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Spavinaw Cemetery

Strang, Mayes County, Oklahoma

© Robert P Goins

H Surnames

Lena Hall M 2-19-1e-3 1909-vacant  
Thomas Hall B 2-19-1e-2 1901-1972  
Claude Hamblin L 2-24-13e-6 1899-1973  
John Hamby B 1-9-3e-2 1919-1968  
Ruth Hanley   1-2-1w-5 vacant  
Woodrow Hanley   1-2-1w-6 1912-2003  
Ruth Harding   1-9-3e-7 1920-vacant  
Virgil Harding   1-9-3e-8 1916-1988  
HW "Buck" Harmon   3-27-5e-2 1911-1976  
Mayme Harmon E 3-27-5e-1 1913-vacant  
Clarence Harris   3-26-3e-2 1912-1986  
Martha Harris Fay 3-26-3e-1 1930-vac  
Les  C Harvey   1-12-3w-8    
Roger Harvey Lee 3-28-4e-1 1957-1980  
Ben Haskell   1-10-4e-4 1906-1955  
Frank Haskell   1-10-4e-6 1873-1943  
Gus Haskell   1-10-4e-3 1908-1978  
Nancy Haskell A 1-10-4e-5 1875-1949  
Andy Haskins R 3-29-3e-4 1915-1989  
Hazel Haskins   3-29-3e-3 1917-1994  
Charles Hass L 3-29-4e-4 1953-1994  
Charlie Hastings   1-7-4w-7 1885-1979  
John Hatler Burl 1-8-5w-6 1903-1962  
Donnell Hawes E 1-1-6w-3 1911-1988  
Eunice Hawes M 1-1-6w-2 1915-vacant  
Byron Hawkins   3-30-8w-2 1903-1990  
Luther Hawthorne James 1-15-3w-2 1919-vacant  
Mable Hawthorne L 1-15-3w-1 1927-vacant  
?? Hayes   2-23-4e-3 ??  
Annie Hayes   1-13-11w-1 1881-1978  
Charles Hayes Henry 2-19-4w-6 1904-1991  
Earl Hayes   1-13-10e-6 1912-vacant  
Mildred Hayes G 1-13-10e-5 1915-1997  
Sadie Hayes A 2-19-4w-5 1912-1991  
Silas Hayes S 1-13-11w-2 1876-1946  
WR Haywood   2-23-7e-1 1845-1933  
Alden Heath   1-de-1w-4 1900-1982  
Lola Hedges   1-3-7-2    
Darlena Hedrick   1-1-3e-2 1954-1955  
Ellen Henley   1-5-5e-4 1859-1957  
Frankie Henley   3-28-10w-2 1948-vac  
Fred Henley D 1-5-5e-3 1888-1947  
John Henley B 3-28-10w-3 1947-2000  
LD Henley   1-5-5e-5 1883-1965  
T A Henley   1-5-5e-2 1858-1929  
Gola Henry F 2-24-14w-2 1908-1992  
William Henry   2-24-14w-3 1899-1968  
James Hensley F 1-8-2e-4 1892-1968  
Jennie Hensley Ina 1-8-2e-5 1871-1959  
Wayne Hensley C 2-19-10e-4 1916-vacant  
William Hensley Joseph 1-8-2e-6 1861-1947  
Alfred Henson   2-23-7w-5 1892-1966  
Alvin Henson Monroe 1-he-5w-1 1915-1989  
Art Henson L 1-he-4e-4 1907-1981  
Auther Henson Wayne 3-33-3w-1 1931-2001  
Bessie Henson   1-he-4e-3 1910-1984  
Bobby Henson L 1-he-6-2 1931-1999  
Clyde Henson H 2-18-5w-2 1912-1980  
Cordelia Henson   2-18-5e-1 1883-1962  
E W "Red" Henson   2-18-5e-4 1910-1970  
George Henson   1-12-6w-5 1921-1921  
George Henson A 1-he-5w-3 1922-2002  
George Henson M 1-12-6e-4 1918-1918  
Gladys Henson L 2-23-7w-2 1920-vacant  
Infant Henson   1-12-6e-5 1900-1900  
Iris Henson   1-12-6e-1 1892-1978  
James Henson A 2-23-7w-3 1921-2001  
James Henson F 2-23-7w-1 1943-1999  
Jeremiah Henson   2-18-5e-2 1883-1962  
Jessie Henson   1-12-6e-2 1888-1936  
John Henson   1-12-6w-6 1881-1906  
Maggie Henson   2-23-7w-4 1895-1938  
Margaret Henson   1-2-7-3 1929-vacant  
Mary Henson L 2-18-5e-3 1908-1982  
Opal Henson L 2-18-5w-3 1916-1989  
Paul Henson Grey 1-2-7-4 1922-vacant  
Phebe Henson Anna 1-12-6w-7 1862-1918  
Pleasant Henson   1-12-6w-8 1832-1915  
Wanda Henson Lee 1-12-6e-3 1924-1933  
Edward Herring H 1-9-4w-7 1873-1931  
Herietta Herring Gibson 1-9-4w-6 1885-1977  
Grant Hibbard   3-26-7w-4 1904-1981  
Haley Hibbard A 3-26-7w-3 1907-1976  
William Hibbard Ervin 3-26-8e-4 1925-1984  
Alice Hicks   1-13-6w-1 1856-1905  
Amy Hicks Lyn 2-24-37w-1 1972-1973  
Cora Hicks M "Bell" 1-3-8e-1 1910-1964  
Guy Hicks   1-13-6e-4 1888-1940  
Herman Hicks   1-3-8e-2 1904-1971  
John Hicks   1-13-6w-2 1863-1955  
Laura "Wether" Hicks   1-13-6e-3 1892-1954  
Linda Hicks B 2-24-37w-2 1950-vac  
RC  Jr Hicks   1-6-1w-5 1925-1945  
Stella Hicks   1-3-8w-2 1877-1966  
Wm Hicks   1-13-6e-2 1853-1959  
Engla Higgingbotham L 2-24-9w-2 1906-1960  
Jessie Higgingbotham T 2-24-9w-3 1901-1989  
Llyod Hightower E 1-2-5e-6 1894-1963  
Norma Hildebrant Faye 3-30-3e-1 1934-1992  
Norma Hilton Wilmer 1-16-5e-5 1896-1980  
Eugene Hinckie V 1-4-3e-5 1922-1991  
Thelma "Guy" Hinckie   1-4-3e-3 1927-1993  
Dicy Hinkle M 1-9-3w-1 1865-1928  
William Hockman F 3-26-3e-4 1931-1982  
Francis Hodge   1-8-2w-6 1888-1966  
Oliver Hodge R 1-8-2w-7 1876-1957  
Bessie Hodges Bea 2-23-1w-2 1923-1997  
Carl Hodges   3-33-5w-4 1931-vac  
Millard Hodges   2-23-1w-3 vacant  
Wilma Hodges   3-33-5w-3 1932-1981  
Belle Hogan   1-3-3e-2 1889-1978  
Chance Hogan Dwight 2-18-3w-4 1988-1988  
Lawrence Hogan   1-3-3e-4 1908-1956  
Matthew Hogan Lynn 2-18-3w-3 1966-1967  
R B Hogan   1-3-3e-3 1865-1933  
Charles Holcomb   2-24-14w-1 1892-1959  
Cora Holland L 2-24-29e-5 1906-1997  
Ezekiel Holland   2-24-29e-6 1903-1984  
Fred Holland   2-24-27e-2 1914-2003  
Fred Holland   2-24-27e-2 1914-2003  
Georga Holland   2-24-27e-1 Vacant  
Hallford Holland   3-31-6w-4 1918-1988  
Mary Holland Geraldine 2-24-27e-3 1925-1995  
Wallace Holland Lee 2-24-28e-1 1939-2002  
Daniel Hollingsworth   1-15-5w-6 1910-1910  
Doron Hollingsworth E 3-28-8e-2 1910-1987  
Dr J E Hollingsworth   1-15-5w-4 1871-1939  
Georgia Hollingsworth   1-15-5w-5 1906-1906  
Marie Hollingsworth   3-28-3e-3 1920-vacant  
Mattie Hollingsworth K 3-28-8e-1 1912-1996  
Thomas Hollingsworth Shelly 3-28-3e-4 1912-1989  
Victoria "Cole" Hollingsworth E 1-15-5w-3 1867-1953  
Anna Holt   1-ge-6-1 1931-1932  
Anna Holt M 1-14-6-3 1875-1954  
Betty Holt J 1-ge-6-2 1932-1933  
Cunnie Holt D 1-2-1w-3 1905-1958  
Esther Holt E 1-2-1w-2 1884-1957  
Eva Holt Pearl 1-2-8e-6 1895-1952  
Jack Holt Star 1-2-1w-3 1911-2000  
Jim Holt R 1-14-6-2 1872-1952  
Lee Holt   1-2-1w-1 1868-1940  
OG "Grab" Holt   1-14-6-5 1904-2001  
Reba Holt M 2-23-8e-2 1917-1981  
Ruth Holt E 1-3-10e-4 1919-vacant  
S E Holt   1-3-1w-2 1933-1933  
Sharon Holt   1-ge-6-3 1944-1944  
Thelma Holt   1-14-6-4 1914-1989  
Wayne Holt C 1-3-10e-5 1918-1979  
Beatrice Hopkins M 3-26-5w-1 1905-1976  
Vernie Hopkins E 3-26-5w-2 1901-1975  
Mildred Hopper West 1-z-1e-1 1904-????  
Imogene Horne   2-24-37w-5 1920-vac  
W F Horne   2-24-37w-6 1908-1974  
Alene Horton   2-24-31e-5 1917-vac  
Drucilla Horton   2-24-10e-5 1888-1972  
Floyd Horton M 2-24-10e-6 1884-1957  
Hugh Horton   2-24-31e-6 1913-1998  
Nancy Housley (Owens)   1-11-6-7 1893-1937  
J W Housley   1-11-6-8 1897-1944  
A P Houston   1-ce-4w-4 1866-1942  
Jeff Houston E 1-15-6-3 1904-1962  
M Francis Houston   1-ce-4w-3 1868-1944  
Bertha Howell   1-ge-2e-2 18887-1964  
Cecil Howell R 1-ge-2e-4 1907-1991  
Harold Howell A 1-ee-2e-1 1917-2000  
Luther Howell A 1ge-2e-3 1882-1968  
Ora Howell Lee 1-2-2e-1 1905-1993  
Angeline Hubbard   1-9-4e-6 1850-1941  
Joseph Hubbard A 1-9-4e-7 1850-1928  
Ledford Hubbard W 1-9-4w-3 1891-1975  
Mildred Hubbard E 1-9-4w-2 1909-1981  
Tillie Hubbard   1-9-4e-2 1883-1960  
WW Hubbard   1-9-4e-3 1886-1955  
Etta Hubert   1-9-2e-1 1887-1947  
LA "Heavy" Hubert   1-9-2e-2 1909-1968  
Loyd "Wuzzy" Hubert 1-9-2e-2 1945-2000    
Velma Hubert Orlena 1-9-2e-3 1908-1985  
Florence Hughes Elizabeth   09 Dec 1937
08 May 2006
Info provided by:
Haley Hughes S 1-14-11e-6 1969-1988  
Clifford Hunt   2-24-24w-6 1910-1981  
Henry Hunt   2-23-12e-4 1876-1964  
Lizzie Hunt G 2-23-12e-3 1872-1961  
Bill Hurley   1-15-2w-4 1869-1957  
Edith Hurley Orlena 1-14-1e-5 1903-1992  
George Hurley   1-14-1e-6 1896-1986  
Maggie Hurley   1-14-1e-2 1881-1963  
Blanche Hutchinson M 2-23-4e-5 1899-1964  
Dick Hutchinson   2-23-4e-6 1897-1986  

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