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Hillcrest Cemetery
Weleetka, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

L Surnames

Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

 LackeyArizona18856-Nov 1963Info provied by the Custar Index
BLafferyM.B.18921923See Photo
BLaffoonAndrew J6-May 186524-Oct 1960s/w Dora Ann
BLaffoonDora Ann15-Oct 197531-May 1960s/w Andrew J
ELahrBelleno dateno date 
ELaloneAmosno dateno date 
ELaloneJessie4-May 18703-Nov 1928w/o A.L.
BLancasterRoy Lee4-Aug 195316-Mar 1960See Photo
ELaneJeffno dateno date 
BLaneKennie5-Apr 19444-Jul 1995s/w Linda
BLaneLinda6-Aug 194410-Feb 2000s/w Kennie
ALaneNaomi A.20-Oct 19404-Oct 1988See Photo
BLavinderMrs. S.J.20-May 184224-May 1916See Photo
ELawleyCharles Fletcher31-Oct 188131-Mar 1944s/w Mary
Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
ELawleyChester L10-Oct 190729-Nov 1907 
ELawleyClara18-Feb 18715-Apr 1941 
ELawleyFlorence G25-Sep 19005-Jul 1992s/w Grady
ELawleyGrady A.17-Oct 190121-Jul 1996s/w Florence
ELawleyIrene19171918s/w Sarah
ELawleyMary Jane19-Aug 18901-Sep 1964s/w Charles
Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
ELawleySarah19111911s/w Irene
ELawleySarah Ann20-Dec 184828-Jun 1927 
ELawleyWilliam 2-Jul 18438-Feb 1922 
ELawleyWilliam B. Jr8-Jun 18791-Mar 1953 
ALawrenceFrank H2-Dec 187817-Feb 1961See Photo
ELawrenceFred E 19-Mar 189021-Oct 1918 
ELawrenceSophia E25-Jan 184822-Dec 1913 
ELedfordEllie R20-Jul 190410-May 1941 
CLedsworthNellie Bell31-May 18973-Jun 1983 
ELeeAlison W22-Jan 187413-Oct 1908Woodman Marker
See Photo
BLeeBen18921921 WWI
See Photo
ALeeBilly G18-Sep 195124-Sep 1993s/w Donna
BLeeCarl Jr.11-May 193712-May 1937Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
See Photo
 LeeCharles28-Apr 19362-Feb 1936Info provied by the Custar Index
CLeeCorles Ethelyn17-Oct 19326-Sep 1945See Photo
See Obit
ALeeDonna Hunt19-Aug 1950no dates/w Billy G.
See Photo
CLeeDovie Melissa10-Aug 18658-Nov 1948See Photo
ELeeEdna Elizabeth17-Oct 18831-Sep 1964s/w Samuel
BLeeElino dateno dateSee Photo
ELeeEmma J18821961s/w Guy
CLeeEthel Laura26-Feb 190629-Oct 1994See Portrait & Headstone
CLeeFloyd Jr.4-Sep 1947no date 
ELeeFrank E1-Feb 190722-Mar 1960 SGT 3539 BASE UNIT AAF WWII
CLeeGrace Anne11-Jun 190312-Oct 1995See Photo
ELeeGuy E21-Apr 188024-Jan 1858s/w Emma
Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
ALeeHugh Gene25-Aug 193028-Aug 1965Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
See Photo
ELeeJennie R9-Nov 186718-Mar 1941
See Photo
BLeeJoe3-May 18943-Jan 1915son of J.H. & N.E. Lee
See Photo
BLeeJohn27-Nov 188923-Feb 1920Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
See Photo
BLeeJohn H18501924See Photo
ALeeMargaret Canard16-Dec 193426-Jun 1987See Photo
BLeeNancy E18541926See Photo
ELeeOrra Dell18831951s/w Sadoras
ELeeRobert E14-Feb 18785-Feb 1955s/w Willie
CLeeRoland C9-Jan 190414-Jan 1973See Photo
ELeeSadoras Ord?18821942s/w Ora Dell
ELeeSamuel Franklin25-Mar 18807-Sep 1934s/w Edna
CLeeWillard Elmer1-Jun 18991-Dec 1962See Obit
See Photo
ELeeWillie M1-Aug 187920-Jun 1972s/w Robert
ALeftwichJoe Ray6-Aug 193513-May 1990See Photo
ELenonClaude23-May 189014-Mar 1907 
ELenonE.S.13-Apr 188519-Sep 1908 
ELenonFreddie E.19-Oct 188317-Feb 1907 
ALeosDeborah Sue Wilcox11-Aug 19549-Aug 1972 
ALewisInfant26-Dec 192026-Dec 1920i/d of T.J. & N
Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
See Photo
BLewisLindyno dateno dateSee Photo
BLewisMildred Hazel13-Nov 191922-Sep 1920Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
See Photo
BLewisWillie Lee1-Mar 189311-Jan 1922Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
See Photo
ELigginsTomno date1925Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
ELigginsTom (Mrs.)no date1925Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
?LilesEllen Callie21-Aug 192822-Mar 2006See Obit
BLindhorstMargarett15-Jun 18699-Mar 1928 
BLindseyCassa23-Jul 187226-Oct 1957 
BLindseyJ.W.9-Oct 186210-Apr 1942 
ALittleFrank M11-Mar 187310-Aug 1950 
ELittleJulia A26-Aug 187412-May 1942 
ELittleTom20-Mar 193018-Dec 1994See Photo
ELittrellBaby8-Dec 19268-Dec 1926Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
BLittrellColumbus E17-Jan 187014-Jan 1949s/w Mary Sue
ELittrellGeorge31-Dec 18829-Oct 1907 
ELittrellHazel E27-Oct 190720-Nov 1988s/w William
BLittrellJess R16-Mar 190231-Aug 1951 
BLittrellMary Sue14-Dec 18764-Jan 1949s/w Columbus E.
ELittrellWilliam E.9-Feb 190411-Jun 1968s/w Hazle
BLockhartInfant13-Aug 191713-Aug 1917i/s of W.M.
Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
ELockhartJohn Taylor24-Sep 190119-Feb 1966 SF1 USNR WWII
 LochridgeIsabelle Harrington Jones1-Jan 188814-Dec 1973Info provied by the Custar Index
See Photo
ELoganJohn1-Jan 189322-Oct 1968 SGT 162 DEPOT WWI
ELollisGertrude17-Apr 18994-Jan 1974 
CLollisIssac L9-Nov 18672-Feb 1949s/w Lillie J
CLollisLillie J23-Apr 187821-Aug 1953s/w Issac L
ELollisOpal27-Feb 19122-Jan 2001s/w Roy
ELollisRebecca14-Aug 194429-Nov 1944 
ELollisRichard H20-Jan 189829-Jul 1994 
ELollisRoy22-Jun 191024-Feb 1989s/w Opal
BLongClinton M3-Apr 191317-Feb 2003s/w Leora Mae
BLongGeorge28-Oct 191126-Aug 1912See Photo
BLongHarriet18811968s/w W.M.
See Photo
BLongJames A22-May 187129-Nov 1912See Photo
BLongLeora Mae14-Apr 192014-Jan 1989s/w Clinton H.
BLongLizzie Ann19211921 
BLongOwen MAug. 19221-Jun 1941Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
 LongRebbeca15-Oct 198115-Oct 1981Info provied by the Custar Index
BLongSue1-Dec 194717-May 1994 
BLongW. M9-Oct 186115-Oct 1947s/w Harriet
Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
See Photo
BLong Rebecca 15-Oct 1981 
BLongfordJames F15-Mar 19139-Nov 1915Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
CLooneyCynthiano dateno date 
ELooneyElla E.18831943 
ALooneyForrest L25-Dec 190121-Apr 1966s/w Maudy M.
See Photo
CLooneyJeff24-Apr 188213-May 1959Addtl info provided by the Custar Index
ALooneyMaudy M2-Jul 190319-Nov 1985s/w Forrest L.
See Photo
ELooneyNewton W.18801962 
CLooneyWilliam S19-May 18803-Jan 1958 
BLoringGertrude Grace29-Mar 192125-Nov 1922dau Mr. & Mrs. Loring
See Photo
ELoudWilliam Douglas21-Jun 19084-Jul 1930 
ALoveladyMaydean5-Jul 1919no dates/w Wayne
See Photo
ALoveladyWayne13-Jul 191728-Jan 1998s/w Maydean
See Photo
BLovellClaudeno dateno date 
 LovinJames Henryno dates Info provied by the Custar Index
ELovinLucinda P18521932 
 LoydWilliam Douglas21-Jun 19084-Jul 1930Info provied by the Custar Index
 LunsfordInfant29-Jan 194029-Jan 1940i/s of Jess & M
Info provied by the Custar Index
 LunsfordInfant16-Mar 194516-Mar 1945i/s of Jess & M
Info provied by the Custar Index
ALynchDora E25-Nov 190613-Apr 1932s/w Roy W.
See Photo
ALynchRoy W12-Apr 190520-Mar 1960s/w Dora E.
 LynnJohn Carl13-Jan 189012-Dec 1956Info provied by the Custar Index

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