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Cemetery Pic
Layout map of cemetery.
Photo submitted by: Jim Woodruff

Giles Cemetery
Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © by: Jim Woodruff

Giles Cemetery is located north of Seminole. From I-40, take Hwy. 99 north about three and one half miles to Hwy EW-109 {Moccasin Trail Road}. Go east on EW-109 for two miles. The cemetery is on the north side of the road. I have listed the graves by rows beginning in the east end of the cemetery and proceeding to the west boundary. Within the rows, the plot numbers proceed from north to south. Examples: R2-4 would be the fourth grave in from the north end of second row in from the east end of the cemetery. R7-3 would be the third grave in from the north end of the seventh row.

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit,
tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please email area coordinator.

Lot Number
Last Name
First & Middle
R9-1 BLACKWELL HAZEL MAY 1/31/1912 12/15/1912 Daughter of J. F. & M. C. Photo
R2-7 BLAND ANNIE MARY 1/9/1910 1/29/1987 Photo
R17-10 BOUCHER JULIA F. 9/30/1832 2/17/1907 Wife of J. W. Photo
R17-11 BOUCHER THOMAS J. 4/10/1906 5/3/1907 Son of T. B. & L. B. Photo
R1-10 BRANT CLOVIS GENE 7/9/1925 7/24/1926 Photo
R4-4 BRASHEARS BERTHA 8/1/1888 8/16/1894 Daughter of J. W. & M. E. Photo
R4-5 BRASHEARS INFANT 1/18/1895 1/18/1895 Son of J. W. & M. E. Photo
R14-2 BRASHEARS INFANTS No dates   Sons of A. W. & Hester Photo
R6-13 BREWINGTON H. E. 10/14/1852 5/17/1922 Photo
R12-18 BRYAN Can't read     Field stone marker
R9-10 CARTER ABIGAIL 12/9/1837 5/9/1921 Wife of William Photo
R4-1 CASE CREADON 6/26/1899 10/10/1900 Son of W. H. & Enola Photo
R5-8 CHAMBERLAIN GLATHA DEE 3/1/1925 9/7/1925 Photo
R6-17 CHAMBERLAIN FANNY H. {EDSON} 12/8/1854 1/27/1911 Photo
R6-18 CHAMBERLAIN MILO 11/23/1840 12/31/1925 Photo
R9-5 CHAPMAN ELLER 4/9/1901 10/5/1901 Dau of S. E. & L. D. Photo
R10-5 CHAPMAN DAISY {BENSON} 9/9/1881 9/26/1914 Photo
R10-6 CHAPMAN SOLON ELDEN 5/5/1861 8/6/1916 Photo
R18-14 CRAIN LOREE M. 6/28/1906 6/19/1908 Daughter of Allan & Alice Photo
R15-2 CURTISS THOMAS IRA 12/9/1866 7/16/1899 Photo
R8-4 DAVIS JAMES B. 12/14/1856 9/8/1899 Photo
R15-13 DAVIS GARETT M. 12/1/1861 2/27/1911 Photo
R15-14 DAVIS LUCY S. 7/8/1865 6/28/1904 Wife of Garett M. Photo
R15-15 DAVIS BEN H. 2/5/1889 2/20/1911 Photo
R11-2 DEAN ADAH 10/9/1861 4/10/1941 Photo
R11-3 DEAN A. G. 9/12/1853 7/14/1929 Photo
R14-7 EDMONDS D. C. 10/26/1837 5/27/1924 Photo
R14-8 EDMONDS HARRIET F. 5/14/1848 5/29/1906 Wife of D. C. Photo
R14-9 EDMONDS EFFIE J. 6/19/1879 9/24/1901 Daughter of D. C. & H. F. Photo
R14-10 EDMONDS DAVIE 2/27/1871 5/9/1899 Son of D. C. & H. F. Photo
R18-1 ELLISON JOHNIE B. 7/18/1916 12/28/1916 Photo
R18-2 ELLISON ETHEL LEE 10/28/1913 8/16/1926 Photo
R18-3 EMERSON IDA 6/26/1879 11/27/1914 Photo
R12-4 FINE BABY No dates    
R5-7 FRENCH FLO 1908 1909 Photo
R6-15 FRENCH JAMES F. 11/7/1837 3/24/1897 Photo
R6-16 FRENCH ANNA 5/2/1831 12/20/1901 Wife of James F. Photo
R1-1 FRITTS NELSON P. 5/2/1882 4/27/1970 Photo
R1-2 FRITTS MYRTLE P. 7/10/1891 3/26/1973 Wife of Nelson P. Photo
R1-3 FRITTS LYDIA JANE 9/1/1914 1/12/1916 Photo
R18-16 GEARHART M. E. 12/15/1849 5/31/1908 Photo
R18-17 GEARHART BERNICE V. 1/13/1899 5/2/1908 Photo
R8-6 GILES JULIA A. 5/26/1850 9/3/1896 Wife of William D. Photo
R8-7 GILES WILLIAM D. 4/16/1851 6/30/1899 Photo
R11-4 HALEY JOHN T. 12/30/1891 11/23/1933 Photo
R11-5 HALEY MARIE 11/9/1895 3/16/1979 Photo
R12-14 HALEY JANE 3/20/1853 3/26/1916 Photo
R13-2 HARSHAW WILLIAM 9/18/1858 9/28/1903 Photo
R3-6 HOLMAN ADA 9/4/1884 10/8/1906 Wife of W. C. Photo
R3-7 HOLMAN AGNES 4/25/1903 6/3/1905 Daughter of W. C. & Ada Photo
R3-8 HOLMAN IMA DEE 3/14/1895 2/26/1902 Dau of W. T. & E. E. Photo
R3-9 HOLMAN HARRY TRACY 2/11/1892 12/2/1918 Photo
R4-2 HOLMAN EMMA E. 1/6/1860 10/25/1939 Wife of W. T. Photo
R4-3 HOLMAN W. T. 10/3/1852 9/25/1934 Photo
R9-11 HOLMES ALBERT A. 6/15/1904 6/15/1904 Son of A. A. & E. R. Photo
R10-10 HUDIBURG SOLOMON S. 4/12/1836 3/21/1918 Photo
R10-12 HUDIBURG KATHERINE H. 1871 1935 Wife of Joe A. Photo
R10-13 HUDIBURG JOE A. 1863 1934 Photo
R6-8 HUGHES WILLIAM M. 11/16/1827 10/27/1902 Photo
R6-9 HUGHES ANN M. 3/29/1829 5/30/1904 Wife of William M. Photo
R14-1 HUGHES NANCY M. 9/21/1875 10/18/1899 Wife of J. W. Photo
R1-7 HUMPHREY MARTHA P. 12/25/1851 10/22/1942 Photo
R3-14 HUMPHREY SERENA 8/8/1875 9/19/1940 Photo
R13-7 HUMPHREY HERMAN 10/15/1909 1/30/1910 Son of C. V. & N. C. Photo
R13-8 HUMPHREY NANCY 9/7/1873 6/14/1912 Wife of C. V. Photo
R13-9 HUMPHREY VIRGIL 11/20/1868 12/5/1941 Photo
R13-10 HUMPHREY HENRY E. No dates 2/6/1923 CPL US Army Photo
R3-1 HUNT THEYDORE 10/23/1901 8/16/1902 Photo
R17-5 HUNT S. J. 5/7/1859 10/22/1911 Photo
R17-6 HUNT NANNIE 2/15/1860 3/12/1911 Wife of S. J. Photo
R17-7 HUNT VIRDIE M. 8/30/1897 3/14/1909 Daughter of S. J. & Nannie Photo
R3-3 IRICK WANNA BAZEL 3/17/1903 7/14/1903 Child of W. B. & A. M. Photo
R3-4 IRICK LOLA BESS 11/6/1899 7/23/1903 Daughter of W. B. & A. M. Photo
R3-5 IRICK BRUCE L. 2/21/1883 3/12/1910 Father Photo
R6-11 IRICK ELVA L. 1891 1935 Photo
R9-2 IRICK WILLIAM B. 12/28/1900 10/26/1903 Son of G. & E. E. Photo
R17-9 IRICK ALLIE PAUL 9/10/1906 12/5/1906 Son of L. C. & S. E. Photo
R1-9 JOHNSON REUBEN J. 2/9/1878 3/19/1942 Photo
R1-11 JOHNSON ROY No dates   Field stone marker
R2-8 JOHNSON NELLIE A. 2/26/1908 9/29/1974 Daughter of C. A. & Julia Photo
R2-9 JOHNSON JULIA A. 4/11/1883 4/9/1957 Wife of Clarence A. Photo
R2-10 JOHNSON CLARENCE A. 11/16/1875 1/8/1955 Photo
R13-3 JOHNSON DOROTHY N. 12/2/1917 6/18/1919 Photo
R13-4 JOHNSON WILLIE C. 9/4/1915 6/9/1918 Photo
R13-5 JOHNSON MAUDIE L. 7/6/1904 9/27/1908 Photo
R13-6 JOHNSON JAMES JEROME 1/16/1920 4/7/2000 MSGT USAF WWII Korea and Vietnam Photo
R14-11 JOHNSON MARGURET F. 1847 1921 Wife of William P. Photo
R14-12 JOHNSON WILLIAM P. 1845 1927 Co. H 63 Missouri Volunteer Infantry Photo
R14-5 JONES HENRY C. 12/14/1874 12/4/1897 Father Sac & Fox and Mother Cherokee Photo
R14-6 JONES MISS EMILY 5/26/1879 6/6/1896 Photo
R13-1 JUKES EARL 1898 1920 Photo
R14-3 JUKES ELIZABETH E. 7/11/1858 11/27/1918 Wife of Biron T. Photo
R14-4 JUKES BIRON T. 12/22/1857 10/16/1899 Photo
R15-5 JUKES WAYNE G. 7/9/1900 8/18/1902 Photo
R15-6 JUKES ALBERTHA 12/7/1878 2/5/1902 Wife of John G. Photo
R15-7 JUKES JOHN G. 1853 1919 Photo
R12-3 KENNEDY GEORGIE 12/17/1885 8/28/1903 Wife of U. S. Photo
R15-12 KING JAMES DAVID 5/7/1903 8/26/1903 Son of D. W. & L. B. Photo
R10-11 KIZZIAR ANNA H. 3/2/1892 No date Photo
R17-4 LANGLEY REBECCA A. 2/1852 7/1934 Photo
R18-4 LANGLEY CORRINE G. 7/20/1910 8/29/1912 Photo
R18-5 LANGLEY W. C. 4/17/1846 12/11/1908 Photo
R18-6 LANGLEY T. J. 3/2/1886 1/18/1907 Photo
R8-8 LARGENT MAHALA 6/16/1829 7/3/1904 Wife of G. W. Photo
R8-9 LARGENT G. W. 1/31/1822 10/20/1895 Photo
R14-13 LUCAS JOHN H. 10/16/1844 10/6/1898 GAR Photo
R8-3 MARTIN MARY A. 7/3/1880 2/20/1902 Wife of T. N. Photo
R15-8 MAYES EARNEST 1881 1961 Photo
R15-9 MAYES SARAH E. 6/1/1854 2/9/1931 Wife of Hortin A. Photo
R15-10 MAYES HORTIN A. 4/25/1855 8/7/1890 Photo
R15-11 MAYES LOVIE B. 8/21/1885 1/1/1899 Photo
R17-8 MAYSEY W. R. 9/28/1893 9/29/1933 Photo
R18-8 MAYSEY R. V. 1930 1934 Photo
R1-8 McFARLAND NELLIE M. {HUMPHREY} 11/1/1884 1/20/1912 Daughter of Martha P. Photo
R1-4 MITCHELL MARY S. 1/10/1851 3/12/1912 Wife of B. M. Photo
R10-9 MITCHELL GEORGE P. 11/22/1837 4/28/1915 Photo
R9-12 MOORE ANNA LUCILLE 9/19/1899 6/3/1952 Photo
R9-13 MOORE RACHEL "JOSIE" 5/1/1872 2/28/1947 Photo
R12-15 MURPHY PAULINE 1857 1905 Photo
R9-7 NASH MARY E. 10/22/1833 12/18/1896 Wife of William G. Photo
R9-8 NASH WILLIAM G. 2/9/1835 11/9/1919 Photo
R9-9 NASH LITTLE FRED 8/18/1897 3/2/1902 Photo
R18-7 NICHOLS ROSELLA 5/31/1860 10/21/1906 Photo
R6-14 NYE ARIZONA L. 12/24/1878 7/31/1899 Wife of L. A. Photo
R18-15 OWEN HARVEY D. M.D. 11/24/1879 10/3/1906 Photo
R18-9 PARSONS NEVA LEE 2/23/1931 11/2/1931 Photo
R18-10 PARSONS THERMON H. 7/20/1911 9/7/1912 Photo
R18-11 PARSONS RICHARD B. 11/3/1917 12/21/1918 Photo
R18-12 PARSONS RICHARD G. 1851 1906 Photo
R18-13 PARSONS JANE E. 1855 1940 Wife of Richard G. Photo
R11-1 PERRY CHARLIE S. 8/23/1871 4/3/1930 Photo
R12-10 PERRY HENRY 3/9/1851 12/20/1896 Photo
R12-11 PERRY J. W. 11/5/1870 7/17/1905 Husband of M. E. Photo
R12-13 PERRY MATILDA J. No dates 3/19/1928 Photo
R12-5 PICKETT MINTA 8/21/1892 7/27/1899 Daughter of W. & M. Photo
R5-3 RAY HATTIE L. 7/31/1864 8/16/1950 Wife of W. S. Photo
R5-4 RAY W. S. 2/1/1856 7/5/1923 Photo
R5-5 RAY INFANT 5/22/1924 5/22/1924 Son of C. D. & Euna Photo
R6-4 RAY EVELYN 4/17/1888 1/8/1910 Daughter of W. S. & Hattie Photo
R6-5 RAY CLARA D. 4/15/1894 11/9/1910 Daughter of W. S. & Hattie Photo
R12-9 ROBERTSON MARY E. {KYKER} 6/9/1874 11/9/1897 Daughter of T. J. & L. Photo
R3-2 RODEBUSH ROY L. 3/5/1902 8/14/1902 Photo
R12-19 ROGERS MARGARET 3/5/1831 6/16/1911 Wife of John Photo
R15-3 RUNDELL ELLA N. 1/6/1860 3/5/1912 Wife of Riley S. Photo
R15-4 RUNDELL RILEY S. 8/26/1856 6/13/1901 Photo
R10-2 SENEKER THOMAS R. 11/16/1878 12/8/1969 Photo
R10-3 SENEKER ETHEL M. 8/10/1885 2/5/1974 Wife Thomas R. Photo
R3-10 SHELBY INFANT No dates   Son of T. C. & Hattie Photo
R6-10 SHELBY FLOYD W. 1/14/1907 11/8/1915 Son of S. A. & M. M. Photo
R8-5 SMITH MAGGIE PEARL 1867 1900 Photo
R10-7 SMITH CHESTER A. 12/4/1904 10/2/1908 Son of J. W. & M. B. Photo
R10-8 SMITH LESTER N. 12/4/1904 4/9/1905 Son of J. W. & M. B. Photo
R12-7 SPARKS HETTY 3/12/1892 12/13/1906 Photo
R12-8 SPARKS SAM H. 1869 1920 Photo
R7-5 SPITLER HERMAN DALE 9/11/1938 8/29/1959 SP5 US Army Photo
R7-6 SPITLER JUANITA PEARL 10/24/1931 11/28/1933 Photo
R12-6 SWEAT JAMES HENRY 1842 1898 Photo
R10-1 THOMAS NANNA MAE 2/7/1877 10/17/1965 Photo
R16-1 THOMAS LILLIE 4/29/1881 5/18/1958 Photo
R16-2 THOMAS POWELL 11/3/1885 11/1/1961 Photo
R17-1 THOMAS W. M. 7/4/1853 12/13/1934 Photo
R17-2 THOMAS JENNIE F. 9/22/1863 2/27/1913 Wife of W. M. Photo
R17-3 THOMAS JAMIE 8/21/1891 4/19/1907 Son of W. M. & J. F. Photo
R6-7 THORNTON ERNEST L. 1/24/1897 9/12/1898 Son of W. T. & C. H. Photo
R6-6 TOMLINSON SANFORD E. 7/24/1864 12/5/1905 Photo
R7-1 TRAMMELL SAM 2/25/1878 9/27/1955 Photo
R7-2 TRAMMELL CLAUDE H. 1923 1937 Son of Floyd Photo
R7-3 TRAMMELL WILLIAM FLOYD 2/24/1887 6/29/1960 Married Dec 27 1921
PVT Air Service WW I Photo
R7-4 TRAMMELL AUDRA {SCHWANTES} 1896 1979 Wife of William F. Photo
R8-1 TRAMMELL MARY ELLEN 12/24/1859 3/26/1943 Photo
R8-2 TRAMMELL D. M. 1/19/1856 1/13/1921 Photo
R1-5 WALTERS INFANT 6/2/1925 6/21/1925 Daughter of J. E. & Etta Photo
R2-4 WALTERS J. W. 8/5/1851 8/28/1902 Photo
R2-5 WALTERS NANDY P. 8/26/1849 1/9/1898 Photo
R2-6 WARD MALISSA J. 2/10/1877 9/19/1901 Photo
R4-6 WHISENHUNT MARY A. 7/12/1870 7/10/1906 Wife of N. L. Photo
R4-7 WHISENHUNT N. L. 3/7/1865 2/28/1941 Photo
R12-12 WHISENHUNT MARY E. 10/12/1872 10/22/1928 Wife of N. L. Photo
R12-1 WHITE ANN ELIZA 1872 1958 Wife of William A. Photo
R12-2 WHITE WILLIAM ALBERT 1871 1944 Photo
R1-6 WHITTEN D. H. 4/23/1844 2/15/1911 Photo
R9-6 WHITTEN DAVID 9/9/1884 12/25/1903 Son of A. A. & L. E. Photo
R5-1 WILLIAMS JOHN B. 9/22/1874 5/29/1930 Photo
R5-2 WILLIAMS LESLIE C. 11/20/1895 8/31/1899 Photo
R6-1 WILLIAMS ARTHUR D. 9/30/1901 1/23/1902 Son of L. S. & M. B. Photo
R6-2 WILLIAMS GEORGE W. 6/9/1849 12/12/1909 Photo
R6-3 WILLIAMS MARY ANN 4/12/1851 7/30/1925 Wife of George W. Photo
R10-4 WILLIAMS LESTER G. 3/1/1903 8/2/1903 Son of J. L. & Eva Photo
R9-3 WILLOUGHBY AXIE 2/25/1884 6/13/1909 Wife of D. J. Photo
R9-4 WILLOUGHBY INFANTS 5/24/1909 5/24/1909 Children of J. D. & Axie Photo
R6-12 WOODS LESTER L. 12/31/1900 1/19/1904 Son of J. M. Photo
R12-16 WRIGHT ELLA 1/8/1875 7/19/1930 Photo
R12-17 WRIGHT WILLIAM 3/9/1857 9/13/1915 Photo
R3-11 WYATT LESTER 12/6/1898 9/26/1902 Photo
R3-12 WYATT LOUESA MARGARET 1854 1930 Wife of Reuben H. Photo
R3-13 WYATT REUBEN HENRY 1846 1930 Photo
R5-6 WYATT GLADYS 11/3/1917 2/10/1918 Daughter of M. L. & Pearl Photo
R15-1 YEAGER ROY D. 2/24/1907 2/24/1907 Son of B. N. & C. E. Photo
R2-1 ZIEGLER LYDIA A. 5/2/1860 9/18/1943 Photo
R2-2 ZIEGLER JAKE C. 3/10/1856 3/17/1927 Photo
R2-3 ZIEGLER INFANT 5/17/1893 5/27/1893 Son of G. W. & Hannah Photo

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