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George Town Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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Cheryl Travis

Anderson,Louisab.12-25-1865 d.2-1-1913See photo
Anderson,Rice Stone See photo
See photo
Beason,John E.b.1-16-1870 d.7-11-1935See photo
Beason,John Leeb.4-21-1901 d.11-4-1941See photo
Beason,Mattie M.b.4-2-1880 d.2-1-1921See photo
Blank Slat 
Looks to me like it was used for stones
See photo
Broken Stone See photo
Chaney,Mary G.b.3-5-1880 d.11-14-1895See photo
Clark,Maurice H.b.11-9-1912 d.3-15-1915See photo
Clark,S.O.b.11-19-1888? d. See photo
Cook,George W.b.7-21-1896 d.1-12-1897See photo
Cook,Maggie M. b.6-28-1900 d.9-26-1904See photo
Cooks(Cook),Ella d.11-9-1919See photo
Curry,M.H.b.8-2-1890 d.10-19-1918See photo
Datesb.4-30-1893 d.10-23-1898See photo
Datesb.6-7-1891 d.9-26-1895Stone broken in two
See photo
Derrick,R.L.b.7-7-1871 d.4-23-1904See photo
Fisher,Baby See photo
Fisher,Catherineb.12-23-1859 d.12-28-1946See photo
Fisher,J. W. Sr.b.1-15-1877 d.1-10-1935See photo
Fisher,Jerry M.b.6-15-1847 d.3-3-1930See photo
Fisher,Ruth A.b.2-17-1884 d.6-29-1915See photo
France,Benjamin See photo
France,Mary S.b.2-11-1887 d.10-29-1904See photo
France,Matildab.1847 d.1925See photo
France,Danielb.11-17-1846 d.4-20-1925See photo
Goad,Neuton d.3-3-1903See photo
Goodman,Baby1903See photo
Goodman,Clark J.b.1901 d.1919See photo
Goodman,Della M.b.1881 d.1917See photo
Goodman,Earnest H.b.1907 d.1932See photo
Goodman,Eula J.b.1904 d.1918See photo
Goodman,H.Tateb.1870 d.1915See photo
Grisham,Lemuel F.b.12-14-1885 d.10-17-1902See photo
Grisham,Samuelb.1-29-1897 d.10-5-1903See photo
Haworth,Babies Infants of J.M. and Millie
See photo
Helvy,Victoriab.12-21-1893See photo
Holmes,Phineas B.b.4-2-1847 d.3-2-1896See photo
Hoover,Charlotteb.3-26-1852 d.1-8-1899See photo
Hoover,Ida B.b.6-25-1874 d.2-14-1896See photo
Hosking,Alta See photo
Hosking,J. See photo
Jackson,Infantb.7-11-1916 d.8-18-1915See photo
Goad,Neutonb.9-11-188? d.10-26-19??See photo
Leeds,John H. See photo
M.M.F. See photo
Maddox,Cloe Comerb.2-19-1905 d.3-26-1905See photo
Moon,J.L.b.1-23-1899 See photo
Name (can't read)b.5-2-1854 d.10-26-1898See photo
Nichols,Minnieb.7-30-1889 d.2-19-1904See photo
Outlaw,Infantb.9-16-1899See photo
Outlaw,J.M.b.6-25-1898See photo
Pierce,Frank Lawler Jr.b.2-4-1955 d.10-15-1977See photo
Pierce,Hattieb.2-24-1893 d.11-6-1903See photo
Pierce,S.A.b.10-20-1872 d.2-8-1902See photo
Roberts,Arminda G. See photo
Roberts,Charles A.b.1-28-1892 d.11-20-1893See photo
Samson b.12-7-1826 d.11-10-1899See photo
Smith,Elijah C.b.12-5-1824 d.11-8-1902Wife of Louisa Smith
See photo
Smith,Louisab.3-12-1827 d.11-17-1894See photo
Some Dates See photo
Springer,Troy H.b.10-21-1896 d.1-20-1897See photo
Springer,Jessie L.b.9-27-1900 d.7-13-1901See photo
Waddle,Claudie A.b.3-16-1899 d.1-20-1903See photo
Waddle,Donab.3-13-1865 d.6-13-1915See photo
Waddle,Mary E.b.8-20-1865 d.5-30-1903See photo

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