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Pope Chapel Cemetery

gate photo
gate photo
gate photo
gate photo
There are approximately 70 graves here. The oldest one belongs to Eliza Fields who died March 9 1906. Information generously provided by George Miller, Webbers Falls.

Dora E. Blaylockborn april 3, 1882died Oct. 1977See photo
Glen Horace Blaylockborn Oct. 13, 1917died Sept. 6, 1990See photo
Lon Blaylockborn Jan.29, 1878died Dec. 25, 1956See photo
Gladys Bryanborn Oct. 23, 1926died May 28, 1966See photo
Stella Clarkborn 1898died 1916See photo
Charlie Clementborn Sept. 14, 1878died March 24, 1955 
Fannie Benton Coleborn Nov. 11, 1907died Nov. 14, 1937See photo
Rena B. Cookborn Jan. 24, 1881died Dec. 13, 1939See photo
Blanchie Crainborn 1904died 1933 
Arzene Fillmore Crawfordborn 1884died 1959 
Sarah Davisborn 1900died 1958See photo
Rice Edwardsborn July 30 ?died ? 
Eliza Fieldsborn 1871died 1906See photo
Bobby E. Frazierborn Feb. 21, 1952died Oct. 29, 1970See photo
Daniel Jones Frazier, Jr.born May 11, 1853died June 1926See photo
Flora Irene Frazierborn July 24, 1914died July 15, 1993See photo
Mary Elizabeth Hood Frazierborn Aug. 9, 1857died March 1920See photo
Pete Frazierborn April 4, 1900died Aug. 22, 1978See photo
Flora "Cubie" Dean Glassborn Feb. 4, 1921died May 19, 1929 
Pearl Ann McGee Glassborn Nov. 6, 1901died June 10, 1822See photo
Raymond Glassborn May 29, 1922died May 30, 1922See photo
Joel Howard Glissonborn Nov. 11, 1939died Dec. 7, 1939See photo
Blanchie M. Herefordborn 1904died 1933See photo
Ada Hoodborn May 10,1901died Dec. 4, 1990See photo
Bill Hoodborn unknowndied unknownSee photo
Jackie Hoodborn May 12,1934died Apr. 16.2003See photo
James Hoodborn Nov. 10, 1890died March 5, 1959See photo
Jim Hood, Jr.born March 28, 1929died Oct. 19, 1952See photo
Teresa Gaye Hoodborn Unknowndied Aug. 24,1965See photo
Wanda Hoodborn March 1,1938 died Apr. 16.2003See photo
Tommy Joe Hughartborn Unknowndied July 31,1942See photo
Lewell Elzie Jacksonborn Oct. 7, 1934died Oct. 19, 1935See photo
James 'Mike" Michael Maherborn Aug. 12, 1955died June 30, 1996See photo
Margaret L. (Peggy) "Hood" Martinborn Dec.15,1921died Apr. 15,2004See photo
Dora Merrittborn Jan 24, 1906died Oct. 19, 1944See photo
Kenneth H. Millerborn Aug. 12,1929died April 25,1959See photo
Emma H. Morganborn Oct.24,1899died Oct.25,1922See photo
Emma Morganborn Feb. 16, 1876died Jan 7, 1967 
Charles Mossborn March 23,1934died March 25,1952See photo
Charles Mossborn August 14,1893died November 30,1955See photo
Pearl Lee Mossborn September 14,1904died April 20,1983See photo
Charley Murrayborn Unknowndied UnknownSee photo
Eunice Jane Murrayborn Aug. 31,1899died July 14,1973See photo
Emma Petersonborn Feb.28,1876died Apr. 8,1953See photo
Mary Elizabeth Petersonborn Nov. 22, 1882died Nov. 16, 1926See photo
Daniel Jones Petersonborn December 12,1912died October 3,1981See photo
Luther Martin Petersonborn Feb. 16,1884died Jan. 7,1967See photo
Mary Elizabeth Petersonborn Nov. 22,1882died Nov. 16,1926See photo
A. M. Pettersonborn 185-died Feb. 26, 1912 
Elbert F. Pettersonborn May 10, 1888died Aug. 10, 1968See photo
Lottie M. Pettersonborn Sept. 21, 1887died March 16, 1962See photo
Lucille Pettersonborn 1912died 1913See photo
Luther Pettersonborn Unknowndied UnknownSee photo
McRee Pettersonborn July 11, 1915died Dec. 12, 1918See photo
Rock, Hard to readborn Unknowndied UnknownSee photo
Alvin Roy Rossonborn July 31, 1950died Oct. 8, 1950 
Jim Sandersborn March 4, 1874died Sept. 24, 1958See photo
Lizzie Bennett Sandersborn unknowndied unknownSee photo
Nora Sandersborn March 9, 1890died Sept. 22, 1913See photo
Arthur Ray Schellborn 1893died 1977See photo
James Howard Schellborn Nov. 20, 1882died April 10, 1958 
David R. Scottborn Aug. 28, 1906died Aug. 31, 1906See photo
Janie Scott born Aug. 26, 1884died Sept. 30, 1906See photo
Betty Jean Shellborn 1933died Aug. 04, 2003See photo
Howard J. Shellborn Nov.20,1882died Apr. 10, 1958See photo
Jack Howard Shellborn July 31, 1932died Aug. 6, 2000See photo
Nancy Shellborn Unknowndied Aug. 1953See photo
William Scott Shellborn Feb. 6, 1954died Jan. 23, 2000See photo
Clara L. Shermanborn Oct. 20, 1893died Feb. 12, 1984See photo
Dan Huston Shermanborn May 7, 1887died Dec. 12, 1952See photo
Eugen Melvin Shermanborn Aug. 26, 1930died Dec. 16, 1990 
D. H. Smithborn unknowndied unknownSee photo
Lela Smithborn unknowndied unknown
Leonard F. Sr.born Aug. 28, 1918died Oct. 9, 1996See photo
Lelia Smithborn unknowndied unknownSee photo
Lillie Smithborn unknowndied unknownSee photo
STONEborn unknowndied unknownSee photo
Terry Sullivanborn Sept. 25, 1904died July 15, 1924See photo
Bell Thompsonborn unknowndied unknownSee photo
T. J. Thompsonborn unknowndied unknownSee photo
UNKNOWNSborn unknowndied unknownSee photo
Mattie M. Vinsonborn Feb. 14, 1886died Jan. 3, 1923See photo
Clay Wallinborn Nov. 25,1929died unknownSee photo
Jesse Wallinborn July 28,1934died unknownSee photo
Billye Ann Wardborn June 11,1930died Oct. 11,2007See photo
Kenneth E. Wardborn Sept.18,1922died Feb.1,2006See photo
Vera Ellen Wickettborn Feb. 4, 1911died May 8, 1937See photo
Douglas Youngborn Jan 10, 1922died Dec. 28, 1927See photo
Ella ?born Jan. 23,?died unknown 

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