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Spring Hill Cemetery
Kiowa County, Oklahoma

© Rita Collvins Mayfield

If you have family buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery or have obits (with newspapers permission or an obit that you can write) or tombstone photos or individual portraits or can write a short bio or have a history of the cemetery and would like to add your information to this website, contact the area coordinator for more information. You can also check out our How to Submit page.
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Allen Bernice Clark6/26/1926  W of Troy  Photo
AllenTroy Dock6/29192310/30/1997 H of Bernice  Photo
Baggett Edna L Sears2/18/192511/15/2010Wed Roy 2/7/1943  Photo
Roy E1/31/1923 10/18/2009Wed Edna 2/7/1943
US Army   WW II  Photo
BatesCarl C19171918 Photo
BatesFlore B  Stone 1940 
Bates Marvin Lee2/18/18842/20/1936 H of Sara Photo
BatesMinnie L18901942W of Olie   Photo
BatesOlie18911949H of Minnie   Photo
BatesRev S. E.   Photo
Bates Sarah Parilee Hargrove1/25/1894 8/12/1978W of Marvin   Photo
BatesVinnie M19161918 Photo
BlankinshipHelen Louise "Pete" Corson9/24/1929 9/25/2011Wed John 11/24/1970
BlankinshipJohn B7/31/1935 Wed Helen 11/24/1970
BowmanJohn E18611946H of Mary  Photo
BowmanMary Alice Fugate18671919 W of John   Photo
BrowerClyda Belle Newton2/25/1928 10/29/2006Photo
BrowerJon N19561987 Photo
Paul John 6/29/192312/17/1966TX TEC3 4025th Signal GP WW II   Photo
BrownViolet Lucille Van Hyning (Kimberlin) 8/17/19311/21/2008W of Harvey Kimberlin
W of Richard Brown Photo
BuchananJennie "Lucille" Williams1904 1996W of Thomas H Photos
BuchananMary M Stanley18701936 Photos
BuchananOma Lynn Sommers12/4/1934  Wed Patrick  11/27/1955 Photos
Patrick Henry "Pat"9/20/19333/31/2003 US Army  Korea
Wed Oma 11/27/1955 Photos
BuchananThomas "Henry"10/10/19015/26/1982 H of Jennie  Photos
BuchananThomas Riley7/8/194912/12/1925 Photos
BullockSarah Lee Kimberlin10/18/1951 3/27/2006Photo
CainJames M5/6/187110/30/1930H of Minnie  Photo
CainMinnie Lee Clark9/4/187712/4/1961 W of James  Photo
CallenAmy Delores Tucker2/24/1907 3/21/2006Wed Mack 5/23/1929  Photos
CallenIdella M Dowda18771918W of Socrates  Photo
CallenJames H2/25/19139/14/1998Wed Lottie 6/9/1933 Photo
CallenJennett Ann11/30/19251/2/1929D of Deta & Claude  Photo
CallenKaren Jensen9/8/19495/1/2013 
CallenLottie P Wood6/9/19158/10/2015 Wed James  6/9/1933 Photo
CallenMack Americus6/15/190510/25/1965 Wed Amy 5/23/1929  Photos
CallenMary Elizabeth "Bettie"2/22/1857 2/20/1930 
CallenSocrates Plato "Crat"18641938H of Idella   Photo
CampbellLena Faye Riley7/13/1936 6/19/2018 
CarpenterNicholas Preston1/1/20121/1/2012 
ChainBarron D8/7/1849 12/9/1931Photo
ChainCleta Davis10/26/1935  Wed Garland 6/11/1956 Photo
Frederick Clinton "Fred"3/8/1889 1/14/1968US Army  WW I  Photo
Garland Ray 10/1/1933 4/16/2011US Army  Korea
Wed Cleta 6/11/1956   Photo
ChainGlenda Faye Beutler4/8/1940  Wed William L  5/29/1959  Photo
ChainJeffrey Lynn "Jeff"4/16/1958 8/7/2009Photo
ChainJoseph Andrew9/29/1894 1/19/1960Photo
ChainKatrina Gayle10/5/1987 11/23/2007Photos
Kenneth Howard "Speedy" 12/16/1938 8/24/1997US Army    Photo
ChainLena Adeline Hall5/3/1887 5/30/1968W of William H Photo
ChainMary Elizabeth Ferrell1/22/1909 3/3/1978W of Virgil   Photo
ChainRex A12/26/1910 7/30/1933Photo
ChainRosie Mae Alexander5/26/1929 10/30/1997 Photo
ChainVirgil Ernest2/3/1908 7/31/1972H of Mary  Photo
ChainWilliam Henry "Will"1882 1952H of Lena   Photo
ChainWilliam Lewis "Bill"2/24/1936 12/29/2000Wed Glenda  5/29/1959 Photo
ClarkAnna Mae "Annie" Kane8/25/1888Sep 1963W of James  Photo
ClarkBenjamin Franklin "Ben"6/4/1853 12/30/1936H of Mary   Photo
ClarkBlanch Louise Stauffer2/11/1899 10/7/1990W of Charles  Photo
ClarkCharles Chester "Charlie"11/25/1894 12/24/1978H of Blanch  Photo
ClarkChester Wayne10/22/192212/14/2005 H of Linnie  Photo
ClarkH F "Bud"18851960 Photo
ClarkJacob Marion18511923H of Sarah Photos
ClarkJames A12/20/1885Nov 1962H of Anna    Photo
ClarkLinnie B10/5/19107/3/1981W of Chester   Photo
ClarkMary Louise5/1/18523/22/1922W of Benjamin  Photo
ClarkSarah Ellen LordFeb 18597/7/1941 W of Jacob  Photos
ConeHazel Vickers7/26/19141/19/2008 Photo
CoxClarence M12/16/190412/23/1988H of Mable   Photos
CoxFannie L18821972 W of G W Photo
CoxG W18731940H of Fannie   Photo
CoxMable A Stauffer12/25/1902 12/23/1988W of Clarence Photos
CrooksVolney F9/20/18759/16/1908 Photo
DanielEula C8/29/19077/29/1933Photo gic
DanielLaveta Sue19331/5/1936 Photo gic
EarlsBettie Chapman 2/8/1933 
EasterRebecca Sellers5/20/1831 4/13/1906Photo
EllisMose Alvin3/15/193712/27/2018 
EvansSusan J Tanner2/1/185411/6/1929 
EverettIda A Miller8/20/18676/26/1927 W of G E
FinkElmer A19031959Photo gic
FinkHellen E18881940 Photo gic
FinkLeah E19171995Wed R Leo  12/7/1935  Photo gic
FinkR Leo 19171971Wed Leah  12/7/1935  Photo gic
FollmarM E8/14/186510/24/1937Photo
GanoungAlta Buchanan2/17/18974/16/1966 W of Delbert Photos
GanoungDelbert Milo11/14/18793/2/1961 H of Alta  Photos
GanoungJoy Marie2/18/19241/6/1998 Photos
GobleCharles N2mo 27da 3/13/1906S of Joseph & Amanda  Photo
GobleEdna B9/13/1911Nov 1916D of Joseph & Amanda Photo
GobleMelvin  Photo gic
GrothHans18741936H of Lena  Photo
GrothLena 18921944W of Hans    Photo
GuymanCecil May19181922Photo
HallAlice Hanna Acord11/14/1856 11/7/1936W of William   Photo gic
HallSam Greenhill5/30/18526/6/1932 Photo gic
HallWilliam Broadway "WB"18491930H of Alice   Photo gic
HardenElizabeth Saloma "Eliza" White8/8/1886 2/23/1978W of Oscar   Photo gic
HardenOscar Allen18831935H of Elizabeth Photo gic
HarmsVirgel George9/6/19849/6/1984 Photo gic
HarrisSarah E18491918Photos
HarrisonDale A10/14/19218/15/2003H of Mable   Photo
HarrisonMable L8/13/192210/8/2007W of Dale   Photo
HarthK10/24/18457/30/1917H of M L   Photo
HarthM L3/6/18557/16/1925W of K    Photo
HaunR E "Pinky"19371987Photo gic
HendersonAlice18771932W of Robert   Photo
HendersonBerwyn R19151980Photo
HendersonRobert W18761946H of Alice   Photo
HendersonRuby Jewel19071974W of Sheldon   Photo
HendersonSheldon P19051973H of Ruby    Photo
HenryBaby 7/1/1914Photo
HeundinA G18424/29/1924 
HodgesInfant8/17/19078/17/1907S of A S & F D   Photo
HoepfnerCamille12/10/19357/13/1991 Photo
HoepfnerMichael Jerome "Mike"10/17/1937 5/13/2009Photo
HoepfnerRaymond Lowell6/7/191212/1/1981 Wed Ruby  7/3/1933 Photo
HoepfnerRock Anthony1/10/19591/27/2019 
HoepfnerRuby Christine Smith9/1/1912 9/3/2005Wed Raymond  7/3/1933 Photo
HollandGracie M LaBerge19161956 Photo
HowellSarah Ash5/19/184411/10/1932 
HumphreyArdella Sue7/6/19391/6/1941D of Eugene & Lois
JohnstonElana Delores Callen1/6/1971 8/28/2010Photo gic
JonesCharles E2/24/18784/15/1917 Photo gic
JonesGeorgia Ellen Hall18941966 W of John H   Photo gic
JonesJohn Alney5/22/18721945H of Savannah  Photo gic
John DeVern 4/24/19167/19/2008US Army  WW II  Photo gic
JonesJohn Hardy18951964H of Georgia   Photo gic
JonesJoyce L7/10/1934 Wed Olvis 12/13/1952
Mural Lavoy 5/9/19386/14/2001Sgt US Army  Photo
Olvis LaVon 3/26/19246/18/2016PFC US Army  WW II
Wed Joyce 12/13/1952
JonesRalph Leon6/16/19624/12/2013 Photos gic
JonesSavannah Elizabeth Dilbeck7/25/1873 2/8/1956W of John A  Photo gic
JonesVella Mozel19171923 Photo gic
Virgil Dale 8/11/193411/25/1997Pvt US Army   Photo gic
KilgoreJohnnie Lee Jackson5/22/1918 5/20/1963W of Ralph  Photos
Ralph Leon1917 1982Pvt US Army  WW II 
H of Johnnie   Photos
KimberlinHarvey W10/2/191510/31/1972 Photo gic
Alfred Lowain  "Mousie" 12/29/19245/3/2010PFC US Marine Corps
WW II   Photo
KoppMadell Marsh4/30/19252/27/2000 Photo gic
KrehbielEmil G18851970H of Ethel    Photo
KrehbielEthel E18891967W of Emil     Photo
KrehbielJohn Paul7/11/19453/21/2014H of Judy
KrehbielJudy Roberts   W of John
KrehbielNorris E19111993H of Odela   Photo
KrehbielOdela V Meyers19142000 W of Norris    Photo
La BergeCarrie Miller18881972 W of Charles  Photo gic
La BergeCharles E18891964H of Carrie  Photo gic
La BergeEunice F Beckham2/6/1914 8/29/2014Wed Walter 10/21/1933 Photo
La BergeInfant Son 3/30/19163/30/1916S of Carrie & Charles Photo gic
La BergeLula Mae19121932Photo
La BergeWalter E5/11/19153/18/1988 Wed Eunice 10/21/1933 Photo
LairdLester Leon8/9/19228/11/1922 Photos gic
LastraArlene R1/9/19237/4/2002W of Harold    Photo
LastraHarold J8/16/19184/2/1996H of Arlene     Photo
LastraJohn P11/27/1949 H of Sandra   Photo
LastraSandra Kay Bishop1/24/1946 8/13/2008W of John     Photo
LilesDella June Callen6/24/1931  Wed Leonard 9/27/1953  Photo
LilesDorothy Sylvania Jacobs11/16/1913 12/7/1993Wed James  3/21/1936  Photo
LilesHanna Mae Johnson9/6/1895 1/19/1975W of William  Photo gic
LilesJames Cecil8/16/19161/24/1994 Wed Dorothy  3/21/1936  Photo
Leonard Raymond "Red"8/20/19256/5/1997 S1 US Navy  WW II
Wed Della 9/27/1953        Photos
LilesWilliam Albert8/10/1891Jan 1963 H of Hanna  Photo gic
LillieO H  Photo
LooneySarah Jane Amos3/4/1846Mar 1926 Photo
LukerAlbert S18741947H of Rosie    Photo
LukerJackie R19341936Photo
LukerRosie18761973W of Albert    Photo
LukerStanley M19321936Photo
LynchFlora D Poe3/17/18856/21/1946 W of T M
MadduxLeola Faye "Le" Barker (Blankinship) 2/20/19378/11/2018W of Johnny Blankinship
Wed Dale Maddux 12/2/1966 
MarshAffulvia "Affie" Winn18881978W of M S  Photo gic
MarshLotus19081939 Photo gic
MarshM S18771962H of Affulvia Photo gic
McCormickAlvah18931963H of Maud      Photo gic
McCormickMaud18951962W of Alvah     Photo gic
McCulloughDr Earl Franklin Jr9/24/1954 11/21/2019 
MeekinsP J19151918 Photo gic
MeltonBarbara Gene3/5/19308/6/1941 Photo gic
MeltonJ R "Dick"12/3/18815/3/1943H of Roxanna  Photo gic
MeltonMyrtle Alpha5/20/19111/1/1987 Wed Thomas 9/29/1928 Photo gic
MeltonRoxa Anna Teague6/19/1881 7/28/1941W of J R   Photo gic
MeltonThomas Joshua "Josh"4/9/19055/20/1986 Wed Myrtle 9/29/1928 Photo gic
Alfred O 1/4/19256/29/2009US Army Air Forces
WW II   Photos  gic
Wed Velma B 8/31/1949
MillerAlice L3/28/19103/28/1910D of John & Maude  Photo
MillerBeatrice19011992Wed Steve 10/31/1922 Photo
MillerBenjamin R9/23/1933 Wed Lavon 12/23/1960  Photo gic
MillerBilly Steve 1948Photo
MillerHomer Hurshel8/8/191410/11/1915 Photo gic
MillerJames Witt "Jim"1/26/18895/30/1959 H of Sarah I  Photos
MillerJohn Henry11/27/18821973H of Maude    Photo
MillerL Glenn3/9/191112/1/1983Wed Zita 5/5/1946  Photo
MillerLavon Estelle Kyser4/10/1935 7/6/2010Wed Benjamin R 12/23/1960  Photo gic
MillerMaude Edith Mendenhall2/19/1889 May 1977W of John    Photo
Raymond Hiram "Red" 7/12/19216/30/1998Sgt US Army Air Corps
Wed Ruth 4/7/1943 Photos gic
MillerRichard Hiram Jr10/5/18924/1/1980 H of Sarah Arnie Photo gic
MillerRichard Hiram Sr "RH"10/3/18539/26/1922 H of Sarah E   Photo
MillerRuth Margaret Glover8/13/1922 6/21/2018Wed Raymond 4/7/1943 Photo gic
MillerSarah Arnie Williams4/1/1897 1/17/1972W of Richard Jr  Photo gic
MillerSarah E Lewis3/13/18616/27/1947 W of Richard Sr  Photo
MillerSarah Ida Tharp9/1/18884/16/1969 W of James   Photos
MillerSteve19011975Wed Beatrice 10/31/1922  Photo
MillerVelma Bernice Kenimer10/17/1926 8/10/2012Wed Alfred 8/31/1949 Photo gic
MillerVelma G3/11/19223/22/1983Photo
MillerVernie Lorine11/7/19187/1/1920 Photo gic
MillerZita Mae Holmes8/4/19179/13/2012 Wed L Glenn 5/5/1946  Photo
MontgomeryIda M18861961W of John   Photo gic
MontgomeryJohn T18761940H of Ida    Photo gic
MontgomeryRobert Lee   Photo gic
MosierJohn T6/25/19058/7/1962Photo
MosierWanda June   
MurpheyGerald Lee "Surf"4/15/19461/30/2010 Photo gic
J C 4/28/19245/12/2002Wed Thelma 6/9/1945
US Army   Photo
MurpheyThelma Nadine Miller5/6/1927 1/9/2001Wed J C  6/9/1945  Photo
NewtonDebbie Jo1/20/196210/9/2011 Photo gic
NewtonGeneva Mae5/6/19338/30/1934 Photo
NewtonIda Belle10/3/18983/19/1999W of Joseph    Photo
NewtonJeanette R Kopp19351982 W of Johnny   Photo
NewtonJessie E1919 Photo
Johnny B 2/28/193412/14/2012H of Jeanette
US Army
NewtonJoseph A18921982H of Ida    Photo
Joseph William "Joe"5/16/19309/21/2010H of Wahelo  Photos
Cpl US Army  Korea
NewtonNevada Barlow7/24/18864/11/1951 Photo
NewtonSusie Alice3/20/187110/10/1949 W of William  Photo
NewtonWahelo "Nita"3/28/19304/12/1993 W of Joseph W   Photo
NewtonWilliam B8/19/18709/7/1944H of Susie    Photo
OehmsMyrtle M Richardson5/21/1882 4/11/1969W of William   Photo
OehmsWilliam Charles "Charley"8/27/1875 12/5/1952H of Myrtle    Photo
OliphantAndrew Davis9/16/18455/4/1927 
PerkinsOthel Theron12/15/19267/31/2013 
PetersAlice Edna Clark11/1/1890 1/2/1919W of James  Photo
PetersJames William "Jim"4/10/18822/21/1983 H of Alice   Photo
PoeNancy Catherine Pace10/28/1848 10/14/1937W of Oliver   Photo
PoeOliver C10/28/18439/30/1920H of Nancy   Photo
PortwoodVivian Louise Peters1/8/1909 3/28/1983Photo
PowersFay Ereline4/25/19282/6/1932D of Buck & Eula
QuillinHazel Blanch9/6/19051/6/190? Photo
QuillinInfant1/17/19081/17/1908D of A H & A E   Photo
QuillinKaziah Elizabeth Hartzog4/17/1836 2/19/1915Photo
RainesWilliam Lester "Bill"2/8/19594/11/2011 Photo
RichardsonMary M11/4/18626/2/1960 Photo
RickeyEmma "Nadean" Wilder1/3/1925 12/16/1988Wed Walter 5/23/1942 Photo gic
Walter William Sr 6/25/19193/29/2005Wed Emma  5/23/1942
US Army WW II  Photos gic
RiggsLula Marsh19181976 Photo gic
Arthur 11/27/19088/6/1998TEC4 US Army  WW II
Photo gic
RileyGillie12/12/19055/16/1998Wed Jeneal 7/12/1939  Photo gic
RileyLaquita Jayne3/26/19573/5/2000 Photos
RileyJeneal2/8/19203/5/2007Wed Gillie 7/12/1939  Photo gic
RileyJewell6/12/19123/22/1969H of Verdis   Photos
RileyLarry Dean1/29/19401/1/2006 Photo
RileyVerdis Miller9/10/19135/10/2010 W of Jewell   Photos
RobertsBillie Dee3/3/19373/3/1937 Photo
RobertsElizabeth Lamirand19151937 Photo
RobertsElizabeth O18911964W of John D  Photo
RobertsJ Raymond5/20/192312/8/1935S of John & Elizabeth  Photo
RobertsJohn D18841960H of Elizabeth O Photo
RobertsWesley W2/23/19217/8/1925S of John & Elizabeth
RogersJohn Burton8/8/18893/4/1907 Photo
RossWilliam Clinton "WC"9/6/18677/27/1932 
SchauerClaudia Newton
2/25/192810/30/2006W of Paul Brower
W of Max Schauer
SearsArthur D2/10/18839/18/1970H of Mary   Photos
SearsDavid L2/3/18495/29/1918H of Serena   Photos
Douglas Arthur 12/8/191511/14/2001TSgt US Army WW II
Wed Johnnie 10/10/1941
SearsJohnnie H Higgins7/23/1917  Wed Douglas 10/10/1941 Photo
SearsLila Bell5/27/18762/27/1956 Photos
SearsLuther L9/9/18882/7/1922Photos
SearsMary Josephine "Mollie" Millard9/12/1884 4/18/1961W of Arthur   Photos
SearsNellie May1/29/18751/10/1884 Photos
SearsSerena Williams4/30/18514/3/1922 W of David   Photos
SearsVernie W1/7/18711/6/1960Photos
SearsWalter J1/6/18741/1/1925Photos
SelfB  Photo gic
SelfClara Vannie Melvin11/4/1852 8/1/1943Wed Tyra 8/25/1870  Photo gic
SelfTyra Luther9/8/18444/2/1912Wed Clara 8/25/1870
ShackelfordRalph  Photo
SlaughterEzekel C "Zeke"8/21/18713/17/1962 H of Louise
H of Matilda   Photo
SlaughterLouise18861953W of Ezekel     Photo
SlaughterMatilda Elizabeth "Lizzie" Donnell 8/24/187810/30/1929W of Ezekel  Photo
SmithEverette Oliver9/12/19163/22/1964 Photo 
SmithJohn Madison4/12/1880Mar 1948H of Stella   Photo
SmithStella Blanche Derrick3/18/1882 Sep 1930W of John    Photo
SwansonDan8/28/19538/29/1997Wed Penny 1/12/1973 Photos gic
SwansonDelores Ruth Cox2/11/1929 10/23/2012Wed Paul 7/13/1947 Photos gic
SwansonElsie Turney   W of Thomas  Photos gic
SwansonEster   Photos gic
SwansonHenry "Hank"9/18/19501/13/1990 Photo gic
SwansonPanatha Jo "Penny"1954  Wed Dan 1/12/1973  Photo gic
Paul Kenneth 5/31/19222/29/2016US Navy  WW II
Wed Delores 7/13/1947 Photos gic
SwansonRaymond   Photos gic
SwansonThomas   H of Elsie  Photos gic
SwansonTommie   Photos gic
Arthur C 12/5/18969/28/1974Pvt US Army  Photo gic
TaylorIsrael PiperFeb 18531915H of Lilah  Photo gic
TaylorLilah S18571947W of Israel   Photo gic
TisherBessie9/9/189712/15/1916 Photo gic
TisherLuella18721953 Photo gic
TisherPhillip Henry6/3/18632/23/1943 Photo gic
TreadwellElbert Edwin "Buddy"9/22/1953 1/15/2011 Wed Micah  6/2/1979 Photos gic
TreadwellMicah Rhe Buchanan11/27/1956  Wed Elbert  6/2/1979 Photos gic
TurneyAnna E18691950W of Joseph   Photo
TurneyCatherine Louise6/6/190512/28/1906 Photo
TurneyElsie L Tisher8/10/18941/11/1947 W of Oliver  Photo gic
TurneyJoseph M18581944H of Anna    Photo
TurneyOliver Miller6/15/18933/27/1918 H of Elsie   Photo
UnderwoodLoris Genell1/9/19201/20/1920 Photo
VickersDavid Marion18691957H of Lovella   Photo gic
VickersLovella18731958W of David    Photo gic
WagnerFannie M18741941W of William   Photo
WagnerJosephine11/25/193211/25/1932D of TP & Hallie  Photo
WagnerWilliam A18631931H of Fannie   Photo
WalkerElmer E18621943H of Ida   Photo
WalkerIda E18631939W of Elmer     Photo
WardMorgan Mae7/9/19996/23/2013D of Jerry & Shonia
Dixie Martin 11/25/19516/17/2006PV1 US Army Vietnam  Photos gic
WhiteCarl A19081996Photo
WhiteCecil H19051911Photo
WhiteCharles K18651935H of Emma   Photo gic
WhiteDortha Mae "Dottie" Black4/16/1933  Wed John 8/22/1953
WhiteEmma18571937W of Charles  Photo gic
WhiteIdyll M Pleasants7/10/18801944 Wed Walter  4/27/1898 Photo
John Joseph 11/14/192912/1/2016Wed Dortha 8/22/1953
SSgt US Air Force Korea
WhiteWalter H5/26/1880Feb 1964Wed Idyll 4/27/1898 Photo
WilderCharles E19111966H of Gertrude Photo gic
George A 18821972H of Grace   Photos gic
TN Pvt Co F 48thRegt US Vol Inf SpAmWar
WilderGertrude19121971W of Charles  Photo gic
WilderGrace V18911953W of George  Photo gic
WilliamsBaby2/2/19202/2/1920Photo gic
WilliamsL D18991967 
WilliamsLaura Belle9/17/189310/24/1929 Photo
WilliamsS B18691953Photo gic
WilliamsZachary D10/19/197811/5/1995 Photo
WilsonEdith M4/21/18951/29/1919Photo
WisdomAndrew Jackson3/12/18753/15/1923 Photos gic
WynnJoanna18531937W of John   Photo gic
WynnJohn C18541937H of Joanna   Photo gic
YoungJ G "Skip"6/26/19217/21/1998Wed Oleta 6/21/1945    Photo
YoungOleta "Lea" Newton10/15/19241/13/2020 Wed J G 6/21/1945

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