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Hillcrest Cemetery
Weleetka, Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

B Surnames

Submitted by: Brenda Franklin

BBaconAda Avelue19-Jun 190912-Nov 2001 
 BaileyBilly Gene25 Apr 19372 Jan 1939*Custar Index
BBakerAlbert Edward22 May 197017 Jan 1955 
BBakerGladysno dateno dateSee Photo
ABakerHoward H.13 May 190423 Jan 1987s/w Mary L.
See Photo
BBakerInfant no dateno datec/o Charlie & Cora
See Photo
 BakerInfant8 Dec 19329 Dec 1932s/o Earl *Custar Index
 BakerJoseph30 Mar 18585 Aug 1940*Custar Index
ABakerMary L14 Apr 190524 Dec 2001s/w Howard H.
See Photo
BBakerSamno dateno date 
BBakerSon of Earlno dateno dateSee Photo
EBaldwinBlanche1 Apr 188326 May 1977s/w Ott
 BaldwinMerle T24 Jan 191421 Sep 1914*Custar Index
EBaldwinMetke R24 Jun 191121 Sep 1911d/o O.S. & Blanche
EBaldwinOtt S22 Aug 18826 Nov 1951s/w Blanche
BBallewBaby27 Jun 191927 Jun 1919 *Custar Index
BBallewJesse H14 Jul 188815 Dec 1951 
BBallewLynwood8 Sep 18769 Feb 1927 
BBallewOra Mae5 Mar 189123 Oct 1967See Photo
BBantaAlemeda Eno dateno dateHomemade Marker
BBantaAlfred Franklin20 Sep 18747 Mar 1939 
 BantaAmanda E30 Jan 18522 Feb 1936 *Custar Index
 BantaAndrew Jackson25 Sep 186527 Jul 1935*Custar Index
ABantaBeulah M26 Oct 189218 Mar 1965See Photo
BBantaCharles Wno dateno dateHomemade Marker
 BantaInfant2 Jan 19282 Jan 1928i/s Ray & Jennie *Custar Index
ABarberGuthrie C26 Jun 19053 Dec 1979s/w Laura M.
See Photo
ABarberLaura M10 Aug 19077 Dec 1995s/w Guthrie C.
See Photo
EBarkerHenry H18731924s/w Lula
EBarkerLula E18841948s/w Henry
ABarkerRay Lee5 Oct 194016 Apr 1976See Photo
EBarnardBabyno dateno dateJ.A.'s Baby
 BarnardJohn A22 Oct 18607 Oct 1967 *Custar Index
EBarnesCharlieno dateno date 
ABarnettBobbie Jean10 Dec 19263 Jul 2002s/w Melvis Baty
See Photo
ABarnettMelvis Baty8 Jun 192418 Oct 1989s/w Bobbie Jean
See Photo
CBascueRoyno dateno date 
EBassAddie McGilton13 Apr 188622 May 1965 
EBassEmily C17 Jul 184813 Jun 1918s/w George
See Photo
EBassErnest Montgomery29 Mar 19067 Dec 1983 
ABassEtta18791956See Photo
EBassGeorge W25 Aug 184616 Feb 1907s/w Emily
See Photo
EBassSarah Jo18 Oct 188523 Sep 1980 
ABassWilliam M31 Jul 18827 Oct 1962See Photo
 BaughmanRobert22 Aug 19142 Dec 1919*Custar Index
ABeanAnnieno date22 Sep 1972 *Custar Index
See Photo
ABeatieRichard Hale15 Oct 190621 Sep 1963s/w Eva/Judy
ABeattieEva Pauline20 Jan 191015 Dec 1994s/w Judy/Richard
See Photo
CBeattieFred H18721938 
CBeattieGrace I18791965 
CBeattieLou A15 Jun 18778 Mar 1959 
 BeattieRichard Hale15 Oct 190621 Sep 1963*Custar Index
See Photo
ABeaulieuNorman R "Coffee"11 Mar 19175 Feb 1971See Photo
ABeaulieuZura Coarine2 Sep 192831 Dec 2004See Photo
BBeckLillie21 Mar 18936 Jun 1946 
 BedfordBaby15 Dec 191915 Dec 1919*Custar Index
EBedfordJonas C22 Oct 19012 Apr 1908s/o B.E. & N.T.
EBedfordTwinsno dateno date 
CBellLena Chiles1 Sep 187916 Sep 1968 
CBellWilliam M17 Jul 187226 Jan 1932 
 BenidictNelzilno dateno date*Custar Index
ABenjaminWilliam1 Mar 189513 Mar 1979See Photo
EBensonArthur Del6 Sep 191419 May 1997s/w Pauline
BBensonMonta Raye29 Oct 194329 Oct 1943 *Custar Index
EBensonPauline Campbell21 Jul 191225 Jun 2002s/w Arthur
ABentSally Belle10 May 19258 Jun 1963 *Custar Index
See Photo
ABentleyJack4 Jan 192117 Mar 1985See Photo
ABentleyMargaret Ann16 Sep 192319 Sep 1974See Photo
EBerglanAlfred A4 Feb 1871no dates/w Lue
EBerglanLee25 Jul 19004 Oct 1906 
EBerglanLue25 Jun 186915 Nov 1942s/w Alfred
EBerglanMarvin21 May 19073 Apr 1909 
BBiddleMargie Lorene3 Jul 192010 Mar 1967See Photo
EBillingsVelma M29 May 19129 Mar 1919d/o J.H. & H.
BBillingsleyJohn M13 Mar 192418 Nov 1927 
BBjerregaardAugust P24 Aug 186926 Nov 1932See Photo
CBlackEvelynno dateno date 
 BlackMary E21 Sep 192425 Mar 1927*Custar Index
CBlackNormano dateno date 
CBlackburnOscar H23 Nov 188916 Oct 1948 
CBlackburnSusie A30 Jan 190227 Oct 1982 
EBlackmanCarol Anne24 Jun 194918 Sep 1961 
EBlackmanEdgar Lee6 Jun 187618 Jan 1946 
EBlackmanElizabeth16 Nov 192517 Jul 1997s/w George
EBlackmanGeo. Cecil23 Sep 189522 Feb 1962s/w Ruby
EBlackmanGeorge A18551935s/w Sarah
EBlackmanGeorge David26 Aug 1924no dates/w Elizabeth
EBlackmanGoldie G10 Oct 188219 Feb 1974 
EBlackmanPatience S23 Jun 193416 Jan 1913s/w William
See Photo
EBlackmanRuby H15 Oct 189913 Aug 1984s/w Geo.
EBlackmanS. C.25 Jan 18581 Nov 1926w/p T.W.
EBlackmanSarah Jane18571948s/w George
EBlackmanT.W.30 May 185723 Aug 1938 
EBlackmanWilliam18 Sep 182325 Aug 1906s/w Patience S.
See Photo
BBlakeCarl18 Oct 191017 Aug 1920i/s of J.W. *Custar Index
BBlakeCuma25 Jun 191611 Aug 1920i/o J.W. *Custar Index
BBlakeGraceno dateno date 
BBlakeInfant22 Dec 190522 Dec 1905i/d of W.R.
*Custar Index
EBlakeLeotta Cleda20 Sep 188219 Aug 1955*Custar Index
EBlakeOna (Theopolis)31 Mar 19091 Apr 1929*Custar Index
EBlakeWilliam Robert 22 Dec 1905d/o W.R. & L.C.
EBlakemoreBaby14 Aug 192215 Aug 1922i/s of J.A. *Custar Index
BBlankenshipArthurno date1932*Custar Index
BBlankenshipFrank2 Nov 187130 Nov 1934*Custar Index
ABlankenshipVergie17 Jan 191512 Nov 2004See Photo
 BlevensSallie Cluck14 Jul 18691 Jul 1938*Custar Index
BBlyethDelmano dateno dateSee Photo
BBoboJames Wesley19 Dec 18981 Dec 1953*Custar Index
BBoboMae18891941*Custar Index
 BoggsAddison H26 Dec 191821 Dec 1970*Custar Index
See Photo
CBoggsEva P14 Jan 19007 Oct 1980s/w William F.
 BoggsEdna Viola  s/w Gerald Boggs
See Photo
 BoggsGerald Eugene19 Dec 193308 Sep 1998s/w Gerald Boggs
See Photo
CBoggsWilliam F27 Jan 189711 Nov 1957s/w Eva P.
EBolingBuford CharlesMar 1922Mar. 1922 *Custar Index
 BolingEthel B.16 Jul 190626 Dec 1988s/w Tilman Boling
See Photo
EBolingMary Ann31 Jan 185814 May 1933 *Custar Index
 BolingTilman B29 Jan 18973 Oct 1982*Custar Index
See Photo
 BoltAda15 Apr 188715 May 1936*Custar Index
?BoltDavid Thomas23 Jun 192308 Apr 2006See Obit
EBoltGeorge P13 Mar 187715 May 1936 
ABoltMarguerite Estelle12 Oct 189929 Dec 1991s/w O. T. "Jack"
See Photo
ABoltO. T. "Jack5 Sep 190125 Feb 1995s/w Margueruite
See Photo
EBoltOnyx Newton20 Sep 19072 Jun 1985US FlagPVT US ARMY WWII
EBoltPaul C.24 Oct 185825 Oct 1939 
EBoltPaula C   
EBoltWilmeta14 Sep 1907no dates/w Onyx
CBookoutWandano dateno date 
 BooneThomas Calhoun15 Jan 18656 Nov 1940*Custar Index
BBootheHannah8 Sep 18736 Aug 1945s/w Leroy
info from
the Custar Index
BBootheLeroy18751948s/w Hannah
 BowenAndrew J31 Jan 18867 Apr 1950*Custar Index
See Photo
BBowenCaroline F29 Jan 184715 Nov 1929 
BBowenEllis A9 Feb 191911 Apr 1982 
CBowenFloyd C. Sr.29 Feb 19082 Jun 1974s/w Velva L.
CBowenFloyd Cecil Jr22 Jul 1948no date 
CBowenGeorgia A1 Jul 191129 Mar 2003 
 BowenJerry19392005Funeral Home Marker
See Photo
CBowenMack C22 Oct 19022 Apr 1984 
CBowenOtis O.13 Jan 191213 Jan 1977 
BBowenRobert E27 Aug 186625 Aug 1933 
BBowenRobert O25 Dec 189218 Dec 1963 
BBowenSarahno dateno date 
CBowenVelva L6 Dec 1917no dates/w Floyd C. Sr.
EBowersGeorge W14 May 186816 Feb 1934 
EBowersSarah J28 Mar 186225 Jul 1906 *Custar Index
EBowersSarah Jane28 Jul 186223 Jan 1906w/o G W.
EBowmanArcie R27 Apr 191110 Jun 1934 
EBowmanBabyno dateno date 
EBowmanDora E18701952s/w Hollis
BBowmanEmma J21 Jun 193325 Aug 1933See Photo
BBowmanGeorge14 Jan 183814 Apr 1912See Photo
ABowmanGeorge W15 Mar 190418 Sep 1970See Photo
ABowmanHarold E24 Mar 194716 Jul 1968See Photo
BBowmanHenryno dateno dateSee Photo
EBowmanHollis B18601929s/w Dora
CBowmanJoe B18901968s/w Martha Ann
BBowmanMarjno dateno dateSee Photo
CBowmanMartha Ann18941965s/w Joe B.
ABowmanNaomi30 Dec 190729 Mar 1993See Photo
BBowmanSidney Addie30 Mar 187131 May 1950 *Custar Index
See Photo
BBoydGoldia Hughes28 Jan 191122 Jan 1998See Photo
EBoydJ. C.no dateno date 
BBoydJohn M26 Jul 1895618 Dec 1965See Photo
BBoydMamie S10 Jun 187218 Feb 1954s/w Robert Stevenson
See Photo
EBoydMattieno dateno date 
EBoydMayme K19001985 
BBoydRobert Stevenson15 Nov 186831 Oct 1943s/w Mamie S.
See Photo
BBoydstonBaby no dateno dateSee Photo
BBoydstonElla1 Aug 189427 Mar 1965See Photo
BBoydstonElmer V6 Mar 188928 May 1970See Photo
BBoydstonJohn W19 Jul 189214 Mar 1926See Photo
BBoydstonJohnie1 Nov 19214 Jan 1923See Photo
ABoydstonVirginia King19251999See Photo
CBradburnCecil Overton1914no date 
CBradburnLucille Gardner1921no date 
 BradburnRoy28 May 11 Aug  
BBradshawClaude P15 Sep 189420 Aug 1969 
 BradshawHope15 Sep 189420 Aug 1966*Custar Index
 BradyInfant19 Sep 192719 Sep 1927i/d of R.A. & W *Custar Index
 BrandArthur6 Apr 192120 May 1921*Custar Index
BBrandtF. B.18661940s/w Mary
BBrandtMary18701936s/w F.B.
ABranhamJohn Porter27 Jun 190018 Jul 1958See Photo
BBrannonEd28 Feb 188526 May 1967s/w Estella
BBrannonEstella15 Mar 18854 Mar 1981s/w Ed
BBreashersCalino dateno date 
 BreashearsDennis Lee6 Mar 188917 Nov 1930*Custar Index
BBreashersMinnie187807 Jul 1924 *Custar Index
 BreashearsRichardno date28 Aug 1948*Custar Index
See Photo
 BreashearsWesley D6 Mar 18897 Jul 1924*Custar Index
See Photo
BBrewerRalph A19011935 
BBrewerRalph Lno dateno date 
BBridgesJimmie E04 Jun 192621 Oct 1999 
 BridgemanMartha A189807 Aug 1951*Custar Index
 BrightIva N17 Jun 190112 Jan 1973*Custar Index
 BrightVassar S5 Dec 18819 Dec 1959*Custar Index
 BrigmanBilly Joe27 Feb 192823 Apr 1964*Custar Index
ABrittTammy K28 Apr 196523 Feb 1972s/w Teresa D.
See Photo
ABrittTeresa D17 Feb 19647 Apr 1964s/wTammy K.
See Photo
BBrockClara Edith7 Jun 188419 May 1964 
ABrockEdgar2 Aug 191622 Feb 1973See Photo
ABrockFlorence Evelyn24 Jul 191916 May 1988See Photo
ABrockJ Bno dateno dateSee Photo
ABrockwayKenneth R5 Apr 190321 Sep 1983s/w Oney M.
See Photo
ABrockwayOney M29 Sep 190229 Feb 1976s/w Kenneth R.
See Photo
BBroderickFlorence Stevens12 May 187315 Feb 1958 *Custar Index
BBroderickGuss24 Feb 186919 Jul 1934 
BBrooksChild of Chrisno dateno dateSee Photo
 BrooksInfant4 Feb 19154 Feb 1915i/o Chas
*Custar Index
BBrookshireJames O22 May 189205 Nov 1913son of S. C. &C. A.
See Photo
EBrownAugustus H18611939 
BBrownCharles Lee15 Aug 19321933 *Custar Index
ABrownEdward Lee27 Mar 191129 Jun 1978See Photo
ABrownHal P1 Sep 190915 May 1959s/w Willie L.
See Photo
ABrownHelen L17 May 191326 Aug 1997See Photo
BBrownJames BillyAug 1923Dec 1927See Photo
ABrownJames Perry19 Nov 189727 Sep 1971See Photo
BBrownJessieno dateno date 
ABrownJoe Kevin27 Jun 195917 Jan 2000See Photo
EBrownJohn Milburn19001927 
EBrownM. Jr.no dateno date 
ABrownMary19231974 *Custar Index
See Photo
 BrownMilburn11 Aug 19281 Oct 1928*Custar Index
EBrownPreston J19171949 
BBrownRobert Dale19361939 
ABrownSam19132 Dec 1954See Photo
EBrownSarah F.13 Apr 18711 Mar 1944 *Custar Index
ABrownShelby20052005funeral home marker
See Photo
BBrownThomas H.  US FlagWW I
See Photo
BBrownThomas Henry Jr.28 Nov 19203 Sep 2002US FlagUS Air Force
See Photo
ABrownUriel "Brownie"23 Dec 193313 Nov 1990s/w Virginia
See Photo
ABrownVirginia22 Jan 193920 Apr 2004s/w Uriel Brownie
See Photo
BBrownVirginia O.6 Dec 190016 Jun 1930See Photo
ABrownWillie L6 Jul 191318 Mar 1984s/w Hal P
See Photo
BBryantElizabeth D6 Mar 183911 May 1925wife of W.W. Bryant
See Photo
BBryceChild of S.W. Lucyno dateno dateSee Photo
 BryceInfant16 Dec 191216 Dec 1912i/o S.W. & Lucy *Custar Index
 BryonSamuel20 Jul 185724 Feb 1929*Custar Index
BBuckleyEvelyn Williams12 Apr 189214 Jul 1989 
ABuckleyJoseph24 Aug 191210 Sep 19??See Photo
ABurdenAlmo5 Apr 191910 Feb 2005s/w Howard L.
See Photo
BBurdenAndrew Jack23 Jul 189428 Aug 1965See Portrait
See Gravestone
BBurdenAugustano dateno dateSee Portrait
See Gravestone
ABurdenCatherine26 May 193918 Feb 2005s/w Donnie
See Photo
ABurdenDixie Susanne14 Sep 19541 Jun 1959See Photo
ABurdenDonnie26 Nov 1936no dates/w Catherine
See Photo
EBurdenEdward L14 Oct 18811 Jun 1951s/w Minnie
EBurdenFlorence31 Oct 1913no dates/w James
EBurdenFrank12 Jul 192022 Jul 1930 
ABurdenHoward09 Aug 191831 Aug 2005s/w Almo
See Photo
 BurdenInfant30 Jan 191830 Jan 1918i/s of J.E. & Lula *Custar Index
 BurdenInfant2 Oct 19202 Oct 1920i/s of Richard & S. *Custar Index
ABurdenJ. Erby10 Mar 19044 Feb 1988s/w Mina L
See Photo
BBurdenJames E.11 Jul 18883 Mar 1973s/w Lula G
See Photo
EBurdenJames Floy "Bud"19 Jul 190819 Mar 1986s/w Florence
ABurdenJesse W20 Sep 190225 Sep 1955s/w Mamie E
See Photo
BBurdenJohn11 Jan 18539 Feb 1920See Photo
 BurdenJohnnie23 Jan 18989 Oct 1971*Custar Index
EBurdenLonnie19221996US FlagUS NAVY WWI
BBurdenLula G2 Apr 18912 Jan 1968s/w James E.
See Photo
ABurdenMamie E3 Jun 190822 Sep 1997s/w Jesse W.
See Photo
BBurdenMildred L (Croney)7 Sep 192515 Oct 1979 
ABurdenMina L14 Dec 190816 Oct 1989s/w J. Erby
See Photo
EBurdenMinnie L29 Mar 188024 Aug 1965s/w Edward
EBurdenNorma J20 Feb 193020 Nov 1931 
ABurdenRichard H14 Nov 18953 Jan 1982s/w Susie Lee
See Photo
BBurdenSara Ann4 Jun 18567 Dec 1950Homemade Marker See Photo
BBurdenSon of JE Lno dateno dateSee Photo
BBurdenSon of Rich S.no dateno dateSee Photo
ABurdenSusie Lee2 Sep 189625 Dec 1962s/w Richard H.
See Photo
 BurdenVaughn6 Jun 19596 Jun 1959*Custar Index
BBurdenVioletno dateno dateSee Photo
BBurdyGeorgia Boydston10 Nov 189117 Jun 1972 
EBurkeVerna10 Sep 188013 Aug 1968 
EBurkeWilliam H30 Jan 185622 Dec 1909 
EBurkesNina Mae29 Mar 19257 Nov 1966w/o Ernest
 BurlesonCaddie25 Dec 184526 Dec 1945*Custar Index
BBurlesonDoris Colvin10 Jul 1935no dates/w John Edward
BBurlesonJames Ryan15 Jun 196116 Jun 1961 
BBurlesonJohn Edward4 Sep 1931no dates/w Doris Colvin
BBurlesonScott Dwayne7 Jun 19009 Aug 1961 
EBurnettElla17 Sep 186515 Apr 1937 
EBurnettJohn A.22 Aug 18634 Apr 1948 
EBurnettMary D25 Aug 186811 Jul 1945 
 BurnsLacky Burel187221 Jul 1948*Custar Index
BBurrisHarveyno dateno date 
BBurtonBabyno dateno date 
 BurtonBetty189921 May 1974*Custar Index
CBurtonBytha Riddle18991974 
BBurtonEdna19141990s/w L.P.
See Photo
BBurtonEllenno dateno date 
BBurtonFrancisno dateno date 
BBurtonHenryno dateno date 
ABurtonHoward Sr.10 May 192223 Mar 1997s/w Opal
See Photo
ABurtonInfant 23 May 1964d/o Howard & Donna
See Photo
BBurtonL.P.18871963s/w Edna
See Photo
ABurtonOpal Rita5 Sep 192321 Dec 1995s/w Howard Sr.
See Photo
BBushClovis D9 Nov 18932 Apr 1962 
CBushElizabeth Johnston2 Oct 19199 Jan 1985 
CBusterCelia M18711947See portrait
cBusterR.L.no dateno date * 
EByersClellan Dee15 Feb 192418 Apr 1998US FlagSSGT US ARMY WWII
EByersRev King David29 Apr 190311 Mar 1980 *Custar Index
EByersWillie Allen20 Nov 19049 Mar 1909*Custar Index
BByrdAthadean15 Dec 193618 Aug 1956See Photo
BByrdBarbarano dateno dateSee Photo
 ByrdInfant25 Dec 192725 Dec 1927i/s of B. *Custar Index
BByrdJames Guy1 Oct 18915 Sep 1972See Photo
BByrdKatie L23 Nov 190514 Mar 1976See Photo
 ByrdLurah Ann6 Oct 189521 Jan 1969*Custar Index
BByrdMarvin D29 Jan 193221 Aug 1976See Photo
BByrdPaul Wesley17 Mar 193820 Oct 1971See Photo
BByrdSterlingno dateno dateSee Photo
 ByrdWill M24 Oct 188726 Nov 1974*Custar Index
*Information provided by the Custar Index based on the listing from Oscar & Shirley Custar.

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