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Hillcrest Cemetery
Weleetka, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

H Surnames

Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

AHalePearl22 Sep 189010 May 1961See Photo
AHaleSammy15 May 19231 Jan 1968See Photo
AHaleSamuel Luther27 May 189620 May 1966WW I Pvt US Army
See Photo
AHallElza E10 Nov 191120 May 1983s/e Ilda
See Photo
 HallFanny Ann00 000 187608 Mar 1957Custar Index
AHallIlda26 Sep 191105 Jul 1992s/w Elza E.
See Photo
CHallNina Martha26 Sep 188002 Nov 1963 
AHallRuby09 Oct 190407 Dec 1977Custar Index
See Photo
CHallSyrus Edward18 Feb 187313 Feb 1958 
CHambyEster Blackbird07 Dec 191101 Aug 1995 
CHambyMatthew B Sr.19 Apr 191115 Nov 1986 
BHamerSybleno dateno date 
 HamesHarlan O.28 Mar 193201 Jul 2005See Photo
AHamesJewell L26 Aug 190715 Oct 1994s/w Robert L.
See Photo
AHamesRobert L22 Dec 190612 Oct 1980s/w Jewell L.
See Photo
 HamiltonFred Jr.20 Apr 192002 May 1920Custar Index
BHamiltonHarold G07 Apr 193123 Nov 1933 
AHamiltonJack Alonzo07 Jan 190522 Sep 1979See Photo
BHammerBaby25 Mar 193725 Mar 1957Custar Index
BHammerBerlyn Eugene16 Jan 195303 Dec 1992See Photo
BHammerEarl Eugene21 Oct 192507 Sep 1992WW II Pvt US Army
See Photo
AHammerHerschel12 Nov 189905 Jul 1971s/w Myrtle
See Photo
 HammerJim19051963Custar Index
BHammerJimmie Eno dateno date 
 HammerJoelno date1972Custar Index
AHammerMyrtle28 Jul 19053 Aug 1991s/w Herschel
See Photo
BHammerNola E27 Nov 192825 Oct 1929Custar Index
AHammerRichardno dateno dateSee Photo
BHammerSyble B27 Nov 192823 Jan 1929Custar Index
BHammonAlice Marie20 Mar 193820 Mar 1938dau of Mae & James
BHammonBetsy Mae (Petty) Rolston13 Jan 19073 Apr 1951See Portrait
BHammonJames Joseph1 May 190224 Mar 1943See Portrait
EHammondEthlyn18911962s/w Walter
BHammondGrace L Sandlin07 Aug 191818 Jun 2000S/w Ralph Bryan
See Photo
BHammondRalph Bryan21 Dec 19183 Apr 2004s/w Grace L.
See Photo
EHammondWalter N09 Oct 184408 Oct 1954s/w Ethlyn Custar Index
AHamptonElvira11 Jan 187920 Sep 1965s/w Andrew M. White
See Photo
BHamptonLeola M19121988s/w Louie O
BHamptonLouie O15 Aug 190211 Feb 1956s/w Leola M. Custar Index
BHamptonWaylon Lee10 Aug 19282 Nov 1928 
 HanesRobert I22 Dec 190612 Oct 1980Custar Index
AHaneyJohn H25 Mar 190013 Nov 1979s/w Mildred L
AHaneyMildred L10 Apr 190623 Feb 1985s/w John H
EHankinsBetty L25 Nov 192514 Dec 1994s/w Fred
EHankinsFred Ernest19 Aug 192219 Jul 1986Sgt US Army WWII
AHanleyT.no dateno date 
EHansenJoe Ann07 Mar 193211 Jun 1996 
BHardinCatherine14 Feb 189908 May 1963Custar Index
AHardinLizzie E22 Apr 188606 Oct 1964s/w Marcus A.
AHardinMarcus A11 Jul 187831 May 1962s/w Lizzie E.
BHardawayCarl David09 Apr 193509 Apr 1935Custar Index
See Photo
EHarmanLatitia A09 Mar 183726 Apr 1908 
EHarmanMollyno dateno date 
 HarmonF.M.no dates Custar Index
 HarmonLatita A09 Mar 183726 Apr 1908Custar Index
 HarmonMolly (Mrs.)no dates Custar Index
 HarmonRobert Wilbur191310 Jul 1913Custar Index
BHarpMary C183516 Mar 1919Custar Index
See Photo
BHarpMoses R14 May 182919 Feb 1911See Photo
 HarperLillieno dates i.d of W.A. Custar Index
 HarperLillie H11 Mar 187001 Feb 1939Custar Index
EHarperLillie M18821939 
EHarperR.B. "Clabber"28 Dec 191125 Jan 1988s/w Verna
EHarperunknownno dateno date*d/o Lillie
EHarperVerna12 Jan 191224 Dec 1987s/w R.B.
BHarrelsonBaby Biyno dateno dateconcrete marker
BHarrelsonBaby Boyno dateno dateconcrete marker
BHarrelsonBaby Girlno dateno dateconcrete marker
BHarrelsonCno dateno date 
BHarrelsonCoyno dateno date 
BHarrelsonCoy Jr30 Jan 192518 Mar 1937s/w Helen Louise
See Portrait
See Photo
BHarrelsonHelen Louise30 May 192218 Mar 1937s/w Coy Jr.
See Portrait
See Photo
AHarrelsonJ,no dateno dateSee Photo
 HarrelsonJackie30 Dec 192727 Sep 1974Custar Index
BHarrelsonLno dateno date 
 HarrelsonLeonno dates Custar Index
 HarrelsonLeon D31 Aug 19281965Custar Index
BHarrelsonLouise10 Jan 19282 Feb 1928Custar Index
BHarrelsonM. Z.10 Sep 187429 Jun 1955s/w Myra E
BHarrelsonMyre E06 May 188726 May 1950s/wM.Z
BHarrelsonNellie I16 Mar 189918 Jan 1970s/w Roy C
 HarrelsonPauline19321932Custar Index
BHarrelsonRobert Lee19441944 
BHarrelsonRoy C28 Jan 189610 Sep 1965s/w Nellie I
BHarrelsonSonny Boy19291929 
BHarrisIra Loyd23 Jan 189628 Jun 1988See Photo
BHarrisViola M.13 Feb 190522 Dec 1963See Photo
BHarrkesinFlono dateno date 
BHartLucile04 Jun 191325 Jun 1951 
EHartmanAlta Lee08 Mar 192715 Jun 1938 
 HartmanAnnie00 000 189624 Nov 1912Custar Index
See Photo
 HartmanArthur H12 Jun 188724 Jan 1944Custar Index
EHartmanElmer H18911946 
EHartmanHiram H18651920 
EHartmanLila31 Dec 186423 Dec 1930Custar Index
EHartmanOrano dateno date 
BHartmanRobertno dateno dateSee Photo
EHartmanRoy04 Jul 189918 Apr 1978 
 HatsonCleveland188514 Jun 1852Custar Index
 HatcherElsie Lee2 Dec 191705 Jun 1923Custar Index
 HatcherLella Mae1 Feb 19223 Jul 1923Custar Index
 HawnJ.L.no date24 Oct 1908Custar Index
 HaynesV.R.185830 Nov 1916Custar Index
EHaywardInez E.12 Jun 19062 Aug 1971 
EHaywardWilliam G.20 Jun 190322 Sep 1983 
BHazlewoodAnna19031998See Photo
BHazlewoodGeorgia18931975 See Photo
BHazlewoodJim18641954See Photo
BHazlewoodJoe18651922See Photo
BHazlewoodJohn18991916See Photo
BHazlewoodSarah18241910See Photo
AHenTochee01 Jul 189210 Oct 1973Custar Index
See Photo
AHenWillie01 Jan 189320 Mar 1970Custar Index
See Photo
AHendersonBasil C30 Oct 189306 Mar 1982See Photo
AHendersonEva Jane08 Jan 18933 Jul 1955See Photo
EHendersonGrayson Lowell19 Dec 190015 Feb 1951 
EHendersonHandyno dateno date 
AHendersonLuther E. Kay09 Sep 191214 Sep 1970s/w Mildred
See Photo
AHendersonMary3 Jan 191113 Sep 1991s/wMary Ann
See Photo
AHendersonMary Ann30 Nov 194726 May 1968s/w Mary
See Photo
AHendersonMildred Lorene13 Apr 191510 Feb 1992s/w Luther
See Photo
EHendersonRev. James H12 Sep 186625 Feb 1941 
EHendersonSusie B25 Nov 187221 Nov 1944 
BHendrickJessie Lno dateno dateSee Photo
BHendrickLula16 Nov 185606 Aug 1910s/w Ray D.
See Photo
BHendrickRay D13 Aug 188818 Jun 1917s/w Lula
See Photo
EHendrixChas E.18941940 
EHendrixDotno dateno date 
EHendrixGeorge W09 Dec 186810 Dec 1930Custar Index
 HendrixJames B15 Apr 189223 Jan 1959Custar Index
See Photo
EHendrixJoe H192630 Sep 1952Custar Index
 HendrixRudy E18951975Custar Index
See Photo
 HendrixW.S.08 Dec 186530 Jan 1979Custar Index
 HenlyHelen15 Nov 189626 Dec 1934Custar Index
BHenleyJames E18871964s/w James E
BHenleyMaude D18901978s/w Maude D
BHenryA. S.00 000 183800 Dec 1910Custar Index
See Photo
 HenryClifford (Mrs)16 Feb 189918 Dec 1958Custar Index
BHenryD. O.185817 Dec 1914Custar Index
See Photo
BHenryMother and Brotherno dateno dateSee Photo
 HensonBetty Jean20 Sep 193215 Jan 1934Custar Index
 HicksInfant17 Dec 192517 Dec 1925i/s of Ben Custar Index
BHicksJeanette23 Apr 18493 Nov 1906See Photo
BHicksVolonore08 Oct 187126 Jul 1902See Photo
EHigginsElizabeth186329 Apr 1950Custar Index
AHilburnIda E.08 Jul 188308 Nov 1972s/w Joe L.
See Photo
AHilburnJoe L.09 Oct 187506 Jul 1970s/w Ida E.
See Photo
AHildrethJesse T.07 Nov 189431 Dec 1954See Photo
AHildrethVelma G.28 Apr 190223 Sep 1993See Photo
BHill Garth Eugene27 Jun 192408 Feb 1926Custar Index
BHill Kenneth Odel29 Mar 192322 Jun 1923Custar Index
EHindsClarence Dola18701915 
EHindsOlive James18701948 
EHindsOttie James18731906Custar Index
 HintJohnthan Bertie20 Jan 189612 Nov 1964Custar Index
BHiserBilly K11 Oct 19281 Aug 1929 
AHoagMary19292003Funeral Home Marker
EHobbsBaby19391939Custar Index
EHobbsBaby19401940Custar Index
CHobbsNelli I3 Aug 191824 Feb 1998 
CHobbsWinfred David "Bucky"24 Nov 192011 Jul 1986 
AHodgeEdmond D.10 Jun 191322 Dec 1989s/w Roberta M
See Photo
AHodgeRoberta M.15 Feb 191729 Jun 1995s/w Edmond D
See Photo
BHodgensGene30 Jan 191906 Feb 1990 
EHodgesBenton18601922s/w Mattie
BHodgesChild of E Hno dateno date 
BHodgesEarlno dateno dateSee Photo
 HodgesInfantno dates i/o Minnie Custar Index
See Photo
BHodgesLillie190104 Jun 1942age 41 years Custar Index
EHodgesMattie18671934s/w Benton
BHodgesMinnie E07 Feb 188522 Mar 1912See Photo
 HogueOscar Samuel04 Apr 18851 May 1964Custar Index
 HolcombAmber18 Dec 188210 May 1974Custar Index
See Photo
BHolcombBaby Glenn  age 10 months
See Photo
AHolcombBarbara17 May 189914 Apr 1991See Photo
AHolcombBraden25 Feb 191014 Jul 1989s/w Lena
See Photo
BHolcombCecil C19 Oct 19071 Jul 2003s/w Josie b
BHolcombCharlie S2 Mar 187931 Jan 1953 
BHolcombEdith10 Nov 190108 Nov 1985 
BHolcombEldon Jackson08 Apr 193130 Dec 1965 
 HolcombGlen30 Dec 19192 Nov 1920Custar Index
AHolcombIna Jean11 Aug 192629 Aug 1958See Photo
 HolcombInez06 Mar 192310 Aug 1987s/w Ted Holcomb
See Photo
BHolcombJohn18801963See Photo
BHolcombJoseph Thurman09 May 193811 May 1938 
BHolcombJosie B05 Apr 191415 Apr 1996s/w Cecil C
BHolcombKatie17 Mar 188331 Dec 1971 
AHolcombLena04 Feb 191931 Jul 2004s/w Braden DOD SSDI
See Photo
 HolcombLeah D.15 Jun 188212 Feb 1966Custar Index
See Photo
BHolcombMaunuel C189911 Mar 1949Custar Index
BHolcombOllie18931974See Photo
BHolcombRebecka18 May 186009 Jun 1926See Photo
AHolcombSam04 Nov 189614 Jan 1967WW I Pvt OK
See Photo
 HolcmbTed14 Sep 192019 Jun 1996s/w Inez Holcomb R.

See Photo
AHolcombWilliam Clifford19 Jul 191606 Sep 1980See Photo
AHollersGeorge C31 Dec 189524 Jan 1962WW I OK Pfc
See Photo
AHollersMabel Huffington18 Mar 19031 May 1976See Photo
 HollisJohn Elmer09 Jun 188730 Apr 1965Custar Index
AHollisSarah Elizabeth22 Jan 190012 May 1974See Photo
 HollisStephen Compton20 Nov 18581 Apr 1943Custar Index
BHoltBabyno dateno date 
 HoltInfantno dates i/s of Joe Jr. Custar Index
See Photo
EHoltJames T23 Nov 192821 Aug 1945 
BHoltManervano dateno date 
BHoltMatilda187613 Sep 1952Custar Index
 HoltMinervano datesno datesw/o Joe Custar Index
See Photo
BHoltMortimer Larkin15 Dec 187011 Nov 1953See Photo
BHoltViolet Augusta08 Jan 19183 Aug 1938Custar Index
See Photo
 HomerInfant192823 Jan 1929i/d James Custar Index
 HomerNola27 Nov 192825 Dec 1928Custar Index
BHooperBeverly J27 Sep 1945no dates/w Robert C
 HooperJames Doyle9 Mar 196413 Nov 2015See Photo
BHooperRobert C31 Mar 193905 Nov 1990s/w Beverly J
EHooperTom F13 Nov 196217 Feb 1996See Photo
EHooverClarence E13 Feb 190719 Sep 1976s/w Vivian
EHooverVivian R.23 Jun 191110 Jan 1983s/w Clarence
BHopkinsMarguerite24 Feb 192404 Dec 2002See Photo
BHoppeAnthony "Tony"II29 Sep 186523 Oct 1936s/w Ida Isable
See Photo
BHoppeGail Ann10 Jan 193716 Jul 1937See Photo
BHoppeIda Isable05 Aug 187126 Mar 1939s/w Anthony
See Photo
BHoppeSonny Boy20 Apr 192518 Dec 1925son of W.E. & Bonnie
See Photo
BHoppeWilliam E21 Jul 189720 Mar 1944See Photo
EHouckLonnie L21 Feb 189809 Dec 1953 
AHoughtonGeorgeW. 30 Mar 192827 Feb 2008See Photo
AHoughtonJacklyn M.2 Apr 1934no dateSee Photo
 HouseAnthony07 Mar 18912 Jan 1923Custar Index
BHowlettJeanett21 Feb 189304 Jan 1916Custar Index
See Photo
BHoytM. Glen24 Aug 19182 Feb 2000s/w Velma
BHoytVelma1 Dec 1914no dates/w M Glen
CHubbardEffie Pearl19 Apr 188312 Jul 1939Custar Index
 HubbardInfant07 Jun 192911 Jun 1929i/s of Olin & Ruth Custar Index
CHubbardJames F18821964 
EHubbardJerryno dateno date 
CHubbardOlen F27 Sep 190511 Feb 1947 
AHudsonFaye19081998Funeral Home Marker
See Photo
AHudsonGordie06 May 191218 May 1977 
BHughesMary Ellen10 Aug 194610 Aug 1946See Photo
BHughesThomas P27 Feb 190911 Mar 1968TEC3 WWII Oklahoma
See Photo
AHugheyKate Norfleet3 Jan 186918 Jan 1950 
BHugheyMelville S28 Dec 185707 Dec 1936 
CHugheyMelvin26 Sep 190028 Jul 1966See Photo
CHugheyRoberta W09 Apr 19041 Sep 1997See Photo
BHullBetty Frances23 Oct 1927no dates/w Glen Aundra
See Photo
BHullGlen Aundra16 Nov 192405 Aug 1986M Sgt US Army WWII
s/w Betty Frances
See Photo
 HulseySally13 Jan 186726 Apr 1937Custar Index
AHumphreyMinnie01 Dec 190227 Nov 1985s/w Wayne
See Photo
AHumphreyWayne25 Dec 190309 Dec 1985s/w Mnnie
See Photo
BHuntBabyno dateno date 
 HuntBilly J08 Oct 193128 Dec 1932Custar Index
AHuntCharles H18901960s/w Lealah
See Photo
BHuntDellie R18821945See Photo
AHuntGeneva09 Feb 192110 Aug 1998s/w James E.
See Portrait
See Photo
 HuntInfant05 Jan 191715 Jan 1917i/s of J.B. Custar Index
See Photo
 HuntInfant05 Jul 192505 Jul 1925i/s of J.A. Custar Index
AHunt James no dateno dateSee Photo
AHuntJames E14 Nov 191926 Nov 1989s/w Geneva
See Photo
AHuntLealah18881966s/w Charles H.
See Photo
BHuntMary E08 Jan 188412 Oct 1962 
 HunterInfant15 Feb 192415 Feb 1924s/o J.F. & Sussie Custar Index
AHunterJimmy Lee10 May 194628 May 1996s/w Sandra Kaye
See Photo
AHunterSandra Kaye25 May 1947no dates/w Jimmy Lee
BHurstLaura Bell19 Aug 187807 May 1952 
 HurstRobert C08 Oct 193104 Jan 1932Custar Index
 HurstZora17 Jun 189616 Apr 1931Custar Index
BHustledMissy Anne Herndon3 Nov 197109 Jul 1993See Photo

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