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Mountain View Cemetery
Kiowa County, Oklahoma
D Surnames

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Loc Last Name First Mi Born Died Comments
B-1, R-09DANIELCHARLES M. 12/4/18444/4/1915 H of Jane
B-1, R-09DANIELJane K. "Jennie C"(McMillen)9/9/184811/17/1945 W of Charles
BDANIELALMA JEWEL (WILSON) 5/23/190610/23/1972 w/o Henry Daniel & Lewis Pendleton
B-2DANIELSDORIS (ROSS) BAKER 9/24/19182/22/2002  
B-4, R-14DAVENPORTELISHA T. 3/18531923 H of Mary M.
B-2, R-01DAVENPORT Katherine E. (Newton)9/21/19053/1995 W of Solomon
B-4, R-14DAVENPORTMARY M. 18581940  
B-2, R-01DAVENPORTSolomon Elisha "SOLLIE"9/18981961H of Katherine
B-2, R-02DAVISADDIE ESSIE (PLUMLEE) 5/2/18906/28/1978 Wife of James H. Sr.
B-5, R-03
DAVISARTHUR C.8/28/192112/25/1984 PFC US Army WW II
B-3, R-20DAVISBETTY L. 1/10/19417/1/1981  
B-2, R-04DAVISBILLY JOE 7/29/192910/24/1998  
B-2, R-05DAVISCLAUDE 9/30/19017/26/1965 Wed Laura Cook 8/25/1925
B-2, R-02DAVISEMMA S. 2/21/18875/1979 Wife of Robert H.
B-1, R-08DAVISFLOSSIE R. (SMITH) 7/25/19013/3/1979 Wed Fred R. 12/5/1921
B-1, R-08DAVISFRED R.11/30/18987/14/1980 
B-2, R-04DAVISGRACE 6/5/192910/1984  
B-2, R-06DAVISHATTIE (WALKER) 1/19/19001932 Wife of Ossie O.
B-2, R-05DAVISINFANT 8/10/19198/10/1919  
B-2, R-05DAVISINFANT 2/4/19172/4/1917  
B-2, R-07DAVISJAMES ELMER 9/22/19039/1969  
B-2, R-02DAVISJAMES HORACE "JIM" SR. 6/3/18886/1968  
B-OBITDAVISJEWELL DEAN (FAIRLESS) 1/23/192212/4/2009 Wife of Bruce B.
B-5, R-13
DAVISJIMMIE E.10/13/19217/17/2007 Veteran, Husband of Ollie Sterling
B-5, R-12DAVISKEITH ALAN 9/5/195811/15/1990  
B-2, R-05DAVISLAURA MAY (COOK) 3/17/191010/30/2005 Wed Claud 8/25/1925
B-5, R-20DAVISMARY ELIZABETH (EDENS) 6/22/1921No date  
B-2, R-06DAVISOPAL 19251931  
B-5DAVISOPAL P. 4/22/19261/1993  
B-2, R-06
DAVISOSSIE O.11/22/18955/27/1971 OK, PFC Base Hosp 86 WW I
B-6, R-01DAVISRAYMOND EARL 8/12/19073/17/1973 Wed Velma L. Grubb 10/21/1933
B-1, R-08DAVISROBERT 9/5/19223/12/1924  
B-2, R-02DAVISROBERT H. 18861960  
B-1, R-08DAVISRUBY 6/28/19333/1975  
B-4, R-16DAVISSARAH J. 7/4/184912/2/1922  
B-2, R-07DAVISSUSIAN LEE (JAMES) 12/17/19178/11/1991 Wed James E. 1/4/1935
B-6, L-13DAVISVELMA LOUISE (GRUBB) 12/1/191311/13/2004 Wed Raymond E. 10/21/1933
B-2, R-05DAVISVERA B18911908 
B-CENTERDAWSONELMER P. 6/19/19089/12/1992 Wed Lila L. Bryce 9/8/1932
B-6, R-04DAWSONJOHN "ALLEN" 2/5/19141/16/1994 h/o Hazel Raley & Polly Epps
In TexasDAWSONJAMES OSCAR "JIM" 7/1/18771/21/1957 Husband of Ida B. Pitts
CIRCLE-L-24DAWSONLILA L. (BRYCE) 3/27/19125/13/2002  
B-4, L-88DAYJUDY ANN (HOOVER) 5/8/194511/16/2004 Wife of Jim Day
B-6, R-12
DEANWILLIAM A. "BILL" 3/18/19161/7/1999 SGT US Army Air Force WW II
BDEANWILMA 1/19341/1934  
B-2, R-09DEATHRAGEIRA C. 18911974  
B-3, R-22deCORDOVAARTHUR B. 2/26/18681/11/1941  
deCORDOVABUFORD JAMES "BOOTS" 3/18/19286/6/2006 US Army Korea
B-3, R-22deCORDOVAJERY LOUIS 19341939  
B-3, R-22deCORDOVAMAGGIE F. (NIX) 3/10/18819/29/1966  
B-1AdeCORDOVANORMA "FAYE" (ROARK) 10/24/19357/14/2002 Wife of Buford J. "Boots"
B-3, R-12deCORDOVAOLIVIA ANNA (WEISS) 1/4/19087/8/1974 w/o Tobe Herring & Unknown deCordova
B-3, R-12deCORDOVASANDRA SUE 7/30/194311/29/1954  
B-3, R-22deCORDOVAWILLIAM SOLOMON 18991970 Husb. of Fannie E. Kays
B-6, R-14DEESDAVID MARTIN 1/14/19152/22/1991  
B-6, R-14DEESPAULINE "DUKE" (COOK) 8/13/19156/10/1993 Wed David M. 11/12/1940
B-4, R-05DeKALBRICHARD 18611917  
B-5, R-08DELKALTON B. 12/24/19086/1984 Wed Thelma Zimmerman 10/31/1932
B-OBITDELKDEIHI VAN 3/23/193711/4/2012  
B-6, R-06DELKHERSHELL 6/24/19181/25/1984 Husband of Ozella "Zora"
B-OBITDELKKIRBY 8/13/193511/1/2009  
B-6, R-06DELKOZELLA "ZORA" 4/3/19168/23/1980  
B-5, R-08DELKTHELMA I. (ZIMMERMAN) 4/27/19129/4/2001 Wed Alton B. 10/31/1932
B-4, R-22DENNYRUTH L. 18661952 Wife of William A.
B-4, R-22DENNYWILLIAM A. 19641943  
B-1, R-14DERRYBERRYFRANCIS MARIE 7/17/192310/30/1923  
B-4, R-6DIRICKSONANNIE "ETHEL" (PRENTICE) 11/1/18941/1975 Wife of Earl E.
B-5, R-15DIRICKSONDOROTHEA A. (COON) 2/21/19255/13/1991 Wife of Richard "Leon"
B-4, R-06DIRICKSONEARL E. 4/7/189410/1964  
B-5, R-06
DIRICKSONHOMER WAYNE 7/28/19296/13/2001 SM SGT US Air Force Korea & Vietnam
B-4, R-06
DIRICKSONJAMES C.2/7/19231/20/1948 TEC5 318 Inf. WW II, BSM, PH
B-4, R-22DIRICKSONJAMES R. 18531931 Husband of Elizabeth Cobb
B-5DIRICKSONLEON 4/8/19056/7/1905  
B-5DIRICKSONPATRICIA ANN 12/26/19321/5/2011 Wife of Homer Wayne
B-5, R-15DIRICKSONRICHARD "LEON" 8/26/19257/1985 Veteran
B-OBITDOCKINSDOUGLAS "DOUG" 8/26/19532/6/2010 Son of Albert & Twila
B-5, L-74DOCKINSTWILA R. (BRANIGAN) 2/7/19365/15/2006 Wife of Albert S.
DODDEARL MILTON9/15/19218/15/1996 US Army WW II
B-1, R-02
B-1, R-02DODDJESSIE 19161938  
B-2, R-19
DODDMARION10/10/18952/3/1968 CPL 238 Amb. Co. 10 SH-TH WW I
See obit
B-2, R-21DODDMILTON 18931939  
B-1, R-06DODDNETTIE 2/16/18888/20/1968  
B-1, R-02DODDROSIE MAE 19091927 Dau. of Rev. Evert & Vida
B-2, R-21DODDSneed Davis9/14/18864/5/1959 
B-1, R-02DODDVIDA J. (KILLIAN) 6/6/18911/15/1968  
B-6, R-07DONAHOLEONA M. (CLARK) 1/12/19068/9/1990 Wed Robert B. 10/8/1921
B-6, R-07
DONAHOROBERT BEN "BENNIE" 12/22/190112/3/1988 Veteran
B-3, R-15DORRELLBENJAMIN "BENNIE" WHITE 3/28/19066/2/1968 Wed Vera Clark 5/8/1926
B-5, R-01DORRELLBOBBY GENE 6/6/19345/30/1990 Son of Orval & Chloe
B-4, R-04DORRELLDEWEY M. 18971952 Son of Harvey & Sophia
B-4, R-04DORRELLDOLLIE MAE 18981941  
B-3, R-12DORRELLHARVEY MADISON 9/15/18796/6/1951  
B-5, R-01
DORRELLHASKELL HENRY 9/25/19198/22/1982 TEC4 US Army WW II
B-5, R-01DORRELLIONA (TATE) 7/23/19239/7/2010  
B-5DORRELLORVAL C. 9/27/19112/5/2003 Wed Janice Hoffman 1/20/1976
B-3, R-15DORRELLVERA (CLARK) 4/5/191110/14/1994  
B-3, R-12
DRENNANANDREW WINFORD "ANDY" JR. 1/5/19161/2/1993 Vet., Wed Rometa F. 11/30/1946
B-3, R-14DRENNANDELILA M. (CANTWELL) 2/24/18901/27/1958 W of Hiram
B-3, R-14DRENNAN Hiram ThomasAug 11,1884Aug 16, 1952 H of Delila
B-3, R-14DRENNANJESSE W. 5/23/19179/1982  
B-3, R-14DRENNANROMETA F. 5/15/19277/3/1991  
B-OBITDUTTONCHLOE ANN (COX) 1/17/19328/21/2007 Wed J. R. 12/18/1957
B-4, R-12DYERCHARLES HENRY 10/1/19014/5/1959  
B-4, R-11DYERELIZA BELL 1/14/18679/10/1954 Wife of Joel Mitchell
B-4, R-11DYERJOEL MITCHELL 4/5/18524/21/1920  
B-4, R-11
DYERJOHN M.18944/17/1934 OK Corp 142 Inf 36 Div.

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