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Hillcrest Cemetery
Weleetka, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

P Surnames

Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

E Pair Dora E 1-Sep 1868 3-May 1966  
E Pair Frank N 15-Sep 1905 5-Oct 1910 s/o James & Dora
E Pair James E 29-Oct 1873 26-May 1938  
E Pair Latisha T 10-Dec 1898 19-Jan 1915 d/o J.G. & D.E.
A Palmer Lahoma Margaret "Mo" 11-Jul 1917 13-Sep 2002 See Photo
A Palmer Minnie Owen 30-Oct 1888 7-Aug 1970 See Photo
A Parish Ella Bowen 24-Mar 1871 9-Nov 1957 See Photo
E Park Robert 5-May 1861 17-Jun 1915 Woodman Marker
See Photo
A Parker Geneva J. 17-Dec 1906 23-Dec 2000 See Photo
B Parker Jerry Don 14-Jun 1941 no date s/w Margaret Lois
A Parker Lois Fay 1-Feb 1928 15-Oct 2001 See Photo
B Parker Margaret Lois 3-Sep 1944 9-Jul 1991 s/w Jerry Don
B Parker Maxine Mitchell 2-Mar 1924 5-Apr 1995  
E Parker Ruby H 8-Sep 1905 20-Nov 1970  
B Parshall Bernice Morgan 22-Feb 1893 5-Nov 1946 See Photo
A Parsons Donie 27-Feb 1892 21-Aug 1970 See Photo
A Parsons Earl 1888 1975 See Photo
A Parsons Harol Deane "Shugie" 11-Oct 1930 19-Jul 2002 s/w W. Joseph "Joe"
See Photo
C Parsons Ira H 1892 1943 s/w Mabel L
A Parsons Jessie Dee 23-Jan 1906 19-Apr 1993 See Photo
C Parsons Mabel L 1892 no date s/w Ira H
E Parsons Minnie 13-Nov 18851 22-May 1915 w/o W.A.
E Parsons Nancy Milenda 1-Oct 1851 21-Feb 1937  
A Parsons W. Joseph "Joe" 2-Feb 1924 no date s/w Harol Deane
See Photo
A Parsons William A. 25-Jan 1878 1-Apr 1953 See Photo
A Parsons William Carl 16-Nov 1903 21-Feb 1955 See Photo
E Parsons Zuler G 27-Dec 1900 31-May 1918  
E Pate Baby no date no date See Photo
E Pate Bill no date no date See Photo
E Pate Bird 31-Mar 1856 21-Dec 1928 s/w Susan
See Photo
E Pate John R 4-Jul 1880 27-Jun 1948 See Photo
E Pate Lillian M 1908 no date s/w Melvin
See Photo
E Pate Madeline P 23-Apr 1912 22-Sep 1956 See Photo
E Pate Marvin L 12-Apr 1908 24-Apr 1950 See Photo
E Pate Melvin O 1904 1947 s/w Lillian
See Photo
E Pate Susan 20-Nov 1856 5-Jul 1928 s/w Bird
See Photo
E Pate Virgie Viola 18-Jan 1881 15-Jul 1957 See Photo
A Patterson Sharla Jane 17-Dec 1949 no date s/w Neva Jane Reddick
E Payne Emma A 11-Apr 1867 29-Jul 1946 s/w Fred
E Payne Fred L 20-Oct 1861 20-Dec 1953 s/w Emma
A Payne Gordon A 22-Dec 1897 7-Feb 1984 s/w Mary V.
See Photo
A Payne Lee Lewis 2-Aug 1893 11-Oct 1975 WWI
s/w Ludy H.
See Photo
A Payne Ludy H 22-Dec 1894 21-Jun 198? s/w Lee Lewis
See Photo
A Payne Mary V 31-Jan 1913 30-Apr 1930 s/w Gordon A.
See Photo
A Payne Tony Dale 27-Jun 1960 15-May 1961 See Photo
E Pemberton Arthur B 1879 1968  
E Pemberton Jesse Jackson 15-Dec 1904   s/o J.M. & Nola
E Pemberton Jesse M 1877 1944 s/w Nola
E Pemberton Mother Josephine 15-Jan 18949 27-Jan 1924  
E Pemberton Nola V 1882 1969 s/w Jesse
B Peninger Alice A 1870 19-- s/w Muncie K
B Peninger Charles H 5-Oct 1895 18-Nov 1966  
B Peninger Eldon Bush 18-Oct 1919 25-Aug 1926 son of Chas & Ella
B Peninger Ella Mae 1-Dec 1895 6-Apr 1971  
B Peninger Muncie K 1871 1931 s/w Alice A
B Penrod Frank 15-Oct 1894 17-Mar 1931 PVT CL FIELD ART 15th DIV WWI OKLAHOMA
See Photo
B Penrod George P 11-Feb 1869 30-Nov 1952  
B Penrod John Lee 4-Jan 1870 25-Jun 1951 s/w Lee roy
B Penrod Lee Roy 24-Dec 1908 21-Jun 1951 s/w John Lee
B Penrod Mrs. M.F. no date no date See Photo
B Penrod Nancy Jane (Ward) 7-Oct 1840 21-Feb 1926 See Photo
C Perry Anna B. 18-Apr 1882 15-Jan 1978  
C Perry William J 25-Jul 1883 10-Dec 1940  
B Phariss Alvia V 3-May 1889 17-Mar 1979 s/w Fred B.
See Photo
B Phariss Fred B 3-Nov 1882 27-Nov 1965 s/w Alvia V.
See Photo
B Phariss Leonard E 16-Nov 1908 17-Feb 1975 See Photo
B Philippe Pamela 4-Jul 1956 5-Jul 1956 See Photo
A Phillips Helen (Conklin) 19-Apr 1891 20-Jul 1979 Wife of Leon C.
A Phillips Leon Chase 9-Dec 1890 27-Mar 1958 Husband of Helen
E Phipps Joe E 21-Mar 1924 17-Jul 1945 PVT US ARMY WWII
E Phipps Luella 28-May 1906 27-Dec 1975  
E Phipps Roscoe J 4-Mar 1894 20-May 1967  
E Pickens Amos no date no date  
E Pickens Martha no date no date  
B Pierce Ruth no date no date See Photo
A Pigeon Jessie 1941 no date Husband of Mary J.
See Photo
A Pigeon Mary J 1925 1996 Wife of Jessie
See Photo
B Pike Ann Catherine 23-Dec 1907 7-Mar 1981 s/w John E.
A Pike Brian James 22-May 1982 22-May 1984 See Photo
B Pike Clifford Bruce 1-Nov 1953 5-Apr 1981  
B Pike Harold Lloyd 18-Dec 1926 8-Nov 1997  
B Pike Henry Vester 27-Sep 1880 16-Oct 1950  
A Pike James E 9-May 1895 26-Dec 1977 PVT US ARMY WWI
See Photo
B Pike John Ed 31-Jan 1912 27-Jul 1987 s/w Ann Catherine
B Pike Joyce 16-Jul 1930 14-Oct 1984  
A Pike Norma Tinnie 31-Jan 1909 4-Nov 1979 See Photo
A Pike Richard B 31-Aug 1933 4-Feb 1983 See Photo
A Pike Sarah Velma 10-May 1900 4-Oct 1981 See Photo
A Pike Tom Lee 17-Nov 1906 13-Jan 1996 See Photo
B Pilkinton Robert Lee 1872 1935  
E Pincham Helen V. 1876 1928  
E Pincham Walter R 1880 1933  
E Pitts Drucilla no date no date  
C Plummer Lou AnnaBell 1866 1947 s/w James Manley
  Plunket George W 4-Feb 1886 11-Jun 1969 Husband of Beulah B.
See Photo
  Plunkett Beulah B 24-Aug 1884 23-Jun 1963 Wife of George W.
See Photo
A Polson Gary no date no date See Photo
B Pope Montezuma 26-Feb 1860 6-Feb 1943  
B Porter Birta 4-Apr 1908 30-Jan 1993  
C Porter Charles T 30-Oct 1875 15-Jun 1954 s/w Della M
B Porter Charles Virgil 25-Sep 1903 28-May 1993  
C Porter Della M 17-Mar 1890 no date s/w Charles T
B Porter Jackie Dean 25-Nov 1940 18-Jul 1942  
B Porter Velma Jessie 8-May 1931 18-Jan 1980  
E Preston Banks R 5-Aug 1914 13-Nov 1961 SSGT 1600 AIRBASE WINF AF WWII
E Preston Dr. Jethro R. 12-Apr 1876 10-Dec 1945  
E Preston Susan Banks 6-Nov 1883 21-Oct 1918  
C Price Flossie Mae 23-Apr 1913 14-Mar 2004 s/w Willie
C Price James Basil 24-Dec 1867 15-Aug 1946 s/w Sue
E Price Ronald Dean   30-Apr 1957  
C Price Sue Catherine 6-Sep 1876 11-Dec 1962 s/w James
C Price Willie T. (Bill) 28-Jun 1910 10-Mar 1992 s/w Flossie Mae
C Priegel Claud E 28-Jul 1908 9-Jun 1949  
C Priegel Edward F 1873 1936  
C Priegel Margie Mae 1883 1971  
A Prokop Charles Lee 2-Nov 1921 1-Apr 1995 s/w Phyllis Jean
See Photo
  Prokop Kimball     See Photo
A Prokop Phillis Jean 5-Dec 1922 27-Mar 2002 s/w Charles Lee
See Photo
A Pruett Beulah 25-Apr 1909 4-Oct 2001 s/w Elmer
See Photo
A Pruett Elmer V 23-Jun 1900 24-Jan 1986 s/w Beulah
See Photo
B Puckett Barbara Sue 25-Nov 1937 1-Aug 2000  
A Puckett Bueulah B 24-Aug 1884 23-Jun 1963 s/w George W
B Puckett Byrdene 1-Aug 1903 13-Jun 1981 s/w Lillard F
B Puckett Clara Lee 26-Jun 1934 27-Aug 1984 s/w Joe Henry
A Puckett Carl Ralph 2-Nov 1925 24-Dec 1991 Military Marker
A Puckett David N 9-May 1924 15-Jun 1994 s/w Patsy J
A Puckett George W 4-Feb 1886 11-Jun 1969 s/w Beulah B
B Puckett Harrison G 18-Jan 1898 22-Apr 1967  
B Puckett Joe Henry 9-Nov 1932 no date s/w Clara Lee
B Puckett Lillard F 14-Aug 1896 5-Mar 1983 s/w Byrdene
A Puckett Martin W 3-Apr 1893 10-Mar 1975 See Photo
B Puckett Mary C 12-Dec 1892 15-Jan 1954 s/w Napoleon B
B Puckett Napoleon B 23-Sep 1863 20-Nov 1933 s/w Mary C
A Puckett Ollie L 18-Oct 1893 9-Mar 1968 See Photo
A Puckett Patsy J (McCain) 24-Dec 1936 no date s/w David N
B Puckett Robert Conan 13-Feb 1925 6-Mar 1941  
C Pugh Robert Lee 30-Aug 1934 17-Oct 1935  
  Purdy Georgia Boydston 10-Nov 1891 17-Jun 1972  

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