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Hillcrest Cemetery
Weleetka, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

S Surnames

Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

 S.R. C.  See Photo
CSailorsKirby W2-Nov 191110-Apr 1975 
ASamsBuster E12-Oct 19084-Feb 1988s/w Margaret
See Photo
ASamsMargaret14-Feb 190923-Oct 1975s/w Buster E.
See Photo
 SamsEthyl Iris23-Nov 193212-May 2002See Photo
BSanderlinDno dateno date 
BSanderlinEdno dateno date 
BSanderlinMno dateno date 
BSandersChesteen18-Sep 193331-Aug 1939 
CSandersClifford19181918s/w Marjorie
CSandersJohn A13-Mar 18826-Aug 1944 
CSandersLouie Ellen22-Mar 188413-Aug 1957 
CSandersMajorie19181918s/w Clifford
ESandersMaryno dateno date 
CSandersNancy BJan 1881Dec 1950s/w William B
CSandersP.L.11-Feb 186711-Feb 1948 
CSandersVirgil V2-Oct 19168-Nov 1975 
BSandersVirginia Mae6-Mar 19004-Aug 1979s/w William Benton Jr
CSandersWilliam BJun 1869Dec 1944s/w Nancy B
BSandersWilliam Benton Jr.24-Feb 190218-Jul 1958s/w Virginia Mae
CSandersonEdd29-Jul 188722-Dec 1950s/w Nettie
CSandersonNetie13-Jul 189118-Aug 1993s/w Edd
BSandlinArvilla A22-Nov 187926-Aug 1919See Photo
ESandlinCharlsie "Buggs"17-Jun 191719-Nov 1971 
BSandlinChesno dateno date 
BSandlinChristopher18811949s/w Maude
See Photo
ESandlinChristopher C24-Mar 19096-Oct 1984 
BSandlinG. L.12-Feb 188521-Feb 1944 
BSandlinHarold T27-Jan 19171-Nov 1934 
BSandlinHerbert 12-Jan 1923Son of Maude & Christopher
See Photo
BSandlinJohn L29-Nov 19589-Apr 1924Husband Rachel C.
See Photo
BSandlinLewis L20-Mar 190530-Sep 1954See Photo
BSandlinMaude C18851942s/w Christopher
See Photo
BSandlinPearlie Mae11-May 188913-Nov 1933 
BSandlinRachel C25-Aug 196212-May 1925Wife of John L.
See Photo
BSandlinWm Thomas "Uncle Willie"3-Jan 189216-Aug 1962See Photo
 SatawakeBobby Joe13-Apr 194120-Apr 1968 SP5 US ARMY OKLAHOMA
See Photo
BSchenckFay M11-Jul 19041-Jun 1958 
ASchlineCalvin T (Brother)15-Jan 197327-Aug 1993See Photo
ASchlineGail15-Apr 195018-Oct 1998See Photo
BSchnorrBird23-Nov 18807-Jun 1960 
BSchnorrHenry29-Aug 187311-Feb 1973 
BScottAmandano dateno dateSee Photo
AScottBruce G19-Oct 18899-Jan 1968s/w Effie
See Photo
BScottEdmond A18871962s/w Mable E,
AScottEffie2-Feb 190023-May 1964s/e Bruce G.
See Photo
AScottElizabethno dateno dateSee Photo
BScottGary Lee19-Oct 19425-Nov 1997See Photo
AScottGeorge Alexander27-Jun 192121-Aug 1993 US ARMY WWII
See Photo
BScottGeraldine L11-Apr 191731-Aug 1992s/w Robert L.
See Photo
AScottGuy R12-Apr 192618-Aug 1984 PFC US ARMY WWII
See Photo
CScottHaden K191322-Nov 1977 
EScottHarold E 2-Jan 1947 
BScottHyman S6-Feb 191518-Jun 1959 
BScottIva20-Sep 18984-Jan 1912dau of G. & N.D. Scott
See Photo
BScottJim18481920See Photo
BScottJohn W.5-Sep 186024-Jun 1948 
AScottLadelle Ray10-Apr 193024-Feb 2002See Photo
BScottLinda Kay17-May 194822-Nov 1999See Photo
BScottMable E18941965s/w Edmond A
BScottMay Sutton14-Feb 18811-Jan 1964 
EScottRev. Thurman S26-Jul 191426-Nov 1959 
BScottRobert L24-Jul 191511-Feb 1991s/w Geraldine L.
See Photo
BScottRoy A1-Apr 189126-Sep 1952 PVT CO E 56 INF 7 DIV WWI OKLAHOMA
See Photo
AScottSenorano dateno dateSee Photo
AScottThomas H23-Jun 188529-Jan 1966 CPL CO A 66 INFANTRY WWI OKLAHOMA
See Photo
AScottWalter Rhea13-Dec 193328-Aug 19771 PFC US ARMY KOREA
See Photo
EScottWilma28-Jun 191423-Nov 2004 
AScrutchfieldJune B Walker28-Dec 1923no dates/w Robert Gene
See Photo
AScrutchfieldLinda Marie21-May 19509-May 2004s/w Robert Gene, Jr.
See Photo
AScrutchfieldRobert Gene16-Feb 192323-Aug 1995s/w June B.
See Photo
AScrutchfieldRobert Gene (Sonny) Jr.26-Aug 1948no dates/w Linda Marie
See Photo
 ScrutchfieldTerry Ray16 Sep 195413 Jan 2016Wife of Marla (Hull) Scrutchfield
See Obit
BScudderJessieno dateno dateSee Photo
BScudderO. M.no dateno dateSee Photo
 SeamonRichard F20-Dec 194121-Aug 1994 PFC US ARMY AIRBORNE
See Photo
ESelbyMaryno dateno date 
ESeufertMelna Arley29-Jun 191514-Feb 1999 
BShatswellFlora21-Jan 190421-Nov 1990s/w Thomas H
BShatswellHarley V19-Jul 193621-Jun 1972 
BShatswellJames H.27-Feb 194028-Dec 1970 
BShatswellJoseph 1-Jan 188320-May 1969s/w Mary
BShatswellMary17-Feb 191114-Sep 1999s/w Joseph
BShatswellSteveno dateno date 
BShatswellThomas H28-May 18837-Mar 1964s/w Flora
AShaverJoyce Watson2-Feb 19371-Nov 1970See Photo
CShawIva L6-Oct 190925-Jun 1989s/w Marvin
See Photo
CShawMarvin E7-Apr 190811-Jul 1982s/w Iva L.
See Photo
ASheltonCharlotte M19052000s/w Churchill T.
See Photo
ASheltonChurchill T18931970s/w Charlotte M.
See Photo
BShepherdAminda21-Jan 18722-Sep 1912See Photo
EShepherdHenry B18521938 
EShepherdMrs. Wno dateno date 
EShepherdWalt no dateno date 
BShepherd no dateno date 
BSherrillGrady D27-Apr 190120-Jun 1966s/w Thomas J.
BSherrillThomas J9-Nov 188022-Feb 1922s/w Grady D.
CShirkBenjamin Bear18731932 
CShirkBlanche Eno dateno date 
EShookEva no dateno date 
EShookRufusno dateno date 
BShropshireCharlotte S. Yandell18-Aug 195129-Nov 1997See Photo
 ShropshireClifford Ray30-Apr 195326-Sep 1984See Photo
 ShropshireCharlotte Yandell18-Aug 195129-Nov 1997See
BShurleyFred Lafayette (Fredo)5-Feb 192811-Nov 2000s/w Matgaret Jean
BShurleyIrverson L9-Nov 186724-Jun 1950 
BShurleyMargaret Jean16-Jul 1931no dates/w Fred
ASilverwoodRalph E. Jr.19-Mar 194129-May 1976See Photo
ASimmerJohn A24-May 1927no dates/w Nova Lee
See Photo
ASimmerNova Lee28-Sep 192811-Mar 1999s/w John A.
See Photo
BSimmsCordandano dateno dateSee Photo
ESimsBenjamin Oris18481924 
ESimsElizabeth Sarah18701917 
BSimsFlorence D6-Apr 187226-Nov 1945s/w J.W.
ESimsIrvin D13-Dec 189221-Aug 1973PFC AIR SERVICE WWI
BSimsJ. W.2-Jun 187110-Feb 1936s/w Florence D.
CSimsJohn Hayes18-May 18953-Oct 1968 
ESimsLaVaughn T9-Jun 190131-Jul 1983s/w Ivin
ESimsLuella Kathryn18531929 
ASimsMay Belle16-Feb 189328-Oct 1969See Photo
ASimsR. V. Lesley24-Oct 191615-Jun 1988 U.S. ARMY WWII
See Photo
BSimsSylvester L19241924See Photo
ASimsWilliam F29feb 189615-Oct 1963See Photo
BSingletonMayno dateno dateSee Photo
ASipesJohnson W9-Oct 191321-Oct 1957 PFC ARMY AIR FORCES WWII OKLAHOMA
See Photo
ASipesKermit A.19081972See Photo
ASipesN.B.31-Dec 18895-Jun 1959See Photo
ASipesPearl A25-Jan 18884-Oct 1972See Photo
BSipesTomno dateno dateSee Photo
ASissionFlo Andrada19041996See Photo
ASissonEstus Andrew4-Jan 18993-May 1939 
ASissonIra Lee10-Jul 192714-Apr 1934 
BSissonIvella Evelyn22-May 1932237apr 1935 
BSissonMarcia Virginia20-Dec 19356-Mar 1987See Photo
BSissonMyrtle L18931968 
BSissonWilbert Estes "Buck"10-May 191931-Aug 2001See Photo
CSkeltonJames Durwood9-Oct 191518-Apr 1936 
BSlatonSidney T28-Mar 187828-Sep 1932See Photo
ASlaughterJames O4-Feb 1917no dates/w Jewell
See Photo
ASlaughterJewel (Adams)22-Aug 192023-Oct 2000s/w James O.
See Photo
ASmithAlsey13-Feb 187122-Jan 1962s/w Martha T.
See Photo
ASmithAlva Ray  See photo
ESmithBarbara22-Feb 1930no dates/w Troy
ESmithBetty Jane29-Jan 188320-Oct 1959 
ESmithCharles F4-Aug 190019-Sep 1943 
CSmithClara Ann19-Apr 190029-Oct 1976 
BSmithClarenceno dateno dateSee Photo
BSmithDelia26-May 187812-Jul 1921wife of J.W. Smith
See Photo
ASmithDillard Boe6-Dec 192310-Oct 1973See Photo
ESmithFred J8-Jan 19261-Sep 1988 
ASmithGerald E24-Sep 19245-Jun 1983See Photo
BSmithGoldie M6-May 19246-Nov 1924s/w Junior
CSmithHayward Bennett19021990s/w KathrynSee obit
CSmithIsom G18711948s/w Rettie E
ESmithJ.L.10-Aug 185917-Apr 1926 
BSmithJames O19-May 190221-Sep 1911son of P.W. & S.E.
See Photo
ASmithJesse J27-Nov 18776-Dec 1954See Photo
BSmithJohn M30-Mar 186918-Nov 1906See Photo
CSmithJohn William7-Feb 188010-Jan 1951s/w Mallie D
BSmithJunior13-Jun 192513-Jun 1925s/w Goldie M
CSmithKathryn19091994s/w Hayward
ASmithLuther W14-Oct 190626-Jul 1973s/w Rose A.
See Photo
CSmithMallie D24-Jul 188211-Aug 1968s/w John William
ASmithMartha T4-Jul 187428-Jan 1938s/w Alsey
See Photo
ESmithMrs T.F. (Mother)11-Sep 18761-May 1951s/w (Father)
ESmithMyrtle L12-Mar 189218-Mar 1925 
BSmithNellieno dateno date 
ASmithOma I13-Mar 189214-May 1968See Photo
ASmithRaymond Neal7-Oct 190010-Jan 1977See Photo
CSmithRettie E18721948s/w Isom G
ASmithRose A24-Mar 190610-Jul 1990s/w Luther W.
See Obit
See Photo
ASmithRuby Wilzetta  See Portrait
See Photo
ESmithT.F. (Father)17-Apr 187810-Jun 1940s/w (Mother)
ESmithTroy C16-Mar 192719-Jan 1999s/w Barbara
ASmithW. J. (Bill)6-Mar 190323-Apr 1962See Photo
BSmootGeorgie A10-Aug 188210-Oct 1918wife of W.L.
See Photo
BSneadArthur 13-Jul 189211-Mar 1928 
BSneadBenjamin Andrew9-Apr 187530-Oct 1954 
BSneadCaswell Thomas29-Oct 185323-Jan 1941 
ASnellAlice K23-Apr 194423-Apr 1944 
ASnellJack 9-Jul 192322-Aug 2002See Photo
ASnellKathleen "Cackle"21-Aug 192217-Feb 1999See Photo
ASnellKatie5-Apr 190025-Jan 1965See Photo
ASnellRobert Edward21-Jun 186931-May 1953See Photo
ASnellRoscoe Ernest17-May 18963-Oct 1970See Photo
CSnellThomas A23-Oct 19309-Jul 1982See Photo
BSolbergDaniel Christopher21-Jan 200523-Jan 2005See Photo
BSparksW Lno dateno dateSee Photo
BSpearArvel C12-Oct 1913no dates/w Mary Phariss
See Photo
BSpearMary Phariss5-Oct 1915no dates/w Arvel C.
See Photo
ASpenceJames T29-Sep 191115-Jan 1970s/w Olive G.
See Photo
ASpenceOlive G17-Apr 191722-Mar 1978s/w James T.
See Photo
 SpillerErnest A18871977See Photo
 SpillerMyrtle I18851968See Photo
CSpillersAlice Sue25-Sep 192012-Dec 1945 
CSpillersJames E15-Jul 186918-Jul 1948 
CSpillersWilliam29-Dec 18936-Dec 1955 
CSpillersZetta Lee24-Nov 189617-Jan 1977 
EStaggsEva Maeno dateno date 
BStaggsSlyvester Thomas7-Sep 187821-Feb 1936 
EStainboughTedno dateno date 
AStankewitzCharles12-May 1937no date 
AStankewitzEdna Inez Ramsey28-Nov 19072-Dec 1982 
AStankewitzMarrian Ruth18-Sep 1938no date 
BStarlingJohn T2-May 18516-Dec 1909See Photo
BStarnsIra Nno dateno date* Weleetka's First Citizen
See Photo
BStarnsIretta Vno dateno dates/w Minetta
See Photo
BStarnsMinetta no dateno dates/e Iretta
BStarnsMinetta M22-Apr 18697-Jul 1917wife of I.N. Starns
See Photo
ESteele Jessie SamFeb 1824Jul 1943 
ESteele Jessie Wanetta26-Aug 19432-May 1949See Photo
EStephensAnne18-Aug 188918-Jun 1914d/o A.L. & Angie
EStephensBaby25-Dec 190927-Dec 1909 
EStephensBarney Edward3? 4-Dec 1917?s/o M.B. & T
EStephensFrank26-Jul 188415-Aug 1906s/o A.L. & Angie
BStephensGeorge W22-Mar 192417-Jun 2003 
EStephensJosephine21-Mar 188625-Jul 1962 
EStephensMother (Angie)?3-Jan 186616-Jun 1920 
BStephensonBillie Loui (Keen)14-Apr 191519-Mar 1998 
BStevensAbner Luther4-Jun 187718-Jun 1953 
AStevensBeryl W8-Mar 19177-Nov 1968See Photo
BStevensJohn H7-Oct 185616-Feb 1926 
EStevensMary F8-Oct 18649-Jul 1938s/w Vatchal
EStevensMattie9-Jan 187827-Jul 1940s/w Thomas
BStevensMattie A18-Dec 187827-Jul 1940See
EStevensThomas J31-Dec 187922-Nov 1960s/w Mattie
EStevensVatchal14-Jan 185021-Dec 1915s/w Mary
CStewardBuford H20-Nov 191228-Apr 1998 
CStewardFaynelle1-Jun 193517-Jul 2002 
CStewardJohn F7-Jun 187222-Sep 1938 
CStewardMary C13-Sep 187511-Jun 1974 
AStillwellAlbert6-Oct 188325-Jul 1951s/w Dora Alice
See Photo
AStillwellDora Alice11-Feb 189011-Oct 1976s/w Albert
See Photo
BStinesBlanche A.19111937 
BStinesNye G19181937 
CStokesJohn H18971985 
CStokesJohn Henry21-Mar 18974-Jun 1985 
CStokesMary Ethel11-Mar 19037-Feb 1943 
BStoutKermit L18731949 
BStoutRosa E19031935 
BStringfellowJimmie Dale19431965 
BStringfellowPatricia Ann13-Jan 1930no date 
BStringfellowWilliam29-Jun 195026-Apr 2002 
EStringfieldAlton L26-Jan 192521jkun 1927s/o Arl & Mertie
CStringfieldAri1886no dates/w Mertie
EStringfieldElizabeth J15-Nov 185514-Nov 1915s/w George
EStringfieldGeorge29-Jan 184626-May 1914s/w Elizabeth
EStringfieldHno dateno date 
EStringfieldInfant Daughter 2-Jul 1916d/o Arl & Mertie
EStringfieldInfant Son 16-Apr 1923s/p Arl & Mertie
CStringfieldMertie L18881968s/w Ari
EStroughFred S18721947 
ESullivanBessie "Ma"23-Apr 18924-Feb 1953 
ESummersDora Haggerton18741939 
BSuttonJo Annno dateno dateSee Photo
BSuttonSandrano dateno date 
BSuttonWayneno dateno date 
BSuttonWilliam C,22-Jul 18763-Apr 1958 
BSweedenRoxieno dateno date 
ASwinfordWno dateno dateSee Photo

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