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Cemetery Pic
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff
Layout map of cemetery.
Veterans Memorial.

Sacred Heart Cemetery
Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © 2001-Present by: Jim Woodruff

Sacred Heart Cemetery is located east of Asher and west of Konawa. From the intersection of Hwy. 177 and Hwy. 39, go east on Hwy. 39 for seven miles. At NS-348, turn left and go north almost one mile. Turn left (west) and the cemetery is on the south side of the road. I have listed the graves by row starting from the west end of the cemetery with plots proceeding from north to south. Examples: R2-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of row 2. R1-3 would be the third grave in from the north end of the first row at the west end of the cemetery.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please email area coordinator.

Lot Number Last Name First & Middle Born Died Comments
R1-21 AKERMAN FRANCIS C. 7/5/1925 1/28/1956 CPL USMCR WW II Photo
R4-17 AKERMAN INFANT 38 9/15/1938 9/15/1938 Son of John & Theresa Photo
R4-18AKERMANMARY LOUISE12/20/19253/7/1926Daughter of John and Theresa Photo
R4-19AKERMANALBERT EDWARD10/26/192811/27/1928Son of John and Theresa Photo
R4-20AKERMANINFANT 325/27/19325/27/1932Son of John and Theresa Photo
R4-21AKERMANINFANT 338/26/19338/26/1933Son of John and Theresa Photo
R4-22AKERMANINFANT 352/20/19352/20/1935Son of John and Theresa Photo
R5-17AKERMANTHERESA4/30/189511/14/1986Wife of Dan Photo
R5-18AKERMANDAN8/24/19007/24/1937 Photo
R5-27AKERMANDENA189111/26/1918Wife of J. L. Photo
R8-19AKERMANJOHN WILLIAM3/7/194011/27/1940Son of Nick and Margaret Photo
UNKAKERMANMICHAEL D.1/4/19274/7/2010Swearingen FH Photo
R8-20AKERMANCLEMENT LEE10/10/192911/23/1931Son of Nick and Margaret Photo
R12-2AKERMANTHERESA19051946 Photo
UNKAKERMANGLEN DALE2/12/19594/19/2008 Photo
UNKALDERSONFRANKIE JO {LeCLAIRE}4/20/195312/22/2004Wife of Leonard Photo
LEONARD JOE JR.7/22/19501/4/2009SP4 US Army Vietnam Obit
R1-35ALLENALEXANDER R.3/2/194311/25/1968Oklahoma
AN US Navy Photo
UNKALLENJERRY DON8/14/19403/10/2007Tonkawa - Sac and Fox Photo
RICHARD WILLIAM1/6/19374/25/1962CPL USMC Photo
R1-40ALLENVIOLA {RHODD}5/15/19156/5/2002Wife of Wallace H. Sr. Photo
WALLACE HOMER SR.4/30/19147/22/1986PVT USA WW II Photo
R3-35 ANDERSON MAGGIE {McCRAW} 4/26/1911 11/25/2001 Wife of Delmer Obit Photo
R3-36 ANDERSON BILLY JACK 2/19/1938 6/24/1981 Photo
DELMER 4/15/1913 12/23/1987 Married Dec 27 1933
R10-10 ARDANS JOHN No dates 1923 Photo
R4-13BAKERWILLIAM ANDREW3/6/19543/7/1954twin brother of Samuel David Photo
R4-14BAKERSAMUEL DAVID3/6/19543/7/1954twin brother of William Andrew Photo
R4-3BARNICKELGEORGIE1/6/191210/24/1913 Photo
R14-4BARNICKELAGNES19041960 Photo
R7-8BARTHELMEMARY A.2/15/18506/27/1899Wife of E. Barthelme Photo
R7-22BARTHELMEFRANCES7/6/18828/2/1960Wife of Frank C. Photo
R7-23BARTHELMEFRANK C.5/29/18798/12/1967 Photo
R5-35BASSETTCLINTON WILLIAM7/28/197012/17/1999 Photo
R16-33BATEMANBERTHA A.12/22/18992/15/1989Wife of Alvin M.
R16-34BATEMANALVIN M.9/16/190312/7/1984CSF USN WW II
R16-35BATEMANALVIN JR.11/12/19263/26/1999CPL USA WW II Photo
R16-36BATEMANTHELMA J.3/2/19277/14/1999Married Alvin Oct 3 1952 Photo
R6-33BEANMARY1/7/18943/20/1900Inside an Iron Fence Photo
R6-34BEANLOUISA2/4/18621/12/1901Wife of G. W. Photo
R15-8BEOUBEINCLARA BELL10/26/185912/4/1921Wife of J. B. Photo
R7-4BERTRANDCARRIE E.6/11/18762/10/1944Wife of John W. Photo
R7-5BERTRANDJOHN W.8/28/1874No date Photo
R7-6BERTRANDRICHARD6/23/18395/22/1915 Photo
R7-7BERTRANDABBY6/5/183312/15/1910Wife of Richard Photo
R16-18BIBBJAMES E.No dates7/22/1940COOK, 5 Company Coast Artillery Photo
R6-10BORNICKELAUGUSTA1/2/18715/4/1943Daughter of Wilhelm and Anna Photo
R6-11BORNICKELANNA3/17/18384/12/1915Wife of Wilhelm Photo
R6-12BORNICKELWILHELM12/30/18411/6/1925 Photo
R1-45BOURBONNAISNAOMI5/26/18945/19/1980 Photo
R10-1BOUSKACYRIL PETER3/17/18884/7/1968 Photo
R10-2BOUSKAA.18435/10/1917age 74 yrs Photo
R10-3BOUSKAANTONIA18531934 Photo
R8-11BRADLEYRICHARD D.3/4/194112/6/1942 Photo
R14-7BRASNELLARTIE E.12/2/18959/3/1912Daughter of A. and M. D. Photo
R14-8BRASNELLFLOYD E.11/24/19027/4/1903Son of A. and M. D. Photo
R13-4BROWNLUVINA V.2/12/18927/7/1902Daughter of J. D. and Ida Photo
R2-2 BRUNO MOSES 6/7/1874 2/1/1960 "PER-SHE-AT-WON" Photo
R2-3 BRUNO FRANCES "NOD-AH-QUA" 2/18/1884 1/8/1960 Wife of Moses Photo
R4-32 BRUNO SAM W. 5/17/1863 8/7/1936 Photo
R9-3 BRUNO JACOB 10/28/1894 9/4/1898 Son of Joseph and Ellen Photo
R12-9 BRUNO THERESA 6/15/1874 6/15/1944 Photo
R12-10 BRUNO ELIZABETH JOSETTE 1/2/1932 5/26/1940 Photo
UNK BRUNO MOSE JR. 9/23/1917 4/3/1956 Photo
UNK BRUNO ROBERT "BOB" 11/15/1914 12/12/1968 Married Dec 30 1939 Photo
UNK BRUNO ZOA MARIE {WANO} 4/7/1911 5/31/1987 Wife of Robert Photo
UNK BUCK GLENDA F. {JOHNSON} 11/14/1931 6/2/2007 Photo
R15-4BURBONNYLILLIE4/16/188312/2/1897Daughter of Frank and Anna Photo
R15-6BURNETTMARY M.3/25/18256/9/1895 Photo
UNKBURNETTEMMA ANDERSON18561885Wife of Joseph W. Photo
UNK BURNETT ISABELL {McDOLE} 1869 11/3/1902 Wife of Joseph W.
Daughter of James P. and Susan Vasseur McDole Photo
R3-32BURROWSHENRY W.7/4/185912/29/1909 Photo
R3-33BURROWSLAURA12/3/18631/19/1957 Photo
UNKUNK CA. M.   Photo
R1-17 CAMPBELL DONALD GENE 9/26/1936 8/22/1996 Married April 16 1955 Photo
R1-17 CAMPBELL PATRICIA MARIE {SEMTNER}     Wife of Donald G. Photo
UNK CAMPBELL GARY DON 1/19/1956 5/31/2004 Photo
R1-18CAMPBELLTYLER5/12/19998/22/1999 Photo
R6-37CAMPBELLSHAWNA ELIZABETH6/23/19741/20/2003Cooper FH mm Photo
UNKCAMPBELLTIMOTHY WAYNE9/19/19579/30/2004 Photo
R12-3CANFIELDLOTTIE E.10/10/18887/24/1972Wife of Edward W. Photo
R12-4CANFIELDEDWARD W.2/9/18807/24/1928 Photo
R4-24CAREYJULIA T.8/4/18462/2/1929Wife of George C. Photo
R4-25CAREYGEORGE C.7/3/18582/5/1929 Photo
R3-14CASTLEBURYJ. A. "UNCLE JIM"11/1/18594/20/1935 Photo
R15-11CASTLEBURYJOSEPHINE "AUNT JOSIE"4/16/18724/12/1946Wife of J. A. Photo
R16-37CAVENDERWILLIAM10/9/190211/1964FH mm Photo
R3-1CAWLEYMARY3/4/18439/19/1898 Photo
R15-13CHABANDADEL K.12/16/18865/7/1898Daughter of J. J. and A. M.
R15-14CHABANDADELE M.1/17/18465/7/1898Wife of J. J. Photo
R15-15CHABANDADOLPHE M.3/2/18895/7/1898Son of J. J. and A. M.Photo
R9-25CLEARYJULIA A.4/18/185211/8/1925 Photo
R5-33COMERFORDBESSIE L.1/9/19177/16/1972Wife of John A. Photo
R5-34COMERFORDJOHN A.12/2/19128/16/1978 Photo
R3-5COPELANDLEO5/4/19008/17/1900 Photo
R3-28COPELANDJ. T.7/17/187512/17/1916 Photo
R3-29COPELANDJ. B.8/31/184410/20/1921 Photo
R3-30COPELANDFRANCIS P.12/25/18567/29/1946Wife of J. B. Photo
R16-20COYLEJOHN D.18711929 Photo
R6-4CRAINTRIXIE12/1/189511/5/1900Daughter of J. M. and Lula Photo
R3-31CUDEROSIE M.18881909 Photo
R14-9CUELLARRACHEL C.8/18/19117/12/1980 Photo
R1-50CUFFMARY A.12/29/18901/2/1910Wife of Anthony Photo
R5-11CUFFELLA11/1/18891/24/1924Born Co. Sligo, Ireland Photo
R5-12CUFFTERESA6/19/189011/24/1970 Photo
R5-13CUFFJOHN J.1/22/18775/25/1933 Photo
R5-14CUFFOLA8/30/188411/5/1944Wife of John J. Photo
R5-15CUFFANTHONY18851973 Photo
R5-16CUFFMARY M.18901910Wife of Anthony Photo
R5-37CURLEYMARY S.2/28/19149/25/1985Wife of Robert J. Photo
R5-38CURLEYROBERT J.9/15/19077/13/1972PVT 300 Engr Battalion World War II Photo
R6-36CURLEYA. ALYSIORS4/12/19125/6/1983Married Cleda M. Feb 15 1939 Photo
R7-25CURLEYJOSETTE4/6/18499/24/1911Wife of Andrew Photo
R7-26CURLEYALEX1/10/189311/6/1961SGT USA World War I Photo
R15-17CURNUTTIVA3/25/18989/17/1899Daughter of W. L. and Mary J. Photo
R15-18CURNUTTMAGGIE3/10/18974/13/1897Daughter of W. L. and Mary J. Photo
R16-8DAVISFRANK P.1/12/18689/2/1932 Photo
R16-9DAVISALICE P.7/1/18689/10/1934 Photo
R1-22DEISTERPHILIP H.8/23/18931/6/1967PFC US Guard World War I Photo
R7-24DEISTERLOUIE F.2/3/19201/5/1992USA World War II Photo
R8-14DEISTERJOHN T.2/14/18841/6/1959 
R8-15DEISTERELLEN6/20/18864/12/1963Wife of John T.
R8-16DEISTERGRADY5/12/19254/1/1926 Photo
R8-17DEISTERHENRY T.5/15/191511/13/1988 Photo
R8-18DEISTERDORIS J.6/24/19332/11/2001Married Henry T. Jul 6 1955 Photo
R9-14DEISTERCYNTHIA E.18511939Wife of John T. Photo
R9-15DEISTERJOHN T.18471929 Photo
R9-16DEISTERJOSEPH FRANCIS12/22/189212/28/1899Son of J. T. and C. E.
R2-7DeLONAISGRACE E.2/12/190511/7/1973Wife of William B. Photo
R2-8DeLONAISWILLIAM B.11/15/19001/3/1979Married May 5 1925 Photo
R4-12DeLONAISPHILLIP MARTIN3/9/19603/9/1960 Photo
R4-26DeLONAISFRANCIS7/22/18806/17/1929 Photo
R4-27DeLONAISMARY M.8/4/18759/20/1960 Photo
UNKDeLONAISJAMES LEO3/26/193411/2/2003 Photo
R11-11DWYERM. M.3/9/186812/31/1945Difficult to read Photo
R16-16ECKKATE8/27/191110/22/1912Daughter of J. L. and M. E. Photo
R9-40EISCHEIDANNITA (ZOELLER)6/2/19031/9/1988 Photo
UNKEISCHEIDJAMES HENRY "JIM"9/24/192812/1/2006Lt Col US Air Force Korea Vietnam Photo
R15-9EVANSMARY G.4/29/19176/9/1953 Photo
R6-3EVERETTMARY R.19401940Huber Benson FH Photo
R9-1EVERETTTINA {ISAACS}12/16/19671/5/1984 Photo
R9-41FARRISLUCILLE {RICHARDS}3/26/19158/12/1999Wife of William L. Photo
R9-42FARRISWILLIAM LONZO7/5/19072/2/1993Married Apr 27 1933 Photo
R13-5FRANKLININFANT11/15/189712/5/1899 Photo
R13-6FRANKLINALLIE C.7/22/18958/20/1895 Photo
R3-7GALLEMOREMABLE1/16/18856/25/1902 Photo
R5-22GIBSONNORMAN V.3/17/18874/7/1968PVT Evac Hosp 15 World War I Photo
R5-23GIBSONKATHERINE18911974 Photo
R7-28GILSTRAPF. MAYBELL6/18/18971/12/1900Daughter of J. C. and L. P.Photo
R4-39GIUGNIMARIA THEREZINHA11/28/19293/6/1998"Esposa Mae Vovo Querida" Photo
R8-21GOOTEEANNIE C.11/30/18847/18/1923Daughter of George and Sidney Photo
R8-22GOOTEEGEORGE ORA7/29/18882/9/1923Son of George and Sidney Photo
R8-23GOOTEESIDNEY MARY (THOMAS)4/5/18587/4/1925Wife of George W. Photo
R8-24GOOTEEGEORGE WELFORD2/26/18466/6/1927 Photo
R8-25GOOTEEANDREW D.9/27/18921/25/1936Son of George and Sidney Photo
R8-26GOOTEEJOSEPH R.3/3/18981/19/1973Son of George and Sidney Photo
R8-27GOOTEEROY J.3/3/18981/19/1973Same person as Joseph R.? Photo
R8-28GOOTEEIVA B.8/20/18998/7/1987Wife of Roy J.
R6-21GREENCATHERINE BEATRICE7/29/191812/10/1977 Photo
R9-32GREENISAAC CHRISTOPHER11/4/195611/11/1978Married CindyMay 5 1976 Photo
R10-5GREENWILLIAM H.No dates7/20/1932Oklahoma SGT QMC Photo
R10-6GREENJOE B.4/17/191212/25/1966Oklahoma PFC 550 Engrs World War II Photo
R10-7GREENMARY AGNES2/18/18929/26/1972 Photo
R10-9 GREEN DAVID RAPHAEL 8/28/1925 9/17/2001 ABMPH3 USN WW II Obit Photo
R1-46 GROVE IVA MARIE {BOURBONNAIS} 4/20/1922 7/6/1989 Wife of Joseph W. Photo
R1-46A GROVE JOSEPH WILLIAM 9/25/1921 1/5/2007 Married Sep 3 1952
ACAD U. S. Navy World War II Obit Photo
R1-47 GROVE JOSEPH "PATRICK" 5/31/1957 11/17/2001 Photo
R6-24 GROVE ANNA CATHERINE {KUESTERSTEFFEN} 7/29/1885 7/5/1969 Wife of Arthur P. Photo
R6-25 GROVE ARTHUR PATRICK 3/20/1882 4/5/1946 Photo
R6-26 GROVE MARY 11/22/1849 8/15/1886 Wife of Christopher C.
buried in Dale, Nebraska-
Chge Mary actual DOD from 1885 to 1886 Photo
R6-27 GROVE CHRISTOPHER C. 6/12/1848 11/22/1936 Photo
R6-28 GROVE SUSIE 1890 1953 Wife of Christopher Photo
R6-29 GROVE CHRISTOPHER 1879 1957 Husband of Susie
Father of Hubert Photo
R6-31 GROVE OMA LUECILLE 9/3/1920 8/14/2003 Wife of Hubert C. Photo
R6-32 GROVE HUBERT C. "GOOB" 10/8/1920 5/23/1980 PFC US Army World War II Photo
R7-37 GROVE THEODORE 11/22/1916 1/2/1990 Married Fern Oct 16 1940 Photo
UNK GROVE CLIFFORD DALE "CLIFF" 2/12/1955 9/27/2008 PhotoH/O Sheila m:1/1/1997
UNK GROVE RONALD LEE 7/21/1944 4/27/2004 Obit
R6-5 HALL EUSTACE D. JR. 7/23/1915 10/26/1918 Son of Eustace and Arletha Photo
R6-6HALLLEO B.12/25/19073/13/1908Son of Eustace and Arletha Photo
R6-7HALLEUSTACE D.6/5/188210/25/1957 Photo
R6-8HALLARLETHA C.4/8/188612/20/1960Wife of Eustace D. Photo
R6-9HALLGEORGE7/20/190410/2/1904 Photo
HALLAM MICHAEL JOHN 5/20/1980 6/6/2022 Obit S/O John & Kathryn Hallmam
R15-12HAMBLINISABEL A.12/14/19062/18/1988 Photo
R6-35HARPOLLIE M.8/8/19115/22/1911Daughter of J. M. and N. A. Photo
R16-26HARRISELMER J.11/17/19048/27/1905Son of J. W. and M. J. Photo
SAMUEL LAWRENCE6/12/19569/9/2009US Navy Vietnam Natl Defense Service Medal Photo
R3-8HIGDONMARY V.18771910 Photo
R4-10HIGDONJOE F.18711925 Photo
R5-9HIGDONRAYMOND J.5/10/19301/1/1950SGT 502 AF TAC Cont'l Photo
R6-17HIGDONJOHN L.18501903 Photo
R6-18HIGDONLONY A.18541906Wife of John L. Photo
R5-29HILLERMANLUCY (GROVE)18861969Wife of August A. Photo
R7-16HILLERMANBENEDICT J.3/19/18868/15/1980 Photo
R7-17HILLERMANJOSEPHINE M.11/22/18868/14/1967Wife of Benedict J. Photo
R7-18HILLERMANMARY JOSEPHINE4/9/187512/10/1918 Photo
R7-20HILLERMANBENEDICT1/14/18315/25/1919 Photo
R7-21HILLERMANKATHERINE5/10/18516/26/1920Wife of Benedict Photo
R1-4HODGESORVAL HOWARD8/28/191110/30/1967PVT USAAF World War II Photo
R1-5HODGESVESTA LEE3/21/19182/3/2003Wife of Orval H. Photo
R2-4HODGESSIBYL8/1/19134/1/1995"Childcare Giver" Photo
R5-31HORSLEYEMERY F.11/18/19006/22/1901Son of W. J. and Sarah Photo
R5-32HORSLEYSARAH3/8/187311/29/1900Wife of W. J. Photo
R1-1HORTONTHOMAS18821958 Photo
R13-2HUDSONJESSIE E.6/26/18977/10/1898 Photo
R13-3HUDSONCOLUMBUS6/14/19016/30/1902Son of A. J. and L. Photo
R3-24HURSTELRAY J.3/13/19041/21/1967 Photo
R3-25HURSTLESTER W.8/17/18935/27/1992 Photo
R6-19IMMELJULIANNA18541929 Photo
R7-12IMMELJOSEPH18441903 Photo
R3-13INGRAMBATT2/13/19144/15/1994Married Jun 10 1935 Photo
R3-13INGRAMTHELMA {RICHARDS}4/21/1917 Wife of Batt Photo
R13-1JOHNSONOSTEN11/3/19028/17/1903Son of J. C. and M. E. Photo
R7-33JOHNSTONJAMES ELMER7/16/19297/29/1995USMC Korea Photo
R7-34JOHNSTONLORENA M.5/15/19102/8/1981Married Elmer Feb 13 1926 Photo
R7-36JOHNSTONWILLIAM BOYD2/16/193512/21/1999SP4 US Army Photo
R15-2JONESGEORGE1/22/18989/22/1898 Photo
R15-3JONESWILLIAM1/22/18988/2/1898 Photo
R16-1JONESEDWARD P.18681949 Photo
R16-2JONESALICE18701937Wife of Edward P.
R16-3JONESMERRITT L.8/8/189412/20/1932SGT 322 Mtr Trans Corps Photo
R13-9JORDANJIM18781943 Photo
R3-45KEREZMANMICHAEL JOHN12/2/193912/3/2002Married Maretha O. Aug 3 1968 Photo
R9-36KHOURYTHELMA B.3/9/19096/28/1990Married Maron Jul 5 1924 Photo
R9-37KHOURYMARON K.12/5/19029/24/1977 Photo
R6-22KUESTERSTEFFENTHERESA M.6/19/18927/4/1975 Photo
R6-23KUESTERSTEFFENKASPER F.9/26/18791/27/1958 Photo
R9-29KUESTERSTEFFENJOSEPH B.10/16/193611/8/1965 Photo
R9-30KUESTERSTEFFENCATHERINE A.10/10/19133/21/1985Wife of Benedict C. Photo
R9-31KUESTERSTEFFENBENEDICT C.9/23/191110/30/1976 Photo
R9-33 KUESTERSTEFFEN FRED JOSEPH 12/16/1927 12/5/1979 CPL USA Korea
Married Sep 26 1953 Photo
R9-33 KUESTERSTEFFEN MARGARET D. 3/11/1934   Wife of Fred J. Photo
R16-19LARACYJOSEPH18561912 Photo
R4-28LASTERJOSEPH MERRITT11/12/19059/11/1969 Photo
R4-29LASTERRUBY LEWIS11/14/190611/23/1977Wife of Joseph M. Photo
R16-6LATENDREJOENo dates12/15/1896 Photo
R2-5LEHMANAGNES LOREN {McCRAW}12/9/190910/6/2000Wife of William A. Photo
R2-6LEHMANWILLIAM ALBERT10/12/19064/16/1996Married Oct 25 1928 Photo
R4-47LEHMANDAVID SR.18501907 
R4-48LEHMANCONNIE LEE6/27/19636/30/1963 
R4-49LEHMANBILLY RAY7/31/19411/10/1994 
R4-50LEHMANBERNARD1/19/19207/11/19791st LT US Army World War II
R4-51LEHMANTHELMA11/21/19198/2/1998Wife of Bernard
R4-52LEHMANROBERT JOSEPH8/12/19442/12/2000 
R4-54LEHMANDAVID PHILLIP7/29/19144/21/1997TEC5 US Army World War II Photo
R4-56LEHMANCECELIA M.5/29/19203/14/1985Married Bill Feb 7 1939
R4-57LEHMANWILLIE A.1/30/19124/16/2002PVT US Army World War II
R4-58LEHMANGREGORY THOMAS5/2/19268/19/1985US Navy World War II
R4-59LEHMANDENISE WYNETTE {EVANS}8/9/19585/18/1987Married David Jan 29 1979
R6-1LEHMANBELLE B.2/8/188412/11/1963Wife of George Photo
R6-2LEHMANGEORGE8/19/18779/16/1945 Photo
R9-17LEHMANREGA C.12/21/190310/13/1922Daughter of J. W. and Rosa Photo
R9-21LEHMANALEEN E.10/25/190811/20/1924 Photo
R9-22LEHMANROBERT J.8/25/19228/15/1944SSGT USAAF World War II Photo
R9-23LEHMANANNA3/30/188612/2/1971Married Dave Nov 12 1907 Photo
R9-24LEHMANDAVE11/1/18844/6/1959 Photo
R9-26LEHMANROSA L.9/15/18803/17/1965Wife of Joseph W. Photo
R9-27LEHMANJOSEPH W.5/27/187511/21/1952 Photo
R9-34LEHMANJOSEPH THOMAS2/16/191412/10/1975 Photo
R8-29MATTHEWSMARY HELEN6/4/19222/10/1996Wife of Rex C. Photo
R8-30MATTHEWSREX CALVIN2/6/192012/2/1994TSGT USMC World War II Photo
R3-40McBROOMHURSHEL EARL12/19/19172/3/1989 Photo
UNKMcBROOMMARY EMMA MOLLIE8/11/19206/11/2006Swearingen FH Photo
R3-38McCRAWCHELSEA RACHELLE11/29/198412/24/1984Daughter of Emmit D. Photo
R3-39McCRAWEMMIT DOUGLAS "Butch"2/7/19588/18/1985Father of Chelsea Rachelle Photo
R4-7McCRAWALICE MAY9/4/18821/31/1925Wife of James E. Photo
R4-8McCRAWJAMES EDWARD11/4/18846/13/1930 Photo
R4-44McCRAWLAURA1/30/19113/2/1981Wife of James
R4-45McCRAWJAMES "ED"2/22/19132/26/1979 
R4-46McCRAWMARY SUE10/3/196310/3/1963 
UNK McCRAW CAROL FAYE {McGUIRE} 8/28/1943 5/2/2004 Wife of Robert J. Obit Photo
UNK McCRAW LAVETA J. 11/25/1927 9/17/2006 Wife of Jack C. Photo
UNK McCRAW ROBERT JEROME "JERRY" 1/9/1943   Married Jul 11 1963 Photo
R5-19McDOLEJAMES PATRICK18371905 Photo
R5-20McDOLESOPHIE KAHDOT18631907Wife of James P. Photo
R5-21McDOLEMICHAEL18891910Son of James and Sophie Photo
R16-7 McGOWEN CLARISSA 7/4/1872 4/3/1926 Photo
R14-5McNEILLDORA B.9/24/18709/4/1899Wife of G. E. Photo
R14-6McNEILLG. E.12/31/186011/21/1907 Photo
R12-1MEGAHBENEDICT5/5/18932/26/1918 Photo
R8-5MELTONBABY BOY19051905 Photo
R8-6MELTONBABY GIRL19081908 Photo
UNKMERKELANNA LEE6/4/19155/16/2006 Photo
R7-30MIERSBEULAH M.4/13/19116/9/1911Daughter of E. M. and Z. C. Photo
R7-31MIERSOZELA C.8/26/19131/31/1916Daughter of E. M. and Z. C.Photo
R10-8MILLERFRED H.10/29/19287/8/2002MSGT USAF Korea and Vietnam Photo
R15-22MILLERANNA3/25/18386/19/1897Wife of John
She came from Velpen, Indiana Photo
R1-51MITCHELLALVA RAYE9/15/19444/11/1997MSGT USAF Vietnam Photo
R4-23MITCHELLJOHN18383/25/1917 Photo
R1-9MONCRIEFEVA LEE19142002 Photo
R4-9MOSLERJOSEPH7/19/18482/4/1938 Photo
R4-11MOSLERJOHN18811946 Photo
R14-1MYERSHENRY A.10/18/18666/3/1906 Photo
R14-2MYERSROSIE M.7/17/19047/17/1904 Photo
R1-43NAVEHOOLEY ALLEN3/7/19141/16/1995  Photo
R1-44NAVEEDITH {RHODD}1/12/19142/13/2002Wife of Hooley A. Photo
R1-31NEGAHNQUETTHOMAS J.4/17/189411/29/1967SGT 1060 QMC World War II Photo
R1-32NEGAHNQUETALOYSIUS JOSEPH10/6/18965/28/1965 Photo
R3-15NEGAHNQUETJOHN18801910 Photo
R3-16NEGAHNQUETANGELINE18551907Wife of Stephen Photo
R3-17NEGAHNQUETALBERT J.12/11/187411/13/1944 Photo
R3-20NEGAHNQUETMARY18831905 Photo
R3-21NEGAHNQUETSTEVE18901932 Photo
R3-22NEGAHNQUETJOSEPH A.10/19/18777/24/1967 Photo
R3-23NEGAHNQUETMINNIE R.1/22/18834/2/1970 Photo
R3-26NEGAHNQUETMARY LOUISE11/24/19262/19/1993 Photo
R3-41NEGAHNQUETANTHONY J.12/14/19169/12/2002"Uncle Tony" Photo
R3-42NEGAHNQUETWILLIAM JOSEPH6/25/19494/24/1984 Photo
R3-43NEGAHNQUETLYDA M.12/15/19178/3/1999Wife of Joseph A. Photo
R3-44NEGAHNQUETJOSEPH A.11/2/19147/19/1989Married Sep 16 1941 Photo
R16-28NELSONELSIE M.2/13/18938/18/1899Daughter of J. P. and A. M.
R13-7NICHOLASCLYDE E.8/18/19416/25/1996 Photo
R13-8NICHOLASKATHERINE VICTORIA {McCOWEN}11/10/19101/24/1990 Photo
R1-23NICKLASEDGAR F.1/30/190412/15/1971 Photo
R7-9NICKLASCLARENCE J.1/16/18987/16/1966 Photo
R7-10NICKLASALBERT J.2/15/186712/24/1916 Photo
R7-11NICKLASBERTHA12/27/186711/25/1939Wife of Albert J. Photo
R12-5NIEUWENHUISHENRIETTA4/13/18523/21/1912Wife of William J. Photo
R12-6NIEUWENHUISWILLIAM J.6/18/184612/13/1915 Photo
R7-29NIXONSARAH S.1/15/18232/9/1903 Photo
R16-12NONATHOMAS1/7/19116/28/1947PFC 107 Cavalry World War II Photo
R16-13NONAIGNATIOUS8/5/19174/22/1981TSGT USA World War II Photo
R16-14NONAMATILDA F.6/12/18924/21/1983Married Joseph Feb 8 1910 Photo
R16-15NONAJOSEPH A.8/12/18902/10/1950PVT 162 Depot Brigade World War I Photo
R16-17NONAWILLIAM MONTE7/21/19149/25/1983PFC US Army WW II Photo
R7-2OBRECHTCLARA ABIGAIL3/28/19019/17/1905Daughter of Laura E. Photo
R7-3OBRECHTLAURA ELIZABETH8/29/18694/17/1906 Photo
R7-1OBRIGHTMADELINE9/19/18722/28/1903 Photo
R3-3O'CONNORNERVESTA M.2/10/185211/10/1933Wife of Patrick H. Photo
R3-4O'CONNORPATRICK HENRY2/10/185111/11/1933SGT Company A 27 VA Infantry CSA Photo
R10-4O'CONNORJOHN7/22/19247/22/1924 Photo
R11-1O'CONNORGLORIA {BADEAU}3/4/194710/25/1998 Photo
R11-2O'CONNORJOE BERNARD7/22/19241/12/1997US Army Korea Photo
R11-3O'CONNORANNA5/12/18947/24/1982Wife of Ardis L. Photo
R11-4O'CONNORARDIS L.3/31/18942/27/1994 Photo
R15-16O'CONNORINFANT3/4/19153/4/1915Son of Arthur and Amelia Photo
UNKO'CONNORDWAINE F.7/31/19471/15/2010SP5 US Army Vietnam Photo
UNKO'CONNORGARLAND LEO7/24/19184/6/2004PVT US Army World War II Photo
R16-5OGEEEMILY A.11/27/185110/3/1896 Photo
R11-10OSPITALSAMSON5/14/18725/31/1929 Photo
R16-27PARISL. L.1/3/18973/25/1899Son of C. B. and A. M. Photo
R16-29PARISNELLIE E.7/1/18768/26/1899aged 23 yr 1 mo 26 dys
Daughter of C. G. and S. J. Photo
R16-30PARISSARAH J.9/12/183511/18/1905Wife of C .G. Photo
R16-31PARISC. G.3/6/182912/24/1889 
R15-24PATTERSONDIANA J.1/17/19333/20/1933 Photo
R5-42PELTIEROSCAR M.10/27/192710/6/1985USA WW II Photo
R15-7PEYTONMARY A.5/1/18493/28/1924Wife of J.T. Photo
R1-33PHILLIPSROSALIE (WAWYOTCH)2/10/18926/1966 Photo
Joseph Price 9/3/1961 7/15/2023 H/o Ginger
R5-36POTTERGEORGE W.4/20/18255/12/1900Stone is overturned Photo
R16-23POWELLWILLIAM W.6/2/18958/2/1896 Photo
R16-25POWELLJOSEPH J.3/16/18678/16/1900 Photo
R4-4PRESLEYBOBBY GENE1/12/19313/2/1931 Photo
R16-21PRICEW. B.5/18/18484/11/1898 Photo
R1-10RAFFERTYGRACE H.7/25/18994/30/1972Wife of Martin E. Photo
R1-11RAFFERTYMARTIN E.1/1/189212/16/1972 Photo
R3-11RAFFERTYWILLIAM4/26/18847/15/1905 Photo
R1-37RHODDMARY M.2/28/18827/22/1964 Photo
R1-38RHODDMAGGIE10/4/19018/5/1971 Photo
R1-39RHODDCHARLES D.5/18/18941/13/1974 Photo
R1-48RHODDZOE ROSALIE12/18/191010/1/1978 Photo
R5-1RHODDZOE18403/6/1936 Photo
R5-2RHODDALEXANDER18436/10/1910 Photo
R5-40RHODDELIZABETH "LIZZIE"2/14/19062/6/1966 Photo
R5-41RHODDENOS E.7/3/18765/30/1968 Photo
R10-13RHODDALEXANDER2/20/19175/19/1935 Photo
R10-14RHODDADELINE9/10/189510/25/1931 Photo
R10-15RHODDJOHN B.3/16/188312/14/1971 Photo
R10-16RHODDPETER ALBERT11/28/18809/17/1966 Photo
R10-17RHODDGEORGE W.3/9/19097/23/1984 Photo
R10-18RHODDMARY L.3/4/19215/23/1995Wife of George W. Photo
R10-19RHODDJOHN BAPTIST11/20/19586/19/1996 Photo
R10-20RHODDMARLENE M.10/26/193111/3/1998Wife of Frank E. Photo
R10-20ARHODDFRANK EDWARD12/25/19288/8/2008Married Jun 25 1955 Photo
R7-13RICHARDSJOSEPH C.11/19/187611/13/1933 Photo
R7-14RICHARDSE. E.9/7/18806/15/1952 Photo
R7-15RICHARDSSTELLA MAY5/22/189511/10/1984 Photo
R8-7RICHARDSCALICE1/9/18527/21/1930 Photo
R8-8RICHARDSMARGUERITE8/9/1853can't readWife of Calice Photo
R8-9RICHARDSADIANA2/6/18917/6/1899Daughter of Calice and M.
R8-10RICHARDSWILLIE P.12/8/18789/2/1899 Photo
R8-12RICHARDSWILLIAM W.10/28/19208/23/1922 Photo
R3-27RIGGLEMALSIE2/12/18864/28/1905Wife of Earl B.
R6-30RIGNEYCHRISTINE ANN2/20/193912/23/1939 Photo
UNKROBLEDOYOLANDA1/29/196312/31/2009Swearingen FH Photo
R1-29RODELLEDNA19061966Wife of Raymond
R1-30RODELLRAYMOND19041985 Photo
R16-22ROSAMONDJ. N.3/13/18887/9/1915 Photo
R10-11RUMPFEDWARD R.7/25/194811/13/2002Pickard FH
SP4 US Army Vietnam Photo
R1-8SANDERSJOE ERVIN6/1/18996/22/1964 Photo
UNKSANDERSTHERESA A. {GROVES}10/6/192711/22/2008Wife of Willard M. Photo
UNKSANDERSWILLARD MAVIS5/28/192012/16/2002 Photo
R4-30SCOTTIDA MARIE2/14/18825/5/1971 Photo
R6-20SCOTTMARGARETTE {GIBSON}11/3/191212/31/1990Daughter of Kathryn McDole Gibson Photo
R1-34SEABOLTCATHERINE {NEGAHNQUET}1/25/18885/24/1965 Photo
R1-14SEMTNERJAMES B.12/2/19405/7/1973 Photo
R1-15SEMTNERHILDA L.4/18/190810/15/1982Wife of Anton G. Photo
R1-16SEMTNERANTON G.2/1/19049/16/1979 Photo
R1-19SEMTNEREMMA M.8/22/19183/16/1974Married Joseph Aug 1 1944 Photo
R1-20SEMTNERJOSEPH B. SR.10/18/19121/15/1955TEC5 1962 Svc Cmd World War II Photo
R5-44SEMTNERMARY THERESA {TEMPLER}4/14/19505/22/1996Wife of Karl Photo
R6-13SEMTNERRICHARD A.18781930 Photo
R6-14SEMTNERAMANDA M.18711907 Photo
R6-15SEMTNERGUNTHER F.A.18621931 Photo
UNKSEMTNERBRANDICE JOY7/18/19807/16/2004Wife of Kurt Otto Photo
R8-2SHERMANEDWARD H.18581945 Photo
UNKSHORWATUCKJOHN18411900Here Lies An Old Union Soldier Photo
R4-55SILASKENNETH RAY4/3/19334/28/1998SGT USA Korea Photo
R4-55ASILASMATILDA ANN3/10/194010/13/2009wife of Kenneth Ray Photo
R1-2SMITHMARGRET ELLEN3/21/19076/16/1989 Photo
R1-3SMITHGROVER CLEVELAND3/16/18938/14/19626 FA Replace Draft World War I Photo
R5-39SMITHMARGARET {CURLEY}11/28/19145/22/1971 Photo
R8-4SMITHLEONA MARIE7/9/19012/22/1907 Photo
R5-43SOWERSBYJENNIE K. {PELTIER}1/30/19583/30/1996 Photo
R9-18STEINBERGERINFANT6/27/19226/27/1922Son of George and Rose Photo
R9-19STEINBERGERGEORGE A.2/3/18994/2/1930 Photo
R9-20STEINBERGERMARTIN6/16/18671/27/1940 Photo
R4-15SYBENANNA MARY18452/18/1918Wife of Matthias Photo
R4-16SYBENMATTHIAS4/11/18351/19/1911 Photo
R1-49TALL BEARMISTY LOVE10/3/198012/14/1980 Photo
R4-31TARTERJOSIE3/31/188112/4/1908Wife of H.H.
R4-33TARTERGEORGE W.4/12/18749/18/1899 Photo
R4-34TARTERLIZZIE L.6/21/19126/12/1912Dau. of H.H. & Lizzie Photo
R4-35TARTEREMILY6/15/18405/30/1912Wife of Ivy
R4-36TARTERIVY6/15/18387/17/1920 Photo
R4-37TARTEREDNA M.5/14/19138/1/1913Daughter of D. A. and G. M. Photo
R4-38TARTERHENRY H.11/7/186811/22/1916 Photo
R3-12TAYLORFERNANDO18406/30/1906Co. I IND Infantry Volunteer
R5-45TEMPLERROBERT RENE1/20/19527/23/1997 
R9-2THORPECHARLOTTE {VIEUX}186311/17/1901Wife of Hiram P. Photo
R4-41TINNINNOVIE A.1/15/188911/8/1936 
R4-42TINNINBEN F.11/5/18827/25/1937 
UNKTOUPAINMARY M. 4/15/1880aged 36 yrs
wife of ??able Toupain
R1-42TREDWAYKRISTY LEE12/18/197112/19/1971 Photo
R1-42TREDWAYFREDRICK ROBERT {ISHKNO}11/2/193212/18/2007Husband of Marie Nave Photo
R4-40TRIMDELCLARKNo dates Difficult to read
R6-38TUCKERLUKE GABRIEL4/9/20024/9/2002 
R6-39TUCKERWILLIAM CARL3/30/19245/11/1998USMC World War II Photo
R6-40TUCKERJOANN ROSE8/17/19323/21/1998Married William C. Oct 8 1960 Photo
R12-7VAN BURENKATE3/20/187611/8/1924Wife of William M. Photo
R12-8VAN BURENWILLIAM M.3/1/18702/24/1956 Photo
R1-6VEITENHEIMERTHRESA1/31/19058/31/1972Wife of Joseph Photo
R1-7VEITENHEIMERJOSEPH3/21/188512/17/1973Married Nov 1925 Photo
R5-24VEITENHEIMERJOHN9/4/18895/9/1976 Photo
R5-25VEITENHEIMERFRANK3/20/18502/8/1937 Photo
R5-26VEITENHEIMERKATHERINE4/25/18526/14/1917Wife of Frank Photo
R5-28VEITENHEIMERCELESTA7/20/18765/6/1961 Photo
R9-5 VIEUX DESSIE ETTA {VICK} 1/17/1891 4/12/1979 Wife of Nicholas V. Photo
R9-6 VIEUX NICHOLAS V. 2/25/1892 12/18/1970 Photo
R9-7 VIEUX ELVINA No dates   Photo
R9-8 VIEUX ARMINTA No dates   Photo
R9-9 VIEUX VIOLA No dates   Photo
R9-10 VIEUX MADELINE 1868 6/2/1902 Wife of Charles F. Photo
R9-11 VIEUX CHARLES F. 1859 12/9/1939 Photo
R9-12 VIEUX FRANK No dates   Photo
R9-13 VIEUX MARY ELIZABETH {HOLMES} 6/13/1932 10/18/1990 Wife of Charles F. Photo
R9-13 VIEUX CHARLES FRANKLIN 9/2/1924 1/7/2007 Married Jan 23 1956 Obit Photo
R15-19VILLINESJOHN WESLEY9/8/18468/16/1899Son of Nathaniel and Alice
R15-20 VILLINES NOLA ALENE 2/3/1903 4/19/1904 Daughter of G. W. and Annie Photo
R16-24VILLINESBENJAMIN A.7/13/18358/2/1896Stone is broken Photo
R8-3 VIUX ELIZABETH 1850 4/3/1900 Photo
R7-32WALLPAULA JEAN11/12/19596/9/2001 Photo
R9-4WAMEGOOLIVER A.1/21/191811/1/1918 Photo
R8-1WANOZOA7/6/18885/23/1906Daughter of P. L. Photo
R16-10WANOIGNATIUS P.11/7/18636/30/1936 Photo
R16-11WANOWILLIAM5/12/18967/30/1945CPL 79 Infantry 15 Division Photo
R16-32WANOEUGENE5/3/189811/12/1968 Photo
UNKWARDMARY 8/12/1911 Photo
R3-34WEEMSMARY A.18901941 Photo
R15-10WESSELHOFTMARY {BURNETT}8/11/18726/5/1959 Photo
R3-2 WIEMANN REGINA No dates 5/30/1904 Difficult to read
UNKWIETELMANDOROTHY M. {CANFIELD}4/29/192510/18/2004Daughter of Edward and Lottie Canfield Photo
R5-10WILLIAMSLORENE H.2/23/192311/30/1944 Photo
R10-12WILLIAMSONHAZEL ZOE {RHODD}8/1/192512/28/1995Wife of Lloyd E. Photo
UNKWILSONJAMES MARTIN10/8/19663/3/2006 Photo
R7-35WINTERSMARY O.2/25/193312/23/1965Wife of George L. Photo
R7-35WINTERSGEORGE LOUIS5/26/195212/18/2009Married Aug 4 1951 Photo
UNKWOLFLORI "KATHY" McCRAW12/15/19567/12/2006 Photo
R15-23WOLFW. J.5/13/186812/19/1931 Photo
R9-28WOODDAVID RICHARD5/18/19632/27/1964 Photo
R9-35WOODGREGORY MARON2/2/196011/18/1985 Photo
UNKWOODMARY KHOURY1/27/19273/4/2008 Photo
R15-1YOUNGCARL2/1/19086/16/1909 Photo
R15-5YOUNGGEORGE L.9/16/18326/14/1896 Photo
R15-21YOUNGNORIA E.9/28/19007/22/1901 Photo
R16-4YOUNGJOSETTE2/14/18325/9/1913 Photo
R1-12ZOELLERCHARLES ANTHONY11/24/19113/16/1990 Photo
R1-13ZOELLERKATHRINE M.2/19/189510/10/1975 Photo
R1-24ZOELLERFLORENCE A.4/5/19028/15/1992Wife of Benedict J. Photo
R1-25ZOELLERGREGORY3/12/19443/12/1944Son of Benedict and Florence
R1-26ZOELLERBENEDICT J.7/22/18989/12/1975 Photo
R1-26ZOELLERFRANK A.7/3/19482/12/2006Son of Benedict J. and Florence A. Photo
R1-27ZOELLERROSE K.9/25/19025/19/1998Wife of Frederick L. Photo
R1-28ZOELLERFREDERICK L.11/9/19036/13/1969 Photo
R2-1ZOELLERCLEMENT F.12/17/190111/19/1957 Photo
R4-1ZOELLERCHARLES JEROME12/1/19258/8/1928 Photo
R4-2ZOELLERGEORGE19001901 Photo
R4-5ZOELLERBABYNo dates  Photo
R5-3ZOELLERMARY ANN4/18/189911/22/1981 Photo
R5-4ZOELLERALOYSIUS M.5/28/18931/6/1928 Photo
R5-5ZOELLERALOYSIUS11/26/18706/10/1948 Photo
R5-6ZOELLERMARY ANN7/20/18715/29/1930Wife of Aloysius Photo
R5-7ZOELLERFRANK F.12/17/190510/13/1947 Photo
R5-8ZOELLERGREGORY W.3/6/19107/8/1950 Photo
R9-38ZOELLERVIRGINIA {AKIN}12/18/19124/20/1980Wife of Julius Photo
R9-39ZOELLERJULIUS V. "DOC"6/8/191311/23/1979 Photo
R10-21ZOELLERCECILIA4/6/190610/27/1985 Photo
R10-22ZOELLERCATHRYN {HOLMES}10/16/19149/16/1992 Photo
R10-23ZOELLERLEONARD B.3/4/19118/9/1980 Photo
R11-5ZOELLERANTHONY19011905 Photo
R11-6ZOELLERJOHANNA18761959Wife of August Photo
R11-7ZOELLERAUGUST18731938 Photo
R11-8ZOELLERFRANK18991954 Photo
R11-9ZOELLERGRANDMOTHER18331917No given name on stone Photo

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