26-Nov-1921   See Photo
Sparks Balis E. 18-Feb-1875 5-Oct-1935 See Photo
Sparks Caroline E. 14 Feb 1885 13-May-1934 See Photo
Sparks Jim 14-Feb-1884 5-Jul-1943 See Photo
Sparks Lawrence 8-Jan-1906 23-Apr-1942 See Photo
Sparks Margaret Ann 11-Nov-1894 25-Jul-1974 See Photo
Sparks Capt. Oscar W. 15-Sep-1922   See Photo
Spearman Eddie C. 3-Mar-1882 11-Feb-1960 See Photo
Spearman Gertrude 28-Jan-1887 16-Jul-1960 See Photo
Spegal Jessie B. 14-Apr-1893 9-May-1961 See Photo
Spencer Fannie S. 5-Feb-1885 24-Dec-1965 See Photo, See Photo, See Photo
Spencer George E. 18-Jun-1881 21-Jan-1942 See Photo, See Photo, See Photo
Spooner Harold Harry 4-Jul-1928 6-Dec-2006 See Photo
Spurgin Emma Lou 28-May-1932 30-Mar-1934 See Photo
Spurgin Mary Belle 15-Feb-1870 27-Jul-1955 See Photo
Spurgin Meda 1-Apr-1895 9-Dec-1975 See Photo
Spurgin Thomas "Jeff" 9-Sep-1869 2-Mar-1964 See Photo
Stafford Cecil E. 1927 1944 See Photo
Stafford Gerald D. 17-Mar-1898 18-Apr-1972 See Photo
Stafford Myrtle L. 21-Dec-1899 30-Jun-1973 See Photo
Stalnaker Benjamin F. 6-Nov-1896 24-Aug-1971 See Photo
Stalnaker Pansy G. 12-May-1897 1-Apr-1966 See Photo
Standifer Bonnie L. 18-Feb-1915   See Photo
Standifer M. Pearl 1893 1983 See Photo
Standifer Marvin V. 1-Jan-1891 20-Sep-1966 See Photo
Standifer Mary Alice 6-Feb-1866 14-Mar-1942 See Photo
Standifer Robert B. 23-Jul-1909 13-Jul-1975 See Photo
Standifer Willie R. 1888 1950 See Photo
Stanford Estelle 20-Apr-1915 21-Aug-1915 dau of P.W. & U.M.; See Photo
Stark Henry 3-Jul-1858 29-Jul-1930 See Photo
Stark Lula E. 31-May-1870 20-Mar-1953 See Photo
Starkey Irene 11-Apr-1911 8-Oct-1912 See Photo
Starkey Mary L. 16-Nov-1922 4-Aug-2007 See Photo
Starkey William Arvle 9-Oct-1917 15-Feb-1996 See Photo, See Photo
Starns Albert Wood 13-Apr-1890 9-Apr-1987 See Photo
Starns Billy E. 27-Aug-1932 9-Mar-1996 See Photo
Starns Billy Gene 30-Jun-1947 18-Jun-1950 See Photo
Starns Claud A. 1923 1983 See Photo
Starns Deretha D. 19-Jun-1935   See Photo
Starns Leona Mary 5-Apr-1893 30-Mar-1974 See Photo
Starns William Frank 1-Oct-1917 26-Oct-1980 See Photo, See Photo
Starr Jack M. 26-Apr-1918 16-Apr-2005 See Photo
Starr Virginia D. 17-Oct-1924 7-Feb-2010 See Photo
Steed Coran H. 30-Oct-1877 23-Jul-1940 See Photo
Steed Sallie B. 9-Jan-1875 30-Apr-1942 See Photo
Steed Walter H. 27-Sep-1871 28-Apr-1955 See Photo
Stephens Andrew T. 20-May-1859 18-Feb-1947 See Photo
Stephens Charlie B. 19-Aug-1887 8-May-1964 See Photo
Stephens Gearl C. 4-Dec-1914 4-Feb-1972 See Photo
Stephens Hanna L. 1-May-1865 21-Apr-1945 See Photo
Stephens Josie 19-Jan-1896 3-May-1986 See Photo
Stephens Ruth L. 16-Aug-1918   See Photo
Stewart Fred Orville 6-Sep-1886 15-Apr-1942 See Photo
Stewart Orena 1-Nov-1893 18-Feb-1975 See Photo
Stockman George G. 1880 1959 See Photo
Stockton Bertie E. 1912 2006 See Photo
Stockton Irene E. 10-Sep-1924 11-May-2007 See Photo
Stockton William Douglas "Doug" 28-Feb-1922 3-May-1993 See Photo, See Photo
Stoddard James M. 23-Sep-1859 31-Jul-1916 See Photo
Stokes Ben J. 10-Jan-1909 7-Jul-1985 See Photo
Stokes Berniece Scroggin 6-Sep-1920 19-Jan-1981 See Photo
Stokes Carl Russell 23-Nov-1912 28-Oct-1955 See Photo
Stokes Charlotte 5-Aug-1943 16-Aug-2006 See Photo
Stokes Elvy May 1-Jan-1899 4-Jul-1960 See Photo
Stokes James Daniel 16-Aug-1895 28-Aug-1957 See Photo
Stokes John T. 1864 1933 See Photo
Stokes Joyce Kay 27-Oct-1951 27-Oct-1951 dau of Mr & Mrs Carl; See Photo
Stokes Lella A. 10-Sep-1901 23-Jul-1918 See Photo
Stokes Leroy 16-Aug-1928   See Photo
Stokes Lula Elizabeth 10-Aug-1931   See Photo
Stokes Manuel R. 16-Feb-1874 10-Aug-1936 See Photo
Stokes Mary Frances 1887 1959 See Photo
Stokes Oscar J. 17-Sep-1904 19-Oct-1940 See Photo
Stokes Paulina 6-Oct-1876 29-Jan-1923 See Photo
Stokes Sharon A. 26-Mar-1943 6-Feb-2003 See Photo
Stokes Thomas J. 24-Feb-1898 27-May-1972 See Photo
Stokes Tom 21-May-1924 21-May-1924 See Photo
Stokes Velma 16-Mar-1903 23-Nov-1995 See Photo
Stokes Weymon Richard 16-Jan-1921 21-Jun-2000 See Photo
Stokes Willie Henry 19-Feb-1911 12-Nov-1989 See Photo
Stone Edith Geuin 5-Oct-1909 1-Jan-1931 See Photo
Stone Frank 10-Jan-1906 9-Jul-1984 See Photo, See Photo
Stone Ora Lee 13-Dec-1917 20-Apr-1999 See Photo
Stoup Graziella Gracie 4-Jul-1925 7-Nov-2008 See Photo
Stoup Oliver Lee 12-Jun-1926 22-Sep-1990 See Photo, See Photo
Strauss George E. 1888 1963 See Photo
Strauss Jewel D. 1902 1987 See Photo
Streetman Effie T. 27-Jan01882 26-Feb-1965 See Photo
Streetman F. M. 21-Dec-1874 28-Jun-1959 See Photo
Streetman Jack A. 24-Apr-1921 25-Jun-2003 See Photo
Streetman Katharine V. 30-Sep-1910 9-Nov-1991 See Photo
Streetman Morris R. 29-Jul-1911 29-Jul-1973 See Photo
Streetman Ouilda L. 16-Sep-1925   See Photo
Stump Homer E. 23-Oct-1878 25-Mar-1967 See Photo
Stump Vera L. 18-Jan-1890 4-Aug-1974 See Photo
Sullens Edgar W. 30-Apr-1888 20-Dec-1977 See Photo, See Photo
Sullens Virgie L. 29-Aug-1901 29-Jan-2002 See Photo
Sullivan Anderson 1864 1953 See Photo
Sullivan Emily 1871 1957 See Photo
Surber Roy S. "Pop" 12-Aug-1895 27-Oct-1985 See Photo, See Photo
Surber Willa M. "Mammy" 1-Jul-1901 16-Feb-1984 See Photo
Sutherland Bonnie E. 1902 1942 See Photo
Suttles Efton Paul 23-Jul-1905 21-Jun-1962 See Photo
Suttles Kenneth Lee "Walker" 5-Sep-1908 24-Jun-1995 See Photo
Sutton Ada Fay 1914 1952 See Photo
Sutton Clara 16-Jun-1898 1-Jan-1929 See Photo
Sutton Lewis J. 20-Oct-1888 18-Dec-1964 See Photo
Sutton R. A. 10-Aug-1860 7-Dec-1937 See Photo
Swan Birdie B. 6-Jan-1891 7-Jul-1944 See Photo, See Photo
Swan Frank P. 11-May-1881 25-May-1962 See Photo, See Photo
Swartz Joseph G. 1898 1957 See Photo
Swartz Margaret K. 1899 1981 See Photo
Sweat Andrew S. 24-Feb-1882 21-Feb-1956 See Photo
Sweat Jerry Don 20-Sep-1941 22-Sep-1941 See Photo
Swigart Nancy Jance 1943 1943 See Photo
Tarver Jerry Kenneth 9-Sep-1943 15-Dec-1982 See Photo
Tarver John Webster 10-Sep-1923 8-Jun-1973 See Photo
Tate Anna Lee Boltin 19-Jun-1916 14-May-1940 See Photo
Tate Jimmie E. 7-Mar-1932 3-Jul-1936 See Photo
Taylor Annie M. 10-Jun-1937 6-Dec-1975 See Photo
Taylor Arch 1903 1935 See Photo
Taylor Bud 22-Jul-1879 9-Mar-1951 See Photo
Taylor Earl Albert 25-Feb-1895 18-Mar-1968 See Photo, See Photo
Taylor Elbert M. 1877 1960 See Photo
Taylor Gene Earl 1924 2003 See Photo
Taylor George W. 25-Oct-1832 15-Oct-1917 See Photo
Taylor John W. 7-Apr-1873 23-Jan-1944 See Photo
Taylor Lena 22-Jul-1889   See Photo
Taylor Margaret 1-Mar-1841 5-Oct-1925 See Photo
Taylor Mary 25-Mar-1875 25-Mar-1967 See Photo
Taylor Maude Jene 11-Nov-1926 12-Apr-1928 See Photo
Taylor Romona A. 4-Mar-1900 16-Dec-1976 See Photo
Taylor Sarah A. 4-Mar-1899 15-Jan-1938 See Photo
Taylor Sharyn K. 2-Nov-1947   See Photo
Taylor Virgil H., Jr. 25-Feb-1947 27-Mar-2008 See Photo
Taylor William D. 18-Aug-1898 2-Jul-1971 See Photo
Tennison Bessie E. 1-Dec-1887 13-Jul-1927 wife of H.L.; See Photo
Tennison Betty Jo 17-Nov-1925 16-Apr-1928 See Photo
Terry Alma May 3-Aug-1892 18-Feb-1972 See Photo
Terry Evie L. 3-Nov-1871 30-Jan-1954 See Photo
Terry Frances Oda 13-Apr-1894 30-Mar-1970 See Photo
Terry John B. 3-Mar-1897 25-Aug-1972 See Photo
Terry Patti Moore 1-Mar-1898 9-Dec-1983 See Photo
Terry T. Ammon 18-Oct-1890 14-Jan-1978 See Photo
Terry Thomas B. 19-Oct-1860 4-Feb-1946 See Photo
Thomas Arch W. 22-Jan-1889 14-Aug-1922 See Photo
Thomas Cora 2-Nov-1891 18-Oct-1911 See Photo
Thomas Dennis W. 13-Mar-1945 29-Jun-1969 See Photo
Thomas Jack 5-Aug-1917 30-Apr-1977 See Photo
Thomas James M. 7-May-1861 21-Aug-1955 See Photo
Thomas Juanita 18-Oct-1921   See Photo
Thomas Mary E. 2-Mar-1868 10-Oct-1942 See Photo
Thompson Addie E. 18-Dec-1902 31-May-1978 See Photo
Thompson Cecile Willie 14-Sep-1906 14-Oct-1997 See Photo
Thompson Fred 29-Dec-1899 6-Oct-1963 See Photo
Thompson George D. 9-Sep-1882 8-Apr-1931 See Photo
Thompson Hoyt W. 29-May-1924 30-Jun-1988 See Photo
Thompson Mollie L. 2-Aug-1883 12-Nov-1928 See Photo
Thompson P. A. (Bud) 29-Nov-1868 4-Sep-1960 See Photo
Thompson Pauline 27-Dec-1900 17-Mar-1986 See Photo
Thompson Robert L. (Bob) 1-Jan-1906 17-Jun-1973 See Photo
Tidwell Eula 18-Nov-1888 27-Jul-1948 See Photo
Tidwell G. M. 14-Feb-1878 14-Jul-1954 See Photo
Tipton Etta 5-Mar-1899 10-Aug-1980 See Photo
Tipton Leon 23-Nov-1882 15-Aug-1959 See Photo, See Photo
Tipton M. Yvonne     See Photo
Tipton Orval W. 23-Mar-1932 4-Jan-1978 See Photo
Tollett Betty 11-Feb-1916 14-Feb-1916 See Photo
Tolman John M. 1879 1965 See Photo
Tolman Lydia M. 1887 1952 See Photo
Townsend Daisy M. 17-Dec-1905 31-Aug-1986 See Photo
Townsend Homer R. 14-Sep-1934 1-May-1951 See Photo
Townsend Irvin H. 6-Sep-1892 10-Nov-1964 See Photo
Townsend John H. 1-Sep-1869 22-May-1947 See Photo
Townsend John H., Jr. 15-Mar-1904 13-Nov-1987 See Photo
Townsend Laura A. 12-Apr-1873 26-Feb-1959 See Photo
Townsend Orlan Daniel 7-Mar-1907 12-Dec-1990 See Photo
Townsend Roy 1-Feb-1914 20-Aug-1970 See Photo
Townsend Ruth Shirley 26-Oct-1912 7-Jun-1993 See Photo
Trapp James A. 1885 1954 See Photo
Trapp Mallise M. 1879 1954 See Photo
Trobaugh Virgil H., Jr. 18-Oct-1898 25-Dec-1924 See Photo
Trout D. A. 1-Mar-1863 8-Jun-1933 See Photo
Trout J. R. 25-Dec-1865 4-Jun-1931 See Photo
Tryon James 22-Feb-1891 14-Dec-1953 See Photo
Tucker Julia Ann 21-Aug-1938 1-Jan-1998 See Photo
Tucker Kate E. 1874 1965 See Photo
Tucker Larry 26-Jun-1936   See Photo
Tucker W. "Bill", Jr. 15-May-1908 30-Apr-1997 See Photo
Tucker Willie T. 1876 1960 See Photo
Tucker Z. Lucille 26-Dec-1906 5-Apr-1997 See Photo
Tull Clarence C. 11-Aug-1896 16-Mar-1963 See Photo
Tullin Alfonso 22-Sep-1889 26-Feb-1946 See Photo
Turman Fred D. 8-Aug-1904   See Photo
Turman Zenoma Bolton 15-Dec-1916 9-Oct-1979 See Photo
Turner Billye (Hughes) 24-Jul-1924 1-Oct-1994 See Photo
Turner Emmett M. 1882 1962 See Photo
Turner Mary Virginia 1-Jan-1868 29-Dec-1935 See Photo
Turner Maude V. 1888 1955 See Photo
Twiss George   3-Feb-1936 See Photo
Tyler Dorfie G. 29-Feb-1912 14-Mar-1984 See Photo
Tyler John W. 14-Mar-1911 18-Mar-1989 See Photo
Unknown Bennie M.     See Photo
Updegraff David K. 11-Sep-1882 25-Aug-1956 See Photo
Vallandingham Mattie L. 1895 1978 See Photo
Vallandingham William A. 1895 1966 See Photo
Venable John Morgan 14-Aug-1877 21-Oct-1951 See Photo
Voris Christopher Coerte 24-Jun-1951 14-Oct-2005 See Photo
Voris Margaret Gene 23-Aug-1920 12-Jan-2001 See Photo
Waeltermann J. Guy 1961 1994 See Photo
Waite Ida V. 3-Jul-1872 9-Apr-1949 See Photo
Waite T. M. 3-Sep-1867 29-Aug-1966 See Photo
Walker Anita S. 14-Jan-1944   See Photo
Walker Anna LaFern 4-Feb-1932 26-Sep-1938 See Photo
Walker Charles Olen 22-Aug-1905 21-Jan-1977 See Photo
Walker Dan O. 21-Jan-1878 23-Apr-1933 See Photo
Walker Donald O., MD 21-Nov-1938 21-Jul-1987 See Photo
Walker Effie Bates 30-Dec-1905 7-May-2000 See Photo
Walker Eldon J. 24-Jan-1927 19-Jun-1986 See Photo
Walker Ellen 1871 1962 See Photo
Walker Ernest E. 26-Sep-1903 1-Nov-1981 See Photo
Walker James (Richard) 11-Feb-1911 24-Dec-1986 See Photo
Walker John Herbert, Sr. 15-Jun-1909 23-May-1974 See Photo
Walker Lois Elaine 2-Aug-1944   See Photo
Walker Mary Ophelia 23-May-1911 18-May-1970 See Photo
Walker Mattie J. 20-Mar-1888 15-May-1962 See Photo
Walker Maude O. 17-Feb-1898 25-Jul-1978 See Photo
Walker Myrtle 31-Jan-1901 12-Apr-1992 See Photo
Walker Patricia Jeanne 14-Jul-1929 15-Aug-1929 See Photo
Walker Raymond 24-Apr-1900 19-Nov-1959 See Photo
Walker T. Dwight 23-Jun-1899 13-Nov-1978 See Photo
Walker Vera Inez 14-Oct-1907 19-Nov-1981 See Photo
Walker Walter Isaac 3-Dec-1945 23-Jan-2005 See Photo
Walker William I. 1866 1935 See Photo
Walker William Randall 11-Apr-1919 9-Jan-1982 See Photo
Walker Willie Jo 23-Jul-1912 2-Dec-1999 See Photo
Wallace C. Allice 14-May-1876 19-Jan-1946 See Photo
Wallace L. S. 19-Jan-1862 28-Oct-1919 See Photo
Wallace Oscar Y. 30-Sep-1870 7-Aug-1946 See Photo
Walls Ida Mae 16-Jan-1874 8-Jun-1965 See Photo
Walters Geneva M. 28-Jan-1905 12-Mar-1981 See Photo
Walters Nancy 1865 1953 See Photo
Walters Nathan 1857 1948 See Photo
Walters William Jackson "Jack" 6-Jan-1897 30-Apr-1980 See Photo, See Photo
Walters Zilpha 14-Apr-1898 19-Feb-1912 See Photo
Ward Etta Mae 18-Mar-1891 24-Feb-1945 See Photo
Ward Kenneth D. 18-Sep-1930 17-Jan-1932 See Photo
Ward Thad Douglas 28-Feb-1882 6-Feb-1956 See Photo
Washam Hogan M. 10-Apr-1905 23-Jul-1938 See Photo
Washam Lucille E. 15-Dec-1907 21-Jan-1964 See Photo
Watts Aaron Wayne 23-Sep-1966 24-Sep-1966 See Photo
Watts Carolyn Jean (Butler) 4-Aug-1944 20-Jul-2000 See Photo
Watts Earl 2-Apr-1907 12-Jan-1992 See Photo
Watts Evelyn 21-Sep-1912 21-Dec-1970 See Photo
Watts Evelyn L. (Daniels) 28-Feb-1921 28-Nov-1994 See Photo
Watts Jack V. 22-Jul-1921 19-Oct-2005 See Photo, See Photo
Watts James Roy "Jim" 6-Oct-1945   See Photo
Watts Mary E. 2-Sep-1928   See Photo
Watts Victor L. 14-Jan-1928 23-Apr-2004 See Photo, See Photo
Weaver Mildred Armstrong 1-Apr-1920 1-Jul-1989 See Photo
Weems Minnie V. 19-Nov-1886 15-Feb-1923 See Photo
Welch Ada Vine 3-Jun-1889 10-Mar-1965 See Photo
Welch John Henry 3-Apr-1879 22-Mar-1958 See Photo
Welch Virgle George 29-Aug-1923 3-Jun-1942 See Photo
Weller Nell Cooper 29-May-1895 30-Jun-1975 See Photo
West Kay Sharron (Shaw) 5-Oct-1945 9-Sep-2008 See Photo
West Tonya Jo 23-Dec-1972 31-Dec-1972 dau of Mr & Mrs B.J.; See Photo
Westbrook Mary I. 20-Nov-1864 8-May-1940 See Photo
Westbrook William H. 30-Oct-1861 30-May-1940 See Photo
Whatley Margie Iola 1896 1977 See Photo
Whatley William H. 28-Sep-1899 7-May-1968 See Photo
Wheeler Allie K. 17-Oct-1901 5-Oct-1994 See Photo
Wheeler William W. 15-Feb-1885 18-Feb-1968 See Photo
Whisenhunt Kristi Lee 2-Nov-1982 2-Nov-1982 See Photo
Whisenhunt L. N. 22-Feb-1878 16-Dec-1929 See Photo
Whisenhunt Mattie B. 1921 1948 See Photo
White Ida Frances 6-Jul-1881 18-Mar-1953 See Photo
White Lillye Mae 5-Nov-1885 15-Mar-1966 See Photo
White Tennessee 1864 1953 See Photo
White Troy W. 1958 1939 See Photo
Whitman Anna R. 20-Aug-1894 8-Jan-1974 See Photo
Whitman Harry M. 10-Sep-1900 25-Sep-1984 See Photo
Whitmire S D. 1834 1912 hus of L.A.; See Photo
Wilkins Gina D. 29-Jun-1964 27-Feb-1987 See Photo
Williams Ada K. 28-Mar-1870 15-Apr-1957 See Photo
Williams Alexander Ross 1860 1932 See Photo
Williams Amelia May 1871 1948 See Photo
Williams Della Mae 1892 1952 See Photo
Williams Earnest, Jr. 26-Oct-1938 26-Oct-1938 See Photo
Williams Elijah W. 30-Jun-1866 2-Feb-1949 See Photo
Williams Eva 27-Sep-1904 4-Jan-1919 dau of A.T. & B.M; See Photo
Williams Ewell R. 27-Dec-1918 4-Aug-1941 See Photo
Williams Helen L. 9-Mar-1925 13-Jul-1971 See Photo
Williams Sarah Ann 5-Aug-1862 19-Jul-1943 See Photo
Wilson Billy A. 29-Sep-1929 14-Nov-2003 See Photo, See Photo
Wilson Dorothy Dean 13-Oct-1935   See Photo
Wilson Edith Mae 15-Apr-1908 21-Apr-1999 See Photo
Wilson Elve Beth 3-Jan-1851 17-Jun-1931 See Photo
Wilson Gertie G. 5-Aug-1918 1-Dec-1940 See Photo
Wilson Harmon E. 1-May-1873 2-Mar-1945 See Photo
Wilson Harvey F. 1902 1951 See Photo
Wilson Ira Lee 24-Mar-1905 6-Mar-1992 See Photo
Wilson Jimmy E. 14-Dec-1936 2-Dec-1966 See Photo
Wilson Luvicy I. 11-Oct-1877 6-May-1938 See Photo
Wilson Lydia P. 29-Mar-1910 30-Dec-1999 See Photo
Wilson Madelaine Keel 20-Jan-1898 27-Feb-1990 See Photo
Wilson Marion 23-Nov-1863 22-Aug-1925 See Photo
Wilson Mary Lueser 25-Oct-1844 24-Jul-1938 See Photo
Wilson Robert F. 12-Oct-1907 5-Apr-1998 See Photo
Wilson Robert Lee) 22-Feb-1911 17-Mar-1978 See Photo, See Photo
Wilson Texanna 30-Jul-1864 19-Jan-1919 See Photo
Wimberley Elma Viola 1894 1961 See Photo
Wimberley Eugene V. 1887 1971 See Photo
Winlock Ruby R. 27-Feb-1912 15-Nov-2001 See Photo
Winton George B. 1895 1948 See Photo
Wise Laura 5-Sep-1910 31-May-1984 See Photo
Wise Nancy Ann 30-Oct-1940 26-Jul-1966 See Photo
Wise Oma Lee 3-Dec-1900 1-Nov-1993 See Photo
Wise Robert L. 4-Nov-1906 22-Jun-1972 See Photo
Wood Atthel Franklin 16-Feb-1913 15-Jan-1963 See Photo
Wood Eleanor Hensley 7-Nov-1915 30-Dec-1934 See Photo
Wood James Lewis 1937 1937 See Photo
Wood Luther 1892 1952 See Photo
Wood Mary 27-Jan-1927   See Photo
Wood Minnie V. 6-Aug-1888 1-Feb-1937 See Photo
Wood Paul 16-Dec-1884 29-Jan-1937 See Photo
Wood Thomas F. 21-Jul-1883 18-Sep-1954 See Photo
Wood William Roy 5-Mar-1925 15-Oct-1971 See Photo, See Photo
Wood Willie R. 23-Feb-1889 18-Jul-1962 See Photo
Wooten A. Dean 29-Aug-1938 28-Jan-2009 See Photo
Wooten Betty June 4-Jun-1944 13-Sep-1999 See Photo
Wooten Cora 11-Jul-1883 28-Oct-1964 See Photo
Wooten Elton 26-Oct-1906 4-Feb-2001 See Photo
Wooten Geneva 9-May-1910 21-Jun-2000 See Photo
Wooten Linda Sue 7-Jan-1915 14-Jan-1915 See Photo
Wooten Ruth 11-Mar-1912 21-Oct-2000 See Photo
Wooten Velma Fidler 3-Aug-1909 9-Apr-1990 See Photo
Wooten William Waldo 3-May-1934 29-Jan-1995 See Photo, See Photo
Wooten Wm Marvin 24-Mar-1910 1-Jul-1964 See Photo, See Photo
Wortham Carrie E. 4-Dec-1877 9-Aug-1968 See Photo
Wortham George 29-Apr-1877 15-Dec-1960 See Photo
Wortham R. H. 24-May-1873 15-Dec-1952 See Photo
Wylie Emma D. 9-Aug-1896 26-Feb-1952 See Photo
Wylie Ouilda Collins 2-Sep-1919 24-Mar-1972 See Photo
Wylie Walter B. 18-Jul-1882 23-Jan-1951 See Photo
Yates Dr. A. H. 28-Feb-1867 23-Nov-1931 See Photo, See Photo
Yates Helen Louisa Starr 24-Feb-1865 14-Jun-1930 wife of Dr. A.H.; See Photo, See Photo
Young Carolyn A. 25-Mar-1881 9-Mar-1967 See Photo
Young Ernest E.   3-Nov-1932 See Photo
Young Eula V. 7-Dec-1910 20-Feb-1985 See Photo
Young Florence K. 25-Jul-1901 26-Sep-1993 See Photo
Young H. B.     See Photo
Young John S. 19-Nov-1868 13-Feb-1940 See Photo
Young John W. 9-Jan-1871 1-Jan-1948 See Photo
Young Mart V. 19-Mar-1905 28-Oct-1933 See Photo
Young Mary J. 30-Mar-1870 20-Feb-1941 See Photo
Young Mary Loretta 3-Apr-1938 10-Jul-1979 See Photo
Young Minnie Ola 22-Feb-1877 6-Oct-1917 See Photo
Young Revere A. 1897 1947 See Photo
Young William H. 11-Apr-1890 8-Oct-1973 See Photo


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