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Whitebead Cemetery
Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma

If you have family or friends buried in this cemetery and
would like to add their names and information, please send
an e mail to Sandi Carter area coordinator.

S Surnames

Section __SANDERSIra Thomas05/Aug/1849
Gilmer TX
Pauls Valley OK
Son of Ira Thomas & Elizabeth [Skelton] Sanders
1st Husb of Susan Louisa Algeline [Weatherford] Sanders Ingram
Buried Tulsa OK
Unmarked Grave
Section __SANTOSTony14/Sep/194121/Nov/2018
Canadian OK
Chaney Harkins Funeral Home ~ McAlester OK
Unmarked Grave
Section __SAXTONMae Ernestine [Gooch]22/Feb/189220/Nov/1985Single Marker
Section __SEGROVESCharles Webster27/Feb/187707/Jan/1939"He died as he lived a Christian"
Son of Thomas William & Elizabeth Bottoms Segroves
Husb of Louisa E. [Shellenberger] Segroves
Single Marker
Section __SEGROVESLouisa E. [Shellenberger]01/Jan/187712/Aug/1959"Her life lives on"
Wife of Charles Webster Segroves
Single Marker
Section __SELFLafayette Crenshaw "Barry"14/Nov/185626/Jul/1915
Husb of Viola Frances [Bledsoe] Self
Single Marker
Section __SHEPARDJ. W.19291930Single Marker
Section __SHEPHERDJames18851957Single Marker
Section __SHEPHERDJimmie L.18961987Single Marker
Section __SHERRILLBetty Mae10/Dec/191119/Aug/1968"We Miss You Mamma"
Single Marker
Section __SHERRILLOrval J.14/May/191218/Oct/1995 
"Pfc US Army World War II"
Single Marker
Section __SHRUMWalter Franklin16/Oct/1897
Centerville MO
Danver CO
Unmarked Grave
Section __SHUMATEUnknown  Small Child?
Single Marker
Section 5, Row 5SHUMATEWilliam Edward Jr16/Jun/190928/Jul/1909Son of William Edward Sr & Annie Lillian [Cochran] Shumate
Single Marker
Section __SILVERSDaniel O. "Dan"05/Oct/194723/Aug/2010
"Married June 26, 1976"
SS/W & Husb of Jo Hollye [Cochran] Silvers
Wed Jacksonville NC
Section __SILVERSJo Hollye [Cochran]24/Sep/1941
OK City OK
Pauls Valley OK
Capt US Marine Corps 1963 - 1969 US Marine Corp Reserves1970 - 1976 "Married June 26, 1976"
Dau of Joe & Estelle [Ward] Cochran
SS/W & Wife of Daniel O. "Dan" Silvers
Wed Jacksonville NC
Stufflebean-Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK
Section __SIMMONSBertha May[Cochran]16/Dec/191319/Mar/1977Dau of Emory Elija & Mary Elizabeth [Bridwell] Cochran
Single Marker
Section __SIMMONSJames Michael06/Nov/194627/Apr/1983 
"US Marine Corps ~ Vietnam"
Single Marker
Section __SIMMONSRobert Earl08/Mar/194313/Apr/1973Single Marker
Section __SIMMONSRobert Edward "Jack"23/Feb/1914
Ardmore OK
"ME3 US Navy~ World War II"
Son of John Marvin Simmins & Beulah Lola [Craddock] Simmons Hutto
Husb of Bertha May [Cochran] Simmons
Single Marker
Section __SMITHGlenn Richard "Dick" Dr30/May/192519/Dec/2001SS/W & Husb of Rita Kaye Smith
Section __SMITHHarold Gene28/Jul/1935
Byers OK
Pauls Valley OK

Son of Frank M. & Doris [Milford] Smith
SS/W Mary E. [Jernigan] Smith
Burlington Northern/Santa Fe Railroad Conductor 42 years
Section __SMITHMarie28/Oct/189001/Jan/1909"Our loved one"
Single Marker
Section __SMITHMary J.21/May/185207/Jul/1925Single Marker
Section __SMITHMelvin29/Sep/191521/Jul/1916Single Marker
Section __SMITHRita Kaye18/May/1927 SS/W & Wife of Dr Glenn Richard "Dick" Smith
Section __SMYERSKathleen Kimberlin08/May/191605/Mar/1998Single Marker
Section __SNIDERAda Bell [Hicks]26/Jul/1915
Olney OK
Pauls Valley OK
"[Wed] Sept 16, 1933" "Granny"
Dau of Lewis Jackson & Minnie [Young] Hicks
SS/W & Wife of Earl L. Snider
Section __SNIDEREarl L.11/Mar/191402/Jun/2003"[Wed] Sept 16, 1933" "Papa"
SS/W & Husb of Ada Bell [Jackson] Snider
Section __SORRELSMillie Ann [Meeks] CMA25/Dec/1934
Wayne OK
Pauls Valley OK

"Parents Of Roy, Reneah, John, Tommy"
Dau of Johnny Wesley & Davie Christine [Pope] Meeks
Wife of
[1] SS/W Robert E. Lee Sorrels
[2] Emmett E. Norris
Wed 22 Years
Stufflebean-Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK
Section __SORRELSRobert E. Lee16/Mar/193024/Mar/1995 
"Pvt US Army" "Parents Of Roy, Reneah, John, Tommy"
SS/W & 1st Husb of Millie Ann [Meeks] Sorrels
Double & Single Markers
Section __SORRELSRoy Lee13/Jun/1953
Pauls Valley OK
Son of Robert E. Lee & Millie Ann [Meeks] Sorrels
Oilfield Worker - Driver
Stufflebean-Coffey Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK
Single Marker
Southern Family Plot
Section 4, Row 11
SOUTHERNCora Lydia [Morris]12/Aug/1873
Sherman TX
Garvin CO OK
"Wife of J. F. Smith"
Dau of William & Nancy [Marshall] Morris
Wife of John Francis Southern
Wed 1895
Single Marker
Southern Family Plot
Section 4, Row 11
SOUTHERNEdith Hassie [Peeler]15/May/190524/Jul/1981Single Marker
Southern Family Plot
Section 4, Row 11
SOUTHERNFrancis Cecil02/Oct/189615/Jun/1972 
"Oklahoma Pvt US Army ~ World War I"
Son of John Francis & Cora Lydia [Morris] Southern
Single Marker
Southern Family Plot
Section 4, Row 11
SOUTHERNJohn Francis24/Feb/1872
Yalobusha CO MS
Whitebead OK
"We will always cherish his memory"
Son of James T. & Margaret Leona[Pearson] Southern
Husb of
[1] Cora Lydia [Morris] Southern
Wed 1895
[2] Myrtle May [Blankenship] Southern
wed 1916
Single Marker
Southern Family Plot
Section 4, Row 11
SOUTHERNMyrtle May [Blankenship]25/Nov/189423/Oct/1985Dau of Charley & Nora [Swink] Blankenship
2nd Wife of John Francis Southern
Section __SPAINDavid McKnight--/Sep/1859
Segiun TX
Whitebead OK
Son of Thomas D. & Mary Melinda [Hancock] Spain
Husb of
[1] Cora Mae [Jones] Spain
Wed 1901
Buried Okmulgee OK
[2] Georgia D. [James] Spain
Single Marker
Section __SPAINGeorgia D. [James]09/Sep/185901/Apr/1899"Wife of D. M. Spain"2nd Wife of David McKnight Spain
Single Marker
Section 4, Row 11SPAINMrytle01/Jul/190311/Sep/1904"Dau of J. L. & M. E. Spain" "She shall rise again in the resurrection last day"
Single Marker
Section __SPAINSidney Beauregard23/Apr/1862
Guadalupe CO TX
Garvin CO OK
"Asleep In Jesus" "A precious one from us has gone A voice we loved is stilled A place is vacant in our home Which never will be filled"
Son of Thomas D. & Mary Melinda [Hancock] Spain
Husb of Emma Elizabeth [Jones] Spain
Wed 30/Jun/1886 OK
Single Marker
Section __SPAINThomas D.1814
Husb of Mary Melinda [Hancock] Spain
Buried Unknown
Unmarked Grave
Section __SPANNFoye12/Sep/190431/Mar/1966SS/W & Wife of William Clarence Spann
Section __SPANNWilliam Clarence09/Feb/1903
Winfield AL
Whitebead OK
Son of William Franklin & Margaret Armintie [Shirey] Spann
SS/W & Husb of Foye Spann
Section __SPEAREArthur J.01/Oct/188506/May/1947Son of William M. & Eliza [Jago] Speare
Single Marker
Section 5, Row 8SPEAREEliza [Jago]04/Oct/185120/Jul/1936"Gone but not forgotten"
SS/W & Wife of William M. Speare
Single Marker
Section __SPEAREEmanuel Ralph08/Mar/184317/Oct/1936Husb of
[1] Mary Elizabeth [Ellis] Speare
Wed 1863
Buried Fort Scott KS
[2] Mary Catherine [Longacre] Speare
Wed 1874
Buried San Angelo TX
Single Marker
Section 5, Row 8SPEAREWilliam M.04/Jun/185224/Nov/1929"Gone but not forgotten"
SS/W & Husb of Eliza [Jago] Speare
Section __SPEARSChristopher Columbus18/Oct/1904--/May/1931Single Marker
Section __SPEARSG. Wallace19291930Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home Marker ~ Pauls Valley OK
Section __SPENCERHulen27/Nov/191427/Feb/1973Stufflebean~Coffey Funeral Home Marker ~ Pauls Valley OK
Section __SPENCERHulin188827/Feb/1967Unmarked Grave
Section __SPIVEYEffie Edna [Head]04/Dec/189631/Oct/1984"Wed Sept 13, 1914" "Resting In Peace" "MaMa" "Parents Of Juanita, J. D., Bobbie And L. T."
Dau of Thomas Jefferson & Edna [Ivey] Head
SS/W & Wife of Vade Lee Spivey
Section __SPIVEYErstine Bobbie04/Sep/193318/Jul/2001Dau of Vade Lee & Effie Edna [Head] Spivey
Single Marker
Section __SPIVEYJ. D.15/May/192318/Feb/1976Son of Vade Lee & Effie Edna [Head] Spivey
Single Marker
Section __SPIVEYJacob Leonard15/May/1842
Pike CO AR
Husb of Mary Alice [Pugh] Spivey
Wed 1871
Buried Doddridge AR
Unmarked Grave
Section __SPIVEYVade Lee24/Nov/188913/Oct/1953"Wed Sept 13, 1914" "Resting In Peace" "Dad" "Parents Of Juanita, J. D., Bobbie And J. T."
Son of Jacob Leonard & Mary Alice [Pugh] Spivey
SS/W & Husb of Effie Edna [Head] Spivey
Section __SPRINKLEElsey J. [Cagle]--/Dec/1855
Pauls Valley OK
Dau of John F. Cagle & Mary Ann [Winton] Cagle Kennedy
Unmarked Grave
Section __STACYPat A.1903
Quebeck TN
OK City OK
"Husband Of Norma"
OK City Restauranteur
Single Marker
Section __STARKMarietta "Mary" [Henderson]25/Sep/1818
Bourbon CO KY
Pauls Valley OK
Wife of Samuel B. Starks
Single Marker
Section __STATONBaby Boy01/Mar/189902/Mar/1899"Son of J. T. & C. B. Staton"
Single Marker
Section __STATONMary B.22/Jun/189702/Nov/1897"Dau of J. T. & C. B. Staton"
Single Marker
Section __STEPHENSDonella23/Jul/194006/Sep/1940"Daughter Of of J. T. & C. B. Staton"
Dau of W. Otho & Lottie L. [McCurley] Stephens
Single Marker
Section __STEPHENSEthel Marie13/Oct/194112/Jun/1953"Daughter Of of J. T. & C. B. Staton"
Dau of W. Otho & Lottie L. [McCurley] Stephens
Single Marker
Section __STEPHENSLottie L. [McCurley]25/Apr/191910/May/1993"Married June 10, 1939"
Dau of Claude D. & Ethel May [Walker] McCurley
SS/W & Wife of W. Otho Stephens
Section __STEPHENSW. Otho06/May/191502/Nov/1967"Married June 10, 1939"
SS/W & Husb of Lottie L. [McCurley] Stephens
Section __STEWARTBobby Ross14/Jul/1935
Garvin CO OK
SS/W & Son of Ross Loel Stewart
Section __STEWARTCarolyn L.06/Jul/194502/Sep/2015"[Wed] June 13, 1968" "Mom"
SS/W & Wife of Will Eli Stewart
Section __STEWARTKittie B. [Henager]22/Oct/188301/Dec/1949SS/W & Wife of William T. Stewart
Section __STEWARTRoss Loel30/Apr/190908/Jun/1965"Dad"
SS/W. & Father of Bobby Ross Stewart
Section 2, Row 3STEWARTStella Irene18/Jun/191003/Dec/1983"Mother" "Gone But Not Forgotten"
Wife of Ross Loel Stewart
Single Marker
Section __STEWARTWill Eli19/Aug/194106/Oct/2007"[Wed] June 13, 1968" "Dad"
SS/W & Husb of Carolyn L. Stewart
Section 3, Row 2STEWARTWilliam T.29/Aug/1869
Collin CO TX
Pauls Valley OK
Son of David & Mary M. [Hutchinson] Stewart
SS/W & Husb of Kittie B. [Henager] Stewart
Section __STONEChristopher K.26/Dec/197127/Aug/2002Unmarked Grave
Section __STORMJody Dee12/Feb/197511/May/2002"Son Of Reneah" "In The Arms Of Angels"
Single Marker
Section __STRINGERZollie Coffey1874
Cherokee AL
1958Son of James David & Sarah [Overcast] Stringer
Single Marker
Section __STROUDElmer C.12/Jul/191015/Sep/1985Unmarked Grave
Section 3, Row 12, Space 1SUMNERArthur Delano24/Nov/190816/Oct/1994Son of John R. &. Unknown Sumner
Single Marker
Section __SUMNERDon27/Nov/194423/Aug/2021
US Air Force ~ Vietnam "Father" "Parents Of Jeffrey,Chad, Jennifer, Dana, Lance"
Ss/W & Husb of Joyce Lynn [Brown] Sumner
Wed 10/Oct/1971 Paoli OK
Custom Farmer
Wooster Funeral Home ~ Pauls Valley OK
Section __SUMNERJoyce Lynn10/Feb/195622/Apr/2012"Mother" "Parents Of Jeffrey,Chad, Jennifer, Dana, Lance"
SS/W & Wife of Don Sumner
Section __SUMPTERLeota Christine "Chris" [Leese]14/Feb/191209/Jan/1988Dau of John K. & Dorcus [Barer]Leese
Wife of Unknown Sumpter
Single Marker
Section 1, Row 4SWIGERWalter A.18901953Unmarked Grave

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