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Hillcrest Memory Gardens
Oklahoma County, Oklahoma

Submitted & © by: Felecia Vaughn

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo,
funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

W Surnames

BabylandWADEJAMES L.19661970 See photo
Eternity-CompWADEDOCK19121970 See photo
Eternity-CompWADEJESSIE MAE19141980 See photo
CLIFTON E.2/7/19464/13/2008SSG USA Vietnam, A.C.M.
See photo
MasonicWADEEMMA I.18981982 See photo
NARVIE1/24/19428/15/1992US Air Force
See photo
JAMES E.5/10/19266/5/2003PVT US Army Korea
See photo
JAMES E. JR.7/26/19555/9/1982PVT US Marine Corps Vietnam
See photo
PrayerWALDONFRANCIL10/29/19579/6/2009 See photo
BabylandWALKERROYCE II19771977 See photo
BabylandWALKERJERMAIN WAYNE9/2/20109/2/2010 See photo
Eternity-CompWALKEROPHELIA P.1/6/19317/15/2000 See photo
FRANK9/24/192611/3/1996TEC5 US Army WW II
See photo
ROBERT L. JR.5/19/19581/10/2011US Army
See photo
EternityWALKERROSCHON4/25/19759/8/1991 See photo
EternityWALKERKAREN J.1/22/19524/17/2007 See photo
EternityWALKEREARNEST SR.19001988 See photo
BONNIE19081979US Army WW II
See photo
FaithWALKERNORAH JR.19221990 See photo
LoveWALKERCREASY M.19171978 See photo
LoveWALKERLONZO10/30/198012/2/1984 See photo
MARYON L.11/25/19265/30/1987US Army Korea
See photo
LoveWALKERURICE19131981 See photo
BEN F.2/5/19203/17/1985PVT US Army WW II
See photo
LoveWALKERBIRDIE LORENE5/1/19423/4/2006 See photo
PrayerWALKERDENNIS FLOYD JR.7/10/194910/18/1991 See photo
PrayerWALKERESTHER P.7/29/192211/2/2000 See photo
MasonicWALKERHOWARD L.19292010 See photo
MasonicWALKERAUGUSTA1/3/19192/5/2002 See photo
MasonicWALKERESTHER M.6/21/19527/5/2004 See photo
MasonicWALKERCHARLEY18941975 See photo
MasonicWALKERVELMA (ROBINSON)19001975 See photo
MasonicWALKERADAM "STAGGER LEE"8/31/19081/3/2000 See photo
MasonicWALKERWILLARD B.19241986 See photo
FaithWALKERMARY ALICE10/15/19426/9/2004 See photo
RememberanceWALKER-SLAUGHTERWANDA LEE6/25/194012/4/2006 See photo
BabylandWALLACENIAMBI LORETTA10/1/201010/1/2010 See photo
Eternity-CompWALLACERUTH O.7/8/193310/8/2005 See photo
EternityWALLACEFRANKIE L. (GADDIS)8/11/19653/27/1994 See photo
PrayerWALLACEADELL CATO (HENDERSON)4/21/19251/14/2002 See photo
GethsemaneWALLACEBLONDINE V.19341990 See photo
RememberanceWALLACELARRY E.1/21/19766/14/1997 See photo
GethsemaneWALLERHENRY W. JR.19321986 See photo
GethsemaneWALTERMICHAEL2/25/19436/24/2010 See photo
BabylandWALTONJO QUIETHA M.19841984 See photo
EternityWALTONLaDONNA JEAN12/25/19714/4/2009 See photo
EternityWALTONCLARA JEAN2/21/19502/19/2009 See photo
FaithWALTONDONALD R.4/9/19454/16/1987Difficult to read
See photo
FaithWALTONTRINA K.2/21/19609/3/1972Difficult to read
See photo
BIRVIS L.2/12/19248/14/1974A1C US Air Force
See photo
PrayerWALTONELOISE L.3/2/19212/8/1993 See photo
PrayerWALTON AUGUSTUS4/17/191411/24/1993 See photo
FaithWARDJOSIE L.19211986 See photo
ROZEL6/12/18949/28/1984PFC US Army WW I
See photo
FaithWAREMARY ALICE12/22/19576/10/1987 See photo
MasonicWARNEREMANUEL10/9/19012/25/1994 See photo
MasonicWARNERLETTICE R.3/8/19131/26/1989 See photo
EternityWARRENALMA (WHITE)4/15/19148/12/1992 See photo
FaithWARRENESTELL19201998 See photo
FaithWARRENCLAUD1909No date See photo
MasonicWARRENHENRY, REV.18881971 See photo
MasonicWARRENNELLIE B.1896No date See photo
BabylandWARRIORDYLAN JAMES9/13/20089/13/2008 See photo
PrayerWARRIORHERMAN11/18/19549/25/1989 See photo
BabylandWASHINGTONDAVIYOUS DANTEL10/1/199210/24/1992 See photo
BabylandWASHINGTONSHAMAR R.8/1/20058/7/2005 See photo
BabylandWASHINGTONLARANDON ANDRE DAVID11/17/20067/11/2010 See photo
ChristWASHINGTONPAUL G.7/26/19407/27/2002 See photo
JOHN D.10/1/19491/22/1998US Army Vietnam
See photo
EternityWASHINGTONDAMIAN L.19741991 See photo
FaithWASHINGTONJAMES L.8/29/192612/31/1984 See photo
FaithWASHINGTONELNORA7/26/19058/9/1985 See photo
PrayerWASHINGTONTHEOLA19281989 See photo
PrayerWASHINGTONLUCINDA19311998 See photo
PrayerWASHINGTONROBERT L.4/30/197911/14/2008 See photo
WILL HENRY3/7/19206/13/1994PVT US Army WW II
See photo
GethsemaneWASHINGTONJOSEPH5/26/19184/29/1983 See photo
GethsemaneWASHINGTONBERTHA M.2/21/19173/31/1994 See photo
MasonicWASHINGTONFRANCES19011963 See photo
MasonicWASHINGTONALICE M.7/14/18917/1/1988 See photo
MasonicWASHINGTONRONALD F.19071960 See photo
MasonicWASHINGTONMAPHELLE B.19101980 See photo
HENRY P. J.8/19/19308/17/2007CPL US Army Korea
See photo
RememberanceWASHINGTONERMA V.6/25/19464/4/2001 See photo
ChristWASHINGTON-KENNEDYTAMARRA D.3/21/19653/12/2007 See photo
FaithWATERSC. C.19222000Minister
See photo
FaithWATERSPEARLINE L.19271998 See photo
FaithWATKINSROSE LEE8/30/19508/28/1992 See photo
PrayerWATKINSDOYLE ROY19471992 See photo
RememberanceWATKINSJUDITH A.2/18/19425/3/2000 See photo
FaithWATLEYKORIE T.8/5/197711/14/2003 See photo
PrayerWATLEYMARY B.19212004 See photo
BabylandWATSONANTHONY GOODEN19871987 See photo
EternityWATSONWILBERT19261983 See photo
EternityWATSONTHORINE C.19301997 See photo
FaithWATSONMARIE A.5/24/19589/1/1998 See photo
FaithWATSONGLACHER L.19091999 See photo
FaithWATSONNOTIE B.19101977 See photo
FaithWATSONCARL19181999 See photo
ROBERT5/22/19074/4/1981US Army WW II
See photo
PrayerWATSONLILLIAN ORELIA (STAFFORD)11/17/19223/26/1997 See photo
PrayerWATSONSHIRLEY MAE4/16/194711/14/1986 See photo
CLEOPHAS8/10/19265/7/2005PFC US Army WW II
See photo
RememberanceWATSONMARC J.12/13/195810/8/2010 See photo
ALBERT T.12/6/192610/14/2002US Army Korea
See photo
ChristWATTSHARVEY EMANUEL6/22/19518/8/2004 See photo
EternityWATTSJOSEPHINE6/23/19047/19/2000 See photo
EternityWAYNEEDWARD JR.19081989 See photo
EternityWAYNEMODESTER19031978 See photo
PrayerWEATHERSEYJUANITA F.1/8/19367/13/1988 See photo
EternityWEAVERCLARENCE19011986 See photo
EternityWEAVERKATHERINE19071990 See photo
FaithWEAVERVILLIAN V.19141992 See photo
LoveWEBBRUTH18841968 See photo
PrayerWEBBGLADYS E.19161990 See photo
MasonicWEBBMABLE B.19192001 See photo
MasonicWEBBLUTHER H.19161999 See photo
LoveWEBB-CATOBERNEDENE10/11/19101984 See photo
LoveWEBB-WOODSRUBY LEE2/22/19151/1/1994 See photo
BabylandWEBSTERZACHARIH DA'QUAN6/1/20106/16/2010 See photo
BabylandWELLSPETER RAY19711973 See photo
FaithWELLSCHARLES D.7/2/19026/25/1983 See photo
GethsemaneWELLSDORIS MARIE19371983 See photo
GethsemaneWELLSLOVIE19191985 See photo
LoveWESLEYROSIE L.5/1/19109/16/1989 See photo
GethsemaneWESLEYNOBIE C.18831979 See photo
FaithWESTHOLLIS5/1/19357/1/1989 See photo
LoveWESTLIZZIE B.10/28/18852/21/1972 See photo
RememberanceWESTCHARLES LEE2/28/19464/15/2003 See photo
ChristWEST-FLOYDDOSHIER8/17/19248/22/2010 See photo
FaithWEST-HARRISCREAMELLA4/4/19338/5/2006 See photo
MasonicWHATLEY-ROBINSONMERDINE E.1/31/19441/5/2011 See photo
RememberanceWHEATONWILLI MAE (HUDSON)4/18/19361/9/2006 See photo
BabylandWHEELERNIKKIYIANA T.2/10/20013/18/2001 See photo
BabylandWHEELERWILLIAM Z.8/29/20088/30/2008 See photo
PrayerWHEELERETTA KIDD19292003 See photo
GethsemaneWHIGHAMJASMINE D'JUAN7/15/19845/9/1987 See photo
GethsemaneWHITAKERDOROTHY F.1/3/193810/5/2002 See photo
BabylandWHITED'KOVEN10/9/201010/10/2010 See photo
BabylandWHITED'PAYDEA10/9/201010/10/2010 See photo
Eternity-CompWHITEYOLANDA G.11/22/19481/17/2008 See photo
ChristWHITEKIMMIE S.12/3/19717/18/2001 See photo
EternityWHITERANDOLPH8/3/19495/24/1990 See photo
EternityWHITEJACK19001979 See photo
EternityWHITEARVELLA19081995 See photo
EternityWHITEIRMA LEE10/22/19235/23/2002 See photo
EARL12/27/19215/31/2009PFC US Army WW II
See photo
EternityWHITEEUGENE19041981 See photo
EternityWHITELILLIE B.19081999 See photo
EternityWHITESAMUEL, REV.10/1/19296/1979Difficult to read
See photo
EternityWHITEDORIS J.9/11/19268/30/1989Difficult to read
See photo
EternityWHITERENARD G.3/7/19552/28/1993 See photo
EternityWHITETOMMY B. DR.19411994Difficult to read
See photo
EternityWHITEHAROLD L.7/5/19521/26/1992 See photo
EternityWHITEAMEDIA H.9/17/19279/14/2006 See photo
ARNIE2/27/19115/9/1983PVT US Army WW II
See photo
EternityWHITENINA V.19211993 See photo
FaithWHITEMILDRED L.19231997 See photo
FaithWHITECORDELL1/5/19741/20/1983 See photo
LoveWHITEHAROLD L.2/27/19257/11/1977 See photo
LoveWHITEMARY ALMA (BATES)19271966 See photo
PrayerWHITEOSCAR DON7/16/19379/13/1997 See photo
JAMES JR.3/29/19133/7/1994PFC US Army WW II
See photo
GethsemaneWHITERAYFIELD1911Can't read See photo
GethsemaneWHITENELLIE19192003 See photo
MasonicWHITEJOHN W.1885No date See photo
MasonicWHITEADA18971970 See photo
RememberanceWHITEBESSIE1/22/19273/5/2001 See photo
JAMES JR.3/22/19268/11/1993US Army WW II
See photo
RememberanceWHITESIDEJOHNNY D. "SLICK"8/19/195112/26/2007 See photo
BabylandWHITFIELDTIFFANY D.6/16/19918/9/1991 See photo
MasonicWHITFIELDSAM18961972 See photo
GethsemaneWHITINGDAVID19051981 See photo
PrayerWHITLOCKKATHERINE B.19241988 See photo
PrayerWHITTAKERSANDRA K. (PEACE)12/8/196211/27/2001 See photo
EternityWILBORNBABY K.18981986 See photo
EternityWILBURNARLILLIAN5/31/19103/11/2010 See photo
GethsemaneWILBURNLEE A.10/19/19065/17/1976 See photo
GethsemaneWILBURNIONE10/19/19087/23/2006 See photo
WILLIS LEE2/23/193210/24/1989US Army Korea
See photo
NATHANIEL4/19/194012/1/2000US Army
See photo
MasonicWILBURNANITA M. (HAMILTON)6/15/193212/4/2009 See photo
EDWARD DEWAYNE2/5/19569/17/2006US Mrine Corps Vietnam
See photo
ChristWILCOXPHILIP M.1/29/19471/9/2008 See photo
JOHN D.2/4/19236/10/1997US Air Force WW II
See photo
Eternity-CompWILEYRONNIE D.3/17/19643/14/2005 See photo
BabylandWILLIAMSSTARRLYN19711971 See photo
BabylandWILLIAMSBOBBY JOE JR.19761976 See photo
BabylandWILLIAMSTYRESE SHAMAR4/6/20014/6/2001 See photo
BabylandWILLIAMSCODY E.3/18/20037/3/2003 See photo
BabylandWILLIAMSMIRACLE L.9/15/20062/13/2007 See photo
BabylandWILLIAMSTAZA GAYLE7/13/20007/13/2000 See photo
BabylandWILLIAMSARIANNA LASHIA7/6/20097/6/2009 See photo
BabylandWILLIAMSSHANIYA JANA4/27/20084/27/2008 See photo
Eternity-CompWILLIAMSAIROY19252008 See photo
ChristWILLIAMSKATIE1/25/19297/1/2010 See photo
EUGENE6/11/192010/9/2004CPL US Army WW II
See photo
ChristWILLIAMSTERENCE LEE9/1/19827/25/2002 See photo
ChristWILLIAMSGARY A.2/18/19593/17/2011 See photo
ChristWILLIAMSBOBBY G.10/12/19343/7/2001 See photo
ChristWILLIAMSALMA J.9/27/19366/30/2000 See photo
FREDDY LOUIS11/11/194412/21/1998PVT US Army Vietnam
See photo
ChristWILLIAMSRICHARD C.12/9/19473/22/2000 See photo
EternityWILLIAMSORA L.18981980 See photo
EternityWILLIAMSBAZILE "DOC"19071985 See photo
EternityWILLIAMSARNETAS M.19081988 See photo
ULYSSES SIMPSON8/6/192612/20/1996SSGT USAF WW II, Korea & Vietnam
See photo
EternityWILLIAMSBEULAH G.8/25/19056/3/1994 See photo
CLEOPHUS8/17/192410/2/2001PVT US Army WW II
See photo
EternityWILLIAMSMARIE A.4/8/19282/4/1997 See photo
EternityWILLIAMSROSA L.19121988 See photo
EternityWILLIAMSLARRY L.19311976 See photo
EternityWILLIAMSOCTAVIA M.7/30/19255/18/2008 See photo
FaithWILLIAMSR. D.19162003 See photo
FaithWILLIAMSWALTER G., REV.12/28/19261/22/1993 See photo
FaithWILLIAMSWILLIE L. (BELL)10/6/192810/5/1997 See photo
FaithWILLIAMSR. C.191511/25/1995 See photo
FaithWILLIAMSROSIE LEE19172007 See photo
R. C. JR.12/24/19483/10/1995PVT US Army Vietnam
See photo
FaithWILLIAMSPEARL M.19302011 See photo
FaithWILLIAMSYVONNE SHARON7/31/19421/26/1994 See photo
SYLVESTER JOE12/22/194112/31/1995SP4 US Army Korea
See photo
FaithWILLIAMSLESLEY L.Can't read8/1/1990 See photo
FaithWILLIAMSLOIS L.Can't readCan't read See photo
FaithWILLIAMSDAVE V.19252005 See photo
MACK ARTHUR9/3/19507/30/2003US Army
See photo
LoveWILLIAMSROY W.18841979 See photo
LoveWILLIAMSBETTY W.18961988 See photo
ODELL8/23/19222/23/1980PVT US Army WW II
See photo
PrayerWILLIAMSRUTH12/26/193010/30/1998 See photo
PrayerWILLIAMSMAUDIE P.2/16/19315/29/2005 See photo
PrayerWILLIAMSFAYETTA A.11/10/195012/16/2009 See photo
PrayerWILLIAMSLARRY B., REV., DR.9/14/19548/29/2008 See photo
PrayerWILLIAMSCLARENCE C.12/28/19286/8/2003 See photo
PrayerWILLIAMSLILLIE M.9/29/19316/22/1990 See photo
PrayerWILLIAMSVIOLA MAE1/5/19269/3/1990 See photo
FRED JR.8/5/192612/15/1994TEC4 US Army WW II
See photo
PrayerWILLIAMSBEOLA11/12/192312/15/1997 See photo
GethsemaneWILLIAMSALFRED L.19271981 See photo
GethsemaneWILLIAMSPEARL L.19161987 See photo
GethsemaneWILLIAMSRUTH A.8/5/19313/11/1997 See photo
NATHAN L.7/12/19295/26/1990TSGT USAF Korea & Vietnam
See photo
GethsemaneWILLIAMSLINDA M.8/31/19526/7/2009 See photo
GethsemaneWILLIAMSLETAVA6/19293/25/2009 See photo
GethsemaneWILLIAMSSYLVIA J.11/18/19143/1/2002 See photo
HENRY5/2/19176/16/1999PFC US Army Air Forces WW II
See photo
GethsemaneWILLIAMSALICE G.6/1/19164/1/1993 See photo
ELMER F.3/6/19069/20/1979PFC US Army WW II
See photo
GethsemaneWILLIAMSJEANIE H.3/9/19058/7/1984 See photo
LONNIE K. SR.3/23/19303/10/1987PFC US Army Korea
See photo
MasonicWILLIAMSROBERT D.9/27/19736/9/1991 See photo
MasonicWILLIAMSDONALD LEE1/13/19471/19/2008 See photo
MasonicWILLIAMSLORINE BILLOW1/6/19279/27/2006 See photo
MasonicWILLIAMSVERNON RAY12/27/19473/6/1993 See photo
MasonicWILLIAMSCURTIS R.Can't read6/13/2010 See photo
WISDOM A.10/27/191011/19/1968SSGT 418 Port Co. WW II
See photo
MasonicWILLIAMSMILEY2/3/19115/26/1977 See photo
MasonicWILLIAMSHERMAN2/16/193810/19/1987 See photo
MasonicWILLIAMSCEDRIC TREMAYNI3/29/19802/15/2004 See photo
PECOLIAR SR.3/1/19199/1/2009SGT US Army WW II
See photo
RememberanceWILLIAMSIDA BELL10/23/19146/4/1995 See photo
RememberanceWILLIAMSEMMA7/18/18881/6/1989 See photo
RememberanceWILLIAMSDELORES A. (BUTLER)11/28/19462/18/1996 See photo
RememberanceWILLIAMSSONIA FAYE4/5/19677/7/2005 See photo
RememberanceWILLIAMSDEBORAH W. (COLLINS)4/14/195111/19/2000 See photo
RememberanceWILLIAMSCOONEY WILLIE JR.8/12/19132/1/1977 See photo
RememberanceWILLIAMSKATIE NELL8/29/191110/12/1998 See photo
CLIFTON V.6/22/19178/18/2010SGT US Army Vietnam
See photo
MOSES LEE SR.9/21/192110/13/2002PFC US Army WW II
See photo
FaithWILLIAMSIDA V.Can't read2003 See photo
BabylandWILLIAMS-BLEDSOENELSON NASIER3/3/20073/3/2007 See photo
EternityWILLIAMSWASHINGTON19091975 See photo
EternityWILLIAMSLEVERNA M.Can't read1998 See photo
MasonicWILLIAMSONW. L., REV.18801952 See photo
EternityWILLISHOOVER H.2/28/19288/10/1995Difficult to read
See photo
EternityWILLISNUNNIE10/31/189711/4/1981Difficult to read
See photo
FaithWILLISBERNICE M.2/22/191510/22/1999 See photo
PrayerWILLISGLENN1/14/19642/1/2011 See photo
ALPHONSO M.5/4/19425/14/2003US Army
See photo
GethsemaneWILLISFELIX V.19151983 See photo
RememberanceWILLISDOSSIE12/26/19403/14/2009 See photo
BabylandWILSONDALLAS LYNELL2/15/20005/10/2000 See photo
Eternity-CompWILSONROSCOE19141978 See photo
ChristWILSONROSIE B.11/14/19284/6/2008 See photo
ChristWILSONFREEMAN JR.8/10/19495/16/2007 See photo
DAVE A. SR.5/2/19274/10/2009US Marine Corps WW II
See photo
DARYL A.5/26/19686/15/2010MSGT US Air Force
See photo
ChristWILSONVONREE SR.3/18/19307/1/2009 See photo
EternityWILSONGLEN LEE JR.7/7/19703/28/1995 See photo
EternityWILSONMARGARET ANN (HURST)12/9/19445/2/1992 See photo
EternityWILSONEUGENE4/27/19275/16/1982 See photo
EternityWILSONWILLIE19051982 See photo
EternityWILSONANNA B.19201995 See photo
EternityWILSONDEMETRICE R.11/7/19661/3/2003 See photo
EternityWILSONJEANETTA R.19131984 See photo
FaithWILSONDOROTHY L.6/15/19518/7/2007 See photo
GUS JR.5/16/19306/29/2002CPL US Army Korea
See photo
FaithWILSONDEMARLIN A.12/1/19814/3/1998 See photo
LoveWILSONROBERT19141997 See photo
LoveWILSONSURVILLA M.19151983 See photo
PrayerWILSONARTHUR JR.19702000 See photo
PrayerWILSONBOOKER T., REV.5/12/19094/11/1997Difficult to read
See photo
PrayerWILSONLEONA R.1/14/19219/23/2009 See photo
PrayerWILSONELNORA S.11/6/19345/7/2010 See photo
GethsemaneWILSONOLLIE PARISH19001988 See photo
GethsemaneWILSONJAMES19091974 See photo
GethsemaneWILSONREX4/5/190611/22/1983 See photo
GethsemaneWILSONSAMANTHA12/4/18997/2/1989 See photo
GethsemaneWILSONDORIS JEAN12/17/19457/31/2009 See photo
MasonicWILSONLEE A. SR.19221992 See photo
MasonicWILSONMILLICENT B.19232006 See photo
MasonicWILSONOPHELIA (WHITFIELD)9/2/19078/25/1997 See photo
MasonicWILSONLULA MAE3/29/19402/2/1989 See photo
RememberanceWILSONCAROL JOYCE (ROLAND)4/11/193510/27/2008 See photo
RememberanceWILSONDONNIE L.19112009Difficult to read
See photo
RememberanceWILSONJAMES E.12/6/19769/11/2000 See photo
RememberanceWILSONDEOLA MARIE12/8/19297/6/2000 See photo
BabylandWINEBERRYANTONIO LAMAR19721972 See photo
ISAAC4/4/192112/25/1991PVT US Army WW II
See photo
GethsemaneWINEBERRYIRENE7/24/19216/10/2003 See photo
GethsemaneWINEBERRYWILLIAM H.6/17/19423/14/2008 See photo
EternityWINSTONOLIE B.5/3/193012/27/1997 See photo
EternityWINSTONORA C.19091993 See photo
RememberanceWINTERNMARY D.10/27/19458/18/2006 See photo
MasonicWINTERSARTHUR L. JR.1/2/19626/5/2008 See photo
RememberanceWINTERS-WASHINGTONJENNICER DIANNE9/3/19748/1/2007 See photo
JOHN EDISON12/17/19177/7/1987ST2 US Navy WW II
See photo
EternityWITHERSPOONMAUDE L.12/11/19169/28/2001 See photo
MasonicWONGESSIE T.19071973 See photo
ChristWOODARDDEBORAH SUE9/10/19496/2/2004 See photo
PrayerWOODARDOCTAVIA MARIE19241988 See photo
PrayerWOODARDCHARLES R.19671990 See photo
GethsemaneWOODARDWORLEY C. JR.8/9/19477/27/2003 See photo
BabylandWOODBERRYKECIA MICHELLE19761978 See photo
ChristWOODBERRYLONNIE H. SR.19421991 See photo
ChristWOODBERRYNORMA L.19471991 See photo
ChristWOODBERRYMELVIN19781991 See photo
GethsemaneWOODBERRYWOODSON2/5/1901Can't read See photo
GethsemaneWOODBERRYBEATRICE8/11/190711/16/1987 See photo
GethsemaneWOODERSEVELYN JOSEPH8/10/19291/22/1998 See photo
BabylandWOODLEYHOLLIE J. III6/25/19936/25/1993 See photo
ChristWOODSLAURA M.11/24/19435/17/2002 See photo
HENDERSON W.19261977PFC US Marine Corps WW II
See photo
LoveWOODSLINZY3/3/19219/13/1981 See photo
GethsemaneWOODSWAYNE E.1/16/194111/21/1978 See photo
ChristWOODSONEVELYN ANN12/17/19632/6/2007 See photo
RememberanceWOODSONLAWRENCE19302008 See photo
RememberanceWOODSONFRANKIE19342004 See photo
JAMES C.10/21/192910/5/2001US Army Korea
See photo
LoveWOODYLARRY M.8/7/19524/2/1995 See photo
CALVIN C. SR.10/28/19253/21/2008SC2 US Navy WW II
See photo
ChristWOODY-HAMILTONLILLIE MAE5/2/19392/15/2008 See photo
ChristWOOLBRIGHTMARLAND L.3/12/19378/1/2008 See photo
EternityWOOLBRIGHTMANZY N.3/28/19061/8/1989 See photo
BabylandWOOLFOLKSYDNEY MARIE10/18/200710/19/2007 See photo
LoveWORDLOWJAMES DAVID19031969 See photo
BabylandWORTHAMA'RIANA KAPRI10/19/200810/19/2008 See photo
CHESTER ROY7/15/19481/2001PFC US Army Vietnam
See photo
RememberanceWRENTYRONE JERROD10/5/19799/2/1994 See photo
FaithWRICEEZELL9/1/19438/18/1982 See photo
BabylandWRIGHTKEVIN DEWAYNE II11/30/20075/28/2008 See photo
BabylandWRIGHTELNAZIA3/7/20093/7/2009 See photo
BabylandWRIGHTCHRISTIAN D.2/2/20092/2/2009 See photo
BabylandWRIGHTRUTH A'LISE8/18/200512/24/2008 See photo
Eternity-CompWRIGHTMC HARVEY5/19/19477/1/2000 See photo
EternityWRIGHTKAHOMER19031959 See photo
EternityWRIGHTKINNIE MAE19122003 See photo
EternityWRIGHTHENRIETTA C.1/4/193010/21/1998 See photo
EternityWRIGHTABRAHAM1/26/191011/9/1990 See photo
LEON H.19111987PVT US Army WW II
See photo
FaithWRIGHTROBERT L.09021979 See photo
FaithWRIGHTCARRIE L.1908No date See photo
FaithWRIGHTMARVA D.6/21/19494/29/2008 See photo
LoveWRIGHTAMBER N.1/7/19891/17/2011 See photo
PrayerWRIGHTMATTIE L.19411988 See photo
PrayerWRIGHTVIRGINIA ANN6/14/19436/14/1987 See photo
PrayerWRIGHTCEDRIC D.5/17/195710/15/1988 See photo
PrayerWRIGHTSHERRY DENISE3/28/19597/22/2002 See photo
GethsemaneWRIGHTHOMER D.19532006 See photo
GethsemaneWRIGHTCHRISTIAN D.8/7/19858/31/2008 See photo
DELMAR HERMAN12/15/192310/9/1985ST3 US Navy WW II
See photo
MasonicWRIGHTREECE JR.8/15/192912/2/2004 See photo
PrayerWYATTMARY LEE8/12/19262/5/1995 See photo
ChristWYTCHB. W.19081993 See photo
ChristWYTCHEVELYN W.19152005 See photo
LAKE C. JR.11/15/19308/27/1983PFC US Army Korea
See photo

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