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Clearview Cemetery
Okfuskee County, Oklahoma

© Terry & Donna Barnes
Surveyed September 18, 1999 to January 1, 2000

From the Clearview Exit on I-40, go South 1.9 miles on NS 383. Cemetery is on the East side of road. In the NW/4 of Sec 30, T11N R11E.

**Information is being added based on the list from Oscar and Shirley Custar. Survey was made in the 1980's by them and the cemetery is listed in "Okfuskee County Cemeteries Volume 2" by Shirley Jean Custar. Oscar has granted permission to list information listed in their work. Thank you!

If you have family buried in this cemetery and would like to add their information, an obit, tombstone photo, funeral home record or memorial card to this website, please send area coordinator an e-mail.

Alford, Ada02-15-190005-18-1977Mother
Alford, Bulah   
Alford, Elouise10-26-194811-13-1968 
Alford, Jennie09-16-187907-31-1952 
Alford, J. W.03-29-188603-29-1978Father
Alford, Katie L.   
Alford, Lafayette1866 1968  
Alford, Louis M. Sr.10-28-191511-30-1984 
Alford, Lydia03-03-189010-25-1956Mother
Alford, Major C.03-24-188007-10-1940 
Alford, Martha Jane12-17-188205-14-1981 
Alford, Mattie L.   
Alford, Romeo J. Sr 03-26-1999Age 75, Jacks Memory Chapel
Alford, Rosie Lee02-09-190411-14-1983 
Alford, Scoby R.06-29-192602-11-1966TX Pfc 3444 Qm Truck Co WWII
Alford, Vernon12-12-191612-24-1957 
Alford, Willie L.03-24-191304-01-1971OK Tec 5 Co D 560 Om Svc Bn WWII
Bailey, M. Janelza (Conn)06-01-193207-17-1966 
Barkley, M_____ A.12-05-189404-10-1927 
Barnett, Margaret07-19-188607-08-1959Info from Custar Index
Bell, Edmond1922 1994 Husband & Father, S1 US Navy WWII
Bell, Ivory06-15-187804-04-1963 
Bell, Lusinda10-28-1880  
Bell, Raymond M.1940 1964  
Bell, Willie C.1905 1979 Father
Bennett, Geraldine S.11-09-192607-28-1947 
Bertrond, Albertano date05-05-1976Info from Custar Index
Black, Ella L.1-16-190210-20-1997 
Black, James B.01-25-192405-21-1944OK Pvt 29 Cml Decon CO WWII
Black, James H.04-09-189712-30-1951 
Blount, Johnno date03-04-1975Info from Custar Index
Bluton, Alfonzo1913 1979  
Bowles, Classey1858 09-19-1936 
Brown, Jimmie03-03-190903-01-1958OK PFC Co D 384 Engr Bn WW II
Brown, Robert Lee05-11-193306-11-1999Husband, Father
Brown, Willie Lee08-25-193102-25-1978 
Bruner, Serphronia 10-11-1989 
Brunton, Alfonzo19131979Info from Custar Index
Brunton, Minnie189402-07-1969Info from Custar Index
Bruton, Thomas J.08-20-188303-01-1947 
Bruton, Wm. L.09-13-190102-19-1985 
Burks, Bennie03-15-193208-29-1966 
Burks, Charles C.10-10-189208-23-1971OK Pvt US Army WW I
Burks, Charles Jr.04-06-192708-08-1977 
Burks, Cora1884 1923  
Burks, Evelyn Payne08-27-190102-11-1989 
Burks, Hayward Sr 01-16-199973 yrs, Jacks Memory Chapel (Tulsa)
Burks, Joe1889 1928  
Burks, Jones05-14-189207-04-1979Pvt US Army WWI
Burks, Jones Jr.06-11-192608-13-1962 
Burks, Martha1915 1932  
Burks, Myrtle1904 1950  
Burris, Maxine1931 1991 Rolfe F.H.
Bush, Arthur O.03-29-191801-21-1973Ark Sgt US Army WW II
Bush, Floyd C. Sr06-16-191303-22-1995US Army WWII, Temple F.H.
Bush, Frank Wesley04-05-191204-12-1981Tec5 US Army WWII
Bush, J. C.01-15-190407-27-1970 
Bush, Julia C.06-15-190407-27-1970Info from Custar Index
Bush, Kaye   
Bush, Linnie Z.05-17-191212-17-1974 
Bush, Manuel11-22-187806-19-1953 
Bush, Pauline1914 1958  
Bush, Richard12-11-186212-17-1934 
Bush, Violet L.02-04-192303-07-1984Mother
Bush, Wesley Frank Jr02-15-194609-20-1989US Air Force
Bush, William L.02-11-189210-13-1984Pvt US Army WWI
Butler, Almetta J.05-02-192612-18-1977 
Butler, Donald J. Jr.07-10-194406-17-1969OK Ab 4392 Aerospace Gp AF
Butler, Lethan V.02-22-195208-03-1976 
Byrge, Kathryn1922 1999 Rolfe Service
Canamore, Allen10-14-188210-18-1962 
Canamore, Dollie05-17-188411-10-1961 
Carr, Lessie01-23-189803-31-1915 
Carr. W. A.18661931Info from Custar Index
Carson, L.G.1915 1993  
Carson, Maheil1875 1951  
Carson, Neoma1915   
Chatman, Laura1874 07-28-1927 
Chatman, Louis Wesley01-15-190006-26-1969 
Chatman, Selbia09-14-189802-08-1966Mother
Chatman, Thomas07-01-189206-16-1962OK Pvt 46 Co 158 Depot Brigade WW I
Chatman, William03-21-189402-12-1964OK Pvt Cas Det 365 Infantry WWI
Chilton, Eldridge1917 1996 Williamson F.H.
Chilton, Frank J.5-21-19231-22-1994US Army, Rolfe Service
Chilton, James H.09-09-192704-11-1974Pvt US Army
Chilton, Maggie04-05-189002-16-1967Info from Custar Index
Clark, Brady10-15-190209-17-1974Pvt US Army
Clark, Jimmie L.07-16-191911-14-1974 
Cleavland, Elvator07-31-191306-28-1917 
Cole, John 12-09-1919Clearview Chamber 3703, Clearview, OK
Collins, Arlena01-25-189509-16-1938 
Collins, Ella1901 1999 Rolfe Service
Collins, Filmons11-22-188609-18-1961OK Pvt Co K 804 Pioneer Inf
Collins, Judia03-29-185902-08-1925Mother
Combs, Idessa03-04-192004-18-1971 
Combs, Otis "Sandy"02-16-191409-09-1990Father
Combs, Victor Orlando11-13-196107-08-1997Brother
Conn, E. J. 01-07-1927Clearview Chamber 3703, Clearview, OK
Conn, Rev. N. L.02-14-185903-18-1917 
Cook, Mark03-22-189807-16-1980Info from Custar Index
Coulter, Loena Bruton12-22-190707-06-1990Mother
Cully, Ravie   
Cully, Rivanna01-01-188007-12-1957Mother
Daniel, Amanda Burks07-02-191509-25-1993 
Daniel, Dewitt03-09-190612-26-1996 
Davis, Albert10-18-186611-08-1926Husband of Euler Davis
Davis, Clifford C.10-01-189001-07-1968 
Davis, Josephine1902 1994  
Davis, Otis1926   
Davis, Ruby Lee 06-01-199_Age 67, Jacks Memory Chapel
Davis, Ruby Lee1929 6-1-1996age 67, Jacks Memorial Chapel, Tulsa
Dindy, Queen E. Pie1907 1985 Hyde Park F.H. (Boley)
Dindy, Roger Cowboy   
Douglas, Luvenia1912 1973 Mother
Drake, Agness 05-16-1923 
Drake, Essie Mae12-04-192705-05-1990Mother of Thelma, Selma, Brady, Bernard, Anthony, Ivan, Gregory, & Pamela
Drake, Irene Myrtle01-03-191812-06-1987sister
Drake, Selma1919 1985 Tec4 US Army WW II
Dumas, Jack09-07-188601-25-1970MS Pfc 329 Labor Bn QMC WWI
Edwards, Mary Ann19011966Info from Custar Index
Elam, Modice H.18881982Info from Custar Index
Ewings, Henry D. 01-17-1931OK Pvt 164 Depot Brig
Ewings, Ludie06-02-189307-31-1920Dau. of A.L. & B.D.
Ewings, Lula W.1882 1930  
Ewings, Miss M. 08-27-1924Age 49
Farmer, Laura Chatman "Honey"07-08-193602-09-1992 
Faye, Perna Walker02-22-193204-19-1966 
Fields, James III12-30-196212-06-1980Boogie
Forshee, Ara10-10-188812-30-1971 
Forshee, Lula Mayno dateno dateInfo from Custar Index
Forshee, Lula04-12-190806-01-1978Mother
Forshee, Mitchel01-08-191112-29-1944 
Forshee, Taft Sr.11-04-190803-01-1989 
Foshee, Dessie05-20-191511-09-1981Tec 5 US Army WWII
Franklin, Albert Jr.06-25-192808-03-1972OK Pvt Army Air Forces WW II
Franklin, L. P.01-17-188610-20-1916 
Franklin, Maria Jane05-06-187811-13-1949 
Franklin, Ollie E.1904 1962 Wife
Franklin, Oneta1919 1999 Carter Steward F.H.
Franklin, Sylvester08-11-191102-14-1972OK Pfc Army Air Forces WWII
Franklin, S. W.07-31-187606-21-1940 
French, Dorothy M.03-06-193708-06-1937 
French, Oliver Reynolds04-27-194406-03-2006See obit
French, Tommy R.03-06-193708-06-1937 
Fulbright, Birthenia08-12-190611-28-1963 
Fulbright, James12-25-190502-07-1983Brother, Masonic Emblem
Fulbright, Leslie01-18-190804-03-1980 
Fulbright, Mable11-22-190701-28-1970 
Fulbright, Quency04-06-190001-06-1962 
Fulbright, Rosie1897 1967 Sister
Fulbright, Trim07-31-192911-16-1979 
Fullbright, Bessie18861926Info from Custar Index
Gammill, Abraham L.08-28-186604-28-1958 
Gammill, John L.11-10-189102-26-1946 
Gammill, Rosa10-06-186608-14-1951 
Garnet, Alice09-05-189101-02-1914 
Garrett, Alma1922 1961  
Glopor, Rehoccy18941978Info from Custar Index
Golden, Carrieno date02-041970Info from Custar Index
Golden, Leslie03-22-195412-16-1980 
Golden, Olivia11-20-190901-21-1995Temple F.H.
Golden, Pete12-03-190702-23-1978Daddy
Golden, Sarah F.09-27-190302-23-1932 
Goldsmith, Junita192606-25-1971Info from Custar Index
Grant, Dora1882 1956 Mother
Grant, James G.1875 1959 Father
Gray, Roxie188909-01-1970Info from Custar Index
Grayson, Jodie B.04-09-191111-17-1965Info from Custar Index
Grayson, Willie04-09-189712-30-1951OK Pvt 47 Co 155 Depot Brig WW I
Green, Amilee04-21-192609-01-1946 
Green, L. M.   
Greer, Alice   
Gresham, Elizabeth11-26-189109-21-1988Aunt
Grundy, Anthony W.12-15-194707-07-1968OK L Cpl USMC Vietnam PH
Grundy, Lavania12-14-190501-30-1993Mother
Grundy, Lendell04-16-196804-27-1968 
Grundy, Rev. W.R.1-4-19035-20-1997 
Hackney, Henry05-28-189303-20-1949 
Hackney, Octavia04-17-189808-09-1970 
Had---, Bernice04-02-192701-01-1978Info from Custar Index
Haliburton, John H.09-07-188906-04-1980 
Hall, Nettie09-20-191506-26-1949Info from Custar Index
Halliburton, Essie Mae11-10-189509-27-1963 
Hamilton, David07-07-189708-10-1974Pvt US Army
Hamilton, Dee01-01-190912-05-1990US Army
Hamilton, D. Kenneth11-6-19635-21-1983son
Hamilton, Eula H.06-09-188601-29-1977Father
Hamilton, Lewayne1960 1999 Rolfe F.H.
Hamilton, Lovit05-04-189202-27-1965 
Hamilton, Minnie O.07-10-18_609-14-1987 
Hamilton, Waymon08-27-191902-10-1970OK CK3 US Navy WW II
Hamilton, ____t Lee1905 19_4 
Hardy, Annie Mae06-22-191508-25-1968 
Harris, Arthur W.11-02-189406-16-1978 
Harris, Clyde1901 1993  
Harris, Coma11-10-186906-06-1952 
Harris, Curry01-19-189206-15-1942 
Harris, Idella01-03-18971999Hyde F.H.
Harris, Lillie Mae07-07-190805-14-1995Mother
Harris, Lucille1918-1981Info from Custar Index
Haynes, H. W. Rev1867 03-02-1961 
Haynes, Luphus H.06-05-187802-29-1956 
Haynes, Susie A.11-16-187703-25-1943 
Herndon, Floyd03-18-193306-24-1970Husband and Father
Herndon, Oscar08-24-192202-19-1954TX Pfc 568 Base Unit AAF WW II
Hicks, Alfred E. Sr.10-05-192812-28-1991US Army WWII
Hicks, C. Arthur1885 1955 Father
Hicks, J. Douglas03-30-192912-22-1933Info from Custar Index
Hicks, J. H.11-03-188302-1925 
Hicks, Jessie Mae09-11-190005-07-1991Mother
Hicks, Louis H. Sr.01-18-193902-13-1997 
Hicks, Lowell Allen10-17-192605-02-1944 
Hicks, Missouri 03-17-185507-23-1924 
Holloway, Clyde Earl09-10-192001-16-1965OK Pvt 376 Engr Bn WW II
Holloway, Luaner09-09-189108-19-1975Mother
Holmes, Hattie M.11-18-189908-20-1992Mother
Holmes, Pearl05-04-190411-26-1986 
Horn, Alberta Williams3-8-19112-18-1990 
Horn, Charlie1911 1976 Pvt US Army WW II
Horn, Ida Mae07-31-188405-22-1981age 96
Horn, Ira E.05-17-190606-17-1969 
Horn, J. W.1934 1940  
Horn, Lawrence J.01-03-192606-21-1997Pvt US Army WWII
Horn, Nathan03-25-192103-31-1994 
Horn, Nathan1886 1966  
Horn, Nathan Sr.09-23-186910-06-1946 
Horn, N. H.10-01-183311-06-1925 
Horn, Willie05-17-192504-24-1965 
Horn, Woodrow06-14-191804-05-1958 
Howard, John1884 1973  
Howard, Levester11-24-191109-08-1982Pvt US Army WWII
Howard, Pinkie11-5-18941-26-1989 
Hubbard, Rev. Albert1873 1954  
Hubbard, Willie1905 1994 Rolfe F.H.
Hubbard, Willie L.11-21-189605-07-1967 
Hubbert, Ruth   
Irving, Clarie1853 11-15-1927 
Irving, Felix1855 1936 Father
Irving, Frasier09-25-191502-06-1916 
Irving, O. C.1889 1943 Husband
Jackson, Anna Lee1915 1949  
Jackson, Dessie1886 1956 Mother
Jackson, Floyd05-04-187102-17-1939 
Jackson, O'Dell J.05-12-191205-27-1996 
Jackson, Otis W.06-05-191912-20-1970 
Johnson, Jessie1876 1931  
Johnson, Ruby O. Alford   
Johnson, Susie1892 1931  
Jones, Annie03-06-188101-15-1962 
Jones, Eola12-14-189212-23-1981 
Jones, John D.1896 1973 Husband
Jones, James L.19551980Info from Custar Index
Jones, Mary Walker07-21-191906-17-1958 
Jones, Nora L.1903 1983  
Jones, Reba12-03-190810-27-1969 
Jones, Rev. Wesley03-18-187805-17-1962 
Jones, Sam1917 1960  
Jones, Willie J.05-06-190907-16-1974Pvt US Army
Kelicons, All18551916Info from Custar Index
Lambert, Clenton11-07-190707-26-1983 
Lambert, Earnest19181980Info from Custar Index
Lewis, Jess1907 1986 Father
Ligans, M. A. 11-10-1914Abt 59
Ligons, Alice1855 1916 Mother
Ligons, Alice1855 1916  
Ligons, Foster Sr.03-16-189005-27-1972dad
Ligons, Janie03-08-190009-16-1975Mother
Ligons, Robert12-17-189002-01-1954 
Ligons, Tommie H.03-09-189202-22-1953OK Pvt Co K 804 Pion Inf WWI
Littlejohn, Roxie10-22-190803-06-1986 
Little, Mattie 1933Addtl info from
the Custar Index
Loggins, Bulah18911916Info from Custar Index
Loggins, Marteal Tamplin11-16-191504-06-1990See obit
Loggins, Ora1885 1919 Mother
Loggins, Sallie1892 1958 Mother
Lucas, Carol Denise (Wells)12-23-____08-10-____ 
Lucas, Dora8-19-19071-6-1991 
Lucas, Londa J.   
Lucas, Lordly1-15-18941-7-1989US Army WW I
Lucas, Marsha C.   
Lusk, Alfreda G.09-14-1950  
Lusk, Michael L.08-23-194701-08-1991Children: Michael, Veshawn, Therren
Magbie, Clark   
Mapp, Michael D. Frazier02-15-195802-17-1986 
Marina, Henry L.1863 1940  
Marina, Lillie08-06-190605-03-1929 
Marina, Mattie1871 1950  
Marina, Milton05-15-190001-02-1999Williamson F.H.
McBrayer, Addie1910 1983  
McBrayer, Anna Lou1894 1972 Sister
McBrayer, Charles19391981Info from Custar Index
McBrayer, Ed06-10-189007-02-1965OK Pvt US Army WWI PH
McBrayer, Geo. W.01-17-185811-03-1948Father
b. Morison Co., MS
d. Clearview, OK
McBrayer, Gloria Deanno date10-20-1969Info from Custar Index
McBrayer, Julia04-12-186606-17-1945Mother
b. Marshall Co., MS
d. Clearview, OK
McBrayer, Ora19001982Info from Custar Index
McBrayer, Rev. G. B.11-31-19314-4-1989 
McBrayer, Walter 01-16-1935OK Corp US Army
McConnell, Maggie Starks10-11-191812-22-1967Wife
McCoy, Lina05-01-190107-22-1976 
McGriff, Travell Lamar2-28-19929-29-1992 
Miles, James03-09-186006-07-?Info from Custar Index
Miller, D. C.08-24-191308-16-1928 
Milligan, Charles Pet Sr.05-13-193904-08-1979BM 1 US Navy
Mills, James03-09-186006-07-____ 
Mills, Millie11-25-186806-10-1950 
Milton, Virginia1867 1936 GrandMother
Miner, Joe1886 1939  
Mitchell, Elouise11-8-193510-24-1986Wife and Mother
Mitchell, Euretha Canamore12-29-191312-23-1993 
Moore, Lillian08-01-190608-01-1960 
Moore, Shirley Ann1950 1971  
Morris, Alonzo 01-16-1931OK Pvt 809 Pioneer Inf
Morris, Donald W.04-02-194001-11-1969OK Pvt US Army
Morris, Harold E.1921 1973  
Morris, Hattie L.11-19-190207-18-1972 
Morris, Richard H.02-16-194509-27-1965 
Morris, Slyvan B.03-25-190203-18-1971CA Pvt US Army WWII
Norimore, Ila Hicks6-11-19171-31-1975Mother
Norimore, Ories7-14-19132-27-1987Father
Norman, N.   
Norman, Ural11-03-189711-29-1915 
Norton, Clinton1948 1990 Williamson F.H.
Norton, Glen1924 1999 Williamson F.H.
Norton, Sarah E.01-17-189509-15-1941Mother
Osborne, Hattie J. Starks10-08-190706-11-1952 
Owens, Mattie L.1871 1940  
Owens, Sampson S.1862 1927  
Patterson, DeWitt10-19-189012-17-1966 
Patton, Thelma D.04-30-194208-26-1966 
Payne, Wilson03-02-190801-06-1955 
Pease, Birdie Bell11-21-192111-29-1941 
Percy, Jessie1881-1978Info from Custar Index
Plunkett, Mac1942 1987 Ssg US Army Vietnam
Porter, Frank1856 1923  
Porter, Lucille B. 9-1999age 84 yrs, Jacks Memorial Chapel
Porter, Lucy1872 1922  
Price, Troy Herbert02-04-192006-01-1982Dyer F.H.
Rayer, M.C.   
Redo, Mack Lee 07-25-1999Age 86 yr, 2 mo, 23 da, Myers F.H.
Reynolds, Delphia1877 07-12-1926 
Reynolds, Joe02-07-187312-19-1938 
Reynolds, J. B.03-30-192303-1941 
Reynolds, Marshall03-190809-1944 
Reynolds, Namon08-26-191411-1940 
Reynolds, Napoleon06-23-190508-18-1976 
Reynolds, Rushan02-12-190702-1927 
Richmond, Christene11-22-193409-01-1978 
Rose, John H.10-05-195512-09-1955 
Ross-Butler, Dora (Sally) Tillman04-06-194401-24-1997 
Ryans, Emma04-12-188312-10-1938 
Ryans, Spencer 09-13-1934 
Sadler, Bobby1959 1960 Rolfe F.H.
Sadler, William P.1908 1968  
Sampson, Tecumseh Jr1923 1994 Parks Bros F.H.
Simpson, George11-17-18932-6-1972OK Pvt US Army WW I
Sims, Dollie Golden09-01-190007-26-1998Williamson F.H.
Sims, John Caleb09-27-189704-19-1989 
Sirls, Jessie Starks11-11-190506-05-1953Wife
Slaughter, Alfred Dana02-09-193111-10-1978Sp4 US Army
Slaughter, Alfred Dana Jr02-25-195712-07-1990 
Slaughter, C.C. "Buck"5-1-19141-30-1989 
Slaughter, Festus11-10-191206-25-1967 
Slaughter, Ida1887 12-11-1959 
Slaughter, Lee1887 11-11-1959 
Smith, Eva1947 1995 Hyde Park F.H. (Boley)
Smith, Mary L. (Alford)05-27-191007-31-1994 
Smith, Mildred A.6-29-193911-2-1998 
Smith, Rebecca07-04-187406-06-1951 
Smith, Sgt. Joseph11-11-190911-04-1959OK Ssgt US Army WWII
Smith, W. M. 02-12-1917Age 40, KOFP
Spencer, Sarah J.03-05-187504-30-1917Greenleaf Chamber 2153 Shawneetown, OK
Spivey, Ezekiel08-08-189912-16-1957Dad
Spivey, Odessa L.6-12-1913 married 9-27-1930
Spivey, Thomas1908 1998 Hyde Park Mortuary, Boley
Spivey, Thomas W.1-20-19089-2-1998married 9-27-1930
Starks, Mary1909 1930  
Starks, Noah H.08-28-187603-09-1952Father
Stripling, Joe12-18-190209-29-1982 
Stripling, L. G.03-08-188003-26-1926 
Stripling, Rev. Earl L. Sr.09-25-193204-13-1995 
Stubblefield, Caroline1892 1923  
Swain, Lloyd V.11-30-189811-20-1989married 10-20-1921
Swain, Lloyd V.11-30-189811-20-1989Husband of Rosie, married 10-20-1921
Swain, Rosie09-03-190305-11-1978Wife of Lloyd Swain, m. 10-20-1921
Talton, Alonza10-28-186909-22-1957 
Talton, M. B. Sr.10-10-188701-08-1946 
Talton, Zenia05-09-189210-01-1979 
Taylor, Eliza B.   
Taylor, Rev. A. D. 09-15-188210-19-1967Masonic Emblem
Tecumseh, Cecil02-11-195012-24-1957 
Thomas, Willie Mae06-01-188204-28-1964 
Thompson, Chester M.12-08-190704-28-1966Dad
Thompson, Dennis W.01-15-190307-29-1984US Army WWII
Thompson, Emmett R.04-13-190509-10-1971AZ Tec 4 Co A 317 Medical Bn WWII
Thompson, James E.11-16-185906-14-1930 
Thompson, James Winston02-20-187301-15-1958Father
Thompson, Jesse H.05-22-191002-25-1983Tec 5 US Army WWII
Thompson, Mariah04-15-184110-14-1915Mother
Thompson, Rachel01-20-188010-23-1948 
Thompson, Thelma B.19101979Mother
Addtl info from
the Custar Index
Thornton, Mendie03-28-189311-24-1958Mother
Thornton, Willie1892 1976 US Army WW I
Tillman, Albert10-13-188307-20-1975Pvt US Army WW I
Tillman, Benjamin1909 1970 Father
Tillman, Birdlean1910 1955 Mother
Tilton, Maggie T.1890 1967  
Toles, Ivy Mae1899 1987  
Toles, John11-13-189610-15-1967Info from Custar Index
Tremble, Abe19021974Info from Custar Index
Tryon, Mineola08-11-190006-04-1918 
Tucker, Felix C.3-28-19514-10-1951 
Walker, Charlotte L.08-25-191407-29-1989 
Walker, Merlisie Francis (Jones)10-01-189411-19-1937Mother
Walker, Ollie Lee05-22-188101-12-1962Father
Walker, Ollie Lee05-22-18801962 Father, d. 01-12-1962, Hyde Park F.H.
Walker, Ollie L.02-01-1920  
Walker, Tina Miles   
Wallace, Thomas1907 1972  
Wallace, Thomasno date12-26-1956Info from Custar Index
Ward, Mamie E.04-04-190005-31-1977 
Washington, Alfonso1930 1958 Husband
Washington, Daniel R.   
Watson, Florence T.7-22-19259-2-1994Williamson F.H.
Watts, Willie M.1916 1999 Rolfe F.H.
Weaver, Witson11-07-190006-17-1970OK Pvt 775 Mil Police Bn WWII
Wesley, James Ricky02-16-195410-20-1983 
White, Ed 06-06-1922Clearview Chamber 3703, Clearview, OK
Wilkes, J. W. 10-26-1914Age 53
Williams, Blanche Velma Thompson05-19-190601-26-1953 
Williams, Ester Bell03-11-191305-17-1986 
Williams, Martha Tillman05-03-193806-11-1974 
Williams, Priscilla E.6-22-19185-11-1996Mother, Rolfe F.H.
Willis, Birt04-24-191203-24-1930 
Willis, James02-23-186810-24-1951 
Willis, Jefferson03-24-189506-21-1964OK Pvt 804 Pioneer Inf WWI
Willis, Jessi P.02-01-188508-16-1978 
Willis, Josephine Horn1911 1937 Mother
Willis, Matilda03-16-189403-07-1987 
Wilson, America1900 09-20-1965 
Wilson, Cora Lee Conn03-03-190901-14-1936 
Wilson, Jefferson18951964Info from Custar Index
Wilson, Roy 06-11-1922Clearview Chamber 3703
Clearview, OK
Wings, Ludia E.06-02-189807-31-1920Info from Custar Index
Withers, Tom Jr.12-30-192009-22-1965OK 1st Sgt 734 Mil Police Bn WWII BSM
Wright, Lyda1852 02-17-1915 
Wright, Shirley Kay05-29-195411-19-1977 
Young, Elisha03-30-189311-01-1960 
Zachery, Willie7-18-19143-17-1974Tec5 US Army WW II
Zackery, Dollie1882 1941  
Zackery, Farrie Lambert07-15-191506-22-2006See obit
Zackery, Ferrell J.1976 1997 Son
Zackery, Joe Clifford08-24-192204-22-1984Father
The following were on a previous index but were not located:   
Barnett, Margaret07-19-186607-08-1959 
Bertrond, Alberta 05-05-1976 
Blount, John 03-04-1975 
Bruton, Minnie1894 02-07-1969 
Bush, Julis C.01-15-190407-27-1970 
Carr, W. A.1866 1931  
Chilton, Maggie04-05-189002-16-1967 
Cook, Mary03-22-189807-16-1980 
Edwards, Mary Ann1901 1966  
Elam, Modice H.1888 1982  
Forshee, Dessie05-20-191511-19-1981 
Forshee, Lula May   
Fullbright, Bessie1886 1926  
Glopor, Rehoccy1894 1978  
Golden, Carrie 02-04-1970 
Goldsmith, Junita1926 06-25-1971 
Grayson, Jodie B.06-24-191111-17-1965 
Gray, Roxie1889 09-01-1970 
Had___, Bernice04-02-192701-01-1978 
Hall, Nettie09-20-191506-26-1949 
Harris, Lucille1918 1981  
Hicks, J. Douglas03-30-192012-22-1933 
Jackson, Ruby O. Alford   
Jones, James L.1955 1980  
Lambert, Earnest1918 1980  
Little, Mattie 1933  
Loggins, Bulah1891 1916  
McBrayer, Charles1939 1981  
McBrayer, Gloria Dean 10-20-1969 
McBrayer, Ora1900 1982  
Norman, Ila1917 1975  
Percy, Jessie1881 1978  
Thompson, Thelma1910 1979  
Thornton, Mable1900 1981  
Toles, John11-13-189610-15-1967 
Tremble, Abe1902 1974  
Walker, Tenner 12-26-1956 
Wilson, Jefferson1895 1964  
Wings, Ludia E.06-02-189807-31-1920 

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