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Chuculate Cemetery, Adair County, Oklahoma

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9 August 2019 Tana Stephens Clark Matt Fil I want to thank your volunteer Matt. Reaching out for help to find my Great Uncle Absolom Monroe Goin took me to a wonderful person who gave so much of himself researching, digging and putting all the pieces together. Finally, with all of his tools and detective work he found his burial spot in Bryan County, Oklahoma in the Gethsemane Cemetery.

A M Goin was a Texas boy from Fannin County who left his family farm to start his own adventure and moved to Oklahoma to farm. He also raised 5 children in this county. We learned Absolom was a good community person. I thank Matt for finding some good news write ups on him giving insight to his character.

Thank you and your team of volunteers for helping families research their past. Oklahoma is ahead of Texas...sure wish we had your tools to do our research.

Thank you,

Tana Stephens Clark
2206 Metairie Ct
League City, Texas 77573
4 June 2019 Don Carley Glenn Shroads My wife, Linda and I, want thank you for the information you provided us about our family member, Rosa Lee Frazier's interment at the Nash, Oklahoma Cemetery in Grant County. You and other volunteers provide a wonderful service to families wishing to pay their respects to a loved one that has passed on.

Thanks again for your help and the service you provide.

Sincerely, Don and Linda Carley, Oklahoma City

7 Mar 2018 Anita Webb Jo Aguirre You are amazing! Thank you so much for this info!

- - - - -

Here is what I have come up with and partly guessing.

She mentioned her grandfather name was Charles and he passed away in Tonkawa in 1972 . There is a Charles Jones buried in Tonkawa IOOF Cemetery born 1889 - died 1972. Headstone shows his middle to be E.

Here is the guessing part .... I have a feeling Eddie went by that since he was a Jr. There is also a Charles Jones Born 12 July 1919 (which would be prior to the other marriage in 1926) and died in Jan 80 in Blackwell.

There are no obits on line for either that I could find . But since they are both in Kay County, I would recommend contacting the library there to see if they hold obits on file there or if they have copies of the death certificate there.

There is no ties to a Minnie Jones in Oklahoma on Ancestry.

- - - - -

I know this is a long shot, but I am trying to locate information about Eddie Jones. I know that is a common name, and the last thing we know about him is that he lived in Stroud in 1972. My mom's stepdad, Charles Jones, died in Tonkawa, OK that year and listed Eddie as a son in his obituary. My mom has since passed away, and my siblings had no idea that our Grandpa Charlie had a son. We suspect that Eddie would have been born before Charlie married our grandmother in 1926. We know he was previouly married to Minnie Hammond on July 2, 1910 in Creek County.

Can you give me any information about how I could go about locating him?
14 Jan 2018 Jean Goddard Glenn Shroads Are there any photographs of the Gibbon Cemetery? We have ancestors buried there. Such a great job you have done giving access to the monuments to these people . Thank you so much.
31 July 2017 Randall Mittelstet Glenn Shroads That’s it….. AKA Oak Grove!
Thanks again!

- - - - -
Thank you for your kind words...
Try Major County...
- - - - -
Hello Glenn, Thank you and all the volunteers for putting together this incredible website.!
I was looking for the Square Cedar Cemetery in Cleo Springs but could not find it in your Alfalfa or Garfield County links.
Do you happen to know where it is located?
Thank you,
Randall Mittelstet
03 March 2017
15 April 2017
Bill Wedel Glenn Shroads I don't know if you update photograph's of headstones or not. My father, Charles Marvin Wedel passed away on October 14, 2012 at age 100. My brother who lives in Waukomis handled the arrangements for our father and was under the impression the funeral home would take care of the date of death etching. Not so. The headstone has now been etched with the date of death for some time.

When I discovered this web site, it brought back a flood of memories. Both my paternal and maternal grandparents are interred in Karoma Cemetery as well as my parents and a younger brother. Also aunts and uncles too numerous to mention. Scrolling through the names, I recognized many from growing up in Goltry.

My paternal grandparents owned the farm directly across the road from the cemetery to the southwest, the one the railroad leaves a small parcel of land directly across the road to the west of the cemetery.

If you update headstone photographs, I would appreciate your consideration of the one I've mentioned. Unfortunately, I don't know the plot number.

This is a great web site and I'm grateful you put it together.

Bill Wedel

- - - - -

Thank you for updating the marker for my father. I've let my three brothers know. Through the magic of the internet, the web site is as close as I'm going to get to the cemetery. My extended travel days are essentially over. For the past four years I've been tethered to a dialysis machine three days a week. Unfortunately, that limits travel. One thing that is not limited are the memories of growing up in Goltry. I'm reminded of what Will Rogers said about hometown's. "Everyone has deep in their heart the old town or community where they first went barefooted, got their first licking, traded their first pocket knife, grew up and finally went away thinking they were too big for that place. But that's where your heart is."

I've never thought I was too big for that little town on the plains of Northern Oklahoma, Will Rogers was right, that's where my heart is.

Thanks again.

Bill Wedel
Salinas, California
03 August 2016 Daryl Coup Jo Aguirre “Just a volunteer”? You are far more than that! Thanks to your efforts I have a photograph of my great-grandmother’s (Rebecca Ellen (Noecker) Coup) tombstone and for that I am very grateful. Thank you.

After 40 years of trying to find out what happened to her husband Joseph Coup (I could not find him in the 1900 census or anything after that), on Tuesday night at the Family History Centre (where I am a volunteer) there was no-one else there and by chance I turned up a reference to Joseph Coup indicating that he had died “on or about” 1 July 1898 so he didn’t outlive his wife by much.

A (now-deceased) 2nd cousin indicated that Joseph and Rebecca were buried together. Another 2nd cousin (Jack Coup also now deceased) didn’t know.

Can you please tell me if there were records kept for the Union Center Cemetery for that period (1897-98), which could possibly be consulted for dates of death etc.?

Thanks again


PS John B Coup was my grandfather Wilbert’s brother
16/17-Feb-2016 Deborah Brooks Glenn Shroads You are a wonder, an absolute wonder! Union is it! I couldn't remember the name & had no idea it was in Woods! I'd checked Woodward & Alfalfa. The List I was talking about was as you listed here. I can't tell you how excited I am!! Thank you a hundred times over!

I want to thank you so very much for this site! Thirty two family members are listed in this cemetery! Including my maternal great great grandparents, great grandparents, grandmother, as well as, numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. It's amazing to see all our history here! I was always told either my great or great great grandfather gave the land for this cemetery.

Thank you for administering this page.

My name is Deborah Brooks. My mother was a Gibler/Jones/Stevens/Duke. We have relatives at Union, Alva, Fairview, and Waynoka. I saved photos of all of them! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your work and administration!
14-Aug-2015 Mark Armstrong Jim Woodruff Good morning.

I logged on to the internet this morning and, for some reason, looked up my uncle's name. I clicked on your website and was able to not only see his gravestone but the gravestones of others in my family including my grandmother, grandfather and great grandmother.

My mother and I buried my uncle Doyle Donwerth the last time I visited this cemetery when I was sixteen years old . I am now fifty four.

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for doing all this work and posting these photos.

Best regards,
Mark Armstrong
Silsbee, Texas
04-Jul-2015 Laura Roundtree Bennison Sandi Carter Dear Ms. Carter,

I have a name to add to the list of burials at McGee Cemetery. My grandmother Mignon Goodwin Templeton is buried in Section 3 Row 18 next to the tombstone of her parents Mary E. and W.U. Goodwin.

I have seen the new McGee Cemetery site created this year. Thank you for your work on that. My grandmother's family were pioneers in McGee in the 1890's later moving to Stratford when it was founded. I have referred many times to the old version of the website while working on family genealogy.

Laura Bennison
Denver, CO
15-May-2015 Jan Miller Sandi Carter Hello

My father, James Allen Miller, was born Sept 7, 1898 in Bailey Indian Territory. Are you the person responsible for this website? I ask because I am interested in finding out anything about my grandparents, John Michael and Virgina Polk Rucker Miller who lived in Bailey Indian Territory at the turn of the 20th century. My grandmother told me she had two babies that died. One at birth and one shortly after birth and I was searching for their possible grave sites. I have found one. Http://www.okcemeteries.net/grady/bailey/millernell.htm Nellie Miller. I never knew her name and now I do thanks to some kind soul that took pictures of her grave stone.. There is another child but I cannot find them. I want to visit their grave sites and don't live very far away in Johnston County.

Thanks, Jan Miller
07-Jul-2014 Bobby Lee Cude Jeff Smith It was so very thoughtful for you to so promptly respond to the matter of my brother's designation as a fallen warrior. That, he was, having survived the terrible bloody landing on Omaha Beach , and the Battle of the Bulge, Junior died, at 19 yrs of age along with scores of other young boys at 19 in Antwerp Belgium from a German V-2 flying bomb.

Again let me thank you and your organization for the work and the kindness that you provide.

PS: Although I live in Florida, and have for a great number of years, I was born, and raised in Ardmore, Oklahoma . And my heart will always be in Oklahoma.

Bobby Lee Cude
03-Jun-2014 Kathy Barrus Martha Real Just found the gravestone of my great grandfather which I’ve been looking for for years. Thank you so very much
to those who went to so much work to find and compile all this information.
I found him in the Stilwell City
Cemetery. The photograph of the headstone was so helpful. The printed information has him as H. J. Burger,
but it is A. J. Burger for Andrew Jackson Burger. I can see how the letter A looked like an H, but the A in father is
shaped the same. The printed year of his death was 1936 but on the photograph of the gravestone it is 1956 which is
the year I have in my family records.

Again, thank you so much for all your work.

Kathy Barrus   Burley, Idaho
01-Jun-2014 Sandra (Sande)
Taylor Tisdale
Annajo Dear Ms. Limore, I would like to thank you for surveying and cataloguing the Mulberry Church Cemetery.
My grandparents are Shaddock and “Genie” Taylor. I put my grandmother’s name in quotation marks
because I always believed her name to be spelled “Jennie.” I am just beginning my journey of finding
information about my family. I am grateful to you for helping me connect with my past.

Sincerely, Sandra (Sande) Taylor Tisdale
25-Jan-2014 Dave Martin Sandi Thank you so much for posting my family on oklahomacemteries.net/garvin/oaklawn. It means a lot to
family members and friends as well as those searching genealogy of the family.   It is SUPER! Thanks again!

Sincerely, Dave Martin
11-Dec-2013 Deborah Lawrence Sandi Sandi, Thanks for preserving Friendship Cemetery records. We're planning a trip to Pocasset soon and will
also go out to the cemetery to see my grandparents burial plots.

Thanks again, Deborah Lawrence
Granddaughter of George and May Davidson
18-Nov-2013 John Jones Glenn Shroads Re: Permission to use headstone photographs

Dear Glen,   I am most grateful for your gracious permission to use headstone photographs of my family
members which were taken and posted by you. The sole use of the copies will be to attach them to the family
members' respective profile page. I will, of course, give full credit to you for your work.

Please accept my deepest appreciation for the time and effort you've given to compile these historical records
and your unselfish generosity to share your work. May God Bless you always.
02-Nov-2013 Bonnie Kelly
Owings Duncan
Sandi Carter Hello Sandi

I found my grandparents, Arthur and Bennie Kelly in your list. I didn't know their dates of birth and death
so that helped me as I am writing a sort of bio.

Thanks so much.
02-Oct-2013 Theresa Bush Glenn Shroads Subject: Sts Peter and Paul Cemetery

WOW! That about sums up how I'm feeling right now. Someone on Findagrave gave me the link to your
site to find the graves of some of my relatives. I found a slew of them. The Koehler's and Feist's were a
part of the Oklahoma land run. I met a number of them when I moved to Ok back in the 80's, but have since
moved to Georgia. Thanks for this awesome site and all the work you (and I'm gonna guess others) put into it.

Theresa Koehler Bush
21-Sep-2013 Evelyn Flood Annajo What a wonderful job listing the Nowata Cemeteries.
17-Sep-2013 Helen T. Annajo Thank you for doing this work. I seldom do any genealogy anymore but people like yourself makes things
so much easier and more fun :-)

Helen T.
16-Sep-2013 Sylva Rhodes Glenn Shroads Thank You Glenn, you are very kind & helpful.

I want to also thank you for the good picture of my grandparents' tombstone. (Loren & Leah Packard).
I had tried several times but could never get the whole stone in my picture.
So, I appreciate your picture.

13-Sep-2013 Scott Meek Jim Woodruff Mr. Woodruff,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the information and detailed listings you
provide through the okccemeteries website.
I grew up in Norman and have family and friends
buried there, but have lived in Dallas the past twelve years. It was wonderful to come across
the site and take a few moments to reflect on loved ones thanks to your diligence in
comprehensively accounting for as much as you could.

Thank you again, sincerely.

Scott Meek
23-Aug-2013 Jimmy Joe Lee All okcemeteries.net
Just wanted to thank the person(s) responsible for putting the gravestone pictures on line.
My sister turns 93 this week. She was concerned that her fathers grave might be unmarked.
She has lived the bulk of her life in California. While on a trip with her husband several
years ago, they took a side trip to visit the cemetery. The office was closed. After searching
the grounds to no avail, they thought it possibly might be unmarked. I went on-line and was able
to find the gravestone pictured on this site. I showed her and it momentarily took her breath
away. It gave her much comfort to know the grave is marked.

Thank you again.

Sent from my iPad
17-Aug-2013 Shirley Bray Sandi Carter I am always amazed at what you do with what I send to you! I looked at the Godwin mens'
photos from their stones. You made those two photos on their stones look amazing!

I don't say it often enough ..........but Thanks for all you do for our cemeteries!

04-Aug-2013 Cheryl Johnson Sandi Carter Sandi,

My name is Cheryl Johnson. I am City Clerk/Treasurer for the City of Comanche,
owners of the Fairlawn Cemetery. I am in the process of updating our listings for the cemetery
here at City Hall. We have a spreadsheet that is being created that tells who is
buried where and when. We do not keep up with dates of birth. This spreadsheet is in Excel format.
Is this beneficial to you or do I need to try to convert it to some other format?

I would like to help the public by updating this website. Please let me know what you need.

I can be contacted at City Hall Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 5 pm at (580) 439-8832 or
by email at cityclerk@pldi.net.

Thank you for all you do.
31-Jul-2013 LeAnne Reeves Annajo Annajo, I will send as much as possible beyond my own family. You all are performing a
valuable service and I am so grateful to have stumbled onto your page.
You are perfectly
welcome to use the info I sent on the Cemetery page (Peoria Indian) – Uncle Tom’s descendants
would be delighted.

I look forward to entering my family’s information with your organization and will encourage
other tribal members to do the same.

Best Regards, LeAnne
29-Jul-2013 A very happy family Aimee Davis I just got a call from a lady in Napa Valley, California. I helped put her and her husband get in
with his living relatives in Tillman and Jackson Counties and beyond. They just got back from
the family reunion in Altus, Jackson, OK, and wanted to call to tell me all about it and how thankful
they all were for my help.

Her husband was a first-born child, taken away by his mother to California very early in his life,
and given to a good friend of his mother's to raise. His mom moved away and remarried. She later
returned to the Frederick, Tillman, OK, area where she passed away. His father was never in his life
after his mother left with him. His father also remarried and had a family.

Although some of the family on both sides knew about this lady's husband, most of them did not.
My transcription of the Bethel Cemetery, Tillman, OK, on our website caught this lady's attention
and started the emails flying between us. The mother's grave is there along with many of her
siblings and extended family. Many are also in the Frederick Memorial Cemetery, Tillman, OK.
The father's grave is also in the Frederick Cemetery.

I was able to provide a photo of the father to this lady in California which neither she nor her
husband had ever seen. It blew her away. Her husband looks just like his dad. She said when
they first arrived at the reunion, many of the husband's half-siblings burst into tears and said they
were seeing their dad again.

(Amiee) I feel good today!
14-Jul-2013 Kristin Wood Annajo I visited Westville for the first time last year with my Aunt Vera and my daughter. My
grandparents grew up there and several family members went to Westville High. We are
relatives of the Hicks and Wilkies at this site.

Vera took me to the Alberty Cemetery and it was there I was able to see my great grandparents
graves (Charles Edward Hicks and Lela L Hicks - her real indian name was pronounced Lee-Li-Lo-Ti)
along with many other relatives. It was touching to say the least!

I got in the mood to google about it tonight and found you cataloged the site. Thank you!
I was wondering if you knew anything about how the families knew each other and ended up
sharing a burial site? Nobody in my family who is left seems to know the story.

On another note, I was able to travel down the road a little further and imagine my grandfather
as a kid walking down that road to town, working on a farm there with his father, and what life
must have been like. So neat!

Thank you!
04-Jul-2013 Robert E. Boerner Glenn Shroads I am inquiring about Plots that may be available under the family name of: Spurgeon.
I see from your wonderful web site that Angeline (Spurgeon) and Elazor (Spurgeon)
are buried at Rosemound Cemetery.

Thank you again for the fine web site.   Resp. --Robert.
27-Jun-2013 Susan Green Sandi Carter Dear Sandi,

Thank you so VERY much for establishing and taking care of all of the details relating to families
and loved ones of Fairlawn Cemetery, North of Chickasha.

I am Susan Kathleen (Lawrence) Green. My mother is Nina Rose (Crickenberger) Lawrence.
Retha & Lee Coral Crickenberger were my mother's parents.

I just wanted to ask you to please make an adjustment to my Grandmother's name. I suspect it
was merely a typo. Her first name is RETHA. There is an r after the e in the list of names.

Thank you so much for all you do!!!

Sincerely, Susan Green
23-Jun-2013 Aimee Maddera Annajo I wanted to let you know the directions you provided were pretty accurate. We went to the cemetery
yesterday. It is on private property, so if anyone wants to see the cemetery, they will need to let the
owner know. I took several pictures. Once I am able to upload, I will send to you via email.

Thank you for your help, my mother was very excited!

Kindest Regards, Aimee
16-Jun-2013 Ray Sears Sandi Carter Hi Sandi. Thanks so much for this web page.


Many of my wife’s family members are buried there.

Regards, Ray Sears
10-Jun-2013 Dawn Sandi Carter Thank you soooo much for all your hard work!!!! this made it easy to find all my Oklahoma family
members. Have been to that cemetery (Binger) many times over the years, and had taken some pictures
that pertained to my family, but you have made it so easy for all of us out of state. Thanks again!!
09-May-2013 Gano Perez Jr. Annajo Just saw the OkCemeteries website, liked what I saw- what web builder did you use and which
domain entity did you go with?

(Referred him to Tammie)
03-May-2013 Glenn Shroads Tammie Chada This email pertains to the email from Bob Merrill to Glenn Shroads.
Note that I had huge help from Jo Aguirre and Tim Dotterer -- couldn't do it all myself... But there's no
place on the "kudo" page except for the email addressees... Need to recognize them for their input also,
somehow...THANK YOU!
02-May-2013 Donna Jansak Jim Woodruff Hello, My name is Donna Jansak and Zelda Cox is my great grandmother. I was delighted to find the
photo of her marker that you shared on okcemeteries.net. It is beautiful. Thank You so much!
I sincerely appreciate you sharing it on the Oklahoma Cemeteries Website.

Do you have any additional information about her? I know she was in hospital at Central State Hospital
(now Griffin Memorial Hospital) when she died. I was also wondering if I could use your photo on her
findagrave memorial page and/or on ancestry.com?

Thank You, Donna
24-Apr-2013 Valerie Hehn Brown Donna Dreyer I simply want to tell you this is one of the most beautiful and meaningful websites I have found during
my genealogy searching. Even tho' none of my family is here, I think the quality and "comfort" of this
website is wonderful.

Thank you!!
23-Apr-2013 Bob Merrill Glenn Shroads Well sir, I about fell out of my chair when I received your message. I can never thank you enough –
I was lying awake a night wondering when these folks were buried. They came to Oklahoma about
1900 as I recall, but they never lived (according to the U.S. Census’) in Major county. I would never
have looked there.

You have my eternal thanks Mr. Shroads. God Bless You. Bob Merrill 5/3/2013
26-Mar-2013 Nancy Wilkins Glenn Shroads Good Hope Cem., Alfalfa Co., Okla. I am doing research and looking for Edward Charles Coyle's grave.
He was born in 1919 and died Feb., 1988. Do you have him in the Good Hope Cemetery and a photo
of his tombstone?

Thank you for your assistance.

Oh, Glenn, thank you so very, very much for sending me the photo of Mr. Coyle's tombstone. I am doing
research and I like to get names and dates correct.

Thank you for being such a blessing and working so hard to help folks.
25-Feb-2013 Mary Johannes Glenn Shroads We are searching for the burial place of my great grandmother, Josephine Mraz
(Might be spelled Myraz).

Josephine died January 11th 1937 in Anthony Kansas and Church records there
state she was buried in Manchester Ok. on or about January 13th or 18th.
The writing is difficult to read.

Do you happen to have any record of her burial?

Thank you for your assistance.

Thank you Glenn!

That is what we needed. The writing is in Czech!

Josephine is my Great grandmother. Her husband died in New York. She came west with her children
to be with a sister and her family. She borrowed a horse and participated in the Oklahoma land run!!!
Joseph is her son. We are trying to find out who Marie is. We probably have the info somewhere.

Great photos!!!

Thanks again
17-Jan-2013 Yvonne McDonald Glenn Shroads Thank you soooooo much....pictures AND obits!! So So nice of you to do this Glenn! This will keep me
busy for a while!!!!! Wow!
14-Jan-2013 Yvonne McDonald Glenn Shroads YOU are awesome!!! Thank you!!!!! Idella is from our MCDONALD line....these are quite beautiful
photos too...looks like it's as cold there as here...we were at about 15 degrees this morning...hah!
Thanks so much for all you are doing for all of us genealogists far away!!!!!
09-Jan-2013 Kathy Moralez Martha Real Thank you ! I’m related to all the Officers you have listed. Im also looking for Mary Ann Officer Renfroe
Wife of James L Renfroe and mother of George W Renfroe who are both buried in New Hope. (now; Stilwell
City Cemetery) I've never found a tombstone for her. I really appreciate all your help and hard work.

What a blessing you are!! Thank you for all your hard work you’ve put in setting all this up!
08-Jan-2013 William F. Gordon Martha Real Thank you for answering my email. I am 68 and had not seen my father since I was 4 years old.
I knew bits and pieces of his life ( he was 1/2 Cherokee ). I am grateful to see his head stone
for the first time.

Thanks again. William Gordon
12-Nov-2012 Brenda Jim Woodruff Hi Jim: I just wanted to send you a note of “Thank You” for all the work you have done for this
My mother, a “Clary” was born in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. I note the
dedication to this county and all the cemeteries and photos you have posted. Kindly know that it
is very much appreciated and on behalf of my family. I wanted to let you it has not gone unnoticed.

Best regards and a big “THANK YOU”.
25-Sep-2012 Rob Whitmire Martha Real Thanks for the pictures, my dad and uncle are buried there, Walter Samuel Whitmire
and Stan Watie Whitmire. (Whitmire's sent me a personal picture of their father,
I put it with his headstone).
31-Jan-2012 Vicki Smith Martha Real Dear Martha, Hi, my name is Vicki Smith and I live in Australia. My husband was born in Topeka, Kansas
and I have been researching his family for a number of years. I saw that you submitted an Obituary for a
Mary Ola Casteel from the Stilwell Democrat Journal. Mary Ola Casteel is a sister-in-law of my husband's
Grand Aunt although we don't personally know anyone (yet) in the area. He is related to many of the
Casteels in Stilwell along with the Kesters, Betty Barker, Hummingbirds and many others.

I wonder if you could advise me how to go about finding the Obituary of his Great Grandparents:
Charles Merton Smith died Stilwell, OK on 27 Nov 1928 buried in Stilwell and, wife Eva Belle Smith
(nee Chaplin) died 1939 buried in Stilwell.

I've noticed that the Obituaries written by the families in the mid-west are extremely informative giving
many family names and I know if I can find the obituaries of my husband's Gt Grandparents, it will help me
track down more family members. I have looked at the Findagrave site and okcemeteries.net site but have
had no luck and I don't know where to go from here. I would be very grateful if you might have any ideas.

Kind regards, Vicki Smith
2012 Dlm Jim Woodruff Hello Mr. Woodruff. A few years back I contacted you after your name and contact information was given to me.
You were able to share with me information on my father’s grave site which I later followed up with a visit to Okla.
I was approx. 4 years old when my father died and had never been to the grave site, which also is the resting
place for my Grandfather who died shortly after. I believe I called you and thanked you for sharing that
information with me. This morning I happened to Google my father’s name and your name popped up along with
a picture of the head stone. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your work. The family is all gone
and this part of my history would have been lost if not for your work.

Again I just wanted to say, thank you.
2012 Brenda Robison Jim Woodruff Jim: Thank-you so much for the work you do for the cemetery – the information on the
website and all the pictures are just awesome!
07-Aug-2009 Donna Coleman Martha Real Hello Martha, Thank you so much for all the hard work involved with the Adair County Cemeteries.
It is greatly appreciated by many.

I would like to ask your permission to use copies, of some of the photos you have taken.

I use Find a Grave and with your permission, would like to post the pictures of family markers you have taken.
These would include the Oak Grove Cem. pictures of Sarah F. Bean (my grandfather Don Akin's mother);
Lucinda Crozier (my grandmother Lizzie Messer Akin's sister), etc.

Thanks again. Donna Coleman


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