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Watson Cemetery
aka Oak Hill Cemetery
Oak Hill, McCurtain County, Oklahoma
© Martha Jones-Real

Partial Survey © 2006 by: Martha Jones-Real  & Area Coordinators

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Allen Betty Genice 1947 2012 photo
Anderson Ruby (Nipper) Nov. 23, 1931 July 15, 2007 D of Hardy Lee &
Gurthia (Plunkett) Nipper.
Due to the death of her mother,
Ruby, at the age of 5, went to live with
her uncle and aunt, Joe and Luna Gray.
She married Charles Lee Anderson
June 11, 1951, in Durant OK.
Arney James Madison 1844
Overton Co., TN
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
S of Hardy & Amanda
H of Margaret Richardson
Father of Jane Arney, Manda M. Jones, Mary Keltner & Ida Alice Ward.
Grandfather of Pete Madison Jones.
Blake Carrie Emma Jean 1942 1942 photo
Blake Emma C July 2, 1895 June 15, 1997 Dbl w/ G. Lee photo
Blake G. Lee July 22, 1896 May 22, 1980 Dbl w/ Emma C photo
Brown Hazel Crawford (Smith) Aug 29, 1918 Nov 13, 2006 Dbl w/ Tommy photo
Brown Tommy June 1, 1930 Sept 10, 2001 Dbl w/ Hazel CS photo
Cline Janell Ann (Nipper) September 28, 1948 April 26, 2013 photo/Memorial Card
Collins Cisero Thorten February 13, 1884 December 3, 1943 Wed Rosie  8/21/1925
Info from son, James Collins    photo
Collins Rosie Lee (Webb) October 14, 1904 October 17, 1977 Wed Cisero 8/21/1925
D of Abner L. & Sarah F. (Rhodes) Webb
Info from son, James Collins     photo
Collins Loyd William November 25, 1927 July 19, 1969 S of Cisero & Rosie
Info from brother, James Collins    photo
Gover Helen Sue Robinson May 5, 1939 May 13, 1998 photo
Gray Alice July 10, 1872 March 24, 1928 W of Henry photo
Gray Henry Feb 5, 1871 Feb 16, 1950 H of Alice photo
Gray Luna M. March 12, 1895 August 23, 1972 W of Joe C photo
Gray Joe C. Dec 15, 1891 July 6, 1982 H of Luna   photo
Hamrick Charles M Mar 12, 1927   H of R. Gailya   photo
Hamrick R. Gailya Aug 25, 1931 Feb 14, 2008 W of Charles   photo
Huff Alfred M. Aug 8, 1928 June 16, 2008 H of Gladys   photo
Huff Gladys M. May 31, 1928   W of Alfred   photo
Huff Denver Q. Feb 15, 1941 Sept 17, 1941 Dbl w/ Alfred M.  photo
Huff Myrtle Hunter April 24, 1910 May 16, 2005 photo
Huff Mose C. June 13, 1905 Feb 10, 1975 photo
Huff Ted L. Mar 26, 1936 Feb 8, 1999 photo
Huff Ted L. Mar 26, 1936 Feb 8, 1999 photo
Jacobs Kathern Louise (Hatter) 2/7/1962 4/26/2018 Obit
Jones Earl Gene February 18, 1961 May 17, 1986 S of Paul & Orene D. Nipper-Jones
Paul Murl October 2, 1926 September 24, 2002 Pvt US Army  WW II
S of Pete Madison & Nora Bell Rhodes-Jones
H of Orene D. Jones
Keiss Anna Mar 8, 1920 June 17, 2005 photo
Nipper Billy Joe Sr December 4, 1940
in Watson, OK
October 25, 2013
at Mercy Hospital in
Hot Springs, AR.
S of Hardy Lee &
Clara Ellen (Rhodes)
H of Louise A
Children: Tina Pritchett
Jennifer Robinson
Billy Nipper, Jr.
and Stephanie Wilson
Nipper Louise A January 31, 1954 December 03, 1997 W of Billy Sr
Child: Stephanie Nipper
Nipper Clara Ellen(Rhodes) November2, 1914 February 21, 1995 D of George & Georgia A. Davis-Rhodes
W of Lee Nipper
Nipper Hardy Lee August 13, 1905 February 1971 S of John and Florence (Cox) Nipper
H of Clara Rhodes
Nipper Gurtha (Plunkett) November 05, 1899 November 15, 1936 1st wife of; Hardy Lee
Mother of:
Tommy, Bobby, Junior, Ruby & Norma  photo
Nipper C.L. August 1, 1944 March 17, 2013 Son of; Lee & Clara (Rhodes) Nipper
Husband of; Belva Ann (Higgins)Nipper.
Nipper Hoyt Wayne April 08, 1946 April 28, 1999 Son of; Lee & Clara (Rhodes) Nipper
Husband of; Betty Barnhill-Nipper.
Nipper Janet Rose April 3, 1951 April 4, 1951 Daughter of Lee Nipper and Clara Rhodes-Nipper
Nipper Lee Roy November 25, 1937 August 28, 1938 Son of Lee Nipper and Clara Rhodes-Nipper
Oakley Minnie Blake Oct 7, 1923 Oct 19, 2012 photo
Page Earl Dean 11/21/1941 7/23/2018 Obit
Page Jo Ann 5/5/1942 8/13/1999  
Page-Johnson Mary Jo (Chatham) 8/12/1931 3/29/2015 W of ?? Page
W of Dillard Johnson
Paquette Gerald Michael July 25, 1948 May 4, 1996 photo
Petty Guy L. Feb 1, 1908 Nov 11, 1997 Dbl W/ Elsie E. photo
Petty Elsie E. Sept 11, 1903 Nov 11, 1972 Dbl W/ Guy L. photo
Plunkett Julie P. May 9, 1863 April 27, 1940 Dbl W/ William J photo
Plunkett William J. Dec 9, 1860 July 30, 1933 Dbl W/ Julie P. photo
Pollard Allen April 15, 1996 April 19, 2012  photo
Pollard Charles Junior July 01, 1945 April 18, 1966 photo
Pollard Charlie February 10, 1903 February 24, 1975 H of Ovie    photo
Pollard Ovie (Webb) April 1, 1904 June 1, 1985 W of Charlie
D of James Webb & Emaline Rhodes-Webb
Dale September 22, 1948 January 05, 1999 H of Revena Mae Pollard
Pvt US Army
Pollard Revena Mae April 01, 1944 Living W of Dale Pollard
Pollard Benny Ray Oct 12, 1963 Nov 8, 2008 photo
Pollard David G. January 23, 1963 October 10, 2007 H of Lisa    photo
Pollard Lisa E. March 29, 1959 Living W of David G.   photo
Pollard Dorothy March 13, 1925 February 04, 1986 W of Elmer   photo
Pollard Elmer March 30, 1925 Living H of Dorothy    photo
Pollard Helen Apr 3, 1939   Dbl w/ Tom Pollard
Pollard Tom Apr 21, 1935 May 25, 2004 Dbl w/ Helen   photo
Pollard Lee February 19, 1923 December 16, 1992 H of Mascel    photo
Pollard Mascel Johnson July 23, 1923 August 21, 2004 W of Lee     photo
Pollard Lester October 8, 1937
in Watson, Oklahoma
March 11, 2013
at his home in Smithville OK.
S of Charlie &  Ovie
H of Elizabeth Cunningham-Pollard
Pollard Maida D. Mar 16, 1940 Mar 19, 2011 Dbl w/ Haskell
Pollard Haskel Nov 5, 1933 Feb 12, 2006 Dbl w/ Maida D.
Porter Ima Jean Smith July 14, 1940   Dbl w/Gerald D. photo
Porter Gerald D. "Jerry" April 2, 1935 June 14, 2001 Dbl w/Ima Jean photo
Rhodes Buddy (A.C.) April 20, 1919 October 24, 1991 S of George W. & Georgia Ann Davis-Rhodes
Husband of Glenda Oakley-Rhodes
Rhodes George Washington July 09, 1871
Logan Co., AR
July 28, 1934
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
S of William & Minerva McClennon-Roden, Rhodes.
H of Georgia Ann Davis-Rhodes    photo/obit
Rhodes Georgia Ann (Davis) December 10, 1879
Indian Territory (Page, LeFlore Co., OK)
March 26, 1959
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
D of Samuel and Adaline Cole-Davis
W of George W. Rhodes
Rhodes Van H. May 1891
Scott Co., AR
July 15, 1910
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
S of George Rhodes & Edith Cogburn-Rhodes
Died in Webb Saw Mill Explosion North of
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK.
No Headstone
Roden in AL
Rodes and Rhodes in AR & OK.
Minerva McClennon 1836
between 1910-1920
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
Married William Roden on October 14, 1851 at
Marshall Co., AL.
William died in Logan Co., AR between 1874-1880.
Mother of Martha McCray, Nancy Allen, George Rhodes,
Emaline Webb, Sarah Webb & Paralee who died young.
No Headstone
Robinson Lawrence Earl   Oct 3, 1942 One date photo
Robinson Lyman A. July 15, 1889 October 6, 1973 See photo
Robinson Milton Lyman October 27, 1919 February 7, 1965 See photo
Scott Ramon Mar 8, 1924 Aug 11, 1925 Dbl w/ Freda photo
Scott Freda Feb 5, 1922 Aug 5, 1923 Dbl w/ Ramon photo
Shaw Beulah Elizabeth "Elsie" McCauley 1887 1938  
Shaw Ethel O 12/8/1901 8/22/1985 Photo
Shaw Evelyn Oct 1922 Aug 1923 Photo
Gilbert M 6/2/1926 11/4/1983 S1 US Navy  WW II Photo
Shaw Monroe Dallas 1863 1924 H of Sarah  photo
Shaw Odie April 15, 1902 Aug 17, 1983 W of Tom    photo
Shaw Sarah J 1862 1927 W of Monroe  photo
Tom May 12, 1895 Aug 29, 1956 AR Pvt Co C, 22nd Engineers   WW I
H of Odie
William N 10/4/1898 6/9/1947 AR Pvt 50th Artillery CAC  WW I   Photo
Spencer John B. Jr., 4th Oct 3, 1988 Mar 25, 2011 See photo
Sullivan Darrell Nov 26, 1914 Jan 19, 1999 Dbl w/ Ada photo
Sullivan Ada Sept 8, 1913   Dbl w/Darrell photo
Toon Diane A. June 16, 1948 July 24, 1948 See photo
Toon Kenney Arlen March 15, 1967 August 19, 2004 See photo
Toon Kenneth D. Oct 28, 1934 July 14, 2008 Dbl w/ Patricia photo
Toon Patricia Sept 14, 1943   Dbl w/ Kenneth D. photo
Webb Arthur Lee May 25, 1892
May 26, 1977 Son of James & Emaline Rhodes-Webb
Dbl with wife, Ola V. Webb
Webb Ola V. March 14, 1901 May 11, 1972 Dbl with husband, Arthur Lee Webb
Webb Emeline Rhodes 1867
Logan Co., AR
February 6, 1956
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
Married James Webb on December 5, 1883 in
Logan Co., AR.
Dau of: William Roden (Rodes) &
Minerva McClennon-Rhodes
Webb James 1866
July 15, 1910
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
S of Joshua and Leaner Webb
Married Emeline Rhodes On December 5, 1883,
Logan Co., AR
Died in the Webb Saw Mill Explosion
north of Watson, OK, along with his son
William Webb and nephew, Van H. Rhodes
No Headstone
Webb Jessie Lee September 21, 1928 September 21, 1928 photo
Webb Johnnie Lee Sr. August 15, 1918 October 31, 1991 photo
Webb William G. February 1886
July 15, 1910
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
Son of James & Emaline Rhodes-Webb
Died in the Webb Saw Mill Explosion
north of Watson, OK
No Headstone
Webb Abner L. December 19, 1867
August 31, 1951
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
S of Joshua and Leaner Webb
H of Sarah F. Rhodes
No Headstone
Webb Sarah F. Rhodes July 1866
Watson, McCurtain Co., OK
D of William Roden (Rodes) &
Minerva McClennon-Rhodes
W of Abner Lewis Webb
No Headstone

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