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Hillcrest Cemetery
Weleetka, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

T Surnames

Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

A Taylor Dorthy no date no date See Photo
A Taylor Ella Mae 13-Dec 1919 7-Aug 1973 See Photo
B Teague Baby no date no date See Photo
B Teague Cora Lee no date no date  
C Teague Franklin M 1879 1954 s/w Franklin M
C Teague Minerca 1962 1905 s/w Cora Lee
See Photo
B Terry Harriet L 28-Mar 1887 7-Mar 1974 s/w Jim R
B Terry Jim R 25-Aug 1886 28-Feb 1966 s/w Harriet L
E Tharp Berniece 3-Apr 1905 13-Jul 1994  
E Tharp Don E. 30-Jun 1936 14-Dec 2002  
E Tharp Dudley 1875 1948  
E Tharp Dudley E 19-Aug 1911 21-Jun 1992 s/w Ruby
E Tharp Helen L 1875 1955  
E Tharp Ruby L 27-Apr 1916 no date s/w Dudley
E Thomas Alice O 1883 1938 s/w Nancy & Wm
C Thomas Earl 21-Jul 1904 31-Mar 1989 s/w Opal Belle
C Thomas Faye B 18-Apr 1899 27-Sep 1989 s/w Tollie V
E Thomas Gladys M 8-Feb 1909 24-Feb 1996 s/wWilliam
C Thomas H. Charles 1864 1944 s/w Mary I
C Thomas Ida E 1882 1943 s/w Jacob M
C Thomas Jacob M 1872 1939 s/w Ida E
E Thomas James B no date no date  
C Thomas Mary I 1867 1955 s/w H. Charles
E Thomas Mattie E 21-Feb 1905 24-Feb 1932  
E Thomas Nancy Jane 1865 1928 s/w Alice & Wm.
C Thomas Opal Belle 7-Aug 1908 8-Jan 1991 s/w Earl
C Thomas Tollie V 29-Jul 1893 2-Jun 1986 s/w Faye B.
E Thomas William E. 1900 1986 F3 US NAVY WWI
E Thomas Wm. Preston 1877 1952 s/w Nancy & Alice
B Thomason Annie 27-Aug 1878 27-Aug 1931 s/w S.J.
See Photo
B Thomason Child no date no date Child of John
See Photo
B Thomason Henry T 4-Mar 1854 21-Dec 1945 s/w Loucrecia & Willis
See Photo
C Thomason John Henry 1928 1943  
C Thomason John N 10-Jul 1886 9-Sep 1961  
B Thomason Loucrecia 10-Apr 1868 17-Jan 1937 s/w Henry T. & Willis G.
See Photo
B Thomason M E no date no date See Photo
C Thomason Ruby Bell 15-Jul 1896 28-May 1993  
B Thomason S.J. 6-Sep 1876 8-Jan 1960 s/w Annie
See Photo
E Thomason S.N. 4-Mar 1885 30-Apr 1929  
B Thomason Willis G 8-Jan 1879 17-Apr 1952 s/w Loucrecia & Henry T.
See Photo
A Thompson Amy 11-Jan 1892 21-Jun 1956 See Photo
B Thompson Lillie 22-Feb 1908 14-May 1928 See Photo
E Thompson Martin no date no date  
B Thompson R.E. 1875 1931  
A Tiger Claud H 19-Dec 1909 7-Feb 1992 s/w Ruby E.
See Photo
A Tiger Ruby E 29-Aug 1914 22-Jun 2002 s/w Claud H.
See Photo
C Torres Ethel Mae Coleman 21sec 1922 12-Feb 1988  
A Toth Joan Ellig 25-Nov 1933 no date s/w Philip A
A Toth Philip A 1-May 1926 29-Nov 1993 s/w Joan Ellig
B Trail Franklin Dale 7-May 1935 27-Feb 1936  
B Transue Claudius A 15-Jul 1884 27-Jan 1944  
B Transue Ella 20-May 1886 15-Feb 1970  
B Trantham Lamas no date no date  
B Treadwell Infant no date no date See Photo
B Troope William 10-Dec 1910 7-Jan 1910 son of F.C. & V.E.
See Photo
E Trout Joy M 26-Mar 1960 no date s/w Larry
E Trout Larry J 30-Jan 1945 5-Oct 2002 s/w Joy
B Trunk Alta May 1900 1961 s/w Edward Sr.
See Photo
B Trunk Charles B 1885 1911 See Photo
B Trunk Edward C 14-Jul 1921 17-Mar 1981 See Photo
B Trunk Edward Sr. 1896 1958 s/w Alta May
See Photo
B Trunk Helen H 29-Aug 1943 no date s/w Paul Alta
See Photo
B Trunk Infant son of Ed & Alta   1924 See Photo
B Trunk Infant son of Ed & Alta   1927 See Photo
B Trunk Paul Albert 10-Aug 1956 1-Feb 1977 See Photo
B Trunk Paul Alta 6-May 1926 25-Sep 2001 s/w Helen H.
See Photo
A Tunnell Marion A 9-Jul 1909 5-Dec 1966 s/w Mary Ellen
See Photo
A Tunnell Mary Ellen 3-Aug 1911 13-Oct 1965 s/w Marion A.
See Photo
E Turner Annie M 1865 1929 s/w William
E Turner Julian P 20-Mar 1893 2-Oct 1958  
E Turner William W 1860 1940 s/w Annie
B Tyler Jessie Berniece 22-May 1902 29-May 1906 See Photo

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