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Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

Likowski Cemetery
Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

© Terry & Donna Barnes
Surveyed January 1, 2000

From Pharoah go South 1.2 miles on Highway 75, then go East 0.25 miles to Cemetery. Highway turnoff is well marked. In the NW/4 of Sec 26, T11N, R11E.

**Information is being added based on the list from Oscar and Shirley Custar. Survey was made in the 1980's by them and the cemetery is listed in "Okfuskee County Cemeteries Volume 2" by Shirley Jean Custar. Oscar has granted permission to list information listed in their work. Thank you!

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

Allen, Wayne  Funeral Home Marker
Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Arnal, Louisa Meek11-18-185810-17-1897 
Baston, Freda  Funeral Home Marker
Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Batson, Ira1929 Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Batson, Ralph1926 Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Batson, Robert Lynn19611999Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Biddle, Martha5-5-186110-1-1893dau of S & L Meek (see also Fleetwood, L. & Meek, Henry)
Bowman, Agnes4-6-1938 mom
Bowman, Carolyn L.10-22-1942 Married 10-24-1958 (to Henry Ray Bowman)
Bowman, David Wayne196010-28-1960Our First Born Son", Shurden F.H.
Bowman, Henry Ray6-24-194112-25-1987Married 10-24-1958 (to Carolyn L. Bowman)
Bowman, Wayne Henry4-7-19699-12-1994 
Bowman, William David19331993Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Bowman, W. David11-26-193310-18-1993dad
Brawford, William J. 9-22-194262 yrs, 10 mo, 2da
Breshears, Infant3-6-18963-7-1896Son of Joseph and Lora
addtl info from
the Custar Index
Breshears, Birdie May12-3-18875-23-1950 
Breshears, John S.7-20-18665-14-1937 
Breshears, Opal Wells5-6-190611-22-1995Vondel Smith & Sons F.H., Oklahoma City
Breshears, William H. "Buster"12-11-190512-11-1939 
Brewer, Bobby19351999Williamson F.H.
Brown Cheryl  Funeral Home Marker
Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Brown, Earl S.9-8-1894 father
Brown, Minnie O.6-20-1908 mother
Bulley, Charles2-16-194012-31-1988 
Campbell, Andy09-09-191906-11-1989Info from Custar Index
Carter, Arlie (Ike)07-14-191403-08-2001Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Carter, Arthur7-16-19034-26-1934dad, married 8-16-1927
Carter, Chlorene10-22-19293-16-1940sister and daughter
Carter, daughter of Jim & Sarah   
Carter, Dora Jane11-24-190511-18-1988mom, married 8-16-1927
Carter, George19211999Mills F.H.
Carter, J. A.05-06-187705-02-1946Info from Custar Index
Carter, S. D.01-16-188104-15-1949Info from Custar Index
Carvel, John R.3-28-18841-31-1955 
Carvel, Lillie4-14-18864-12-1920 
Chadic, Albert Leroy18951975Pvt US Army WW I
Chadic, Beverly Ellen01-24-19653-12-1965Addtl info from
the Custar Index
Chadic, George Franklin6-7-19081-20-1980"Coonie"
Chadic, Johnny Jackson19151978Sgt US Army WW II
Chadic, Orrin J.1-1-19166-1923 
Chadic, Phebe E.6-4-18782-20-1963 
Chadic, Shannon W.7-9-19032-23-1961 
Coffman, Marcus F.12-26-187611-17-1906son of Jacob B. & Alice C. Coffman
Colbert, Casey 8-6-1989 
Colbert, Crystal 5-23-1983 
Colbert, Jamie 8-12-1957 
Colbert, Rick 12-12-1957 
Cotton, Adam C. 5-29-1984 
Crawford, Edward19111995 
Crawford, Ethel18911967mother
Crawford, Luther W.19211987Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Crawford, Mary1928 Bryan Spivey F.H.
Crawford, Phillis (Graham)06-13-1938*1967Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Crawford, William J.11-20-188009-22-1942father
addtl info from
the Custar Index
Creech, Leola Edith2-25-19214-4-1987mother and grandmother
De Armond, Cleo Arlen7-16-191610-13-1977married 2-1-1935
Dean, Chas. M.2-6-18593-24-1889 
DeArmond, Baby Boy 1940 
DeArmond, Charles R.10-13-193610-14-1996married 1-29-1965
DeArmond, Chlorene Joyce10-2-19265-5-1934 
DeArmond, Cynthia18501-9-1909 
DeArmond, Henry2-26-188611-13-1961 
DeArmond, Jimmie V.11-18-193912-4-1998dad
DeArmond, Joseph3-3-18452-22-1915 
DeArmond, Linda1-30-1944 married 1-29-1965
DeArmond, Lucille19221928 
DeArmond, Mary F.9-6-194110-3-1941 
DeArmond, Meredith18811947 
DeArmond, Myrtle6-22-18988-11-1964 
DeArmond, Ralph1-11-18927-21-1969 
DeArmond, Rosie Lee18901976 
DeArmond, Stanley E.9-29-19387-11-1999 
DeArmond, Vada Yarbrough11-26-1918 married 2-1-1935
Dideap 1896 
Edwards, Frank11-10-19156-6-1989 
Elizabeth, Arleena18581924Shurden F.H.
Faulkner, Henry P. "Unk"7-2-18864-27-1966 
Faulkner, Mary L.9-13-18939-28-1971Mom, Sherden F.H.
Ferris, Jared Ted19981998Shurden F.H.
Fitzgerald, Etta19111987Buckley F.H.
Fleetwood, L.5-15-18521-17-1889dau of S & L Meek (see also Meek, Henry & Biddle, Martha)
Foster, Anita 9-18-1956 
Foster, Carrie 11-1-1990 
Foster, Scott 11-6-1964 
Fraser C. A. Jack19081980Shurden F.H.
Fraser, Bonnie May19131986Shurden F.H.
Fraser, Charles C.11-16-19314-29-1948 
Fraser, Dell W.4-21-19447-24-1944 
Fraser, Euclne   
Fraser, Frances18851944 
Fraser, Jimmy A.9-25-193812-19-1958 
Fraser, Lional18801915 
Fraser, Montie10-16-193303-12-2004Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Fraser, Ray19001939 
Fraser, _anie 7-20-1990 
Garner, Henry19011989Buckley F.H.
Gibson, Betty Lou5-1-1943 married 7-11-1963
Gibson, Billy Joe5-20-19351-31-1997married 7-11-1963
Haddox, David2-27-1951  
Haddox, Iris V11-29-19119-21-1979 
Haddox, Mary R.6-21-1961  
Haddox, Rosie10-6-1981  
Harper, Mrs. Calpurnia E.10-10-184610-19-1896b. Leake Co., MS, nee Morrow
Harper, W.T.8-24-184311-29-1917 
Hart, John R.1-31-1987  
Hart, Myrtle C.5-11-1922  
Hicks, Charles6-24-19004-22-1981SEA 1 USNavy
Hicks, Charles6-24-19004-22-1891married 9-7-1928
Hicks, Minnie E.3-24-1910 married 9-7-1928
Hill, Betty  Funeral Home Marker
Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Holley, Simmie11-18797-1931our father
Horse, Henry *1924Funeral Home Marker
Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Hunt, Cora M.6-15-18908-26-1930 
Hunt, Joal A.10-7-18801-2-1945 
Jemison, Linard10-22-190412-18-1905son of J. H. and May
Jemison, Neal7-23-190910-23-1910son of J.H. & May Jemison
Jemison, Neal7-23-190910-23-1910son of J.H. and May
Jewell, Gayle19121989Buckley-Williamson F.H.
Jones, Green H.18611938Shurden F.H.
Lane, Grace -1935Funeral Home Marker
Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Lankford, Eva E.5-12-190512-8-1998 
Lankford, Lewis A.9-21-18967-3-1970 
LaRue, William19031987Buckley F.H.
Lawley, Benjamin E.19271985Buckley F.H.
Lee, Carl D.7-31-1909 masonic emblem
Lee, Carl Jr.19371937 
Lee, Charlese19361936Addtl info from
the Custar Index
Lee, George A.12-25-18432-24-1899 
Lee, Hubert Theodore3-6-18943-13-1971OK EN 1 US Navy WW I
See portrait See Headstone Photo
Lee, M. M.1-17-187511-11-1901age 26 yrs, 9 mo, 24 da, Woodmen of the World
Lee, Marion Emmitt1-3-18989-1981WW I Veteran
Info provided by:
Jeri Balmes
Lee, Ora V.2-1-19149-14-1987 
Likowski, Betty Lee1932 Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Likowski, Eva Marie6-18-190611-11-1996married 11-13-1933
Likowski, George Edward19071992Merritt F.H., Henryetta
Likowski, Harry Lee10-6-19097-1-1999married 11-13-1933
Likowski, John Henry9-2-19124-23-1994US Army Air Corps WWII
Likowski, John W.6-16-186410-29-1944father
Likowski, Josie19041904 
Likowski, Lillie M.3-12-18811-19-1960mother
Likowski, Ruby A.19111975Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Likowski, Sarah18781904 
Likowski, William19001908 
Livingston, James D.19171986Buckley F.H.
Lucas, M.no dateno dateInfo from Custar Index
Martin, John Menan4-19-18434-17-1921Pvt Co. 1, 14 Ark Inf
Mayes, Donna 4-20-1959 
Mayes, Jeromy 12-13-1978 
Mayes, Jerry 1-13-1954 
Maye, Michael 6-19-1982 
Maylen, Peggy 9-7-1942 
McCoy, Charlie19271985Buckley F.H.
McGill19831983Shurden F.H.
McGill, Krystal19831983 
Meek, Henry7-8-185412-6-1898son of S & L Meek (see also Fleetwood, L. & Biddle, Martha)
Milam,  Shurden F.H.
Milam, Benny W. II11-11-19673-27-1993Bo"
Milam, Elmo W.10-13-191410-8-1984married 10-25-1934
Milam, Othel M.2-8-1917 married 10-25-1934
Miller, Alfred19041986Buckley F.H.
Miller, Edna19281991Buckley F.H.
Millsap, Mary B.10-6-18914-17-1983 
Millsap, Walter W.7-18-188611-13-1963 
Milsap, Coats12-29-18913-20-1965 
Milum, J.C. 3-16-1908married 10-20-1872
Milum, Mary Jane 10-14-1909married 10-20-1872
Minyard, Johnny C.19471947Shurden F.H.
Minyard, Mary Ann 1946Shurden F.H.
Morrison, Ed18811931 
Morse, Henry19241988Buckley Williamson F.H.
Murray, Boller1-4-19151-24-1915son of W.D. & H.S. Murray
Murray, Lynardt9-1-19036-18-1903son of W.D. & H.S. Murray
Murray, Sarah P.3-25-19013-25-1901dau of W.D. & H.S. Murray
Owen, Cotton09-05-192210-18-2001Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Owen, Mary Francis07/01/192903/12/2006Funeral Home Marker
See obit
Owens, Laura 1909 
Pangle, James Leon05-25-193512-13-2000PVT US ARMY KOREA
Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Patterson, Connie L1/31/1919 Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Patterson, Enoch W.10-26-18671-26-1951father
Patterson, Henry C03-25-191509-23-2002Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Patterson, Jeff M. (marker has "Jacob M.)4-23-19135-9-1989married 6-2-1931
Patterson, Jeff M04-23-191305-09-1989Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Patterson, Junior L.19391941Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Patterson, Leon "Sonny Boy"05-07-193904-02-1941Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Patterson, Lunnie' E.9-7-1915 married 6-2-1931
Patterson, Mitchell  Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Patterson, Olah J.12-8-19146-29-19931st Lt US Army WWII, Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Patterson, Pamela19581997Williamson F.H.
Patterson, Wisdom L.8-4-189511-18-1961brother
Phippin, George A. 12-4-1963age 75 yrs, 11 mo, 15 da
Phipps, George A.12-26-187812-11-1963Info from Custar Index
Pitts, Glenda 2-10-1946 
Pool, Roy Paul19151985Buckley F.H.
Radford, Carma 2-12-1941 
Radford, Carmenita Louisa02-12-194103-05-2004Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Radford, Effie Mae3-31-189510-30-1968 
Radford, Eldon19251983Shurden F.H.
Radford, Ethyl19281934 
Radford, James D. "Pete"3-31-19307-14-1998married 12-18-1955
Radford, James Oscar1-3-18846-26-1951 
Radford, Laura2-17-19632-17-1963 
Radford, Martha R. "Marty"11-10-1938 married 12-18-1955
Radford, Nancy 1928 
Ray, David19091989Buckley F.H.
Reddick, Addie L.4-2-18921-27-1959 
Reddick, Amanda3-30-185612-20-1936 
Reddick, Dr. E. Louise12-21-192104-03-2004Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Reddick, Emma Lucy1-6-19029-19-1996married 1-23-1921
Reddick, Gay H.3-4-18999-24-1900 
Reddick, George 3-24-1897age 17 yrs, 3 mo., son of James & Amanda Reddick
Reddick, Grace5-10-18804-23-1901 
Reddick, James J.18821939 
Reddick, James M.9-15-18384-24-1899 
Reddick, James William9-18-19018-27-1996married 1-23-1921
Reddick, Loyd H.2-27-19154-22-1990married 11-2-1937
Reddick, Lloyd Thomas*1952*2004US ARMY VIETNAM
Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Reddick, Maggie M.18821956 
Reddick, Roy R.1-27-19016-5-1901 
Reddick, Theadore3-11-191811-22-1918"Baby"
Reddick, Tommie L.11-20-19227-4-1996married 11-2-1937
Reddick, W.P. (Bill)12-9-18757-9-1959 
Reid, Carmella A.2-3-19722-3-1972Foster F.H.
Reid, Dafney1-27-19731-27-1973 
Reid, Emma A.19051972mother
Reid, Homer18921969father
Reid, Lois19441944Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Reid, Louise19441944Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Reid, Olen Jackson06-15-191802-06-2000Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Reid, Sunny19431943Shurden F.H., Henryetta
Richards, William N.08-10-189702-16-1915c/o J. C. & L. A.
Info from Custar Index
Rogers, Jeremy Wayne (Allen)4-15-19776-8-1997age 20, Hudson-Phillips F.H., Henryetta
Rutland, Lula J.050-06-1860
Indian Terr.
w/o W. J.
addtl info from
the Custar Index
Sallee, Dana 5-5-1949 
Sallee, Imogene Lee10-23-19191-1-1975 
Sallee, Kenneth 7-31-1947 
Sallee, Lucy 2-2-1949 
Salmon, Mary Ann10-6-19583-23-1991 
Sanders, Babyno dateno datebaby of Hershal
Info from Custar Index
Sanders, Maude Rylee6-3-188410-14-1967 
Sandlin, Baby05-23-194705-23-1947Info from Custar Index
Sandlin, Hershel F.  Baby
Scurlock, charles Edward09-06-194606-06-2001US ARMY VIETNAM
Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Seamon, Merton E.8-17-196212-4-1962 
Seamon, Merton E.8-17-196212-4-1962 
Smith, Myrtle M.4-11-19064-10-1973Jackson F.H.
Stevenson, Della Rose03-23-191510-29-1987Addtl info from
the Custar Index
Shurlock, Ruthno dateno dateInfo from Custar Index
Taylor, Martha A.11-2-184312-8-1909 
Thurman, Zenia19601993Williamson F.H.
Urban, Leota19061988Buckley F.H.
Walker, Margie19221987Buckley F.H.
Walker, William LaRue19031987Info from Custar Index
Waller, Benjamin P.4-5-18728-29-1897 
Ward, Andrew Smith6-9-18479-6-1909 
Ward, H.W.10-19-1887  
Ward, Marion   
Ward, William "Will" Jefferson10-3-186811-23-1905 
Ware, Jerrod 7-23-1977 
Whiteside, Zuma Lee9-8-192611-16-1937 
White, Frank2-5-19162-3-1983 
White, James Oscar01-03-188406-26-1951Info from Custar Index
White, Lena Mae11-10-19199-25-1974 
Wilbourn-Loyd, Krystal Marie09-14-198309-14-1983Addtl info provided by:
Brenda Franklin
Wood, Christy Denise 8-2-1961age 6 mo, 5 da, Sherden F.H.
Wood, Robert B.4-25-18937-2-1934Dad
Wray, Gertrude19081999Williamson F.H.
Young, Darrell E.7-9-195610-6-1997 
Young, Ralph19371999Williamson F.H.

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