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Hillcrest Cemetery
Weleetka, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

R Surnames

Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

A Radford Margaret Earl 16-Jul 1919 23-Jun 1996 s/w Ray Ross
See Photo
A Radford Ray Ross 12-Aug 1916 14-Nov 1997 s/w Margaret Earl
See Photo
C Raeuber Ella 1886 1963  
C Raeuber Frank D 1885 1934  
C Rahhal Sue Ellen 1 May 1937 10 Mar 2011 See Photo
E Ralston Frank C 12-Sep 1885 8-Jan 1966 s/w Ida
E Ralston Ida Belle 4-Jul 1877 29-Aug 1955 s/w Frank
  Ramsey Edna Inez 28-Nov 1907 2-Dec 1982 See Photo
E Rape Lula Bell 1879 1956 s/w Nevada
See Photo
E Rape Nevada 1881 1948 s/w Lula Bell
See Photo
B Rappe Nevada Jr 3-Jun 1921 22-Jul 1922  
E Rasberry Elma J 16-Nov 1861 28-Jan 1947  
B Rasberry Florence Evelyn 1922 1926 See Photo
B Rasberry Florence L 14-Feb 1905 14-Feb 1973 s/w John M
E Rasberry J.D. 2-Jul 1861 28-Nov 1931  
B Rasberry John M 31-Jul 1903 21-Jul 1975 s/w Florence L
E Rasberry Matilda 2-Feb 1842 31-Jan 1916  
E Rasberry R.J. 5-Dec 1837 28-Mar 1917  
A Rasberry Ruby P 15-Jul 1898 4-Jan 1988 See Photo
A Rasberry Wm J. "Bud" 4-Dec 1892 30-Mar 1957 See Photo
A Ray Edna Creekmore 6-Aug 1910 27-Dec 1987 See Photo
A Ray Harold 17-Apr 1942 18-May 2005 s/w Shirley J.
See Photo
A Ray Lycurgus H 31-Dec 1908 27-Jun 1958 TEC5 US ARMY WWII OKLAHOMA
See Photo
  Ray Shirley 15-Dec 1942 no date s/w Harold E
E Rayburn Leontine 30-Dec 1878 12-Apr 1957 s/w Robert
E Rayburn Robert B 10-Nov 1876 4-Jun 1948 s/w Leontine
A Red Robert no date no date See Photo
E Reddick A.J. 15-Oct 1880 15-Apr 1911 See Photo
E Reddick Benj   1917  
E Reddick Benj   1909  
  Reddick Gurtha Lou 12-Jun 1897 14-Aug 1983 See Photo
A Reddick Dorothy 13-Feb 1917 11-Feb 1994 s/w G.D.
See Photo
  Reddick Earl (Tom) 14-Aug 1915 6-Nov 2000 s/w Thurma E.
See Photo
A Reddick Esther M 22-Dec 1894 12-Dec 1984 s/w Robert E.
See Photo
E Reddick Ethel no date no date  
B Reddick Frieda 1907 1933 See Photo
A Reddick Frieda Allen 21-Apr 1914 20-Mar 2005 s/w Glen Irvin
See Photo
A Reddick G.D. (Jenks) 26-Nov 1912 20-Oct 1996 s/w Dorothy
See Photo
A Reddick G.D. III 6-May 1964 8-May 1964 See Photo
A Reddick Glen Irvin 13-Oct 1917 26-Nov 1973 s/w Frieda Allen
See Photo
A Reddick Gretta A 10-Apr 1921 17-Nov 1984 s/w Warren H.
See Photo
A Reddick Gurtha Lou 12-Jun 1897 14-Aug 1983  
A Reddick Joseph S 6-Jan 1887 9-Jul 1964 See Photo
E Reddick Lizzie Bell 15-May 1904 22-Sep 1905  
E Reddick Maggie no date no date  
A Reddick Muriel V 14-Apr 1919 11-Jun 2002 s/w Novle L
A Reddick Neva Jane 4-Apr 1925 29-Feb 2008 s/w Sharla Jane Patterson
See Photo
A Reddick Novle L 14-Aug 1915 11-Dec 2000 s/w Muriel V
A Reddick Robert Conan 22-Jan 1927 4-Nov 2000 s/w Wanda Lynch
See Photo
A Reddick Robert E 7-Oct 1894 4-Dec 1975 s/w Esther M.
See Photo
A Reddick Robert II 2-Dec 1912 31-Aug 1976  
E Reddick Ruby no date no date  
  Reddick Thurma E 29-Aug 1914 25-Jan 1984 s/w Earl (Tom)
See Photo
A Reddick Wanda Lynch 3-Feb 1923 26-May 2003 s/w Robert Conan
See Photo
A Reddick Warren H 27-Apr 1921 no date s/w Gretta A.
See Photo
C Reed Carla Sailors 28-Mar 1919 12-Jun 2003  
C Reed Steve Arthur 15-Jul 1917 12-Jun 1981  
B Reid Arlie 30-Jan 1907 20-Feb 1953 s/w Louise
B Reid Estel 18-Nov 1915 27-Aug 1994 s/w Pearl
See Photo
A Reid Frances C 25-Aug 1886 10-May 1968 s/w John A.
See Photo
A Reid Henry Dolen 1919 1976 s/w Mary Frances
See Photo
B Reid James Arlie Jr, 14-Nov 1938 14-Nov 1938  
A Reid John A 21-Jun 1886 no date s/w Frances C.
See Photo
A Reid Joseph A 28-Jun 1888 30-Apr 1970 s/w Norma M.
See Photo
B Reid Louise 30-Oct 1911 16-Mar 1983 s/w Arlie
A Reid Mary Frances 1923 2001 s/w Henry Dolen
See Photo
E Reid Mary M. 19-Apr 1881 1-Feb 1963 s/w Mathew
See Photo
E Reid Mathew F. 13-Jul 1878 5-Apr 1960 s/w Mary
See Photo
A Reid Nora M 21-Jun 1891 26-May 1970 s/w Joseph A.
See Photo
B Reid Pearl 18-Dec 1917 no date s/w Estel
See Photo
B Reid Thelma no date no date  
B Renfrow Alva 19-Feb 1908 14-Jul 1908 s/w Talva
See Photo
B Renfrow Fannie S 14-Mar 1882 6-Nov 1965 s/w John G.
See Photo
B Renfrow John G 13-Sep 1874 2-Jul 1958 s/w Fannie S.
See Photo
B Renfrow Talva 19-Feb 1908 19-Jul 1908 s/w Alva
See Photo
E Reno Ervin C 8-Aug 1921 30-Sep 1937  
C Reynolds Almon J 1906 1946 s/w J Frank- Fannie
C Reynolds Fannie L 1871 1957 s/w J Frank-Almon
C Reynolds J Frank 1878 1944 s/w Fannie-Almon
E Reynolds Kate no date no date  
B Reynolds R. Franklin 2-Mar 1850 27-Apr 1936 See Photo
E Reynolds William C 31-Dec 1888 19-Oct 1949 PVT 111 ENGINEERS 36DIV WWI
E Rice Clarence L 11-Nov 1919 16-Jun 2004 s/w Elsie
E Rice Elsie Dee 25-Aug 1917 no date s/w Clarence
B Richardson Annie Laurie 1870 1946 See Photo
B Richardson Bobby 9-Jan 1929 17-Mar 1931 See Photo
E Richardson Cona M 26-Feb 1909 24-Feb 1994  
B Richardson E. E. no date no date  
E Richardson Ethel E 8-Jan 1888 22-Aug 1966  
B Richardson F.L. "Pete 2-Dec 1907 5-Aug 1984 s/w Hazel M.
See Photo
B Richardson George 1861 1925
See Photo
B Richardson Hazel M 9-Dec 1912 17-May 2000 s/w F.L.. "Pete"

See Photo
E Richardson John S 21-Jul 1907 14-Jun 1970  
B Richardson Robert 19-Jan 1921 30-Dec 1979  
E Richardson Scott Allen 22-Jun 1928 10-Nov 1929 s/o J.S.
  Richmond Cornelius 23-Mar 19? 13-Jun 19? See Photo
A Riddle E. Bernice 16-Nov 1940 no date s/w Joe G.
See Photo
A Riddle Joe G 16-Oct 1938 21-Jun 1985 s/wE. Bernice
See Photo
E Rideout Ellen 21-Aug 1867 25-Nov 1962  
A Rihmond Cornelia C 28-May 1915 13-Jun 1982  
A Riley Frances Allene 26-Aug 1911 24-Jan 1964 See Photo
A Riley H J no date no date See Photo
A Riley Leona no date no date See Photo
A Riley Orville no date no date See Photo
E Riley Sonoma 2-Mar 1926 13-Jan 1997  
B Rinicker Bulah no date no date See Photo
B Rinicker Clyde no date no date See Photo
B Roberts Harriet "Dit" 1878 1911 See Photo
B Roberts Jeff D 9-Jan 1878 8-Nov 1936 s/w Una B
B Roberts Una B 2-Mar 1885 2-Feb 1979 s/w Jeff D
E Robinett Howard Jackson   1913  
E Robinson Alabana R 24-Jul 1848 26-Mar 1911 w/o J.M.
B Robinson Bert no date no date See Photo
E Robinson Charles M 7-Jun 1878 21-Mar 1915  
B Robinson Elizabeth Ann 10-Oct 1870 2-Jan 1945 See Photo
E Robinson J.M. 21-Mar 1836 13-Jan 1924  
B Robinson James Billie 6-Mar 1924 6-Mar 1924 See Photo
E Robinson Lawrence Kenneth 3-Aug 1911 3-Jul 1912 s/o Chas M & Zoe
B Robinson Maggie no date no date  
B Robinson Maude M 3-Sep 1891 24-Dec 1971 s/w William E.
See Photo
B Robinson William E 4-Jul 1884 5-Jul 1958 s/w Maude M.
See Photo
E Robinson Zoe I no date no date  
B Rogers Almira 8-Nov 1823 13-Oct 1907 See Photo
E Rogers Carolyn 1-Jun 1945 5-Oct 1945  
E Rogers Darwyla Olene 27-Feb 1969 5-May 1990  
E Rolls Ira F 1889 1932  
B Rolston John Butler 22-Sep 1889 8-Jan 1960 PVT CO L 118 INFANTRY WWI OKLAHOMA
See Photo
B Rolston Katie B 12-Apr 1900 6-Dec 1929 See Photo
B Romines Clifford 28-Jan 1913 25-Aug 1935  
E Roof Frank Clellen 10-Mar 1904 18-Jul 1931  
E Roof Joseph 1863 1926 s/w Mary
E Roof Mary Ellen 2-Feb 1865 15-Mar 1935 s/w Joseph
B Ross Claude F 1882 1936 s/w Lillie Mary
See Photo
B Ross Claude L 6-Feb 1911 13-Mar 1912 son of C.F. & L.M
See Photo
B Ross Infant of C.F. & L.M   27-Jun 1909 See Photo
B Ross James D 20-Aug 1855 27-Jul 1932 s/w Martha J.
See Photo
B Ross Lillie Mary 1882 1956 s/w Claude F.
See Photo
B Ross Martha J 5-Mar 1857 4-Dec 1914 s/w James D.
See Photo
B Ross P.F.C. William W 12-Oct 1913 24-Jan 1945
See Photo
C Royer Emma J 1856 1938  
C Royer Smanuel G 1860 1951  
B Russell Delia M 11-Feb 1896 9-Jan 1967 See Photo
B Ryland Alma Webb 18-Aug 1886 16-Jul 1963 See Photo

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