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Palestine Cemetery
Pittsburg County, Oklahoma

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Take Hwy 31 east to Quinton, turn north on Hwy 71 just inside Quinton City limits.Travel 2.1 miles, turn west off Hwy 71, travel for 4.9 miles. It is located in Section 24, T-8-N, R-17-E

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Last Name
First & MI
AaronMary E18461926See photo
AaronSallie Lyon9 Sep 187723 Mar 1913See photo
AaronMarion27 Dec 187723 Oct 1939See photo
AaronGeorge Washington29 Feb 18528 Nov 1926h/o M E Aaron See photo
AdcockDestiny Jean13 Jan 199424 Dec 1994 See photo
AdcockCarolyn Sue15 Sept 196522 Nov 1965See photo
AdcockLevi19351995See photo
AdcockEarl J10 Nov 191029 Jan 1995See photo
AdcockAnna Ila11 Apr 191113 Jul 1998wed Earl 20 Oct 1931 See photo
AdcockLevi17351775See photo
AdcockWilliam E6 Apr 191222 Dec 1994wed Minnie 24 May 1929 See photo
AdcockMinnie I14 Jan 19129 Nov 2005See photo
AdcockEdna31 Aug 191312 Mar 1987See photo
AdcockIra N25 Nov 19073 Jul 1950Father See photo
AdcockTerry Wayne18 Dec 195822 Jan 1965See photo
AdcockCornellius19401999See photo
AdcockAnnie22 Feb 187518 Jan 1930Mother See photo
AdcockThomas W4 May 187224 Jan 1938Father See photo
AdcockDennis Ray30 Oct 196218 Jan 1963See photo
AdcockTyler Michael 21 Jul 1995s/o Gayla b/o Zachary See photo
AdcockDenzel Ray8 Nov 194214 Feb 2009See photo
AllenDolores "Dee" Ann Woods11 Sep 194317 Jan 2019 
AllenGeorge W8 Sep 187121 Mar 1946h/o Sedena See photo
AllenSedena17 Sep 186928 Jan 1932See photo
AllenHenry H20 Apr 190916 Aug 1942h/o Dessie See photo
AllenJ Wilburn22 Jun 19234 May 1927See photo
AllenW Sidney3 Nov 192130 Jan 1940See photo
AllenW Nathan24 Jan 189930 Jan 1940h/o Bessie See photo
AllenWilliam Fred15 Mar 1941 See photo
AllenDolores Ann11 Sep 1943 Wed William 8 Feb 1987 See photo
AllenJesse James4 Mar 19077 May 1979See photo
AllenLeona Eunice2 Mar 191320 Feb 1992See photo
AllenBarbara Ann1 Jun 19538 Jun 1953See photo
AllenPaul Virgil7 Apr 19611 Feb 2005See photo
AndersonPearl5 Mar 189213 Feb 1984See photo
AndersonJessie M19 Jun 188725 Nov 1961OK PVT US Army WWI See photo
AndersonSue Carol25 May 1933 Wed William 11 Apri 1953 See photo
AndersonWilliam Don14 Jan 193031 Jul 2007PFC US Army Korea See photo
AshmoreWarren Wayland23 May 191222 Aug 1913See photo
AshmoreStella May18901963d/o W R Phipps See photo
AtkinsRebecca18471926Mother See photo
BakerThomas R18 Jan 189326 Nov 1952OK PVT 328 FA REPL DEP WWI See photo
BakerAlbert17 Feb 190012 Aug 1900s/o N A & Loula See photo
BakerMcClure8 Jun 190324 Jun 1903s/o N A & Loula See photo
BallardEmmet12 Feb 187022 Oct 1918h/o Bessie See photo
BarbeeHerman B24 Jul 191919 Sep 1995See photo
BarbeeRuby Ellen5 Nov 19202 Feb 1998Wed Herman 4 Oct 1940 See photo
BarbeeInfant29 Aug 194230 Aug 1942d/o Herman & Ruby See photo
BarnetDallas14 Feb 189020 Nov 1964Connecticut PFC2 GHQ MIL Police BN WWI See photo
BasdenJack D10 Jun 192617 Mar 1995See photo
BeairdGeorge D29 Nov 191025 Jun 1979See photo
BeardClara Egbert12 Jun 193930 May 2009See photo
BeardRobert Hardin21 Oct 192528 Jan 1999See photo
BeaverEllen Elizabeth13 Oct 186527 Nov 1927See photo
BeckWilliam Henry7 Feb 19071 Aug 1967See photo
BeckClara John5 Dec 19014 Nov 1991See photo
BeckThomas Jefferson15 Sep 188011 Jul 1946Parents buried at Bower Cemetery-See photo
BeckAnna29 May 187719 Jun 1959See photo
BennightWayne B26 Jan 189325 Dec 1959Married Mattie 10 Dec 1922 See photo
BennightMattie E14 Apr 190320 Mar 1940See photo
BennightLuther J18921942See photo
BennightBessie L19021939See photo
BennightSusan S 4 Jun 1905 64 yrs w/o J J See photo
BennightJ J30 Apr 18285 Jan 1902See photo
BennightAnnie26 Jun 186716 Dec 1921See photo
BennightRichard S28 Apr 186616 Mar 1955See photo
BennightTheadory J14 Feb 18954 Nov 1913d/o R S & Annie See photo
BrazilVerdia L27 Aug 19153 Oct 1916d/o B H & Ella See photo
BrazilSarah18571906See photo
BrazilMose18541927See photo
BrogdonLenord Clifford23 Jul 193016 Dec 2004See photo
BrogdonJoe E18871967See photo
BrogdonJames Rufus8 Sep 192126 Sep 1943See photo
BrogdonIda18941969Mother See photo
BrogdonBaby18421842See photo
BrogdonBaby18431843See photo
BrogdonBaby18441844See photo
BrogdonBaby18451845See photo
BrogdonBaby18461846See photo
BrogdonSarah D14 May 186228 Jan 1932Mother See photo
BrogdonJames M18611937See photo
BrooksJames Edward27 Nov 19346 Sep 2006US Navy Korea See photo
BruceOssie18 Mar 192227 Oct 1938d/o Mr & Mrs Omer Roberts See photo
BryantFinnis18981966Father See photo
BryantLela19041991Mother See photo
BryantEverett L27 Jul 192520 Jul 1994PVT US Army WWII See photo
BudzinskyHelen J Davenport5 Oct 192416 Aug 1995See photo
BunyardRiley M18651954Father See photo
BunyarLeNora18751944Mother See photo
BurnsAlice A20 Feb 187226 Feb 1958Mother See photo
BurnsAndrew Walter18841946See photo
BurnsBob G29 Sep 1930 See photo
BurnsDaisy Dee18791910See photo
BurnsDoyle J14 May 19228 Jun 1932See photo
BurnsElmo6 Feb 19338 Feb 1933See photo
BurnsEva19 Oct 190324 Oct 1990See photo
BurnsIda22 Jan 19018 Mar 1986See photo
BurnsJohn G21 Sep 189522 Mar 1983PVT US Army WWI See photo
BurnsMattie5 Oct 19175 Oct 1917See photo
BurnsMay19051927wife & mother See photo
BurnsSarah Owens18421915See photo
BurnsWilliam David2 Mar 186217 Sep 1946Father See photo
BurrBaby15 Oct 191715 Oct 1917b/o B & Daisy Burr See photo
ButlerBaby27 Oct 1917 See photo
CacyArvel2 Feb 191016 Jun 1911s/o K C & Maudie See photo
CagleBaby 22 Nov 19479 Dec 1947s/o Arvel & Okla See photo
CagleEstel Avo18921905See photo
CagleBilly R25 Jul 19335 Nov 1934See photo
CagleJames M19 Nov 186625 Aug 1936See photo
CagleMaryLue Martha9 Jun 18698 Jul 1942w/o James See photo
CagleJohn5 Mar 19082 Jun 1977See photo
CagleEthel8 Jun 19105 Feb 1997See photo
CaglePatsie Ann7 Jan 194625 Jan 1947d/o Arvel & Okla See photo
CainEthel E15 May 192610 Mar 1993See photo
CainJames F Sr21 Dec 19246 Jun 1998Wed Ethel 1 Mar 1946 See photo
CalerHerschel A5 Dec 190924 Aug 1910s/o R J & Woodie Caler See photo
CalerR J Jr19 Aug 192115 May 1922See photo
CalerHellen13 Aug 191713 Dec 1917d/o R J & W M See photo
CalhounJohn L11 Oct 185630 Mar 1938See photo
CalhounPermelia A15 Mar 186525 May 1917See photo
CalhounAlice B14 Nov 190522 Oct 1979See photo
CalhounWesley18901957Father See photo
CalhounBessie18921973Mother See photo
CalhounRoland M26 Oct 191522 Jul 1933See photo
CallawayTravis M29 Oct 19199 Jun 2007Wed Minnie 6 Sep 1942 See photo
CallawayMinnie D15 Sep 192124 Oct 2004See photo
CallawayNancy Catherine10 Jul 194327 Sep 1999See photo
CantrellWilliam Lecile5 Oct 19255 Nov 2002See photo
CantrellDelma29 Apr 1923 See photo
CarJane14 Oct 18368 Nov 1900See photo
CarterMarshall L18881960See photo
CarterLucille1892 See photo
CaryJohn E11 Sep 19299 Oct 1986See photo
ChaffinLaura18941968d/o Mollie & J B Hammons See photo
ChampionPatricia S Ginn30 Jan 193731 Mar 2021Brumley-Mills Funeral Home
ChearyEvert15 Dec 191323 Jan 1914s/o H M & Bertha See photo
ChearyArvel15 Oct 19102 Apr 1912s/o H M & Bertha See photo
CloudAnna Lee22 Jul 192314 Dec 2005See photo
CochranJohn Harry15 Jun 19084 Jun 1970OK CPL US Army WWII See photo
CochranEdythe Loreto25 Sep 190816 May 1979MotherSee photo
CoxseyJames Roy Jr15 Jun 196118 Apr 1976See photo
CulbersonNellie25 Jul 190222 Jul 1919See photo
DanielRobert22 Mar 18851 Oct 1897s/o J C & E M Daniel See photo
DavenportRuby L1 Aug 190527 Nov 2005See photo
DavenportRoy W28 Mar 191831 Aug 1918See photo
DavenportIrine30 May 190711 Oct 1911See photo
DavenportMinnie L8 Apr 188921 Feb 1915See photo
DavenportS A30 Jun 186711 Nov 1922See photo
DavenportGussie M28 Dec 189116 Aug 1968w/o Ivan See photo
DavenportPaul Lee 27 Dec 1963See photo
DavenportO B5 May 189719 May 1951See photo
DavenportIvan J15 Dec 18928 Apr 1945h/o Gussie See photo
DavenportI D26 Nov 188714 Jan 1932h/o Mattie See photo
DavenportIris30 May 190711 Oct 1907See photo
DavisLula7 Apr 189311 Nov 1917Mother See photo
DavisKelly D14 Mar 188924 Oct 1918h/o Pearl See photo
DavisDoil F 23 Feb 1935See photo
DavisTabith J9 Feb 183916 Dec 1917See photo
DavisGeorge F19 Feb 188228 Mar 1944See photo
DavisRosie B27 Jul 189319 Nov 1969See photo
DearingPeggy18941920See photo
DellingerBarney D17 May 192125 Mar 1999US Army WWII See photo
DellingerLarry Don29 Oct 194814 Jan 2005Wed Edrith 25 Nov 1966 See photo
DellingerE D Dude4 Mar 189913 Jan 1995See photo
DellingerAddie29 Feb 187016 May 1958See photo
DellingerM L25 Nov 186723 Oct 1943See photo
DellingerElva25 May 18942 Jun 1961See photo
DellingerEdrith14 Nov 1948 See photo
DellingerBarney17 May 192125 Mar 1999See photo
DellingerMildred2 Jul 19214 Nov 2007Wed to Barney 17 Sep 1942 See photo
DuffAaron1 Jul 190922 Mar 2000See photo
DuffFlorence O18 May 19081 Feb 1991wed Aaron 24 Dec 1928 See photo
DuffFrank21 Mar 189021 Sep 1968Father See photo
DuffGrace8 Jan 18954 Nov 1984Mother See photo
DuffThomas H19, Jan 188018 Aug 1952See photo
DuffLorene M9 Jun 190630 May 1992See photo
DuvallJerry Doyle8 Mar 194616 Jul 1992See photo
DuvallBrian Scott9 Aug 197010 Aug 1970s/o Mr & Mrs Jerry Duvall See photo
DyerMary B14 Feb 189117 Jan 1905d/o J E & L L See photo
DyerThomas Dick18691934See photo
DyerJoe E18631954See photo
DyerLorena L7 Apr 18712 Jul 1905w/o Joe See photo
DyerVirginia10 Mar 190517 Jul 1905See photo
EdwardsBaby Boy18871887See photo
EdwardsBaby19221922See photo
EdwardsMinnie Mae6 Aug 187429 Dec 1911See photo
EdwardsGeorge WOct 1849May 1928See photo
EgbertRussell A7 Jun 190311 Jan 1974See photo
EgbertVirginia B22 Oct 1928 See photo
EgbertTroy L27 Dec 19236 Jul 2000See photo
EgbertJohnnie Louise6 May 1947 See photo
EgbertEula Louise28 Sep 190319 Dec 1946See photo
ElamJames Doyal17 Oct 19226 Jul 1968See photo
ElamJim18861962See photo
ElamMammie18891949See photo
ElamVonnie19201926See photo
ElamFred19071917See photo
ElamFloyd19121917See photo
ElamLizzie18601933See photo
ElamWilliam18481932See photo
ElamWalter15 Jan 189225 May 1970Father See photo
ElamFlossie19 Nov 19045 Jul 1989Mother See photo
ElamPerry T18 Mar 193419 Jun 1953See photo
ElamHazel  See photo
ElamSadie16 Jul 192919 Mar 1932See photo
ElamBaby 20 Aug 1936See photo
EllisCristal E 10 Oct 1983See photo
EllisH Leroy9 May 19094 Nov 1914See photo
EndsleyJames Arthur9 Feb 190122 Jun 1921Brother See photo
FarrillW W4 May 182011 Sep 1895See photo
FeatherstonSophie E29 Oct 187119 Jan 1891w/o L C d/o W W & Martha Massey See photo
FeatherstonAlice189018905 mos old See photo
FinchBaby 29 Dec 1914See photo
FinchW Virgil9 Jan 188630 Mar 1969See photo
FinchClara E26 Nov 189330 Mar 1969wed W Virgil 7 Jan 1914 See photo
FinchCincinnati J30 Jun 18619 Jan 1944See photo
FinchMary Alice26 Jan 186318 Feb 1947See photo
FinchVernon J22 Aug 189817 May 1965See photo
FinchRuth L29 Jul 1911 See photo
FloydViola18 Aug 192622 Dec 1940d/oMr & Mrs J J See photo
FloydJohn J12 Apr 190015 Sep 1926See photo
FolsomJefferson Davis10 Jul 186112 Mar 1928See photo
FolsomDavis L22 Nov 18869 Aug 1974See photo
FolsomDora L22 Jun 1891 See photo
FolsomNoreen 21 Nov 1951See photo
FolsomTabitha22 Apr 186422 Feb 1912w/o J D
FolsomJ D27 Dec 19201 Jul 1980See photo
FordPatricia Marie7 May 193326 Mar 1944d/o Mr & Mrs L D Ford See photo
ForemanMartha A6 Sep 184921 Sep 1883h/o H B Foreman See photo
ForemanJohnson D21 Aug 188520 Apr 1887s/o H B & Birdie See photo
Foremaninfant17 Sep 188329 Sep 1883s/o H B & M A Foreman
ForemanH B3 May 185024 Sep 1893See photo
ForemanMattie28 Oct 188916 Jul 1899d/o H B & Birdie See photo
ForrestBaby 3 Feb 1988See photo
FosterWanda Marie5 Oct 194920 Feb 2005See photo
FoustE P18951915See photo
FoustW C18991899See photo
FraizerElizabeth2 May 191123 Sep 1911d/o Roy & Jo Rose See photo
FrazierElizabeth15 Jun 183712 Jun 1914See photo
FulghamMary E2 Sep 187227 May 1905w/o J W See photo
Garisinfant 23 Jan 1903s/o H A & M I 3mo 1day See photo
GeorgeLyde V10 Jan 18765 Oct 1947See photo
GeorgeNin29 Jan 187314 Feb 1942See photo
GeorgeOrlando24 Jul 190525 Aug 1997See photo
GeorgeEstella24 Jul 190525 Aug 1997See photo
GibsonJunia E19061928See photo
GibsonWanda Faye10 Oct 19304 Mar 2004See photo
GibsonBilly Gene13 Jan 1928 See photo
GibsonAndra Irene30 Apr 19481 Dec 1998See photo
GibsonPhyllis Jayne30 Nov 19345 Mar 2005See photo
GibsonSamuel7 Jul 192718 Jan 1933s/o Jim & Allie See photo
GibsonCharles J18 May 191019 Dec 1971See photo
GillespieDeborah Suzette Weiher27 Sep 196018 Aug 2021See obit
GillespieRichard Gene "Dick"8 Feb 19555 Jun 2019See obit
GilstrapRuby9 Oct 190913 Aug 1991See photo
GilstrapFred25 Aug 190924 Sep 1999wed Ruby 27 Jun 1931 See photo
GilstrapDoris J24 Aug 1936 See photo
GilstrapLeman K5 Mar 1935 wed Doris 3 Mar 1959 See photo
GinnWalter Leroy6 Sep 188729 Jan 1965 
GinnAlta Lovina19 Aug 190124 Dec 1969 
GinnJoe M12 Dec 188422 Mar 1975See photo
GinnAlice4 Mar 189228 Feb 1981See photo
GinnClinton26 Jan 19364 Jul 2007See photo
Ginninfant son19311931s/o Joe & Alice See photo
GinnJoe J29 May 192510 Jul 1944PVT 358 Inf WWII See photo
GoodsonFlora1 Jun 190221 Feb 1983See photo
GrahamB F14 Mar 18728 Jan 1944See photo
GravesSeldon6 Apr 190419 Sep 1911s/o P B & S S Graves See photo
GravittElizabeth 12 Apr 1905w/o Newyton See photo
GravittNewyton W18401915h/o Elizabeth See photo
GriffiethA G7 Feb 1881 55 yrs See photo
GriffinThelma L13 May 19171 Apr 1921d/o G H & N M See photo
GriffinSamuel A11 Aug 188719 Mar 1970See photo
GriffinBetty C6 Jun 188529 Nov 1962See photo
GriffinClarence19121913See photo
Griffininfant son19281928s.o Mr & Mrs S A See photo
Griffininfant son19281928s/o Mr & Mrs S A See photo
GuessEmanuel P18521926Father See photo
GuessRhoda18511926Mother See photo
GuessBertha T9 Jun 18889 Jun 1979See photo
GuessRalph D31 Jul 191227 Apr 1984 
GuessJosephe A15 Jun 19145 May 1995See photo
GuessRussell Hinton21 Jul 192116 Mar 1988CPL US Marine Corps WWII See photo
GuessEmanuel P Jr16 Mar 188726 Feb 1972See photo
GuinnJessie Mae1 Feb 191112 Sep 1994See photo
GuinnDave V12 Apr 19013 Sep 1940See photo
HammonsMollie G7 Nov 185814 Nov 1928w/o J R See photo
HammonsJohn R5 Aug 185414 Dec 1913h/o Mollie G See photo
HammonsMitchell Viola15 Feb 188621 Apr 1917h/o Hattie See photo
Hammons Evalena28 Dec 189623 Jun 1917See photo
HamonsL F 5 Jan 188830 Mar 1910See photo
HankinsViola 16 Jul 1907See photo
HankinsWill H 17 May 1910See photo
HankinsJames Austin18801915h/o Annie Gravitt See photo
HarkerH Q31 May 192718 Apr 1930s/o Mr & Mrs E H Harker See photo
HarrisAaron E10 Aug 19093 May 1998See photo
HarrisBarney M16 Aug 191112 Jul 1982See photo
HarrisBenny Ray29 Jul 195729Jul 1957s/o Ray & Bertha See photo
HarrisBertha L2 Nov 1934 Mom See photo
HarrisC H23 Feb 187714 Feb 1938See photo
HarrisHarold Gean21 Nov 192619 Jul 1933See photo
HarrisIra Ray4 Apr 192420 Apr 1992Dad/Married Bertha 6 Nov 1954 US Air Force WW II See photo
HarrisK C6 May 191617 Feb 1918w/o C H Harris See photo
HarrisSadie23 Feb 187714 Feb 1938See photo
HefleyColumbus L15 Dec 185922 Jul 1916h/o Winnie Hefley See photo
HefleySusan A7 Jul 18282 Jul 1906See photo
HefleyC C11 Jul 184416 Jan 1900See photo
HefleyElmer4 Oct 189014 Jul 1899See photo
HendleyRobert L19 Feb 1950 married Joyce 2 Nov 1974 See photo
HendleyJoyce Paulette14 Jul 19423 Apr 2001See photo
HenryEdmond K20 Aug 187522 Dec 1900See photo
HenryJessie P13 Jul 189814 Jan 1909See photo
Henryinfant15 Jul 187818 Jul 1878See photo
HenryPatrick6 Oct 185228 Dec 1879See photo
HenryJ P18 Jul 18799 Jul 1889See photo
HigginsFrances E18541919 Grandmother See photo
HigginsJessie B27 Sep 190517 Jul 1935f/o Betty & Anita See photo
HigginsAllison B13 Dec 187829 Dec 1957Father See photo
HigginsLee L7 Jun 18834 Mar 1963Mother See photo
HoganDeanna Jean16 Jan 193919 Dec 1939See photo
HokitMary E14 Apr 191017 Dec 1910d/o B L & S V See photo
HokitGussie1 Sep 190312 Mar 1904s/o B L & L V See photo
HokitGeorge18791963Father See photo
HokitMaggie18781918Mother See photo
HoodNellie M28 May 19002 Jan 1989Mother See photo
HookWilliam A30 Aug 188715 May 1952See photo
HookM L16 Nov 183715 May 1952Father
HookRachel9 Oct 185718 Jan 1916Mother
HookSallie Gibson11 Jan 188512 Jan 1972See photo
HookHelen Bernice16 May 192620 Sep 1929See photo
HookGrace Cordelia6 Nov 192224 Nov 1922See photo
HookBaby Boy 6 Nov 1922See photo
HookAddie C1 Oct 18927 Feb 1975See photo
HooksJona C18761943See photo
HooksMarshall Drice18691907See photo
HooksCharles3 Jul 189129 Feb 1960See photo
HopkinsOllie12 Dec 1920  PVT 56 Inf & Div See photo
HouchinMollie Moody19001928See photo
JohnsonIrene V23 Nov 1889Feb 10, 1915w/o Shuler Johnson See photo
JohnsonT J20 Nov 186113 Feb 1911See photo
JonesDavid Bryant27 Sep 19001 Jul 1902orphan nephew of J F & M F Pollard See photo
JonesDonnie M14 Jun 190019 Jan 1978See photo
JonesOwen C25 Dec 18967 Sep 1958See photo
Kenedyinfant10 Jul 191611 Aug 1916s/o J S & A J See photo
KenedyEstel14 Jun19144 Mar 1915d/o J S & A J See photo
KenedyDottie25 Aug 19101 Oct 1911d/o J S & A J See photo
Kenedyinfant25 Oct 190519 Nov 1905d/o W W & B A Kenedy See photo
Kenedybaby3 Apr 19133 Apr 1913baby of W W & B A See photo
KennedyGuy W4 Aug 19123 Aug 1913s/o O M Kennedy See photo
Kennedybaby28 Jul 191628 Jul 1916children of O M & Bertha See photo
KentRoyFeb 18836 Sep 1935See photo
KingOtha A18 Feb 190514 Mar 1905See photo
KingJames A11 Feb 191529 Sep 1987See photo
KingArdell B16 Apr 19212 Jul 2005See photo
KingMarjorie J9 Aug 1924 wed 1 Oct 1944 See photo
KingLuther L9 Jun 188213 Jan 1947See photo
KingAlonzo L11 May 189517 Nov 1967See photo
KingCallie L29 Sep 189825 Feb 1984See photo
KingDonald M18 Nov 192111 Nov 1993See photo
KingMamie27 Jan 190016 Sep 1901d/o Mr & Mrs J M King See photo
KingJesse M19 May 187427 Dec 1958See photo
KingO E6 Feb 185014 Apr 1903See photo
KingW P5 Mar 185114 Jul 1939See photo
KingJ E16 Sep 19048 Aug 1905d/o L L & M See photo
KingLafayette17 Sep 191024 May 1916s/o L L & Mamie King See photo
KingElla7 Mar 18752 Apr 1950See photo
KinneyBarbara6 Nov 18394 Aug 1925See photo
KitchensCharles O 4 Jul 1885See photo
LaughlinBuel  Brother See photo
LaughlinCarl  Father See photo
LaughlinMattie A  Mother See photo
LaughlinEula9 Apr 18939 Aug 1971See photo
LawsonAmanda Leigh28 Jan 197612 Jan 2008See photo
LeeGeorge Herman12 Apr 19281 May 1962PFC US Marine Corps See photo
LeeNicholas T17 Mar 199517 Dec 2008See photo
LemmonsBetty18521902See photo
LemonsJacob M18431907PVT CO A 7 Tenn Inf Civil War See photo
LemonsWilliam M19 Oct 190217 Jun 1904s/o J A & M Lemons See photo
LittleIda Bell29 Apr 1919 See photo
LittleJ E27 Aug 190823 Oct 1982See photo
LittleJefferson E27 Aug 190823 Oct 1982US Army WWII See photo
MackeyMildred L24 Nov 19076 Jan 1988w/o C L See photo
MackeyC L3 Aug 190720 Dec 2003See photo
MarchmanRoy B18991940See photo
MarchmanLeo C6 Apr 18968 Oct 1981PVT US Army WWI See photo
MarchmanFlorence25 Jun 189522 Nov 1934See photo
MarchmanPearl14 Jan 190315 Jan 1985See photo
MarchmanFredrick19 Feb 189912 Oct 1918s/o J T & Julia See photo
MarchmanLowell29 Mar 19137 Feb 1914s/o Earl & Flossie See photo
MarchmanFlossie16 Nov 189310 Jul 1918w/o J E See photo
MarchmanEarl21 Jul 189227 Oct 1918h/o Flossie See photo
MarchmanJulia A18711947See photo
MarchmanJames Todd18661940See photo
MasonMorton H21 Sep 187617 Jun 1964wed Oggie 26 May 1901 See photo
MasonOggie4 May 18818 May 1958See photo
MasseyMartha J10 Mar 185224 May 1886w/o W W See photo
Masseybaby  See photo
MasseyViola  See photo
MathewsPlumer 1903See photo
MayBetty15 Jun 19426 Oct 1983See photo
MayVickie11 May 19646 Oct 1983See photo
McCurdySarah 16 Sep 1921See photo
McDonaldClara24 Aug 19096 May 1968Mom See photo
McDonaldConnie28 Mar 18946 Apr 1968Dad See photo
McDonaldB Lavern3 May 194215 Nov 2007See photo
McElhaneyinfant 27 Oct 1929s/o Mr & Mrs Noble McElhaney See photo
McNeelySamuel M F27 Aug 1854Jun1880See photo
McNeelyCharles R30 Apr 18605 Oct 1885See photo
McNeelyAndrew T186?11 Mar 1890See photo
McNeelyKittie30 Jun 185123 Dec 1879See photo
MillerJimmy David30 Mar 19532 May 2003See photo
MillerLinda Joe22 Mar 1951 child See photo
MillerMary Josephine2 Jun 192010 Jan 2006See photo
MillerHerbert Wayne14 May 19451 Jan 1994See photo
MillerJ D15 Feb 19218 Jun 1953Husband See photo
MillerOrval7 Aug 19115 Feb 2002wed Mary 11 Apr 1938 See photo
MillerOmer E23 Jul 19087 May 1965Father See photo
MillerBeulah M5 Jul 190824 Jan 1982Mother See photo
MillerClaude F12 Jul 193227 Jun 1996PFC US Air Force Korea See photo
MillerRobert5 Feb 19286 Nov 1973See photo
MillerDelphia12 Jan 1924 See photo
MillerAlvin26 Aug 191129 Jul 1969See photo
Miller Effie Mae10 Apr 19129 Aug 2002Grannie See photo
MillerRosa H27 Sep 189030 Sep 1960See photo
MillerFloyd D7 May 18874 Jul 1965wed Rosa 20 Dec 1908 See photo
MillsA J 7 Mar 192522 Apr 2005See photo
MinyardVictor C2 Jan 189424 Jan 1961Father See photo
MinyardElizana4 Apr 189418 May 1967Mother See photo
MinyardL C10 Nov 191227 Sep 1934See photo
MinyardClaudie22 Apr13 Aug 1899s/o Tom & Dora See photo
MinyardAudie14 Jul 190310 Nov 1903s/o Tom & Dora See photo
MinyardCharlie18521925See photo
MinyardMollie E18621954See photo
MinyardVictor C28 Feb 19187 Dec 1969OK PVT US Army WWII See photo
MinyardJ L18 Aug 193217 Oct 1996See photo
MonksElsworth A29 Nov 194726 Jun 1963s/o E A & Rosie See photo
MonksElsworth Andrew9 Jun 190427 Sep 1950See photo
MonksMary Ann6 Mar 192816 Jun 2010See photo
MonksRandy C19 May 196218 Jul 1989See photo
MonksMcKinley C17 Sep 190011 Jul 1971See photo
MonksHardy Dewayne11 Nov 19344 Aug 1997US Army See photo
MonksEffie Mae18 Dec 191023 Apr 2006See photo
MonksGeorge W2 Jul 18938 Nov 1957See photo
MonksJohn W18671950See photo
MonksTroy10 Oct 19284 Mar 2002married Irene 13 Dec 1951 See photo
MonksIrene14 Jun See photo
MonksJames27 Feb 19327 Jul 1946See photo
Monksbaby 17 Jun 1949See photo
MonksRichard27 Jun 19133 Jul 1938s/o J W & Rebecca See photo
MonksIllamae30 Nov 194027 Oct 1941See photo
MonksRev Hardy11 Jun 190825 Nov 1982See photo
MonksMaggie11 Jun 189917 Nov 1988See photo
MonksDerrel22 Dec 19532006See photo
MonksTroy10 Oct 19284 Mar 2002PVT US Army See photo
MonksRosa1 Jun 190926 Aug 2000See photo
MonksFrances14 Apr 191221 May 1982Husband & Father See photo
MonksLorene8 Feb 194121 Apr 1991See photo
MonksRebecca18771959See photo
MonksLionel5 Jul 192427 Mar 1966OK HQ CO 17 ARMD ENGR BN WWII-BSM See photo
MoodyMary Tabbutt6 May 1933 See photo
MoodyJohn18411909CO H 26 Regt ALA INF CSA See photo
MoodySarrah18401917See photo
MoodyIvan16 Aug 19139 Feb 1991See photo
MoodyPearl15 Apr 191725 Apr 2005See photo
MoodyLonzo29 Feb 18852 Feb 1944See photo
MoodyW H3 Nov 1929 See photo
MoodyJesse Luke30 Jun 189814 Dec 1950Father See photo
MoodyGrace Pearl23 Nov 19119 Sep 1979Mother See photo
MoodyWade1 Dec 1957 See photo
MoodyTina14 Jun 1970 See photo
MoodyClarence C5 Jul 18956 Apr 1963See photo
MoodySadie20 Oct 1900 See photo
MoodyJoicy20 Jul 18727 Oct 1960See photo
MoodySparling H14 Feb 186710 Apr 1940See photo
MoodyJohn18671930b ALA d OK See photo
MoodyElla18761929b GA d OK See photo
MoodyMose W30 May 18792 Feb 1931husband father grandfather See photo
MoodyVerah Francis22 Aug 189729 Apr 1904d/o S H & Joicy See photo
MoodyRuby Lou10 Mar 192912 Apr 1930See photo
MouserBoy23 Aug 18905 Nov 1948See photo
MullenViola22 Nov 18985 Mar 1903d/o G T & H A Mullen See photo
NeillAndrew S4 Feb21 Mar 1888See photo
NicholsSarah24 Dec 186620 Aug 1911h/o H M Nichols See photo
NicholsGeorge D14 Jan 189912 Feb 1899s/o H M & S See photo
NorisWilliam Bevel19 Jul 19134 Jul 1914s/o G W & Lizzie See photo
NunleyBetty Jane5 Dec 19281 Aug 2003See photo
O'BarrL C14 Jun 183420 Sep 1905Rev See photo
O'BarrNancy Guest4 Dec 183618 Aug 1923See photo
OdellBenny Dale10 Jul 195628 May 2015 
OdellRobert  See photo
OdellJames B6 Jul 187430 Jun 1954See photo
OdellRosey F25 Apr 187618 Mar 1969See photo
OdellMadie Lois9 Oct 19195 Jan 1997See photo
OdellOmer Wayne17 Aug 194017 Jan 1946TEC5 US Army WWII See photo
PalmerEuvinnie M18831916Mother & w/o N L See photo
ParkLeonard A26 Mar 19169 Feb 1987SGT US Army WWII See photo
ParkerR L23 Sep 187722 Apr 1954See photo
ParkerSidney Odell25 Feb 193025 Jul 1978See photo
PeckPauline E26 Feb 19323 Mar 1979See photo
PetersPayton A14 Jun 185325 Aug 1921See photo
PetersWilliam Edmond12 Feb 188315 Jul 1964Father See photo
PetersAda Viola26 Feb 190423 Jul 1993Mother See photo
PetersErnest Todd9 Feb 196528 May 1965See photo
PetersA Isabell17 Mar 19478 Dec 2004See photo
PetersPaul Burman21 Jan 190924 Jan 1990See photo
PetersR A4 Feb 188115 Sep 1965See photo
PetersAnna15 Sep 18871 Apr 1979See photo
PhippsEllis R4 Jul 189715 May 1962See photo
PhippsW R18711944Father See photo
PhippsGeorgia A19 Jul 190229 Dec 1974wed Ellis 19 Jul 1918 See photo
PhippsBaby Girl 23 Apr 1925See photo
Phipps IIIEllis R28 Jul 19502 Aug 1984See photo
PierceAnnie C14 May 188415 Dec 1960d/o Newyton & Elizabeth Gravitt See photo
PilgrimMartha G14 May 188415 Dec 1960See photo
PilgrimWilliam A18741958See photo
PilgrimWillie16 Jul 190929 Apr 1994wed Alfred 27 Feb 1926 See photo
PilgrimAlfred15 Jan 19048 Feb 1981See photo
PilgrimCarl Ray24 Jun 19382 Aug 1939See photo
PilgrimOllie May25 Dec 188519 Jul 1938See photo
PilgrimJason Homer1 Aug 18802 Mar 1932See photo
PippinsDorce K8 Mar 19306 Oct 1998See photo
PippinsLillie G9 Oct 19066 Feb 1983See photo
PippinsJessie C11 Jun 190627 Jul 1943See photo
PlunkettZenia8 Jun 189920 Aug 1899See photo
PollardJessie Belzora7 Nov 189610 Dec 1983married Herbert 22 Jun 1924 See photo
PollardHerbert C15 Apr 189823 Nov 1979See photo
PollardL Mildred10 Nov 191126 Jan 2001See photo
PollardEuel V7 Jul 19138 Mar 1982married L Mildred 30 Sep 1944 See photo
PollardHarold W3 Sep 1925 See photo
PollardHubert J18951937See photo
PollardJames F26 Oct 18737 Jun 1925Father See photo
PollardMary Frances21 Sep 18734 Dec 1921Mother See photo
PollardRobert M6 Nov 189221 Aug 1968See photo
PollardHosea S18601934See photo
PollardSarah J18681937See photo
PulseIna F Miller6 Apr 192315 Mar 2009See photo
QuaidClementine Wiles13 Sep 195218 Feb 2003Beloved Nana & Mother See photo
QuintonWilliam R J22 Sep 194025 Dec 1969Husband See photo
ReaNobe14 Nov188323 Dec 1964See photo
ReaLela4 Mar 189427 Mar 1978See photo
ReaSybil27 Dec 1918 See photo
ReaCarl Lee6 May 191823 Aug 1981See photo
ReaM L12 Aug 18898 Apr 1968See photo
ReaE Evelyn Grigsby8 Jul 191716 Mar 2007See photo
ReaRonald Lee23 Mar 194324 Mar 1943See photo
ReaSyble21 Aug 191916 Mar 1984See photo
ReaWilliam T22 Jan 191510 Aug 1968Husband See photo
ReaBilly Wayne22 Feb 19555 Oct 2002See photo
ReaEliza 8 Jun 191863 yrs See photo
ReaEthel Hope8 Jan 189516 Aug 1959See photo
ReaEarl Onis2 Sep 191320 Jan 1982See photo
RedmanMaggie E20 Dec 190322 Jan 1979See photo
RedmanNevel R14 Feb 190120 Nov 1971See photo
RisenhooverStella25 Nov 19118 Dec 2003See photo
RisenhooverBen28 Mar 190331 Aug 1982Married Stella 10 Oct 1927 See photo
RisenhooverJ R29 May 19341 Mar 1935See photo
RisenhooverLeroy25 Nov 192722 Jul 1939See photo
RisenhooverEarnesteen28 Jul 194311 Dec 1943See photo
RisenhooverBaby Girl14 Sep 194914 Sep 1949See photo
RisenhooverPercilla31 Aug 19474 Sep 1947See photo
RobertsHerman L4 Feb 19163 Sep 1971OK PVT US Army WWII See photo
Roberts   See photo
RobertsAlbert S7 May 187722 Mar 1937Reverend See photo
RobertsRobert J26 Aug 194412 Jul 1993SP$ US Army WWII See photo
RobertsJoe17 Dec 197723 Mar 1986See photo
RobertsE P7 Sep 191412 Mar 1992Married B Jewel 30 June 1939 See photo
RobertsB Jewel13 Jan 192231 May 2007See photo
RobertsPaula10 Dec 1953 See photo
RobertsPaul19 Jun 192215 Jul 2006Husband & Dad See photo
RobertsFrankie3 Jun 1933 w/o Paul See photo
RobertsRobbie F31 Dec 194317 Dec 1977Beloved husband & Father See photo
RobertsRobert19061995Father See photo
RobertsLoretta19232001Mother See photo
RobertsJack8 Jan 191725 Apr 1984See photo
RobertsJohn G29 Nov 187016 Aug 1955See photo
RobertsLillie M1 Aug 18845 Nov 1982See photo
RobertsRowdy9 May 194110 Nov 1985See photo
RobertsTravis24 Apr 191016 Apr 1996wed Ellen 21 Oct 1934 See photo
RobertsEllen19 Mar 19169 Jan 2006See photo
RobertsOmer16 Jun 193025 Oct 1952PFC US Army Korea See photo
RobertsStella6 Mar 190630 Mar 1989See photo
RobertsM Omer11 Oct 189631 May 1989See photo
RobertsNorah11 Aug 188311 Nov 1973See photo
RobertsA S7 May 187920 Mar 1937Reverend See photo
RobertsJ H10 Mar 186828 Oct 1915See photo
RobertsWeldon8 May 18755 Nov 1930Father See photo
RobertsPearl1 Apr 188425 Jul 1960Mother See photo
RobertsHerman L4 Feb 19163 Sep 1971OK PVT US Army WWII See photo
RobertsJ H10 Mar 186828 Oct 1915See photo
RobertsBaby John25 Jul 192525 Jul 1925See photo
RobertsWatson4 Jan 184613 Apr 1919h/o Annie See photo
RobertsAnnie M22 Nov 185121 Feb 1944Beloved Mother See photo
RobertsPerry29 Sep 190321 Jul 1923See photo
RobertsTwins14 Feb 194015 Feb 1940son & dau/o Travis & Ellen See photo
Robertsinfant son7 Oct 19368 Oct 1936s/o Travis & Ellen See photo
RobertsJessie Lee15 Sep 189527 Sep 1895See photo
RobertsJ A18 Jun 18718 Oct 1902See photo
RobertsMary Lola18781909See photo
RobertsonDena Mae15 Jul 193130 Jul 2007See photo
RobinsonPearl Cordell1 Jan 191025 Dec 1997See photo
RushKissie29 Sep 185420 Oct 1920See photo
RussellConnie Sue5 May195910 May 1998d/o Charles & Gail See photo
RussellGail Roberts29 Jan 1935 See photo
RussellCharles E27 Aug 1935 See photo
RussellSue Ellen15 Mar 194725 Aug 1967See photo
RussellSarrah Jane14 Sep 18593 Aug 1944See photo
SatterfieldRoland26 Jul 19356 May 1942See photo
SelfMolevy16 Jan 190218 Apr 1936w/o Oscar Self See photo
SherrillLaferne24 Mar 1931 wed Arvil 21 Dec 1946 See photo
SherrillArvil Lee24 Mar 192519 Mar 2000See photo
ShultsMyrtle Higgins19 Nov 190323 Dec 1990See photo
SlavensEdith Lee4 Apr 191617 Oct 2007See photo
SmallSyble Bennight19151937See photo
SmithMattie Mae25 Mar 191016 Dec 1976See photo
SmithVernon Zentner2 May 191925 Feb 1984f/o Ruby, William Z, Louis, Nova & Wilma US Army WWII See photo
SmithEdith O12 Jan 192116 Aug 1994wed Jimmie 5 Oct 1939 See photo
SmithJimmie L9 Apr 191814 Apr 1991See photo
SmithSadie V23 Jul 190613 Dec 1943w/o Hill A Smith See photo
SmithCurtis Leon5 Aug 194026 Sep 2005See photo
SmithOwen C25 Oct 187114 Mar 1947Father See photo
SmithCytha K5 Apr 18816 Aug 1962Mother See photo
SmithAltie9 Dec 188713 Dec 1949See photo
SmithM D30 Jan 18821 Mar 1957See photo
SmithCharlene4 Nov 192823 Mar 1935See photo
SmithRuth15 Sep 190022 Aug 1957Mother See photo
SmithKathrin2 Nov 193329 Apr 1934See photo
SmithC S19 Nov 189612 Jul 1972Rev & Husband See photo
SmithTilda Allen18761977See photo
Smithinfant25 Sep 195526 Sep 1955s/o Mr & Mrs Andrew Smith See photo
SmithGilbert29 Nov 19201 May 1930See photo
SmithSylvia Leona28 May 1930 wed Gilbert 27 Jul 1949 See photo
SmithLillian E28 Mar 191930 Nov 1976w/o Andrew See photo
SmithAndrew J21 Jul 191421 Jun 2003h/o Lillian See photo
SniderJohn D18571939Father See photo
SniderArmanda G18581924Mother See photo
SpearsMary14 Mar 188215 Nov 1935See photo
SpearsWilliam W6 Mar 18829 Feb 1961See photo
StanfieldMary A12 Feb 185420 Nov 1916w/o J R See photo
StanfieldJacob A29 Jul 188213 Feb 1934See photo
StanfieldWilliam C25 Jan 187925 Aug 1940h/o Pearl See photo
StanfieldKate N17 Aug 18778 Mar 1919See photo
StanfieldJames R6 Mar 183429 Sep 1900See photo
StanfieldPauline27 Aug 18742 Sep 1966See photo
StephensFlorence D24 Apr 189223 Oct 1918w/o J E Stephens See photo
StevensWilliam Ralph25 Aug 190611 Sep 1909Little s/o Vent & Mary Stevens See photo
StewartSarah J22 Jun 183018 Jan 1940See photo
StewartLem10 Aug 19058 Apr 1906See photo
StonecypherRandolph9 Jan 19192 Jun 1935See photo
StrawNancy P11 May 185215 Sep 1926w/o A B See photo
SweetenClint Michael19861986See photo
TaylorGreen11 Aug 186224 Nov1940See photo
Taylorinfant10 Feb 189610 Feb 1896 
TaylorLeitha Foreman13 Feb 18765 Jul 1943Mother See photo
TeagueLucille  See photo
ThomasMattie Moody22 Jul 189617 Feb 1969See photo
ThomasDewey18981977See photo
ThomasClaude C18 Apr 188516 Aug 1980See photo
ThomasWillie18991939See photo
Thomasbaby 18 Apr 1905See photo
ThomasJ W17 May 187116 Jun 1938Father See photo
ThomasWilliam W24 Jul 19041 Dec 1973Brother See photo
ThomasLinda19061997See photo
ThomasJosie G22 May 186930 Apr 1927Mother See photo
ThompsonLouis Bert21 Aug 188111 Jun 1941See photo
ThompsonOra E11 Mar 18849 May 1976See photo
ThompsonEsther O11 Mar 19217 Jan 2001Moma See photo
ThompsonLee Roy4 Apr 192012 Sep 1967Daddy See photo
TiptonMemory C6 Apr 188826 Feb 1914h/o Zado Tipton See photo
Tiptoninfant8 Apr 191217 Oct 1912d/o M C & Zado See photo
TiptonEugena Fern22 Oct 193225 Jan 1936See photo
TomasiLaVerne20 Oct 192723 Dec 1991d/o J & Mamie Elam See photo
TurnerDebra Kay1 Aug 19621 Mar 2008See photo
TurnerEunice M24 Dec 189626 Nov 1937See photo
TurnerHubert Dean27 Jul 19374 Nov 1949See photo
TurnerHubert A27 Sep 19032 Jan 1939See photo
TurnerDora Ruby11 Nov 19095 Oct 1987See photo
VerdeanFreeda23 Aug 193112 Oct 1931See photo
WaldropeN P H23 Feb 18632 Aug 1883See photo
WardShelby Jean14 Jan 194320 Aug 2000w/o G H Ward See photo
WatkinsCathy Loraine 10 Jan 1962See photo
WatkinsThelma Arlene6 Jan 193320 Nov 2008Beloved mother, grandmother & sister See photo
WatsonHugh L11 May 198615 Sep 1958See photo
WatsonJessie3 Jun 189920 Oct 1959See photo
WattersonJohn W28 Jan 18422 Mar 1901See photo
WeathersViolet Lavon29 Jun 193725 Mar 2009Loving Mother, Grandmother & Sister See photo
WeiherJerry R6 May 1941 See photo
WeiherVirginia L10 Jan 1942 wed Jerry 23 May 1959 See photo
WhitesideDessie9 Feb 19101 Jul 1967See photo
WhitingtonOra A9 Feb 190019 May 1917d/o H S & Sarah Pollard See photo
WhittingtonElmer E19 Sep 191716 Oct 1918s/o J A & S A See photo
WilesElizabeth10 Mar 193925 Jul 1955Sister See photo
WilesBarbara K13 Aug 195614 Jun 1970Sister See photo
WilesElmer Lee James15 Jan 194110 Feb 2007h/o Pat f/o Janet See photo
WilesIssac N1860Mar 1937Papa See photo
WilesElise V4 Mar 19142 Jan 1975See photo
WilesMildred2 Jul 192826 Feb 1929d/o Lonnie & Cora Wiles See photo
WilesLucretia1881Feb 1935See photo
WilesJoe N12 Jul 193624 Nov 1950See photo
WilesC Jackson10 Mar 193114 Jun 1962Father See photo
WilesLonnie Lester20 Feb 19067 Aug 2000Married Cora 11 Dec 1926 See photo
WilesCora Ila7 Jun 190910 Mar 2000See photo
WilesJoann2 Feb 193724 Feb 1983See photo
WilesMilton27 Apr 194116 Sep 1996Parents of Mark & Brian See photo
WilesLeola Dolores30 Jun 193418 Feb 2007d/o Lonnie & Cora Wiles See photo
WilesLena M16 Oct 190612 May 1935See photo
WilesDelbert22 Jul 190516 Aug 1992See photo
WilesMonroe A8 Feb 191018 Jul 1997See photo
WilesEllen M11 Jan 191016 Jan 1997See photo
WilesKay30 Mar 1944 married Milton 10 Sep 1961 See photo
WilkersonGeorgie A23 Jul 187216 Jun 1917w/o A C Wilkerson See photo
WilkersonClint B20 Aug 189721 Jan 1921See photo
WilkersonAndy C 6 Apr 191157 yrs h/o Georgie Ann See photo
WilkersonAndrew D17 Apr 18991 Nov 1900See photo
WilliamsLester Lee19 Jan 19274 Nov 1939See photo
WilsonElla E19 Jan 19274 Nov 1939See photo
WilsonOather H8 Nov 191322 Jun 1996See photo
WoodsElize M15 Nov 190825 Dec 1963See photo
WorkLee Roy31 Aug 191911 Nov 1973See photo
WorkRichard11 Dec 187720 Jun 1953See photo
WorkElizabeth17 Nov 188114 Jul 1833See photo
WorkGene14 Jan 1927 Beloved son, brother & uncle See photo
WorkSam L14 Apr 18716 Apr 1960See photo
WorkMay H11 Jan 18875 May 1962See photo
WorkJames Richard24 Sep 196027 Mar 1964See photo
WorkKathleen22 Apr 191930 Mar 2006See photo
WorkJimmy19 Jun 19143 Feb 2009See photo
WorkFamily1914 Bonita, J O, Shirley Ann, Janis & Randy See photo
Work JrArbrey A14 Jul 191920 Mar 1931See photo
WrenThomas E17 Sep 188826 Aug 1970Father See photo
WrenEthel L18 Feb 18996 Jun 1981Mother See photo
WrenLoyd E14 Dec 191616 Dec 2004See photo
WrenSarah Ida25 Jul 192012 Sep 1921See photo
WrenJames Boyd16 Apr 194012 Sep 1942s/o Loyd & Myrtle See photo
WrenLoyd Elmer14 Dec 191616 Dec 200988 yrs See photo
WrightNaomi F19161916See photo
WrightJacob L19 May 185422 Apr 1927Father See photo
WrightHershel29 Feb 190027 Sep 1928See photo
WrightElla12 Dec 19058 Feb 1906d/o G N & Matilda See photo
WyleyClarence E23 Jul 190911 Oct 1958Beloved Brother See photo
WyleyCalvin Lee17 Jan 193028 Jan 1930Brother See photo
WyleyEdd7 May 1888Mar 1934Father See photo
WyleyMattie31 Oct 189028 Feb 1942Mother See photo
Young SrSkylar Zentner22 Nov 198523 Jan 2009f/o Hayden A & Skylar Z Jr See photo
YoungWilliam B16 Dec 188320 Feb 1914s/o J D & Catherine See photo
YoungRobert L24 Jul 188627 Dec 1908See photo
YoungOla17 Mar 18849 Apr 1912See photo
YoungLolar Tha23 Jul 191127 Apr 1912d/o E D & Ola See photo
YoungJames Toy15 Nov 190716 Dec 1907s/o E D & Olia See photo
YoungJessie8 Jan 19017 Jan 1903s/o J C & G Young See photo
ZawadskiAaron Paul6 Oct 198030 Oct 1997See photo

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