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Bruner Cemetery
Seminole County, Oklahoma

Lat N 35 20.654 Long W 96 42.351
NS 3540 and 99A

If you have family buried in the Bruner Cemetery, Little, OK and would like to add your information to this website or make a correction please contact area coordinator.

Alexander Walter W. 15-Jan-1874 25-Mar-1938 See Photo
Beard Katie Bruner 1-Feb-1917 23-Dec-2003 See Photo
Beard Legus 1-Jan-1895 25-Nov-1982 See Photo
Booth Mary 29-Jan-1900 1-Jul-1943 See Photo
Bruner Benjamin F. 2-Aug-1852 31-Mar-1939 See Photo
Bruner Ceasar 1828 26-Jun-1923 See Photo
Bruner Ceaser H. 10-May-1924 18-Nov-1982 See Photo
Bruner Douglas 1872 26-Apr-1930 See Photo
Bruner E.B. 4-Mar-1857 15-Sep-1941 See Photo
Bruner Earnest 6-Oct-1898 1-Jun-1980 See Photo
Bruner Edward 25-Nov-1901 11-Apr-1977 See Photo
Bruner Elijah 20-May-1898 16-Mar-1962 See Photo
Bruner Ellen Norma 24-Dec-1862 14-Apr-1960 See Photo
Bruner Elmer (Bob) 12-Jan-1919 4-Aug-1996 See Photo
Bruner Essie 27-Jan-1912 13-May-1981 See Photo
Bruner G.T. (Grant Tecumseh) 2-Sep-1875 24-Dec-1924 See Photo
Bruner Horace W. 1-Apr-1908 1-Jul-1976 See Photo
Bruner Jack 12-Jan-1880 17-Nov-1947 See Photo
Bruner Lucy 11-Jan-1851 28-Dec-1940 See Photo
Bruner Mann 16-Apr-1962 5-Oct-1962 See Photo
Bruner Nancy J. 8-Sep-1881 7-Dec-1933 See Photo
Bruner Opal 9-Jul-1905 1-Aug-1984 See Photo
Bruner Pearl 16-Apr-1962 5-Oct-1962 See Photo
Bruner Polly 15-Feb-1879 2-Nov-1937 See Photo
Bruner Pompey 1891 22-Feb-1925 See Photo
Bruner Roberta 9-Jan-1906 12-Jul-1926 See Photo
Bruner Royal 1893 unk See Photo
Bruner Thelma 11-Jul-1914 30-Mar-1981 See Photo
Conway Avery Etta (Taylor)   2010 See Photo
Crain Neff 13-Mar-1876 16-Apr-1942 See Photo
Crain Polly 25-Nov-1882 25-Mar-1966 See Photo
Crain Tombstone     See Photo
Curtiss Dollie Sango 15-Jan-1905 6-Apr-1972 See Photo
Dunlap Jewerl 15-Oct-1921 10-Jul-1955 See Photo
Edwards Arch 28-Jun-1908 28-Jun-1962 See Photo
Edwards Claudia P. 27-Feb-1904 26-Sep-1985 See Photo
Edwards Irene Bruner 9-Jan-1912 10-May-1969 See Photo
Edwards Noble L. 1-Apr-1906 1949 See Photo
Evans Ollie G. 23-Feb-1924 23-Jun-1977 See Photo
Glass Mollie B. 23-Nov-1874 19-Apr-1926 See Photo
Hibbitt John H. 18-Apr-1892 21-May-1970 See Photo
Hill Joe Louis 17-Jul-1938 24-Jun-1993 See Photo
Morgan T.M. 1859 1934 See Photo
Perryman Pearl Bruner 16-Nov-1890 24-Jun-1928 See Photo
Rhodes J.B. 21-Nov-1929 30-Oct-1997 See Photo
Roark Bertha 1-Jul-1921 1-Mar-1978 See Photo
Roark Mary Ann 30-Jun-1885 14-Oct-1953 See Photo
Sango Clarence 1897 1962 See Photo
Sneed Johnnie 12-Sep-1902 24-May-1941 See Photo
Sneed Lee 16-Sep-1896 26-Apr-1965 See Photo
Sneed Roger 18-Mar-1922 21-Jun-1977 See Photo
Stewart Edna Irene 14-Mar-1898 28-Dec-1997 See Photo
Taylor Lucille Rebecca 21-Jun-1880 25-Dec-1964 See Photo
Taylor Mable 18-Jun-1905 27-Feb-1992 See Photo
Taylor Sam 8-Feb-1904 2-Nov-1963 See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Unknown       See Photo
Willis Bettye Joe 3-Aug-1932 10-Jul-1934 See Photo


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