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Spavinaw Cemetery

Strang, Mayes County, Oklahoma

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C Surnames

Clare Cagle M 23-27-4w-3 1930-1978  
Dave Cagle   3-31-3w-6 1928-1998  
Kenneth Cagle   1-9-1-6 1934-vacant  
Learlean Cagle   1-9-1-5 1935-1992  
Lee Cagle   1-ce-2w-2 1893-1969  
Lee Cagle   1-11-2w-8 1893-1969  
Lillian Cagle   3-31-3w-5 1930-1992  
Oma Cagle   1-ce-2w-1 1902-1966  
Oma Cagle   1-11-2w-7 1902-1966  
Baby boy Campbell   1-1-4w-2 1955-1955  
Emmett Campbell Lon 2-24-17e-4 1924-1990  
Grace Campbell Ann 2-24-17w-4 1898-1954  
Jessie Campbell   1-11-2w-2 1903-1919  
Joan Campbell Faye 2-24-17e-1 1930-1986  
Nellie Campbell Lou 2-24-17e-3 1929-vacant  
Walter Campbell   2-24-17w-5 1892-1974  
Gordon Cantrell   3-32-3e-4 1924-1990  
Mildred Cantrell   3-32-3e-3 1929-2003  
Dorthy Card L 3-31-7e-5 1908-vac  
Leon Card L 3-31-7e-6 1904-1992  
Oscar Carlton E 1-de-2e-4 1902-1983  
Ruth Carlton E 1-3-8w-1 1912-1929  
John Carnes C 1-x-1e-2 1862-1950  
Minnie Carnes A 1-x-1e-3 1870-1955  
Carl Carpenter W 3-26-8w-3 1903-1990  
Metta Carpenter A 3-26-8w-2 1906-2000  
Oscar Carpenter L 1-dw-1-4 1931-1992  
Alfred Carroll   1-7-4e-7 1891-1970  
Cheryell Carroll Ann 2-24-15e-5 1956-1958  
Clara Carroll   1-7-4e-6 1896-1962  
Donald Carroll W 2-24-19w-1 1891-???  
Florence Carroll   2-24-18w-6 1906-1962  
RL "Buddy" Carroll   2-24-15e-4 1924-1984  
Velma Carroll Mae 2-24-15e-3 1927-vacant  
Walter Carson C 2-24-20e-2 1888-1965  
Charley Carter R 1-16-5w-5 1880-1960  
Edith Carter   1-1-9e-3 1904-1991  
Jack Carter W 1-1-9w-2 1907-1956  
John Carter F 1-1-9e-2 1903-1969  
John Carter   1-3-1w-5 1915-1988  
Sally Carter E 1-1-9w-1 1906-1975  
Gary Cherry Lee 2-24-36e-4 1952-1974  
infant Chestnut   1-14-7-4 1902-1904  
Lawrence Christian   2-19-12e-7 1892-1979  
Marie Christian V 2-19-12e-6 1903-1986  
Ethel Clapper   1-10-3w-1 1890-1946  
Guss Clapper   1-10-3w-2 1892-1976  
TJ Clark   1-14-9e-5 1885-1911  
Edna Clendenin A 3-27-6w-3 1903-1974  
Jesse Clendenin C 3-27-6w-4 1901-1974  
Edgar Clopton   1-bw-10w-2 1918-2002  
Arthur Cloud C 2-24-30w-6 1923-1990  
Bentley Cloud Harvey 2-24-30e-6 1915-1981  
Bonnie Cloud Ray 2-24-30e-5 1913-1984  
Elizabeth Cloud S 2-24-30w-5 1916-1981  
Bill Coats M 1-2-4e-2 1901-1964  
Billie Coats K 2-18-5w-6 1921-1983  
Brazzie Coats M 1-3-5w-2 1880-1929  
Charles Coats   1-12-2w-7 1893-1944  
Charles Coats Hadley 1-12-2e-8 1920-1977  
Evert Coats   1-12-2w-8 1917-1918  
Gleam Coats   1-3-5w-4 1922-vacant  
Gussie Coats   1-12-2w-6 1898-1949  
Henry Coats L 1-3-5w-3 1867-1941  
Henry L Jr Coats   1-3-5w-5 1918-1993  
Ida Coats Evelyn 1-2-4e-3 1903-1967  
James Coats E 2-24-28e-3 1914-1993  
John Coats D 1-2-4e-4 1924-1964  
Johnny Coats W 1-2-4e-1 1950-1950  
Juanita Coats "Dunham" 1-2-4e-5 1926-1994  
Katherine Coats   1-12-2e-7 1919-1998  
Lucille Coats   2-18-5w-5 vacant  
Sally Coats B 2-24-28e-2 1926-1983  
Charles Cochran   1-ge-3e-3 1889-1975  
Willie Cochran Ross 2-24-32w-1 1902-1987  
David Coffey   3-25-5w-1 1951-2001  
Clyde Cohea   1-15-1w-4 1900-1973  
Kenneth Cohea A 1-dw-2w-2 1920-1987  
Opal Cohea M 1-dw-2w-1 1922-2002  
Polly Cohea Ann 1-15-1w-3 1906-1995  
Sarah Cole L 1-15-5w-2 1869-1957  
A Clay Collins   1-15-2e-6 1867-1937  
Clarence Collins A 1-15-2e-2 1899-1973  
Delana Collins A 1-15-2e-5 1871-19??  
John Collins Edgar 1-15-2e-4 1903-1969  
Nina Collins Ruth 1-15-2e-1    
R Mildred Collins   1-15-2e-3 1903-1997  
Jerome Compton B 1-dw-1-3 1941-2002  
Peggy "Dale" Compton   1-8-2w-5 1935-2002  
Arval "Red" Cook   3-30-8e-6 1905-??  
Curtis Cook L 3-28-5w-4 1918-1997  
David Cook Harrison 1-6-1w-4 1888-1943  
Eula Cook K 3-28-5w-3 1918-2003  
Opal Cook Rose 1-12-3e-8 1915-1988  
George Cotrill Thomas 2-24-18e-5 1898-1982  
George Jr Cotrill   2-19-5e-4 1921-1972  
Grace Cotrill E 2-24-18e-4 1901-1963  
Harley Cotrill L 2-24-18e-3 1935-1987  
Jerry Cotrill Ellen 2-19-5e-3 1926-1991  
Edna Coulston Lee 2-24-18w-2 1915-vacant  
Floyd "Frosty" Coulston   2-24-18w-3 1911-1984  
Lee Coulston   1-4-2e-3 1913-1975  
Angeline Cowden   1-11-5w-5 1868-1952  
Dock (Tig) Cowden Garner 1-11-5w-6 1914-1990  
Fay Cowden M 1-11-5w-3 1904-1917  
Thomas Cowden F 1-11-5w-2 1908-1912  
Thomas Cowden A 1-11-5w-4 1875-1932  
Thomas Cowden Oliver 1-14-1w-1 1814-1909  
Dave Craig   1-ge-5w-1 1884-1932  
Elvira Craig J 1-ce-3w-1 1857-1925  
Grandville Craig   1-ce-3w-3 1890-1942  
James Craig   1-ce-3w-2 1855-1928  
Dana Crane J 2-17-4e-2 1951-vacant  
Jim Crane L 2-17-4e-3 1938-2002  
Anita Craven   1-4-3w-4 1891-1969  
Boyd Craven   1-4-3w-5 1898-1963  
Hazel Cravens   2-24-21e-2 1905-1981  
Jim Cravens   2-24-21e-1 1892-1962  
Martin Crawford   1-10-3w-6 1857-1929  
Mattie Crawford S 1-10-3w-5 1861-1919  
William Crawford J 1-10-3w-4 1884-1944  
Dave Creekkiller   3-30-8w-4 1906-1980  
Ina Creekkiller   3-30-8w-3 1912-2001  
Carl Cresswell C 3-29-6e-2 1917-1979  
Danny Cresswell Carl 3-29-8w-3 1949-1998  
Imogene Cresswell   3-29-6e-1 1923-1977  
Jimmy Cresswell L 3-29-7e-2 1948-1979  
Kenneth Cresswell   3-29-4e-6 1946-1995  
Edward Culver L 1-11-4e-6 1942-1998  
Eula Culver Mae 1-11-4e-3 1923-vacant  
Leo Don Culver   1-11-4e-2 1945-1945  
Leonard Culver G 1-11-4e-4 1917-1974  
William Jr Cumbie   3-32-10w-1 1932-1995  
Bettie Cummings L 3-29-6w-5 ????-1994  
Dick Cummings   3-29-6w-6 ????_????  
Billie Cunningham Louise 2-24-16e-5 1923-1954  
Don Cunningham W 3-32-10e-6 1939-2003  
Don Cunningham W 3-32-10e-6 1939-2003  
John Cunningham W 1-14-9w-3 1879-1956  
Minnie Cunningham D 1-14-9w-2 1887-1968  
Elisha Curry   1-12-3e-6 1889-1946  
Nettie Curry Hastings 1-12-3e-3 1889-1913  
Retta Curry Daphine 1-12-3e-7 1895-1989  
Alma Curtis   2-26-3w-1 1909-1980  
Travis Curtis P 3-26-3w-2 1905-1998  

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