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Spavinaw Cemetery

Strang, Mayes County, Oklahoma

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M Surnames

Anna Makin J 3-29-3w-1 1912-1990  
Raymond Makin   3-29-3w-2 1905-1982  
Chloie Makres J 3-28-4w-5 1902-1984  
Gust "Don" Makres   3-30-3w-4 1930-1997  
Lerene Makres   3-30-3w-3 1931-1991  
Mary Marble E 1-3-1w-6 1938-1979  
John Marlin L 3-32-4e-6 1922-1993  
Opal Marrs F 1-16-4w-3 1905-1998  
William Marrs G 1-16-4w-4 1906-1974  
Goldie Marshal   1-be-1w-4 1895-1984  
Frank Marshall   1-4-4w-6 1888-1939  
Dallas Martin   1-ge-4e-3 1905-1970  
Debby Martin Boling 1-2-5e-2 1861-1946  
Frank Martin G 1-ge-4e-2 1888-1948  
JW Martin   2-24-12w-6 1902-1956  
Laura Martin B 2-24-15w-6 1888-1961  
Lois Martin E 1-ge-4e-4 1908-1986  
Nancy Martin E 1-10-4w-1 1854-1895  
Paul Martin   2-24-16e-3 1927-1941  
Pearl Martin   1-10-3w-3 1896-1961  
Richard Martin   1-10-4w-3 1874-1951  
Richard Martin L 1-10-4w-2 1844-1911  
William Martin P 1-2-5e-1 1857-1931  
Nettie Martindale L 2-23-14w-3 1914-1969  
Catherine Mason   1-2-3w-4 1904-1948  
Vera Mason Ryan 1-8-4e-1 1920-2001  
WT "Bill" Mason   1-2-3w-5 1901-1951  
Juanita Mathews B 2-18-6-3 1928-vacant  
Martin Mathews L 2-18-6-4 1916-1998  
Venita Mathews   2-19-5w-5 1921-1984  
Willy "Cook" May   1-7-4w-6 1860-1929  
Clarence Mayberry   2-17-2e-2 1906-???  
Alene Mayfield   3-31-7e-3    
Oscar Mayfield   3-31-7e-4 1926-1990  
Arlis McAfee E 2-24-31w-4 1900-1974  
Christine McAfee C 2-24-31w-2 1917-1990  
John McAfee E 2-24-31w-3 1907-1984  
Laura McAfee F 2-23-10e-5 1892-1983  
Alyssa McAnally M 3-32-6w-6 1982-1983  
Donald McAnally K 3-26-2w-1 1932-1999  
Maude McAnally Mae 1-ge-1e-1 1893-1957  
Pamela McAnally   3-32-6w-1 1962-vac  
Walter McAnally A 1-3-1e-6 1919-1960  
Walter McAnally Adair 1-ge-1e-2 1880-1957  
Walter McAnally   3-32-6w-2 1957-1999  
Gertrude McCall   2-18-4w-1 1882-1973  
John McCall K 2-18-3e-3 1917-1993  
R A Sr McCall   2-18-3e-2 1920-1981  
Thelma McCall Hogan 1912-1984    
William McCall F 2-18-4w-4 1912-1989  
Wilma McCall   2-18-3e-2 1920-1981  
Wm "Bill" McCall   2-18-4w-2 1876-1966  
Mary McCaslin A 1-11-1w-2 1848-1915  
Henry McClain Clay 3-30-3w-2 1899-1980  
Mattie McClain   3-30-3w-1 1903-1986  
Callie McCleery J 3-25-5e-2 1916-1990  
Lynn McCleery W 3-25-5e-1 1905-1975  
William McClellan C 1-5-2e-5 1914-1972  
Alfred McClelland   1-4-7w-3 1920-1995  
Cecil McCord   1-6-1w-2 1897-1978  
Jessie "Dalrymple" McCord   1-5-4e-6 1896-1975  
Lola McCord J 1-6-1w-3 1893-1968  
Lloyd McDole N 2-18-1w-2 1923-1993  
Lorene McDole I 2-18-1w-1 1926-vacant  
Charles McDonald L 1-2-10e-1 1923-1958  
Jackie McDonald S 3-27-3w-1 1974-1974  
Jackie McDonald Gene 3-27-3w-2 1954-1982  
Jimmie McDonald L 3-27-3e-2 1945-1998  
Mart McDonald   1-2-10e-3 1896-1960  
Mary McDonald Rose 1-2-10e-4 1905-1991  
Richard McDonald E 1963-2002    
Robert McDonald James 1-2-10e-5 1950-1998  
Rusty McDonald   1-2-10e-2 1957-1959  
Anna McGimpsey M 1-2-2w-4 1915-1990  
Martin McGimpsey David 1-2-2w-2 1937-1970  
Mary McGimpsey Ann 1-2-2w-1 ????-1952  
MH "Bill" McGimpsey   1-2-2w-3 1910-1968  
David McGraw Otto 2-24-38e-4 1906-1973  
Helen McGregor J 2-18-9e-3 1909-1984  
W H "Bill" McGregor   2-18-9e-4 1903-1971  
Bonita McLary Rose 1-8-5w-7 1924-2000  
Carrie McLaughlin   1-3-10w-1b 1871-????  
Joshua McLaughlin   1-3-10w-1a 1851-1927  
Doris McMahan Ann 3-31-3e-4 1943-vac  
Jerry McMahan R 3-31-3e-5 1943-1997  
Dave McQueen   1-3-8w-5 1890-1964  
Josie McQueen   1-3-8w-4 1888-????  
Marie Meador   2-24-7w-3 1881-1965  
Joyce Meeks   2-24-27w-5 vacant  
Jessie Merrill R 1-5-3e-3 1911-1970  
Alice Meyer Ruby 1-9-4w-4 1896-1965  
Torburn Meyer P 1-9-4w-5 1889-1976  
Guy Miller   3-29-4w-1 1920-1977  
Jerry Miller L 2-24-25e-6 1942-1985  
Kevin Miller H 3-30-8e-5 1955-1997  
Ludy Miller J 1-13-6e-1 1880-1910  
Billy Mitchell M 2-24-20w-6 1933-vacant  
Charlotte Mitchell   2-24-19w-6 1894-1984  
Edgar "Buster" Mitchell   2-24-24w-5 1916-1984  
Howard Jr Mitchell   1-16-6e-6    
Norma Mitchell Jean 2-24-20w-5 1936-1991  
Vera Mitchell M 1-2-7-1 1896-1974  
Walter Mitchell C 1-2-7-2 1892-1950  
Willie Mitchell   2-24-20w-1 1892-1966  
Frank Monahan G 3-29-8w-2 1918-1994  
Trent Monahan G 1-4-2e-6 1983-2002  
Gracie Money   1-14-5e-3 1903-1981  
John Money O 1-14-5e-4 1894-1963  
Stencee Montgomery   3-32-9e-5 1998-1998  
Betty Moore Jean 1-de-1e-1 1930-alive  
John Moore W 1-de-1e-2 1920-1993  
Nellie Moore J 2-24-7e-4 1900-1959  
Thomas Moore A 2-24-7e-5 1894-????  
John Morgan W 1-3-12e-2 1861-1936  
Mildred Morgan M 1-2-3e-2 1919-1944  
Minnie Morgan   3-30-6e-2 1923-1976  
Patrica Morgan Ann 1-2-3e-3 1943-1946  
Tennessee Morgan J 1-3-12e-3 1871-1941  
Elmo Morris D 2-24-9e-5 1887-1981  
Mola Morris M 2-24-9e-6 1889-1967  
Earl Morrow   3-31-5w-6 1917-1998  
Fredrick Morrow L 2-18-6-2 1899-1962  
Grace Morrow   3-30-6w-1 1907-2000  
J L Morrow   3-31-4e-2 1927-2002  
June Morrow   2-18-7-1 1925-1995  
Kenneth Morrow L 3-31-4e-1 1930-1990  
Minnie Morrow L 2-18-6-1 1906-1990  
Mondie Morrow Wiley 2-19-11w-6 1910-1979  
Roscoe Morrow   3-30-5w-6 1905-1976  
Ruby Morrow M 3-31-5w-5 1923-1992  
Susie Morrow Alma 2-19-11w-5 1918-2002  
Wiley Morrow V 2-18-7-2 1924-1999  
Francis Moses L 2-19-10w-5 1951-1972  
Teresa Mouse   1-be-1e-3 1961-1983  
Flo Mundy Ordra 2-23-9w-5 1897-1975  
Grover Mundy   2-23-9w-1    
John Mundy Henry 2-23-9w-6 1877-1949  
Lee Mundy Earl 2-23-9w-6F 1927-2003  
Neva Murphy   3-27-5e-3 1920-2003  
Benjamin Muskgrove J 2-19-9e-1 1909-1978  
Jake Muskrat   1-ge-5w-5 1884-1944  
Pairless Muskrat   1-ge-5w-4 1890-1967  

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